Dale & Keefe - Will Tom Brady mentor the next Patriots rookie QB? The Patriots are terrible at valuing their players; Sports Jeopardy fails

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, March 8th

Hour 4:  Will Tom Brady mentor his backup if the Patriots draft a QB this year? Tom E.Curran questioned how much the Patriots value their players, given the return they get on some of them; Keefe and Tomase weigh in. Final Drive: sports-related Jeopardy fails, and one very not sports-related Jeopardy fail.


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Yeah it's. Fourth and final hour Taylor Keith Johnson mossy is in although. Fear not there's going to be a bonus hour of keep it to moxie from six to seven. The listeners here they demand is much to Nazi is taking hours in the little light. Yeah another hour here at the hour of the night. Do you really prefer that so we are here until 7 o'clock. Then I think it's the Lani after that you can join us at 61777979. B 37. It's something sort of stumbled upon we got into a bit of a Brady rock will relationship to date what I expected out meeting and I did not and that retirement that. And we're not gonna argue over because we felt the same way dale thought that Brady would. Helped him to drop below their return to be really good teammate you and I said how to appease help is. Potential replacement yet and events are. Easily Brady is outlast the Jimmy drop low. But we got there because we were talking about who the next guy might be that Brady a lot of opportunity to mentor or not mentor and depending on how it wants to do it. And there's a bunch of quarterbacks in the draft class this year that. I think patriots fans are looking at only because it would make a ton of sense for them to draft one this year that the guy go under contract for four years. Even if you are a young very glass half full on Brady it's probably four years Max right sold out brought to you. Probably Mac so whether your favorite guy is bicker mayfield or Lamar Jackson or whoever it might be. Do you think Brady would be different would this guy knowing that Brady's forty coming off an MVP season. And this rookie is 22 or ever is going to be and you know what. They can be under contract at the same time and Brady can can play twenty plus years in the league and then move on and allowed this next guy but the timing. Is makes more sense than it did when they dropped to drop all knowing that Brady wanna play for so long yeah I mean the time lines would align properly theoretically. He although he is surprised us before he has surprised us before and he did not get to this point in his career by ever accepting nets there's someone out there is gonna replace. He's never accepted that so. I would fully expects 22 year old quarterback to come in being liked. This is RS as I say hey Tom Brady today regulated so my friends but Tom Brady is like humanities and he's going to be like friends. Still I still haven't madam I'm he's been really busy hour. Right brownie that he personally since he got his own thing go and it's not too much time outside of the locker rooms a large but this is actually a quick madly to all these quarterbacks work we're talking to the media down there and it seems like all these guys they're going to be drafted. In a month or so law of sombre. Tom Brady Tom Brady to a marine debris obviously Tom Brady try to emulate gradient you know I think that exists in the vessel he does it really enjoy watching them to agree. Mr. Suh would be Ruth started Tom grieve and learn from ballot summary. You can you can get some let's just by the way he works for you hold that puts it got. In the way he plays the game footballers is unbelievable and it shows you know be like very obviously Tom Brady being one of the best games. This guy you have to look up to. Long is it a superhero and rocks that one of them literally sent superior in this period where you think about it he's forty most of these guys are 22. So Brady was at Michigan. When he's got a born yet that's like me working at Raymer. It's very similar price how we look there's accusations velocity epic that's definitely how they feel but these guys don't know an NFL without pre. When they when these guys first started watching a league when they first started playing Madden. Tom Brady was one of the best players and we encountered more established new authority to playwright Ziggy was already great. When these guys were started to watch football so it's got to be bizarre. And one of them I guess. Probably will be a teammate I guess that's the other question do you think this year they definitely dropped a quarter I have no idea I mean ever really any other day because you don't know they may look at all these guys and say none of them are good enough where we are taking. None of these guys are good enough and so yeah I'm sure at some point eight quarterback will be taken. But if it's after the second or certainly third round venues and narrate they're not totally sold on this guy and lest we forget. This is a Super Bowl caliber team winning a lot of polls on defense so you wanna be using a high draft pick. At the end of Tom Brady on his replacement if you're not fully sold on the guy although I thought when they drafted Rockwell they can use some help the I'll get another spiders they were sold on him. They clearly were although there's been different reporting out there that you know if plate portals who was the third overall. If he had fallen to them there would have taken him like a whatever their big board is every team is different they probably have their top five quarterbacks in and I assume there's a line where Lagarde if this guys available or taking on entities not. Maybe you Ponce and get get get one next year which are OK with it I think Brady plays two more years yet. So if you draft one next year. Fired he can still be quote mentors bio for a year and then take over after that. So I wouldn't so the draft comes and goes and they don't take your quarterback I'm not gonna be in shock now I would neither and I two things to back out. You mentioned Blake borders can you imagine portals and trying to run the agents enjoyed my daddy's touch passes down and the silent as fast these are not a lot of them are I don't go to work out much yes that'd that'd that'd have been if a fascinating experiment yeah that would have turned out. I forget observes great there was a plus it'll come back to me is our thing about these other quarters of about Yahoo!'s right that's a quicker than let's set the quickest you know is great. But yet these quarterbacks again. I also wonder if there's somebody they really like what they trade up which is not something they typically do put to me Chandler Jones Donta hightower drought there like them or move up. And with a forty niners pick although that would be. That department wouldn't be if they drafted a quarterback with the pick they acquired from Rob Lowe which now number 43 overall. Value perfect putt. Try to make sense of these mock drafts nobody can and there's all different ones were in some of I think five quarterbacks in the first round some you know three from a more like it's just. You don't know who's going to be there and the patriots. Never do. What you predict in the draft so it almost doesn't really matter yet they'll trade down and they don't put their quarterbacks. And the other thing we shouldn't ignore it is they may have targeted some other teams back. Wire yet you know you know are somebody who could become a from may be a bigger money guy. Who they think the timing works out where he'll be free when Brady's done so I mean there's lots of ways they can do this it was interesting to me to look at. The dolphins I figured the dolphins must have drafted thirty terrible quarterbacks and stay in marina retired. And it was surprising. They barely drafted any speech after like five or six quarterbacks this arena retired channel obviously Suzanne I know I like that probably the two best but. For the most part they went about it we will signs frank Karine yeah it's I don't know if not they call hello all doesn't agree is yes that great Lucas I think when I got some starts than without it sage Rosenfeld probably rise again a lot of guys on on that. Dolphins team if that's the other thing like to think about in the future. But the next quarterback or how they go about it or how long it might be utility of an established guy. As you can do that with any team and you look at the the bills after Kelly the dolphins after Marino. Obviously the Packers are one example of a team that got it right there were able to figure out. The 49ers I guess sort of told CN Garcia who was the right union anyway our nick who is good for a couple years I think I yeah give the largest. If you can have a true starter like who's gonna who's gonna be your guy where some of these teams their chest. Grasping at it and it looked like the patriots out of it so. I don't know of crop was going to be great or not. But they identified him they took Rome they develop them and then there were able to betray them off in the 49ers think he's their franchise guy. So I do trust the patriots to be able to identify quarterback and other bad misses. But a lot of times it was not a priority for them inflict a third round or on draft like that doesn't count relates seventh round. So. That's why I was always on the team are you trade grappled train because just get the next guy. When he gently budget they invested a first round pick they almost always hit in the first round so they invest a first round pick on a quarterback I feel he will be the next hour. Yeah I don't I don't yet guarantees but. So it's the question is do they do that this year and then whenever it so inevitably they are it does seem like. They have always on the draft and developers they do it Matt Cassell right which was probably the most absurd case and you think about it seventh rounder who sat behind through lies and truth about us in as an actual act and then comes in. And under duress and looks terrible and by the end of the year you've turned him into an eleven when quarterback right and then you're able to trade him for a second rounder and he goes on be a pro bowler whatever but you develop him. Literally from enough rights at him for nothing to pro ball. And and you did it again with Iraq below. I don't even think percent is necessarily amiss people it's and I was terrible and an eagle Indies Indies and it started for them I don't know if he's great logos and the other incidents but he's very early in his career so maybe there's something there so that's another has him they had three guys that they drafted starting Leo on certain Sundays and maybe even Fort Hood massacre I mean all Hoyer was. And there again undrafted guy there for them they got him right out of Michigan State. But and here's the other wrinkle throw watches if they bring in. Go bicker mayfield or whoever. It all those guys are going on and on bottom of the common father in law of problem. I wonder if any of those guys would say you know what I don't embrace the TV twelve method right out of the gate and if cell. Would Brady kind of be more willing to tutor that guys already be more fearful that resale Whitman and I gonna you gonna do this debt and I know this works is the rocket the doors if you on TV too which may or may not happen we we've heard was or that it once or that it didn't but. Would that sort of say you know I like this are all the more because look I could even keep him in the system that he could potentially be another success story of my. Program which is also going to be my post playing career. You know business yet and maybe Alex Cabrera could rub his legs a little less vigorously in autism across the size so address it seems like an injury waiting to happen it really done I don't like the the look of it on what the sound of that I think we aren't over and played a company and it's just so yes it is a Florida like all right I'm a die even with contacts the sport I still think we showed I don't for a second believe that Brady will treatment and less it's a fifth round or something like that and it's a clear project. But if they do what they did like you said they use the 43 pick to draft the next ground below. I don't see breach treating him any differently because. We talked about well in four years the time lines lineup perfectly no what if this kid develops fast enough that it two years from now. He looks as that's what have must drop below yet he was ready to go your season. Exactly do you mean you're too but he is a definitely your ravens is that Belichick say. It was the best quarterback situation the last two and a half years yet was sort of implied aren't you want he was right ago Yemen maybe even have your two wherever however the time on lines up. But it sounded like to mean in May be it was a throwaway line but maybe not that he wouldn't feel comfortable throwing rookie Ian. But year to as long as the guy is is developing in practice the few pre season games and you feel good about it a year to your rate ago Seattle along when getting through it. Yeah Brady is probably not gonna take this new guy like here's all the tricks of the trade act and door and frankly nor city yeah I would expect him to Abdullah Al that's a bad job and a replacement don't know thanks so he could watch me clearly Jimmy Durante Los spent a lot of time watching Tom Brady and there was value in math right. Because he plays a lot like him now. He plays like a more mobile offers them basically in so. The next guy can watch it but he might not get a lot of might get a lot of tips it's 617777937. Is the number to jump on board also was the key to leave or Richard Sherman. Could become the patriots who would you rather have out of those to get and some of the other. Potential offseason moves for the patriots it is dale chief dale offer Bruins Johnson my seasons for charity at WE yeah. Got to me is what's so fascinating look what the patriots. Have gotten back I mean data for instance they offered a third. From Michael Bennett. Benefits they get return to whatever the third from Michael Bennett. And barely get themselves that was a 31 year old who can be appear on the gas and themselves they only got in return for Jamie Collins a compensatory third. For Jim Jones a second adult and Cooper who didn't play otherwise illegal awful Melissa to settle. I have a very difficult time. Handicapping what their values dialogue. I was Tommy current at some other guys shot and is that our guys. On South Boston sports that I NBC sports Boston this is dale and chief. They'll offer borrowers Johnson mossy is and edit is uninteresting question I mean the patriots again yours at them account via. They do more things right than wrong horse they went all the time you want ballots you want all the stuff. But look at some of their trades I think we can bring that up and say. I but what Thomas say you know tailor Jones that you get everything you could have gotten for Chandler Jones Jamie Collins junior Rob Lowe we spent months talking about it you know for generic Rob Lowe. And on the flip side they're willing to go third round pick for Mike about it. Yes this is this is a drum and I've been beating for a long time and I'll I'll go back to Matt Cassel that's when I was covering the team. And that's season ends out of nowhere eleven and five you know Tom Brady's coming back you have this. Ideal trade chip and not only that you've Jocelyn Daniels going to Denver and he wants a quarterback. Because he's not sold and Jake Tyler holt he ended up getting one yeah he's got this yesterday dinner that he could run he could pray Jessica could not for a want left him now he did when a player somehow in overtime did great past if God's will and it was thy will be done so. Matt Cassel you're in an ideal situation to maximize your return of Matt Cassel what do you do you make one call to your buddy pioli in Kansas City. You throw in Mike Vrabel Wright who had said some unflattering details of any kind of place yeah I kinda talked is that it's on probably. And you just the deal was done and as you are down that second round pick in so you can search on immediately you start hearing. The Broncos desperately wanted to you know Matt Cassel they didn't know he was available he had been made avail whatever. And I remember the time people saying well you know retain his wanted to he shouldn't cough he should have been aggressive Adam. That's not how maximizing a trade works right do you try to involve as many teams you can't but that is never the way Belichick has done that when he trades guys. He identifies the team he identifies sort of a bare minimum and the deal is done he's faster than number as he would like to steal girls done. And so time after time after time you see the return for guys. Not be what it could've been if you actively shocked and I don't know if that's a function of Belichick wearing a lot of hats I don't know if it's a function of him saying. We just wanna get on their off season. We're ready to cut the cord that's it. I don't know what it is but time after time they don't get what they considered. It is over the years they've had a lot of guys that are in the primes of their career of their willing to move on from and oftentimes it's the contract thing has been mail have a year left so maybe I can get as much like it's not. Hey here's tailor Jones and has a sweet deal now you knew you're at the pan after the year. Matt Cassel franchised. Agent and drop lol only had the rest of this year so. I understand. Some of those parts but as current brings up last night Michael Bennett's 31 may be 32. To be a pain in the ass is he says that and you're willing to give up a third round pick for him you know coney Huey last year now I know you got a third round pick in return deal the second. So you slid down a little bit elected do those kinds of trades. The back editing make it through camp yet and so they've they've also brought in other players like that and so when you look ahead of this year. You wonder today to the may be over value some of the players are trying to bring him into the do David undervalues some of the guys that they have. Now I don't know what other guys they were potentially. Trade right now I mean you look at it I don't think that's really. It could happen anything can happen ground. I mean I hear real well I mean if you're you know you're looking for a big name that would shock everyone that would run could be the one that would be the name and then I don't even know what proper value would be for ground. That's the kind of guy that when he's healthy. Give me your best offer and announced rumble down but then when he's hurt which is you know quite often he says Larry wall and it will take the evil one or two of them won't let him move on from here. Without the one that would shock everybody and now we get this conversation going again this would you'd you'd revisit or awful you revisit those. And the grapple once still to me and it says were talking about Brady grow up blow relationship for the first time ever we could talk about Graf load trade just just pulling that one off. Just one team Nolan and I know a lot of people do Ian Rappaport are favored insider he has said there is no one's offered you don't for an. Again okay where they even taking calls yet they've got his offer totally semantics and that is you didn't take a call it that SO at the deadlines and everybody know and that's. How are Sagan the same way like that was a trade you maximize. What you had the Bruins didn't they don't know we I don't know didn't you hear he partied too much as usual down what 21 year old brown dies that's part of a million items a billionaire Tony one year old male I ask where he had no that's he's clearly year redeem yet Bruins had to move on that was a problem and so they get a bunch of guys who were not on the team anymore and you said. Did the rest of the league know like the judge just called Dallas and is that what the the patriots are doing. That so that if the other thing you know Michael Bennett those Eagles are not gonna get Michael Bennett even though the patriots clearly were interested there. And that goes back to keep Talib and Richard Sherman that you wrote about this today WEEI dot com you prefer rich chairman. I love sermon I mean I love how do you not yet I mean you love both guys first of yes and chairman you have a huge staying out of his Achilles spoke of this series as it turns and so if he can't pass a physical fine but if you determine if he's healthy and guys have come back and saying since two fifths are back out of achilles' don't Ryan Howard came back grade out as well I a it's so. I assume meaning come back and I know that's a big assumption but if it did if everything else is equal I'll take Sherman over to leave. Didn't attend he is younger prayers to you adjusted years younger. They're both. To me upgrades over Malcolm butler's last season yeah Emma to say that Hezbollah is going to be gone I love Boller again do you wish to play the game and on and all of that two years ago and even. Three years ago he might have been as good if not better than those guys that he was he was really good. But last year was very average season forum. To leave insurer and I guess you know Sherman only played half the season both those guys were out there they were better but the idea of having a Stephon Gilmore who really redeemed himself by the end of the year and either Sherman or to leave. That is great and I just feel like there's so much around it where it doesn't look like Seattle's or Mickey Sherman and it doesn't look like Denver's gonna keep to leave. Whether they get traded or that they get. Caught in just you know they end up signing somewhere I don't think it's day. Or it's day executives say public retire I guess again and that's the one thing negative again thanks a Rapoport for that huge scoop yesterday about what Sherman could do. But maybe the pacers are just waiting you know doing their jobs error of one of these guys gets caught we could just open there. There's ordered and buzz that usually wants to return to New England. Robert German and not as shore I don't doubt and I don't think we have any idea being and he wants to get paid and all of that and we should also. Shouldn't lose sight of the fact he's been pretty critical of via craft I don't know if that would. Matter during the deflate gates saying he nightlife they'll never get punished because I see the commissioner Allan around it though alternate route. I was one conversation it's more than ever made it Erica apologized to Roberts with the bond is set for exactly. See estimated that's nothing but that's in the past and if Belichick is sick of playing with guys who are pain in the ass is used on parents are. You know Richard Sherman might push the envelope a little bit there because he is outspoken he is he is outspoken and guys have come here and men that were outspoken like Martellus Bennett Chris Long and admirable outspoken guys and for a year I think. Anybody can work for a year yet. Is that when you get after that you know Randy Moss is great he was here. Unfortunately there's a shelf life for that he could or you don't storytelling all these guys it's so special wood but to leave and Sherman. There could be a situation. Where they could use the patriots for a year use each other Darrelle Revis style yet. Maybe you go what did you won't even what a Super Bowl you play really well and and he signed that one last big contract and Sherman's probably the better guided do that with because they'll be more questions about him coming off the injury yet he's two years younger so he can say. I can still get paid next year it. To leaves kind of at the point to a one year deal now yeah I'm 3033. Year old quarterback Allison Darrell green. It's new you know bright people aren't necessarily going to be breaking down my door but get one of those guys but it was Federer Warners would also help in the you know one of the pacers gonna do in the off season which. For the Super Bowl favorite seemed like a lot but there's a lot of their checklist all the sudden whereas defense he got out of all of there's eleven spots on defense and a quarterback in May be left tackle and maybe a running back at all the sudden death. And again there there and they're a very good spot they are they so that Belichick is that a Brady. For now this of a wrong but their Indian high tariffs in to come back elements into account back. But I feel like there's been years where you've gone into the draft he says it just take best available care statistic guy if he fits in great yet. This a year like many he could upgrade the defense why are actually need to athletic linebacker or you know what you need to do to left tackle seems like there's a lot of moving pieces now. I'll put you on the spot. So if you didn't take this defense how many above average players do you feel like there are honesty three. I was gonna say for three or four right high towers above average around saying he's back yet demo court is above average out. People got ended great debates on whether or not he's like a true all pro type or not he's above average Gilmore is above average. Sure Florida. So Malcolm brown tree flowers that are good guys to layer those guys this Chong actually. Gives you games where is above average view probably is right there have been a lot of safety. Yet the rest the linebackers. Below the defensive line yet for. America the metric and get to the pro football focus rating you can always count. Thrown out of it doesn't fit you are going to bring it and that's when when they are playing Jacksonville they did a side by side of the eleven starters in Minnesota based defense yet. Jackson will have a higher rated player at every position. On the I believe that there are a couple of more closely some of the guys concerns there were close to safety with close. I think even Malcolm brown entry of fires may have been close to some of the deal I got through Jacksonville but it's sort of put in perspective how. It did a great job coaching now's one occurrence things that he got on push back on was that. Kind of an average talent team but you have Brady your ground yet but that everybody else particularly the injuries. There was a pretty average teen talent wise but they coach them a lot of them and they played well but they Kyle van noise at a really good season. But you're not taking him you know and in a vacuum you all these linebackers I don't give him now so they they they played above their heads so that's what this year you wonder. Whether it's free agency trades or draft can find a way to add more town yet they need talent. Kind of everywhere yeah weirdest thing Tuesday for a team that was. One strip sack away from probably winning another suit this knots and the other suit things I think with the with the patriots off season. Is that the free agents that he needs older in Dion Lewis. And the more more we hear every day kind of seems like they're both going to be gone dead Dion Lewis is sound and more more like guys town hall I think you're gonna go to court. Or even got the deal he wanted to play more in the Super Bowl and I wanted to play more down the stretch he obviously wants money I don't feel getting late. Your signing a free agent running back who you know injury history. Dad if you're not one of the guys fear they'll feel interchangeable yen in late in you can just draft a guy who's in 2000 yard back if you're in the ball enough yet in the and then use of our primary just cut assignments role second and now yes it's over four years he's a running back than their toast. So I don't think any I don't know. Lewis is gonna get the money but based on some of the things he's saying now. I don't know knowing of this Lieberman back yet and and the fact of the matter is you have James White which to me is always going to be the most important guy for every purpose is due at the back you can throw to. You know the Kevin Faulk type. And between everybody else sending jealously was that he's well rust as now it's very well studios is Gil you know attached yes so they have enough. Depth there they can find somebody else not an amnesty and Lewis older is a different story yeah has he brought it up and I hadn't you'd earlier in the Shia and out of it this way. That Brady's basically played the two left yes pretty much his whole career that's insane a lot of different guards a lot of different senators even right tackles kind of changed over Blanche but. For the most part Matt Light inmates older as of may be that kind of makes everything else a little bit easier to figure out that way it's it's Joseph too many units in Shaq Mason. David Anders fine. If you have a left tackle. And so it's lately Adrian waddle suddenly claim my attack on leisure wall or was it sort of Garcia and they drafted and was hurt waiting for us all year or another guy that you might potentially draft so. He would be the biggest free agent loss apparently he is. Amazingly you're not gonna confuse him we've. You know chop on and yet or Tony this is Ali but I buddies that he's a good player and he's he's been good here for awhile. And he's probably gonna command a lot of money I just wonder how competitive and offer the patriots would make them yet I mean that's the question and we always focus on. Brady's report with his receivers like you got to imagine some the most maligned as well and any time. Brady has looked. Unsure of himself unsteady. In the pockets when he has about we side now I know this year weeks definitely Kansas City in prior years ago yeah that was the that was the staple game of that and that's when he throws the ball people's feet and he gets happy feet because you can tell he's not confident that he's protected yes. So last night there was a another jeopardy gaffe loses last night right a sports question jeopardy gaffe. We have one earlier in the month since we also wants or we got a few of her back to Boston your big jeopardy he listened tonight is the online jeopardy quiz if you wanna try to be on the show you consign. The rim to take the test of Alaska for sports fails jeopardy than what the creepy clip. And a critical have so don't know where we have all of that coming out daily key Sports Radio W Lee yeah. Time final drive but to not worry. As Keith until mossy are here till 7 o'clock that's right it's the end of Daylon keys but that never money tonight starts at the stroke of 6 o'clock. And Johnson Monty is night and a stick around for now you have no power so I know where I where you go out now don't use your wife should come in here and she probably has to warm up third person and just as they watering the dog show up we can stay at the station we figure out if you got her. No I've done that god no I figured out in the answers no I'm no power. You're not alone my parents are screwed up the David up and get enough they've been there basically being told. Don't you think about it for 23 days the I felt like the sound. Italy's attempts drop in his twenties. On a lot. In a fireplace I don't what millionaire China mutant enemy but you're not my parents have the gas fireplaces. Two days ago they got ice box apparently in my house announcements you know we've literally as we have the gas stove he could light the gas with a match stimulate the gas stove and you put a pot of water on it. And you boil water and you hang up curtains and you just a little advocates esteem the hole because I am kind of like that out because his morals morally you know yeah there's different hover over the thought about it yet. Well this is final drive as cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialists. If you manage a facility did not receive the frozen weather service he needed for pipes or floods. Become an ARS restoration specialist priority service clients today. Learn more heiress serve dot com also brought to buy cars for kid's story your cardinal for child today. Schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Were just talking about how long Jeffrey last night that little bit of a gaff so the contestants on jeopardy not generally. Their best when it comes to sports knowledge in this was on full display last night spraying under. Baseball in Florida is known as this league. Oh yeah and lawyering. Now where we're at we're look at a grapefruit league there. Our bush league I think you could call spring training baseball bush league though he had certainly and I'm you know and I'm going to be down their next week broadcast your head back and Aaron nice and there'll be some bush league action it's definitely politically as but there he took a stab you know it's mostly what's that boiler if you analysts and on fifty after. Its final. Dropped six draw though they're mad at us and that's the definition actually. Don't you need today and go to what they were suggesting brand. Known home on their output a guy a second base start the next thing villages and go from there he can if any can Harry take advantage round of the week you could put whoever you want. To hit it that it. That's their thing before Iowa that of course not the first sports jeopardy fail in the history of Jeff. He owns known as the buckeye bullet. An astounding three world records and or all forty minutes or days Big Ten schools. Chris was university of hard now do. It's not terrible. Guy that is why you thought I would ever get their rights as stated that I had given that there than bush league. The bush it is kind of funny thing in Ohio it's like yeah powerhouse if I attended Ohio Bob to be Ohio. While the patriots drafted receiver from Ohio. Taylor Price. Not work that in markets the public option team the kind of unity caught passes than they they obviously elected our do we edit and others jeopardy there. It's basketball for 1000 Karl Malone was one of the most dominant at this tool word positions. Amy what is point guard no. Tim or Bridget. As a great power forward. Love the confidence and that's that's it this morning and I was like I'd imagine that regulates sports for a thousand. What point guard that what wow now in her head in that split second she was like man I wish his daily battle that would have been an olive point guard played an excellent point guards always liked that book art vote totals for 200. Like now or liver powerful. Is the position yes it's not terrible yeah I mean in Stockton was the powerful or anyone you know he was the man aging and he did he really was at times equivalency they really couldn't. Now sometimes there's this mortgage related contestants even failed with entire sports category. All 200. Your choice do or don't name this play. In which the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch it to another back. I would pause can we get let's give the answers persons obviously was a good option yet. An option play. I have. Football 400 I can tell you guys are big football fan I had Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation within this team. A south cowboys. Dallas Cowboys even the nerdy not even read his lap down like tomorrow's tabloids. I do think we should go to commercial capital. Through back 600 okayed by signaling for one of these a returner can really indicate without fear of getting tackled. That's. My. Can catch bill goes left Bryant a hundred. These penalties are simultaneous violations by the offense and defense but cancel each other how to box them in southern. They're called offsetting penalties let's look at the thousand dollar flew just for the fun of it back. Always full of notes to your video with the US bank stadium prepares to host Super Bowl 52 through it and I'm looking at the ring of honor. With names from this defensive line. We took the vikings to force super balls purple people lead. Nice. Do you guys. Bring in and get this one. Will back. Who are the purple people. Eaters we're gonna take a break I have thought. The agency of three people up there and EF five questions that nobody even took a shot it monopoly nobody's got a wrong answer there's all I'm not losing money on the night I know opera I and a half kidded I'm not gonna mess around. Are finally this one has nothing to do sports but. Without question the creepiest answer the history did shows. In life for 400 points in common law the age of this signaling adulthood is presumed to be fourteen in boys and twelve in girls. Tom what is the age of consent don't. A carrier majority. Unknown. It is puberty. Is concerned until solid consent. Don't really yours you don't really know. But to us you were saying tonight you can try out on line for jeopardy you have signed an up right now today and it's at 11 o'clock eastern unfortunately. But you can sign up now Nadal power ball for me it's easy but for a normal an idea that's and I yak it's the online jeopardy test like that like rose the president equipment and so activities like it. It proves that begin with a letter to you for a hundred. It's cool completely it was quiche with Tom why what is the agent's consent if I. Bowed out of our area not. I think jeopardy I'll probably like most people where. Some nights you can play eighty just get the worst categories and you just sit there and you feel like an idiot in and other nights it's. Steinfeld quotes oral hits him sensitive. Yeah right to vote marvel movies I yes journalism or like sports like that in Japan that the sports all of those it's a lot easier but. They go those are some of the of jeopardy moments produced a field if you want to appoint him. First radios and ball B degree be be creepy if it's in front of him views. Its neighbors the party's great I thought it would have come from Richard. It one Ron of hosts there. So with Louie Anderson ever Italy editorial want that market. The show we have from the podcast. Nice hazards or podcast is they asked if I'd right now at WE yeah I dot com what he's definitely Anderson. I asked him what his favorite TV show was what was the last movie sound of your game and something else. Couple of things something about baskets I was that bad game one how to use the word around. And I wanted to content for have to act or again yeah available and I would say that that shows off or put him in drag he does need is so great you they're going to get really weird and season to account in jail if it's real weird it's one of those from the pulpit zone that tablet roto and undermine a I know you're picking your Wilfred in the Arab heard it's the fourth. That the show. Altogether. I you know it's also different shows Monday night yet of them next all of the low. Very similar sounding as it's going to be and animosity. Until 7 o'clock you can jump aboard your 6177797937. All to turn our attention all the Al Horford talk. When outsmarted sick of it. Where is he stands as you know basketball or via free until now are awesome and if I don't I got them out a lot of thanks Andy thanks Ross we will be back tomorrow at two any part in. Right Leo and keep with eighty Hart tomorrow at two. But we're not gonna work we'll talk he's. If life for 400 in common law the age of this signaling adulthood. Is presumed to be fourteen in boys and twelve and girls. Tom what is the age of consent of.