Dale & Keefe - Would you blow up these Celtics to get LeBron? Blake Swihart addresses his trade request, 5-16-18

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, May 16th

HOUR 4 - Dale, Keefe, and Tomase discuss the possibility of LeBron joining the Celtics and whether or not they would want him. They also ask the question of whether or not it would be worth blowing up the current Celtics roster in order to acquire James. Also discussed is Blake Swihart’s trade request and Dustin Pedroia’s looming return from injury.


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Yeah yeah. It's. Thank you work thank you so far these you know I haven't if this thing yes. They didn't ask any questions of LeBron like at cavs games. Says that in the guy who said thank you for a lot is out front he's from rookies from western mass. He's been a fixture at Celtics games for Soviets had the opportunity to thank LeBron oh lead and we actually pass the million times and I had a trophy Trout as he's very nice with the opening get a better answered by doing that that the hope there now. I'll go a little iconoclast. I think that are like what dale. Thank you were in the northeast. I think he actually meant that maybe lean on at home game plans. He's a he's very earnest tactic yet against. A good about it. So it was every week at a hat like that or kind of like guy who's been on the airline time. And Florida out of a little more slack with stuff I think you'd think I would when asked about possible question that's this week. That too would eventually yes maybe we play that. Stretch. Yes. That stretch. Bridging. And this first step into the third quarter. How does that turn around in the game. Oh were. Not its best question by now that's a lot of class. The rate. So we got out but this tension because I made the point that it if the Celtics and this things we think they well we think you're gonna win the series quantity NBA finals. What if LeBron says that the at this whole thing you know what he might wanna play force that's Celtics team I wanted to play I wanted to play easier for it my all this is. You're I wanna go play our Brad Stevens I wanna play for any game with rows back I love the fans of Boston I wanna play there but again right now or an yeah that would you made. What. They want the Mac that he. Like wow I don't want them. Yeah that's my point rather have Al Horford on this Celtics team in the Bryant. Where in there or another team's side scratch and it's. Now with the right now. I. Think that's. More than that. I don't want. Yeah that's where. I've gotten a all it is the category. Celtics. Are alive markets. There off the birds that. I'd let's get the call spectacles these guys 6177797937. Dance on the cell phones again right. I'm all right are you guys don't want the excellent I'm low key iTunes and Juan LeBron James on this stated it's actually making me qui. Yeah I hate I think about it. It's it's it's it's awful it's awful but you know outlook cover much you know so I can't sit. It's 20. If you couldn't get on or aura that he gave as a lever how can we keep this roster together. What to Cuba because they seem what I see on TV. I don't wanna see Marcus go. I don't wanna see Kerry Rhodes did go in jail and they are untouchable. And you don't want this does such thing as a public know it cleanly picked. They keep the presence on the court again and again to. I mean there's an issue India that's what I think. The new model hugs the roster together. Brad I'll let me tell you I keep it together first of all they're all coming back next year. Marcus are free agent that's going to be one where you hope he doesn't get. This monster contract offer from somewhere else can't get LeBron let's get the guy who can stop LeBron let's get him and Marcus Morris is back next year really look at the free agent markets marks the most important long. Aaron Baines is on the list I think Greg Monroe maybe chain market like those of the guide and direct Monroe looks slower than me are you on him you know he's young camp rock as I could you start out he looked terrible but it got really good for a stretch and then now he's back to not being very. But the beauty of this team is. Most other guys are under contract in years your taking a team that's up 2:0 in the Eastern Conference finals and you're adding Kyra Irving Gordon Hayward almost pretend they're like free agent signing your attic those guys this roster. So they're all back next year with the one kind of X-Factor in market Smart we talked with Chris and an excellent a week or two ago. And I asked them like if it's marked on it now I don't think so and to understand the same thing eating is a good chance yeah I mean I just kind of look at this like four or five teams that are here have money this year and you know what may be Houston looks at it says we need toughness or whatever and they do have some some tough guys in that team Korea. Some some may be in that they are but there's not a lot of possible landing spot swarm in on top of that you have to be a team that's willing to look past the historically awful shooting numbers and the fact that you know he's not gonna while you're gonna stash say he needs to be a really good team too if you're badly Renaissance for example likely they have a lot of money but to us but that money on Smart probably not right so I think you need to be a good team and or team that's about to be did what I had this guy he could be like the miniature Al Horford. For some other team was a smaller German greens are smaller and very much credibility candidacy you Brigham there but at that if you're talking about long term keep in everybody. We sort of hit on this last hour a little bit by the time Jalen brown and Jason Tatum are gonna need huge contracts. Al Horford in the off the books media lead you and Gordon Hayward in the off the books and and maybe you tweak its contractors do something of that on the road but. It lines up pretty good the fact that Tatum and brown are as good early as they are. Makes it the perfect storm for the the next three years yeah and teams it's almost like you see in the Sybase policy in other sports teams are winning with young talent young up and the Celtics are hitting map. Perfectly and on top of that you get. Sacramento pick next year which could be top five again the other Sacramento even though that it. And second this year and then 20/20 one you have a Memphis picks sitting there. They are about to get really bad other and that thing will be unprotected by events you could be looking at another top three pick in 22 when he won. Just as you trying to figure out a lower paying Tatum were paying ground if only we had cheap. High ceiling to oh here's another top five pick up a break that waits it in the only thing that could be rail this thing and I don't seat some to singular theme that could. Is it ancients and pat Stevens last. It changed deciding you know I don't know nobody if he said you know what I've been doing this long enough I've about had a great time and I'm an appointment rank it on that and I don't think that's gonna happen I'm just saying that's the only thing that's why I. Again you go back four years there was sold for that they made the mystery they got out of the got swept right away. I don't necessarily think Brad Stevens and out of the shore but I don't think Brad Stevens would have on the wraparound thing I don't think you would have been on that team warriors. Personally I would coach will be better but yet I don't economic power with team for so long before he went to Duchardt back. My biggest there's the India but you you make them relevant and good or at least you know competitive. Pretty quickly in his ten year. So there's no wonder you know rather be QB for a while war then then in the NBA but you've given him good teams and you added talent every year the Spaniards though. I'd be shocked if you're in the thread that needle too of being over achievers like. Consecutive years out of that happening it's not they've been underdogs at virtually every game of the policy yet it's wild if that's that I'm not the only reason there're over achievers this year is because of the two guys. But I mean those guys hurts there. And and they didn't get this argued today under achieve but how many games you like the biggest lines that are watching so in the flu like. There are so low right now by the way. The Brad Stevens has coached against LeBron James twice in the playoffs now in the short and here. That or he won more games in the series the may do the trees that. I know that it Brad Stevens gets a lot of credit Robert pear system jacket too much for a little too much yeah. But should be that surprised. Al Horford was at number three overall peck. Jalen brown was number three overall pick Jason Tatum was a number three overall pick a market Smart was a number six overall pick Marcus Morris was a lottery pick. I mean not like they are bereft of talent here know what round is only in year two and last year he ever thought once the game and stadiums a rookie again and the expectations are all over the place for the rookies some people think they should start right away and they should deal to put up when he points law Carmelo Anthony was also the third war. You know you go back with a and there are like 255. In his rookie year. But there's a stretch there were rookies were really doing that I think expectation change you brown included yet that he. And start and you know flash is at times but he's not a guy you relied on. Jason Tatum a different story was in the starting lineup game wore on and with really good but again the two of their best players are one means when he won so that's right do you think it is and they don't wanna campus it was. They don't give you need to adequately. In that's that's it. Yeah I mean lately Harden bulletin date score shoot a good Paul George residency scorer you earn Jordan two examples that the room without three or four years ecology and that you prepare knowing you can say that their number three overall experts like here's some other number three over X Derrick Favors and cancer. OJ Mayo and hours and one of the worst Mayo if that's your rookie year or eighteen and he went down down down yet that was that was again attacked a training ground for right yeah every time. Mayo like guests that come here and very. Yeah Mike Dunleavy so Darius Miles and it's not like just having high picks guarantees. Now Jason and Smithfield Rhode Island a Jason. We don't guys wanna. It. Amicable thing I want to put these are that I have a LeBron or actually met a guy back five. No no I was I was actually at KFC. I had moved out to Cleveland lived there for three month. And I'll wait in line like ten minutes it's like rush hour lunch you know I'm Lynn LeBron and his goons of police squad. In all it was an island I would. It could be an eminence and we're getting this push everybody aside cut the line to go to the front. 'cause he didn't want to wait and I say yo go back aren't. Because you know why am I say I know exactly who get back allowing just because you're saying it would mean you'd be special. People were all the same in the case you talk about line as soon as heroes on my own stories that's pretty Allah Allah I like and I believe everywhere in the bill. And leave everything wording is brought to line. Stars got a outages in Iraq galleries got it I I've pretty much decided we had. Candid I don't and I jumped out of the interest of a lot or XE cut the line of course he goes he's LeBron he's been given everything probably should have been a couple of KFC via the Bryan on their column front and cutting pay it back here. Back line and by the way you but he did say that he's that you know I am possibly. I'm a young horse you do those like at twenty Euro system. He would do. That'll Aussie Aussie daughter threw an hour thank you four cents in Charlestown pace them. Yeah. Gonna be in top talent. I actually don't run game in the belting out not. The we got out. And yet I get a good guys I'll. Yet given the arbitrator heard about it I got it beat de dead tired Jimmy Butler one point earlier in the year is there any move that you. Really hate the thought he'd let expecting that much better which he did that. Pat I think the move our carrier ring court order healthy now with. Detainee gains literally anything can happen when he he can do anything in you really shouldn't be surprised but I think the moves are just getting everybody back at that they've yet Hillary you are replacing errand days yet you either resigning him or at the find somebody like him that's about it. I mean try to bring everybody back as best she can you know. And then try to make sure that the two guys who router healthy and ready to go into it wouldn't it not hurt to have some year to year stability. One of these heaters you know because he's been so. I intent on finding the top and guys are gonna win a title. Now it's like you may have actually found them we all thought you're still player way it turns out maybe you're not so maybe just kind of roll with what you have in just. You know patch along the fringes and a weird way you know Stevens is actually have more stability. Amongst his roster when he was in college to make jointly for your Macs that stability. Now he's ahead. Such different lineups that you thought you go back to its first season here. In the with a little losers or on the roster and then compare even last year where they were good. But then he got remotely wiped out in the final thought prizes it'll do what you guys that they need to find the guy at the mustache for. Matt Howard and his name. With the beer. It. 6177797937. You'll hear Alex Cora coming up on our final drive. A fifteen minutes from now or thereabouts and you'll hear his response to Carson Smith's comments about. Perhaps core of sharing some of the blame and Karstens with shoulder injury. We'll get to that just a little bit as well back to your calls dealing keeps Sports Radio WB. So one final drive got just little bit you'll hear from Alex for he joined us in the first hour of today's program. He talked about Carson Smith and the things that Smith reportedly said about his off arm injury. He he also talked about flakes fly hard and Blake's wife hearts agent has reportedly asked. The Red Sox to look at the possibility of trading so why are not really doing anything year he's not developing he's not helping his career is not up on the Red Sox. So I guess a little while ago down the hall of Blake's wife Hart spoke to the media. Yes although. I'm still here and focus on being over our heads off to keep your commute yeah yeah. Obviously I didn't do it with a time in my mind around that puts it well. I'm not sure I think it's probably in these publicly about those things that could happen next couple weeks. Aren't you want to play once in place no thanks. That's where it's. Today vs it. Yeah that that's not my job to do I would that. Yeah. I mean he he told me before and that is OK so and news Minneapolis area. Honestly all of its yeah wow so you obviously have the worst agent the world he's doing things that you don't want him yet like who is the off the situation who decide. Whether or not they want to demand betrayed. That's it might only used the spiral to be aware that you should fire him and notes almost like you know wire 130 dollars points. Then I site IR it's I. I can't help myself another shell on the station. They seriously outside of I would never go in and do Netflix. Will. I'll ask you cities horrible I think they might watch all the now I'm here I'm I'm ready to whatever his tail off with less than it is tail off have details. Anymore. We worked well we did we weren't part of one at some of our ancestor not surprised mine lost tales and tale of animal. Chorus the entire coming up are about wire as he did say you know guys social worker card and units with Hillary's they re talking about how hard work that's fine. But wire Pittsburgh with our am here I'm here guys. Then why they. Why now why aren't that dangerous just own it yours and not playing you wanna play business Damon matches don't like he would be easy one play here it's obvious that in the arsenal play more now listen India and even now clearly doesn't trust me to catch war play anywhere on the field. What's that this is Malia Burkett now. I'll ask him now that we have to add that the box 75. Or more competent then yes Smart there's no room for him. What can you possibly yet for I mean who won one it was they pop one prospect in baseball but yeah. Yeah I mean on top fifty. The and it's not. Yet know he was an aunt in a position to oppose you heard was that it's an at a position where there's not a lot of hospitals. And so. Dave swift and now one bass tournament obviously in the outfield and blame any one person not -- not doing that that is fuel markets and well so is this the the toughest day of the Alex Cora tenure FR yeah well this or the price last week deal for Knight deal carpal tunnel deal but this is that directs like that Karstens an act a point in Fort Carson Smith then then why are achievements by accidents that. You are directly calling out the way your managers managing teams in my heart. Wants to be somewhere else some manager guy like him in a trade at one guys blaming you for hasn't and you blocked the top you know and you've lost the at a right. That's probably today that may seventeenth. Market down in the job now I don't know if if he was unaware of all this stuff all this confluence of events we're sitting here. But I think you guys would it seem the same as every other time Weaver sat with you defeated the hated it beat you know smiling when he came in smiling when he went out. And they always are trying to take the positive about it let's do what we asked them remote point like about you know car that's. Take it that way you know well you know try to not gonna various players even though. The easiest in the world to bury. Is an eighty hurt themselves. In his glove evidently some audio but it paid on earth that you typically more than that but he didn't do it at least you can do it with us guarantees. Fuming. Now at like this guy meet me look like he ED. And he's the security. That you Stephen about and that's why hurt the date that your your manager and you know that the player who publicly demanding a trade. Even those are not surprised by eight if while he already told me he was gonna still. But also you have to deal with. About and that you don't want my guys that are out there that's not the case but you certainly don't appointment as a girl feel great either. You know it's about that happens and every. Now just imagine by the way David Price. Would be snowball turning to something a little bigger. Now you'll hear. You'll hear from scoring just few minutes here one of the things he said was the other. Clubhouse was loose and Pedroia was down there and everybody is gone crazy I mean the clubhouse. It's probably looking at these two things separately it's really I mean what's the big deal here. He's going to be interesting when it comes back like that could go one of two ways I think when Pedroia returns he come back. He could feel like you law is two years ago on the field where you were hit really well he's obviously is an upgrade in the field. He's just a better version of Nunez in much better version that's great. Or what these are the scuffle with what if he's not playing very well I don't think you're gonna get a Baltimore incident again but you never know you know he's capable of it so. He can either bring the locker room together or you can have another issue on hand and guilt Cora managing Pedroia a former teammate is certainly a lot he's president editing a guy who just wanna to what. He's still going to be better in new guys. No matter what is he gonna be better they can also be more ahead in union point he has really been much of a headache here but look at how bad year last year that a lot and they'll they'll. The thing it in Baltimore but he has not been much of a problem child. Yes Taylor hear him around here and personal clubhouse today these sort of popped round but I just want easier everyday guy you know it's so Pedroia in the is a guy who he will sort of drifts whichever of the way whichever way the prevailing winds are blowing in the clubhouse. That was not a happy place last year he was not happy guy if it's a more positive place acting. That's. Ideally what he would like yeah he can fit in there. I don't think he's gonna push it in one direction yet but he's gonna go and whatever directly price starts because again we're still speculation withers clapping on the plane and all that's the prize though price steer it in a certain direction if he has a couple more starts his allergies pop opera opera bit of the house all of the issues for him. And on that dogs to why are there so. I don't know the program is that maybe he doesn't sort of steady the chip count goes with it yet so if if it gets the point where price we have a repeat of last year. Pedroia is not going to be fast yeah I know he's not he's not at all he's not gonna get on David price's side either want to weigh on doughnut Alberto on an ice. He's already seen where that tent. Now he's not going to be located at payroll that's right it herald exactly and and a you know he is not go to undermine Alex Cora the way. He helped undermine John Farrell and I are gonna happen we've seen Pedroia with a manager in my closet which was Francona. And it can never corps cannot possibly because it at the drive and Franco and he offered him that it was like but then Valentine girl obviously was non. The next not this. Served Valentine definite all of albums lots of money but yet Farrell is up and I you lot we've talked about what John Ferrell so with John Ferro and Alex Cora said we've talked about what Alex Cora said when he joined us in the first hour.