Dale & Keefe - Willie McGinest believes there isn't much weight to the accusations against the Patriots; Ian Rapoport is unsure if a punishment will be levied against the Patriots, but believes it will be handled "pretty quickly"

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, December 10th
Hour 2: Dale, Keefe, and DeOssie are joined by former New England Patriot Willie McGinest who doesn't think there is much weight behind the accusations against the Pats for video taping the Bengals substitution packages and Willie says he laughs at lal these cheating scandals because if they were actaully cheating he would have won 5 or 6 Super Bowls.  The guys are then joined by National Insider for the NFL Network, Ian Rapoport, who is unsure if there will be a penalty handed down, but does think it will happen quickly.  A beat writer in Cincinatti says the Bengals are convinced that the Patriots took video to get an idea of their substitution packages.  Of  course Max Kellerman voices his opinion on the Patriots cheating and it's more over the top than you'd expect.