Dale & Keefe - Will micing up players make baseball more entertaining?; Is it the right decision to reinstate Hulk Hogan to WWE Hall of Fame after his racist rant?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 4: Chris Sale sounded more enthusiastic to pitch in the All-Star game then JD was to stay in Boston. Mookie Betts and Jessica Mendoza went to shag fly balls in the Homerun Derby which sparked a conversation on Mic’d up players. Mark Henry weighs in on Hulk Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame. Steve Keim, General Manager for the Arizona Cardinals was suspended by the team because they don’t want it to get to Goodell.

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Here's his top commander there. It this way right now the one now. Money our final. On Sports Radio guy. On the news. Today. You. So let's bring you up to date on what's colonized it keeps at whether it's definitely an issue with the all star game as we speak right now is we've seen that Twitter. Replete with photographs of flooded dugout in the outfield assault flooded. I think they're hopeful they'll be able to get the game it'll but later on but right now it's it's pretty crummy in DC. But let's get a couple things from down in DC in the all star game start with Judy Martinez. Who was asked a very simple question does he see himself with the Red Sox at some point continuing on in the future. Maybe your field. Actually it's a guy wanna talk through it there it's. Hard. Since then it's. Immigrants are wrong absolutely wrong. Nelson is obviously that's what's being discussed. You know later. Yeah I mean I like my time there has been found so far so I don't see why not. Yeah com. My life. High office like you know the managers like everything you know power and everything the way it's run I think it's. It's trending and really get it away and code must enact. Now not a negative. Not necessarily in light horsemen I was kind of hoping for I liked the managers. And I wouldn't mind staying there. And the equipment managers and coaches major committed though I wouldn't mind you wouldn't mind when the worst thing in the world they paid me. 420 million dollars or get a 110 right now. But I would do that for him and storied and I was in his thirties and he can do to keep up this. In saint pastry leads the majors in home runs he leads the majors RBIs third batting average. But if you could find a way to keep him. Law cannot seek it verticals opt outs tacked on another year to out of the question the product more money he wants. Like does he want 25 year OK I could see doing that if you look at for thirty at what what does he think that he is worth. Without anybody else bidding on on him is even be able to make a deal work because he can opt out in year 23 in for this deal. Which is pretty outrageous you know which also proved that he wasn't really wild about signing this deal we have all of lethal opt outs and you also want their. You know Scott Boras to point this up or Scott Boras isn't gonna want him to come up with some sort of deal the soft and suvs MVP of the league. He's a sick I don't know you're gonna have one more year of your back on the open market again so I think you'd be great if the Red Sox could do it but Boras might cut pollution the other way. Again weather permitting and we expect at the moment that it will be permitting Chris Ellis you're starting pitcher. A third consecutive year he's the starter becomes only the third pitcher in Major League Baseball history. To start three consecutive all star cy young and old Hoss route Byrd the other to. Yikes. The temperature now I'm Robin Roberts actually was the last one. Yeah rob Roberts in the 535455. Run last time without it is pretty outrageous that they. Three straight years ago wrote the best pitcher in that league at at the halfway point so don't fear he is ready to go for tonight's game. Obviously I appreciate you home. Video. Very often alone. I appreciate your all the students. Hormone is. Grew revenues. As well. Grip and rip rip it reps try to get some winds that come on alien to win. The wind. Well north I about any. Group room. I think he's payment individual match ups. Ala Madonna is. Oh yeah our house I could see that. The broad view it sounded like. From route from across the street that we can't vote show quality. Audio there who was more excited sailed it all worked worked. Sales are out there that in the north I don't regret it red line that I think you know it out there alpha or say even with that Mitch Moreland on the other got to be really happy to be there a lot of pictures match and it a lot of pictures and he's now lofty goal for tonight. I'm Mitch Moreland. And one of my goals estimate Christian Fauria care about baseball. Very good luck. Good luck getting that. Articles play in the game but anyway yeah it would or. I sit down with them I don't think. Of this morning for instance or the ball it possible. Through. The last night the home run to start it it Portland's felt would be for. For all keep beating cart full asked him to re. And it more than. And one of my closest to make it forward about baseball. I actually read and I'm art or advocate them Oscars. But he's still our youth our moral. Elements make for about baseball with. No for it right now. The last night. With the moment where you have like 500 in the outfield and you know once it's all signs point yes. It was different last night because one. In the in during the home run there. Just Mendoza. Takes the outfield with smokey. We're gonna coming out they'll gunshots and bombs that's right Britain is going to be up. Give me some sense on most of the work well Chris I ask you why why are you hitting it because. I'm not a home and I just happened that it did happen to go over the pit. It happens to go over the fence okay I come on yeah. Right now when you look at all these guys. We'll I've read this stuff that's a crime. Yeah. He's he is yeah. Pretty similar to get out and brings. These would include first. So the whole idea here was the one that's what I would have liked. Is there have harper. More on the war yet because smoking makes great a wall but also a Billy Campbell that I liked athlete exit back in other. Not a bad idea that that outfield though. Just wanted to shag some fly I don't know if she gets criticized the law I loved. Pre season exhibitions. And that's roll out of when he was when he was might now not gonna get this one I want that Michael players or games I'm convinced that baseball. And it would work in baseball. What distraction. To that little microphone technology today. Michael. Who cares I mean if you can make it tell the cool people of this the best thing on freezing out here. With a microphone. You bet I think they can do it as a baseball the world sport if they can make that happen or you can have about Brad though it might keep this would bounce. Without the idea that that I think you'd figure out theory goes that real audio from brought on. How did you get the more when quote the sound is good is that Saturday and we get that. Moreland that moral was on a cell phone he took a video he does those what do you don't I can he said that basically said he used the oldest recorder he had while he was. Going over to talk with 280 Martinez he left that they're suggesting he smoky spoke in this is again is. But that's not to let go lower is seen as contradicted my obvious. I listen to this humorous about anti trust touch on the planet would make those micro cassettes anymore that's what it's going to be you know of the tiny tiny answering machine tape machines that. Oh yeah a with a little Tate and energy. Yes it's it's thank you rob argue always apply and are about to have that read do their job just don't do it that way there's another way to. I would rather have Brad vote. Have just written down what he said and that brought food self reported the audio like he's right he's looked like I go to work better though the record speaks. The heck out of though that's the worst that audience that we've heard that bracket the road show. The Bravo absolute baloney senator crisper the well it's not as bad as David Ortiz right now and audio. Skill. Went to the award on earth they do. The okay. I'm so raw so he's got like like the worst audit finds the Internet as a joke but now that's someone else pay Brad vote it down and listen but right. There's got to be another way you'd like a good digital recorder it is. When he talks. Less at that does not cost much the other I know order or even like your phone erase all reports that he let them leave and it's all what would he do it with. It was a recorder that he knew Nolan would rip off. You can put on your phone on the front to sit in the front grown wait for the migrants from your phone. Laugh track of it looking at Brad those quarter on the on the podium. The best we saw play the entire thing but how much of that audio that he said he. Is this is a 532. Class I believe was like agreements. So we'll read that I should do that forever keep when he's played that produces. We'll see if we can translate into or out of there. The awful. I'd so NFL training camps begin next week patriots report next week is well lot of talk about Rob Gronkowski who according to. Mike Kris ESPN Boston with. At Gillette Stadium yesterday we don't know why he was there at some doubt nine days before he had to report for training camp. I'm Tim Hasselbeck NFL live talking about Rob Gronkowski. Isn't since his second year in the NFL. He's been the most important patriots. Outside of Tom Brady you really have and I think every time that he's. Available. For the season compared with Tom Brady. You can pretty much economy and Ford double digit touchdowns and that's what type of threat he has which. You know we talk about guys wanna be qualified as other positions like that received her coming back into the fact is the guy scores touchdowns. And that's an important thing on offense. Yeah I agree completely second most important guy on the on death sentences since you're too and that Louis Riddick would also. The last time you played sixteen means for the always have put sixteen games. But I I agree it is he's healthy he always produces. You'd never see you know multiple games of grown weary of that it afterwards not the end zone does not want to catches. He always does. So this year Eric start in the first month of the year without settlement I would expect that to be in. Even more sought that you can have all kind of create games that that's never the concern is if the out there with the help. I would go one more cut to bring it because I think he we've we've sort of carved out the wrestling each that a staffer in Boston where we're at the go to source for wrestling stuff I would agree. So in the last couple of days the big news was that the WW be WW Lee has reinstated Hulk Hogan. Huge entity in the whole thing right with some issues there was some a lot of the out there was some racially charged statements. That and bounce that so after three years yes he's back that was the punishment that was back so you would expect. Act that. You know wrestlers the worldwide would be happy about the return got lava as Mark Henry will tell us. Oh. I. Liked it. Oh man. Change. Try to help out and speak up and you are asked. The world's strongest at their local. I. Now I don't remember all the details what it prostheses. Operative slogan for this I forget the noble with the problem in school to. Apple when you on those racially charged. You know ramseys a year excuses August wrong but you are recording I don't want what is her intention in light. He'd go Ambien and goes there he didn't use that you're the first half well obviously oppose that she had. I was drug I don't know. Don't know. But I think that you remorseful cents. Yes everything's come out against yellows part of this team easy conversation mark and said that he had spoken to mark Rackley. You know mark African American wrestler in the heat one mark then went from a board of WWE African American employees and that's the whole 5050. And I guess it's got 50% of them allowing so he came back. One of the weird things that were that close Hulk Hogan now back in all of him there is actual physical well today there's a market ought to be. If there wasn't good at all they view I don't what the web site that they've got the web site. And now you'll remember. Way back in 2000. The sex. Who could it actually will look at that actually made a little too money in the locker loss he's got a problem now part of that recording. With him using the N word alt. At that yes most watched the most it was part of what was released with. How can I think that maybe just. Well for months on the video. I did see ya ask him on his friend yeah what's the the work. We're talking about are now those very senior audit. That bought with a lot of. Love spot his wife was that it was yeah so bubble of sponge you know had some other recordings appalled that came out during this loss and one of them was ace his daughter was dating it. Blackmail at the time and Hogan seemed none too pleased that your team. I'm not seeing that you don't know what Mark Henry Florida. Market resign then and keep him. At all. Well. But if there was it there why run out of there six that it that it. Yeah well. The hell with him. That's us. Right well he has picked out real or fake he's in there. So I've decided. I certainly your right my. My Kamal every sport every my. Let Michael Ball. Baseball baseball baseball you can do it but not just might come up. Because they've Mike got other guys and other sports. You know we we've watched all the super bull videos in my development in my that we hear blog I'm saying Mike up the baseball players and have them talk to the guys in the Booth. That's about one happen. They're insert. And and like I'm OK with it but the problem you're gonna have is. Of the got missed the play little pocket or on the tutorials are always gonna wanna be it. 02 to make sure there's editing they don't want to be lives as what do you know what smoky misses the ball and says the importer sometime. Maybe never says that I'm thinking about HBO that it's an as an example all the games on pay TV. I know that when we might players. In the NHL and occasionally they allow us do that during the regular season. Com there has to be at a certain editing function new in other words you can't air that would age unedited. You have to make sure that the cut that you're gonna run. You know that's ever to live interviews. Like an obvious the interview itself with them like an argument on on air or are they always able to additives were met the same issue that you're interviewing Chara in the first intermission and he's players now those are always law. But seeking knows he's being interviewed. If a guy's got a microphone on on the ice he doesn't know what parts being used and what isn't. Or I guess other and that's they could do that and outfielder like you without their by himself he could actually he beat but the NFL puts you news for a week after I don't know serve. Highly plus that's you know you get dual piles of 22 guys to be here talking they're not all of these. So in the right stuff to couldn't do that Massport and Stephen bass won't work either baseball. Malcolm's on the cellphone and al-Qaeda. It. Right. Yes I. Don't want one that ultimately as much. This is it that I. Be. All right. I love you all look up that I. Ailes nodding at right now. I'm just wondering he's using rob ray guess rat. They have finally got calls that went out of that you say about your prayers always Seles is not. There's this guy got to Alter or Philly got to thank my area that now. That's although I know that that if you go to a NASCAR race you get these radios to any of them different channels. And you can listen and it's the future but but that's an individual thing that's not. They they don't necessarily broadcast it live right right they able occasionally tune in naval occasionally you have that and use some of you subscribe to that you're paying for its program there's no do you guys have that Formula One now. I I don't write. I think that's the idea that that's just add a little something else to the broadcast via. A player Michael outfield that's all that it would be worked great in the and exhibitions although never a million years happened in the regular season. Our role in the game parents drastically change the game I like to I. My guess is that managers and now you know put Mike in a stick in the mud on this year it might you be talking might outfielder. You know in the middle of play while the you know the game's going on. I I outfielder concentrating on what's going on what the sales on the amount of a lot of action anyway you know I think wealth tale with a lot punch somebody who was talking some of those guys it would be thrilled that. I've got sitting in the I look I liked the idea I can see where where managers would would not go for. What's what it used. Let's say over the air or nothing but had an extra audience. That went on some paper view. I felt that at all about how to edit out with a good idea I like the idea aren't. I don't think the managers in the general managers the owners are. Ellsbury not awhile ago for player Ellsbury. Had him on and it was right on the on the books that asked about it apps. But players. Now it is wont wont. And even a little edit the player was willing smoky. Berkshire bought fine. I can promise Alex Cora would be. And then gave them browse you would be Saint John and the whole the whole sum it turns adult. But I went up to eighty Martinez might have multiple. He's he's just at the age of these make any errors there. Google Talk. It. Like Brady for instance will never allow microphones anymore in this and several years ago. Brady's not do unless it's gotten Chopra. Well not deal on the yeah see heat. That's not allow them to do you hear him because he's next to the other right arm like I and you hear him because they've got them the parabolic Mike's an ala but he doesn't Wear a microphone anymore. And no player can be forced to honestly. Here it. I mean I guess is wrong with sure yeah yeah where would that. Belichick may have decided. Your pocket now where Mike Bryant's on the cell phone at Bryant. Hey it would conduct he lets up and not much I mean I think it got them ready I doubt that it that the layout even for a lot brought out. Not for editing purposes story. Lo and prayers or anybody where it picked up big like that out. I mean in reality when agents in move he would pocket an overt act when they do it like that found Burk back on the delay. So the problem is you hear them missing all the time and right yeah giving game at 67 times a year year and MF bar come through to somebody missed it and I want not a full bird it's not solid it's not like that our radio that it. Amid. I that the MLB he would argue about option that in our our our backer of Formula One I got it that you were there watching it. I guess is as well a lot about the only way I could think of but I outlook and act appreciate it all that is. Number one Willie McGinest is wanton soup bowl trophy after the Atlanta super all your was kissed this mobile leaked it finally happened just cut as much. As a yet there's a delay would with ten seconds. In the midst of all the time he's always prepared for the lights Els. That's nest and have a delay. Yes. It's just trust that. God knows what he's gonna say greatest last years you've graded all the party fair to Abdullah I'll that was there and news articles on. Well let's the other night. Dave O'Brien was asked him about his first all star game so they'll got. Yeah but it's a they're like 22. Pitched for the Indians and he was talking about how you treated like anybody is instantly and you know rod for rule was on his team that law needed like me and you know that's legal that the whole story that throughout one's sort of a story here about that statement. Start out like you rocked early each other. But he added that he's talked about how heated even wanna be friendly with any of these guys on this team. Except for the pitchers the target these guys out during the year I'll go hang out of it and it's totally different now. I mean look at other all the all star all blogs there crawl Hagen in and that act is better than almost. It is better well in became with different. Matter. Event and Bob Gibson wasn't coming around with everybody else in the in the National League clubhouse I'd rather have him. I'd rather have them but not necessarily you know peace early every. Like that because that all star game but. Gonna face those guys the next weekend friends. I am guessing sale. This. Is. I am I'm guessing that he's not in there you know on it. Probably. It's just different atmosphere. Now. Greg is in North Attleboro a great night. Pretty arena stood. Oh you are talking about Mikey up baseball players and believe that happened a few weeks ago in the correct arc yeah. You can I think and Bogart in my. Oh yes so don't you're right it is that Mike got god I'll talk more about having it. Hold up to the broadcast Booth that you checked in not just. Oh here's the between innings here's what happened when he says it day in nice if that's what that is a talking about almost being like the four men in the Booth. I. It. I sort out or about it but that's simply something that they did that all sports. And sometimes they'll and it's all very Ctrl+Alt. Edit an awful all packaged I think it's useless and I get the idea is put. There was Nokia that's a couple weeks ago at the same thing that the box is the end game and he was my them. It's a three innings went by and like native who deals segment that's might that today. It of the team made it a home run. He just screams. Like three times high five the guy and then went back on action other what was that all that and. There was the incident the number of years ago the story in Seattle was that Ichiro. Basically got around the interview process pricing didn't speak English and so it was easy I start to so so he slides in the second base steal second base and I think I I believe it was cheater which might doubt. It is our whole pocket he's cheated now hey. T tight delegate at. An eight you know they they catch it on Jeter's microphone and equipment and all of a sudden Ichiro got busted because everything that you tell in the reporters what was that you couldn't speak English it's just on. Thought that that was sad so so is that congress had I speak for next. I don't vote to. You can probably hear that part two and final drive. I drive sponsored by cards for kids not be great tackling at your garage and donate battled cart cars for kids see how easy it is call today at 1877. Cars for kids or online at our experts kids. Dot com so the general manager of the Arizona Cardinals the time. Was arrested for what is called extreme do you lie. They can hurt because the Michael Floyd Arizona is one of the toughest on the lives poll after he pled guilty to extreme do you why is a blood alcohol level was point 15. So he pleaded guilty and you know that taking care of the Arizona Cardinals have suspended Steve time for five weeks and find in 200000 dollars. Now the Arizona Cardinals are not allowing this to get to Roger Ailes and they're saying I don't know we got to take care this this is our guy. Our general manager so they suspended their GM for five weeks and finding 200000 dollars for pleading guilty to what it's called X. In the mean suspended manager. And lakes and the guys who is at five weeks now is that the first why we as a regular season I don't know what that we hear it's it weird to feel like oh. What does he do it if you really not working at your ruling though you're out there this week are you still probably. Keep it and I I don't know what's Colorado are probably do we take their word for that they're taking 200000 dollars out of his pocket we have no idea about either. We know we have no. So I've always found out weird that even when that it or the saints Odyssey. They went nuts you know Sean Payton for the years there'd GM was gone for six games with that need to go to the game. So the guys not doing jobs. That's when there's sort I I will give the cardinals credit for being proactive if if there was a player. The league would would intercede and would tack on additional punishment with the cardinals are saying is our general manager deserves it as well work. Yes those the league to it and I weigh in on this. Just because if they can't do that with a with a player team could say. This is vote that's also different rate if you're not promote the players union verses whatever the general managers if you can't just say to a player. I don't worry guys that we've we've suspect that he's missed that game and we'll the four at bats well road game so that was the year. You can't do that so the teams in taking control there and they want. It's. On an issue. Now. I know that Arizona has different rules and different laws but what they called the Arizona. Is extreme the why he pled guilty by the way he out Nelson put out statements that he completely accepted the punishment. But the cardinals have given him. On it at all though of the story if it. He just pulled over that's what laws I don't remember exactly what happened like this as Michael Floyd situations park in every part aside. We found them. Was there anything like it and there's no accident. I'm looking I'm looking at a story in the Arizona Republic and it doesn't talk about you know what led to it is yeah. Two is arrest and ultimately ultimately being art tequila. It's it says he will be barred from the cardinals' facilities prohibited with contact from the team he will also not be allowed to return to the team Italy's completed counseling and about regulation. In addition to wait do you why education course alternate partner do you why awareness and education programs within the community. Michael Floyd was passed down that red light that's right. I was saying like how we got hurt anybody how to kill somebody was it was not yet you just are. In his football like the break right past. Tiger Woods pulled. Different the next Tiger Woods on much else though on those remote starter. I don't care I will at least give the cardinals credit for saying if if he was a player he'd get punished for. He's the general manager we expect you know certain standards out of our out of our management team as well. As a range should get punished. But yeah how you really enforce all those taken money immunity get richer or something. I don't know if there. Suspend its. Catalog facilities. And I guess that's what it is he. Lee assistant general manager those I don't gonna be there with a mic cots. That's that tells me he's in new part of them making cuts. Well that's the question asked at about recent now right visit spotlight from today offered the summer vacation. You know is that the first five weeks of the regular season I don't know what hit me it can't be pre season because he's got a he's got to be responsible for the roster from ninety to 53. That you suspend him for that appeared on a remote other. It important but unfortunately actors that. Mark in the Q well the all star shoes. Mocking real moral high this elite should take a lot of pictures likely to never go back and that's good yeah hash tag. It is more than and one of my goals estimate Christian Fauria care about baseball. He's never gonna reveal certain density my children to solve these rocketing Larry Ellison Sarah new balance baseball shoes I want the pace of the turf shoes yet and he will likely. Then it hits them sneak it is a handsome I want us nightly red white and blue wall American. You're gonna get by the way if our neighbors that knew ballots are listening out out where those that take a picture you might reach as many people as Portland's. You don't alpha and they're a little more they don't have the America flag. Well a lot of flare the Sox. Some things and answered the almighty god human. I glanced at six pairs on order right now cleanup. And if the shoe. And at work of these school pals and tenth. I hope he's not wearing cool now all product or rain it normally does in the it's probably will be.