Danny Picard - Patriots and Falcons both have their own early season struggles - 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

Hour 2 of the program gets into Sunday night's big game, the Super Bowl rematch between the Pats and Falcons. Danny talks about the two teams play thus far this year, and what he expects from the game. He also continues to talk about the Red Sox managerial search.


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It's not a Bruins patriots Celtics. Talk about them all now. 24/7. Sports continues so let's get. Network. Pollen number two on here till 7 o'clock taking your phone calls 617779. 79837. Or not you. Feel about this Celtics team and at first when last night. Maybe 76 is they should be the 76 as he went out Gordon Hayward even went a lot of the new kids that again some one minutes then and maybe we thought they'd be yen but. Don't need to have additional download. These teams they have forgotten page in all listened. You know when they sign up diplomats still. I think a lot of us what that symbol. Look I don't know that. In a vacuum war that is is worthy of a Max contracts. Be cut and look album art it's my opinion vacuums not. But I'm glad they gave it all because he needed every shot on net and look that good enough where he's still to be an all stock album player. And dom is still somebody that can net. You know he's he's a veteran. I just I might put all of that brings his team but he is sort of the forgotten about memory does seem because saw is some people focused on Tyreke. All the other end of it because no Gordon Hayward focused on the kids now get all these minutes in and it's not lineup and meditate on the Jalen brown now mark it's not been diligent injury. Rama I pick if he can get healthy this is also a perfect opportunity for him because smile I was in the spotlight on. Law in Milwaukee Wednesday night and last night would know it's not they had gains in the spotlight group. All I I like these guys that I like is for road just missed the point where he seems. It seems like and I turns out it a WW weak character put into an NBA. I like the fact that he's that big body that you know we called the rim protect I think. We call any big doo doll Lauren protect I don't know that we showed that we do we he tries he could challenge she could be I don't get a challenge somebody at the rim. That has the size. And the strength to do so I force at the national. I'm go to a lot of personnel like Tuesday night in Cleveland. Crowd is on the ground any kind of stepped over the looked down and across I got upset and bangs one right back down. I gotta like that fight like I I I like that that was that was the mall where I looked at pains and I said he seems like a WW we carry that. And I don't I'm not so sure. Very good basketball book won't get shot because he's got its eyes and they obviously as a personality that I like that moment I did I enjoyed them all government. Also I yanked. Mobile find out more about pains as the season goes along Planon. I've been published on most things it's just where if if Smart can get back. There's an opportunity for him don't don't just overlooked that hole. Contract situation that we heard about the days leading up to the season opener right read and heard about a little bit after the day after. Where markers on his agent they wanted the deal. And David contract agree with the Celtics Smart NBA restricted free agent after the season soul. You know it's not wanted to contract. The Celtics won several months not and his agent they cannot said that they would not asking for a monster deal they're not looking for specifically of a come out. Jack I didn't see any specific numbers no blood they've sort of implied that they went on Ashton. Or anything crazy I think the market rate was the dad Gary Ayers steel in Denver that he assign Angel and I well. Even if it's not they they made it sound like. That they weren't asking for anything crazy. Fly at it's it sounds to me after all of it like the Celtics are saying hagel play Phoenix contract. Play like this is a contract he's not a contract here in quotes because it's restricted free agent yeah like step. So Harris has signed for four years and 84 million so I would guess okay early in the range maybe a little bit less I'd say less am I mean but I probably in the range of well. It could benefit the Celtics because it's. Maybe that they end up getting him act act in a brand back as sort of discount rate but if markets mod becomes the player that I. And they want the Tacoma. Which may be adds to the reason why did insider this contract to give them some motivation to play for the big money deal if you don't make me. Modest margin can come out and sort of pro rock and and the salvage what and I haven't may have law. Maybe because at the end up losing them but but just this season alone not at Haywood is out is even more of an opportunity for some nights Mott. It again if the if he can get healthy and stay out these out right now but it's an opportunity for and we talked about opportunities when they were down. Can't overlook the opportunity that's gone as. What eight Celtics get the first one of the season last night it's it's again they should have won it looked. Little scary in the third quarter that to begin the second half but they outscored Philly 33 point in the fourth quarter they pull out. And not a c'mon play the next on Tuesday night another day and that they should win when you look at the Eastern Conference. Cleveland just want to Milwaukee. Last night which doesn't really make that loss to Milwaukee. I mean now. It. Milwaukee company I don't I just think it's it's not an ideal. Schedule for the Celtics win you have to play Tuesday night in Cleveland come home the next night the home opener a motion to flying high and on top of it. Gordon Hayward that injury is still fresh with you when you return home because before you even have to played I can you look at the school voted. They have the video and Gordon hit woods all of the video. Not a man like it's not like you can just put it behind you it's not even like you're too nice to sleep on it and political team have a data practice you get right back toward the next day. And before you remember Jim go home and the next day. Got Gordon Hayward to take a lot of the video. It was put together on a long time ago he was a huge part of the offseason. And of course after the fact he's in a hospital talking to the did they have yards. So you can't forget about it it's it was a it was a schedule that was an idea of it and read it became a whole lot less ideal one. Gordon Hayward goes down and you have that schedules so it was a tough stock from that aspect Milwaukee. They should be a good team needs like they should be contending team if we're gonna keep given credit. I. Pickle ball. I didn't go go oh attempt at odds on that the couple I I threw it out video of Tommy Johnson. A Rite Aid the other night it's beautiful I hope he doesn't it's. Never. But. When it comes that Milwaukee team I do think that they should they should content IME station intact so. I could see them I guess just looking back at the end of the season look at Milwaukee thinking that their top three top forty neat they should be match right. So not mineral look at as being such a bad loss at the end of the season. It's just these games against Philly against the knicks he's against you should win. So. I EI you took every is this the way he should've at least in the fourth quarter last night and won that game and I c'mon play next attempt. You certainly should win but bullet evaluation process play out with the Celtics. Give a thought on that a ticket phone call 61777. On seven on a 37. Don't good they game. Tomorrow night patriots Atlanta. If you're asking if I'm if you're from concerned about the patriots in this one. I think a little more concerned it based on the fact does know Gilmore. There's no roll yeah I mean this man again they've already been ruled out there ruled out of the yesterday's injury report came out. So is secondary banged out. And you know Atlanta. I don't lose it talking about the Super Bowl they gonna get it that I highlights but does this game tomorrow night really had anything to do with that game it doesn't it has. It has nothing to do the only people that care about it being a Super Bowl rematch. Is the BI. Is gonna the national TV broadcast it's going to be NBC. Al Michaels Chris Paul is right that that's. Those are the only go mentioned that bill. Reference that game that's Super Bowl and the come back and Holland bode well Pete was saying they're gonna pick do that all night long but this game tomorrow night. You know. To me when you look at Atlanta did have their own issues just dish seasonal all day in three and all the falcons they begin three at all. They've had their bye week and between their bye week two weeks ago. Or are they lost the buffalo and home. Yeah the night. About coastal Miami which you thought is the lock a ball locks to take Atlanta at home. After the coming up the body and before that they've lost a couple at all does the locker vault locks is it not well it goes to show how stupid the NFL is this year. My goes in Atlanta and kids. Blizzard out I think seventy students and so. There. Shoes and the Super Bowl. She's in English to all that last two games of their children and bring down Mercedes-Benz. Stadium. And where's it at the school ought to hang around the top. I mean. Heidi what could happen. I've never been in the building but it looks like it's so I didn't you know your neck hurts when you look at up. It doesn't make any sense to me to beautiful buildings. What if it I want to do during the season they've got to stop quite a whole lot about it and that bill and it is that last bit biased at all. That you AFC east teams not named the New England Patriots. And that's a horrible look for you on intuit and against the patriots about Richard general problems too like just referenced defense of issues. And now once again you're not gonna you don't want you not gonna get role exit that a major concern. Especially B do look at Atlanta. Is say unedited dude have a big offensive game but. You know the patriots. And if this is going to be wanna. Goes back and for nobody stopping anybody defensively which I kind of expect it's going to be added baggage. Is expected that to be to do with the highest over an hour a week at 5656. And a half. If that's what he's back and fought you know you gonna have to keep up and Atlanta's offense because you defense sacks and then banged up. That net comes back to the offensive line it really does now and did your report and questions about Hogan can he took that big hit. Last week against the jets didn't look good it looked like it it in Vietnam. They'll ever ribs but in a spot near the back as well we have taken at least I was thinking to myself back. You can he's gonna leave this game and not only easy to lead this game you could see him as some time. Chris total was on the injury report but he had full participation. In the last. Practice if read this the right way and also all. Rex Burkhead right reg berkadia full participation. In the last practice. I just said the injury or put up on my phone and of course is a go to look at it I'd lose yet here it is right here. Rex Burkhead had limited participation Wednesday Thursday or Friday full participation. And virgin was a guy that. You at least sought to begin the new lawns. Right to be given to launch game it looked like it was going to be the Rex Burkhead game and Denny went out with an injury and didn't come back the second half. Police that ensued and neck you know we've looked at him again Rollins he gonna return Rex Burkhead pulled out his vision. At one point at least earn that all of game early in the season it looked like he was gonna play a crucial role he's a runner back. But he's going to be used in a passing role he's even got a lineup in the slot so Vick could turn him into a very valuable. Offensive player he could help Tom Brady and moments where. You know offensive line is he's not get the job done any new age it is get the ball off quick market could be key in that role but it's also great secrets Hogan. A full participation on Friday at the B and limited Wednesday and Thursday. So all eyes on the offensive line but also the guys that are returned from injury. And I just think that the patriots have the weapons to be able to keep up with Atlanta if this is going to be a back and forth game with the Patriots defense can't stop Matt Ryan. It's just all kind of come down to what. Big guys up front how they're protected from the quarterback it seems like a simple analysis but. I think that's where we stand that because any time you see Tom Brady had the proper protection. He's gonna find someone. And is he's gonna have to have one of these games where. You know he has that I goes. Thirty for 3535. For forty right he's gonna have to throw for 350 odds got the road for a four touchdowns to win this game. Tomorrow night on expected it to be high score I expect the patriots to win the on season one of my picks of the week which again my podcast picks picks five games with the spread is one of them I think the patch my story. Because. I just think they do for a game in which their offense. Takes. Load general build on but did a lot of these wins at home where maybe not on the idea seat. Not by the time you get to a minute left in the game right did you that they watched the Kansas City. They lost to Carolina and all they almost lost to Houston home. The most Cuba's convincing win what's the most convincing invent this game right. Yeah definitely that's well all of them only convincing win that impact. The yeah it is so. I'm here. An impact on the majors maybe he'd do whether in general bill then. It is on and I and I don't don't want the slow 1 o'clock spots that may be a benefactor and a I don't know. But. Yeah I think that. It's not ready for this game tomorrow night. Then that does not at a future on this patriots team because rhetoric on the point where they struggle and lose another home game. Into debt that's gonna yeah it to a point where you start seeing guys I think guys get cut. Confront this team you didn't see that big trade a trade similar to what you saw last year which he JD Collins straight regular. You could see some type of shake up at some point not a shakeup that would give up on the season because lets face it as long as Brady is healthy as I did Belichick to coach. You're still the chance to win this division as close as that division might peak. Unexpectedly this year but com if you don't sharpest and tomorrow night then you've got to find yourself either on the bench. Koppel on the street because a guy I didn't have to get close to that internally right it can't let up fourteen points. They jets like that you can't fault auto the jets like you did last week if you win against what you got well fault line again fourteen of them. And expected job to be safe if your play on this Patriots defense all it even if it's somebody on the patriots offensive lineman. Switch for the most part has not look good and gave a lot of Brady hit way too much and. You know if they can and I and we know they can fix that we've seen in the past they can fix the offensive line it's something that. Can be correct doubled throughout a season I'm also somebody that always a defense you can fix somebody's defense of mistakes. And a lot of them have then at a communication. Any communication issues like you see the guy. Don open down the right side against the jets last week just wide open what happened. That's just the miscommunication on the Patriots defense with on field personnel. So you can expect communication I think the more you play together and it the more you you likely can fix that it can be fixed but the time is now. Because if you don't fix it tomorrow night as bad as Atlanta's looked at last two games losing the popular Miami general build and I think that they still have the capabilities of of having big days Matt Ryan Julio Jones. A guy gets in. Baction who's a little banged up Joseph a little banged up too but he is back these planes. And they just have they have some big time playmaker is you you talk about the gig Gabriel. You talk about Iran backs right. They have a lot of play make it's a good defense they you know you don't have don't want you know we don't overall. If those guys are on the field the next man up. If you'll get together tomorrow night and met this thing's going to be ugly but other expect him. The Patriots offense at least hold up their end of the bargain and at home. I did that'll be good enough job of I think the pass line history that's my that's my pick finished I don't know restricting and I sometimes they are from the spread about the patriots. Minus 361777979837617779. 79837. So take your thoughts on the patriots. Dotson the Celtics won the first game of the season last night. And and of course keep our eye on any other baseball news that breaks in and keeper Ryan is Ken Rosenthal. Tweet. If each reset anything else about the Alex Cora situation. In which. Rosenthal tweets that Cora. Is going to be the next Red Sox manager. Once the Astros are done with the post season when they're eliminated tonight game seven. All and they lose in a World Series know what they went in the world sooners once the astros' season is done. Ken Rosenthal these based on what he's tweet and is expected mid to be. Some type of announcement that Alex scores and it's next Red Sox manager is that good all. Is it about what was his son and I'll see you prefer. Let me noted bank on that front 61777979837. More of phone calls at this final. And in touch with Danny right now 617 sevenths. On Sports Radio guy. UPI. 61777979837. Right back to your calls too. Let's go to billion man what's up really. Again I don't do you. It's Shalit dollar ticket right into it caloric that a suspect Eric. Not the old school La are all sort of you know color curtain I got analytic if I'm sort of a new world slayer by. What what are whoever picked her coat and happy at what Cutler if it can result in more question that I saw trust our current. Impala are hard and they weren't under the other sort Arctic or that their weight in it he didn't want it or. So we're so you like that you like or I mean when you sit him a couple of years you're not gonna expect yuck I expect court to show up and win the division actually. Absolutely not there are gonna have to get into little more wet. And wrecked out and it goes on in there at the emotional and now where. Yeah are so what would you do that because I. I noticed putts that it is talks about that on a federal court this putts that I agree with like I that you should certainly try to add a bat. But I don't know he should be trying to should track on the same time Eric Hosmer would be my got to play first base or what but I've already said that help tell me what you think. You need to do in addition they need to do detractors. Need to be a little bit of a realist in me. Pretoria we have to back out of it and they wouldn't be a part time. They can be a partner in there and and basically get out and checked in the all of this utility player ignore it. Eric Rivera didn't argue GA. And and the other than a lot senate you know. And I think that an insult to our shortstop are such a of people are checked it out and picked it up and I got that there are. Our bags or call thanks for the call bill. See here's a problem I have with Hanley I know what can be frustrated at times I can remember several rants I went on during the season where. There was one specifically. Where is common and net. In Canada and a pinch hit role in the ninth and talked couple strikes is Ron and misty was smiling and laughing and joking with the catcher. And I was just on what it's like what is happening right now and end up to strike out. You know it's those moments where you like. OK. I just need a bit Donna I don't need to laugh and in this moment that's that's not what you get paid to do. I'd that's why you received criticism. In that's why people call you a dog right that they don't moments like that. I don't know how to avoid the injuries mean he had a huge surgery. Does have shoulder surgery tab and you haven't does something wrong salt. Does say that are he's not topping off. I just think that. I'd probably. The handling conversation is when I do look at this past post she's. He was Utley best. Bet is we had two questions were they not and it. Based game. When am I was in lineup in game one it doesn't line up. I don't nearly. Didn't come out and sit download talk about engagement now he's engaged he's not engaged. Engaged on not import Camry into stock might have been game one of the playoffs. You'll do. Andy did and John Barrow had that one of the reasons I think he's code. Does that came true we didn't have debt is in the stock lineup that's insane to me at the two guys one you know best that is. And what was once again a very short AL the yes. Those two guys. There was a different lineup the first two games in which. Each of those players and and one of derivatives weren't in the spotlight. That's a bad but the magic. But it adds I gotta get rid Hanley had to shut them I just we're what do you don't you don't. You know treatment of the National League because he's DH. And once you cut it down to is half the league. Well there's a lot of teams that are you have a DH technical and it's this did it meet the edge that might not want his. So. I think the easiest road to gold eras that you keep on. You find a way to get back to post season which I think they still can do and I think they still will be able to put themselves in position to win the division once again next year. And I I just heard that call I think that whoever comes in as the new manager should be expected to win the division next. Those expectations that's what happens in this town and Ed Ed that's we got it you'll like it better. Does it nationals at all. Her job but. You're expected to what is next and if you do that today they'd had an opportunity to do we get the playoffs. You read Hanley who is a guy that we look at an idea before it is their best post season had. I don't I don't hate that I appear to have an act I neck in next year's postseason itself. Wanted to clock it will be complicated moved to even move Hanley true. If you workable bomb. Look. I don't know big convention Yucca mentioning your brain somebody did that that is gonna be better in the post season and he was this. I don't short not a small sample size again but that's not as well. I think that's his fall. It's Chris sales well it's true Palmer n.'s fault it's great generals fault. And I think some of the blame needs to go to John Farrell as well that's why he's no longer hit Jolie's and Nolan and what's up Joseph. Hey day and take my call. I guess Greenberg Stan your helper and foremost. I'd like Alex Cora for them for that position manager. Hold anybody house for a couple reasons. You know him haven't been in Austin for a few years has experience in the World Series ring under as well. On it and they are like the previous color senate are the only thing I agree wit and am is you know isn't based on knows it analytics into personable. That's going to be glaring difference as opposed to John Ferrell. I'm I do agree that giant fearless fired for those main reasons about not starting handily and not starting battered and games playing games to. I don't believe that the expectation will be explored the Red Sox to win your division I. And it should be right I mean it. It's obviously going to be the expectation that it would go get people argument is whether it should be an I should be the expectation. The expectation. At the reds I do not make the play I don't believe the blame is going to be on Alex core in his first year as a manager or as commander in blocks. Almost. Bald Eagles and it is he does not gonna put it on the manage either but there's a lot of people that if the Red Sox didn't make the post season we John Farrell and they would. Not hesitate to put it on the management so I mean. I think that's a good reason now I think that's for good. An Allstate you'll see what I can manage a court is on trying to tell you is. I think expectation should be to win the division I don't even think there's any arguing that point. No there's not especially considering your point we need to get our first baseman. And kept apart they. It basement like Eric Cutler somebody is obtained backing and hit an all around it. Some power and Hanley Ramirez is helping and obviously he wasn't as like you say that surgery for no reason that skeptical. And event management agent is going to be can't everybody performs on the level that they are expected to which they did not this. And and I know that people hit on David Price and it's on but he was very good in the postseason out of the bullpen but doesn't mean I want understandable that. I don't want him to use that postseason confidence. In next year's post season but I want him back in rotation. You pay guys 31 million a season and emissions the first two months and then he goes down again. Right at any any Dotel. Late September. In your plan most of the season we gotta gotta you brought in headed the year race before you I don't quite percent. Don't you miss a guy like that for an extended period of time and you still wanna division. I mean that's pretty good. And a big giant is helping next year. And he's thrown back in a provision. And David Price is so little is set of the page because you got the opt out. He really wanted to leave and make money while we've had is that insect there were paid a price. You can irritation to go along with sale to go along with Palmer and who had a very nice season my. And maybe you can get puts a lot of fun that middle ground of the Cy Young parent this up all season this year or that a forty home runs. You know you have. A pretty good rotation. That is one of the best rotations in baseball actually I'd say pretty good. My kids wanted answered Jason's in baseball right. The expectations for team with one of the best rotations in baseball should be to win a division I don't care who you managers. Bill is at hand although it's uphill. I think it here at that quote wrong about gross you know I think you've got a good personal. The trouble with a manager as a manager doesn't allow them to talk to play small ball you lights. That Patel but he outs you have one of the fastest teams that the Butler America okay you've had guys ordered the slums. They're there were getting so you don't you sit in my this we're gonna wait now you've got about this. To get on base upon to do whatever they have to do to get on base and then moved to a law. Chris Sale what do you know twenty wins it in the beginning of this you don't guys were getting and he was against it not and that they had guys on base open humble. I think I was at the end of at the end of the season right back Chris Sale I don't I'm. It felt sought the yet to see yeah I. In the beginning of the season Chris Sale was born you don't debate is close enough okay gates you were. I mean it wasn't happen and that to make it sound like it happened all season long it didn't. Priscilla great season and I mean let's not make his racquet butt out to be budget deal was an entitled right. That's not a site you had a great record. The problem that you got it at the end of the year you get that twenty wins as if he wanted to get old and that he walked in the beginning of the year. What peak oil to a winnable games where one out. So you want to you wanted a manager common and bonds then it hit an Enron and what you want edged up it is a bit too. They executed it I wouldn't say it and I thought I don't necessarily disagree with you why would that but aspect to it the last couple years with these Red Sox teams. They tried to lay down some bumps and spots like that and they haven't been able to do what they execute the same time deal. Are you great and but they have a younger team now told when they had colds going out late in dom but they didn't have anybody because nobody was brilliant at all. A young guy you we are you guys are really young nucleus of that team that you have the ability to wants to look into the plate. The ability to do it that cynical bill I you could have an argument being because I've seen some guys on this team even younger kids try to lay down some runs and and they weren't and you'll be so maybe it is moments where I'm like. What do you mean people about a ten mile down a bunt right doll. He's slowing odd that I'd I'd I'd get to earn a top spot it's a low score damn I don't wanna see that happen I want and swinging away. But there are other times write that somebody's kids didn't try to lay down plans images and didn't. And up working out at some guys in the bottom of the auto which is the most ideal a lot of outages. And it didn't happen yeah actually keep stuff as well. Eddie is in the college of any. At a hey. Let's go. Throwing mics in Providence with a month. Did. Awkward. We've Buckley can't tell you for a record. I'd. A couple of calls ago that I don't wreck factor when the American League east again I did. How are they gonna do what what's in this series you'll see me say. Let's not get hit first of all they hit persecute them the picture that went on our part so it looks like they'll award winner. In the Yankees go to because for the next 1520 years went jobs huge point. Hurt the Yankees this year. They're all in this case didn't win this is not getting when the divisional what they're winning and have a particular. You're challenged me on your challenge to me on whether or not a big one of the visions on shell on I answered the challenge. Yet but not yet is the Yankees were very good this year but they didn't win the division are such that. Well they're probably the vision correction yet because all actually up a good luck. And then under under challenge that. You're not really sounds to me because you're not given me any thing that proved a point that they won't win the division other than just saying. That the Yankees are good and I'm saying well the Yankees are good this year they didn't win the division. Because Dickey got her they would probably. Jump over the rights if bird what they're hurt all year. What about David lesbians have David Price is Mickey got the Red Sox. This isn't. You know try to about a 120 gave. All. I mean let's let's be serious here don't try to tell me that other teams key guys are out and you want to not acknowledged that David Price missed most of the season. Then that. Just says more about how you feel about David Price not yell that somebody yelled stop off the field. Young letting that get in the way all of you all I thought process when it comes to what David Wright actually is on the field and if you want if you know. If you watch the policies and then you missed a pretty good to miss a pretty good performances from David Price in the post season which tells me that he is career is not over. OK it's not. I don't like some of the off field stuff at what price. I mean at some point we gotta get all that and look at the price for what he is and he's a damn good pitches he's make and 31 million a season for a reason. But to challenge you hear all about challenges you can't talk about injuries and guys miss him most of its seizing key guys. And not mention David Price mission most of the season. That's embarrassing challenge Jason is a man what's up Jason. They argued who wondered show and I'll say Red Sox Nation what you all suggest we lacks. It is not all doom and gloom we got to give him great cheese come back very good rotation. A bullpen that's going to be lights out I think next year whistle one bird never showed up. Pitches he's a great Kucera. In pilot's message you know. These guys accountants and so I've gotten that great. And. Even though it does and how you finish but yeah even after I've just aren't public yet you'll have to mention those guys here's what you gotta do you gotta say. I mean that attendee. Is 23 original that's 25. Raphael head is. Was a post season please let me come on he's what do you all this is there until there right now it that the Red Sox are in a very good position. And nick. Awad. You know dominant spot. Away from make that a series against Houston have a game five I don't know what happens and that seers yeah you got a. Erect I mean I think all the do we boom right now is because the Yankees are. I mean that the Yankees had lost that while tagging which went on all of us do when you talked wouldn't be happening out. As much as it is and in my my last point I'll hang up yeah and listen Dustin Pedroia it's got banged out 200 hit last year. Yeah almost 300 this year he had injuries within the duck. We should have a whole scheme of dust and it's okay he's a great. I knew it innuendo and it would have a team to feel. I know. Hoping it doesn't. Yeah right good albeit alma I don't know the governor argues that the guys get injured at a jet that he's as tough as they comic plays injured but let's face the facts in education. Did Dustin Pedroia who knows what he's going to be healthy he's got to have surgery and this may who knows what it's gonna look like and it makes my. To be noticeable Vietnam War days saw her yet what if he can play Auburn four or five years. Actually you guardian good second baseman. Jack at that. That that's a AJ said that is a big if that is a huge F 540 games of the Droid XDA probably not gonna begin the season healthy. Right that's why say you gotta bring Nunez back. He knew he is is not even gonna have surgery on the knee so. I don't think you look at Pedroia. Have very. Team friendly contract paste all the money that's being thrown around. In Major League Baseball and apple continue to be thrown around at prices that will continue to increase as that as the years go on. What he's a woven Pedroia yeah he's got an outright with a ten to attend fat guy that's right notre laws without. Don't move around so the question there would be if you do get to a point where. Not let's say you had unions you bring him back and Pedroia. Doesn't begin the season healthy and Nunez ends up looking like. He did at the end of the year for the team which who was and maybe a saving grace from a guy who came NN and net you know did it it it was a spark plug. Affectively notices Butler this team. They needed him and he did everything and it v.s get what they need and let's say the first month or two next season if they bring them back and dries not LP. You know it is if you get to a point where Pedroia has to play a role maybe. Richard I utility role. I don't think that's not a question based on his health. Forty except that it that's where you get to the. How would this thing more quick to try to move forward putt. We have the weights we get to see if he's going to be healthy if he's not going to be LP if they even brighter and has back. A lot of things that need to be done this offseason first and foremost when looking at the manager and Ken Rosenthal tweeted earlier. The nationals are not gonna be in play for core that. Gloria is going to be either Red Sox new manager and he basically implies in the tweet that they just waiting for the Astros to be done with the post season for them to announce it. 6177797983761777979837. And more calls at this final. In new England sports conversation continues would Danny Grewcock. Sports Radio. 61777979837. Taking your phone calls up until 7 o'clock right back shall. Go to Tony in Bridgewater what's up Tony. Stay with the chill. You know what's underestimated. The villages villages for the most part. The mayor Richard personalities and so a lot. What are there are it's just out our advertisers are watching this spree it. You call went to a playoff series and you don't ask don't gateway network look at look at that Red Sox gave one let your choose that I. Oh wait we hope that's not all what are these carts. Who won't go to Yankee. Quote stay out what are what's you're out policy towards what in this Aris. They don't walk outs. The host camps there it's every underestimated. Its arms stout all prepared and ready by strike called it was. It was like it would spiral last year. You'll regret a regret sort of anarchy. So it is certain underestimated. Its arms coach steps well. Well also plan. I'll also this year it is that. What's your game plan going into game one can I mean can we jittery rated outages let's go to demo on Chris Sale on the month what she damn plan. You did when does that have planned as a manager is like hey this is one of the best pitchers in the league. He needs to show a lot. Actual reps a lot. I don't want pictures you put that ball the other guys we export. Know why all that I don't think we given per sailed the benefit of the doubt that that dean has a pretty good game plan Golan and you think he does. Just didn't execute. Our execution situation. All walks like a weapon like it's the Boston Red Sox in it it's the last four years there are pretty. It would want sealed it bought have a gate tell all plated call it's only able what are. Because but he let it out there and I don't know how to use and it what it. Yeah. It was ugly. It was luckily Tony unwritten. I just. When will we Sharon watched curt what I didn't take any course Chris Sale calls during the season. Exit up then I'll prepared when Chris sells on the on it is no preparation now pages and not prepared for whoever they got to face. I'm taking those calls. On personal. Knowledge of now let's now it's on the the staff. Again Christian pretty. And and Chris still should be ready and I can't. Rip Chris Shelby and ready. It'll what do you know what he has has pretty good game plan I would think and give him back credit cards fail as one of the best pitchers in baseball. All of a sudden is no game plan. I find out not to believe you had a game plan winters ago there bad one I just don't think he executed very well it was about execution game one game. One penny was not on the manage. Let's. Now. There's some blame at that you need to put on the manages its not at but the most flame goes on Chris sailing game one most of the blame goes. On your Palmer is in game two how much you really wanna get back in I don't know that I really do but since you brought it up. Edge it brings me back into the top presses of IG break it down this way you want to talk about game plans what was the game planning and was. Chris Sale the best pitcher. Aces. On the month. And it dude did then he would be ready for. Ready it's just that heated execute. It and you have three home runs through five innings that's just not good enough. I anyone's standards that a minus. Sell I have a tough time putting him on on anyone other than the ace dot pitch and it just didn't. Execute I don't know that it's damp wind related I think it was execution related and Nate didn't execute. In game one or game 20 they did a little bit and on editing and birdie because. No offense got bounced early. On luckily for everybody here. You know you adds. A bullpen to comment and you also its offense DeVon is with that fatal wreck. So that they lost that series in Houston let's be honest they lost ale DS in the first two games in Houston and I just think it was more. Execution. Related than anything else that said some of the plan also needs to go to the manager. With the lineup steady throughout just I don't know how you are two lineups out which one does add Hanley in the stock lineup and the next day and that's an ad that is in the Scott lineup that's a bad look for a manager and I do think those two things seem at all bold Hanley and DeVon is ended up being investigated in the post season. That's that is in the series I don't think there's two things back then. And maybe even the tipping point as to everybody in that Red Sox organization looking around on our we need to make a change. At this position with the manage itself with it changed they had to make. As I told you that several times already. The last couple weeks John Farrell had to go he did not a look at who's gonna be the next guy and and I told to Ken Rosenthal street he says that Cora. Will get Red Sox manager job at the Astros are done. But is also another tweet out there from a respected baseball Redick and argued that news. After this 61777979837. Taking your phone calls when it's read charge related patriots related again tomorrow night at all against Atlanta or topics related. I don't some people. I talked about the Bruins were distracted at Goldman situation and I already got out of the way and not opening segment real quick. There's no goalie controversy I don't get how much you want to be a goalie controversy with the Bruins there is not so we should move on from that and the Celtics. Don't they get the first one of the season last night its top story if you have some thoughts on how the Celtics looked through three games went out Gordon Hayward let me know.