Dale & Keefe -  Will the Patriots use both of their 1st round picks? Mike Francesa looking to get back into radio, we have a spot for him

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Monday, April 23rd
Hour 3: The NFL Draft is this Thursday, do the Patriots made any deals before then? Do Gronk’s weekend antics impact any decisions they need to make? Radio legend Mike Francesa reportedly wants back in the game. Plus, a real world update from Toronto, where a van attack only 14 miles from the Air Canada Centre claimed 9 lives.

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A. Our number three ailing keep Sports Radio WEEI Greg Dickerson is in the house. Eddie will be until the top of the hour that we're gonna push him out the door let him home and rest despite its back asked I guess he probably knows what he. This is very Sean could hurry like yes gutting it out here to arrest never showed up for us I would say bad voice torn MCL. Same thing pretty much run well enough hours Spiller. Six of one half dozen the other. You aggregate data they are more week to week keeping updated data today I stated we are all dated and hear see how it seems that you had today. Here yet all too well together to all the other team total shoe and Reid yeah he's 66. Events if they do nothing. They've done not done a piece of work yourself or you face it this way it's gonna stop every two minutes on the way home to peak there's not a lot of that tell Hillary Butler that's a tailored suit I'm waiting to await him when he -- yes and I I spent some time with Perry age she certainly gets your life. Please yes to try to capacity she's absolutely. And like. Said one of the dumbest things I've ever sent away. Now all the sugar and what are they all those that are to have some honey can have some audience. You looked at me and said. We don't. Actually I'm on the right thanks Greg that won't be on a class act on and unite in the minority gives them an idea what the list she's a good idea if you want hunting UT's and I post tomorrow if that's their answer to read so little that you may not. Recognize the weightlessness I've been opened now for years and Siemens are coming from before that your bird. This process along and you'll do the best I've ever seen yes. It's a 135. Counseled to and I've known you for almost forty years and it's always good. Slows that's vertical and applied. I. Their past five. That so is the patriots make a deal before they pick on Thursday. They've got 21 round picks now we found out the last day or so that they had Lamar Jackson and for one of those top thirty visits are quietly they said two weeks ago. All of their visits acquire very hot but all we know about now about some of these ones now. No I think this is. A Robert how's he trade it be so complicated. If you if there's not a a simple this isn't. A text somebody for a second round pick everything like he did with the drop below I think they're just to be much more layered. I I would figure it happened after the draft I don't things that happened this week. But don't you wanna know what do you need the yet I Colin knots tied in with you need. A replacement for Rob Gronkowski now yeah I think they're gonna they they would want a good second tight end anyway. I think I think a tight it would be on their list from Ottawa Canada Dwayne Allen a big ticket holsters they get what I second like a guy who fills in for brought the guy who's my butt out. On this team I don't think it I think they wanted their second tight end Billy Aaron Hernandez was not a second time and most teams ended archive replacing the act that brought you need help to do I was deputy. Are we gonna do that but I want us they've won a second half that was my point anyway but they've always wanted to tight ends going back to. Benjamin Watson a deal branded gear bills and David Thomas a big miss our bus worked I. Greg banks over the they've tried that they had hit what he did kinda. They did it well it did it burn real hot that it was gone but then they also with the late. Scott chin and I was the attempt Martellus Bennett made my well that was the one out front without a warrant price and then you know it's way down did not work so I think whether crop this year or not. If they feel like there's a really good tight and available at the pin poacher. Do you think what prompted over the weekend changes their plans at all. Our data anyway other ornate had their minds made up lay out on the field if their draft board has got you know tight and acts. And you know we think that you know if he's there in the second you know we might it take this guy that they now look at it and say you know lot. Maybe that picket 31 we should take in their who wanna make sure we get them. I don't I don't. I think that they knew. Already brought her it was five days ago or ten days ago they knew what they wanted to do. It didn't take Rob Gronkowski acting like a jackass that Gillette Stadium to force their hand. Nowadays they are in pretty good idea what their target rate yes I would think so too and so. This I they're do you think this caught him off guard but do you think they saw this and they're like why is he doing or they like I'm not staff because this because. Even if you read all of the tweets that he had all the insert Graham post and we did it all the different comments you have like the game dole when he was on all those things. If you just fault all those together. You probably still couldn't have predicted what he did over the weekend you know what this was my mom used to do this season ago. Read between the lines in your holding up three other homeless and so like I should say rigorously analyzed yes that's what that tweets and all that horror right. And what does this router yeah I it was stone cold Steve Austin got to freedom that's that's what it's very much laws. Iranian missile sidekick bit of hype that a criminal background. I don't have a title shot up about Bosnia I asked him to question that Brad Miller the great drive to get that world he's a very big guy big time ride I don't know that but now. I don't know any of them but. He's he's considered a big guy you consider yourself now or on sports though. I guess and I got ya I don't know Arena Football League I don't know moto cross either that's on you so we think they're gonna take two picks in the first round Thursday idea of I did I did I. Mainly because they don't have a first round pick on the roster you're back three years of the first round but that they use him last two years and now once so. I think it makes sense to use ball I also admit that try to predict what the patriots do is silly but they're they might trade. Up they could trade down they can draft a receiver for all we know it just when you expect them to not do something as when they do it. But if it was up to me I think are definitely just take two guys in the first round of sort of restock your your young talent. This roster so who do league talent on both sides of the football. I don't like anyway lately it would just a super ball Youngstown. Avoid him and talent to fail. I don't know I don't I don't do what I agree that the line Gayle don't look there are positions nor I have read this kind of like wide receiver room. I need to employ a yeah I guy Alan Young boy don't. Lottery get gravity you've got a young talent you don't want. So what what do you they have war young talent what's young in your mind a five under is 26 and you know 41 and under my failure yet it's young talent. Yet because. Rick and cooks evenly traded form once I go now to pursue and didn't want you like to wide receiver position I don't. Jordan Matthews. Cornel Paterson Julian an old rule OK Chris slogans like moral matters. Not me all of them now good return and yes it retirement. Dirt that made us Internet sort of not if they could be could be good I don't then you know hopefully will be back injured be really good again you said hopefully hopefully yeah it I don't you've got young town anyway you eat better talent. Malcolm Mitchell I guess would be your young talent and I'm loathed him you were at the time right now yeah. After you know why it's important that the picture sitting like him now I don't know if that's true or not but they say he could have been back he was healthy return last year he could've been one of those guys. It off the pup list or whatever the IR. Edited do it. So I don't know if they love him necessarily but. That's those your accuracy or somebody you know young talent there running backs James lights still out Arnold running a Gunner right there and about a hundred. Defensive line. These lies about brown not a brown after hours one hour. You're gonna their rivers back Derrick rivers back this year I don't know young player deal that's pretty good. You're making a face to make it we will have an analog it's not for what's now I was investments or whose young passengers but they're flowers. Richard Clark now you're in the united galleries and had evidently he can't do much more than make it or not. How I don't know if that would normally sound like anybody and it does he got here I mean they invested a first round pick Malcolm brown and you know I considered telling you where he ranks amongst injured front why you are very sensible and strong foods and no no not at the secondary. Yes was the strength yet specialist felt ago. And I guess young talent there. Not as much. But not like over the hill guys either of you guys in the airport in the primary Gilmore McCord McCord does not exactly a team but don't exactly right he's he's right he's right there in the middle but. That's why. Saudi a big. You're probably. More right than dale woodland. My music as he sought to tell you that just ask. You asked that nobody that their devoid of young talent but if you put young talent on there and you're seeing guys that lets say are still their rookie deals. Well that makes a lot of sense because they didn't have first round picks the last two years one of their highs draft picks and Cyrus Jones he has shown you anything that he stinks and so you don't have a lot really talented young guys just from the drops yeah again. It breaking news out of New York. Israel Britain used up there's still goes very fast as well when I played a breaking and it's not breaking news is breaking news we've already talked about funeral already reeled off the yes. So Andrew marsh on writing in today's New York Post here's the headline yes. Desperate might princess I'm sorry once back on radio with WFAN possible. Yeah we have up to what's best. A desperate the need to eat just retired where it went there always like yes this is just that's the biggest goal in the history of broadcast. People when you present it here we don't hear the opening paragraph OK I'd like to hear again Mike friend's house and desperately misses doing New York Sports Radio. In this trying to get back on the year. Now the run they rentals. The most dependable name in construction equipment and tool rentals would mind communion tries that area locations including queens Brooklyn the Bronx. This notified the run they Reynolds location near you limit the delivery equipment write your job site they trusted and on time delivery make it easy to get the construction equipment you. Eat I jobs when you in either I trust anybody else wanted to run day. But the ranting I'm David area and we can tell you wanna announce that I know people who there was news the Ron day that the announcer Jimmy derail these are guys that the other. Yeah you is that an up again and Annan could be the one. And I'm being anyway it's those Jimmy the rent and so does he have to pay longer read there's sponsor we'll let you down and wanted to on this. Certainly terrain didn't even get to add Pauly and Mike Francesca good French I mean I heard Pete I know I have cells that I have heard either way. That is why now according to Andrew marsh and friends Cecil or his representatives. Of Marty had talks with ESPN radio in New York would WOR 7:10 AM. What's the trial bar that a sport is he's always is new it's to do this. So my blood levels up easier or eight out of eleven and one of the middle yeah. Please he's going to abuse thought well and it evidently he really misses anything further just one day he would be the third in our show. The wheat we party on Twitter we've already reached out to wherever we are all reached out to on Twitter and on Twitter list and effort. There's a lot of effort Ross he's effort OK good I'm a semi we have our share open forum yes degree we would have to do what we hold. I might get around 5 o'clock chairs 5 o'clock today yesterday night when Adam went around gathering here today I'm back he would be would probably push the all enough guys out an hour early that it likes that Lana ones are ones that he could whoever Heath. I would love that reference doesn't let in Queens what's up Matt. He liked rates fall well listen to nuke bomb I just wanted to say that. On nobody talking about the good bit the Yankees. Do you think that they're gonna make it to the World Series and are so current art theory and. Soon the World Series is is it looked over a magazine and on the Franken listens and Shanahan. Yes be on. Well I'll have a fair I don't I don't I part of valor and you go by Alberto. They hold retirements or form I mean he and dog did that whole thing on stage and and in the theater that they've they've done a whole retirement or the 30 am a guy I saw was the analysts and now apparently he's gone. And he's got the edge that unrealistic once you leave a radio gig you can't. Come we have guys I don't have never gone bad back that was about Bob how do you get it. Land combat and you can do know that you can come back one hour. Rob whoever is Luther. I know make about it right now I'm just active then we'll just look at this as article one and utterly incorrect that. Well he was also try to eat lunch you about some white that's act wrong about. His biggest problem but if we soul mate he could start at 2 o'clock the unique lodged between one and two that do the show here from two to six I think I think Francis and B and I don't he wants top New York sports but that's and that's aren't that pop up at once while. That's fine does a lot of nationals off the lot and I didn't mean we yankees series in Britain and force on yes. Out of absolutely in talks talks and yankees in front bring Iran and he's best buds they rod for him and here. Fly a lot like in the morning guys fly up. What's the camera pretend like it there's definitely put huge voice over west of thousands showed. Sports open here. In regard Francesca DiFrancesco opera ball sense that anyone say that we are way I'll say it highway 61777. That's just the thought means available Ayman he's evidently look at it we've got a spot foreign if he wants to sit we got a spot. It's. Usually him doing. Apologized then was just look how they've. Learned. It good that. I saw the events is last week all it is it is true collisions in the air between superheroes referred to allow what is that movie wasn't bad it was future. Of pages of some of the ultra. O'Donnell is similar deals trump. And I olds run is that what is the age of ultra reasonable truck Robert Downey junior who has made only about a billion dollars as what's his name I I had my Mitt you have. Form you have. The guy. The green and though the incredible Hulk that green guy and now calls Johansson is. It's black widows and it's so does he hasn't tied it doesn't matter though I mean listen seizes the nose call and the outfits aren't. Used. Deliver bringing an end now let's get right down now to break any Rite Aid to both front of god I don't mean Erica I want to edit also America got most of and it infinity war week. Dale Greg and I got our side it's so that we giant hand on heart I guess not it is what that that was had asked the six Infiniti Arlington giant fists it's an omelet yes that's what they call so that they announced gauntlet. Greg a lucky volatile elegantly that the biggest movie of the year if not our lifetime. Event invite big via video classical rock makes the next now that the. Please them rob this is gonna blow Rampage right out of theaters it'd knock it out back Rampage move there release date up because they were terrified of the ventures there war. And it ordered up box office dollars that's your concern then it's into the greatest movie of all time don't. Don't you realize there's another Indian Jones coming three years stroke that is definitely it is second in the movie releases its latest for avatar sequels but he's gonna have Shia LaBeouf but again it's all cash deal out of that he'll press us that. A lot of pride in the Sean Connery is live in three years we can make the movies. I do have some bad news. Bad news I I feel bad news I hate to bring it all down today aren't I thought that I thought the princess is up was a bad yeah that was good news I have some bad news. Gronkowski the horse is out of the Kentucky Derby answering would face. That to get whenever it if gronkowski cohorts got hurt with during an optional work out of effect I think now a slight infection. Alone though so that means. I don't know where it is rocky gonna make the trip down now all that it was a deceived a lot of people going with a lot of money if everybody was gonna background is the horse really out. Yet hours on another irony don't go back to let everybody own and I think definitely yes the old saying yeah well I don't well I evolve. That's the other thing that I did you see this day. Good. The remit to derived out ski the horse to a press conference with Ricky Carmichael standing beside yes I mean it felt like reverend. Here's he war horse like him in the act like well you sultanate. The human pronk out buys in to the equine wrong correct and then equine wrong deter. Or sick. Not good that's not a good now. In a connect the dots there are now I'm just saying that's not good for grown so no off season from ground. Awful era are about he's act like a jackass probably people probably knew Saturday it was probably it was emotional it was online adding that worried about his horse. Could be the case. Much of the horse the Xeon that probably not much probably let them much of one point 19 and one and Oprah so just the tail. I don't quiet and that that's what you're down a bomb in charge of the ears and out of I'm worried about the course of the years that that. 6177797937. Robson editor rob. On. Earlier. It took place. Yeah because of how public that it has. I. Shouldn't. Why aren't Eddie as well as. Or are the backbone. It didn't do anything or I absolutely not. We will. I don't wanna look at the first all out and order sets forth order out of certainly on wait a second round that you are. But there always. Tell us a flare on the right. That means that probably you all walk of you can go to. And so I I. Can't get a little. All four. That you. Don't like it. I really. Together. For the public but also keep in which they haven't yet. Caught a lot of trouble. Look I I I don't think anybody was suggesting that the blame was all to this but he he had opportunities to make a couple of big saves at key moments. And he failed he said that. His coach said that I mean hockey players give them credit generally speaking they're the most willing of all the professional athletes to say you know what I screwed up. They're they're pretty self. So they they they look inside game blame themselves he said I could've sought more parts of my eyes close than I stopped tonight. We you'd a said nobody's sitting at some good. What was the reason I kept saying not usually isn't the only reason it was right but one I'm saying is he wasn't all he's the only guy that people gravitating to. Motown most people there are blaming the defense or any other part of this team everybody just automatically gravitate Asif. It is hookah if they're both tanner price air we said this before but it's the baseball manager is the hockey goalie and that it would normally be that quarterback there but yet here you kind of that's not happened in a few years have to go back to the quarterback being vehement most criticized. But right now the goal it's for the easy thing to point out you know VC let's say if it's a softer goal you see that. And that's the replay are really looking a silly on who's out of position or who wasn't doing and it's a responsibility bricks as this often during the game and he's exactly right it's not even necessarily how many saves you make. It's when you make them. David Beckham scores on the power play makes it to one game building's top and everybody's jump and fifty seconds later he give up what I thought was a bad all the Tyler Bosnia. It wasn't just it was a bad goal it was the exact wrong time the out right on the timing of the two and the other thing with the shots there were some of this before the show about. Just as the Bruins. You know double the Maple Leafs shots the mineral created equal if you're just shooting it right at the chest of the goaltender all the time that's that is a great shot he compiled those other Orwell did 45 shots that. Are or how many of them really made Anderson even move my coming duty after whereas in game. Three or four where he's flying around CEO and C even with a stake in he's going nuts. In the game that we saw over the weekend issued at right out and every every single 6177797937. Brian's a New Hampshire hey Brian. You know Garnett was and a I'm so I just wanted to say you know. You know god bless the people in Toronto after today's events but I think that this game has now definitely gonna go to game seven. Because even at the Bruins played their butts off tonight and they're gonna rally behind Toronto on this plate is going to be loud at least that we auditing. What was going to be an out no matter what though I mean everybody are clearly it's like yeah sure but it was going to be a lot of crazy atmosphere to be the other on nuts anyway and I it's official nomination I I did I said earlier that there was no indication zero that they were gonna play tonight I gonna play. What I don't wonder. I wonder if they will allow the fans to gathering that outdoor plaza. Like they've been doing and I wonder if if the mayor in Toronto police as worried about assembling a large group of people outside. I mean did they think this guy's a whacko you know alone whacko. And they've already captured him and he's RD under arrest and all that stuff but. But I almost wonder if they think a large gathering of fans outside of the Air Canada Centre is a good idea. In the atmosphere that you got ya just a few hours later and now would be. On its first increase your police presence in full yet there's this bill and a a lot of their police presence is probably preoccupied at this crime scene down on young street. I mean it's still all cordoned off. I don't know how we don't know officially fatalities. We saw pictures one of the news reporters. Tweeting out a picture of a body laying on the ground with the tar ball for it. A pretty good idea what you look at that let me ask you this as you may notice a whose decisions. At this time of the year went to playoff game who makes that call to play monopoly. I would say the city they the NHL would play. Now when of course the marathon bombing happened here. You led both teams here. The Ottawa Senators were staying in and down and Copley Square there or at the merry otter sum but down of the Weston. And the both teams got to the arena but what happened was the city said our resources are stretched so thin. You know we've got police officers everywhere we can't protect the people in the building we can't allocate resources to go to the garden. And that's when they said you'd we apple plug in idea. I imagine there were several hole. Them to play a playoff game would no fans in the Iran in particular remember this. After the shooting the young men out Sacramento yes remember the kings yup yup it was. They had people on the I that let's talk about it all known it don't commit him get a thousand people yes you can vote on end and on the owner had to speak out about it now was given their protests didn't want to let people and they can't see something like left have an honorable. So dedicated. I don't know about the outdoor plaza I could see them saying we can't do that yet and data and apply. Which to back that's always a great shot in the crowd what you see. You know the Bruins score a goal and they flashed at the Tron fans on the miserable standing threats on the enjoyable part of the plan you like to have the death and misery yet is that the one Bruins fan and then you see he's in the black gold. He's celebrating and everybody else is upset at this judge Ronald fans like to see miserable no law everywhere I did all of their specifically. Toronto Montreal. New York. There is a government that Ronald for the wonderful people on it as well there are that the salt of the earth are there yet and it actually is great and I want that's unbelievable. Montreal got a Red Sox fans admit that America bet there are several deaths 61777979237. Nielsen Brockton menial. They. I'm just wanted. Talked about so to a bit. I really what was going on I am I had just been. Well you know maybe without our modern not quite fresh even the fact that. We're doing all this without Gordon Hayward. Without carrier ring. I just think this guy Marcus mark. Mark mark I mean. This is an amazing story. And I just don't think Brad Stevens. Gets enough credit. Join the I feel like Lindsay with its all the current all. Exactly the national the national media electric car in a vote that's the real and other equipment are brought to Toronto coach and I mean grosjean has its hands down coach of the year. I would I would imagine it Arizona I did Quin Snyder a shot you know I hate to say it looked Brett brown went in front of thousands I'm healthy you have to Antonia. One I'd like to. I'll take an element in Indiana he's got hands down. Well yeah I mean there are some bad but I mean I'm a lot is who was started to have lodged. Gordon Hayward entirely a good idea what. Happens if that's the Celtics have a 20 lead in the series and end up losing or you're just gonna say how well they have their players are gonna say wall something happened there's a breakdown within the series. Now not I I really believe even last year. What do conference final would idea top five guys obeying the series that no big deal Lisa. I know I'm I'm fresh even as the cold studio are lower activity or resident I'd I have no words going. It's rich yeah I'm okay. And I really don't I'm I brought to all of you gotta tell you got home court. You're supposed to be able to win and on your home Courtney NBA that's what happens most of the time gap if they did lose by the way dates and markets marketplace Thursday. I would say if you lost the series it really didn't fall life. Equally in the meet with a doctor's meeting tomorrow morning tomorrow so we know he's a memoir I deeply game five. I don't know they won't it won't stop doing but I figured that the reason I say I wouldn't be all that upset. If they lose this year he's because I don't have great expectations for them not enter lie did I help apple to give Milwaukee more credit than a lot of other people though I think they match up talent why saw the boxer to win the series but then after watching it whatever you thought you weren't gonna win that. Now back to those elements are there we're gonna win it and then you know talks mean at halftime on all right I got that impact on our flip flop and a little Ben Ali I'll tell us your just a little bit I've only chaismatic wants the best two players on the floor when they're released its audible in the box. Chris Middleton and you know within the next 45 mild in the Celtics. And on top of that I did OK okay let's go any credit at all as a solid brown was okay don't have Horford by Detroit rocker when ads are helping mold of president you must not numbers against the tragedy and real crop lawmakers the best minds here throughout the influx of autopsy Internet. Bruins Celtics packed Sox all of them have been on the table this afternoon around Sports Radio. 617. 7797937. This telephone number text line. Is 37937. We'll take the music down a little bit and because I'll give you the real world update from Toronto. They just held a news conference in Toronto they've updated the situation. At least nine are dead. Sixteen others are hurt. One of the eyewitnesses said he saw a baby stroller flying through the air. But according to Toronto police and the mayor. At least nine have been killed in this terrorist attack with a man on the sidewalk. On young street and out in Toronto. Now they got him in custody they arrested him. He really did if you saw the pictures that we're tweeted out from there he looked like he was try to commit in a suicide by cop. He got out of the van and he had his arm extended as though we had a gun and it looked like there was a gun in his hand him the Toronto police did not shoot him dead. They took him down capture him I don't know what was in his hand I don't know if there was a firearm I don't know but it sure looked at when he had his hand out like this. But they captured him. Supposedly. Raving. Crazy. You and I talked to go. Through me off the air we remember that New York incidence. That was similar to us on a white blocks fan was whenever Ryder rental truck. And I had forgotten. It happened in Barcelona. In happen to blow up and is well if she is scary to think. How easy this is to deal. Aria just isn't easy and through security this is an uproar doesn't play again right doses have been in New York with a van or something was is that those same exact thing there he sings and its impact. And so rather as a right now the Bruins basically skated strong only played they're gonna play Red Sox are in there tomorrow there'll for officers of the blue jays all levels that it's gonna go blah I've seen nothing that continually on the Twitter website from the trauma medically it's it's as anything else that is everything yeah it it is just edit terrified because there's nothing you can do that if you need to walked on the street ease that's yet to do. And bite you this this could happen and so. Nine killed sixteen injured as of right now and that's that's according yeah I mean of her nose. How badly injured the sixteen. The mortality rate may go up was a reporter earlier is that I mentioned to me and a reporter from Toronto was tweeting out. You know he was walking in that area and he's the one who said at the time on Twitter I C multiple. Casualties here. Any tweet it out there is a picture of what was obviously a body laying on the ground with a covering over and it's harper a blanket or something. But at this moment nine people killed sixteen injured. What is apparently a terrorist attack in the city of Toronto. I don't. I mean they act. I think they believe this was the act of a lone lunatic. Which is why they're probably not you know talking about supposedly this man went from mile on the sidewalk. And from a mile. If the number sticks lying and that's a miracle now. Well outlaw and presumably people were able to get out of the way hurting common. Eyewitnesses said the van was racing up the sidewalk. Jump the curb raced up the sidewalk on young street and they captured him. Over a mile away from the scene. Our streets are all cordoned off in that area the subway system has been shut down in that area. As they continue to obviously investigate that's not that close to the Air Canada Centre of the center. I don't think so yeah I think where they are is all the shots that we've seen of of this does not look when it's in the near the opportunity now and I am based on you know what I've read. It is you know quite some distance from the Air Canada Centre terrible and you know if you're a Boston sports fan first fall at its awful enough. That this happened you happen have told your teams in Toronto right now. Bruins obviously playing the Maple Leafs tonight in game six the Red Sox are there on their off day. They flew their from Oakland yesterday. They open a series against the blue jays tomorrow night at Rogers Centre. And as I mentioned earlier in the show some nineteen members of the Red Sox are all going to be at the Air Canada Centre tonight or they they were planning on being at the Air Canada Centre tonight. It cheer on the Bruins dead the only other question I guess that if they're gonna play of the game but they always have that seen outdoors were all the fans are lined up in. They do this for the raptors games it is for the Maple Leafs games. You would wonder if either they just beef up security for or they say not tonight. I don't know when that I don't know when that announcement role Kumble we have heard anything yet. Nothing that we know of but that's the latest from Toronto unfortunately it was force than the initial reports and important Greg and I are talking about this during the during the break. This is one of those instances where. I'm glad they underestimate the initial reports work somebody and tweet it out you know one dead in your thing about this is awful but one. What you don't wanna do is say you know we've got a dozen dead and then come back players out now and I'll get all we counted now we only got seven. If you're gonna do anything underestimate. The casualty figures but sixteen or hospitalized. And as I said who knows you know what the condition of those people it's. Yeah I mean Greg was saying during the break in and he's right you we know that there's going to be you know. I don't know how many thousand people gathered in that outdoor plaza down by Air Canada Centre tonight. What if this whack job was able to get this damn. Up there and I don't know what the streets are like around that that plaza I don't know you know I'm assuming they must have the mall cordoned off and blocked off. But what if what if this whack job is thinking man I can't. I got 151000 people or all or be even if outside of that zone. You've got all caught on their way there are there people along the way there right walking down the street. Yet there's nowhere for them ago guy you know investors just yours your stock that are. Several people said that the where this took place is some fourteen miles from the accounts send and I. Don't know how far out I'd I don't know where the Red Sox day I've stayed up there in Toronto with them it's nowhere near that distance. Young street is pretty famous in Toronto it's you know the hip happen in street in Toronto but it all long. Chemicals miles and miles and miles and the hot part of young street news much closer to the city center than this apparently was. 6177797. ID 37 marks in Norton had mark. To regulate on what's going on a much as well and so actually over our look at it a little Vegas might go to the first vertical I was kicking up dust and what they've put on the ball boards and what it's like concrete. Can't think of blocked traffic content sidewalk. And I think that's what we're witnessing definitely admit that orders to prevent it. Omar I gather regardless yet yeah I think we've already seen it along places short. You're right we'll sorry we'll start seeing it more. More and more of it will be. Novel silver. They've got down by backcourt and but the silver. Trying to think what these barricades yeah silver Barrett and needs our bolted into the ground you can see more and more than. Everywhere not just around 181000 seat sports are. I know that in the aftermath of of some of the terrorist attacks in this country especially after 9/11 there were always concerns about. Big venues being targeted concert venues sporting events. And we all know the security that's been changed he used to be at the garden. That you know there was there was no metal detectors are pretty my dad get a ticket you know that all changed oh yeah you know and then now everybody goes through a metal detector everybody has you know certain. Security things the you go to to let stadium. You you have to have a clear. I don't legislature. And you know unfortunately with Patrick kind of resign ourselves to if if they're gonna keep us safe. This is what we have to do and oh yeah what do you think about going to the airport now compared to twenty years ago just kids absolutely different but. These are the kind of things that's the that's the next step of the caller so that what would you set up that that's the place where hard to be secure there went if if somebody does. Feel like they're I have a hard drive up on the sidewalk and take take up pedestrians. What do you do now you have got to get to a point where. Boils to the streets. I don't know com. Newbury Street yeah you've cut barriers up. All way down those busy streets. Just to try and avoid something like this where we're going but yeah it probably other guys. It's just. I hate to say it's the world we live in but it is doubt as. You guys usually make funny for never wanted to leave the house of time and I'm kind of witty and now I mean it's just that shouldn't be how you would realize you shouldn't you know given to that kind of thing and and in a week we talked about a lot after 9/11 talked about a lot after the Boston Marathon you'd Unita still live your life and don't let you know don't live in fear. But managed all of these things that happened like walking on a sidewalk or you know going into it off quality image yet to be fearful. Of somebody every movie theaters you name it on Belmont elementary schools that you see all the time. And I know I know it's just disease that somebody could run into my house you know with a dharma guy happens to it did there's no real safe place to be bought. And the percentages are better when you when you hunker in your basement if you could make fun of really want but about it you just you feel safer there. That's exactly what they're trying to do too. I know I don't know if terrorists are trying to get you right to have to live your life differently than than what you're used to write what you want. I'm now if this guy's the raving lunatic that he's being portrayed eighty probably isn't thinking that far along but if you are somebody who normally goes and watch the Maple Leafs game outside at that was at the gardens that are plaza on out. Would you do that tonight. Yeah I would ego red I would you know what you know and he feared the same reason why I fell. Okay in fly after 9/11 yeah I felt. I'm never going to be more secure in plain that I am right now. I would think that they would be Syria much security. Surrounding the perimeter. Tonight if they do that outside the. Well I'll sit and ended the year after the marathon bombings IE. Went down there and I'm going down there and Lego right down there I thought it was about rose a great day for everybody to be out there and you know went down right by the finish line. Feel great about what was that was that little on edge I think everybody pound Glaus was also go to the it will support the same it's. It was a lot of wise and shock and then on my totally my life in fear and out of the risk reward on something like that you anyway like hey I'm I'm here and screw them but then what what if what if that strikes again lets you know that. This shows you know it can happen any anywhere and that's my point anyway right where it was at 130 in the afternoon Ronald came right back. On some streets it's not you know on their version of boils and street right downtown will there was a stretch of these attacks all and in Europe Daylon ever there was one after an obvious reasons and in that clubhouse and these are all places I would want to go and I. I don't know Farwell and that that's that's. That's data I should go wherever wanna go but those guys like that seems more dangerous now that he's not dangerous it's not. It's not what you. Jurors and and you talk to people in London yeah I live there. Just say it's it's it's everything part of their likenesses of live don't think about it they know it's possible. But it'll release the Toronto police have put on advisory for tonight for the game. I'm they said that the Rogers Centre Air Canada Centre area roads will be closed. For sporting events York's street clothes the tide no eastbound traffic daddy daddy out of pedestrian and car traffic expected to be heavy. But according to the Toronto police they will close down on the roads in the area of Rogers center and the Air Canada center down there tonight. So the answer to our question is they're gonna let those. Those fall gather outside the of the Air Canada Centre tonight god. I'm glad glad the little more than all of the bastards when I could see. Canadian people saying you know what screw you were well we're behind we're all of the hockey night and good. Greg he played hurt today we appreciated the organ you to check out here it is and at some Ortiz. He says he's waiting by the courts and it's all gone was the opposite of SE. Some of that. Cold water. I don't that's gonna work now and a once or what vodka borrowed they do safer like a sore throat do the title I shot a bucket yeah drugs yes. A spokesman for brutality of the dragon a victim are a Francona. Back but at a at it is also obviously a hockey and make up nights of a lot he's gonna mean here enjoying not. Enjoying. How do you like to recognize them but me what you what you make now. You know I children that are out there that day right here in America. Let's go to our weird takes years off my gave her lots of a lot of scrutiny here yes he stayed at a whole hour to go 617779. 7937. Sports Radio W media.