Dale & Keefe -  Why the relationship between the NFL and their players is so bad; Keefe is revealed as a”Liberal weenie.”

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, May 24th
Hour 3: Donald Trump and Steve Kerr weigh in on the NFL’s new National Anthem policy. New Carolina Panthers  Owner, David Tepper talks with his team about the new policy. Callers run the hour revealing Keefe to be a liberal, and Keefe has an all time battle with Brian in the car.

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Yeah yeah to do. Our number three daily key Sports Radio WEEI. As we jump back into the phone calls with you guys I just want to add this. This little text thread I Twitter threat sweater from my Jason read about who is a senior. NFL writer for the undefeated for ESPN writes a lot of NFL stuff and this is what he growth. Talk with a couple of head coaches and to position coaches about the National Anthem policy. All expressed concern about large groups of players often remaining in the locker room one coach invasion potential problems in the locker room. All said the issue of policy would obviously be discussed early in training camp to establish need for team unity. All said it would have been better to make all players stand as in the NBA. Coaches tired of dealing with the S figured I'd better policy would have been approved. All expressed concerns about potential impact of external factors. Such as tweets storms that could unite players to remain in the locker room. Or possibly defy policy on the field. None of the coaches think that the issue was going away anytime soon. Yet new with this decision it does not it's not gonna go weigh in now it's an issue once again narrow the season doesn't start for several months but. We're all gonna be reminded about the policy is again. And there's got to be the people looking nonstop who's in there who's not in there warranted their right down that guy's name asked about the post game. Was that in fact what he was doing was it was the was gonna take you need to decide to stay in there what do you think it's more likely guilty big a big number of players stay in the locker room or a few. Decided taken neat knowing that there's going to be a fine but that's also the only way to really. Show you'll prompt well it's funny because as I was reading that its its series of tweets I was thinking about. What if what you four guys standing on the sideline. What if you might what the team gets together and says hey listen this is really important to these guys over here. Where a team where bunch of guys young were wherein it together. Were August in the locker room could be like the Steelers he could have all hundred of all the way above standing at although I don't outline and then the whole rest of this team. In the locker room like there there's a lot of different things that can happen you know some of these coaches. A big you know depending on how much the players respect their coach that may also factor in light. I'd pretty confident saying dope out sector is gonna have 53 or I guess you know what 45 are active there BC and there are silence for the patriots. There aren't standing up there are gonna be. On the field where you know pretty you know the other controversy is now the whole idea and and the commissioner talked about this yesterday our wrists I add attention respectful. Yet the falcon was the fist in the air well and and as a final or instance there there was a threat a threat out there that said you know how the patriots would have an arm on the shoulder pad of the guy next on yes. That's not respectful to the National Anthem to some people. The summit unit recently and Larry are tension you need to stand there were your hand over your heart whatever it is making that is that Vincent that if you linked arm in arm. Then you are not about your not respectful to the National Anthem well that they should not have put it in those words they should not have written. Be respectful because to every single person that means something a little bit different again you could make the argument that just you know quietly taking in me. Is respectful where somebody else might say that's the worst thing in the world you could do. But not a ray's gonna agree on it so if you want them to stand you should say helmet on to your left arm and right down on her hearts they that if that's what you really want to do. Because there's going to be funny guys doing something that a little bit differently maybe it is that the hand on the shoulder maybe it is a fist in the air. Then nine euros that the nit pick through all those and guys are gonna get find and then they're gonna argue the fine a war there could just get it's going to be a whole thing again this season. What those coaches told the reporter from ESPN. Was that they wished that the NFL has just implemented the NBA's policy. Now the NBA's policy was collectively bargained. And and there are players out or involved in that inning I was part of the negotiation. And the players agreed to what. So when Adam silver says while we're all gonna stand for the anthem yeah yeah of course we are sort of right here it's sort of it's our CBA. The NFL doesn't exist. With the players collectively bargain that I mean it's all well and good for the coaches to say or media say. EG should have just sent everybody has to be on the sidelines standing Padilla. And one of the players. Yeah I mean all the players. Don't get anything they want essentially don't do that they've gotten. Affiliate recently would be is it less practice time but that ultimately hurts the product but it's less practice time it's less padded practices and camp time and everything else. But as a vetoed it wants that to sit down and negotiate this. They're probably gonna lose with our way out of the players union does terrible when we talked about. On Dell Goodell saying first of all the votes unanimous we know who the owners who abstained. And there was no vote and there was no vote Saturday according to step quicker yeah eyes that one sentence what he also said that this was. In you know up a compromise between the owners and the players association and the players. This all the players association commands at what it meant you get told listen we all that wasn't going to be any change. That there that the rule was going to be the same. Nothing that's happening like that many times in one sentence I mean Roger Goodell just looks like a fool the network of we sort of leave that around here anyway right back Ilya but virtually everything he said yesterday. Was let's get the hell out of Atlanta let's move on. The owners wanna get in their suvs and get on their private planes and move out of here. But so we're so right now. That would this decision that they put in place the president still isn't satisfied and that's who they are most fearful law. And he's still not satisfied when he's talking about if you can't stand during the open you should even be in the country those are his words minority we boarded played out. So he's not happy but now by telling the players what to do. Well when this rule was not in place now they're not happy so nobody likes this team and the fans they don't like to see it because you know or one of two sides you either. Absolutely hate anybody that takes a neat you hate that. In all the tourist put them in the locker rooms that's not good enough for you or you say hey if somebody wants that respectfully protest they should be able to do that. Well guess what now they're being told to lock rumored woody concede that such a good for those people either so this is that this is the one solution that everybody is pissed that. I'd Jeremiah is in Deerfield page. My you don't. Put on guys. I felt pretty usual Roger Goodell and NFL on a way to make a bad situation worse surprises nobody. By you know talking about the comparisons with India India 88 tell you exactly unity stand all the blocks. By I mean we talked about before that would be NBA at each other way to protest you can days you know he quit the church that today. You know hash tag can't read and don't choke me and that and that so they have other outlets while we're there yet account doesn't. Aren't you guys think that that would have been an opt out because that on the table needy get them another outlet. During warmup or practice this summer pattern that also completely out of the question that. One of the things and we talked about this with John too mossy yesterday and it's a legitimate point. He said in the NBA there's a level of trust between the players and ownership. And there is like zero level of dust in the NFL players saying that that individual players don't trust I. I mean I think many of deal many of the players are in the patriots trust and love Robert yes a lot he's probably in the minority he is in the minority gets any doubts that players owners relationship overall again he can't speak for every single situation could certainly look at the relations between Brady craft some of the other. Patriots in craft but around the league. The relationship between players and owners is better in the NBA that it is of the NFL. And that he can take it another step further into the relationship between the players in the commissioner. Is a lot better in the NBA that it is in the NFL and it it would go back to DeAngelo Williams. What he couldn't Wear pink cleats honor his mark as a mother that you insulate that kind of thing. The NFL is more of a machine and moral day. All our players do this they do exactly what we tell them to do these are all rules and have to do this if you write someone's name on the eye black strip under your lie to honor some depth into the NFL comes down on you for that on and you can't do that so there was there waits too strict and that served to the collars point yet they probably should ease up on them forever reason that is so important that all the like your cleats on the right color or your socks aren't the right way. Like it's it's way too crazy it. I feel like the players. Are more kind of objects or property in football then and any other sport. I mean I said that there were two ways that they could have done this which would have been better than what well virtually any it would have been better than what they did they could have just adopted the NBA's. Brought way of doing things and it had a huge fight on their hands everybody's on the sideline everybody's Stan yeah they could have adopted. Yours which is don't do any leave things as little as was slowly climbing to the president there is a third one. What's out. Don't come until after the anthem. Everybody in the locker room everybody in the room until after the anthem you allow the fans to have the National Anthem in the stadium. And as soon as the anthem finish is everybody traits is out on the field. Which they did a which they gave up until 2009. Yet for a very long time that's what they did so. Yet that that. I just think kind of having. One foot done and one side one foot the other that's what they're doing right now they're trying to please everybody but instead everybody's annoyed and so right doubt that would be a guess and another option Steve's in Kingston hasty. Hey thank you god damn sure yes and I got your local politics include particularly Rick you know when you say crawl. Saying deport people you know it come it. I don't know I don't know I I'd known I said that was was. Months. Out of it what it was written by Burton's re or Ian Rapoport and I said that that's not what he said. Yeah but Rick is right there and it was. Quite yet it became on what you're acting that Iraq. On yeah why in the politics which. What about what are the politics Steve what about politics. Liberal. I'm a liberal a liberal Obama registered independent. By the way salt so sole hi what's your point. Appointed but I just heard what trump said and that's what I implied he says players shouldn't be in the country how did you read that. Our. Deck is he's always telling jokes about the NFL he takes it very lightly. Let's talk and she thinks she what do I sort of a joke right. That they Cindy in the country. Now. Testimony cheeks who is not a joke. Richard and she could explain what I'm NC means. I mean when something that. You or others it wasn't a joke. You know you don't really bad job explaining this though Steve do you start over. What critics quiet yet RI RA that's who let me yet when he said if you don't like is it for the American flag and apple have them. They could probably the country you want talking about it than I expected at issue. You want them physically talking about. Having those people support. I need of that idea that he's addition play that should you be on the on the team. I'm not slipping up taking his exact words. It you just leaves the island also gonna whereas they say on the line exactly what he sent it into a better job. The NFL has made decisions so that means a lot few a lot of other Americans the NFL has put the owners have voted unanimously to approve a new National Anthem rule. That says if you're not gonna stay and stay in the locker room if you go to the field you have to stand. If you have a protest to team's gonna get find this is the first time hearing this what your reaction this press. Well I think that's good I don't like people should be staying in the locker rooms but still I think it's good you have to stand. Proudly for the national we shouldn't be playing you should be there may be should be. In the country you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem and the NFL owners to the right thing that's what they've done. If if that is the story do you feel like you push this story forward and you push this to a conclusion I think the people pushed forward this was not me I brought it out I think the people pushed it forward. This country's very Smart he's very Smart people. And you know that's something ideally could've been taken care of when it first started it would have been a lot easier but if they did that there doing the right. That a joke and joke and shockingly Steve hung up at a bring your politics in this at all I think it's that your your idiotic if if you disagree with something trump said. Does it mean Euro liberal and if you agree with something that he says it doesn't mean Euro also a Republican trust me I give two craps about politics so I'm not bringing my Apollo I know my politics are so I'm not bringing those to the table. But if you said they shouldn't be on a team they shouldn't be in the country. What words the joke their worst the tongue in cheek he's done this before he called up was when he called all the players sons of bitches was not a joke to on to other Ali I've ideas and joked about I don't I I guess I have a bad on the sarcasm reader or sense of humor I don't understand what the jokers. You have to stand. Proudly for the national a condition they're playing you should be there may be should be. In the country you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. So if you protests there was no joke there I don't I don't see that tongue in cheek. Which apparently isn't a joke but it is a joke. I don't did and saying he's earning a phrase or whatever late in the whole love it or leave it thing. And so but that I read that as if you're protest during the National Anthem and by the way a protest of a silent knee. Solid these guys are burning flags if these these boring flag but it it almost and you of another conversation on your hands. These guys are taking knees and he's saying they shouldn't be employed by the NFL and they should leave the United States that's me saying I don't care if you're the biggest Republican in the world and you campaign for trump. I don't know I you can still disagree with that. A stand. Probably for the national when you shouldn't be playing who should be there maybe you shouldn't be in the country yet. Evidently you know. Yeah I mean. It is it is such a a divisive topic which is why the NFL and and especially Roger Goodell. Let themselves get sucked back into this thing. This is not an issue for the NBA it's not an issue for the and a fair a Major League Baseball for the NHL. And it was becoming less and less and less of an issue for the NFL. I mean we have stopped talking about it America had stopped talking about. And now it's right back. To the forefront again and this is all because of Roger Goodell and I'm telling you all get down because as we find out from south quicker sham. And actually ball you know we we had an idea how they would vote we did like an unofficial polling data rolling of the Rome nobody objected to this great ideas sort of we're gonna roll that and there shouldn't be any problems everything's fine everybody's happy everybody loves and by the way the two who reportedly abstained. York of the 49ers in Davis of the Oakland Raiders. My guess is they didn't feel politically they could vote against it. So they did the best they could do which is what I can't vote for this what do you that it ought to know I'm gonna wood stain. Today were they were an interest in spot because it dated wannabe go against the fellow owners. But you look at their teams they had to deal without more than other 49 frontal crash or died especially but even the raiders got Marshawn Lynch at least. And that's still a crazy thing about it is how many players do you know for sure took a knee throughout the year last year. It's not like you don't know leg because it said it was less and less of an issue. But those two teams we know have dealt with a it. So they don't want to go back to their players and say yes we agreed a 100% but that's like we feel great about there's like were gonna stay out of but then yet somehow. You Dell's able to spin that into it would lose. Approved unanimously clay I know Roger it didn't seem to be approved unanimously at war Dana's in New Hampshire hey Dana. I. What it looked exactly most signaling that the people trying to make the First Amendment a First Amendment issue it's not. First let it doesn't apply to your job the at a college every other business so there. Is under no legal obligation to propriety. Platform or venue for a few. I I I've heard this argument Dana and I and I'm not arguing with you unmasking. Where does it say that it doesn't apply to your job. I take it a lot of kids plus its attack at I mean I'm an attorney that. It's my understanding. I'm not an NFL player and I can't do I wanna buy drugs or why is that any different for the at all. The other thing I want to play noted that that a lot of us but I can't communicate to average NFL and makes a fraction of luck to you what these players may. We have to put up although it dictates of our reporters and our jobs so that take our hard earned money to meet a buy tickets or buy merchandise. And we have to be subjected that the players' opinions all we want is sports entertainment. So I mean if he bought her millionaire players too late to turn their employment find quick goals sold insurance is something I don't wanna hear it. Yeah could you couldn't wants the and that's that's the in the rightly really effective do you could wants you to enjoy the football game. Millionaire after being. Should do it right so a guy takes a knee before take off once the game starts and a cot really bugs me I wish he didn't do that. Which just it's got its local culture telling him a bad person because I don't. In other NFL week left looked looked declare upsetting he looked at Robert Kraft is flying that David talked about Florida I mean why am I gonna support if there's. Also like best friends and trump. You know the best buds would trump he gave a million dollars to the trump inauguration now. Yeah well we definitely have to think they could decrease of one of the fall. It's delicious. He's not unhappy and you know it is sort of pick and choose the things you wanna believe and and not Dana. It's to their credit movement mostly. So my opinion you may disagree with me. With the NFL leans to the left so when it's late. The fourth quarter of all of put a three point gain like I wish this was more more Republican. Voters thinking. We know I'd I'd really like to sport of football league or but I don't I just sick and tired of having all the pulp distorted my page. And Panama consumers sort of shy away from it that. I'd say I don't let's and I got them out I got on top I absolutely have Marty it you know given up on the fact I didn't think that I thought the people who threatened. To stop watching the game it was hyperbole. You know and I was wrong in television ratings were down by about pretty fair chunk. Now the question is will they be down again this year. Television ratings are down and all the sports by the way so what are for somebody like Dana will that bother him so obviously it really bother him a player were taken me before the game can't even watch out that. But if they are doing it in the locker world you can't see it but guess what that's what they're doing in there. That's what they're out there that gonna bother you because you didn't see you're going to be OK look they could be taking a dump in there. The minute they're not out on the field Jerry and turning it. Gortari as you are then gonna believe that that's what they're direct threat as you said some guy needs an adjustment to his tape job or something right. Ought to hey I noticed you weren't out there what what was going on exactly so then now you're so Matt Watson that gave him a trip and not all the guys on the sideline. That would drive anybody nuts. I'd Deans and Cumberland Haiti. How you don't got me thinking. I love you but I think you're you know I don't I wanna die hard fan but. I actually don't score turned me off a little bit I used to walk someday go and watch football yeah. But I have to you know I just what the patriot. And you know I'm a triple triple. And I'm former military. And I don't I don't feel like you don't give him an option gave him that. Don't go about it other than not they did. Why didn't act on the media I think you. Stupid agreement backed out of the league. I agree I think he's there as we win as they are there two days now that he's let people or over it and now it's right back guys on the front page I'm with you wouldn't. And don't and wrong if you hate it you hate it that that's fine he had already has the right to their own opinion on this. But I just think to delve. Is so afraid of losing money and he sees the influence obviously it's the president United States say in this but he so fear. All NFL owners are scared to death scare to death they think and probably correctly so. That the the issue brought up by the president and which became kind of a ground swell out there you know hurt them in the pocketbook it cost the money. TV ratings were down advertising dollars were down. And they think it's all because of that but don't think for a minute. That this mauled by the commissioner yesterday was because that out of some sense of patriotism. All this is strongly. We got to protect what we got here. That's all this was about on the part of the NFL. And someone said on the on the text line at all dale the reason makes you stop talking about it's because the football season was over we're talking about it at the end of the solitaire. Remember when when that was even brought up. There were two and forty point five hours a week on the air and that was never an issue or act at a certain point was it was a huge issue for for a couple of weeks. That it certainly died down here to win them but I think even nationally it became less and less of a story. So I remember even some of the games thereafter where teams were planned and you need they had guys that might do it and he said. They would need to show the open anymore than you get into the game broadcast that and bring it up. And several in the way of knowing what you need to you'd need to beat writer to be taking a picture during the anthem which Philipp is also all other respects both elf and respect for the guy that's that's what's common now. So those people should be thrown on the country if you think about it if there. If people are actually not paying attention and looking at the flag have their hand over their heart. And they're actually looking at the sideline and doing work in trying to figure out who's not there. I don't feel safe for most people are Walters up and maintain Walter right on. And Erica Ali Agca lights up. Yelling pick is it ought. To be well I think back a letter. What bothered me Muller body at the media are pretty bad. What kicked out the eight on par with what attracted a while ago. About Jacob mock the field. I mean but he knocked it stopped me from watching it's it's annoying at the beginning of the game and enacted soul I want to. Special when it's like three guys. I don't really it's not like it's I don't know. I'd people are fired up about it they are and I guess some people are really not watching because of that but. It's not many in the another page or some do but even their opponent how many times is even a story during the season relate. Oh my god the dolphins had a sit up all of our team league the dolphins of the three or four guys that okay. Russian and it would count how many of rice eating whatever I. What I wanted to say you really. About the straw saying the country. Predictable I think you hit it where that. I am an example it may be where. You're aware if you're where you beat by your job your employee. If you don't like it you and me. Back at me and why. Excuse me. That's an option. State work or at least all of a little and I think which stated. It'll what are we pick the right. And he was saying he was saying they shouldn't even be employed and they took another step in that said they shouldn't be in the countryside I guess I read it differently than you. It the I don't know I just I just I ideas I read that differently because he took another step further and I also think it's tough to. Compare the president of the United States talking about what's going on the NFL and your boss since on the highway highway that it's a little bit different. Look at I'll also say this apparently based on what the FOX & Friends reporters said they tape this last night. That ran this morning on FOX & Friends but they taped it last night and apparently the reporter. Was telling the president what had happened he didn't even know. So you know you're kind of catching him with something that he has even heard of at that point and a few other things on his plate. You know an ad and you know maybe his words weren't exactly. Chose in the way you would if you're writing out a statement about something. You have to stand. Proudly for the national that we shouldn't be playing you should be there may be should be. In the country here. So my guess is you know your hit him with this out of the blue he apparently had even heard this and so you know he just sort of spoke off the cuff then. And I I don't believe what he was saying was that you should start deporting players. But he did use the words that he used you and I just I just sort of for what is and you wonder Dan I was gonna say. You know. Don't too often wished you could not say go back in and say something. But I'm not sure that he ever does that. He definitely no doubt he'll sit and our ideas even regret and I really mean that 6177797. ID 37 Sports Radio WE yeah. I mean you just typical yeah well. And others to fine tune their fan base. Just. Basically trying to use him it's and patriotism. Nationalism. And scaring people. It's idiotic but. That's how they felt a business. You know we. Just understands. Patriotism. America is about free speech about. Peacefully protest it. Steve Kerr and coach of the Golden State Warriors made those comments today at shootaround but. It got a couple of coaches Kerr obviously. I'm Gregg Popovich is another who have been pretty forthright in their in their comments about. Social causes and protests him. We go back to that whole level of trust thing there's just a greater level of trust between NBA players coaches management ownership the league. The NFL has non. I mean none now. Now the at all. And you know seekers and very vocal and that's the kind of thing that happens a lot more in the NBA those guys will be asked these questions and for those that. Feel strongly about it they are given the time to discuss it did that immediately makes the rounds think about that this wasn't pregame this wasn't post game. This is not a shoot around and this is off this is already making the rounds everywhere so. Players and coaches in other sports feel like they have. More of an opportunity to vote to voice their opinion and certainly the NFL those. According to pro football talk the new owner of the Carolina Panthers again in the name of David tepper. He flew straight from the Atlanta meetings in which is his purchase of the team was approved. Flew home and immediately met with some of his players he discussed the league's new anthem policy with a few of the team captains in key leaders on the team. A source described the meeting is including good dialogue and discussion about the issues. That the Panthers had not been known for doing any of this stuff when Jerry Richardson on the team. But evidently David -- the new owner of the team decided he wanted to make sure that he started communicating with his team. Immediately they go on so maybe maybe you know he'll be one of those owners that does have a better relationship with the players you know that doesn't seem like it's. The majority of owners right now in the league but maybe that'll start to change all of the New York Jets ownership yesterday basically said. Will never find a player. Never made if they if they do it Ambien will pay the fine basically because the way it's set up under. The thing that apparently wasn't voted on the job with that a tape player protests on the sideline the team gets fine. And then the team was supposed to decide what they do would that individual player. While the jets the jets owner says we're doing until it's can you imagine that and if all of a sudden the team. Gets find the noodles whatever it is so it. You know fifteen dollar I had no idea I am I NC I think that's how much it's going to be oh whatever it is and on the team says the plan that's coming out your paycheck without the huge issue after that. Let's go to Josh on the cell phone hey Josh. What they've done. And regardless respond caller thank you it's. In order to say pretty I know. Steve. Kind of difficult to understand it. Job instead of but yet for a short statements. Under sheets. And paying me and offered different angle and you spoke to. I don't think he was saying that we should I am more happy to country. If you don't feel that page region. Are you here in terms it's. You know why are you play ball are you doing sports and entertainment. America. If you don't feel that. And I can give you the counterargument here Josh. That the players have said all along. This has nothing to do with respect for the flag or respect for the military a respect for. For a police officers are first responders this has everything to do with what they perceived to be a lack of social equality. That's what this is all about for the players they're saying we're not saying we're not say anything. Bad about the country your patriotism or where the military that's got nothing to do with the best. Right I did saying you're liberal label deal when he acts. Totally agree with you would stand up. And I'd believe that entirely. I just. I'd be maybe. You don't. But it you know what it. There's a chance there sure there's a chance that I just think we've heard. What are you said before you know. When he had the rally. Was on October November where he was say you'll get these guys off the field and all the stuff. So he's really doubled down because he had said before they should be suspended or fired but that's what he was that's what he wanted to. Owners to do to these players if they did that and it's once again. Him taking that. And and not just trump well but a lot of others say it all of this is it straight up a slap in the face to the troops into the country he said bill and make they can't get past that they don't want it ever other players they should have have been adamant this has nothing to do. We disrespect for the military your first responder I'll probably some of sterling brown well so does the possible exception by the way I was citing Colin camper next. Would be idiotic. Big Sox that he wore a practice that day with Sarah doesn't Bogota police you reform on a pig's face a minute couldn't Bennett to take it and the things that appeal but he better too. I think people sort of caught up in it they would have immediately pointed to what they think that it that it means. But it probably would have been better than it's that it certainly done knicks on the cellphone neck. The luck today. It's quite right. The want it to display. It. Want my country in the country it is an opportunity to block people. So again how the content probably. I think that's what the track you know. Right now and he's so that was right senior figure of a player takes me or let's say how about that you've been to a game where someone stalking game tonight where there had heard on the on the cell phone. Maybe like. Round them up and maybe put them in the against place in the end like ship onto it another country without the duty to start. That but I don't put it. That you know yeah a bit. What does he says so what do you what do you think they should bill. You know people should respect the you know we don't want to think day it will be later. Based Jabber on all the players are you agree with you but people should be it in the the end albeit. They expect the act could be. What do you think should happen to the players if they if they do take it. Yeah could be that do that bear older Soviet ability to. Let the whatever it Beijing. At the competition here that if these people paid ever more. But the people got it. Yeah and these guys that they're they're proud they're choosing to protest. Which is allowed in the United States of America they're choosing to do that you don't agree with it so they should just not doing is basically a sign. I'm not saying about that it is very late. It tolerate it and they render. All look at today's didn't do it in the right way I got it got today. As a vehicle. Once more the would have more of these Brian's on the cell phone hey Brian. You guys are way off and I listened to all day okay she's. You know yet your hero that definitely left wing. Well goal leads on for weeks now for sure the wall. If they wanna I wanna protests. That invite that last settlement said this time it doesn't have to be and you. Let me ask you something New York WEEI you have rules or regulations that you got you abide by is correct a Holland yeah that's when. When you're on the yeah yeah yeah if you unproductive but certainly is that correct. I don't know that he listens though though all the shelves. I was under every show that this patient all day yeah so let's compare our our show to Vienna film that's a good start. Wasn't. Rules out abide by the time is yet gonna Wear pants sides have to update the rule that rule yes or why wasn't the rule although Brian Brian wasn't the rule but look at. And you should make a protest against let me ask you once they do it once they do but that incident Brian military was signed the military. No I was not. You know what you have fought for our country problem analyst veterans have no leg problems that brought you could be on the year Brian. Guess what we've also talked to a lot of members of the military. Who are okay were protesting because that's what makes America so I'm sorry that in protest on your time into it the way that you wanted to do it. But that's not gonna happen sorry and there was no rolled I don't break any rules last year. Going to be I bet most of the players here and burn flags in the fifty yard line that's probably the next step. And I touched. On I hope it wanted to bring the lighter or some matches or some gasoline that's rice who is next rise going to be terrible let me turn under a delay the game let me turn it around on what do you think is next. Well it's going to be something we're human sacrifice that we hope it's not human sacrifice I would stop watching football if the player murdered another human being right before the game during the at them out stop I'll tell you right now I'll stop watching football. Listen these guys are multi millionaires are. They can habit and you have a solid they shouldn't be worried about social issues because they make money then your point. I'm listening I'm losing you the whole time all right let me let me talk OK great you've done a great job so far. They can have it and you would get a gathering of people just like these are all beings they wanna bring a social issue in this cause. I you know they're not doing that have a discussion. I've never seen it you. Yes yes they thought I guess they don't put that hole and speak. Less people seeing what they do that everyone's watching Pope off so that's why they're doing it these these these protests behind closed doors that's not even a protest they're doing it because you're watching nobody they're saying they're not doing the town hall things yes they are doing those. It's the wrong place to duel atop lag. All right with the rest of media you know it's it's rog you guys are wrong. You're wrong you're wrong. Right you're wrong you're wrong it it act and pride you can be more wrong Brian do the wrong asked Bryant it is also their like yeah. Brian in Iraq it's their flag it's our flag or flag and it's everybody's glad it's Bryant's lack yes it is and it's also the flag of those who choose to protest. Likes America loves America more than you could ever love anything dale. Thank you black Albright here a true hero and patriot. It's not like Brian's other fronts called is great we're gonna replay for everybody next if you're just getting your car now you ms. Bryant's call it was amazing. He is the all American hero.