Dale & Keefe - Why the Patriots need to worry about hot wieners tonight; Dale wants Jose Urena suspended 20 games for throwing at Ronald Acuna and Keefe completely disagrees, 8-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 16th
Hour 1: Everybody loves hot wieners, and apparently the hot wieners like the show. Ronald Acuna was hit with the first pitch of the game and Dale wants a steep punishment to Urena, but Keefe has no problem with it. Nate Solder might have been the biggest loss the Patriots suffered during the offseason but the replacement might already be in New England.

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Other people are interviewed me and we are struggling just. We have one of those guys here they're little snot out of south debut. We're gonna blame Lou Ramona Philly today stock last week because it's a pretty good week. Does or does it started the night for a good start tonight. It's still aren't how many solemn places you have any rich keep that. Daily cheat big gains on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Facts are facts. Only 10110. And one I mean you can't tonight. Allen had brought up a week ago our current visit whether many said look if things don't go to saying you know you gotta look at things and I think about it the superstitious bunch the Major League Baseball player and our old one. With all method of your -- chorus of numbers don't lie don't blame us now that's what I was for what these nit wits today would be happy to have outside if you want to join us next week get that in June 30 would be happy to have a note thirty got Cora got thirty national or a fine. Like I said Nate Bailey is about once a week and I mean literally they're now eleven in to win the month of August and you know what are we August 16 or whatever it is so but about once a week is about it now you did say yesterday. If they went when he and two when he won the rest of the way he's still possible side now that they're kind of all on their way that this still just a mere 106 wins if they had a bit. If they go twenty yeah 21 at the table now now they only have a mean twenty and twenties the rest of the when it's one he's starting tonight ago and even 500. There are obese and their 106 Peters say low 500 ball. Honorable life at this month and a half that's aka we'll talk some baseball later on in the program obviously as you've just heard during the award winning got an app there's jam packed. Trending now for the tone there were that the Tonys this. It's just a constructive criticism we're frowns and Ella no criticism with. I have let's keep an odd. This is a certain way you can march. Indians did it all day get we get a little more old I would say my name more during the for an in your right that's a good point. But went brain as you did say yes pre season football tonight Stephen averages joking about it and by the way it I am so thrilled. It Steve DeOssie is back on this radio station until he worked from last week when you're out who's Gracie as one of my favorites. He is a brilliant football analyst. Our way he handled himself pretty well on the political analysis that the during his wilder Alex Raymer. But he I love talking with a pile of talking football with him and and he could join us tomorrow for the whole show he's going to be with us for all four hours he said I guess that means a wash for some time but I'll. Right and I at least enough to talk about our Rivera wants every single second but. A lot of fans do deal is because you know there's position battles there there's you know. Yeah it's once a week still so it's it's the appointment. Viewing big lake lot last week pre season game even without Tom Brady starting and even without the yo backer quarterback that could one day become the star you don't have that like he did the last handful years. It's still football and there's still something about it where you tune in even during mop up duty you're looking for at the fan. As there's or Malcolm Butler out there is Eric guy that's gonna make this team. So you is still on the boss you know can be ugly at times and they in turn into just the real a real mess but. What card game I'm there I can't lock your lobbyists and I'm gonna guess that. You hit the second currently the third court you're probably not gonna see much of Tom incorporated has not played the hole in the whole first quarter I would be shocked if he does I would guess I'm just guessing here. Topless series in two feet wet and not get out there get some action in. Now the two series are horrible at their three and out three and out there and opt practices they could be a big if via email lobby to get some more playing time but I'd that he has taken away from is that they. There's two more pre season games after this so he he doesn't need the player Tom. Who knows what they'll decide 'cause then what else you really wanted to do you wanna watch a lot of Brian Hoyer knew a lot of the media willing. I think for the patriots this is one of those years where Tom Brady himself. Doesn't need the pre season he he doesn't. But he has so many new receivers that he probably needs to get some live reps would those guys. You know actively looking for Eric Decker Diane Ryan bright guy who did the zero on the right routes he catches we've been here about all these appear reporters saying that are Decker as the drops during practice of any remedy that in the games. Plus who's even going to be healthy enough to go. Do their receivers are herb. Not if not a healthy group dale Leo I out of an hour notice running back not a healthy are they a lot of guys that are pretty hurt so who knows who you gonna play. But about one thing for shirt out of the reports Brady's connection with specifically the new receivers if he goes out there it hits Julian element a few times. Great I know they can do that idiot you don't need a preview of that dollar O'Grady like every third doubting its element for first down OK I know that it happened. Oh what about some of the other guys to score real Paterson get in the mix. Does not even counting on him as a wide receiver on this team I. Know I understand he may get some time I don't think is that right now in Slater's a wide receiver light Patterson's more receded Slater I think. Adding corporal Paterson was rotting here primarily to be kick return a true but even that has been that that the importance of that is really down justly be be based on the new rules. I don't think on on a perfect team he really shouldn't be when you're top receivers but on this team. In the first four weeks of the year you may have to be is depending on the health of Phil or set on how great you'd beat the health of Kenny Britt. That they are not really loaded at that spot that's been a big tall topic throughout the of the entire pre season opener. I guess the other thing that end it is the you know the most boring thing to talk about. Most of it but I'm more concerned about watching how the offensive line performed well it's true agreed to try and brown. This year maybe. A guy that you know you go from Matt Light that made solar to Trent brown begins again to be that easy where you just you have of the starting comet left tackle just proper great appointment and and and Mullen and I appreciate that there. All summer long we've talked about departures here we've talked about. Dion Lewis who's in the globe today with Ben Valentine about him wanting and I don't know I Dion Lewis and Danny Yemen Dolan with talk that. Cooks have we even mentioned Nate solar and probably the biggest departure of all of them and I and physically. The single most important departure is you're starting left tackle because we seem on the offensive line does not look good even when you have Tom Brady go back four years ago 34 years ago. The office I was terrible early in the season and Tom Brady developers. Beta solidify that offered the Lima Bryant store with a big part of that he used his rookie year he played senator all the sudden that the tackles are played better. A he had time any get rid of the ball and he and he looked good after that. Trip around it we had eighty hearted Euro weaker so go. It ever talk about patron brownies and I gotta that's obvious statement but if the patriots wanna go no huddle they wanna go up tempo. He wasn't so sure that trend proud be able to do that he is that you that monster of a guy but if you're gonna play this quick pace. Nothing is an attack out of the game but is he going to be letting guys fly around them like that's something that. Iraq and he really get the sense since early in the pre season he's aka the play the entire game. But yet that's it that's a huge really the offensive line. We have an idea of there's there's about six guys for five spots and how's that gonna shake out in. I don't think it's into the best offensive line in the league but it needs to be at least good enough to keep radio. There the other individual little story lines I I know Hollister and they are excited to see them not as much the dominant satellite at much as you are required. I mean look I know Elaine Johnson is trying to make us care. Oh my god it's just lay and Jeff Pratt assets. Or watch Super Bowl reback. Yes and it's a glorified practices as they get the put the uniforms on which is nice but it's a little rusty was just saying the coaches would rather. Have a joint work out. That an exhibition game. In other words ballot check. Would get more out of it if the Eagles and patriots head of joint work out today he'd get more out of that inning a lot of this game tonight. Oh yeah because that you can stop and start things and I mean I think there is something to be said about these live. You know plays it like you know the quarterback no longer has the red Jersey there's actually tackling the big issues in the NFL is how bad tackling is. And part of that is they never really do it in practice anymore. So you need a game situation like this where you can't just play him on the football and in week one of the regular season is the first time you attack Banesha. That that he pretty ugly out to be a lot of fumbled the guys that just wouldn't. That would be the same approach to touch in practice I actually think that the pre season the exhibition schedule is more important. For defensive players than offensive players probably you have to get your body. Used to tackling people won't say how the helmet rule on top specially another reason but you need to do. It just go through the motions or you know run through these. These young who had touched walk throughs are ever in the right spot the error in the right spot and I got to wrap up a guy who's not gonna let tackling in my yet the make a play over there. And so that's yet I thought the need for pre season you've got to get out out to do with one you know once for pre. Season games the owners the owners though they get the two measures to regular season ticket prices which is an abomination that's saying it is absolutely ridiculous that you make people say. Regular season ticket prices to watch glorified practice right. And make it makes absolutely no sense that you don't make it clear that by the way that's what a season ticket Lockett is what you bought ten games unit by 89 now it's terrible so that while Steve widgets and and we were talking in between shows. He's a season ticket holder has been for years and years now and he always gives away the pre season games. The question what mall is that people do nice guy but you just you know his wanna go that's why I mean most must season ticket holders give away the pre season games. You gotta be careful be given to because if you get to some Nimrod islands have gotten arrested and vaulted from the stadium well. You paid the price for that these players in this I did better question for Steve. What he joins us tomorrow do you think it's a better question are they for players. Would they rather eighteen regular season games and two pre season games no sixty in four. I mean if it if those are the only sloppy at the if you if those with a two options and you have to tell them the making more money for eighteen. In yet I'm not playing in eighteen games and get paid for sixty. If your increasing my my pay rate of a proportionately. Than they would take that every time. Let's that it pays the same. And I don't think so others are we there right now because the starters. They don't have to play a full go at those four pre season games. There's some stars from Toledo played any of those games they're some starters like here and wearing a metal clad couple those games right in the disorder do they get you know rock played last year but. For many years he didn't play at all Brady moss famously didn't play a snap in the pre season the year that he had point and look how great is unbelievable so. I think they would probably as fair understand all right I'll watch this but just please get the regular season let's go. But for players eighteen regular season games. Be just think about how many here and there aren't exactly you're already adding two more out. Games of train wrecks which is what the regulars but that's why I feel like the four pre season games these unfortunately here to stay. Because every time the CBA comes out. Of the players might say hey how about less pre season games to them that the ought to back how owner would be OK let's look at those the regular season. And then they're gonna pretend like they had some sort of agreement and that they're gonna via the owners are gonna end up with something else the players are good enough right there you're always feel threatened that. TV ratings for tonight will be huge Red Sox have a night off as you just said right now help so you know they kind of have the sports landscape to themselves Tom Brady supposed to play for the first time. It's the eagle it's as soon after all rematch that's what Blaine Johnson. It it'll be appealed a huge number dollars in all 1415 or something you know I mean it's it's football police that Brady's play who knows how long he's a player is he says he's gonna play. Hopes the caddie doesn't make the call as he'd like to point out right and then all the right Reynolds you've noticed but Bill Belichick hasn't actually said no he hasn't -- he's gonna play though in my award winning trending when I think he's expected to play that was a nice Hague on that that fast the looser is that that's cover myself. I got this that's no he has both he said he expects to play he said that all right here but he always says I always prepare as I was out agonizing lying now. And then at some wonder outlook. I would mind bit at bill Belichick's now. I'm numbered now propaganda by Tom butt in I can apply I don't find of that but I I AM. I managed to deceive what he looks like with some of those guys some of the new guys because we've seen in years past. They either dead or they don't like the new receivers at the they can be pretty good for you ago ago brittle fell at a Brandon Lloyd got a lot of crap but he actually wasn't bad. He would just immediately fall down a retirement cart path we thought Kyle budget passes. That we already mosques set records Wes Welker was was unbelievable all pro but then you have the alternative video of god they came and make it through. The preceding yet you know toward Holtz and Reggie Wayne's. You know Joey Galloway is all he would Chad Ochocinco. Who somehow made on the team all year. So where does Eric Decker where does Corel Paterson where where is some of these new guys fitted with Brady. And if one runs the wrong route tonight and also the pre season game pretty not forget that basket and he's always gonna remember that. Or the guy drops the path I'm on third down. You can't tell break hates is the pre season but he's going to be pretty. RW Arnold Maria. I've written a really I don't think he will not may be on our league right now not overreact by saying I'm never thought of that again while I think is that India you know when they're in the meeting room. In album tomorrow or the next day I could see and then San hey c'mon. No that's wrong with you I don't think you'll see at slamming his helmet around out there giving up punt the ball of the staff handled it that part of that allows good I don't I applaud him for that he would pump more balls in the stand that make a big deal lot of JJ watt playing catch with kids before games yet Tom Brady should just be to football's. About like Stewart when he's in concert. Six soccer balls into the got around that right that's a real thing Rod Stewart it soccer I easily rocker guy he kicked soccer balls into the crowd during his concert at the Tom Brady pregame she just beat posting on football's all. That you're pretty good part for me so I I rotate it yeah we're just. If I don't think that you're in a survey ended the way I wanted to. I think he's probably a pretty good monarchs I would imagine liability would be super important for potter. Can you see those guys when they're when they're kicking or just for the warmer up they can basically. Kiss their knees equivalent flies a nearly that of birdies at some good. It punting skills and that is not that now she's telling it like he did say it was a pretty good putt. For me well. We got out pretty good for a particular order across the get the players upset is fired up won't be bad as if he attempted to do and Italy made it like half way to the Stanley. Thank back. Another one break. About ball solid gets as far as my ballot check on the sideline belts is here Tom watch that again now with again going back to that player earlier that in the week in practice wary. And I we know there's a lot of drops that day but that was the last play less like competitive play. Of practice he threw a kind of high in behind james' wife. So that or was count on him but he was just fired up with a with a hole where it takes to brings up a good point and I've forgotten about the they actually don't have the sports landscape to themselves tonight. And this is bad auditors at every day because there is I'm just wrestling my my other employer on nests and you know. They're showing the Pawtucket. I'm sorry. The the the Pawtucket hot wingers are playing tonight on how answers. While it's a thing in Rhode Island if you were if you Rhode Island or near Rhode Island you'd understand. Careful they'll us tents wanting a that's when he PM if you like to explain hot winners that will see output socket Red Sox for one night only yeah. Tonight they got the uniforms and hats to prove it okay will be the Pawtucket Halloween Ers. Okay this stats yet what they're well that's come from a in Rhode Island yeah by the way isn't like we would call them hot dogs but in an island there. They pay they sell it all barrel something different is like a Chicago and always that is not on today acted. Frankly I tasty honestly I was it is hotly temperature or that hotly a little spice little bulls who you know little balls they got like that so they actually they're selling jerseys that's been by the way yeah you know you wanna attack and how we should I do are they listening to talk if it was nothing had a thicker shirt like that where every guy and it's that you had a hot leaner. Of course yup I have two kids who went to high school in Rhode Island policy couldn't yeah identity not possibly. You've had them. Obviously the guys he says that these years and Alec requests not used to be brought to the studio to talk about leaders there and here in the area with a hot where he attended to every day all the while winners. Russert a burger guy your big dog guide to. Not I used you'd like how Wiener guy who hot hot winners I'd have a ton of hot dogs I don't look at them like yeah as a people like really go to I think there's a base. And eat it while you can all you can you can have a lot of things we can't I don't think they birders out what you can do all different things that the meat you can do a lot of different. Yeah donny's jazz. Lucy where do you stand on how winners I love hot hitters. Thank you for that. Everybody. I think our job here it's done in China. As my friend Conrad Johnson would say it's kind of roll credits rolled I would probably not going to be that can just got to move on. Sad news from the world of entertainment this morning because this points. Unfortunately has been silenced Aretha Franklin passed with this morning at the age of 76. She's been in hospice care for a number of days now but Aretha Franklin dead in her native Detroit. At the age of 76 this morning these things happen in threes. And Aretha Franklin in the in the mine are. No but I would equate it to own terms those that you impact over that whosoever most recent celebrity death they are they eat you got a point there though. There's one more TBD so that is so all of your Twitter timeline today the thing that's all of your Twitter timeline today is something that happened last night of baseball game. Ronald a communion junior. With awesome had hit our lead off and run into three straight games I believe you hit a home run in five straight there was but he had led off the game with a home run in three straight games. So they're getting ready to play last night and Jose your re union decides. Please not hit a leadoff home run off of me. He drills and in the elbow with a first pitch of the game with a 97 mile an hour fastball that you could year clearly. When it crashed into. Acuna was able to finish out the inning left in the second inning they don't think he's got a broken elbow. Jose uranium tried that thick tough guy stare down thing. Yeah after he hits him with a 97 mile an hour fastball in the in the elbow and then that the end yet what are you gonna do about it. Well if I'm the commissioner of Major League Baseball what I'm gonna do about it to suspend him for twenty games that's retreat twenties when he games. What does that force arts and I also don't. The I while more on but why is all managers paid staff and its own clubhouse is Pakistan and Don Mattingly said. I told them I don't want to hit this guy I disagree you can't get a mount north sent a message drill on. He's big he's a very comfortable at the plate you don't Keith Hernandez and I need real I. Don't mean I really is entitled if you wouldn't Keith Hernandez on the say yeah. Ourself in today's game you don't throw hitters I don't think the hitters know. So they don't know how to get out of the way the ball park you know what's coming and you know three home runs I'm sorry you've got to go down. You can leave over the plate. We'll put on him. It's not gonna happen and it did that I know if that happens today's game and obviously. You've got. Was the mormons and I'm sure Don Mattingly. The pitcher out there than not today's pitchers. It was a good news Knapp tells me. You get this thing it's. Not some of the you've got. A team that's out of it that's good that's retaliated that's part FaceBook it's. Played a song. With the parts picks you moronic but he didn't really don't play of the earth that's. You can see her again hit that baseball's justice right there we just got you got a ticket these guys relevant that you all comfortable in general problems at the plate. And you send them and it's ridiculous that the melted solid if not Jose uranium is dealing you know he's got a 27 inning. Scoreless streak on. You know and it would be okay if Ronald continued junior started up in my helicopter in the back out to the mound right I don't get a little thing is that a part of the game throwing the pack is rolling up all out dive in hatchet job answering all the guys all injuring a guy intent I don't that you see him in all of what about the bodies are back from off the plate what does the idea we just of their takes an idiot right elbow out of the way. Keith Hernandez's right I'm I would keep all the time I'm tired of the night with a literally dive by the neighbor guy but if you kick him out. That that what you alternate right amount I'm gonna hurt you yeah he's a little bit supposedly trying it's a coward he is a chicken bleak colleague he threw it Hyde type activity that I know if it I would open was viewed through his head I'd be with you do that I would like you can put it I would. Would like to be hit him in the acts he would still be wrong first pitch of the game. You know you've hit home runs off plus the last three nights so obviously I can't get you comfortable bouts he's been very comfortable the place is not going to be that comfortable seat about belt high. So I'd -- I'm OK with it I'm fine if you wanna throw him out of the game if you think he definitely did it on purpose you want program of the game I don't I didn't have any doubt he did it on purpose for a you don't doubting did I gotta gotta do it probably when it look at the key. Even Don Mattingly didn't try to outbound that it is going when it went through when your rain Wednesday through that that's. Like that would quote. Though. If not time. For us he's he's visa by the way it. Does not the way we won and situation. That's his own manager. Well and a good manager and his aides are on Europe as that I'd made the bad pitch I missed my spot inside of a corner the way I want to start them I try to get inside the move home. All of that inside corner Deltha a matter of few inches. Hugh does the well try to go into words your the one thing it's our planet in things that he once and trying to him only once he once he was abs and integrated and a little bit on fire and the whole. They stare down player you're a tough guy. Well he he did drone I don't know if you really want the fight them necessarily but he did he drilled them take your base and and move on. Now this is also while pretty telling a the first pitch was clocked at 97 point five miles per hour also led away yeah the fastest pitch. Your arena has ever thrown opening game that not according to alliance that according to what he has been stats and information. So he was he was locked that is fired up. But it could've been big Telecom. I don't think so do you think. Guys should never get thrown out or got you never throated of the guy I think that that there are instances where you could justify I legal code one of those B thing. If it if you Cadillac around the bases. No but an end and then you take one in the backside yeah it's sort of understand. Oh my god for the first batter of the game first pitch of the game and but he's been Q and as I voted for all the hardest thing I've ever thrown in my life you know off URL ball he's he bought me now just shattered OP shatters the elbow them. But it the guy moves as mobile up it it does hit him in the hip or in the blood run on the but chief. Actuary is that there of that at the he that is left is double take and there. So I. I think it baseball there are times to. Hit guys and now in this case now Atlanta has every reason to then retaliate at the Marlins and they can pick and choose whenever they wanna do that hope we do it sooner or you don't wanna linger your carry this thing over for for too long. But they should be able to seek some revenge against them this is sort of in in some respects it's like the Red Sox last year because. The stuff I read out after the game. So clubhouse was met him. Players on his own pissed Adam bold they won't they're probably mad in the sense that okay. Now they're going to be thrown at a loss and for one just because this guy's on fire but I think there is something to be said that if a guy. And I think even or things that actually saw the Red Sox broadcast this year has said it would JD Martinez of moves you that's when those guys are going the way they're Golan. May be the other team maybe this really drilling them put you. They're very comfortable the plate you probably wanna back from off a little bit and I don't know that I am awful habit he. But there's a fine line right straight through the batter's box are now. But he he might be held back him off the plate adults while he could have reached descent of thought of the guy get out a way to stop there and took it I think 97 miles an hour strike that it reflects a little tough yeah. It's coming that's a pretty quick. But it and they'll I don't hate it when guys that locked in a that's it that's sometimes that's pretty up the bill I would suspend him for twenty games I would suspend him for zero games well will we. We absolutely will disagree on that he's got to get these aren't always been going now I do it we all have probably actually in between nights when he has his or upload them. Which you know when your starting pitcher too it's too ridiculous and you know play a two game suspension now if if they'd. It if if Acuna had gone out to the mound and punched your rating in the mouth. He'd gotten five. I'll put Iowa not a visual readout I've only got them out yet gotten find out. But I that your rate it would get even more because he sort of than really excited that whole thing. You know I got to get it so if you you don't wanna be who beat DNA he's retaliating to you and then the whole thing goes down then they're probably a lot more you know suspensions. He he didn't exactly try do will very good job of trying to hide it. You know with the stare down and then looking into the dugout and help but the glove down on the battle and Leo it'd it'd be all that apologetic he can sometimes in the courts or even claim accident not like you eat it you know I'll go about these are yes Ari is it that it's like Oregon with you if I. The shirt and I that he is saying there. But yeah everybody else was was fired up and like you said. Everybody on both tees were fired up but he it was unanimous for the Braves as it would be of course my team but the what has a moral teammates are mad yet the Marlins were outside but that's it they know they're gonna get drilled to their their thinking Ari just because. You don't think this guy Tim you you can't get him out. But now they're going to be throwing Abbas at some point we don't know one now we've got some folks as as is often the key secrets and a come on dale what Il plus I think come line. OK I don't want our excellence so monkey that's leads off. And takes the 97 mile an hour pitch in the album because he's having a real good here you know. Get them out -- pitcher at the about it and you'd be okay with that right. I would definitely do I wouldn't know it you're right also expand all my eye out really well itself. I definitely what marquis that's sets the tone we've been talking about our all season so you're trying to beat the Red Sox to try to be smoky bats I would definitely thrown out of four of the pitcher on the other team of course I would. And the Red Sox fan I would love it you just Obie doesn't get hurt you take first base maybe it's steal second make them pay and then you know better and then he draws them in Europe ones that. Just that I wanted to prove a point you know you got to find a way to make them pay. But. I don't think that's the the worst thing to do I think it just doesn't happen in Major League Baseball that much. Of of these key commanders say it the Gaza or throw guys guys are used to the ball prominent Adam. But maybe if you're not if it if you're not physically capable of doing the right way. Maybe you shouldn't go hit his head though if you heard his head out I'll be right there with beauty didn't throated his body. Belt high I was higher than that as well as hang in Dallas crunched up. You know that was the only movie could make. It was up she and Brad yet rev program probably but but clearly not helmet popped. Like wasn't Matt Barnes thrown out name Donald I hated about the so Iraq. That that that's the one thing he would do we do that it is very dangerous spot if your turn to you should deal to pitch inside you should be able to send a message from time and time again. Ironically well maybe it's not ironic because you agree with Keith Hernandez had a none of the other baseball people but I watched last night agree with T turn all of baseball to attend you know that I don't you think that would Jim Thome and Ali's others all they were unanimous. Killing impetus saying and and they were talking about lengthy suspensions as well you know you can't let a guy. Take a star out of the game just because you can't figure out how to get him out but I also. Don't think it's fair if you do this or that you're just telling is that every guy digs at the batter's box. Has and how will have no fear of the of the ball that problem but I think that should deal apartment if you're facing a guy that throws 98 you gotta know that this could get away from. Or he might really pitch inside. But if you're completely taken that out now guys is some problems don't have pinpoint accuracy so doubt guys are going to be going up there yeah I wanna pitch inside but if it hits them. What I get sporting games. I don't think that's good either. Baseball needs stars. Ronald Acuna junior is a star days off and and he is playing great. And just Nim rod has decided one just been taken out but to your reign as credit we are we are talking about Ronald Kuo and Boston radio because of this we haven't talked but about honesty than you know in this but I'm not sure that John do you get a lot of credit for not happy about that. Well but that's that's what it is broke through Yahoo!. Don't baseball fans don't fancy baseball fans home put the your average fan. There's really no bottom yet you're going through this but be the first that are hearing of him he's a great young player. It was a bit of bright future had a home. But now we're talking around because he had drilled in earlier and it probably won't happen until next year. But at some point. It's a hearing is gonna have to get into the batter's box against that team. A to point. Out there I think we know it's gonna happen there and I and and although I don't like the idea of trying to hurt a guy. I would understand it if atlantis' you know like I went dead a mom yet I'm funnier guy for and I got. I fly as much as you advocate I carry our garage so out right why not. They showed. So we you know he's got the tread lightly and be up there one foot out of the box of. But it was never on that you don't get with the result of the haters know. So they don't know how to when people know what's coming. I ski. That's your guy up all gonna hurt him instead and that's your guy he was Briere with the heat though so 6177797937. Steve's on the truck phony state. I guys she only respect your criminal well thank you Rossi you know a lot. Good old magical and you're saying he's very comfortable Playboy asked what was of particular comparable each person who he's striking out. Like walk guys and Irish and I want to get an uncomfortable to stop me from what my bachelor's election monitors actually go to Italy so he can't drive the. I don't think about that throwing a baseball normally slept at you know my dad's got stuff happen yeah. If you don't want you can't get you know control Obama gets what instrument on the back. The next summer and I don't really it would help dole got a lot don't you know. Yeah I think hey I think like I'll pick apart every single play baseball starts with a pitch that's what this laws through the very inside pitch of the methods under these are thrown at you declared a little bit different. There are other things you can do to get into a pitchers had you want you to step out he'd call time you can do all kinds. It. Is an election and all targets that my guy that's how much you won't be doing so I might stress. And I gonna fight them both of us I don't want respect our with a lot of neat animal that 9060 mile an hour. About everything okay your time on that punching guys faced on. Unfortunately I'm not seeing that happens right going purpose built it about Asia Asian games soccer. Case I did get tough commissioner I I think unfortunately Keith may be right and that ten would probably be the tops which means he's gonna miss two starts and start which doesn't mean anything to now I don't think it means anything to him. If you give them twenty games one night your talk in four starts. Not your not you're sending the message that you know what. There are unwritten rules and baseball we understand that which you can't do that they look they have a rule in baseball and the umpires throw him out because of intent. They have a role specifically that says you can't do that. So Atlanta and Miami play each other one more time looks like the season and a four game series in Miami. But it does not look like your rain is scheduled to start there. Eileen in a piece of vehicle now I'm out there poster of 6177797937. This telephone number text line. 37937. As the day goes on we will obviously continue to talk with patriots and Eagles tonight at Gillette Stadium. But we've begun talking about the other being ball last night haven't seen anything yet. From the commissioner yeah he got thrown out of the game immediately by the umpires last night Jose uranium. I would expect that at some point today Major League Baseball will take it under advisement choice they just might yet he'll probably get whatever how many games than you'll appeal. Knock off a couple of is how the process works everything they give a five game suspension that it really Friday night Brack all do it I miss my next Arctic high. Day off as the match in Wilmington and that. A gala at the only issues that you won it yet. You'll be delighted that they yields because the first pitch of the game but I act like it but urged other pitcher not that guy out play or our own Adam. But he still and then an eerie to get him to get him uncomfortable he does that out later count. Respect back because that second at bat it's not as big if it EO and they talk. And on up but he intent intent matters map you you're exactly right it was the very first pitch of the game the hardest pitch he's ever thrown in a Major League game any his starting him. To start again and any drilled some rightly elbow. And that matters and it at all but even. Idiot now I hide it anymore you wonder how voters Shia and is that it he hit a computer to pick your skill but what they did. Got the opening mark. In his repertoire absolutely. Terrible act you really jump in subsequent great pitchers. They were wet eyes intent and not back down with intent. It's their report that a lot of time doing that I was only to work with not like that irked by the. I mean I am. On a win now I hard to I can't back it up with facts just sitting here up top of my head. I have a hard time believing Pedro ever drilled the first batter of the game with the first pitch of the game because that guy's been wearing him out. Birth while not that many guys Lauren out by. That was the difference. On saying. It was a matter it's still years are among tents in the third inning there's also and now Pedro told us one time yet he never hit anybody that he wasn't trying to. Right I don't go through that gave law and there are there are times when I understand that guys get hip I'm not sitting here saying every guy who every batter whoever gets it. The pitcher should be suspended should be pro now but a Matt Matt's point is a question why does the first batter matter compared to the fifteenth matter because it was pretty clear that what you're ray knew was doing was saying. We can't get this guy out it's one gonna take him out Arnold I'm gonna take that and now he could and that the second. And it would have been as big deal. Also I don't get that. I don't get that still the same guy so Pedro Martinez hit a 141. Guys and a regular season is we're probably hyperbole when he says about it but let's doha a moral opera LI I think I got away most of the time. With his control via if he hits you it's because he wanted to hear you right. Absolutely and I think and saying there are times when I'm OK with that it is okay for pitchers to hit guys. And I thought last night was not the same thing I. I think it's I think guys can can hit guys I think they could throw out them. I don't want to throw their head other than that I think it's fair game. And the reasons to do it one of the obvious reasons do it is retaliation Erick OK we'll retaliating from watts. And then the other part is. Guys when their super hot at the plate sometimes the pitcher needs to make it uncomfortable form and either thrown inside or they'll whilom. And whether it's the first pitch of the game or the fiftieth pitch of the game. I think it's fine now Matt's point was also write your Reyna. Actually the jackass after the fact and that's Carolina at least half an hour stupidity if nothing else thought fine if that's what they they label it as that fired. Because you can't act like that and then in the post game sales of over the corner. They they don't really add up. If you just stand there on the mound digits each stare out of but don't come walking down the moment you're gonna fight them all so they don't you just through your best punch it was 97 point five miles an hour and headed in the elbow you that bolstered you're trying to put him out of the game and you do it well I doubt it out the other half inning he went to first he finished out the inning so that's right it's adrenaline you got ago I disagree that he was trying to come injury. I think that's obviously that that is a side effect or how many guys get hit it hurts but he go take your base. In fact he did he does he did what that is is yet to come out of the game. But I don't think he said there goes on the net injured this guy. I think is that I'm gonna make this at that very uncomfortable and his future that's given something to think about the I'd invited him in the ribs of the bought fine I don't think he was aiming for the yelled I'd agree with you if he was trying to back him off the plate. He wasn't trying to back off the plane or hit them he was trying to hit right so wasn't he wasn't trying to make him uncomfortable but his name was tied to drill but his future bats. That team. Assuming he stays in the game. Do you think about that the last among the target and 97 so maybe I'm not really leaning into the next pitch maybe I'm not you begins as. It gives him something to consider that and I think that's five. The idea and and Mattingly is in fact is the one who said look we want to get the guy out we don't want to do that right. The idea that what you're Rainey is basically saying it's I don't think I'd get out now I'm I'm not as good you are I can't get to outsell. Rory saying you know I'm gonna do this in the the next time it could have a better chance of getting out. Right because he's the guys so locked in the and no easily goes up there is a man last I face this guy two innings ago he hit in 97 and that in the bought or those in it or something. But I'm I'm not feel great about it. I'll say this about Pedro as well and he absolutely he told us he he hardly ever hit anybody that he wasn't trying to hit I'd bet of the 140 guys that he hit. I that the vast majority of them in his mind. Where I'm hitting this guy to protect the team about a lot of more gaps and on Ameritech they they hit my guy yeah so one of their guys is going down. But some of whom were notes to worry oh god I would say somebody about Pedro or they'd say something about the Red Sox and he was then just take it out on them. This is what wrong all the Coolidge junior was doing against Miami so they four games are yeah I guess Miami as their four game series. Atlanta swept the series that one every single game. The first game you went two for three with a home run and a double the second game you went three for five with a home run. The third game you went three for five with two home runs suppose he had what's the nine RBI four home runs in the series. And seven runs or did he was. More than fire in the series than the first time he comes up their football league it's real. 6177797937. Chuck is up in Maine I checked. Gentlemen good morning once that's a morning. Uh oh yes. You know he. And sir. Retaliation. Yeah op yeah I actually think regret I'm always bring it bring it on. And so it was two weeks ago and it. Like little girls in and technical points. That was OK. Okay it ought. I don't. The items in I don't I don't speak for quorum I think he was also upset about the warnings and things like that lot more so than their retaliation. I think till just after one of the guy threw a smoky Bat's eyes that they shouldn't. He's so good I'd throw out until. So I've no problem I had nothing to without. I don't aperture or never never had any oracle for 2000 wanna deal that could take it is. Amber at which department denies he's backed by right a couple of you gotta like him throwing that high but yeah. I don't go out on what you're on I hate it would not far. That it last year UV through right up at Machado is that I hated that I was I just clicked at the video of when Pedro hit Gerald Williams to start the game. Member of the investigation. Now was first picked whenever they let it hurt he was the lead off hit a bottom of the first it was in Tampa yet. And he hit some. Almost the exact same area yeah and that that two Acuna got him last night. And he suspended for the Williams charged the mound there was big bench clearing brawl in fact Brian Williams because Williams started up the first base line and took a quick left turn a drive and by the time Varitek got to a he had Carty. Taken a swinger to Pedro at that point. Ma am my guess is Pedro pin it on purpose. How I think I I I doubt that at the brigade yes I believe that that's the game that Pedro basically you know through shutout ball for nine innings after that. Yeah. Yeah he was Freeman was a one hitter one of a lot of yeah. So I mean out of him how he doesn't have the same economic clout as page and that's why I also wonder if it wasn't. Jose arena and it was. Ticket to gram or if it was Chris Sale but would the story be a little bit different. If there was a debate at a page for example but it was that right now is also eighteen years ago or wherever ones. But it this was they Cy Young candidate doing now I wonder if sort of the way the stories being told would be a little bit different it's entirely possible. I'll buy that stuff it's our young player who's locked it always played just deal yeah he's he's showing it vs the guy who. Go Jose arena is what four point 74 ERA he's three and twelfth. I mean it's as blow averages says scrub pitcher on the other side so no I think there's also less. So your time for a Keith Hernandez is the only one really on the on the side of all of your arena. I think a big part of it is. Because of who it is. Again I think that one of the one of the young stars of the game yet. Yeah and and yeah hope it on more abide but it both of them mark like if it was a more veteran pitcher I think there'd be more guys taking his side of the relationships there. But it does Furlan and another Verlander desolate doable if it was him. You have more the better baseball guys been like for like pearl and raised doing I don't think people trust your arena to Dodi Dillard. 6177797. ID 37 now this was a real baseball brawl I mean last night it was sort of you know I'll come out by the the first base line I don't know I will speak harshly with you press you know that they're detonating that that. Ultimately happened yet but watching this Red Sox Tampa. Brawl it was a it was the real deal that was seriously all the infielders having guys on the grounds on back that hurt Bobby Hebert who try to jump rare injury a rare injury today's baseball brawls don't know the league pitcher hurt a lot even when they throw punches because most of them mess 99% of punches miss. While skating around. Or you have guys going full speed tackling. It has Jersey rip look for that but what do I grabbed my Jersey at the gun talk pilot duty shot like theme running in Japan archaic I thought there though that that's up. Class small business I remember the other James Shields Coco Crisp of the good bout. Whose throw punches and Coco Crisp metallic matrix dodged of those problems that are on the to excite you. Twitter yes and the thought of the the pot sucks just tweeted. Hate dealing Keefe thanks for the shout out on the air we've got some put tuck it hot Weiner is here. On the back out at let me address they will be here shortly all of this did well the best or better yet. We are again of getting. The best news ever have a good day anyway now and we got hot we dirtier on the way. Hot we I have on a lot like our eye on out. Hi right now that is exit date you put socket. Go check out the game tonight every pitcher down echo I cannot hitters. Magnetic thank you lose I will say this it's a pretty cool looking jurors. It's an awesome Jersey I don't a couple of friends of mine or to pre ordered the hats that's how I've heard about it they bring they have they have the hot we perhaps yes they get there like you can't miss this. This is exciting. This dale my day is the best day is incredible environments is incredible. Thank you for talking like it hot Wiener stuff on the way.