Dale & Keefe - Why none for the Belichick coaching tree has seen any success post Patriots. Where there is smoke there is fire, Dez Bryant will be a Patriot soon.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 2: Why is the success of the Belichick coaching tree so unremarkable? Matt Patricia flops in his first game as a head coach but can he turn it around? Dallas Radio host Gavin Dawson tweets that Dez Bryant could be playing for New England soon.

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Daley keeps Sports Radio WEEI. We've talked about Chris Sale and his abbreviated start last time we it was going to be short anyway we made sure was kind of stumped his words. Yeah mine and and we knew that it and you know we knew and in a best case scenario. It was gonna go forty pitches or is he said three innings if feet or less than forty that forty pitches. The most important thing was that economic you've said I don't feel it in and out of it feel and a he sounded at last night I understand the next days when things change and right dvd I think even after he made that start against those of Baltimore. I think he said he felt fine. And that what happens right back on the via so you gotta wait NC. Some have been talking a little bit about baton you know the bullpen issues which has got a lot of people pretty scared. I mean let's be honest the grateful that evidence that a little overstated at times because. That's how it is a different is going to be different yes and everything guys kind of go on hot street's regular Joseph Kelly we see highs and lows from Joseph Kelly. And then Ryan Frazier like are you ready to buy in or I ready to buy in on Ryan Frazier. Yeah he's pitched well his his numbers on the season are really go to. But there at the same time. The thirty year old rookie. Who's pitching in Japan last year but where's Ben Willis of or on the at a as we go 165 BR EF four outs actually at the win yesterday as well. He's really good but that's the guy but he's but he's the senate but would you find as. Pete you wanting of one effort as he's been really good. But he won't be in October what you've waited knowing that but it's late is that they guy that you're gonna be you know. Put all your support behind then what if he would if he does get shelled are we supposed to be shocked with those good all right got out of it right Frazier didn't lock the game down the eight inning it ease ease the got a solid faith and so I'm not there yet but he haven't you gotta gotta give a lot of credit for the season he sent it back to the calls and the guys Arthurs in New Hampshire hey Arthur. A lot of guys are well he Vanilla. Follow up on the collar roots and our you don't drink beer truck this article now. Obviously what you said dale does make certain America out so regular seat and no problem is that you are giving him a lot beat them there are. October of that mindset chain and yeah via ports so on but you don't take him out of there at number seven it has into. I always I don't believe they would take him up 52 in the now now now now now it's all it's all about the playoffs of those guys are still. You know Mon guys down or if you feel like they're the better option in the bullpen which chances are they should be up there and yet there. That the play it is for all those guys the pitch really deep in the games in October doubt when when you say you know managing pitchers doesn't go out the window in October that doesn't mean. You're gonna like Chris Sale blocker in April 135 pitches an attitude that. World Series on the senate 57 of the World Series the day out when you because you also have to worry about the you know. Chris sales have picked another time and in the Yale VS another certain Yale CS but no you I would hope. And it be a good sign but if Chrysler sale have a hundred and when he pitched. Performance in the playoffs that means they probably went eight innings Pratt Kelly really and that means they were pitching well. Because that idea a great time but no you you wanna make sure I think last year is the a great example you know Chris Sale. Led the American League in innings. Had a 300 strikeouts that through prayed for themselves and at playoff time he did look anything he did not look like Chris Sale at all. I think a lot to do with how much he pitched during the regular season Keats also and New Hampshire hey Keith. Like I was listening to everybody pocket at a expecting a little bit. Not. Dominating. Everything into this. And cock out that the bulk and it carried it out good their record it. I mean I never. Like to launch ever in the eight ball like. That are eager. Because the ball and because right now the eagle would be out. What they'll price are there. Gardner during the playoffs. When we poke and commit and haven't been annually or. I've run from Powell went but he you know that that it over wouldn't shoot it. Particular. Yeah well I Ayers theories say there because of the bullpen even when they've some of these guys have gone on good stretches I just you still feel like they can let you down and it a big part of that is and a lot of people have gone through the numbers. You know you look at. Why don't I can tell you that there are five teams in the major leaks you know we'll have a better bullpen any RA and the Red Sox but if you take the Red Sox bullpen and put him up against. He used in New York. And Cleveland. It was a lot different Cleveland's has worked better of saying when they face those team right right at that point so the Red Sox that there ER their bullpen ERA against Baltimore. Is probably the zero or whatever it is like eight. They'd let us and I the yankees' bullpen ERA against bald headed north probably zero as well it is it's different and that's why I think you know Houston that that would be an interesting series because I don't love their bullpen and either in either today. Cleveland I think is the one team that definitely has that advantage. Odd New York has a good bullpen too but it's Cleveland's bullpen that probably when you're stacking up head to head. Because they're they're season ERA a proper good but Andrew Miller's missed the budget games they didn't have Brad hand in December for all season laws now that they have those guys. That's a really good bullpen. It's how'd they do a big mop up the bad team that's what they do and and that's great they should. But the the good teams it's it's all it's a lot tougher that's weird face in the playoffs obviously it's been it's been kind of an amazing thing though throughout the course of the summer. As as the Red Sox have basically laid waste to the American. Yeah yeah I mean it just they just demolished the American League. And all summer long all I've heard is people bitching about yeah but they're gonna suck in October. Although I fiercer in that area but it it's like no matter what you're watching it I don't care their bullpen is gonna blow it anyway but that is sort of the they have joined the patriots as far as expectations are concerned where. Regular season it's nice but you assume they're gonna make the playoffs and they've set the bar for themselves and be even last year because of the love the team the last couple years but they're good enough to win the division. And in the playoffs. I'd be before you sit out their out. And so that's that's still on everybody's monitor the team that you've watched this season yeah. You'll feel I certainly feel is clearly better than the teams the last two years that I've seen. Yes I don't know that there are much educated Martinez and it is it's as simple as black people as it is the MVP yes although two years ago it probably should and the MVP you know last year he was good but he wasn't as as great but you have. Yeah I think the team is better this year but I also think Houston and Cleveland they're not gonna have the wildly impressive win totals at the end of the year by the inning five or seven game series they're just as good. Lately they could run away the Red Sox to win a 112 games in just runaway win you know the best regular season record for this year. And then you get to play in Medea pic of series in the and that and the of the yes that's just how gonna beat the rules of the teams are the other thing and and it's all part of it obviously is as the Red Sox offensively. Have beat the crap out of other team's bull pens all your long tail yet. I don't know they they they definitely have you look at some of the numbers that some of these guys have you know. Second third time in the lineup in and whatever else lead late in games like this they're stats are are off the charts on and a number different headings that and it's. They're they're getting if memory of the two MVP candidates obviously but how lost and that is the seasonable alerts is having. It was sees the pennant and he is having so there's there's score runs are does matter with starters bullpen whoever Zander Bogart's having the best year of his career yet. I mean by a edit search under the radar it's completely governor Andrew Ben intend he's hitting 293. Yeah I mean instead of Bogart's is hitting 289 with 93 runs batted him. I mean everybody had the honor to everybody talks about obviously the two big guns they talk about bats and Martinez because they've been unbelievable. But as a team. They're better than people understand. I mean some of these other guys outside of those two right now though they they are and and they're getting contributions from from other spots and but then so that it comes down to the pitch he hit a sense though. That the pictures are lovable little wiggle room this time around than the last couple years the class the last of the pitchers let down. Hitting a kind of let off the hook they look like they're smashing the ball the last couple years. So that's there to do differently if the guys in the lineup they're gonna have to put up runs against really good pitching that's a Cleveland used to have as well they they have. They're starters anyway our policy even better than what the red. Sox have proper OPS plus obviously a hundred is average anything above a hundred your better than the rest of them the major leagues. Five of their nine regular starters. Are above a hundred you know PS plus five of their nine now. You know Martinez and bets are off the charts that's is 182 energy nerds that 17 Israel and the obvious plus I liken a lot of it just shows. You've got Bogart's at 135 been in Tandy won 28. All star Mitch Moreland at 106 by the way how's he doing recently. Those are damaged on probably not as good recently with the fact that. Now he is the has really kind of tapered off but that that's to be expected normalcy you know when they face lefties in the playoffs. I'd that he won't even see much more on. That's very rusty pierce and you know Steve Pearce and can hit lefties are really steep Pierce's OPS plus is 151. Yet what the stat last that they show I think since he's joined the Red Sox he is like the fourth best OPS against lefties like in the majors out like so that he is that it is a specialty item. And he has been really good at that nuts but I assume you'll do in a playoff. 6177797937. Gyms in Newbury port HM. And London slope slide it well and now a lot of people feel somewhat. Pretty even get knocked down even bigger mapped out early. None of the pain in the playoffs. Fell off a bit had a good year each team had their flaws. And you don't. So they would lose an accurate. If they lose in the first round of the playoffs you're gonna say that year. You want so many times that baseball playoffs is whoever gets hot. It's not always the best scheme you know it could be the you know the angels in the past I heard that the twins should stick. Are hard at the right time and it I want to scolded just cool Berkeley. Iran yesterday. You guys who railed on a guy who came were unpopular. All position and you're like you're. Yeah we we borrow we we can't make fun of you on minority groups was certain voices and. I did the minority groups. No no well then why would you don't know that's your eyes that I did not on all you do I'm not angry you don't want it a day. But there's one group that it's all right commit far and that you know all white males are so that you can't make fun of women. You can make fun of Asians that are your trying to imitate voices. But it it's all right to say that group so Sutherland and although it's. Some other manhunt. Com viewpoints that we don't agree where. You want please in the future just don't say it's unacceptable. True. I for sure can't promise you wanting him I'll be honest while you are under understand you know I can't as part of it's it's part of my it's my turn everything else yeah right. Wait now like now hum are are not. Open our should that be fair game it's open season art it's open season on what Mel's understand I behind and then you're not in some people some people love my southern accent they love it. I think Ford's in a fight with an accent away with no we've had here. How did you know you know my opinion okay I'm turning my opinion REE news. You're the same guy that says that they lose in the first round he wouldn't be upset I will not agree with Jim's now I'll I'll I want to screw anything to them can. Spot on yes I am I. I think the trust me mine Red Sox Nation is not going to be pleased. Three years in a row lately losing to Houston Astros and say I'll GAAP Houston's really good. So the reds into it the Red Sox are really good they're supposed to win and their face the wildcard team. Right the way things are going less likely what it moves out wherever it is they're gonna face the locker team so it shouldn't be Houston or Cleveland and don't Yorker exiting the old girl and went right. It so they need to win that series but that's the whole idea is keep kids say hey Goodyear honor and twelve wins because of the best that's not the now. If you want to get a step further and if they end up losing in the ALCS. And a hard fought series that also matters how loses out all the Astros in the ALCS or something and I don't lose my mind that's a really good team. Right like that. They have the chance that become sort of a dynasty you know the Houston Astros do. But there's a big difference if you're not gonna have to face them again barring some crazy shift in the standings. Over the next three weeks you're not gonna have to face the Astros in the first round. So yeah. No seniors and World Series or boss know I'd like that's that's unfair although. I think expectations are starting to change for some folks out there you know I mean that Marty. You know the first team in baseball to clinch playoff spot. They will likely when their hundredth game tonight. They will likely set a franchise record for wins in a season I don't think they'll set the league record they won't do that. What is the league record and won sixteen you know they'd have to win sixteen of the last seventeen games or something in there that can happen yeah probably not for a but I think that's a franchise record for wins yet. And so I do think the expectations have changed now for some folks at our dot matter gonna suck in October anyway so they have no expectations. Yeah and it will be disappointed because they think they gonna lose anyway now but the way this team is bill and and not even to get into. How they're set up going for like so Craig Kimbrel is a free agent. You know David or David Price and we cities are gonna opt out but he could he could opt out Chris Sale of the free agent after next year. Judy Martinez can opt out after next year. So all of a sudden that you don't you wanna focus on this season to date on browse he's going to be a little busy decide alleys and there is there's a lot happening and then down the road now you're a freak out about it yet but down the road. Yet to make a big decision on bookie bats and by you I mean he also estimate that seemed I think any cure it's I don't irritated yeah right exactly but Bogart and so. Now all of a sudden this season becomes even more important so I don't think. I don't think a lot of people speak for Jim did that have that attitude that it would ever come and join the games in the farm unlike the regular season games or super fun I don't think that's. What people think I think it's you gotta win in the playoffs at this year or two. Let's say so 20/20 for example the roster could look. Could look significantly different in the ground in a bad way yes do you want you want to capitalize on the season you have to. And I think they feel that as well by the way I don't think there's sit there even in the quiet behind closed doors and it. And you know what we've had a child a year and no they're not quite proud you know Alex Cora was asked about the wins record rate that I could care less about that and it there's an interview Joey Cora was Brad for error who did it. They're tired Joey Cora about Alex in the all the wins that he has he's like Alex is here about those but the regular season wins he could care less especially coming from a team last year that it winning the whole thing. So we know what their goals are David Price told Brad fold up the same thing like you could have the best regular season ever. What does it really matters is I can go 35 and on the regular season with a zero ERA and it wouldn't matter it's like I only a win in October that's that. Regular season means nothing for me it's like somebody switch places the price for the visit of bodies and this is your guy. That Iceland's movie it's somebody's dumped it there and said the right thing. That's exactly what you wanted to hear from price I do think that it started that day without the ducks with help but animator director. Because he. He left the Roman and I said. That's the most human I've ever heard this he took a photo of us get him an a smiling Paula yeah he was just happy to be in the picture. I can't rock was there I think it definitely helped the protocols approach their. And one and on the and it probably. Is all everything had to do with Brock called being there that's fine. They're they're both welcome on the show any time the tool wanna do it don't we put in microphones here they wanna both come out of the studio degrades. The rep for the play about a price a lot are for the playoffs. Or get some time around I don't spank awful. The flooding that I don't know that I use that my eye when he sits in a way and David gets that step up yet there's been a mess of the playoffs for creative but he knows that. So hopefully you know it does she get the sense to with a lot of these great players that struggle in the playoffs and then eventually get over that. After that first one it's just. You're not freaking out about and more like. With a Kershaw one of those guys that he also saw in the playoffs for awhile and they didn't and then. A rival Roger Clemens couldn't beat Dave Stewart yeah like I mean just the game mean couldn't it couldn't do it got itself tossed out of a game at one point yeah early on because he just. Lost his mind so it but then once you get that first win in for price and only as the two relief wins but once you. If he pitched seven innings one run eight strikeouts team wins they can't hit the ball to Stephen Wright in the eight non of them do that Brian Grazer are tiebreaker. Then Kimbrel and you win making. Like I would think from the error as you might be smooth sailing. That's the idea of slope. Back in February. There was that was a great piece of ran on ESP. It was written by Mike sand island ran on February 6. And might send out today and in depth breakdown of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Some with weak ties to Belichick like Al groh for instance the you know he only spent one year on Belichick's browns staff became the jets coach went. Belichick resigned after it today and I'll laugh but he's got everybody including outgrowth. Outgrowth the only guy by the way with a record above 500. If you night in town on them I'm their idol as I get them more as peers they have like him don't reform but yeah bill O'Brien. 484 it's less than that now because he lost you know the opener here right Eric Mangini 2325. Who Nick Saban fifteen and seventeen talk about NFL now yeah. NFL. Josh McDaniels eleven and seventeen. Romeo Crennel out 24 and forty. Jim Schwartz. He worked as a scout under ballot check with the browns I mean they put everybody Jim Schwartz 29 and 51. And on Schwartzel and an intern ever really got back in the day are Romeo pro now for in fifteen. The bottom line here is that the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Awful kindness all this terrible. And that yeah I mean Charlie Weis doesn't he he's not on their because there's just call NFL right is good for a couple of years Notre Dame and that was terrible everywhere else it was I mean awful everywhere else even at the end at Notre Dame so. It's really really bad enough Patricia off to an old wants our and that's what evidently today on good morning football might carafe flow. I'm quoting him now yeah this is time up there in Detroit Matt Patricia went really hard on these guys in camp. There was a lot of contact there there's lots of harsh criticism from what I'm told. There's not a lot of pay good job there's a lot of hate bad job bleeping bleep but he bleep bleep. Oh about at least complete Israeli allied got to fill in the blanks that tablets aren't radio from there Matt Patricia is trying to establish some kind of a culture their veterans are not very happy. It's more about what Bill Belichick in New England Matt Patricia wanted to take back to Detroit. It's not working it's awful and they were so bad it's only one game so it's hard to completely freaked out after one game for Detroit is a pretty good team. And they're at home against the jets and they were terrible there was the worst performances of the weekend I think the bills still take the cake. Because leased lines scored. Points this were touchdowns but they were so bad and there are also you know you go back to. Pre season or training camp and there are some murmurs there're couple stories written lay out there like Patricia temperatures kind of a heart out from the trichet makes the guys work their running laps like they're the conditioning was too hard or they're all of the things I did was he said. You can't take photos in the locker room and post them on social media of what a task master and it's like eggs in it but it you know what it is it's it's try to beat. A hard ass and yet it's like the substitute teacher has the start really harsh. At the beginning and Japanese up as you go along a one thing I like about it is you some on the sidelines on Monday night. And it is still the beard still the backwards hat so he didn't go all over Z yeah like so I like that that's that's who he is so he didn't go cut off but he. Right he didn't achieve eternal look exactly like they'll Jackie didn't do that so he kept what was woes and the but it does not seem to be working for other teams because it's difficult. I'm not saying he's going all the and try to be dull checked but it's also tough to do that without the winning. Redick I don't think even Belichick being backed are now it only belongs socked 2002001. Belts a little bit different than he is now. And so Patricia goes in there and just because he was on those stats doesn't mean he knew there's a defense according are very successful team. He doesn't have that head coach pedigree and he also must not have that relationship with the players that doesn't already first hit it. Are now on his and he's got to look at it and say. Okay well all my city get that cannot buy it here and I have to jettison the guys who are so. Keep and eye on this situation here as he gets deeper into the teeth and if things don't turn around on the field. Just what you might be hearing from some of these veterans that. That's more from our Mike careful Lowe and but you know that's sounds exactly like. Josh McDaniels going to Denver and getting rid of Jay Cutler Brandon Marshall. That's that's very I was eleven and seventeen and its fired after just 28 games is that doesn't finish the other Denver Broncos right. And he goes in there and obviously everybody highlights of him drafting Tim Tebow. But it was. The two best player or two of the best players I should say on the team were Jay Cutler Brandon Marshall and he must I've got along or wherever he gets rid of both those guys. Was that message that so I don't know who those guys are but if you if you play out that scenario and Patricia says oh you know. Golden Tate or what I doubt I'd be shocked through Stafford these games so much money citing government be out of his hands athletically you know what in that regard. Some of these guys when they got to their places where they were going. At bad teams bad quarterbacks but Patricia didn't know he went to Greece and Bosnia and out pretty good quarterback. And is he try to carry it down to the studs and start over the this when I got a better team that it's not a rebuild that they were what nine and seven back to back years. So they are looking for god is sort of push them over the cap they were in the playoffs two years ago. This this isn't like. If you was going to. Of the browns for the job colts or the 49ers have a couple of years ago this isn't one of those scenarios this is. Eighteen that it's pretty built ago. So a slow start like this. He he can be in real trouble and so he faces two big rock wall in the niners. In San Francisco this Sunday. Then a week three we know it is Sunday Night Football against the patriots. Then they get at Dallas and then they have Green Bay before the bye week in Dallas castings but that new England and Green Bay before the bye week. To make it easily be one and four at that point. There're there're a number of reasons why coaches who leave here fail. Top of the list is Tom break. That's the top of the list when it wherever you go even if you've got Matt Stafford you don't have that guy right you're not gonna get to do what Bill Belichick does. But the other thing is is they stop being who they are. You know they they they try to take the ballot check act out on the road. In almost always fails on yeah now they'll be accessible talked atomic turn next hour and I'm pretty share. He was not convinced the Patricia is going to be good head coach. The key is sort of he had made that kind of clear before and he deals of them certainly more than you or I would. That the coordinators don't talk a lot every once while the other conference calls and they'll do certain things. And I remember our words in his mouth but I believe Curran said you know that's not a slam dunk that he's gonna go there and have a lot of success. They got down by the way when we are talking about the reaction in Detroit. We are not reacting that way. You should see what's being written in Detroit right now -- there there I'm I'm happy you wanted to talk about overreaction second week of the NFL season which happens a lot yeah. In Detroit after one game you've got people questioning whether they hire the right culture. That he make it through two years in Detroit. Probably. Oh. It might warm take is no. Won't take Wednesday Rossi were on were on a pop and warm take Wednesday. Does not make it through two seasons I mean Eric Mangini when he went to Cleveland you know you 32 games two seasons two full seasons got about ought to take. Doesn't make it out if that's an overreaction and how warm it is this just again today overreaction city can they were so bad the first game. And so if he does if he had issues with the players there. Like you're not on a terrible team and he hits it herbal players that sounds like mcdaniels 2.0 that's exactly what what he's doing. Pack didn't work at all. Well and in the Detroit quite yet to get rid of all the players he did it that's a segment so. Might drop close there Walt. If if the guys don't buy it he may jettison them and then bring amid. Well guess what there's 53 guys on the roster if you get rid of three oval brigade three more. The other the other fifty guys are gonna look around say right now cowering and they are you just got rid of a hunt we'd like now our hair totally body and and it could get ugly mean. Between the patriots Packers in the first month of the season. The guy the guy who has the worst record of the patriots coaching tree is the guy who had the worst situation at all. Romeo Crennel. In Cleveland he inherits Matt Cassel. All night Brady Quinn in Kansas City. He takes over as interim coach after Todd Haley got fired. Then in 2012 his full season. He's got a one of its linebackers commits suicide in the parking lot that was in front of them. I was up by Javon Belcher gets it right in front of my totally off RC I'll I was in the parking lots like yes yeah Romeo Crennel was out there. I mean you couldn't have had worst circumstances and Romeo now broken elbow in and out went 106 of the browns 2007. Now as those overall record is 48 and 55. Is he got two chances you know he had a four year old Cleveland and and he had. You know he's a the interim guy and one full season with the chiefs they went to a fourteen. But all these guys are great coordinators. Or our day. A fifth but that's that's it has like a day or they're just there there on the staff Belichick could you're I'd be on the staff of bell checked in looked like oh maybe they react as Indianapolis coach one day well we always wonder how much delegation terrorists we Elmo we always wonder. You know is Josh McDaniels this otherworldly offensive coordinator. Or is it just bill Belichick's offense and Tom Brady's is quarterbacks always looked really good but I do think there are examples of guys that maybe the teachers just have a bunch of them that are good coordinators EnerNOC and coaches like you. We never met a single player that hasn't raped are about the football acumen. The meticulous it is the attention to detail and the old world greatness. Of a football mind that is Bill Belichick. That's what players say. I don't hit him raven about that outside of New England about on the dot when Obama got the big head coaches everywhere as doctor did you endeavor to. I have never heard played is raving about them the way that they waived about politics so why is it. Everybody leaves camp and tried to go someplace else and AM. Yeah I mean that we sort of head on that rate of it that's they they doesn't work you're you're not hymns he got to do something different if they beat yet you do that to be yourself and it is the part of it I mean got a little error enjoy your Josh McDaniels tried to sound like him but I think yet how and how is bad. It'd be Patricia to have some of that as well. But there are a lot of guys in the league that are could coordinators and they're not good head coaches at would you want Wade Phillips. To be your head coach. No you wouldn't but you wanna be your coordinator absolutely like Norv Turner as the other guys went on Norv Turner has her head coach. So sometimes that's just not a skill set that when you oversee everything like it's too much. For some of these guys or they're just too specialized on one side of the football and they just can't. There's too much responsibility. On many of these instances 'cause it's usually what happens. The reason you get it out. A new head coach is this your team sucks. Right more often than not but it Matt Patricia is case that's not it. Now he probably got one of the best things out of a walking zombies is ahead code is asleep on the sideline and and so they had a decent team. Decent quarterback you know. Am and it's just. That was rugged an awful you want and what a way to start. And maybe they'll be maybe we'll look back on it now Patricia one they'll be able to laugh at that Alia the way it started in the goes going to be this good his number that monitor a football game. Or your out. Halfway through the second season because you're trying to trade away some you're good players because they don't like you can Jamaican run laps. Like that that's what you want it when it comes down to. He also a again according to your follow. Training camp for the lions was much more physical than most. They were hitting much more than players today do not like well it's like it's like you're trying to establish yourself gas Oklahoma also Leo you and a when where where the veteran guys are gone Wrigley. What do Bill Belichick do here this summer. Was like it was plaza sarcastically Cornwall Fenway. They did. The favorites with a Super Bowl it was not ruled that loosen pop that's the problem she allowed relax. Bills in Framingham paid a high you don't. It has the only national summit on my friend and I'm Kirk. Every coach does left you know that's gone on to be your head coach has been trouble that avenue there's no question about that and what I'm gonna say is. Bill Belichick. When he got Kia was terrible. They sure Obama Cleveland almost think boredom all his first two years yet he was terrible. It wasn't chilled com port eighty try to appeal that now all of a sudden. Bill Belichick out as the greatest coach in the history of the it's tall worry eclipsed eight this game what it is today and continues to make. And I didn't really get a view he won a playoff team with the browns. You wonder what. Went eleven and five with Matt Cassel is his quarter down we go to Rick to Abbott. And he went eleven and five when Matt Cassel I mean let's not take any credit away. Okay generated more options on that team also also chalked it up there aren't in Los. So you're you don't think about sex coaches that that's who knows he's not a good Udoka just saying he's not done. All of the coach put out trump radio I'm Matt King Bill Belichick would have been gone ten years ago arms at all. It's that sort of flies in the face of going eleven and five with Matt Cassel but yeah I think you might. But they'll find a way to. Make it work all the votes to be fair I mean how many coaches are in one spot for twenty years which suggests it doesn't happen like it how require restaurants either one elders I don't happen. That that Brady. Has made ballot checks job. A 1000% easier and absolutely vice Versa and vice percent. I'm if if if Josh McDaniels had been a head coach here for the last twenty years and I was a little young at the beginning going to be effective and imagine now. Yeah you think the patriots would have by Super Bowls in the back pocket I'm not sure anybody you'd be the head coach for twenty years. I just but it just saying if if if it was Josh again yeah I got the whole time. The other problem now and obstacles and even with Brady not being here the whole time now it's. Not enough to host an Olympics of. Sports Radio network. I think. Don't fifteen feet teach everybody how Gaza and everybody theory go first of Mike Fisher is a cowboys insider. He had a photo of Dez Bryant really insider or. Book if you say you're an insider here Twitter bio I assume or the real deal. He works for one of 53 the fan that the sister station or not. But here it is that's a station that has our friend Jerry Jones Alia okay but let's just station so Mike Fisher tweet that a picture of Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones at the beyoncé Jay-Z concert on Tuesday the eighteenth these days okay. Then GAAP and Dawson who works at that same station verified account he's the host the show there I'll Canada home of the cowboys actually as well and the Rangers. He eats he tweets this out. Dennis and Gerry were hanging out but. A source tells me he was letting other people the concert no he's probably going to New England. Hello. Now now. All at risk of being Debbie down dad is soon going to let it -- is this just him wishful thinking because god knows he's been solid this thing like crazy here the last couple and it says being wishful thinking that's insane while. Maybe but he's that he's probably going to New England that's good enough for radio. She regards is that him making an assessment of and they sent Corey Coleman and any foul out in outer they're actually calling on I mean. Picture recent summit on the Logan just to wait for flights the command. Keep an island flights are just eight inches around people say attempt I guess you could do that but I'd rather get boots on the ground down there. Flights from Dallas flights from Plano Texas just general. My clients run right. Who we said two people won down there one just the Logan got to be in good duels went to Delaware BO we're going to be all over this so thank you Gavin Dawson we'll take you to hear that we believe. That we know anything about these people I mean it's sort of verify verify out at night and again it looks at their real good at the risk of you know. Bring picking the scab here okay is this like can layer reporting that Rob Gronkowski being traded in pro football topic in and out. I don't know that heat suite Saturday just say it no we tweet. I'm and iron on top pro football talk picked it up at these guys was obviously joking none of these guys saying you know breaking news says he first first contract last year institutes. Based on his personal performance he's out there catching touchdowns in meaningless gains celebrating. It's this is everything Belichick does it not remarkable things get even worse sees this now so you think this deal. He is the he's dealing in the next couple weeks crawl is gone. Ted layered anti Bronx bike he says that Adam silver and we don't know that sounds that's belts and about Alka. The meaningful games you can actually like Belichick he said he law of the ultimately he's obviously should celebrate yet you score yet. But I use use of public. The these guys down on Dallas didn't deal at the breaking colon than the so I don't think there's any kind of sarcasm here but I could be wrong with the caller earlier today told an eagle and sarcasm. Gentlemen definitely get on to. But Gavin dostum Mike Fisher. I'm not I'm. Familiar with their work but sorry daily don't listen no 105 through the fan right now I don't believe I ever have have you. Don't ever got custody and they're gonna besmirch just that way right now I think that give us the benefit of the doubt at all they host Dylan keep they must be honest on most guys I guess I'm what I'm wondering here is is and again I'm I'm gonna was soon. That he was actually telling people the concert improbably on handling problem and went on and wondering if that's based on everything Allen yeah I guess that's. Well guys you Dez has been going here I offseason but this is gonna what a great great boy you know what's funny is the my two yard he had a source with the patriots who as a relates to Dez Bryant. The phrase he used was quote probably not. Right now there's an overlap there probably. So maybe Dez heard the wrong thing is that probably not as is that what that. Yeah at it dropped off their exit probably. Dez Bryant. Go to the patriots that's that's. About it yeah you but I'm gathering later when you look at that and I yeah how's the how else would you read those tweets. Dez and Jerry were hanging out bought a source tells me he was letting other people at the concert no. He's probably going to new England and I ask another question that you won't like I'll answer. Why did they sign. These two guys and not him this week while just for the week and watch besides why they signed Chad Hanson. But to my daughter I'd tell you L Zeller probably going to New England today. They could have done it this week contracts that guaranteed their area companies Fowler can be garden this afternoon I voters ironing out the details to witness but what until that gets figured out. They got to have a cup or receivers lease on the roster that's that's all that is they'll. There's just you know is profit entities not as simple as that. I mean there's there's smoke you know there there is serious smoke here I I know you've been so desperately wanting this yes. Outside WB on a scale one to ten if those bright side of the path. I'm not quite as cranked up of IQ okay what we're told us on like 676. That's absent. You talk himself in the sun and warm day that's a warped that you can get it you're at eleven YR I Atlantic all right bottom line eleven. Here's the question why is he injury Johnson now. JCB Johnson. These remain in the yes. The squash and be snowed that you they were epic there at AT&T so that the Dez Bryant is still lives around there. Wanna go to the concert chairman that we yearly that's your former boss. Who doesn't want you to be on his team anymore I don't think he has a huge problem with Jerry and he has a bigger problem width. Jason yeah Britain and its citizens like we hear it's all right. It is on a little strange but so what the other example that the Bible and it got a picture Mike Fisher post a picture. Of dense sitting with Jerry about that so that's a Gavin reits we did that for all right but for example do you think. Could Malcolm Butler and Robert Kraft Satan so at the Booth together watch a concert. A particular. Yes but Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones are two totally different types they're although ours yet but once GM is on. That's true that is so they know now decades if other really weird this is this is odd. But maybe 2000 OK I like the song but by the way and in doing them. The pats into the he was Ernie geez these are beyond does not mean I don't want the mashups of Portland suited. Crazy but it collapse probably yeah but it allowed obvious collapsed. This on the of them up there do that by the way. Do they do like here's a beyoncé show that a quick little overlap amenities he shows just like constantly switching its consulates to put this atlas before my immediate and I had enough Lewiston but here to both of you. And eleven. That's true though bigger Austria and us. If you're into that sort of thing.