Danny Amendola on OMF: (On kneeling during National Anthem) We try to send a positive message 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

Patriots wide receiver and extremely handsome man Danny Amendola joins the guys following the come back win over the Texans. The Dola shares his thoughts on the victory, the new turf, and players around the league kneeling during the National Anthem.


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Had to dole wants more touches the total picture he could return punts the Dolan. Why don't hurt. That don't look so hot right not a lot of equipment all the time and say. You should be you've lost her we have an order hot hyped Dolan did you. This morning nice being really really. Really ridiculously good looking yeah paid out seat of their maker themselves. So you always do a high price cut production further and AM condolence and of course than the delegates are down but he's back we got to be pretty damn good yesterday and he joins us live on the fault lines right now. I feel very good. Well guys I like intro and an accident you can make your ring tone we wouldn't pay if you miss out on the fewest this week's heritage don't we were ready to get rid of capital spot where it was that I can tell it here's what. There's often lawman in the same thing when you're when you're really really really really good looking. Big auto crash it into you on the phone if you hear in person you got that blue steel on us. Frist the senate spot. Well let's just a foot office. Let's just the football I got some modeling and tips that I'd like and all of those a little bit later on the conversation. It's just to look like they were concerned about the short game out did the intermediate passing. Game is that would you guys saw on how difficult was an early on. Albany for them that tremendous you know. Team defense they played hard fought harder and you know they're they got a piece of throat when you're gonna draw back and we want to kind of were the second level can make a deep crossing. Aaron Boone in the news you know as well where it could get yourself. Nobody etiquette and like today. They need to get some things we we were expecting got us out of us trying to execute get things done. And you know can got to the end and and you know we put out a. Yeah I wouldn't what does that like you know when you're when you're out there and you know you're scored points you know yes they're they're tougher to come bobbitt's in India still scored 36 points. Yet I get us out of football there their match and you and sometimes they're going headed view it what's what's light. On the sideline. Is it is or any stress involved or are you guys just so conditioned to be used to it that's not a big deal. What we're or condition towards just every situation in the game as you know Christian I mean these we've gotten you know. Working in and two minute situation and then third down situation terrible situation. First you know whatever gains presents to a woo woo we've worked and you're ready to. Of course on canal. You know they're they're playing good and I guess that they get a get a good. Young quarterback and income produced some great receivers in Hopkinton. It's a lot of guys so there were making plays in its specialty clause in Arabic complacency so site. I equipment or fight hard they were there a good football can know a lot of a lot of PGA guys over there which as you can see in in and you know offensively they're kind of doing the same what is needed and as you know a lot of missing coaching points from coach O'Brien. Are down in east in an inflatable Welker and all the guys and so you know similar tiles of football update yesterday a lot of what you know. Almost seat on the ball around a lot lots until the borrow lots and beautiful game be a part of. You know Diego's usually just you know hammer guys Miller field. In the past and wondered guys that crystal in the last year. Kind of saw what he can do outside the numbers neither guy like branding coach that can really open it up is that something that. You look maybe down the road that threat of those guys. I'm of course and put it out of each other as well what game and so. You know I haven't had to because yours is also indicate then that incredible book he can. You know lenders seeking going to be good deeds so. Yeah he's either got to have had any break locker room and in America actually know a lot of life issues and played well. RJ a lot of people are talking about what happened around NFL stadiums before the game the patriots some guys elected to stand locked dorms other guys were kneeling. A mature exactly what you did but how did this all come about it looks insulting ways. As if it was not unified to some guys did one thing and other guys did another thing. What the they soldiers sent us. Since these good regardless of that as an ordinary course and you were solid in our locker room and that's what we care about most student. Hopefully you can get a positive example. Can't get anybody outside of our locker room or anyone that might look look at. Yes a little cuts and so. We we try to send a positive message wouldn't let me diablo. In our locker room and and the guy is actually is. You know you worked extremely well together and we keep it keep. Well in the tight knit community in in our locker so. The other is obviously important to have. Their opinions and across the nation in the room and means different a lot of people might say opinions. As positive. You can send a message is is is different so. You know I felt like. I didn't see outstanding crowd I'd I'm always for personal emotions and the national attention so called brother and and in what I think about. What's more so for me personally you know soldiers fighting over. See it and I can't imagine all the soldiers and excited as football probably be in the army or the ninjas of some sort that would. You know else see my country that I'm fighting or you know increase oil that's my personal reasons. You know it's funny because I saw that sweep by meat sold there than I was listening to Deborah McCord yeah after the game and he talked about unity and it just. To mediate just looked it looked messy right you know looking across the field but I city Houston Texans and I'm sure their locker room as tight ultimately all decided as a team. Two time you know lay their personal agenda aside and do least. Showed that are on the same page and be consistent with that message regardless of who it affected good or bad. And obscure so how in the end it. The decision was made or no decision was made that everyone kind of which is to decide do their own thing. That's what was going on in been. It comes to the big sort of decision that was enough. Lock arms and legs like you said easier skating than if you wanna go you know whatever personal preference wanna I wanna show me that the national equipment so. I can speak for myself in person say that I was gonna be standing just in honor of my my grandfather fought. And then then what Trenton and some of the senators that are fighting overseas so. You know has been a reasons for a patriot fans to to boo when I'm sure you haven't heard many of them but that was pretty loud. I'm just curious your reaction so what you felt like with when the who's gonna give up before the at them and after it. I don't. I would motivate suddenly. Purse loaded no there there were big situation nerd or bullying. You know the players and building. Whatever. Whatever I didn't really know the context of what they're doing you know usually when you go. We have a couple streaks of we have now I know that they're doing half performance led to their family and know what they're going there. You guys talk about this Denny did talk behind closed doors during the course of the week when you get free time with your teammates. Some who may be pissed off that the president pissed off with what's going on in the country right now. You guys engage in any of those conversations. We don't gluten or its outlook that's too much no yellow yeah a lot of football a lot of preparation about good week. You know you'll get occasionally get. Top on the bus stop on the plane where you can sit down and an adult conversation. Again welcome back to perform personal preference for me I mean. Everybody can have a different opinion. About situations such as your best. You can go right. Either ticket to get right voice moving toward that and whether that be haven't seen more in our country just kind of give a positive message out there have been. As you know it's somebody that can only lead group. The case so. Yeah Danny said it was all the personal preference rodeos wanna do you do lump. Was ever dressed by Bill Belichick it's ours to the team. Well. We. We could build up. And in the minds of yeah history and indeed go over country or around as you can but every year I've been here we go over. What the national instant Newton and the once again welcome back. Any captured incur. Well opinion doesn't need that it goes back to those fighting for our country so. Again and as we obviously everybody knows that America's war critic is actually right now and then. If we if we can have the ability to focus on the part of the danger or maybe some important. You know whatever whatever we can do it from the other and that's what some folks should go to. Did you guys do you see this continuing through throughout the season are reserve. Yes it's gonna you just end at some point in time. Not I don't know I don't know I mean you you've moved isn't it I didn't I don't know I don't know there's little and I understand so. Thought insert. You guys Wear out the the field again because they did replace the field after two pre season games and one regular season game and now the players association. Apparently had inspectors out here and they don't like to feel first of all did you notice a difference. It's open looks the same for a couple of years now. The problem. I'm not intended as a problem it's just different cycle track it won't be at least one slowed its. Slow pace field. There's so it's good. So usually play pretty much faster. That are are like and we try and like yeah they're like us. Putting green or something like that decides to critique their catalog of he's black. Like little problem with it so I personally like a lot under control center in in it's not as fast track blows. But what about Armenians and serve until movement on the field you can you can play you can dig it and couldn't really well so I see during a giant to. You get no name and feel like. Of these. He's like pastor actually did it and it's good for the like I personally like it's it's not there. CC's. Danny Mozart the Dele. Few yeah boy yeah it the not sorted out. I'm thinking about the thing about you says listen you're probably probably you know be nominated in your. So you know special forces I got him anyway please nuggets UBU could be a secret weapon. It was such a really good looks into some great demeanor in I left to right. They were just being shocked it like it's that Dolan does speak or completely around you just walking through via a perfect. You're talking about your. What are. Open. Be part of our next opens I didn't welcome welcome back students Tim and nice game yesterday. I appreciate it. We'll talk to an excellent sealant in there though.