Danny Ainge on D&K:”isn't it amazing how quickly people forgot how good Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward are”

Boston Celtics
Friday, June 1st
Danny Ainge joins Dale & Keefe to discuss the Celtics’ offseason outlook & plans, the importance of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward to the team’s future, J.R. Smiths blunder in Game 1 of the NBA finals,why he isn't very impressed with the upcoming draft, burner accounts, and more.

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And right now Dini changed any it is rich dale and any heart Dario. And yeah. We're doing very well and it's been almost a week since the Celtics were eliminated at you view of your thoughts changed at all on how you feel both of the deep Ron and also the game seven loss. Arm. No I don't think about it changed. I've gotten over a little bit better as a big. Working for next year. Getting I've got to assume this offseason is going to be a little less hectic than. Last off season you've changed eleven of the fifteen players a year ago part of picture that would happen again. Yeah. Well I although you know going into last year they got within. Or seen Tina changing beloved either so. You know a lot of things happened and maybe quiet. And out. You know you have to be able to make. Decisions quickly and be prepared to make those decisions and as opportunities come about but yeah I do not like this team. A lot of feel like. We're discretion circus that this group of guys. Danny saying that do you envision ways that essentially the entire team is back. On. You know I don't it's too early to tell that would probably not huge height achieved by a lot that being core guys share. Now. One of the quotes after the so those are limited Marcus Morris said there's going to be a lot of players next year some not a 100% sure where I fit totally yet is just something I'm still kind of wary about. What it what did you make of morris' comments there. You know I've been a player in that situation before when you have a lot of good players and he's sort of faded double scheme of things I think there. I I think those are good things to feel and but those attending humility and uncertainties. Should drive players to be prepared for the competition covenant charity care. We're talking to Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge it was reported this week that Gordon Hayward underwent a surgical procedure to remove the screw India. And plates that had been inserted to stabilize his broken ankle. Was this unexpected Q did you expect that this was gonna happen with this a bit of a surprise. We didn't expect to happen a couple weeks ago now. It was a little bit of a surprise but. You know this is in the medical world against a bit surprised LH just. Some new needed to be guided. And gored in great spirits in in a good place to feels like. Things were progressing as he would hold in the late words. Just make him a little bit this uncomfortable as what. Straight the wall there and it it might be should be feeling different so this is removed a little earlier than normal. And yet the voters go repealed are all the muscles and ligaments and tendons and everything else so. I think they dale. Gordon's. You know and a better place right now that it was a couple weeks ago have this surgery. And the in the comfort level that you eat horse he called forward. Danny I come from a world covering the patriots where they just don't discuss money their own value things of that nature. What was your reaction when a guy like Marcus mark comes out and says you know I'm worth more than twelve to fourteen million dollars a year is that. Normal NBA business or how do you react to a comment like that. In other players that feel comfortable doing better feel a need to do aired it doesn't bother me at all. I don't create headlines and creates. You know talk radio does but from my standpoint. That I'm not worried I'm worried about how players are working out of performing on the court but I don't pay much attention to what they say. I mean Marcus was responding to a question that he was flat out asked. And you know in the way the east side or should it should be. Would you care to share how much you'd think markets markets where. I would not be yeah. About Danny carrier ring Gordon Hayward are both proven scorers in the league twenty plus points per game Jason Tatum and Jalen brown. Both look like they're right on their way to doing that as well is there enough shots for all four of those guys next year. While listen I think. Yeah absolutely acting pick you need that and the scoring and you look at what. Golden State has or guys that have the ball on their hands all the time I would. Klay Thompson. Curry and he'd be in in green on green and a great month war facilitator he still a ball. He plays a point center for them tired. I think that. When you have bid the better your team becomes. And the better the more sacrifices guys have to make. And so yeah that's not going to be perfect in every night there's going to be some bands were guys can one more shot they get subsites. The same time it's a lot it's heavy burden to carry team offensively. Every single night so the more you have but more room you have for air to the better you keep. As brown Tatum and Rosie heir picked up the slack for injured guys and performed at really high levels for yet. I was kind of amused at the way some people civil gosh these guys are playing so well maybe you don't need to keep guys like Tyree Irving and and Gordon Hayward thankfully you didn't seem to share that opinion with those folks. Now all that. I I still remember. Very clearly why we were so excited to get Carrie at me isn't it amazing how some people this. Forget how great we would just earlier this year. And sixty games he played for a and then. Great Gordon was last year to 51 would cheap bit how we scored forty weeks play out in aggregate. The clippers and helped win that series and I mean I understand that people have short memories but. I certainly don't and really really excited about Gordon and I would be an even more excited because of the injury happened or did you watch him work. And seeing your determination and commitment to excellence. You know I'm really excited for him this upcoming year. Understanding that excitement you envision there will be some bumps in the road or they'll be a process of the entire cast of talent learning to play together. Well I mean everybody thought that last year with the eleven do players that we just discussed and I mean it was like. Machine but they've played together for long time I saw every Gordon and Al Horford on the court together. This past year we have a group of rookies. Yeah I mean it was very impressive. Here. So I think they are generally speaking there's going to be a learning curve and obviously they're gonna be better but he ears are beginning to be here but. Some people make an adjustment much better waters. Data yet you had to ask your wife that she has any burn to order counts. If that. I think white just signed up for Twitter party which I think long oh yeah purple have their work reject that there. I'm still trying to figure out the value of the Burger King are we that we are soon and I mean. I mean. Did so you guys and maybe it explains that the reason that just learning what this is all about. I'd add and augment figured out it value yet. Well just a little advice if you do have burner accounts don't fall all the same people on your burner accounted I can follow on your normal account. Yeah all I guess we learned that. Differently about that Bernard. That they were just about. We're just a few weeks away from the draft obviously you guys currently have a pick lower in the first round but just in general. How does this draft class at this time compared to some of the other recent drafts. Care. You know. It's a good draft it's you know it's not special special draft. It's it's a very good. I think it won't be sure death. You know I wouldn't say it's one of the better ones are one of the worst form. It's it's it's normal to expect and and what we're excited we we. Potentially can add the draft. Is there a particular element that you think your team needs going into next season beyond help obviously getting your players back. As you watched your team this year was there's something where you said man we could add that that would really help us. Gloria although there definitely are things that we could upgrade on our roster. And I feel like we're in drought in that position as small step back in the entry agency in the next so. It be a little bit easier to have the draft yeah free agency verse. Like from other sports do and then knowing what you need to draft but because we addressed it free agency that sort of go follow the trade he followed me throughout the week after and and it's also beat out as well. Yeah any. Sorry to ask you another sort of football related question here that's my world. I'm sure you've been aware that there's been some criticism from afar of the quote unquote patriot way and nobody having fun in Foxboro. And as a guy that's been around professional sports a long time both as a player management different sports. What is the value workplace for quote on quote having fun in any professional sports team environments. Well I will say they're winning in fun. Usually coincide. Coexist but I think that. You know not always not always but I think that figured your objective is to win. Personalities. Teammates. Often determine the farm that you have so. I mean I had a lot of fun playing basketball Charles park. I mean to guide me laugh a recent the bears' practice you lose. Any resist entertain. Kevin McHale is another ML Carr was another guy you know teammates that just. Made you laugh all the time. There is value and that. I think I would I would a little bit of a clown myself that practice in. Add on in and down enjoy. In the work. Knowing that there's times to have a lot of times it's like really get serious blocking it. So I think that most teams are built that way and good coaches have different personalities that doesn't mean that you care. Have fun. With a coach that is really serious and grinder. You could buy and the personalities you could find the joy in the onion you keep. Now speaking to teammates and and last one for me. Well would you like if your teammate JR Smith the last thing you. Should. Well. I mean listen I've seen a lot of players over the history of it would be NBA guys that I watched play their very good players. Very Smart player and of them say bank. I don't wanna list of the names of the players by. Yet they have seen that happen. And you know me JR Munich re play as a six or guard to get that out of reach down and give them a chance to win it. And you know unfortunate that there what happened treatment you about it by. They're great leg net rebounded well most guys would would need to try to get to reap a mystery. Get a final question before we let you go to to allow yourself to think about. How your team would have matched up against Golden State finals. Well I you know I mean watching game last night and say you know I did watch Golden State play a lot in the playoffs also. In hoping that we we get that chance because again you know you're playing against such great opted to teens. And could be that the team's way great state. It is fiction better and it makes our guys feel how much they attribute to become even better. So we were looking forward to that opportunity but I feel like our guys you know over the last few years we played Golden State well. In there in the regular season here unfortunately good bit. I don't know some of our guys for sure watch in this this finals where it. Curiosity. And just to look at the best teams in look at what we have to do to be become one. All right Danny Ainge Celtics president of basketball operations thanks so much for the time today and hopefully will look to attempt on the road. Sorry guys appreciate it.