Dale & Keefe - Why LeBron James is overrated; Robinson Cano suspension is not due to steroids

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 1:Dale and Keefe have Marc James in the third chair and they open up with Celtics Cavs and start debating just how good LeBron James really is. Marc James declares that LeBron is overrated and he can immediately find five players who are better than him all time. LeBron should go off in Game two and they would be surprised if the Celtics won. During Celtics talk, there was breaking news regarding Seattle Mariner, Robinson Cano being suspended. The question is posed,, are these Warriors the best team ever?

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Yeah yeah. Pretty much holding pre and post game stuff for TNT is just. Chalking Shaq just going after each other right pretty good business EJ stands over here with a bow tie on right sometimes they get snacks assistance might affect if like last night they decide if he sees that as well on the air ya wanna I study sure. All of that about it but it makes you sound like that we've all been there princesses as that many moments like that. Those guys primitive I'm I've done it it's hard it's hard to eat eat lunch lawyer on the air. And in hide it you're gonna solid you know probably gonna end of people probably get an idea Mark James in the house with us. Why is here mark is here mainly to add some support. Too rich keeps LeBron hatred session got a northern area. Well here's the thing I was seated I don't know how far back rich heat's LeBron he tree goes by dale birth. Graham were about the same age so yeah okay deal mind goes back to when he came out of high school I I it goes back to 2002 when he couldn't hate high school for God's sakes market it it was the whole thing that's special kind of is dedication dale defecation and it just. When so isn't going to be king an eighteen years old I have an issue with that although he did not knowing himself the king I don't it was easier if all else not his fault right well everybody else got caught up in in any was McCain aren't as it gives a high school our are charged beyond thousand before another you know other than the McDonald's game a donor game but. Regular middle of the young season middle of the week. Here comes in bits and Saint Mary's yeah herb Bill Walton was on the call what his games and it was just insufferable is there's so hard to watch but. That's actually one that all those you know Sports Illustrated ESP and they got that one right. But they also thought Felipe Lopez is going to be next are now is our guys put LeBron they actually mail day dale they didn't yup we've been Lopez in the front cover sports everybody gave at saint John's and indebted Hamilton now that I worked out the Akron check back at. But it's agencies already is under dale and and the fact that. I just look at the brawny. It's typifies that post game press conference the other day and then got his own microcosm LeBron where when they win he takes all the credit when they lose. Are all on the shoulder all the blame on this traps that I called teammates it's their fault not my. Ball. Into any sort are you play well what do you say the other day that bid said that the quote he always says things like. But what would say in the post game press conference that indicated I'm good their trash because he he always does this he's done before. I've been down before or two yeah I've been down before 31 Brian I I I he never is weak he never talks about reason I done this meet I. But it's never at all bad about like just that team it's about what brought and so at the end of the day. There might not be you know can I able bronze actually think he'd say more about his teammates that he does cause they stay while he also. Does the sub tweeting I think a lot of heat of the sun they Torre's eyes blatant about it but he used to do go to heaven global traveler first the other but also with the things he's getting all the credit for about reciting three plays in a row he also points out outdoor Clarkson missed the shot but that he doesn't point out that he can't tolerate -- out -- I go out and got the product okay late for Eddie got George Clark's name wrong and that you also brought it out of its stock again that's why you got sloppy game that that there without the reason why that stretch when as poorly as it did its if you miss the job and and and deal you know these Stevens loses much longer than Indian rates that it was the media who sat. The year that's flat as yet that's not his faulty notebook is among a sick advance rights wearing press passes suit and. Oh yeah he's he's. You end up being like up and. You can and asked another difference of bad questions there was any attack questions at a press conference today. They go to that question you what happens though he can say inches here that's how Gregg Popovich wouldn't answer when he was just tells you exactly what happened that's what your question ones cannot like you know how I react to it what did you think it is that bull here's exactly what happened. Although nominally about a couple things but I never got there early adulation and applause that he will not be laws now in Idaho couple awkward laughs later here's some awkward laughter press conference at times but the the clapping was. Was next level that ain't right that's what that's not on the brawn that's on everybody else. It's just thought the whole circus act that's the point I was trying to make you as. A lot of the things that you hate LeBron for a bronze fall. So look at seasonal. Tests in the eighteen year old kid being anointed king he didn't ask to be that both I agree sort of is the coverage Terence yes Tim Tebow Tyler Hansbrough number or. Carolina at haight avenue in order to eat at him about at a more sick unsolved death. These guys they that we don't Brett Favre had that stirring for -- hours he's a gnawing on his own but if you're gonna stick Edward outside his house every day getting the update exaggerated even more so you're at the way of the products covered but I also I don't think he doesn't suffer any favors would be. All guilty ones are the feeling out game if you followed my history if you do this and and mark's right Mara what I IE it was hilarious they they did the side by side in the Indiana series and doctoral depot. And outlook Bronson I mean your mind like ten times in like a two minute press conference. Victor old people said we and our like fifteen times like everything that they did win or lose that I was the team of team. And abroad it's and you know obviously he don't think it's that week out with police that we assembled a team and four years ago it was so edited yet now. Well here yeah right like it. If you don't admit it you don't make the coach you're Mitt you're the GM but. He is both of those things in the one thing I was so that's why I look at tiger on the Geist he's an absolute worst coach in NBA history ever to win the finals I called Lou. Because he's bronze lap dog that's LeBron if you're still shot the other day huddle. And Tyrod is on colonized and did the doctor the veterans it. To do is to stop you were coached by title only you what you portable Brian's lap dog on big chill why is it. You say that about LeBron and no other player in the NBA when now when Kobe was in the late. I mean wall fell. Promises for awhile but at the end of Colby's career wasn't at the same situation where Kobe was pretty much coach and the team and they sucked. Plus plus and wanted to eat coaching the team I don't probably a problem for them right. That's why they were in the lottery every year and when want to complain to them because he handicap that team financially getting 24 and a half million dollars a year he couldn't play on those and at the other media. And he beat you brought Kobe Bryant. The media extolling the virtues of Colby and his final team. When he scored fifty points on under steady shot a sixty saw aspect I need to take fifty shots is that sixty points or congratulations great. Albany was talking about yeah I've been down one nothing had been down 21. Probably only like two of the guys on the team we'll have that. First of all and it's. Don't nobody is played would not playing with now was when when he was there before. They changed the whole team around yet that team but I mean they won the title a couple of years ago and have problems on the team and all I'm saying if he said we've been down one nothing. It be him and Kevin Love I. Yeah in the news today Uga got he's not an easy so guys that bird may want to wait and applause child and epilepsy that's on guys yeah. But I arrive in just everything he does to me is absolute knocks is he's a great player Andre is gonna bounce back and have really good game but he is obnoxious and no matter what happens he has set himself up to leave but he is set himself up where the media looks that much. Like had a team sucks slit your team sucked but guess what the reason why your team sucks is because you treated retiree Erving as a little kid you patted him on the head you call them Katy called and so on do all these things you disrespect needed treatment and equal so carrier wanted out. So then your GM had to do the best thing he could do. It was not gonna be a fair trade. But he moved off from Irving he brought an Isiah Thomas LeBron didn't wanna play that that Thomas and it didn't work Siena trade him too so it's nobody's fault but the team is in this in the in the shape that it is roster wise other than LeBron James. I give NBC sports Boston credit for the research. Indiana series. Cavs lose by double digits in game one. Game two LeBron comes back with 46 points twelve rebounds five assess. And they only won by three because India they lose by double digits in game six. He comes back in game seven with 45 points eight rebounds seven assists. They won by four. He's got to put up 45. Tonight no doubt it's gonna now I know the empire as strike at them and I'm telling you. They still could lose all definitely they don't because that's the point is you don't have carrier ring between weighed his best teams that he's ever been on his entire life. Had one of those guys on it. Now Kevin Love by no means a bomb title of the good player he's been inconsistent in this post season. But everybody else Europe you're gonna need it a career game from them when they don't have. The balance that this Celtics team has leaked obviously without I read don't have that superstar. But they have six guys averaging double figures you'll look over to Cleveland they don't have somebody that you can rely on so even if LeBron scores 45. Are or where you gonna get the other fifty points sixty points or where where is that coming from. And I don't wanna make these compares them to sameness when it comes to. Fifty plus win teams Michael Jordan beat twenty of them in his career LeBron has beaten only it. So I'm just rolling that out there here's another thing to do what no what your point. My point is this an act not that much know what what is that he doesn't have that other guy and it Ritchie said we're never had a teammate. Averaged more than 22 points. In a finals he would cut every averaged 48 did Dwyane Wade averaged 26 points in the final so well doesn't have the support more here's another thing. If it wasn't for cry every Irving shock. In game seven of the 2016 semifinals in the back to back in the peace face yet or ray Allen's. Corner pocket shot after LeBron Britney. And us know it. And what is seven of the finals. You want to add again and try to get you to the point here is your point that he's not as good as we think you just she's got also. Next skill that's all that's ridiculous. Idea that he's arguing what you wanna side on how to you don't eat over rate like very overrated won't talk. Later he bullets Hodgson players in the future for. Double when people out of the greatest players of all time. No one talks about Kareem Abdul Jabbar won six titles six NDP and six and the peace we talked about to ring up big arena. I'm close. I expect that the island world where how to wiggle from he's not Karim to he's overrated OK so he's all for a eats eats them to social media world that we live in it obviously prisoner of the moment and how he's he's vastly overrated. I think that's ridiculous well I as he is. The best player on the planet right now in my opinion okay. And hockey deal for it but I'm Cindy and I hire other planet I'm missing all right now today he's one of the five best players of all time. I'd six okay and how I I think I'll have an all time. How is overrated it. He's over read because we LeBron played in the social media era. That was when will brawn team league there was MySpace and then it became FaceBook and that it obviously it's an atheist applied to the live that down slate so if you are 25 years old or younger and you'd think that he's the greatest player all timed and if he is that it would be over right right idea that he overstating figured it out to a near your home or I don't see me has LeBron all there is an. 2012. And 2013. Legacy between thirteen three hours twelfth. What they just basically said well let's take LeBron entire body of work in saying that it's not as important as the Ray Allen shocked I'm saying he should he should be one in seven all time in the finals. It was a Correia was shot or or I curving shot. While I sat out that these Alex gores I must tell you don't like you know you're huge other wish that you could have thought something is the dominant again that's ahead and are not dumb. But that that is the so. They have the Ray Allen equivalent though on this team you have to admit that is much as Kyle Korver and JR Smith were absent last game and Rodney hood and Clarkson. One of those four guys could hit a backbreaking three point one of those guys could do that chair but they don't have carrier late last year in the conference finals carrier being. Had some insane in the forty plus point game back to the finals of that you're talking about one carrier ring it's the big shot but he also the forty plus point game in the NBA finals. He doesn't have that teenage he doesn't have. Again the wade giving up Scottie Pippen if you wanna go to their like he doesn't have that second guy so he can play out of his mind he can put up forty points in triple double. And they can still lose but again I don't know well as its always open his own. Isn't it also fair to say that that he is single handedly carrying this team to the Eastern Conference finals right now you could say that yes OK and Kevin Love was really good in the rap users can't Kevin Love and went along not good at all in the Indian dancers he struggled tonight. Any scare in their but he also make a case that the east is obviously pretty dammit we're all excited at all I don't wanna crap on the Celtics run here to it's been great. But the Eastern Conference obviously junior varsity if they compared to the last if you could promote carry Irving and then you take a look broaden. How or whatever Kevin Love is on a given night at a bunch of scrubs and that's a conference finals that sort of speaks to the strength of the conference here. The one thing that I will take when I had when I look at this is that. If the Celtics and and I think the Celtics and related shot possibly getting to the finals. What I watched last night and used it. The Celtics would be lot. If they win a quarter against our own state I had an idealist that I had I was actually taxing my boss at NASA and today telling him. If Golden State plays that way. Know what. I know people whose that Notre Dame have seven games left Barkley said I sit before the series wears in five goes after tonight I'm saying warriors in theory it just reflect what I never see important step curry was like even though he was bad offensively you know he was stealing the ball from Chris Paul and it. You I'd never seen them play it that way offensively in defense ice. On argument earlier today legitimate argument. That says the Hamptons five yet curry green Thomson Iguodala and Iran might be the best five man unit in NBA has a lot of of death. They're death a lot of data had continued to do it with the worst player on there. Is Andre Iguodala who is a finals MVP he wasn't files but I don't think about it is the worst of what about the eighties lakers that the magic Kareem worthy Byron Scott Michael Cooper. That was pretty good right I don't think they're better in this group I don't either. I say Scott would be worse than I mean little that day elected to have bird and and parish and DJ DJ. It's not as good as this or what Ainge would be that we have a good great player but yeah beatle replica of that group you know map if you just took. Curry and Thompson vs Angel Johnson. They can't even see the Michael scenes because it was Michael Pippen and Rodman on the second three. Right so did your you know Ron Harper and yeah hope he wants. But now there's five is it's even if it is ridiculous in and you see the ending exactly booming coming off the bench. It'll get up when somebody does miss a shot I mean he's just grabbed the garbage rebounds and put it back it. Golden State right now they're they're gonna obviously you know when this whole thing they're gonna win three out of four. I just go back to you'll bronze most valuable contribution. Back in only sixteen next to the block and Iguodala. Was getting drain on green suspended for game five those huge doubts he that was absolutely huge that it happened what they that's right. Ball for the afternoon is out. You gotta give me the five players in NBA history or better than loan them LeBron James do right now class act and ready at that okay Michael Jordan. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Oscar Robertson. I don't usually colleges don't Russell Bill Russell I I'm Barack. I think LeBron not that the real the whole show because this could turn four hours of the apple products aren't better than burn. I hate to say he later in the eyes of guys that don't you agree agree let lately as it is because the 321 comeback you've got that ultimately decided for you that is that the total package that you are that yes we just don't forget to general talk abroad. Leary's Michael. And magic never were gold digging ring chasers. They never did that I know but it happens admitted have to be because that all I bring them please do with whether or not he's great player and could you look at birdie got the play would McCalebb Paris. And Wimbledon so much the same. Logic you're using about well you know if not for the Ray Allen shot you know if not for our. For the the carrier and shot so it not for Adam Vinatieri field goals Tom Brady wouldn't wind Jack right the Tom Brady winding its all a little. Well I got a dollar and another Tom Brady won fair that Tom Brady won't actually three wood out meaning that it's very few Eagles the Eagles won. Back we've got to have I think it's a ridiculous premise that Tom Brady only one cousin Adam Vinatieri is all just like I think it is hard to say that the only reason LeBron won was because of Ray Allen and carry Irving Tom Brady's ago that's why he connects. He's the guy got news for you before he's done this guy might be ago. I don't know all for his act Donald Wheeler who will who LeBron may be to go before he's done dale Michael was six and on the final six finals and the peace cream was I yelling Joseph Montana was foreign oil on the Super Bowl three and 16 MVP six finals MVPs and that's six and his abroad need to win six titles for you detailed the better than Jordan or can he and his first they would for now with that on three Padilla and with four and yet he can't begin and on pre. Barack writes about the format out. Half the titles you've got to do about that may not if the answer if the ends opponent Houston next year you can win the next three after that. Now. Yeah and by the way I would state isn't. There's one thing that you eat you guys to the Golding ring chasing because I think the world that Kevin Durant he's sort of that. He did he did he die I got to Florida didn't give me more so that body literally joined the team that beat them what. Could what would have been included and had heat. State Oklahoma City and and see impressed you never traded Harden are now and they screwed out in the public will ya got both forgot it more. Like I don't know it was it's over the best trio in the league. He kept those three guys together the three of the top 56 players. Prince I want what they feel they have a huge surge of Barca had it he's Barca so they got so they got guys who won all we could spartans to a million BP. What Westbrook went last year and Democrats already what is right and he is correct if they. I of one of those guys like crazy I tonight's game two TD garden LeBron James points over under 43. Over. Over over dale probably no doubt he can overcompensate for the other night. Fifteen over ignite the rest of the cavs they also score 43. Now I. Be sure to submit Chirac Cumberland farms question of the week for Alex Cora during our weekly conversation with a manager. Every Wednesday during the season WEEI dot com slash manager. If your question is. Chosen you'll be edited when the grand prize. Chance to have Cumberland farms coffee with us and the manager courtesy of Cumberland farms they include pesticide. I ask bill. I what's changed. There have been times where it didn't quite work out to IS the skipper of this news get where there was a difference that he invited us that's good parts or that have a cup of Joseph without scoring. Sosa mixture your question for the manager. What real quickly about this Robinson you know think he did not test positive for perform our brake performance enhancing drugs. Major League Baseball has confirmed. He tested positive for what's called enough probably screwed up the pronunciation for Rosa mind it's otherwise known as a water pill it's a what I erratic. Sign and it's a direct. And it helps to flush the body of liquid causing more urine. And also Barrett wrote for a drug tests pay a diluted sample but just to put this in perspective yeah. His eight game suspension. Well cost Robinson Cano 111851852. Dollars. I don't know how he's trying to help the team now. He and maybe I don't know so now all those. Did vote for the steroid guys people here both we found out lol yeah I've piano. Now there you go back in the lists analyst with a ride aid nanny may or else yeah everybody else. So you know Clemens bonds even know they are never room you know whatever but yeah he's the model has Palmeiro Sosa. Eleven million dollars path to believe we need at least eleven point eight right. Allied tube is 11111851800. Dollars you round up to twelve that's twelve from the line box because yeah. To hell is wrong I'm. Don't be here all week and I feel. Let's get to the calls that you guys are 6177797937. Because Mark James has dropped the ultimate hash tag hot sports take that yeah Brian James is overrated by the not. College but there have gone around me or I had to I'd follow that nobody dislikes at the LeBron James more than you do. Let you may not like. We years and how Jackson Pollock dumped by your admission he's the best player on the planet right now. Right now yes I mean he's the best player their wrists yes so hot overrated GDP I know the it has to be the all time question he'd only overrated. I would agree he's overrated if you think he's the best player ever then I think he's there yet right I don't know sodas right by the time it's all said and done he may be. Could be. He could be too but he won't be that he had the accident about likely but I think both could have ended sent it won't Al I think he's never meeting you have to get in the Michael comparison to that's just ridiculous I. At the when the whole thing this year. If he beats this worst even what he has. That now all of us on didn't he he's an honest you don't have to get there because when he beat the warriors two years ago when I read your thing. I don't neck carrier little pot but. That's doable the broad Jordan thing but Jordan never be a team as good as that worsened in the fine this is true so that are right that we did have that now and we have help. But sort of short I'm a huge and so don't Tommy Jordan have LP of on the fifty best players of all he did and so. He patted you definitely want to also had guys average over 26 to gain in the finals I think Dwyane Wade guys like. Kyra you're in now. That so now we have now is in trouble now LeBron yes yes and look what LeBron that's our look like it there now and operate there are great to make big differential last and be insanely impressive if they want to watch tonight though. I am not seeing Tony Brothers or stop sponsors and yup they are watch tonight though the NBA will equally see Scott Foster by the way would I jump ball all the media. 08 Scott. And odd adult. Idiot I have you're just trying to make those guys looks stupid guys are got a dropping out is our sport more that people think that Vince McMahon and basically altered in the WW which is sports entertainment. That people will think that OK the league's gonna eat that series the tonight our own. Shocked if the Celtics win tonight she really I think I want I don't know I don't. I don't know about but you're right this is the league that might everybody thinks is something under an out now we got even now we listened to leak to give the million dollars last year thing. That any league is ever gonna do is rig it. No not read it will end their sport. Literally we'll end the sport if it's and c'mon they're going to be able to keep a secret so they are vulnerable and I told me and other than it did Cleveland's got a win tonight Ankara the congressional wall but the whole raft thing is is would say it's a little wincing Dottie he got undiagnosed. Scott Foster was on his hide oh records and any 64 and I got an eighty million methane and he's known as the series extender like it'll regularly -- stupid summary text messages basket calls that you guys Johnson and over hey John I don't. I got a new guy's gonna. Hey I'm a little mark gained K first off that's I hate the broadcast and that but that's outrageous right outrageous to me. It the idea that LeBron James you know it is like not one of the best players I hate the guy but he's obviously one of the best play and invited game. And guys he's one of the best players whoever has played the game and he's not even done are the compliment abroad John what's your overall point that it's a real what I'd call. Would you give that a better point out it is yeah instead. LeBron tonight. Under over 43 definitely over mean I did you guys get when you said it has detained under but. The place that you'd hear it this is why I hit the bottom line you're going basketball because we're gonna logic in that wouldn't be excited about the Celtics. And it's going to be a good game but unfortunately NB AB in the NBA LeBron will go over the line sometimes at night I would say somewhere between ten and fifteen you guys. I would say more. Get it you know what it's doing it was like entire but it goes to the rim like I think he's going to he might deserve to go to go to the line that many times. Well you know did you visit but what happens once while they're in the game he doesn't deserve to go in the other half to complete like opera. I mean just he's. And he cries he could he cries he he has you know welts tries to about fouls and their two Celtics are Marcus Morse and in markets more I don't think they've ever committed a foul their entire lives. They always are bitching moaning complained that rapper reasoning after awhile that okay. You know trainees to be like them back in the day cream was the biggest baby in the world Alia I guess people still hate it here. I think his kind of bothers them that a little bit everywhere except Milwaukee in LA and believe me. Data of the yup the real. Vegas over under for LeBron James. 33 and a half. Oh and take a whole iPad on everything you know went about it well what's casinos that just about bottom line up to governor baker wanted to get these aren't going to balance our budget is sports gambling I think guilty like I don't think it's gonna happen quite that quickly but you know now out of stock Joba get over on the broad options in Providence agent. Yeah. I hate. I don't think it conditioner Larry Bird like you do and I know you know. This. All of shredded when you compared memorable on Jane fished out very similar and I think. Because he played perched such a short period article because he played well art. And I don't think you can listen and that top five arbitration but I believe Jane die out Korean number one. I hope that you could put a guy who don't you pick all the other baggage that comes along with and waiting and some of these playoff game but lying. I don't remember Kareem quitting and I don't remember her recording or magic. Today and by great point Jim and here's another thing to. Remember this I'm one of the things I'd be remiss if I didn't mention crazy all time we scored the NBA spill site even mention that and let's go back eight years ago. Let's go back to the series against the Celtics here at TD garden mobile broad tearing his Jersey off now OK people will always coach you took the ball. It was the most meaningless triple double and the following year. He's a former owner who's now its current boss asking did you were called for quitting in that series. And offered him on. Let's let go back into good and I don't want to let you know the cars because. One more point jump and I also think Kareem longevity. In the tiger you played were much more critical game back then. OP are stronger than LeBron because they play the same month a year or tinkering seat plane that a year and a lot. A lot stronger than LeBron if you play for the same money you just based on the the brutality of the game back I. Appreciate the call I mean nobody loves Larry Bird more than me or anybody else who lives in this town. In thirteen NBA seasons he had 21791. Points that's great. I doubt today LeBron James in fifteen. NFL seasons has more than 101000 more points than Larry Bird. 31038. I'm sorry I'm not trying to make people around here it's sad. LeBron James is better than Larry Bird. I don't think he's below sea it is you know earlier bloke but I don't think you what I based my fellow what makes you don't because the fact it like Mary berg who led the Celtics to titles will brought I had to LeBron couldn't hit that shot against this aussies. Stop it would need to shine at the way it is if Ray Allen had hit it we don't know if LeBron would have not right. LeBron rip it and then Chris lost it and don't ask don't need ripped a shot is Larry Bird never richter shock and I don't remember in the final Hollywood. In the finals brick I had yet to admit Larry did play went you know three other hall of famers in the starting lineup he I still to this day and LeBron James. As of today. Is still not a better player Ebert no way it was a better defender Larry LeBron. James not even close LeBron James knows okay that's that's fine but you just wanna ignore that partner Larry Bird still a better player Larry Bird never ring chased either. In after any couldn't it was a different. The Euro was different it wasn't allowed back then. Let me ask you this daring choice edit edit edit Kevin Durant okay with a bell but LeBron to bad guy if it comes down to your team is down by two. In game seven the finals got one shot six seconds left. I would mean all I I I would want Larry Bird shoot that shot absolutely I and it doesn't mean he's a better player than LeBron James I would need that. 25 players in Indy history. That I would hate to take a shot over LeBron James included in the including John Paxson yes that's at a press. Her. Ryans and holy okay Ryan. I do it goes on I'd. So excited to finally Wayans Mark James thank you for bringing Lamar and light to this program breaks you know you're noted that the vote and only another partner. All right guys come off he goes on IE he's forgotten more than we'll ever know believe me. Yes absolutely as I have but anyway let's go back original argument is that they went on got some art audio target. Look. LeBron as six I'm gonna go to nine and lose. Figured we were able. Armies. You're gonna take him over might. Awful Chamberlain. Shaq you know an Oscar Robertson. Ormat yes I'm taking him way overshadowed well now wait just credible I would writes Jack doesn't get enough credit I don't thing winner I think the bronze star. Off or an MBA Hester was dominated the NBA experts and years or are you can't do anything. LeBron sputtered and chat on line and now Ryan I I don't I don't know basketball IQ to Ryan but LeBron better than Shaq v.s Barron's Ali and at that point. It pretty dominate the idea for ten years but he won one and BP's so let's not. Right Ogilvy and he should've won four titles of the I don't doubt about that you've got a game in 05 he should want it over Steve Nash that was decent but whatever your body LeBron is probably have a lot more assured of memorial they get Rahal northern and one voted fatigue right. And. Wells aren't you one more. Kobe Bryant that are pretty remember that our proposals and yeah I achieved that well I DNC I think I think. Kobe got a few but how assault and tried to 200 titles LeBron James couldn't lead a team without the real gamers to a title. Like if you knew that after all the Robert Kobe. No I'll blow that ultimately that's my friend my competitors as the 48 minute game and not the last four seconds of game. The 48 minute felt like LeBron I would say I take the Celtics president of basketball operations in the finals to hit a shot over the projects to win a title I'm doing nice I wouldn't ITT changeover abruptly hit one shot on shot. No I don't know I'm in the broadest and of buzzer beaters all I want anybody he had a problem in the I think I also already this year I was more early in his career I think was more an issue for him and he's sort of overcome. Tidbit you're not you're taking did the age that tickets could you edited these people anymore than you are enough for guys centering it you know I've got take Didier before I'd take LeBron Didier wouldn't take any meaningful reform of rock few lightning round and I think anything that is you know had a pretty good opinion of how he can play but now even the that he could take the shot ahead of LeBron. I Johnson Newton hey John Harriet. They get excited doing. Well I was as just want to let you know that I don't think they got an elastic income. We definitely gonna lose my Callahan. Is the referee tonight. And seventeen. Out of seven pick out of line. And some are like eleven and one against eleven losses should help it. So I think the game and it's text that's like that's my guess. They're not gonna walk. I'm not a well that's. The Derrick Stafford and Shaun Wright as well those are the other guy if they don't get me I only issue that there are people believe that stuff. Yeah but they're reasonably Alito than did and that it's rigged right. But there's there's there's a history of there's again when you have him Donna. And yet there's going to be questions and I know there's not a lot of whom do you imagine being you know Sacramento Kings fan where what happened to them against the lake. Additional won the series got screwed up my W receiver is Chris Webber plot they had a great team and they show additional one was across Asia Stojakovic. Yeah yeah he's right Djokovic on the team yet hates going to -- they got they got screwed this tough I think that scene you've seen this happen over and over again which is like deal I think people are bracing themselves for. Tonight Cleveland's gonna get the calls you just know it's gonna a lot of calls we'll go there way but I think what you said dale LeBron tonight is going to the east. He'll score 33 he might score 43 he's gonna go off tonight already he's gonna go crazy and I still think they could lose yet they don't have the other guys. They just they don't mean Kevin love's gonna have huge game which he is capable of blood. You know subsidies the job on non ball movement and you'll love death each Al Horford once you're repeal kill them but then gave wide Al Horford. And he wasn't close however is better players and he Al Horford been amazing and he's wild he's got a good he's got a good run and that's why you know he had will be more hope than last year because. Last year was that matchup wasn't even close. Al Horford averaged ten points and eight rebounds less then Kevin Love did in the answers yeah he was so they want it all walks what you needed it's via washed. And so that's what Cleveland needs they need love to outplay. Our Horford and if he doesn't LeBron goes nuts then maybe you have a chance that if some of their guys had three debate. They were terrible their 426 from three in game one so of Korver or Smith or hoods are knocking down threes and that's that the chances well. Speculation is. It doesn't matter who's in stone Edward tells us we'll. Speculation unless. We're it was a lot of some great. Coach LeBron fact that he's an MGM LeBron is going to be shocked and he's he's starting lineup. That was gonna slow him at all it's news to him. You guys do know that sometime in the next four years all part. LeBron is gonna pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar the highest scoring player in NBA history you probably already know that. LeBron has hit more game winning shots in NBA history than anybody else. You didn't know that well an. I really basic and I am looking at our current car I'm about finals. Finals he's hit more playoff game winning shots than anybody in NBA history to you and in more than Kobe. Yeah more than Steve Kerr yeah. I mean more than Tony Kukoc I think you know the only Nevada elevenths and yet that's probably the one thing about it which you will if you wanna beef. You can say his percentage. Isn't as high as let's say. Well actually Coby is lower. He called Kobe Shia tools I shot 250. On game winning shots. 2:50 am. LeBron shooting 340 on game winning shots and still not great but better than Coby I will say this in here's a stat arm allows better than him at 481 crack open closer cover all the calls at all. That's back as a winner Eddie got batted yeah being a fossil Celtics team it's what a thirteen page they did the one they'll say is this is that. Wind will brawn James since 2011. His teams lose game one of the series in the eastern. Conference they are five in all in those series so that's why I think tonight's game is imperative for the Celtics to continue to windy as you guys are at home. If you lose tonight they steal home court advantage in that points probably. Yeah and look I I think Celtics gonna win the series I said that last week before they played a game. I could cast and six and I I picked the Celtics to win the series on not certainly not backing down after game one win. I just think LeBron is gonna go crazy. Ideas as anybody going to be there Wear them that is the seed that's the thing yes he is he is literally a one man team right now. It's amazing it really is again that's his fault that's all on him and he won't take the blame for it he's a putter on somebody else. That's all on him. He Tristan Thompson was his guy. As it at the same agent they made sure that he got a crazy contracts that nighter kind of stock he wanted to all these other guys he he he was. You know didn't get along carrier ring or just just respected carrier you know -- say that he's out the door and he said he treated with its shock to him a kid and now this is the team that you assemble I saw the fact that last year. Where they are spending more money than anybody. And LeBron James and we need to add to this Tina ad watch at how would you guys up against the cat his cap in your league. You guys are are over the cap you're committed to Lorena luxury threshold extraction but this is all argue you fired the previous coach this is your coach and this is our team. This everything that you're doing. But guess what you don't have. You don't have the guys you don't you don't have snow reporting counties and a team that has their two best players hurts. Looks like a better team than years ARS team is the only team that's been able beat Golden State finals. But nobody else can even touch but that's again they had they had there artery daughter what my ideas are eager I can't blame him. If they can't beat Golden State last year in the finals or they can't beat if they get there if they can't be Golden State. He's beaten gold but he also beat Golden State three Kevin Correia source that you don't buy it right there so I don't say it nobody's beating golden spike. You saw last night too and that's a thing or just shows that this team. And I always thought the 86 Celtics like the greatest team I've ever seen in my life may be 87 lakers were as well I also thought the 89 pistons but. These warriors team that league if they continue to replicate the performance from last night's game. They might go down arguably as the greatest team and the gonna go back to back the gonna win three out of four even all the rain it was on the first championship T when he fifteen. But there. Just to show you that you think stepped curry who is one of the top five to six players in the world. He's won back to back in the peace he was his last night offensively. He allowed he also isn't close to be in right physically right now I'm not yeah close to being right two years ago they lost either what's separating them from being maybe the all time team I think their roster is the same as last year but because some injuries they had the regular season and knowing that the playoffs so much more important. Day only and only quotes won fifty games or number two years ago they set the record for seventy ready out last year they won 67. Would the reds first team. So if they win the whole thing's Russian space sweep the next two series they'll be considered but to be with the 96 bulls in the 86 Celtics I think you need to win over sixty regular season on it and close it out to me when edited between sixteen dollars Lucy forgot that the sixteen lawyers that lost to Cleveland will go down as the 07 page are they are that yeah seventh after that I've also been patrons the best team I've ever seen my like the bidding closed yesterday. They're not the best Kenya or sign your life won't don't want are guilty in a game you're not write any nice that's the thing to kill everybody yeah I sit there at the death Lendale Arizona watching the end of that game and and seeing you know. Nineteen and oh become eighteen and one you say okay they're not it's just knock Sergio had they lost to the giants in the final regular season game at the meadowlands and at one Super Bowl 42 with its relay team of one man that might happen now. On the one that they lost now is what keeps them off that list now. But they go back to its array that she's in the warriors a year ago an option in the south with by the way and choosing the warriors and just how that has changed the entire league teams knowledge. What are what are your boots who lost or two also isn't doing what you need three and the need to hoping you're gung guys are good because they have for its of the Celtics. Are the closest thing if they are a 100% healthy. And knowing that Taylor brown and Jason Tatum are as good as they are now we would've known beginning of the year should hope for this but now we're seeing it and if you added. Forty points per game also are Gordon Hayward and twenty points per game all star carrier ring with Horford those two young guys and Smart Morris off the bench. That would be the closest thing the competition the wars. I mean it. You the day if I look at the Celtics even if they do you get to the finals able when he gained against Golden State naval winning games probably not definitely I don't think Cleveland will either my problem think one game. One I don't know man that they're just so outmanned they're sellout mail out everybody that would isolate the Matt probably say it's good for league to have you know that had the big powerhouse have the Yankees lead the team that everybody's chasing. Have the Kenny I liked him. But see it awful if you're sitting here right now ya you know a couple of games in the in the conference finals he music nobody's got a chance will there got no chance there no problem was. The Celtics got hurt or in a war to go back earlier Cleveland traded away their their only chance. Because again if it was Cleveland still with the tire re in the broad. Yeah the finals are predictable it who's going to be there are releasing gonna sitters on hand but I've read it one of either but I didn't know I and that's why though but if you get the same thing at the Celtics were healthy admit that the warriors in the finals. You would have. You know if you guys would you happened what I would like about it is it and why I I don't need parity I like I like the juggernaut teams I like watching a series where. Nine to may be ten of the fifty best players currently in the league might be on the court at one time that's that's unbelievable like last night facing last night law. Seeing it staff curry to rant re Ahman Green clay Thompson went for twenty out. Did your heart and Paul you talked about six of the top fifteen players or whatever it is the most awesome it was like an insane aside like that I get this those two guys I can't I can't say enough nice things about the needs including I would rather have him take a shot in the files are from abroad and a few yes. What is teeny change. Stocked with Isaiah Tom is in literally backed all the Brinks truck is Isaiah said he was supposed to get. And he drafted mark helpful to efforts decency is why that's so we've got about the first. Her hip and gone that far whether they're or right there are fortunate that Isiah wasn't in a contract year a year ago. Is that that would have been forced their hand would have been forced the that would have been able to trade him what is cheap year still remaining and yet you could've gotten in on the power reaping or if you did you. You would have had a Max deal Isiah Thomas which Cleveland taken nearly all of a sudden now you have and on tradable east's most likely. And then so that's that's the biggest one to me but then you write faults and Tatum all just look at that if I'm not writing off faults yet I think that's unfair is that what your choice not even close right now away about a million got the bench to play it's heated in round two I have all. I and all that. Potential clue why later possible trades no way I don't yet he's got to go right I don't like much of a wildcard and we Popovich comes out lead he's can't yet while talking with cam no way if I don't work if you can there with him there's only three players in the league that I would trade team in round to get this three and LeBron hasn't won a bogey cousins slot known to see if indeed this. Carly at the towns this is his potential is sick and if he was healthy but he's not. Chris stop forcing these. And every year now when you and I would even consider about enforcing this. Of the MPs is it is over yeah on a retreat a bit. Yeah that's what we welcome Brad all of that has been used to think it's a chilly Atlantic ID like to let let analytic and traded up to get a limit for a do you think there are 308 Diddy these are nice to us is that a great jobs effort. Look I I I think that you'll write about the injury situation. We thought when Gordon Hayward went down the sultans would have a hard and make in the playoffs that we got to play well and I thought you know on sale at a chain of thought well that's and that one carrier went down we said that they had no doubts thoughts simulator they're done and in other sit here with a win in to the Eastern Conference finals. Its commitment that they've faced. All NBA players now the dollar BA teams aren't out yet they're they've made you been voted on I don't know but they do. You know first team second team thirteen and Greek three will be on one of those teams they beat him. I expensive and have the chance to be on that affairs team bill on his I want to surprise you shoot. OK but he certainly Goodell stressed the Arizona think he's got a rookie of the year Andy Andy and I doubt that she'll. He's not a rookie this year as well eat it and wealthy if I. Great point about them on Qaeda and there's also the social well being out of play enough games but it sneaked off and he talent and you hear them. I get a chance to beat LeBron James who was. Always there mixed with the NDP and will be all NBA first team once again and meanwhile you don't have an olive Diego you don't carrier ring was I was projecting that way but. Based on the other guards the games he's missed you'll have a single all NBA guy if he gets the NBA finals potentially it's in that never happened that's about Brad Stevens as this goes on in this is on it but it's also on the change for putting yes well he into Gaza should be the first to tell you. I remember when nature. It falters greats probably trick but I'd like to draft right. Under I don't know what's going to be distillate Dow's run around like Tatum I did not like brown and he's made me look stupid because he has been used in great. But also just. Taking an Eastern Conference finalists for a year ago and upgrading at every spot a Isiah Thomas is great upgraded. Avery Bradley good player upgraded to Crowder was good for the team upgraded. Go to elected and Amir Johnson every player that they had a they upgraded with the with other piece whether it was signings or trades or draft text and if you ask the greens humors out there right now and I'm you know we see greens timbers you you know you never know if you're gonna get some delusions of Granger but. If you get. Past abroad and you know you're gonna get swept uncle owns the would you take I would see absolutely depth and a final all yeah NBA finals absolutely and I also think about you're already playing with house money yes it you already announced money and I also looked at it again Brad Stevens we all acknowledge is a genius about. Last year playing against LeBron James in the conference finals you and your team stock in your completely government there's five consecutive games against LeBron. I think you files away some but he's got something there so even if you get swept by the warriors for. Well guess what when your team's healthy the next year you're gonna face those guys again so give me as many game. Possible against Golden State for Brad Stevens to use 6177797937. We get right back to your calls Selz in cavs tonight at the garden we're talking about that we'll add some other things. Into the mix as well bailing keep Mark James is with us Sports Radio W media.