Danny Picard and Lou Merloni - What Should The Sox Do?

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Saturday, October 7th
Danny Picard is joined in studio by Lou Merloni and his son. The guys break down Sox vs Astros and what is next for the Red Sox.

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Get a touch wood Danny right now. 17 sevenths. We senate. Fox Sports Radio guy. Fourth and final hour on it until 645. Mike and outline the glass. Also here on. On the possible sports podcasts but it chicklet subject Obama Hello World goes are illegal. Couple guys and I chose well I used to be part of the David Koch I had rear admiral on my show a lot on my podcasts a lot and Ryan Whitney. I wanna say got his podcast to get kids on my shelf actually both of them. I mean I haven't talked to win about it. But are able credit you 1000. Or so I don't I cannot ask him I'm not asking for Gregg I'm all I don't I know what he will credit he always says the consulate got lots of funny story actually rip Whitney. Where did you do when he was in Russia. I used to do calls on my podcast I do it through Skype. And it's funny like I'll get guests on via Skype on my podcast and until we you it's a huge pain no publicity this I would like if somebody called like. I would get let's say. I've had rear admiral on my show. And yeah he doesn't studios well when he called then you get the full linemen. On its via Skype he's gone on his howitzers so and that it's just the the phone lines on good but I would have. Brian pollan when he was in Russia and we would go slight the sky. It's like he was in the room with me. And he was in Russia show on the at all I mean I've had those guys my podcast glad did you guys. Don't nice job doing well thank you I appreciate deck it's O'Donnell and I towns and also why you doing that can download did not show which is and the anti. It's okay you don't have struggle in this week I'm at my picks on my show I did you pick sticks every every week five NFL games with the spread but. I'm struggling with my survivable tank and we were on all of this during the break. And you know you can only take a team wants but if you look at week five in the NFL. Al pitchers me. But this has been the most difficult week that I averaged. Just typical little string don't know spread on. This is typical week I've ever seen all the obvious one. Timmy woods would have been patriots on Thursday night coming off a loss I don't you win the game was played there's. There was no way the patriots are losing that game now. I gotta give some credits and the next fall for this in the most Google's. But I just don't get it I still think that all of them was long and India as well it was like a 58 yacht right so did him a pass on that the other joke he should've hit. Now if you hit goes out to feel some tell me. Brady would of found a way to still win that game ideas that's the way I felt about that really was the only one I got I'd look at the schedule point five like that's a lot like. This not only game on the schedule that I would get an all wall. Because usually every week you look at the NFL schedule and is a game or at least two games. He's one but but this is usually too when you look at Yelp. Guarantee this team's gonna win our picnic Cobb but they're gonna win the game you can't say that. About week five I'm sorry you can't tell I'm going towards Detroit at all. If you're if you're somebody that that's the opposite of what I do I'm gonna add Detroit extra up her straight up went for survivor I got to Detroit at home. I at this the only game with 23 and one teams going at each other there's only one undefeated team left that's Kansas City a formal. But there's only one game. With 23 and one teams and that's Detroit. Post and Carolina. And Cameroon has obviously created the circus with is idiotic comments during the week is its a stupid. Wouldn't be just an idiot just I mean just to adjust to fool like Ed is Tony. Nobody was denied it and why I didn't but it is as part of it so you and drama is. Anybody and that Carolina. Locker room. That wants to answer questions. About Cam Newton. Talking about. Females running routes did anyone in that room wants to answer those questions lead up to a big game in Detroit Nobel and then I came here in enough from their why like in a president did did you did you all this no I Carroll at his locker room that wants anybody in the asking questions they want football questions. On those other questions. So I mean. Etc. I mean that's that's not the reason I'm taken its right and all my reason is that Detroit. Leads the league in takeaways. Carolina can turn the Volvo and the Carolina to win this game. Against Detroit in his right that means they would have to. Goal did you let beat the patriots and then the next week wanted to try and be a damn good Weinstein and I don't see it happen and that's my pick. Out of the only contrite at least that's so Halloween and why it's a tough week it's the toughest week I've seen on dot what's your record on picks pixel for this year this year and 119. Pretty good journalist and I airplay. I went to every last week three and Hillary before that foreign wanna wait before that but we want is no good it was it was I to a three week oneself. And leaves to a tree visits that week so it's really tough and it really is tough and and we obviously don't have. You know I heretic iron to the patriots in nice and I've against Houston that was an Alpine. But if I didn't pick Richards I would have taken there's an I'd maybe you wouldn't of Dennis as tough but it is not an idle Detroit. And that Atlanta picks expects five games at the spread for Sunday get a much podcasts that if god shell and lighter that'd go downloads didn't check points. But micro now and the boys then on apostles 61777979837. 6177797. ID 37 the Red Sox and the Astros game 3M NL DS is a moral and you know we've got his kitchen match up and Ivan the stats are in the breaks like I I do think that. We've reached the point where did these things should be looked at I think we've reached a point away you know we have to try to find or at least the Red Sox to be trying to find. Any advantage that they could get. With this match up would thereof fence going up against right handed pitcher tomorrow. And Brad peacock and if you can flush again for the Astros Girardi said it. They got a Beagle Charlie Morton. Now Morton actually. In his career against the Red Sox very small sample size. As has been he's been good. But the bush is any pits what she's again this is morning and thought. It was with Pittsburgh. It was a loss so well he does have the experience does have a positive post season experience poppycock is gonna get tomorrow. He has post season experience and that matter is I'm sorry it does so on the Red Sox they needed drug that advantage of that. Because this kid is also all not performed at federal and three and apparently he's allowed twelve earned runs. Red Sox and they need true. Jump out and jump orderly. Obviously we're radio breed trauma. Yup pitcher's mound first say you're asking Doug Fister they bought that. Whether I don't care if it's three ground outs I don't care averaged three fly outs to all interact. Right doesn't matter enemy you guys gotta get get three out to get a quick. And then you know you've eaten one that you cannot do is let. Brad peacock a lot that loan and it plays and he doesn't like the pitch obviously and his first OC again you can not let him on that mom with three openly. You can't do it. It is you just cannot. You just can't do it so long to have a chance. Obviously asking doctors to get the job done. But and and at we at least. Don't you like sailed the intellectual runs in the first and I don't like Palmer Angela had two long runs before you get the first out and third inning. Go out and give your offense a chance they may be settle a little bit maybe not people plan from behind it and maybe they handled things differently. Beautiful. And Avant a pitcher on the other side of the got to face but doesn't like the pitcher felt like I. There's a lot of there's a lot of pressure again and make no mistake about it you don't use up too well. This going to be pressure on at Houston to close out because one could knock at the door on the last couple years. It's not like they've this group is one World Series. You know there have been times where David did chances. Ted to finish things up an amateur and so. Goal all good for this pressure are used as well god. You know ability to be more pressure on the Red Sox if you start did you go without much up to a three runs in the first inning that cannot happen so I think more than anything else. Doug Fister need to show lot but he's got the post season history he's got the positive track record in the post season I always last post he's an apparent wasn't. It was like three years ago but. What else you got I mean honestly like hot go to the post season omelet this egg and. You go to game three per dollar to where you stand. I want dug for us all the ports deal I want Doug fiscal and water Rodriguez I wanna keep it impressionable and because that's the Bertini Bannon. Anybody else that you don't would there. I mean was there another option to give me something I don't think so so now. You know Doug fresh this is this spot that I actually want him and and like you. Dig that he's gonna get net or call these dot. Island you're all land all of the strong to me it's a bit but I'm not Allen and didn't want to let. Yeah I'm well yeah and are on Doug Fister but. All and that is is a little strong knowledge that he did have some think is during the season he is got to for a judge did did pick up off the straight. What. You know I do like that postseason experience. And the positive postseason experience that that. That goes along with it I like that I think that is a good thing for his Red Sox team and if you could sum up finally killing game for that net. While game four is going to be on Monday and we had a call earlier that that was talking about the weather. And talking about the rain and net I would rather see that the more I think about it not again I'm not gonna sit there and did you predict. Whether all rallied the troops around whether I'm talking to do it under stuck to do that what I am gonna do glamour to tell you is. Planned to tell you. I guys get my god you might some acting I got my back then. You might say that the Mike on that and in the back back there and lights on cell on. Listen. I think that. What you're gonna get and possibly game four when I'd rather have the get go and I'd rather have Chris Sale on short rest and then that. If you get the game five. What people talking about as well as upon our hands going on tolerance in game five Idaho company you feel Woodrow plumber and put his final. I don't wanna see Costello. I would be trying to avoid it reports LO at all costs the only way I told it is going into the series the only way that's what Seles or get a spot in the series. Is if. Although it is if the Red Sox up 21 they can't be up to one out these he did just can't happen ended down to a holiday if they put again Paula. They're going to be down to one was shallow I need to avoid that's not at all costs. I just don't feel confident them and because I'm really because I don't think puts all of Hilltop. And himself and is even pressure now. It shows up 130 home runs this season what's the reason for that. Dislocation. He's not written response that's the difference why is in his watch this no conviction that you look at. Yeah you look at it that to receive you you'll look at the break a ball push scrolling no conviction. Does all this thing's gonna don't. It is caddies and I let up on rhetoric about a thirty plus home runs and have 38 home runs abides early break about the got to go or I want is not a man is all confidence. Throw a lot of diet if you plus a game for. But he will be really good about themselves at all. You tell you what ripped us all instead of Chris Sale on short rest that's ridiculous to me. I won't be able to sign off on that especially. When you are you heard Chris sales say I will pitch on short rest. I'll pitch on three days' rest I'll pitch until mile balls off. Already heard the Sega if the manager at ample. And Chris still gold in the in the office and it ended Jon Farrell's office. And he says. John Allen a pitch on short rest in game four. And John John federal books or Chris Allen says you know lot again a dollar rent was yellow. Bike. Imagine what Chris. Idle a moderate action would be much action would be sorry. Com. And then it's my doctor brokers celebrate. On the air right now. Don't. Scott. Law melody has just join me in studio look at veggies a goodly long while acutely let's not Myanmar. What do you what's going all of dancing and it Saturday yet and a. 6 o'clock now and I I. And camp out a little fat right now academic it would bugle BC Washington but I just popped it. What's he got lazy guy and all Aaliyah yeah beautiful. So what do you think and I feel. I don't look all you shouldn't not a lot of advocates of the league when the series in that I think is important is absolutely game. At one game like she'll fight you can win one game this group all come back next year for the most part of the appeal in sixth. Inning good. I'll read where you feel pretty good. I I feel like Doug Fister given his post season yeah. History I feel like he's gonna give them a call each dot I don't think that he's got to let I don't think they're gonna get behind nearly and I did expect. Six though right well put it this way if he goes five. Price. It was full of Eagles prices five. 67 and you know what if you wanna think about eight potential fine to get the general if you don't fist at a price to Kimbrough. You had a good day if you can get the first win meant just like that take art and I do you tell me that you tell me as a book. Two top of the first a lot of those guys did the damage atop the order. The last thing you can always be down to Katrina and before you take back. Exactly as a product as a woman originally as is as the Al somebody it was a position of plant who has bent up and you've got up in these moments. When when you're struggling as an offense are right and and you know again and just thought pitches. He put behind it in the second inning so a good feeling no appeared opposite struggle in your home your picture's gonna be on the mound first. If you get up in the first inning down three nothing you'll have no shot no given that the conference and and what I don't agree with it and Pedroia said it after the game. Yesterday he said confidence doesn't mean you know I can't forget about conference with you know wit will get up behind skit. And on signal language in our kids being kids in the studio at a. But it isn't that I'm on none nominal. Hope is some type of confidence that's and I hope that's not to Doug Fister it needs to because of that if that's not what can you write this thing's gonna. This interview offensively you look at this team's you know aggressive to use to like 138 at bats in the first pitch it was all it was gonna hit in the face and not got it but the first and sale. Thank you look at his numbers all all one note you'll off the charts. There's a passive approach from some of these guys in this lineup though let's see a more aggressive Eagles in a bowl is like 29 at bats all wall. First pitched them off from peacock body issues the shortstop taken fastballs like every. Big giving the image counts then and there are so passive I think they're trying to work the count that it will get two strikes and it showed they could still hit. The image counts all one note to wall if you fall behind a post season to get behind hitter he's supposed to pay the price. It's too passive you'll watch first pitch from peacock rate on a metal Sanders gonna take it first pitcher peacock right now fundamental. But joy is gonna take it if fist at those the first pitch fastball right down the middle. A two they launch. You don't spring will launch Korea will launch. I'd like clo aggressively. Out to below more aggressively peddling it it's fine I mean it's time to put another pitcher on the ropes and and with Brad peacock I mean you and I am three stock to Fenway I don't just want us thought of last week. Well game you know what it is current 33 tourists thoughts or than others. Twelve earned runs in three shots and I've been like. So it's replacing doesn't really like to pitch at the end of the day and it's his first post season Scott this is a perfect opportunity for this Red Sox offense to make another pitcher put enough to pitch on the ropes you don't get them I don't think and get overtaken them all the Roland get a lot of the game early jump out to a for an up and lead. And then don't you know to know on top of that. Then you don't have to. Go with an I don't even know why they would pick is doing this but you don't have to go with Chris Sale out of the pen in game three you could say Chris that game game four children ruling on him. Coming up depending game three but we've since April the month starting game four yet that the children huddled this could you imagine if they won game three. And they don't again for Chris tells artists they want to throw those on file just don't be evil. If it is he has to write a short rest don't talk about beer backs against the wall not ruling it out of game three. So get down already it's definitely this game Falk is still not gonna ease going to pitch in that game even if he's got the canning game three on on. You walk on becomes a pan. Now becomes out of Penn knowing that's like him that's like tampering amount of pat I don't very commendable penny and I can't I can't bring you say a lot of panic and during. But you know let's say they dole and let's say they get to game four can you imagine a sale you know still talking to John Farrell and sell those and I want this on short rest I want this. And and Farrell says as you know what we're gonna go with the guy who at 38 home runs this year and they would I don't let's cell death that you can't Beckett could have happened. These are seen as should be mentioned that game yeah and I drive there. But the light jacket around do you implement you can throw I had my ultra. They're an advantage damn thing and normal tomorrow if Carolina can be no surprise is how will this play your best players we go there. I don't care and satellite TV and anyway I don't it would peacock does against right he's left these. Switch hitters I don't care what it is to against Fridays and populate the five at that history is against peacock unbelievable it has on the early on best lineup. Don't let them dictate a value play play your best team. And you know what. You want this shouldn't that is I get it he's young he's an ex parents who doesn't have the postseason experience but don't you show I am during the regular season. In big spots mean any spot paid for twenty year old kid out efforts units in first place in a playoff race. Add don't you look at this kid. He doesn't get fazed by the big moment so what you gonna pull a lot of games nobody is electing all them. Estimate because it's ridiculous thing that I saw in game in game two yesterday. Is that. They let. I don't know if they have Willis and Farrow it is going up back check and that you don't nominee is during this iPad but cousins that's cannot be business Josh Redick. I don't I don't like rewind it on the block scorched sure I was seeing things bases loaded lefty Josh Redick. Who would be a clean up hitter and a lot of Major League lineups and. You let a right hander in constant Smith who is that eleven games and the last two years wrote to Josh rhetoric protracted and throw one pitch to him. To me would make me pick it up on the Red Sox fraught issue we make a change going in the temple. David Connelly is AJ Pierzynski said before that too because it was who was Palmer and lastly remember. With with Carson Smith hot. I'll tell us don't miss it Democrats are consummate the red special you got that so does he not face a prove quite if he was gonna face and you can put them on first. Yeah dollar a substantial rate a double it to get that all of you get the ready specialist. And no two ways up lights in his game. So then a case that any go to Carson Smith and then you let him face Redick and on the telecast you got David Price up in a bullpen why is Carson Smith. Face it Josh Redick. He's got a behind it this and it's it's it it's whatever I mean it it is what it is that what they are he has what he is so. You just need. Mr. this first inning that he won I mean I'm doing this game tomorrow night with Joseph and Tim in the Booth certain. I cutesy to two runs three runs in the first addicted it can't happen now I mean it is presently are always meant to. I I don't know that much more demoralizing when that it forget about you know. Line drives in the gap but a big alone in the seats you don't years in the trend going off the fireworks respond to Canada what demoralizing. It's a home run well before I I get to a break one of the things we're talking about artistic goal in today's game. And it. It forward to a two point 60 ERA in nine postseason appearance is it of ambience dots you know what does last postseason appearance was. And the situation. No I was at the Washington Nationals this and it's 2014. Washington Nationals are up against the separatist or giants. The giants are up and a series two games to none. This goes in it again and out tools Madison bomb gone and a must win game three that Pope once seven innings. But got a lot of three runs Vista seven shutout innings in that and a back to law must win game three. National sports again for Vista was not part that's the last time he saw postseason action. Giants won the series went on to win the World Series that yeah but still it is it we're trying to get some type of positive all of the teams trying to look at some and say we got a shot. That's it. I would say that if he gives you five he's been outstanding shall absolute outstanding at crisis waiting for their prices. I'd put rates yes 67 rather than read old Rick Kimbrel. Kimberly comedic got a game to game amend and you lose eight to two but it's still think you got to find a way to. You've got to get inning and inning plus five votes from Kimbrel but he gives you five it's a stint as you know David Wright should be coming out of the Pentagon popular attention right. Now now not at this point nine you don't take what ever team at this point it was nobody's predicting a pre nup we'll still good but I'm glad I got us. I have been vocal David penalties outstanding right now he's locked I have more confidence in him than anybody else kitten. Absolutely knock him you can't take him out of every minute there quickly to win tomorrow. Yet talked a talk a Red Sox Astros who wins. What you went. It costs on them home more owning and if they lose do you want Farrell to do do you want Farrell could lose his job let's say you get what you want. John Farrell manager always die there is yes and I don't sit down and ruin my kid you know we don't talk sports we don't our business rather bread pudding. But he goes linger Lewis diligent. I'm endorsing president I go that BC game and don't they say I collect that are below and. A big guides. Are at odds negative re taking your phone calls up until 645 wood BC and Virginia Tech will pick up at 715. The again coverage at 645. 61777979837. Back after this final. Six months haven't 77979837. Final couple minutes. New York. You reliant on not officially tomorrow on the blog employees say it I didn't alleged gunman and I did I'd advocate a minute I hope. Look at the number is look at the numbers just. Why Hillary Chris Sale does go on get. The job done and game one I guess that's I regret the most. Right personnel in such a great season he's the sort of stumbled. In the post season. He did get as 300 strike out that game that it was questionable in which he should have even gone out that violent. As you would go to the next game anyways but for the most part did the Red Sox on in this position. Without Chris Sale my. Andrew Palmer and had a great season until enabled just stunk ears and I'd sit there really is the main story just a couple stages from. Still and bomber rams a trip I think that's the the biggest pot of all things salon. Luck. Reliant on system are you Lucent Bruges boom around it is joining us cereal for segment and he just said you don't if there's goes five tomorrow it's a great shot I agree I am and that will stretch in the fall there's titles for tomorrow. And and you giggle gimme for shut out for one run. And Maine's right. Just one run forays I'll tell you rank. It lets up two runs and you and uncle two it can't be sure. And what we idol you keep me on hand at that kind of pathetic like that I babysit middle of the up and bruised pretty. Innings I think we'd be OK when it that's where we're at with the Red Sox right now so. And I don't know what's gonna go around but I don't know about being with yet again tomorrow I think on a launch twelve to 20. Maybe that's generally don't lead in the red George preeminent what rob Bradford and haven't relic sell on will be in the Fenway area I know that cell. That will be tomorrow I'll talk to you man in the meantime. And get our podcast did. God shell a data to guide dot com. Also subscribe on iTunes Google play anywhere podcasts are available actually my picks for week five of the NFL picks picks five NFL games. With this Brad got a he's one of on the. Even though their favorite home Detroit at home over Carolina. I I don't think Detroit loses that game not maybe if you wanted to. You know say they're for lack I don't know they Carolina goes on the road two straight weeks in and beats the patriots and the lions on the world. Lions forced turnovers did defense at all I just think they win the game. So all that's a little tees and it's lions there at three point favorites some places I've seen unit to laugh. But I like the home court and note to try. You'll get two teams at three in waters the only generally can be five Richard 31 teams so I'm gonna take it tried to get all my picture on my podcast. Then you've got Sean micro knowledge job on the glass. I.s didn't check let's go to. Download that subscribe to that as well on and I insurance from hostile sports nice job with. Thanks to all the problems thanks to a melody join me and take the Red Sox don't win game dribble I'm sure we'll do. A lot more tomorrow lead not to again. Document.