Dale & Keefe - Would you want to watch Belichick return a punt?; why Keefe thinks there should be more trash talk in the NFL

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Hour 2: Belichick told reporters even he can return a punt but doesn’t think anyone would want to see that. But we sure would. Jalen Ramsey said he would hit his grandma and Keefe thinks there should be more trash talk in the NFL. Dale has no problem with players assuring people they’re going to win.

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Politics daily heat Sports Radio WEEI Michael Irvin NFL network. Analyst and NFL hall of Famer will join us at the bottom of the hour. We'll get right back to the calls have you guys here though at 6177797937. A bunch of you responded on Twitter. We we tweeted out the video of Tom valiant and Todd Frazier last night the best the best response I've seen so far from what our Twitter followers. And that's putting great. So it would have been hilarious if Frazier after retouched the plate. Just gates compound in a bagel high oddities right there is closer than the teammates were. It's really it's just bizarre we gotta get something today. Major League baseball's they won't I'm telling you know they'll mention a word there where they are ten foot tall and bulletproof it's true they won't do anything. Awful the thing and although we'll never know. Unfortunately because you're you're not allowed to do this. Not like to say it publicly would somebody contact Tom how unit today from Major League based sponsor foes what do you do when yeah I think so. I think so it's just as outrageous and it more more people are certainly see it and talk about it and that that's a little taken them off the dot to address that at some point. They they guest spot they do that again that's that that's a normal response to keep that up. Let's back to the calls you guys 6177797937. Birdies on the cell phone Bernie. Yeah. Hello eye opening orbit and then even I. I was there refereed for three years. That's. Annual imagine. All without refereed. Golf. No I mean. A football game of baseball game of basket I think brought about our conference the robots they think robots. Machines cheese. Melt and oh yeah but but you know. Frazier. Violated the rules of sportsmanship. When he was substituted. Very all right he didn't catch our. We can and we can we stipulate that Bernie are you saying so Tom tell him was allocated woody did last night. I can get. On the same page. You know I think he's that guy Bernie is that the way you were part it's gone I was curious if he is a bit of a showman out there as well. Look at a party said where I think Frazier really screwed up is. Don't talk about it is talk and I mean you're all right you made a full bloom you got the out good for you pull areas by the wise if you miss that got kind of comical but top rated over the front row missed the ball there happened to be a rover a replica ball replica balls they should put that is also about the other day. And the rate which okay you you got to you got them. We'll talk about it on a late night talk about it was that day I don't know I'd that was after the game okay. But can you date they showed it to in the dugout explaining it to some teammates it like you that was in the Ruble. All laugh and others see the real and god knows that the crowd is just. I Tyler's a New Hampshire Nate Tyler. I. Just don't understand that these umpires Asia really know where. I grew. They edit edit defuse the situation room right it's fairly easy entry to come to the plate he just help our culture you know go ahead and outside. Yeah that's right that's simple simple enough exactly what to do it that way. Yeah exactly it's too close to just go like now on I'll put it outside you know. You send a message like that means same thing with. We don't know I know I don't know the what I don't want you to do is is go in cahoots with the catcher. Now if you want I stated that the work quite as you know I tell us why a generous strike zone that's different but it. You bright but it didn't really quickly and you keep the situation let them know you know you Marshal on higher social the umpire act became. Think being with you I'm an official with the Serena mentioning. It keeping considering doing something you just covered the Mike and tell her flat out. Don't expect you begin that weren't yes I live lives are hurrying. Because you know she's an effort and she's battling she's losing she's going to remind you know any. It hurts gonna inflammatory. Why. Why are officials in all sports so much more confrontational if if you believe they are and I do by the way. Of everything while none and got all of it but yeah I don't want to do it seems that there's a tendency. Towards more confrontation. While the army's top Italian obviously was confrontational last night well let's just I'm gonna show yield yes it's just certain egos I don't think for for certain umpires and refs and they. They're not all that way but they feel like are not back down you are not really. Understanding like OK but you're not out in the real world in your guys are equals sorry that this is they'd is that professional athlete this is who we all pay to see you're just there to make sure that it's it's a fair playing field a three of their four you're up there to show anybody up. You're out there this get a screaming match for somebody and how they're able if you think about it nowadays between. You know the replay cameras and you can't argue balls and strikes. The opportunity for confrontation is minimal is lower yeah I think there's a close play at second base okay we're gonna look at that again all right he's out and nobody argues night. Oh okay replace and he was out and one of one minus takes some of the apartments that become elected in the back and forth. Because they're talking and O'Reilly games on how improbably release does it based on some of those guys and we were joking about the other strikeout call and how some old really put on a show for. So it would be when when guys get thrown out. How many of those that you see with a guy like he rears wave back in my tosses them out of a game like some of those guys love it but that's with the that's within their four. It shouldn't be but that's the that's how they feel. What how you do that exact same thing by the way what can just walk off home run by Frazier was back to back home runs for a walk off. They they are vote for the race for Romania they tied it and it hit a home run to tie it Frazier hit back to back home runs to win it as predicted would Italian have done that Pardo move. If it were a playoff game. Third question because of solar more eyes on it I don't know. May it may be one of a defect they didn't at all maybe maybe when needed think about it is that if it was a playoff game he just might. But that's it's embarrassing I think it bears and for all pars this umpires that see that Alex on hand. Others are you sort of afraid of and they don't all agree we might get all my guess is most umpires are gone really you're making us look I mean yes. Everybody out there hates the umpires anyway and need some. Hi there I jars on George. That a little merit and it corner shot are nervous about George. About what I'm gonna go so you got retired about Al scorer in the yet to reach out and count in order recall yes yes. Well you know no disrespect to Al's car. But it you know. Urging that you know going on I need that. And where he came up with that picture can never been used before obtaining some. Some kind of match or why they do like all Turkey you know the typical chain of making out with that number and wait eked out a chart of the truck that. So I don't try awkward for a squawk about. Do you do you believe that FEMA number was made up by Democrats to make the president look bat. I think. I think there is big check that number that if you ever yet. I I you know no the president said. The numbers were made up by the Democrats to make him look bad that's what he said yesterday. While each count in the university as a Democrat and I mean after all sided they. If you're talking on Milton are listed on the acts for the Milken Institute is not a university. The the report it would use the 2975. Deaths was from the Milken Institute not a university. George do you have any idea about this at that Alex Cora he's got family there I'm sure outscored does have a pretty good idea. Lot of clarity on complain about the arm. But the local the outcome of not doing the job and I'll soak rock then in and that he leads on him that he'd chop. A fork in the locals say the locals. Take all. OK but does that mean does that mean that 3000 people didn't die and that only six people to work I teen died. It's trial questionable or. When he at 1418. Are about what are you believe you can do you believe eighteen people died as a result of hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico. Not ridiculous 318. That qualifier to win we're. You know it's an adequate at 64 from sixty or re out. A little. Do you think are exciting for people died as a result of hurricane Marie. I don't know how many people are do you know your dad does that number doesn't realistic Tia. Now. It's higher on hard zones exactly why do people afraid you are without power a year whether these people QB moving around they can't get supplies that right to sort out all law. I'd say why nobody had any been number nobody I got trounced fault you ticket bigger. Understated though we are we did close the 3000 people die or not. And I'm not saying that's all it's so you think it's the Democrats that are that are put that out there. Where is looking for facts and numbers they had they added a devastation down there with the hurricane and there's people as time goes on without power and everything else. You're gonna lose more lives so to say that it was sixty people who could until Madison because they are trapped in land. It really shouldn't be a Democrat vs Republicans. Oriented everything is now so your always gonna go that route but. We're trying to figure how many people died in Puerto Rico that's when it gets down to the minute to. Becomes politicized. Opt in and in response to the texture no I do not believe the number was made up by Democrats. To make the president look that I do not believe that. Either and by the way I don't know what the number is I just know that. Realistically. Really if I'm looking at a it's a lot and it's a little hard for me to believe it was eighteen or even 64 but given the destruction that happened I don't know what the number is either. Freely admit that. But the idea that whatever number was put out by the Milken Institute was simply put out by the Democrats to make the president look bad. Sounds a little silly to me. At all. And Alex Cora who was there in the aftermath of the hurricane did bring relief supplies down there. In association with the Houston Astros owner like he was there he saw he talked to people. He says the president saying that the number was made up is disrespectful. There's a native of Puerto Rico that he thinks that's disrespectful let's set. Is twisted and only 16177797937. As telephone number Tex minus 37937. On. Chris and Dartmouth hey Chris I don't. While the bone that's all I hope gonna. Talk or Patriot Act circle won't we we talk about Puerto re. Or Rico situation if it's just so sad that situation that's skeleton mask. It's pathetic I don't know what most. No not from the Democrat or Republican point of view I was just awful in law and and let that rise above any sport while he and I'd walk all right and where change my whole life. But you know we talk about human life which Republican Democrat it's. Human right issue. And I've now been scratched period and if you go everywhere I guess there are now talking about the patriots game I spoke. Early in the week. Would another group of station who were very let's say we were the patriots before the general. On Sunday I would hate is not okay like all the and not just the turtle is good not just the fact they would cash rodents and he brought a great point while it was just a bad defense and trying to keep watching in the market that should not concerned. That one defense. Our concern with this workout injury and what you gonna be able wanted the football themselves. This is a very physical tactical team. Can I ask a quick question just a quick interjection. What what injury would hurt their respective teams more Leonard four net for Jacksonville Rex Burkhead for the patriot. One minute forget which I would go I think that's a a big yeah he's probably not that spot yeah I I I even if he thought he'd be enough of most likely and that's a problem and yet history of injuries especially nichols' alleged. But I am going to kill you change. I just unconcerned also would I remember watching T one play with a great cover guy you cannot sit there and signal in particular that. You want how sweet couldn't doesn't want to step. And he wants we got our good they would know what Scott and I'm making a tackle on it of people that would slot on the Cassell look so entrenched that they'll need to tackle last week. It is fun on the patriots. I. I have to be concerned. Beside actor Sean. I don't see a lot of technicality. Chris Hani let's let's bumper sticker this because you're you're going on while here who's the better football team. Right now. You really. It patriots by a nudge OK so why so why do you think doesn't have the jaguars are a nightmare for the patriots like I use the word nightmare I've waited it stretching I think that have been challenge you would you should ask. 18. Play in Kabul later seated who get home field advantage because they all probably wouldn't all the thirteen days most. We don't know right most likely at all what you've got a reputation I don't know he gave a lot of things can happen with the injury that I get. But I think in 20. What kind of set the cold here. All world com and calm Brady oh yeah yeah yeah I'm no Tom Brady's gonna set the home. Are you gonna set the tone would put an April been bought cell. We wouldn't it expects going to be all over emotional wrote. You're you're you're just trying to think up things to be worried about here. Which you know I just told me the patriots are better team and yet you know it's okay Carlos and and he can't do that but Jackson about the mentality Jacksonville might be the second best team. It led to the second best team in the conference and event. And an eagle at their defense is much but Russian institute pitching game I don't the year ago doesn't really competitive game the patriots just got by there. So Blake pour all the mistakes dug grownup like over the defense is awesome and global. Blake portals thanks to admiral is no good and Leonard formats are complex or how to today and probably not the plan yet props that right probably not gonna play. But they were able to hang in it and and the patriots needed a big fourth quarter to be a clash in this championship game. So I think if that there's ever a team for fans Salem and I'll I'll like the look of it it would be this game and ends in Jacksonville the blue unlike last year's they have 2000. All the callers point was that it was that this is a nightmare why don't think there is such thing as a nightmare scenario for the patriots that they're gonna be favored never yeah I think they're there they are favored in this game too. But it's going to be close I think this is the the really good match. Sports Radio. Patriots in Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at 425 in Jacksonville. Our conversation with the patriots defensive back DeVon according is brought you might plum direct marketing. And the New England who voted tractor dealers Devin joins us from Foxboro hey Devin I don't. Though what we're doing great thank you before we talk about Jacksonville overall. How did you think your defense performed last Sunday. Well indicative. I think the biggest thing you come to learn our own. My and it's easier to keep an improvement on the policies are good solid guard apparently opener. All of which are wellness suffer gains on it has very green but I think for we walked away from the hurricane I think actually. We'll also you know a lot of also work on so outcome than the falcons as we can keep that Google knows very well structured around brainstorming injection will. Schools in the war on offense rushing the ball lashing or so are we wanted to just seeing improvement this week. Obviously the rosters have changed a bit but how much of last year's AFC championship game can you use to get ready for Sunday's game. We definitely can use and as very important platelets in recently so Washington gain some you know summer games and last year we received a weak law which over the world watching you know ironically you so. Certainly not going to be exactly the same and aren't laws and do what he says some of course you know exchange. On the UConn gauge as a generic. Mentality of how to wanted to attack you with something that is also read this article there. Photo. I assume you always prepare. And and get yourself ready to play against Leonard four net because you have no idea he's going to be able to play this Sunday or not. Yes I think he's correctly Unita a very lucky in the cedar trees not you have to adjust as saying you know we've done a good job this week of apparent. Sort of back to have on the roster let you know grant can do we know ya he can do I don't know for decades at all load different can hurt you definitely so. I'll try to prepare for all through those and I'll whatever dole is suddenly it was just people vertical oil well. Now they're receiving corps not the biggest names specially marked these legal and Dow and injury but Q and Kohl loses a pretty dangerous player right. You know we've seen at least in here so. On the pursuit and probably years ago. And last year and that I think in 96 yard catch on though the couple catches Russian each of shipping so bomb. Love that you consider wrestling world clock and we understand and know. Underdog and they can hurt you you know I think look coal and west were common in rookies flash and how many people in the live war. On my father had a lot of attention others you know last year and now we know democracy quote from Oakland community. They'll ballot check earlier this week really put over the running abilities of Blake portals. It seems as though you have a of quarterback last week who could take off and go you've got one this week who could take off and go. I assume you agree with your head coach that this guy is almost more dangerous when he's not throwing the ball. You know he's gotten virtual earth and if you really hurts he's. At city it flawlessly like in the giant game in the room having lines. Are you don't move you always will now while the opportunities he can take all too little uplift and had to keep going on keep. Out of the regional. You know run benefits afforded your switched you know kind of look back Burton and I happened so we know. All the got to be ready and you know mobile in the pocket also. Awful couple QB won't call. Often opposite corner and her daughter Christian world so all we know he can run today. Also ethical Portland got to tackle ones are Vermont on that in itself is well. Now and you guys don't play in Jacksonville that often but what does that stadium light in the atmosphere compared some other place is probably. Our I was bitter throughout the world yeah all or are we know. Cronin is going to be jumping all. According to antigens and slash different than the now get another crack at that he's we know that be ready go to Tampa leader of the hot weather out there are so. All we know they'll be ready morning statins have a lot of energy and. We ask James White about this on Monday we haven't spoken to yield cents. The captain's announcement was made what does it mean to you when they tell you DeVon your teammates think you should be captain. Are an honor and to go requisite dog dot com. I've been warm or cold Belichick and means that there are certain to go out there each game on them Serbian leader that it's you know voted himself. On there's always on. No matter how many times. You can't no one that a war and I think it's been great artists too you know in the Gaza jennies I. They're really good enough. I always figured mergers. Why do you think wrong was not a captain this year when he was last year. All right and this thing changes each year. A bomb it out on an hour an article we just here who want him to do what are great character Morgan archer. Eddie won't have. Devin we appreciate your time is always will talk to again soon and good luck this weekend. Or sheer thanks thanks. That is New England Patriots defensive back and captain DeVon according. Isolated. It would have been. Okay. Certainly. They didn't end up. So. So that's Jalen Ramsey who seem to be dodging questions there but we've got other audio where he's not dodge and including the article that you would be that time which is a great article where he basically ripped the entire NFL I don't think it probably what you think it someone of his teammates somebody said. For God's sakes don't poke the bear until after we beat them. You know look at some may thrive on it didn't light it is hard to say it in with the pictures those weird because he didn't rip Tom Brady. He give him something like you know it doesn't soccer is that something like that to the effect but for drunk illegal backs that article. He starts opposite I don't think Bronx good. In the Munich times is just gonna look at Alan watts and he goes well let me say I don't think rock is as great as people think he has. Any time gras is that mashup of the corner he's had a very bad game and that core has had a very good game. And so really okay. This some players the trash talk. Helps them so there there might be some you know motivation on the other side but it also might really help kilograms I believe that we got on a tiny hint perhaps talk. At at. Who ratcheted Jalen Ramsey back when this question was asked in this was yesterday. This question was asked in his answer as well. Coordinators on this. Overrated. Police. Earth says he's ready. I'd be crazy okay. You're you know you're going. Think it is good enough. It's Wednesday. You say it is supposedly brings fear that is. Period. So it ought to come out there a lot of form. Or Harvard. We immediately got places. As well as I love this guy sold out offensive coordinator said. Your credit anybody who says Rob Gronkowski is not good he's crazy and our prison. I. Yep I have a crazy like a thought the defensive coordinator is probably on c'mon there which let's let's just back off of that also it's like never at Gillette. Are they allowed to say anything that anybody would stick on a bulletin board any dog they know they don't and that's worked for bell check that doesn't mean that's the only way to do things having you you can talk trash and you can still win it happened before in the history of the sport. I think. Jalen Ramsey. You're it's not the best strategy if you save that he's not rate and then what if he does have a really good game then you guys look even worse. I. That's true he did guarantee not one but two victories like it here not just the one guy he did to the Super Bowl before they even beat the patriots. That's there hash tag by the way that's their other Twitter handle their Twitter at Twitter handle is dual vol hash tag do balled like a used. And we can do better as a team as a league that you do better at that but he's great for for the NFL though because he is. Become law and I and I'm just saying we if you may go to winged angels weak. I'm sure in in in this case especially. The defensive coordinators think c'mon I got to figure out how to stop this guy now. Let's not (%expletive) him off and making even more revved up on Sunday about a veteran is revved up about he's he's had put himself up maybe the defense thrives off of so Jalen Ramsey said as you heard he doesn't fear no man. Why should be and why should eat after your ailment now because when you're playing the game of football and everything is fair game. Is you deeply info off of it. It's a respect and you're absolutely is. I don't believe him for do. My brother my dead tomorrow animals active this is wrong. After the and we can be cool it don't matter that's after the guy respect and what book for a book and I gave it to be played nicely. Graphic and so that's cool. Not if you listen. I don't know that I would you was there and. About that that he edited yet you definitely his grandmother he will. But they could you come by after the game out there and it. That's a little depends on how healthy she is after the game after you've editor but this is what's this is scared that they need more this all sports there's too many guys that are friends and everybody on the other team and you know this is. This is great he's and he's a really good player he can back it up. He's he's very confident he's very confident. But this is it it gets more attention on it and that's great so. There's probably plenty of people that hear him and Tatum and you know what fine but you know who he is and there's more reason to watch. Jacksonville this season and particularly the Sunday so of wrong torture zone or god forbid some like Phillip or set or Chris Hogan. You can you can go nuts and gets a look at this idiot but there's also the other real possibility that he shuts down whoever is guarding our worries matched up with. Because he is back under a lot of that I would he was in other. To attack on as Burma. But I mean that parts kind of funny you know I don't tackle our grandmother I mean everybody gets a laugh out of it. If you are you assuming wouldn't rate I'd kind of what I'm gonna take it as a given that he's probably neck and I don't know grandmother aka. What ball what I think doesn't necessarily help may admit it maybe it helps him maybe he thinks he plays better. He gets harder. Okay gain nothing great he really didn't play O'Dell Beckham junior all that much one on one. This is almost the whole game that a lot of zone and what what he's do what is set himself up to it you know me and wrong man on man. Come on out your line up against me while I think Ron will probably go work. Where Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady tellem to go on any part to. They don't let out Tom I. I fever MV yeah got to go hit him but I'd be absent is going to be some times in the game I just think the way this is going. I think it's unfortunate or not gonna get a lot of Ramsey V romp one on one. It may only happen a couple of times and and you wonder if Brady and throws that way Kirby says you know what. If the number one quarter is guarding our tight and the navy lava and a good option somewhere else. So I I was hoping that it was gonna be all game long you know 67 he plays them of rim regarding Iraq but probably unlikely. My guess is coaches hate. You know it eternal god yes if you are you on the defensive coordinator for the jaguars. The last thing I want there a couple of players I don't want this awful for the game on Sunday once number twelve once number 87 they're really good already. I don't need them even more cranked up now they normally are Rex Ryan's up there the best example of Rex Ryan was not agree says so stupid stuff all the time but he made two AFC championship games and his guys were saying something he was matter they are saying stuff. I don't know I think you with a moron as a coach and he's the bad coach but as iPad is not a color that though right. I don't think it's because like no heat no talks I don't know he generated he wanted to certain yet he wanted to I'm talking trash in and taken names and and but I don't think that he'd necessarily wrong didn't have the the talent to back up the checks his his mouth was right he didn't have the office of talent but his defense is for good and if those guys were flying around saying stuff. If Terrelle Revis was talking trash. Go forth by those guys those guys can back it up. But the problem is I think everybody quickly points up that's the wrong way to do things only because Belichick doesn't the opposite and Belichick had some success. He's a great coach it's not strictly because he doesn't talk trash that you could have other teams that that thrive off of that and they can they could still be really good. Trying to think of and and I am not a lot of teams have a lot of success against the patriots anyway. Oh when was the last time a player you know basically ran his mouth about somebody. Am not backed it up. I think. I Deion Sanders did not have an outlet against the patriot always stands the guy you know and and we got to go back to their losses elected to the Von Miller co op ex births. Plaxico Burress that there are going to be the patriots miserable limited law saying you're gonna beat the team is one thing. That's surely guarantee victory they were make a fundraiser for saying that last year I I'd I'd never have and Jalen Ramsey or anybody else. At any player says we're gonna win the game they should say it didn't they should believe that they should say it that's not my issue it's always I don't think he's that good anyway but then they say that Burris circus and the effect of priority the patriots like you know set point on fourteen and then Brady is that progress or fourteen points. And then they did. Re so I mean that was an example of that at the giants -- I thought yeah right never have an issue with a a players saying his team's gonna put people to what I mean the patriots take whatever that they'll find a blog they do that you see absolutely I got it pretty unusual you have to admit it's a pretty unusual thing to have a player. Talk about Rob Gronkowski has that kind probably the only one pretty stupid I don't I don't think anybody else now he did say years. Well Ali he ethernet I am appealing it's the defensive coordinator kind of changed because that would mean at times article he he did change it from he's not as rates as people say that he has. So he's he is not on board him being the best I have never apparently I guess that's where is known. But that's the beauty of it is now Ari you can put you know what what you said on the line the Sunday and maybe even again. No it we had a caller mentioned before those early in the season but. This there's a chance this could be the tiebreaker for home field in the AFC that's a good both these teams are so the skin is in could be huge you know it's just we two. Yet hard for me to take any team to Syria and I know what they did last year they were in the AFC championship against the patriots. I don't they're winning in the fourth or Anna and I go back Ted dug around Blake portals and now know Leonard for an act now. If that's what happened on it right that's a tough battle that's a hard thing for me to picture them. Being able to overcome all three of those thing I just think portals has a bad quarterback I never thought nick foale's is gonna win a suitable I was like there's no chance this Nick Price right then and then they did it I think. Phillies falls. Is probably better than portals but the Jacksonville defense is better than the Philly defense like I think so last year the AFC championship game it was 24 it's morning. I think it's more likely to be something like that then it would be you know 4133. Year we're whatever I want laws. It's it's quite suit if you look back at last year's AFC championship game. Look at the top pass catchers for the patriots in that game. Reigning cooks. Six catches a hundred yards. Danny Amendola. Seven catches 84 guards and of course two touchdowns yup. And Dion Lewis seven catches 32 yards from the Hubble they do this Sunday Isiah outlaws at that time when he. Of the 27 catches went to coax Iran bola. And Dion Lewis. Obviously those guys are not they're young Lewis was the team's leading rusher although they did not try to run them months the only at nineteen carries in the game they had 39 pass attempts. So people that's that that can't be true that Jacksonville's got this great secondary he's great corners how did they try to pass so much against their hearts in Iran against. This is a really good defense. It has Brady can throw against anybody and that's that's and for and always does the same thing again urged the broccoli and one catch to that that's gonna go while they are more than one grab that will likely change but you know between Phillip or set and Chris Hogan who both played that game as well they combined for three catches. You know Corey Patterson they're having a look at another direction and how the game where really close game and who does he turn two and again because Brock wasn't there. Even without rails is Danny Amendola. If it goes that you know his importance and really the last couple years the regular season numbers are gonna wow anybody. But in the playoffs he was always somebody that pretty knew exactly where laws I wondered this is the Sony Michelle. Debut hopes he's been limited at practice again this week. And Berkett that returned yesterday limited bunny in the at least practice the day before he was unable to practice right side I guess that's a better side with a concussion you have no idea. Because if they don't have either of those guys. What's your running back situation James White and can dump Warner. You'll see bargain you're gonna that's his I mean and literacy among offense now. I don't know how much of the playbook purity he he's got under his belt but you're gonna have to I always assumed that it sees year. To figure out the the running back portion of the playbook is oppose to the white wide receiver portions of it seems like more guys are able to step in and just play in the receivers the receivers are kind of lost and it. I don't think you're gonna seek court Coleman the Euro or. Bennie Fowler others either one of those guys. Yeah probably although I could rather McCarron was active last. We can on an obviously to draw upon but he also played offense so there's gonna be an opportunity for somebody there are a result of they can get that quick. But I'm looking forward this game I mean it's just there'd be a little bit more anticipation and a little bit more hype if it wasn't Blake portals. But the bottom line is it's a good it's a good job force team and you know sub par quarter acts like nick bulls have won before I had been able to beat the patriots though. It wouldn't be the first time. So today I guess it is out his Friday press briefing. Bill Belichick said them you know paraphrasing your when nasty. I can catch upon. That's reset so someone and sound she does that mean your your gonna be returning punts on Sunday and I don't want to see that. He why it's important for all we always part of seatbelts edit paper view people want to build secretary upon our touch upon. So he said we all can return upon. And that is a real shot around the cared. I forget that's. He's the easiest thing in the world do like he just said I think I could catch upon is it that I think the question was more you know you what the defense we're going to be returning punts what are you gonna do in. Any supply and I catch punt probably tandem bar. That would be my guess and that if they just want somebody catches you'd be Patrick show they are just that summary go back and stand there. He's an app for the news beach on. Now catching upon in a standing out on the field like like Vince Wilfork used to do to get them a day off hadn't in training camp that's one thing. Catching the punt when you've got you know eleven guys running straight at you. A lot different little different he did say I feel like I can catch punts. He did however followed that up with we don't want that no we don't. Not an active member of the roster either that is that's not a bailout anonymity room right now but they could make a transaction and get him on you know what between now and some vivid probably will make a couple transactions that there was that we can update the 53 man in the practice squad him. But I get a book but Barnard's does solve that returner need is guided launched last year he could do he didn't. You know and offensively they're probably gonna Needham. You know you look at what's what's left right now he Birkhead can play I don't wanna get eighteen carries after deal with optional week my guess is he's not. Probably hopefully sort of Michelle hopefully. Get that soaring Michelle they view but I have no idea James Devlin James White combo all day for power IA. Yeah actor that's that it is all right so he's doing this is Raanan right up the middle all the I don't doubt and I mean Devlin industrial eating well I guess he has one of the best full actually receive best according to numbers. He's gonna catch passes again bottom once last I hope not. What this network the last I like I'd take a Hollister out there he is also limited practice. It won't be too late hour of the one gather you know walked past effort at the size thing blocker balled and lost some doubt be said for that as opposed. Here's the schedule for it out what we've got coming up here I'm in a few minutes. We'll talk to Michael Irvin NFL network analyst those guys and polymer for demo it was nice and invented to make the jump for us we appreciate that. We get new thirty coming up the bottom of the hour. In what would our weakened revealed that the busy week that it relies of this of the week when I play also didn't realize was how other producers of other programs. Sometimes you know help. Help out Haiti to catch this the year I want that's a simpler time I think that touted it as they sometimes stated Jason Jason did you did you catch this both. Broke the cooperation. It's a lot of friends here there's a cold offering race nothing but France. It's mostly for an very friendly and the scenes yeah every minute of it works there's cooperation factor on our action producers that I appreciate the producers the on air staff everybody it's one direction one team 100 people back there were talk advocate yes that's level is not with so that'll be -- new thirty hour week in review which upkeep tells me says is so jam packed literature we're going to be able to fit at all Abu we have not to cuts and stock yeah that's true deleted scenes we've got. Old he could see admirably since deleted scenes on radio something minimum. Podcaster some than the website. The Doral where the puck and college movies this week and the Republican college movie actor for your interest that and years I animal house has to be number one I it's in there it into a ranking system person but it'll house we discussed. That's the classic it really isn't an hour without I was. House on face Oilers and his mother I'm not going in there.