Dale & Keefe - Why Tom Brady isn’t at Patriots OTAs; There is no reason to worry about the Celtics unless they lose a game at home.

Dale & Keefe
Monday, May 21st
Hour 1: Dale & Keefe talk about the Cavaliers blowout win over the Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Keefe predicts a win for the Celtics in Game 4. Also discussed are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s absence from the start of OTA’s, a possible new contract for Gronk, and the potential end of the Patriot Way.

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Squeeze that Palin keeps you know. Get a ball. Then I had a move that would fit I'm loyal there was that also have this farm upstate race you know be better. Arnold which tee space movie stars it was rather odd drag on the WEEI Sports Radio network. To. Andy Andy and what are you you'll end. Yet drop all that LeBron stuff in the open a new set heat off for the next four per hour. He was I thought I rare fire rapid fire my teammates did a sure does he's got a lot of play in just disaster if if you don't if you don't think so just to ask any question is gonna point it right back to himself and all that he does for the team to get you enough mouth pieces. Across the NBA it across all these different platforms radio TV whatever. That are gonna sing your praises you also need to do it. But he does that every single time. Amid all the talk about obviously on Saturday they smashed the Celtics but yeah you start there is no. No no Brady's hair no I'm not because all of a sudden they give the cavs they fourth home game I'm not scared. Not scared you're gonna react to one game like that there are you scared they looked awful I hope you stay I mean and it's terror prisoners that they needed that. I mean and which I don't love that I I asked this earlier in the playoffs because it's something because I come from the hockey world I don't get this yet it's weird why just home court means so much means everything why can teams not win on the road the rims are they it's soft it's great what. I think there's a there's a lot of that all the old adage is that yellow stars play well everywhere and it's sort of the role players that only play well at home. There the more comfortable in the more psyched up on the road crowd. I don't know what it is new they're distracted on the road for whatever number of reasons but right now when you remove. The two biggest star players for the Celtics they have more of those guys that probably fall into that. You know role player type. Scenario go to Terry rosier. All markets more us even as much anxiety I like you know Jason Tatum and and Jalen brown those guys are so young right now they're up the stars they're going to be. So they also played better at home she put all those guys together you go on the road they lost three times in Milwaukee. They'll only vote on the road it will hold itself exactly so how is that while they have home court every series that doesn't matter that's everything don't they don't go that far no an and that's the biggest single reason why they lose the gold thing here's the problem we'll so I think LeBron is good enough. To take it game in Boston yes what I saw Saturday night I'm not sure the Celtics. Are good enough Idec I don't think they are good enough to taking game in Cleveland ID lose tonight nausea I think we can I think they can definitely bounce back I think Cleveland still has the same proms at the same roster from the first Indians we're looking at everything it's LeBron James. It's Kevin Love sort of every other night. And then it's a bunch of scrubs and then guess what they're still scrubs JR Smith knocking down threes and shrugging like Michael Jordan and ready to finals. That's what are you surprised he made it three because you were ice cold the first two games you're not good enough to do the shrugged thing I don't know why he was doing that I was driving me nuts. But it's still JR Smith it's still George Hill they don't need to be worried about Larry Nance or Tristan Thompson so those guys are gonna come back down to earth. I think the Celtics in rosier set it I didn't like what he said but I can understand where he's come from they are riding really high. They won the first to this the team that everybody counted out people like myself picking against them in the first round and now all of a sudden they're up too low in the conference finals against LeBron. Yet they did probably all the something was gonna be a little bit easier than it was and got spanked in the although they can never think that way again. I think it bounced back and bit the bullet tonight. And paste once. I mean just based on what we saw the last time out it's like it's like I watched Golden State last night and I can't picture Houston beating that team again. Isolate just the. But but he's not but that's a good example they'll they game one we're like ovals it's gonna sweep out the next night. But it's crazy how there is no momentum between game to game quick aside yes isn't it. My feeling when I watch him. When staff Curry's on. There is nobody in the NBA who makes scoring look easier and he got us. Mean corrupt people and for him it was human terrain but the two guys are all on he just gets when he's on you the way he shoots it plays like the ball yet every single thing he throws up you think is going and it's almost always does yeah. He's he's an amendment backed the Celtics thing. I like the fact that Marcus Moore said yesterday you know I played bleep defense. Now the solidly okay tell me how to fix that tonight he may not tell you what he's gonna do that's gonna turn that that problem or. But I don't think so if LeBron has another gimmick there to prove when it came to the he had. So Marcus Moore is great as he was in game one that's gonna be the only reason why are able to beat the tabs if LeBron goes. For forty plus points in a triple double we've what we've already seen that that doesn't guarantee victory. So they just need the other guys to be as bad as they were the first two games I think there's a better chance that there's more more likely than not. That pal Korver JR Smith George Hill Tristan Thompson all those guys were in double figures on Saturday night. I don't think you're gonna get a repeat performance from all four of those guys. They're not all of a sudden you know of these super consistent guys so LeBron goes off which you probably will probably have a monster game. That's fine every week we see it firsthand at the Celtics will be better I mean that. Who played well for them on Saturday and ultimately go right that's gonna happen again Jalen brown first two games of this series here obviously he was horrible combined for 46 points. Game three. Ten points two rebounds one assist. Three turnovers the ten points in high amateur and remember the bunt but pointed I don't yet you get these nuggets have what kills five fouls when he took himself out of that game is as good as before the game. He was talking about how it's difficult to guard LeBron when he can't touch him. An hour of the officials were aware of that or what was going on but he picked up a bunch of dumb fouls in the game. His fifth foul now he is already in foul trouble I think you'd probably mentally checked out of that game. This step also stupid like you who's doubling off on the brawn trying to steal from home. Well it looked like it that's easy to do any discern Hackett. They're like well that's obviously at down by how many at that point yet but that was that was useless so. But I think that's that's a learning moment for him and I think he has been a really good for the majority of the playoffs I don't think you have to stinker tomorrow. A city on Friday that I thought the extended break between games two and three would help the cavaliers. More than the Celtics the more veteran team the older team. You know can use. Rest more. And it sure looked like that was the case that that would greens by the way. The Celtics should have a bit of an advantage tonight. Getting back to an every other day type of schedule yet for the rest of the series that every other day and so hopefully that does. Help the Celtics it is yeah it was terrible but you see that. All the time in the playoffs that look at last night and there was a forty point game so even if it's a series they think it's more evenly matched I don't respect in the wars over the rockets but the same time. Houston had a 22 point victory in the series the may lose by forty. It's it's insane how teams that you might think you're going to be a hard fought series doesn't necessarily like this Celtics cavs series could go six or seven. But there might be a couple more twenty point loss in there I guess is bizarre the question if your Celtics fan is with last night the aberration army Saturday in debt was without the aberration. If if you're a Celtic Spaniard saying okay. JR Smith looked like he could shoot again I'm not I'm not gonna be looking for that to happen tonight. I well yeah I think it is I I'd I definitely think it is because everything we're saying on Friday when there were too low. That's still true and we knew that it was gonna be easy to go in the Cleveland has with a sub which 411 and four on the road against worst teams. So I don't think anybody was going there I don't know Lleyton near your roster there's going to be a sweep so that means are gonna lose at least one of the games in Cleveland. And that's what makes the most sense to lose game three because of the sub patrol to take game three. Could probably just what been asleep at that point LeBron authority applied at another house and LA or respond out at Houston like he's out of there he is he's gone. But at you know game three. LeBron proved like pay he's gonna either put the team on his back once again. Has got for knocking down shots which did not happen in the first two games. And the Celtics are just bad they didn't have anybody doing anything and it was Greta dynamic early in the game. House for about one run and Georgia were to think I guard the suburbs may not win this game but there is gonna make it close and just didn't happen. Everybody says in the NBA nothing matters until the home team loses so even if Cleveland Winston and I think they're gonna Wynton. You're gonna say that's fine it that at best two out of three and two of the three are on your court right I just think I can see LeBron stealing game here. I can see it happening easily. Yeah well there I mean obviously either they're gonna have to do it but I don't know because do you think all of a sudden George Hill or Jordan Clarkson or JR Smith who's gonna play well in and he needs another got a wrong with them he in fact in another guy outside of Kevin Love. Because everybody on the Celtics just plays better at home I'll corporate the erratically eighty write that it would have to be Korver may be Smith. But I'm not shocked at JR Smith knocked down a few shots when he was due to the first two rounds of the playoffs use it and or 40% of his threes. So he's on the worst player in the world now his game two performance was terrible but you all for seven any of the flagrant foul so it was going to be a little the better. Oh they come back to Boston I wouldn't expect all of sudden there's this huge turnaround a bit base the could still is a is a pretty flawed team. But they don't play defense the Celtics just missed the launch shots I thought I don't I don't think it was cut that couldn't shoot a lead on the first it had picked up the difference year. The Celtics made six threes mean tire game. The cavs made seventeen and they shot 50%. From three. They shot better from three donated from two. It happened now that the auto isn't there the route the exact opposite could happen tonight. It was some of the streaky shooters football teams have the Celtics can knock down 1516 threes tonight Annika winner and a and a runaway. Thought it one day and it went in scares him. It was obvious sweep all right. But I didn't think it looked as bad as they did have smashed David Taylor off her life back like if I was in Houston Rockets fan today I'd be so depressed. Yet. And that's 41 usually happy to get swept there. Read gold states a lot better than the Houston's 41 is just. I don't know how you explain our way although those of people say I think the roads get blown out move onto the next day and then you know lose at the balls early in overtime. That's the story is true about and that's something something that people get caught out and it's yourself I don't know. Well tonight's a huge night for the Celtics because if they get like I think you're gonna lose anyway. But I think what they're lose by three or four things say OK fine it come back here. On Wednesday night you'll be fine everything will be great. If they look target thrashed like dated Saturday night. I'm gonna be doubting them and their question is are they going to be doubting myself what I mean you to go that far back to have a situation like this place there's a couple. You go back to series number one. Against Milwaukee Bucks the Celtics are too low they go into Milwaukee. In the box dominated that game and in the final score was 116 to 92. There was other long border the Bucs scored thirty something points in the first quarter and they took control the game and they dominated that game. And they didn't win a single road game of the entire series but I don't think you know does feel great about that game three. And then they lose again bows even these aren't well you know Milwaukee has more talent and also stuff but. The Celtics roll took the bounced back and take care of their business at home and I wouldn't be surprised that some of similar plays out of Cleveland. So that's the big news coming up tonight we've got other things that we'll talk about throughout the course of the day as well sourced parts gonna join us from Cleveland likes at 330 today and Doris is the sideline reporter. Obviously does great job for ESPN in working with those guys. I shall join us at 330. And we we will at some point this afternoon talk about what's going on down a Gillette because I do think this start no matter now. Good thank you Dow's water weary right over this I definitely take him out Mac attack. Today's the first day of seven battle seven on 7-Eleven on eleven. Throwing the foot no helmets I mean there's no contact obviously hoping for Brady and Everest yeah that would be back that would be best. And and you were doing it today without the two most important cogs on your offense again. When it was just working out adding care he's not doing their work outs anyway I don't you walk and a weight room I'm kind of what you want now and a lot of ordinary but you know what he skipped those before this is little bit different inquiries all there almost every single year for for this. This is when you're out there. We're both new and old teammates got it may be more important the new but still you know I think. This is a little bit. Bought this is this is more on this becomes an issue in this continues the drama on the in this soap opera that's been going on for about a year now. This is when it now's the time when Brady I think needs the time with the new guys he needs to throw to coral Patterson and he needs to. You know work with guys that he hasn't worked with before. Having said that I have a bigger problem with grant not being there than I do break. Because Brady I sort of half understand we kinda new. Family time it was he was concerned about the time when his family. Bronx concerned about spending time on the beach in Jamaica with his girlfriend apparently CI more concerned that vote I mean in terms of the team's success is. Raised more about process but the fact of the reasons behind exact account as a big Brady again for the team so we would we would agree on that yet rock. It just seems like he says now to sit out although for Brady if your gonna say they Amylin which obviously film is extremely important yes the mortality Finley I get it but. You were able to work out at UCLA. You know you were able you're the of the reported he's going to be going out to Montana again so you're you are working out like nobody's ever suggesting you're not gonna be and shapes you look now I'm not worried about that at all either guy but my point is the Brady so you're still doing these other things to stay in shape south inordinately. You can't take time and go to Gillette now they're talking about it oh. Now that's phase three that's tilting it sounds like the marvel cinematic universe let's face three. For the offseason program. And now you can be at the facility for six hours just phase one to easily be there are total four hours amounts six hours. A good soccer time but you're you're still working out you're still getting ready for the next season why can't you do it. With your teammates. And here's the other thing about now in grant's case I'll be curious to see what happens as of may 24. May 24 is the anniversary date when he can theoretically. Region was contract. There's a guy who covers the NFL named James Palmer who tweeted out earlier today. That he is hearing that there is a restructuring. That they are. Undertaking on behalf of Rob Gronkowski but we thought that from the time Drew Rosenhaus met with a Bill Belichick and brought you know several weeks ago. So supposedly according to James Palmer their reworking the deal they can't do until the 24. Does want walk through the door on the 24 and say here I am the other by. Maybe maybe doesn't he's just waiting for that to happen and once he gets his guarantees he does and that is without make a little bit of sense I think the plan is was it today and tomorrow. I think they have a good day off than their back out and I saw the breakdown earlier so it's not everybody does that Thursday yet that's the day they could they could undergo a contract change on that day. Asked to be one year anniversary of the last contract that he writes a piece skips the first couple of days and that is there once he signs the contract. Then okay and it's sort of party would go you know ally a lot of guys who do that. Not that you know silly in a a huge fear of getting hurt during these crazy things happen so maybe just wants to make certain go from there. I heard Christian talking about this earlier today he would dome much more than us in terms of you know that the mental state you have to get in in the offseason Brady's been doing this for eighteen years. It was clear and Tom vs time. He's concerned about time with his family time away from his family the offseason commitment that he's always undertaken. Without reservation. We kind of half thought this might happen that he was gonna back off a little bad and I'm OK with that. Until today I I finished I didn't care about the other stuff he's doing his own thing he does need to work you don't need to be doing squats in the white. Rom with both Julian Edelman is a month ago that Jeff Darlington winner who is the report that said he's gonna skip all of the of voluntary stuffed gorilla or maybe he just means like the work out par right but he said I flout I can evolve when it came to OK gonna throw the football now. Were eleven on eleven we're gonna start put in the yet that you know putting in the offense but putting in the time to make a relationship. Not only with you guys but even with guys who have been here before right Malcolm Mitchell is going to be out there. He's been away for a little while here probably do him some good break and this is this is the day when his absence starts to bother me. Yeah idea I I agree with you completely and I even thought it was it was worth mentioning before even though I don't need him till. Benching and squatting with the all the other guys on the team but I just thought art if you're normally going there why would just keep that going. But you can sort of understand it there that's not the end of the world. This is a little bit different this is this is all of this is usually a part of what Tom Brady does to prepare for the next season and to get on the same page that you said that it's a guy coming up injury or maybe it's a new guy like Jordan Matthews or real Paterson or. Whatever just to have Brady a part of it. Which he has always been so it's it's straight down now mini camp is later on again that's also part of this phase threes so. This politically all you get when you get to mandatory then you may have to he or not be here I would assume he's there them. This is still technically voluntary no it's not technically it is voluntary while it lets you share. Well especially if a name that Brady then it's really voluntary. You know it if your name is Malcolm Mitchell it's probably not volley yeah I would scratch off voluntary from that last so we'll get into that as the afternoon goes along as well but. I was a little surprise. I'd I'd I'd really did think I I had built it up in my head he was going to be there today. There's going to be quiet nobody's gonna say anything ya gonna drive and start you know throw the ball round of the lot with the with his teammates now. Audience to Graham I do know that Gisele is off somewhere in the world I don't know where but she's I can't I don't read Portuguese and and hurt tweets from Portuguese she's off somewhere put that you'll translate annual big translator the current therefore it all Tom Brady responds with lots of heart since our as a -- on the good so I don't it's all fine but she's off doing some business mobile thing parent and maybe Tom feels an obligation to be home with the kids while she's away doing her thing but it. And get a sitter I think the problem and get whatever it needs but it but this goes back to that hole yeah commitment to the family in the offseason. We know Gisele is going to be away in this period I'm I'm going to be here to be here for the kids when she's. Yeah it's just that and maybe that's it's that's the answer to it but it just it doesn't have to be one of those things do you always heard about how he was you know before he was the first cut their last Italy all that nonsense but. For this you would think you could even just go dozens of all that far away you go you take part want the team is admitting gather you do it you can get back to your kids. So. Yeah this it's it's definitely something and it's gonna continue that that talk about you know the rift between. Coach and quarterback and where goes from here. So we'll start with Celtics. Because I am getting a little nervous you are yeah. And you are I saw them get their ass and got hit by Saturday what's the what's the bigger deal Tom Brady skipping OT gays are major it's getting worked over game three auto Celtics can walk entering game three is a much bigger deal. You very vocal after Petri loss how do you feel now going before. You know it's also very confident and I was there wasn't there and give back this. We can do. Hey there's warnings you play great. You probably a bad thing goes in and take it. He's I think he's the pillow and news. Taking. And complete. I hope driven basketball in the background it's all much just a little old little much. Get a look at the felon I realize yes OK and down hockey when they get sent in hockey they don't do what at a you know. At the practice rink while guys slapping pucks around the boards. Into the locker room where you only have guys you know dancing dancing and stuff wasn't isn't that nice to know that that's not right rock either you do that that's really I like best about that drives me crazy and that is the guys get they don't work on their shots and they certainly do after game three. Takes a more threes for free throws to the work. Certainly things we can do better just like every I had the admitting that he couldn't do better. But that was just battle around even think they're going to be that bad defensively he didn't think. I mean I thought Terry rose that your defense is usually one to. I guess like defense is want to it. They didn't feel like they wanted to all really strange and so I think it was just being Gundy who pointed out that the team that has won that every game in the series has played just harder. Eric how dealings the playoffs when Howard you're not at thousands surprise when he saw Cleveland in the first game and he's even. Has gone through the motions here and then. You got some of that same feeling from the Celtics watch him in game three you know how can and effort ever be an issue in the playoffs. It shouldn't be in the regular season but he can definitely it is happens human nature of the long season maybe to back to back or whatever you're not going to be. On all these teams. But how do you not have your full effort in the playoffs as that makes no sense of well see what happens tonight because as they win this thing fine everything's great you are yet you're in great shape. I you know get ready for the NBA finals you lose tonight. That just hold serve. Poll serve. But yeah back they live and on Wednesday in game five by the way Wednesday doubt play at home garden yes league west and Johnny's on Wednesday right there Reitman right in the neighborhood that's right west and John writes from two to six up on good. Haven't adult beverage before you go to the game like the sound of the tournament. All of that stuff they're. While bill I'd prefer not to make that apple X reds six you know six sharp do what shall I lyrics well what part of that I ask it to the call to the guys out Peterson JP Peter Europe first on Sports Radio stale thinking. Get paid in. We'll put this in any sort of rampant so we'll ever sit and repay gators couldn't. They were the best defense in the NBA and they are on they're there are strong and they showed me first game. Well at a what Cleveland did a nightly. This particular premiered this public Google had been beaten by twenty points stories are 97 game. Only thirty or I want that was the other night. On. LeBron James. Can simply be. And different intention. Good and appropriate word it is being patient if you could sense from record fine. Korver Gerris or whatever. We've got but I think that's gonna happen again. There are reports hitters they really are our. Or they were the first two games they did that in many thanks army you can say other win five or six that answer to lose a couple times so I don't know why a reserve for. No doubt I'm not I would you know in a note on the it is quite an amendment and it was a competitive game. Over the warriors lost by 22 in game two we let up they're done. Only one out the next night on I forty like I don't think I think you're you're gotten caught wait too much up and in one game. There are so important I still like so that they get blown out again. Game. Tonight gore I'm not I'm not competent good you know that. He treats you announcer now we have to wait for another blow to see the yes that's John grandy posted these on is that put her feet. The Celtics this year when kite when when they'd Celtics don't have carrier Iraq at home they're eighteen and three. On the road they're seven and tan without Tyree here. With carrier at home they're 1811. I'm on the road they're 22 and eight. Yes the union Jack are you need there are plenty to win eight rent them on the road seven in ten without him on the road. That's a pretty good sample size you know that's not a five games against bad teams in the five an hour and that's a that's a pretty big sample size for the play just about everybody there. And that's sort proves the point of superstar players. That's what makes them superstar players they're good no matter where the games played their home broad Mars doesn't matter words the fringe guys that. Also making its walled up by the by the road crowd and they just don't respond the same. And right now the Celtics have a lot of those guys and so works when there are home great you know Terry rosier looks like an all star. And all the guys that they look fantastic they go on the road and it's a little bit different same can be said some of the guys in Cleveland are other little bit older but. George Hill JR Smith how Korver midnight today what those guys were at least in this series home and road. So yeah I'm not gonna get completely worked up about what happened again the Celtics lost over twenty points in game three to the balks. And then I mean that series had to go seven there are a lot of really tight close games in their but the ultimately moved on I would not expect. And at least I hope that the Cleveland engine 50% from three again I doubt it. That is if I shoot 50% from three you're probably in trouble and yet all and on the flip side what are the Celtics shoot from three like. 30% less than 30% horrible so wasn't like they're knocking him down and what are your keeping pace of them and then you know. That's a wash it was not a wash it was a huge advantage. They they outscored the Celtics by 33 points just on three pointers along. Builds up in New Hampshire Heytvelt. I I'm saying I correct it or I don't think that the yeah. Cavaliers it can't street and on four out of five players in less Qaeda and shoot. They're concentrating on the other or especially. Or hurt. Yet or do what they hope yet so what's what's your point they'll so chin Greta just that. You to browse the coach. Yes I do Justin what do you eat out a team makes changes and they. Yeah yeah chart that's why Horford you know endure well they are probably custard on it they're turning. Horford and and good good call black problem was more and Jalen brown even Jalen brown said it was like it would let me get the ball so he was he was bad. Horford didn't take a shot in the first half. What he did it. I'm I think he's your your leading scorer but no shots in the first remembered and missed three pointer in the first quarter right I'm gonna below -- I thought I remembered but they were talking at halftime anyway everybody else missed one yet I have you know maybe out of the last. But yeah that was one of the things at halftime I think even coming back from the break. Doris Burke was talking about how. Was inexcusable and Horford said doubted me and Brad Stevens said that is that he's. Got to be more involved there's got to be all the more aggressive and so I think they'll build a different I wonder if some of the Shia Islam but off Marcus Morris who was great as he was in game one it may be you don't stick with him and you know maybe if in other. Cavs who also out rebounded them on Saturday if you wanna go there and being very go bigger again in the starting lineup and then that I just after. Don't like Erin Baines had many answers for. LeBron James either. Well we know what is LeBron James answers but if he's you know gets in Tristan Thompson's lawyer Kevin love's way you know alternate I Joes and west Hampton page out. So that's. Hours' time Barry actually. Spent their whole. You know I'm shocks temperament their due and it's you know and gain west coaster. Like on aggregate eight aces and sacrifices. The Mac but how much longer you're away from home that. He he basically their twelve hours a day he's there 6 in the morning in their till six at night and you know usually during the season he he says he's in bed by eight rate thirty he's awake he eat eat because that's spent a lot of time with his family during the football season. As I was just curious. And and like I I understand that you know a lot of folks have to make a living out there are a lot of folks out and a bison earlier you want but more some long distance truck driver you're probably senior kids. A whole lot less than Tom Brady seeing his kids and I understand them. He's been at this for eighteen years he has sacrificed. A lot of time away from his family by his own admission that isn't me saying it's it's him saying it. And he wants to try to I don't know kind of make it up to them a little bit here. He will be trust me when he's playing football he'll be totally completely committed to. It's not like he's gonna be strolling into the facility at you know 8:30 on Monday morning during the football season he'll be there at 6 o'clock in the morning like he always is right. The question is does that impact. How he plays this year or maybe even more importantly how. He plays with his teammates like dude does is this an opportunity for him to get on the same page or some guys he's ever played with before. As you sort of got. Can dance all of that into. A mini camp training camp and or or wherever else that this is something that he's always been to in in the past so is different that in order. He has said in the past this matters so be sure how a. Help confirmed refusing to bow it's a red flag the fact that he's not there that somebody who has been such report that team for so long. And wants to train on his old with Alex Guerrero. With TV twelve system with that product and in his avocado ice you know things that come along with that during the offseason. Again he's going to be here when it counts he's gonna be there when it matters so in the grand scheme faces a huge deal no but I think it's a red flag that says. All is not perfectly well. Adam chapter talking about. A possible red flag for Tom Brady not being here now back to your point rich and you said earlier. I can see where a lot of folks saying come on what's the big of yet he'll be here for the suck he's got to be here for. You know October November when he's Ling and touchdown passes around a lot uniting us think back to this and remember it. And what difference does it make for talking about ball and Terry OTA is you know you're not hitting. United of full pads. But. Well. At Tom Brady in the past has talked about the importance of things like OT days. Well he's just so consistent that the key you know such approaching records and urgency to his coaching him. You know how he gets the whole staff prepared and the players and you know everything's important to walk throughs. Routier's. Mini camps training camp you know. That you noticed many ties between oh TH day you know Super Bowl week the way that he approaches the preparations. So the question was about bill Belichick's ass that he that he or are right there but he he's he's talking about how important. Yelled Belichick takes all of these things that he knows he's been there were with him for two decades so forget whether you dale or IE. Think that you know training camp and OTAs are important. He he thinks they are the and he knows that they are so this is no small thing that that he is missing out here at the the result like I'm not gonna sit here in the middle of may and say Tom Brady missing these two weeks it's gonna directly impact wins and losses for the season. But the same time it's not nothing like there's an opportunity for him to be with some of his new teammates being with some of the guys or hurt come on back. Of the young guys can just see what it's like to go through. You know deal to gaze wins Tom Brady being there like there there is there is some trickled out that this might she RD dug up this quote from Tom Brady. Quote. You'd think god it's just another OT in the spring time and it's not that it is not that important and all those things that could probably enter your mind. But the truth is this lays the foundation for the start of training camp. Given good training camp that usually means good start to the season could start the season leads to good position entering the second half of the season which leads to a good playoff. So everything ends up having some significance to Asia so there they go out do you think. Obviously if you know he is pointed to family you know Tom vs time that was very clear yet the sacrifices that they've made for him and he wants to deal to make some of those sacrifices for him. So that is sort of the main reason that's for gets put out there. Do you think if he and Bill Belichick were a 100% on the same page if he's if you'd be there today. While other people on the text machine you suggested that the other reason he's not theirs as to meet she's gone and have to be. You can Brian Hoyer is gonna take his job other Hoyer or at laying there's probably a lot of American jobs that's true I think that I. It might be again more of those things where it's a whole number of issues late. If seeing is fairly sure that that's helpful being home with the kids right now yeah I'm sure he likes doing that the that the sole reason why is this thing I would say no. You have Iraq blows there there's a little more incentive to probably be there. And then this whole thing going back and forth between. Now how he feels that he's being appreciated all that other stuff I'm sure that's almost as well it's grunt up there simply because he's saying well pray enough to be their I don't know to be there that's why has grown now there I think they are separate they had it was it was a Tommy current or maybe somebody else's reporting on this thing and you know these two guys are going through a lot of the same things about what they feel like they're going to would not gonna go to how they feel on the team. What they're doing it separately but I don't think he's looking at it like. All braced and that's that you were on a before about the contract and if he's not there. Well let's say. There's the he once he's able to actually signed new contracts which is Thursday which is Thursday if he doesn't do it then. That I think that raises in and show after words a red flag. And that if he does sign a contract I'd be shocked if he wasn't there pretty soon thereafter so this. We may have an update on rock you know within the week whereas when Brady. I think that anytime that there's the word voluntary in front of any of the stuff may be when he's missing I mean. I guess it's easy to sail c'mon it's it's eleven against eleven national ads are not inning you know what's gonna happen to a home. But I can also see worth your pick your player like rocky sand. Until I sign this thing I think Americans make any chance yeah right and he was. While we don't know how serious he was or not but he was contemplating retirement just a couple of months ago and then what do he's going to be out there than the first day of voluntary OTAs. Now he's he's he's gonna wait nature he he gets a new contract it's the more money. And then you'll probably be there I doubt that makes the most sense to me. It almost bothers me more than he's not here the contract thing is a valid reason if that's what it is I get obese if it simply. The beach in Jamaica is really nice and this is a look at her inflated where we Israel there's really you want a pretty good there rather be up their sweat and with the the other guys who would you rather be here on the beach none out there though they also -- -- kids you would say it's whose kids. They were very yes adds I think it's totally different. Unique every other guy and the team would rather be on the beach in Jamaica right now they want notes let our guys need to be there to fight for their spot ground is very similar to Brady at the sense that. Whenever he shows up he's the guy. There's nobody anywhere near him in the legal battle on the team you could you could say that about Donta hightower to. You know it's a spot on the team in jeopardy nobody's there no I don't but he he could it it is heated and it is David Andrews spot on the offensive line a jeopardy probably. Be and probably don't saudis probably is. A lot of guys have to be there and then a lot of guys whether that their contract status again grow apart just wants to contract the EC. Don't Erin Donald was not at rams though CA's. Is the best are that team is in the last year his rookie deal so obviously different then I'll rocket Brady bought. Grown up wants more money so it's probably you know I guess it's more similar to the is. You see guys miss OTA's all time does not usually with the patriot a little bit different from this is totally different here yet. And a different than what we're used to seeing. And that's why today was the first time it bothered me I didn't care about anger stuff I had a couple weeks ago. Hardy worked who worked out about that but those are going to be in there when their Dolan you know rocks instead left which he is not doing any of that stuff anyway socio while he's got to stand around watch Julian Edelman they could see all acts on any spot relevant to a bench. I don't why don't they picked up bucket one Saturday and it LL aspiring body five state where I don't know where he has a mean. I didn't know twos in New York I know that I know Gisele is somewhere off yet world where they belts excellent right now. Well my guess is he or emails. And and just guessing here that Brady is already communicated with the Belichick. Payless and I'm not going to be there tell. June 3 whatever the data as I forget what that the mandatory minicamp this. That's when Albion you Dickey told him that face to face over the phone I wanna how that went Eleanor. But just a long kind of silence and be a snort in this. Active he's simply not happy about those because again what what's made everything work in the past. Is he everybody body and yes and you can treat the greatest player of all time like you treat. The fiftieth guy on the roster and maybe the greatest player of all time doesn't necessarily love that now and that's what we're seeing. But for all these years all these guys are by and you know we've we've fed might bring it long and Troy Brown other guys and they would see how Brady's getting treated like while Weaver with her fault line. And Brady would always be all of these things in us of your toy that Brady and wrong would be there so. The guy who is third on the depth chart is that while economy of course I'm going to be there of course and we're putting everything I have and you are either other starters would say the same thing liner or miss this radiant rocker here isn't this the beginning of the end of the patriot way. Yeah probably. Rick that's the thing is that patriot way while it was authored by bill dollar check the architect was summary yeah oh yeah. It again you started to see it. Go away a little bit right before. The whole thing about like the parking space right acute you'd be there are only using one whose work out warriors and all about the team out front for maybe the first half of his career. And then after that he would still attend all these things but he wasn't getting much the work out awards and all and all that's companies still there. This is this is such a headline that you would see what every other team as much and aaron's all but there's upon before a Levy on bell in years past the Pittsburgh. A lot of star players miss camp or miss OTAs or missed whatever else. Usually it's not a pictured issues usually you're not seen in the headline and a wasn't on the espionage or Ross Tom Brady not there. And it sort of a sub story from that is Rob Gronkowski through your two best players that. Feel like they don't need to go to loan and grant it through that hole. I don't know from the play good news and finally I I think he got his bluff called by Bill Belichick that you did I think it became okay cut the crap also that one that. I feel like wrong and spell check or more on the same page than Brady in Belgium could be wrong but I think he go back to the meeting that grant had wind Drew Rosenhaus. And Bilbao check don't you think they came with some sort of agreement because after that summer prompted that answer grammys on what Twitter diarrhea that's great meeting with the coach. And he's in the playing this year and all that stuff that was after the stupid motor cross press conference that he had. So I think that's what basically when the Condit sounds like I'm eating half. Happened and done here at out of rough Rome bring bring your your agent BI office in a Monday and nine but they think they got it came to some sort of agreement maybe they said they were a sign this contract on Thursday that point fourth and then whether it's the 25 and for your in the next. OTA. Thing is. You're gonna be there then but if you wanna skip that if you wanna be out VO you voted for country until then great of them. Done right now they just keep it and they can't exercise until the 24. You know this was probably a fairly. Straight forward contract negotiation. You know he's got an eight million dollar base for next year and at a couple million dollars in incentives they're going to be structured along the lines of last year's this much for this this much for this. I'm guessing that it's probably RD down and sit in a drawer somewhere does this put any doubt in you vote. How long Brady plays like is this the beginning of his. It is this how he goes in his last year let's say compared to could he says. Not as adamant as he was a year ago but he is still put out there the you know play into my mid forties I still wanna do this he still says it but I doubt. I did too I I I do that in the mid forties was he was not an option anyway I've always said I throw you it's over 42 was going to be about it I think he plays two more seasons that's my prediction. Now this could very well be the last form I would does present this is the last one for grown up just trying to maximize every dollar you can possibly get. For this year and hopefully get a raise in and maybe it's I think and even Belcher and they were looking that a year or two for him as well all idol. CII. Because the Josh McDaniels being back that's why I think outside corners a year ago. More than any hard and hurt him a month I think he has impact these RD month oh yeah he darted past I don't item this year maybe next. Ali channels on the cell phone elites Yana. I got doing what's the how much it just you know wanna say it's what they have right rating way to Belichick and say election. I think I think I earned it. In all to be able to. Held off the OK and all. All the year been beauty that the player that he is that we know what you brought to New England. And that what why could that be a case like that what Belichick's side at all or that you look you raided not beating. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they did talk I really wouldn't and in fact. I'd actually be surprised if Brady hasn't informed ballot check exactly what he brought talks on but I do I think you're right I don't think Belichick would be happy with it. You might understand it but he's not thinking oh no big deal. He did break we just played the clip from Mon November were Brady's going on and on about how. All checked you go how consistent he is in his approach in his work ethic and how important everything is to him including oh CAC. Everything's okay walk throughs it. OT OK there's a lot of analysis trade care. So he knows how important is Tom Brady's ultimately 37 playoff games in his NFL career he's played more than two full seasons just in playoffs. That takes his eighteen year career and makes it a twenty year plus career and and and at some point he made he may be saying to Belichick was I I can't do that anymore. I just physically can't. Frank myself up to do that. And and my guess is that. Wally might prefer to have him here Josh McDaniel said that when the coaches were speaking to monitor later a look at I'd like to have everybody here but I know he's got to be ready and he's going to be the and Belichick knows that he's concerned about you know Brady sit now beach eating bon bon somewhere all this. Isn't like the of the NFL and the sixties were guys who just show up battling another job in their ads show up out of shape roses this very different without anybody is suggesting. He's not gonna be in top shape. But he just wonder could the team get more out of it to the team be better prepared if he was there this week. I'll Michaels and Lynn hey Michael. Are you guys doing today it was a lot of good. I just wanted to say that I hear a lot of ungrateful people talking about what Tom is doing what content went. Almost comical bit about conflict and may be that coaches to engage in regional way. You give wolf 41 point sort of backup quarterback. What are you what was going off what tomorrow what do mind and he gave. He gave up he gave up gore awful because he has Brady right. All users are geared to call in between right now. It arrogant to call some UT could have Brady retired to day what are we got seven and now. Right asked the work you work cut it in our social wired. Wired the cold bought me the best players ball where what he's not always say he's not he's not he's not. A more. You'll matters you won't let us train where are going to regatta we all I heartily. Some that are about me not being at the old holidays yeah. I'm talking war all the rounds in one very worried about making sure you can spot somebody ought to be trick that you have never been out five b.'s first but also task. Every single year that defense was the top five defense last year yeah. No it wasn't my guess a lot of sex yes and regain yes or want to. Where did it yeah I think they were the bottom of the barrel no no you're you're sounding off on Iran want because it didn't look like one of the super blog beyond a B their but that the defensively they wore the offense has been a top five offer the last decade of Dietrich has not been. Defense says. Last year defense it did that Michael Aris that they were points per game yet. Yes yeah yeah yeah. As it did from a yard what I create your nerves people over the matter. If you just say here's what was the matter. It matters. But it is a certain bet to carry but all that decade. Yes dad ends is better yet how hot lately the defense was fifth in the NFL last year Obama. A lot of the worry about it from the defense is not about worry about. Yeah his handle and all. Feeling Michael Knight he's the weight lately we're broadcasting on he's they've never had a cup on defense like let's and they can play like it it you could say oh how vulnerable they are or they're terrible in the suitable. But they finished the regular season fifth Els or big argument we have with Ali because the first four games they were like 28 and and he said that we're gonna perish as the top five they did the finish that and I can vividly remember a lot about our he had I feel a bit and I remember sitting with Belichick and I said what's the only statistic what's the statistic you most concerned about now when it comes did judging defense at points. That's what matters points per game they were picked Michael inland. Sorry what about yards. Pat and I are lower there are only there on their rushing yards and what about passing yards and he does Menard down efficiency and I wanna take that well in the dock. While he was just adamant that they weren't up fighting in points either. Till we pointed out they were fifth in points yeah about exuberant it sound like he Carroll is gonna bring back the Malcolm Butler topic but it might have been natsios impressive put that the wrath.