Daniel Waltz of City Of Boston Credit Union joins Joe and Tim. 08-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th
Daniel Waltz is President and CEO of City of Boston Credit Union and visits with Joe and Tim in the bottom of the 7th inning Tuesday night as part of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon. 

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We mentioned last inning that the city of Boston credit union generously matching all gifts made between seventh and ninth inning up to 5000 dollars give now. And have your gift double. Thanks to city of Boston credit you can call 8777381234. Now or go online to Jimmy Fund Don ward. And joining us the president and CEO. City of Boston credit union and Waltz that great to have you appeared sincere thanks to them very honored to be up here with your first time in the Booth. It is it's a great view. That's wonderful I love it. There's been an extra half an industry to take in the view here. It's. Where is your book not at all I'm very envious. Some want all delivered to Jackie Bradley junior Sloan and ball one we appreciate your generosity. In helping the Jimmy Fund it and why is it why is it important health the community so much and help him for a. The Jimmy Fund to such wonderful things to. Jackie flies to center field following underneath that makes the catch wanna. Hope children with cancer the team Farber who couldn't be more honored to be a part of such. A great organization that's helping. Heat and fight cancer throughout. Region throughout the world it's a world class organization we're just honored to be part of it and glad to be part of your telethon thank you for. Allowing us to be part of thank you for being part of the we talked with the patients and parents of young patients and they don't say Dana Farber moon and you plan confession. Big time. Here all that all the time all over the region all over the country where we visit him one of millions takes a ball blown away ball one. Music we 238 home runs 44 runs batted him. Where you course located there one union street that right across from City Hall. You then there were several years of course we still have our flagship office and city we have five branches. Area. Were injured two years old. 1915. There currently. Right yes the name's Michael currently yes we're very honored and of course every day I looked out my office when those guys the museum I do I see them. It's it's quite humbling actually. I mean to have his statue watch over your office exactly what I'm looking out for his on a and for everybody that the city of Boston is that the entire team there we love what we do for the community. To. Walls had two strikes those pitch to your millions. Swung on an air strike threes. Strikes to go on. We have an update on the number I am glad you're here to see it. Our latest number. The numbers and wow 3430962. Dollars wow that was great job. Is pretty good we're not done yet that's not a union wonderful pastor was about three point six snow. You can get that big time being that figure. We'll keep natural takes strike one to launch bases empty. City of Boston credit union committed to helping the Jimmy Fund partly this is so. Because of you and your employees yes glad to do it. Whole team is very much behind this effort board of directors our staff. Everyone remembers as well. We had a photo taken before we came back on the check that you're presenting to the Jimmy Fund yes. We'll keep pops this one up shallow right center field like to get the school to want. To make the catch. We appreciate donating a check that we do fled to do that we appreciate JBoss and credit then. Thanks for joining us here tonight thank you very much I speak for dollars thank you it to me choose me again this well thank you. Now wants a president CEO of city of Boston credit union again to the ninth inning. Matching gifts up to 5000 dollars.