Dallas Braden joins Dale & Keefe: “Alex Cora’s relationship with Dustin Pedroia helps the Red Sox going forward”

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th

Dallas Braden of Barstool Sports and NBC Sports California joins Dale & Keefe as the Red Sox prepare to take on the club Braden lends his voice to - the Oakland A’s. They discuss the Sox’s sweep of the Angels, how the A’s can win, and how Alex Cora’s relationship with Dustin Pedroia helps the Red Sox.


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That's such a good time visiting with Dallas Braden even when the Red Sox were playing the Oakland days but they are playing the Oakland days tonight opening weekend series. Out in Oakland Dallas does the FAA's games out there as well he joins us right now are you Dallas. Doing well boy isn't doing well it's. It's great day out here in California also say that the sun shine in that there there's a bump on the street out here in California. Yeah out how the heck did the Oakland a stop this wagon that's coming to town. Ole Ole hole all tell you what. I think the one that I look at what that I've been challenger dramas about is. While the offense has absolutely proven to be a juggernaut there's no denying it there's no debating it. I mean you talk about you that. You a little premature world we're talking about April 20 for twenty here. And that might be a little early bird MVP conversation but they're somebody who has created one for themselves or want to be active. It's spooky that man is on. Fighter but how do we combat that as you would age well. It little profits against lefthanded pitching thus far this season. If the thought we got it across the board almost. And if you're looking for bright spots were silver linings we talk about this sort of juggernaut role in the Al. The one thing I look at is who's coming into town is three lefties we got to Republicans. We got sale and we got quite surprised still not sure which will flip flop but I believe we're gonna see Z three lefties so that's something that. We look forward to was well and I think one big. Is the guy that we're gonna run out there to fight in the great man who has experienced the success that I think we had hoped or as an organization. That he definitely had hoped or early on. I'll bet that leads for that means different for improvement and and I think. With a light up like it commanded cal there's going to be a fire lit into him to perform the other that is going to be crowd support there could be it it just in Libya. I think it's going to be a great series and it's going to be good blogger here especially when when we get into who the Red Sox have have matched up. With throughout the beginning of the season. In the Red Sox just coming off a three game sweep of the angels and going into that series as to the best records in baseball they LA it was thirteen and three and the Red Sox outscored them 27 to three none of the gators were competitive that is ruled them so. How good are the angels or is this just goes it's more about the Red Sox Roland. I think it's more I honestly I think that's what about the Red Sox rolling at this point because that means you'd seen it I mean. You can just wanted to was solid at the opposite he can't become a buzz saw early in the season with the Red Sox clearly out. Again there's go to Bible receipt here. But if we wind it back boys all the way to the beginning of the season. And we look at the competition open to this point until this last series here is there a hot. I believe it was you guys Oprah with Tampa Bay I believe edited. Tampa and Miami right at the idea which got a camper Edsel club Kia said yup I'd OK so we took a bite somebody ball games. At those two teams want that body. 107. Or seven combined but it hit the Yankees who clearly are would think it. Two at least they've got a job follows them Libby. Get to deceive and Ed Dhabi where they jeopardize our David 500 there at 500 the other team now. But yet there was a and Andy and ended yet. And yet Baltimore this the angels and sometimes we can't let my that you guys have played three teams. With a combined fifteen or so wins and you're sitting at sixteen total so it's I don't know let's just the right yeah yeah. Yeah that's what I'm getting at is how much. Were you tested outlook for the soft test did up until and I think that's what everybody was even bigger poppy. Talk about all the bike instead of looking deceit I'll look at usually advocates are boys. A look at this do they argued this quiet. Because the angels I I said it especially out here. Or the west it beat it AL west the angels they look at it look like a team to be reckoned with it looked like a team who won't allow that separation. To occur like we saw what we keep last year with the Houston Astros so that the that's why it is what could be series will be. Knowing that the talks were going to be relegated to how to do it but I keep out of the angels who took plea at a portal bus early. So together is no time will what you guys are doing now. Yet in Dallas are are are the aids so that's the team met that challenge is there that's like this weekend I mean I don't know if they're pitching can hold up. Through through the weekend at the a's are going to be when this series or at least take. Two out of three I feel like it's gonna be a high scoring affair I don't fake you know the eighth had a pitching that you keep the Red Sox down. I'll also say yes what we've seen out of debt you'll make did a lot about what we've seen other shock denial last timeout. I mean shop and I has has thrown the ball pitched really well oddly these days if you were to have a Cy Young conversation this early like item bookie has created for himself. I mean job and I is in our conversation in my opinion. The week or the baseball all but but I I would I would agree to the point that this is going to be a slugfest. You saw it. It is firepower to even swing the bat very well budget while you start to swing the bat he'd just gotten used earnestly about. There's a lot of guys that are really start to hit their stride. Here at Oakland so I don't know that we're going to seat a pitcher's duel because like like aesthetic we're fighting silverlight which at my job to do over here at Oakland. It is take that what was played well against lefties that we all run it out as reachable left side. We're talking to Dallas Braden co host of the starting nine podcasts along with Jared per rob us and also does the Oakland a's games out in the Bay Area. Much has been made about Alex Cora and the difference he's made on this team in your experience is a Major League pitcher as a manager Rick that big difference. Absolutely you it it's about as always I kind of jokingly said that tongue in cheek but it does ring true you've got to Nokia got a roomful of talked kickers or dog lovers and that's the manager's job who who are these people who watch these bit. What motivates these individuals and are you communicating with them or you Shelly all of them that you can't communicate. With all of them are you here for that you have to back or things I wait I'll put them at a fashion that they can come to the part. And they can prepare and is there Coulter that's being created that's comfortable. Is there culture that's being created. That is demanding a success and the answer to those questions are yes more than they are no. Doubt the impact that a manager can have because I've been in situations where. Play quite a wide that you don't know whose daughter where Intel after DP times you your goal what the hell and that I've been. But I've been on the field identical about we've got somebody comes in they're communicating together. The talking to their god guys' ability to advance when they're gonna have days off and allowed them to prepare I have rules established order is communication about. Establishing roles that really not giving you anything right now but at least there's communication and I think that's what's going on is with AC having worked with him. Side by side in the studio in the Booth calling games. I mean I I'd go with that due to all about and if you wanna talk about somebody who can embraced. That do waive our information. All along with the hard nosed and great that I think the Fed based in Boston like this evening you played with. You could use vegetable. Now when you first met Alex Cora at cern have conversations with a did you think yeah this guy's going to be a manager. But it but I guess it's not about having conversations with guys who you think are going to be a manager. Use speak to individuals. Who we you're talking big game and you're just you all. You pride yourself the opposition sort of lend themselves to strategic hypothetical situations and what if and like you almost can't do it to the answer. Because the questions never stop you know because you want so much information like. What would you do in this scenario well we're glad up in the bullpen who was hot yesterday connected about again down. Who's on deck if by basing this guy who bought and you don't. Like that's what you don't you have competition was somebody who you don't could damage thought about this guy's going to be a manager but this guy can be at a managed an absolutely. No doubt about. It goes when you look at you know core and you know when John Farrell came and he was some thought to be a player's manager. You know. But also a guy you know who will would hold players accountable. You think Alex Cora can can hold guys accountable inevitably the Red Sox who hit a rough patch it and to be on it too sick to see how they react to that. How do you think corps will do an actress. What tell you what I think what everybody is kind of interest it is the is. When Natwest that's inevitably comes with those to our base hit when they start but at the heels. I think the relationship that he has with PD is what is going to really help out and meeting. He knows. Would you bet. To Pedroia Pedroia knows what he meant to him. And the expectation. That eight he laid out as a ballplayer for Pete Earley our. Is probably the same but carries a little more weight now look that bad as Al got the power the pin he's not strap it on. Side by side with you crusade in the trenches but he's obviously there is the tip of the spear now and so I I speak out. That weapon such problems or rears its ugly head if you will the conversations and the relationship he has with the leaders in that club house. And basically the skids off the wall that he has in that city and as as the red today I think those will speak volumes. And you can go slowly turtle does somebody who commands the respect of his clubhouse. A Dallas enjoy the weekend it should be fun I'll say this. Get the pom rants on Friday because not all of your chances against sale and price on Saturday and Sunday. Antibody late today sports Claudia what they can be let's. I ended up out here is our boys. Did Dallas thanks. Thanks south that is a Dallas Braden joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.