Danny Picard - Could Jaylen Brown end up being better than Gordon Hayward? - 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

In the third hour of the program, Danny talks Celtics, and the play of second year swingman Jaylen Brown who has been impressive in the teams first 3 games. He speculates on the future of Brown and the other young Celtics on the team. The discussion on Alex Cora also continues.


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Ducks Bruins patriots Celtics. Talk about the mall now. Danny put card 24/7 new England sports continues so it's getting. Network. Maria I'm here till seven. Again that's when coverage of game seven of the ALCS. Begins. It's probably it I I do find it a little difficult to put. Money against CC sabathia and made. You know if you take away wit at play in this game. And take away the lineups on the other side and you just got to pick the kitchen. Who would you want on a mound for game seven of the ALCS would you want CC sabathia or would you want Charlie Morton. I take CC sabathia is CC sabathia has found something this season. We had you know he. CC sabathia of old. So it's tough to bet against him at the bit this series is then you know Houston first do at home they went. Yankees three and barrel build in a you know they get a jolt of energy they went. Houston last night they were trying to all of they get the W I guess it comes at a dominant performance from Justin Verlander talked about against it and I am last night. I don't know what you would do that. But it really does have a better bet than CC sabathia still. It just does seem to me like. If you're gonna look at an inning in his ALCS game seven on his take them home field. That's kind of the way. As got a way it stands to make yeah I mean it is a little concerning appear Astra spam that Morton got absolutely rocked up yeah use team Korea he did not have a good did not edit and run against him. So quite as saying cycles available at LL probably be available early sort of like the David Price. Roll and a lot of them an instance technical third and then you know he is Morton gets out of first you get the second couple runners on a honestly wouldn't be surprised if there RD don't pan. You cannot. You just did you can't there's no reason to save any bullets at this point you can't give up seven runs again now and certainly can't happen mom but where it's at Houston. I don't know I just would expect the Houston Astros offense. To do something to do some Merrill even though it is CC sabathia on the mound. And like I said there have been times that she was CC has looked like this CC volt at a point where it would be tough the may be bet against him if you would just look and at the two Scott pitchers who would you rather have on your team on young mom and again sevens about the Elmore and I think that's a no brainer. That's an easy anti Redd had sabathia but. The latest one has gone the way Houston looked when they do play all the stairs talked about against an alum and seven they just CNET it team has been knocking on the dole and our couple years. The Yankees time. The united there was a call earlier that senate and I. I I hotly this a great rhythm because. He was used in the Yankees promised that to mean at the Red Sox were done I don't think that's the case I think the Red Sox yankees are going to be. Head to head for the number one spot an AL east. You know for the next handful years maybe even longer but certainly the Yankees are in a great position with very young cola. And who knows what type of moves they can make the next couple years Richard gods the blockbuster trades don't yankees a blockbuster trade away from our. Actually see all the coming Red Sox in and taken back AL east Crown Royal city. But. If you told me that this is the Astros time. And and the Yankees Hammel come next probably is I'd say probably correctly that's I'd have to go to the Astros tonight. In game seven even a Major League Baseball probably wants a yankees Dodgers World Series. That's exit you know that's that's what they want as a league ally. Astros. Dodges they want yankees dodges. We'll see what happens to game seven is that I and again you can hear it all right here on WEEI coverage beginning at seven I'm taking your phone calls up until that 617. 779798376177797. Not 83700. Odds that a Red Sox. Bullet inferno manager. You know the favorite it seems like before even spotted interviewing people has always been Alex score at least that's of the reports have suggested. Now all the way I viewed it and I told the last week and that. Awesome this would be my guy. Brad Ausmus would be my guy from the Red Sox he's my personal pick that I would pick us is to be the manager. And I say that because of the experience back and the first thing people say to me as well. He he has the experience was a very positive it's clear channel he finished in last place in two out of the four years he was with Detroit Brad Ausmus. He finished in second of the year he won the vision its first year and what they get swept in the first round of the playoffs so wasn't a very. Positive experience there was one negative they haven't anything osmond's putt. She got a scare me away. Previous failure as a manager in baseball. That doesn't scare anyway what kind of scares me away. Is. The idea that you would bring somebody in that doesn't have that managerial experience at all. Maybe scares me away is too strong because we do bring it back to Alex score. I I liked the fact that easy younger guy I like the fact that it does seem like he relates to young to play is a whole heck of a lot more of Enron got nice award. Soul to me Cora is any. It's much easier picked and then bring in god why you bring in Cora if it's between those two to may have a drink or not is. I actually am intrigued by the guy who. Has actually failed at the Major League level because he's managed he's got the experience you've given the opportunity and maybe learn from some of his mistakes no jet. You told internal on the brakes that they concern with us mission and I've I've seen people. In the media in this town point this out. One of the concerns are being that. There will moments that he didn't handle the media very well in Detroit is that would you sign it right sometimes you had. You know Branko questions asked him why he made this or that decision and then you Google it frosty the media. I would bet that's one thing. But what makes us think that Cora wouldn't react the same way and the manager spot news. Right it is posthumous. As a handle on how it will luck. I don't know that you don't really understand how it works until you're in that spot until you are and that press conference until you have to meet with them at the Boston media. With our Red Sox cap on as manager of the team yet to meet with the media at 415. Before every game you have to meet with the media app that every day. The media a lot and got to do that for a 162. Hopefully on the 62 plus. I I don't think you ever really know how to handle that situation until you get there and until you experience some type of failing which. Your auspices that. Or does well is there at least the possibility at all I enter now because I have a problem that if we're gonna function undid the mindset that. Austin his would be no good here because he can't handle the media can't handle any type of negativity and what does that what does that say about us. At that point we're already run and watch this on top forty. So and perhaps is upon him that knows how it's gonna go down and maybe load from those mistakes is that I handled most things pulley. I gotta be better at that stuff and that maybe he also helped. Maybe he looks at answers I'd do is about a team with the Red Sox and hand truck. That's about it pitching staff this and I know he's the only scherzer and Verlander but you know. He botched chairs right chairs on the nationals. Verlander struggled at times of Vernal merlot has been great this season and he's been even better with Houston since he was traded to Houston. But times the last handful years where Justin Burke and. Was not Justin Verlander of old and a point where. So people thought he was god so you put that I just. Does it look Al manager handles the media and say oh I can't handle. Don't print and Harry Ron and I gotta tell the forgets the pace on media reaction. Seems a little ridiculous to me daily to your point about having the experiences and angered his core is playing experience in the MLB. And offsets and what about osment is plain white areas that Cuba these attach it to he knows how to handle pitching staff. And I I don't Farrell as pitching god he's come from the pitch an aspect us this is a lot of attention. Who has to deal with all different pitching personalities. Something he's gonna have to do with this team right. So hard core is concerned does that make you feel a little better about it I don't see I don't. I don't feel bad about Ko if. Guy I think that. You know I'm not upset with like I I can look at that no yeah okay easy easy younger guy he played him he seems like a good dude he seems like he can relate. I think he has been no as a player he's somebody that's been humbled in the league ready utility guy. All these guys got ego is all these pro athletes got egos. And don't try to tell me the guys who utility plays don't have egos they do but they put those egos aside not everybody's ever do that. He thought it was seemingly able to do that I'd like that that's it that's a characteristic that you need that. If you're going to be in a position to deal with all different types of personalities show on. You've got to be able to put your ego aside I think or you can check out on off he's got that I think you can check a lot of things off of core. Under is telling you. Eva coral osmond's would be a good pick or should I say it better pick ending Ben gotten higher and it. The two best options you have all right core Kosmas. I would you take us missile the corporates colts. Try to sick horribly bad move. I'm telling you might pick would be at said reports today even a law you know we've heard all the candidates. Reports today and this is the Ken Rosenthal tweet. Allred of Torrey. And Roosevelt's rated little over three hours ago. He says nothing has changed with Alex Cora sources tell the athletic that the nationals and not in the picture Alex score. And that coral debt the Red Sox job once the Astros had done well here that last sentence. I think it fears about the nationals thing. Nationals. They fired their manager. And note the last what point for all his reports have come out that the nationals won in if you core. I don't they have. Arrow of corps wants the dog would be interested. But Ken Rosenthal is reported today three hours ago that the nationals and not in the picture regardless of other reports and ten rose a dollar each reach out that. Cora will get the Red Sox job. After the Astros had a net calculated is behind the scenes deal. And at that the deals done digitally to announce. Doll. Half ago. John Hammond who's another well respected baseball writer reporter breaks a lot of knows each reached this out up armored. I haven't reached. The Red Sox. Offer the manager position. Alex score. A show contract is finalized it'll be announced after Houston's. Done. So they're not that it may even says that they've offered him the job. And he's it's it's not just the contract is going to finals. So the question I have with these tweets. Where did not opens official does seem anybody wants to come out and actually say the words sources. Alex Cora is the next Red Sox manager at Iditarod to come out and say that exactly. Kind of retreat that itself and there is some demand that's hold that up. More a little more than just the Astros still playing. And is that it's Gore's decision. That maybe Alex Cora hasn't sign on the dotted line until core size in the dotted line he still has options. The Red Sox can want accord to be their dial they won. Its core his decision. To choose where he wants to go and maybe he sleeps on it and has stocks of gold and nationals. May be. As crazy as this might sound maybe he days that the match pitching staff will get healthy and they'll be back in the playoffs next year and he think that's an organization. And he'd like to be that guy that. You know wins with the Mets then. Yeah I don't know 42. Blood. It seems like reports suggest. That. He is coming of the Red Sox. We don't Syrian official yet on the little hesitant to go there it's just that the cameras about 33 hours ago. More than anything. This last sentence jumps out as Cora will get the Red Sox job. After the Astros had done that tells me that there is a deal behind the scenes that it is signed sealed and delivered and that they digest waiting for the astros' season. To be a look at every night maybe game seven ALCS against the Yankees in Houston coming up right after the show coverage begins. At 7 o'clock let's go to Brian gammage field it's Oprah. Core will be gone within two years. The the door. The team had a lot of polls going to be a viable solution may. Corporate yes there always was when it was like. No. Well Cabrera more time around Tora Bora like oh what this. You're watching actually went back should not guide this team needs right now. Kapalua and nourish Choi young grads. Well. That's the job and good he's been working to undermine. Our entertainment act. In good young Glasgow. Coach. Aggressive what do you mean you don't count and a bit of. All right so that's a human base running you'll want what you want to tap -- running around the room. You know yeah all jacked out of his tree given people choke slams that's what you want. What I want to let coach apparently you are now I know how the game. I want your. Think we're not gonna do that our doors. Are. Doing a bit ridiculous. I haven't seen yeah don't. God be god am I up on eleven yeah. Yeah yeah wrote Laura out a loan is done this. Engines. Yeah. Stupid you sound. Stupid data from a set out and did about all its prevents. Tell me. Or should be known. Did you have already in the net job. Already. Are these guys to check the job of her already. Because. He's not gonna sit right now need to be set. This blog not a given that it's ridiculous that kids. Run of the Diana Tom hasn't been announced yet but it'll help this track yet. It's good. Well if you are the manager behind. It's like that make me believe. It's going to be a lot of people in this town edit just gonna go to next season and look. With a new managed to do things wrong because they just wanna pick unless they're died that day I. The course noting that that it is is it less urgent and. The manager spot they're not going to be happy now odd duck and sit people down I called gore a yes man as if he's ever been in a rule without score what. If paying. Course the complete opposite. I just told you about Corbin utility player right. Till we got and at least try not to turn and out score. Got to me. I'd say that's a bad and I told every professional athlete has an eagle epic combat and that could be the judge to block. Any. To dozens of sox'. Dustin Pedroia an ad spot. It says. I think that he's actually put his ego aside. And I think that's a good thing does that make and I yes and no I I that makes him somebody that she's the big picture that she's reality. And so that's or has control it's it. They argue that people RE trying to tell me decor is not gonna make the right decision and in certain spots in a baseball game. You've been ridiculous. Did you sound like a full stop what they get the job first point but don't mean to get. Before Iran a monotone. Holy cow. Bodies in New Hampshire it's money. Did he looked up its act McCall thanks at all. I couldn't remote reaches said that last call. Just inserted this if you wanna join embassies and make bad decision criticize and fine. But he saw and managed the game yet. But I want you to take it one step further my friend to call out Lou Maloney because you know that he's sick. Biased side right now it is always used shots. I don't as Lou shouldn't fight inside right now. Waiting for the next manages to fail because he wants the job. He wants the job in eleven call right now. I think if you want the job joke that it should get you should get loosened up yeah. Don't. I would be surprised to be this I competitions but what I'm saying is that. He you've hearing we're wondering I. People want. People wanted to force that people want them to go when their kick some ass when I hit a little below to get on these random these things psychotic. Just in in seen. Rancid meat packing capital. The president but we're not trouble talking about Farrell and your phone is harmful side can't I can't listen in general it's a phone. What legal back above Farrell. I don't get yeah he was fired up a Farrell he wasn't the only one a lot of people more lot of people now. I tunnel into the Farrell think about some of the criticisms over the top because. Yeah I can only blame the manager for so much for lack of execution. I can't blame the manager. But but more real looking ahead to the next manager. And what people want I call a sizzling on somebody's gonna start banning cakes amassed. Two calls the only bucket cap legal and and start giving out DDTs in the clubhouse when he died this run I mean. And that's the first thought I get a policy Kaplan we need to be aggressive what are you ought to know ordinarily. You know. When those sleeves running around doing Carroll's. Pick and people get uninstall Goldstein is I mean what do you pick is going on in a Major League Baseball club must get a sense of reality. You talk about how aggressive you want to add a lot like. I don't know aggressive play in the based that's they did get some idea I don't know but don't speak aggressiveness and the management and and want like. A fight after every game that's in that it's still. Why why you bring up cap he's not even a finalist was. Even if you. That he did so why are we talking. In the ring today at a budget three cameras and all week. Cora will get the Red Sox job after the Astros it. If they upset with that. I told awesome this would be my pick. I'm not upset with corn get the job if upset with court get the job but then you already showing your agenda. Witness situation that you move you aren't just don't like the guy I am I have no idea but. At this point. Based on the candidates. You really don't Ron brain out score and I'd I just don't think you 617779. 79837617779. 79837. I C a calls I'll take an impetus aimal. Still out there. In touch with Danny right now 617 sevenths. On Sports Radio guy. PI. Core will be gone within two years this team I have a lot of holes. Kirby of arbitration may. Corporate yes man you know who was legal it was quite. Thank overnight call. He's not there yet he might not even have signed the contract what we do know is that the Red Sox at least a buffet Tillman. Maybe you'll want to take Ken Rosen those three today. And then he read into it a little bit it does seem like ever agreement behind the scenes it is waiting for Houston to be done Houston tonight. Is in game seven at home against the Yankees. Winner of that game will play again won the World Series in LA. On Tuesday night 61777979837. Let's go to new bill in Melrose it's up they'll. Eight any case it might call. Love the passion and although it I got it you're right hot at this I know course. No I I've no idea. He wants them gone that's why doesn't want him to be the manager that's why. I just got a couple be quick from. How how long is how long are far removed his core complaining. Alex Cora last. Fare like 20102011. Other. Yeah. He was diagnosed as an eleven with the nationals that's it was because once Washington. Had the opening net. Everybody was talking about all Allen scored the last team he played full as the nationals in 2011 to 2011. OK so I mean I I don't. We have no idea just I think that people think I just stopped bleeding in the you know. Yes Eric Christian and all a lot of the decisions I don't really believe this much work with. Suddenly it all in game decisions that a lot of the Carlos brought an alleged allegedly beat it up I at least ought not think that. During his managing days. I just I just for I mean when you say tough guy I don't even. I don't know what people want or expect I don't I don't get that at all. It doesn't make much sense to me out you need somebody to relate to these players whether you like it or not they. Making and they got the money that's being thrown around in that room and not saying they literally thrown around but but money that's being thrown to play as. On this Red Sox team. I mean apple Acela make it twenty yen yet Hanley make California. Right yet David Price made 31 million yen. Italy's players now arbitration eligible the end of play is the enemy make it's a big box and they got to make even bigger box from you know moving forward. From. White and blue dogs if you go out Simon Eric Hosmer. He hit it big man. 25 million a season to sell. Does a lot of being thrown around it edits different go to manage. An entire roster. A guide to make it that much money in a sport that. Can't get any more individual than baseball can't get any more individual next this is the most. Individual sport that there is so. When you now you have all bug you at Twitter. You know these guys sit these guys literally sick in the club house on their ipads and other iphones from 3 o'clock. It's literally take BP. They come back again. For another column from six to seven and they sit on their ipads and their iphones from now right. There are such a big. To be able to handle this stuff you have to be sort of a younger guy that's what I'm Ron got knives stuff an audience unum against it was due diligence like it's that I've known quote. So core Xeon guy we know it's gonna be like as a manager at bell we don't putt. What I think we should understand that the 'cause he's a young guy. And when you see is personality and how do you not like Alex Gore's personality. You study on ESP yeah right he was on. Baseball tonight. He was part of it I thought I started doing some media. The last couple years ago. You know he's on Houston's bench right now so on the yen up from a good things are I don't know how you can be upset. We're higher at Alex correlated color for ESPN and he did it in the port yet he was it I remember Shannon studio you're he doesn't thirteen DT sixty yeah no he was good. Mike has personality I think he's going to be good tennis club close. But let's be honest again. Two managers in baseball too much credit too much blame let's be honest. This manager's gotta do as good as this pitches that takes right is Ed just written that is that's how good management. If the pictures that get some division. Title. But gets in the post season and doesn't show up the first two games in post season. Some people blame it on a manager. Bud and reality Albion pitches. Stroll. My point is that the idea. Already be predictive failure per Alec score is ridiculous based on the fact that the Red Sox roster is still pretty damned. And in fact I think it's only gonna get better head into next season. Ian Scott McCain puts me. And it looked up and let's alone out there right now I get to read him loud chorus gonna be the best manager they see a lot time and he's been removed from the game only seven years old and a six years 2011 and set up. And on top army bilingual. And at that whatever walks the walk off homer. For LSU against Miami and you see elk or are laying on the ground. Right because it's the worst day it was lights. He said he loves again. Lives and dies by. We want we want a guy who wants to wait. And winning every. Yeah and I'm telling you right now even have been you know that you get it that's gonna beat you know it's gonna dictate what can beat that there. Like it winnings could dictate you want to win so bad. But you'll instill that in an out and play the game. Ought. Well I got an eight and but him being bilingual is well. You can. He's got at all. I apparently I am so happy yeah it that way. All we get it we're gonna get him for a manager because you're going to be. What we eat out Spock I'd like I was a young a young guys we're hungry as first opportunity and ticket bought it. All. Ball. Yeah I did cores and I script as a call and and you pointed out a lot of great reasons Florida. I mean. It's it's it I don't think you can't point out batteries. Right. I'd be at one college try but each is it doesn't even make sense. It's just you know you re dismal I mean reconsidered and pinpoint on shortly event. This more stories behind the scenes of what type guy out score is that would be able to support your argument as to why you think this guy would be great for the job. And that pirating actually tweeted today from Ken Rosenthal. It's that Alex score is gonna get the job. And even kind of get the sense that it's already agreed upon behind the scenes it is waiting for the asterisk season. To be all the let's take another call him before the break it John is in Maine it's a John. I edit hectic month. Our talk about the subject. I thought you know but after the first week I'd definitely shall make it in the top fourteen. I mean I would be so. No doubt I mean I would be surprised that they were by and by that effort and team. But it you have to learn how to play really rather not having Gordon and Irving has not only accumulated. They have to figure out how they're gonna generate those points going forward. What guys are gonna find their minutes and that helped me realize armed Brad Stevens. And that means freedom I think we can still we are talking equipment that coaches and we are any other lineup on the floor I had to reexamine the shoppers rocks after we need to find out who exactly pleased for the skiing you know. Act so I see is that means the ankle fourth biggest of the Greek. Not to be a top four bigamy a top seed I don't think they can be the true seed behind Cleveland. Cleveland's best team in the conference. I don't know why you can dispute that I really don't. And and this is LeBron jams. If this is his last call on Cleveland he's gonna rock the West Coast after the season which. Everybody's pretty much saying he's gonna do. And I could see it happen as well that is even more motivation. For him to win a championship with Cleveland Ricky won Gordon Hayward was healthy. I wasn't put the Celtics over the cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals. But it could it could go there. All we know Gordon Hayward city. Are we talk all while noting it would they weren't expecting and as they got to figure out away without. Find a way to set and I agree with. All ecstatic. They haven't really had much experience playing with Gordon Hayward to how difficult is that going to be to move on without Gordon Hayward and San. It's just got to come down to. What type of progression this someone like Jalen brown making his second season in a huge jump in minutes. Brown average in seventeen minutes a game last year not pianist Donna. And Nadal to the point where he's going to be it's not every night. And he's gonna get 3540 minutes again. If he does again foul trouble like he did against Milwaukee once and. So it's got to rely on that. You know the tape and things don't fresh Ike Ike Tatum. Expectations are high as they should be for a kid who is taken number three overall. What I guess I have higher expectations this season the Jalen brown Nolan and he has a full NBA season under his belt. And what don't both of those kids are confident but there is shot about Jalen Brown's confidence that jumps off the screen a little bit more completely alike. Art I could see of Jalen brown hit his stride a little bit sooner then. Tea but it's going to be close caters nineteen Jalen browns to Lonnie turns 21 sewn right and it. But this week man and his birdies on October so maybe we should stuck on 21 girl. Still that's pretty young that's gone out of and all that. Hey. They had plenty of time to make that progression and make that leap to Vienna and all style NBA caliber player. It's just that now Gordon Hayward may be the pressure is on those kids a little bit more to do it right now all I could read Stevens isn't. It's an old on back east Portman is not on he's played 3536 minutes again. And I'll OK. Good what they gotta match par putt. Go to ivory Irving. Yet another big Isiah Thomas fan of his biggest supporters Isiah Thomas. But. A team last year eighty preventable seated. It is in east. And I know Cleveland rested some guys down the stretch but. We knew made that trade and you send Isaiah and Jae Crowder and the miracle day to Cleveland. You bring tyra Erving in that. Hey you know you're you're sort of do the swap Isaiah. Thought Erving. As I guide you also lose Jae Crowder which affects your team then you you know. Yeah you lost Avery Bradley. You know you traded him to Detroit from Lawrence. I get other moves in Maine but it's that you need to tell me Tyree Irving. Ian as good as at least I expect him to be as good as we saw him in Cleveland. You mean to tell me neither god obviously wanted to be a missed opportunity where he is the guy you tell me that Tyree Irving. Can't lead the Celtics to a top 3 seed in this Eastern Conference yeah I think he can ID to get out not talented big and a commodity east and a talent they gonna beat Cleveland playoffs because they wall I mean they they do that with Gordon. Indiana get their. Still a big base I think itself which can do and maybe I'll put too much pressure on someone like Jim Brown but from what I see out of him. If he's gonna get 35 to forty minutes damn ban on just fine with that and and I think that. He can be successful deployment when you see 25 points for men and open up the season opener. Dat is shot that you should get used to. I'm in this season you should you step out of jail on bra and don't forget about elephant which is another big piece which seems to be the guy that we all forget about. Because perhaps it doesn't jump out on on the screen like on paper. Now. I think that outlook could definitely does some things that. Help this team get to that next level and not the championship level out the day to day yet. But did a diploma they can be a top three she'd like that like the caller said I agree they can't Celtics. I think we'll still be very good BC's and one of the top teams in each 6177797937617779. 79837. Celtics phone calls Red Sox phone calls. Yet the patriots dot tomorrow night's Super Bowl rematch patriots falcons on Sunday Night Football. Gimme a call and I will take those calls of those panel. Card talks about all new England sports. Works on Sports Radio. The. 61777979837. Vinny is in the college of any. Skinny right the only you. Good lesson on just about the but Alex Cora but I opened under the manager. We're in the same exact thing about John Barrett. And that you did Belichick of the all. I totally agree with you on pitching staff that you got it and make a rate cut demand in baseball but it. We said the exact same thing about how we had a Adam rated better but. And look what happened so we know what's gonna happen without. Com I'm happy I got I don't think we do a lot. I go back Farrell's sharply from the Toronto all. There was talk of Farrell the full line. You know obviously months. To a year and a half before that and that a pap but on. It was obviously common after a somewhat toxic situation with the Red Sox about cell I think anybody would have been. Wreck of fresh air from what they had at that point but Farrell as a god it was written team you know as as. Pitching coach on Terry Francona saw atlas. Review of sorts of people wanted and of people also just meet you needed and really somebody anybody you're gonna take somebody wanna sell unfamiliar with the Red Sox organization. Go to the victims have Farrell's like a great choice at the time okay. College right as well is that. That said we don't know lol what. This team's gonna look like with Alex Cora but. The rust is gonna look like I guess that's all I can do it all we can do. I want is to just don't go running guy out of town before he even managed to get. And net if you do just look at the roster. And you look at the qualities that caller brings to table its we already pointed out that a lot of people like. I. Trusted that what you have what you bring him back next year what you need to go get which is a bat and I would like to get back. That the first page position without subtracting any named Mitch small loans gone he should sign Eric Hosmer. People want to talk about luxury tax this that the other thing I mean. You know what is. Is it luxury tax that don't bring it. Or is it luxury tax they did it you can't say well. Luxury tax a problem okay JD Nazi gas that doesn't make sense Judy Martinez might make more that caused you can't say luxury tax a problem drainage in college step. Can't say daddy in the guy makes more money than anybody in baseball right for the next twelve years. My. So only increases year to year exactly it can opt out of the two doesn't want me but that's what he wanted because they think he could rub that. It's nothing he probably see that he can make even more money area for ten more years we got to do doesn't want. So. It's you can't it can't argue luxury tax and it's brought all these names I you know put that aside we know what they need they need a bat. Opposition which they would have to subtract anything by signing a first baseman. What first baseman is available that would be good enough given this current group. That you could convince yourself the Red Sox will be a better team next year offensively I think Eric Posner is that I did it again. You don't have to subtract anybody by making that. Make an acquisition and you just sign a check. And on top but he's got the Al Haj and as the World Series experience you went to work the World Series back to backe is a Kansas City and want it the second time. So he's got that championship pedigree. Which obviously want that type of player. And he's still young enough where. I don't think anybody expects any type I don't fall anytime soon he's 27 years old pot right 47 point eight. So it's an ice stood to criticize somebody to a deal. That's I'm gonna ritual the hospital make somewhere around 25 million. Doesn't it forty home runs. It what five home runs each of the last two seasons. Underdog BI guy. It's air it out. 2853 out of five I think on average and it and it's just and solid first base. A veteran I'd still don't have Big Three don't see any type decline at least anytime soon I think that would via a good. Sign for the Red Sox especially with a would have to some strengthening again. He is turning twenty this week actually OK and he's also a three time gold glove winners in society and that's it seems like obvious mode does it. Yeah I think that. I wouldn't be surprised though if they don't make any. And he beat splashing all what are you doing at first base San Travis I think that's a that's the most that's I think he's the most likely. Unfortunately no one here that I think the entity. Opening day I hope not because it I mean last year will say that it's not I'm talking about obvious moves that are Red Sox last year at this time I was looking at. Edwin Encarnacion. And I'm thinking to myself you lose a big poppy. Hanley played a fine first base. And patsy on. That's an obvious when you should sign him they didn't and he could have had in two they wanted to just on the money yeah I picked right. Unless there was something else on our eastern Liberia I don't well. I honestly don't call it is right so there's no brainer and it just happened and I'll mind. It doesn't make any sense that you should put a no brainer for her attack the brand and got us out last show it turning two months he was saying it. The brits are basically the Alder creek and stepped on the 24 or here or all their offseason moves sale they got Moreland. And Thornburgh and apparently it didn't play. After that it and said okay we're done we're out of the running third Encarnacion we spend our money no more. Arab maybe they're looking ahead. To some money they got a spent well maybe it that QB reagents in next year's there meaning that your auto and. All right are also did this Mike I just should. I mean look dumb risky spent those years in that division against Kansas City. Watching Eric Martin. You know played them nineteen times a year maybe he bought their cause I don't well. And maybe they had there and Eric Hosmer and they said today in a lot. Hanley. Obviously the vesting option with a plate appearances he's going to be aired on it probably is why they went to launch so quick they say. Reigning guy one year deal five mil a season. I know fallacies and animal wolf will focus on positive next year I can't I don't. At any inside information that just trying to figure out why they would bring in. And cannot heal last year perhaps that's our region when you face a guy nineteenth idea in your division like Ambrose you don't wait. Which Poznan and Kansas City. Perhaps he just loves the and and would you really we default on the blood and Eric Hosmer as a baseball player I mean I would welcome that. I just gave numbers he's got the ring. He seems like he's got it all figured out. As a veteran and it's literally 2728 years old so it's just an addition you could make without subtracting and and that's that's what I hoped the Red Sox. Go out and do next 617779. 79837. Let's go to Lou Ralph in Cranston what's opera. Really getting. You know I don't I don't think it was critical or serious money that would our musical. I I'd like to say if we're able to get international law. I really like Oreo from ma Chicago if we get it. Could make all in you also have to find a spot for the ski cheapest in the minors get it dirty or this bat is ready. I like actually Bradley Travis I forget now I look Bradley isn't Egypt play but if he keeps getting to sixty to XP which. Bwic use. A couple of years and say yeah he's wearing effect of. Plays another nine hit an all out for you really trying to run and not number nine hitter out of town a place of the best defense we haven't seen mark. Russia as an amateur runner this aspect but by Travis is never gonna actually warmer and so while he's got some value may Eagles to accept public had to Blix what action. They get actual real Chicago they want it stopped scratching the bill read or see these 31 veteran guy for portfolio we look what most guys. You know he's a workable Markota even to subtly that and then you put a Scotch and he had thirty moments that you can't comment at 8 o'clock it's like. I'll be 3540 or IKEA you know I like a deal like that. I do I would do that trade I would electorate I would new veteran I would note I just I I gave it up during a thought about it I would new metric. I. You know Bradley June is the first got people bring up the guys stay sees somebody that's not gonna hit thirty home runs that's not gonna drive in the a hundred but based on Jackie Bradley offensive numbers the last two seasons. I never would have even expect it he do this offensively. And if you are gonna. Play that type of defense in center field. And yet the number nine hitter can't you cannot use offence to tell me that he needs to be moved he saves you. Well he's 62 more runs and everybody and set a field got me. Out of the middle. And it's sleek and Jackie Bradley junior is one of the best there is defense when he's had a field so I'm not. I'm not trying to get rid him. And I'm not doing that for the last politician even for braves 617779. 7983761777979337. Back at this panel.