Danny Picard - Red Sox are rolling; possible playoff opponents for Boston 8-19-17

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Saturday, August 19th

Hour 1: Danny Picard broadcasting live from 99 Restaurant in Saugus recaps last night's Red Sox victory over the Yankees and looks ahead to possible playoff teams.


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It's not a Bruins patriots Celtics. Talk about them all now. 24/7. Sports continues so. The cards. Network. What's not well. You know. I post did not make you look like bill 6215. That night. That is what Red Sox pre game kids Red Sox curse the Yankees at that way it is great sale might get a feel good about that. I've got to feel good about your Red Sox haven't won thirteen of the last fifteen and I have actually right now. Broadcast. From the 99 restaurant on route one in its August. This is a great place to watch the game calmed down they just received a complete. Eight medical an onslaught in the back and look at over everything went on right now displaces beautiful. This is I don't like ways to come watch the game and and nobody game I'll watch it then night. Red Sox yankees because not only analog broadcast it gets in giveaways street name is here give away tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox yankees game. In a 100 dollar gift god. No body on restaurant that's note get out there right now Iraq globally that they have Bobble heads at each shirt and it. The WEEI street it has over their what are we what else we at fifty dollar gift god that a Red Sox teams celestial. This is the place you want me again I'm here till six point five the game tied it at seven and rich helpers the Yankees and the Red Sox stay. Already I notice and the yankees' season because. Obviously the Yankees outlook for spot in the wild. But when it comes at a division race. And tonight's game the Red Sox with last night's win and dramatic way to. That it was we're gonna talk about it all the technical calls broke she'll 617779. 79837. But. You know the night the Red Sox now lead the Yankees by five games in the elites the Red Sox in first place with seventy wins. And yet the Yankees as you know they can still battle for a wild card spot but. Let's face it what's the top prize it's whatever the pigeon I don't know that they got to catch Houston where it's 75 wins. And a Red Sox have 78. But really right now at a Red Sox wanna win the division. And holds that first round series against what looks like it will be against the Cleveland Indians who have 67 wins their first place. In the AL central and. I don't know but not to establish yourself. As the division not just lead division winner. Then you basically ended the yankees' quest at the division and bacon. They pretty much do that if this weekend at a big win last night as you know it's not that difficult a Red Sox yankees throughout the show we got patriots that I. Every season it continues to roll on. I'm not a pre season football guy. But all but yeah. They close the week yet. Sitting at a pre season obviously the closer we get too weak lineup. You know the first week it is Thursday September 7 does that date that is going to be. The game that everybody wants to get through the patriots right on nine point favorite over Kansas City Chiefs at all so would get close. We're getting close out at all much. I don't know how much operators like this ain't gonna play if poverty didn't play tonight. I wouldn't be concerned one bit in fact I would tell the patriots don't plan what's the point. I know they say we wanted to rip you want to get reps for the ones who want to get reps with the ones against another team well isn't that. The reason that the patriots have these joint practices is that the reason that they put these. These plays and no one's op Ed ahead in the afternoon. On hot afternoon days in practice against other means that the reason. They do that to get these guys the competition against other teams want as they've done that idol is any real reason the bush at night. And the second pre season game idea what will see what happens as we of course get closer. To the NFL regular season I don't you got got the patriots and how they can't we look and I'll make those calls as well look I can't ignore all. A lot of the stuff that's going on the world outside of the sports world and over what you talk about in the sports world my main focus. Is really on baseball right now because. You know the Red Sox are my team. Where the middle of August. The waiver trade deadline is August 31 that are actually was a big traded Major League Baseball and tell you about. It just a bit so my focus in the sports world is on baseball but. There really is all ignore what's going on outside the sports world outside of the baseball world. And you know with somebody issues that that was seen at right now in this country in the you had the rally today that what the free speech rally is out there opponent the Boston Common had that. I'll to protest that was going along with that. Called my. I think that when you bring up issues that we currently facing in this country. You know that the race is an issue as has gone back to the baseball issue because as you don't want Thursday. Red Sox owner. John Henry talk that Abbas that Harold Wright talked Michael settlement. And it said that. Day out discussion. A plan. Changed the name of yawkey way and you don't need me to keep you yeah I mean this and it is history lesson on top jockey. And that the background he has as a vicious race. John Henry spoke out about it talk about that moment changed yawkey way. And that's why you know we were in the outs you know issues outshot the sports world back into the sports world specifically back the baseball world. And you know yawkey way is to wait that whitlock. And Benito would all that and ignore that compensation. That would be foolish thought it would not a compensation either while rebels say is if you listen I shall pass. You know that you know I don't. Get involved in the days. Outshot the sports world very often that just thoughts might do so the fan base that that I have built. That was my shall I don't think you can rooted in the meet today. At that note. You how I would change the world what I just if you wanna talk about how you would change. The sign all the name of the day went that way clock we could do that I mean I don't know that I want to spend the next rehab or olives. The talking about what the name would be. If that changed the name yawkey way based on. The background. On you mean. I would probably not a problem at all. What is Evans at Red Sox you know you used this moment on right now on outside the sports world at this story at the forefront and ran it back. Baseball is such we are now we're gonna talk about change in the game that it way. At baseball's most beloved ballpark. Back now. Talk about. Not just talk about it loose about this about other experts from Miami on the bus itself we talked about it in the navy yawkey way. But you know manatee you know and and his team didn't really want to do that. Well no you receive the quote about a body Walsh's. Team they said Iran would run. And it. Isn't a problem. If not all is a book that many losses. And the Red Sox ownership. Management zone. What what should be historian we shouldn't talk about okay they changed it in his but it changed at all we going to be talking about well should they change will they change what they gave it. It's simple if every bodies on what changed and let's not talk about you saw a lot of talking there's a lot of talking. Everybody's saying this about that person out of what experts don't show up about it. You want change and yawkey way you're the man is on war all questions on what should it. It could this happen at 4000 U what did you mean game but you don't you want it managed to open up that yawkey way that tell a joke about it JJ. And we'll discuss. That's the way I look at it madame. What John every comes out Thursday and rents out the course of pocket ignored. Salon I want you thoughts on that. 617779798376177797. I have a hard time. When you were up four dollars and on the streets line. When the Red Sox are at first visited upon me that I may on. What's going on in the sports rural Iowa the red sock that's about it to me that's Michael like I can understand all open up at forty if you develops its day. Some of those other things that go ahead on next. But. Right now with a Red Sox went thirteen of fifteen an Arab puck and the yankees' quest for the division. In the mid August. For sales on like this is that this is the biggest series. Against the Yankees at Fenway I've not not ignore that and I'm not gonna ignore. I hope that you don't know that it is 61777. Odds of an actress added I thought this minority ethnic I'm not let's just. You know the reason why you bet CNN as a reason why you have all these other stations that you know is that if that's not that this is not where I. Element to play well at all. When it comes. To baseball and it comes to what the Red Sox do it right now. I have some strong thoughts about this Red Sox team as it's currently constituted. And I guess you could say the I'd bet that he that they are partly creation and in that identity. Is one of the team that's gonna continue to battle and you saw that last night. That's like all big hits in the next lot you saw that last night on multiple occasions. You saw that from. Manageable. In a pinch hit situation. Which is the seventh inning the Red Sox trailed 65 Mitch Bullock. Bates which was not not a typical that it does not speak niche and you know sort of stayed on stage down the dreaded and too much and it. I've got a good knees what's up the middle and a couple runs scored to make it 76 lead I got a couple more runs in the eighth. And art and some questionable decisions from the manager last night when it comes the decision make it an open. What com. You know I think for the most pot yeah identity of this team is one that is gonna continue to fight. As you pick up to the post season that's a great identity that. Right it's a brain activity happening is if the Red Sox lost that game last night which they had a three got the lead. And let's say they paddled back out about 76 lead and then found a way to lose it again late. Then what authorities say releasing the Red Sox into first place that before games ahead of the Yankees. And something it would be OK with that put identity would be. Mean that it is the fight and pull out wins a close game situations. Instead they won't win. The bottom yet I mean. The fight at and you have an identity that's being created that's the exact let them like that you should want their mid August but there are questions. No doubt their questions with its rich knocked it. And those questions actually came up last night not just in the fourth inning when troop bombers left the game. With a back injury calls it what at first it was back spasms. I listen to that you are I just stood up and watched her Auburn just post it. Last night and he says it's no big deal he says it actually was on his back injury it's up an experience last year. After the first game of the season. He end up but he took a couple days off obviously it's not yet been fun okay. Rose and the sight of that and what about doctor David Heyman spoke. Well maybe did too much information. I've no idea to Roberts that's not about you know and hit needed to be realignment. And we're not talking about his realignment. Well. That this is the apple that that is bad I got up though doctor. What's your mom or ads. Seen it needs that he's a phenomenal season but it is solved and that that you think of what you. You can drop off aren't as injuries at least there it's me. What would they're X-Men this cloud hanging over its net revenue. So it would miss out. What's capital but adds weight. Back spasms I try to stretch it out yet happened it was a wet night panel on line. They have to stay after it talked about. Realignment. I don't know docket that does some good lessons like that's going to be located two days Everett is going to be fun. Certainly got the issue with David Rice I have no right there wouldn't see David writes in the season and it will act as David Price indices. Maybe you are talking about it it's not the top dollar David writes. We ever gonna see David Rice to moderates out ever again that we have we seen the last big regrets I have no. What you look at how the team is missing drug. I don't some people have said well they won thirteen of fifteen you know there without rice then went out Pedroia. Some people have issues with those. Personality of those two guys problem. I've issue with personnel. I don't on the field. You know let's be realistic. You got to be realistic you tell me there etc. but it's not just right on the field in knots. They need just the right on the field day and they should want to get him back but I think that is what you want thirteenth. Resale on five edge ahead of the Yankees to win this one is of six games. I don't make you feel that it all of a sudden rush of Dustin Pedroia sort of ensure the fact that. You will have him later in the season and it policies that to me in a Red Sox don't rush it. I'll say it isn't that about David Rice don't rush it. Titled his questions they would post season with David is a lot get Ortiz with Bryce again and then we'll see what happens we'll make our chances when it. Well it's all it's a good way it went without a outlook attic and I do it without and they don't need them don't. You know it don't do and get back knowledge is. Don't rush them back. Up luxury now with you while winning without you certainly you let it offer ends issue. Beckham's up. You look at it especially now you need it right back into the rotation. And of course and not try to ignore the many issues most villages. That bonds of trust. Much like its joked about. Of course you know you can put some land all the manager I got the manager. That the fact that you have rubbish spot a lefty specialist. The fact that you even think about that Japan. Hicks in that situation as much as its age which edit. As much but at this raid. Previously. That that was this or there that on. You gotta bring rated that spot on in no circumstances especially this season should you have a lefty specialist. Robbie spot that you're doing right and yeah. That not happen. Especially not quote game against the Yankees. You can not have elected specialist mission to write in candidates like hot barrel. This play that last night at the same time. You know. Where you can see situations like Joseph Kelly not able to get all of that bonds not able on the it was in the yes some like that it's will I at some point. We got a lot of eat whether or not you agree with the manager's decision not got it on the job done it yet and you know some of those guys have not get the job done and that certainly is. Place to be somewhat concerned with with this Red Sox team right now she gets an injury concerns. Get moderates go out last night we don't know about Bryce drew is. He's gonna get back and work with team again next week in Cleveland. That's good news that signal rush at the pulpit concerns. That region of the manager. Questionable decisions. Certainly at least that I've read cnet's Jon Farrell's met him. But I do that you can do some things get past those that's God's on on the job done what you should feel comfortable with. Is erases all night resale. Rick Kimbrel has then you know that's just how confident. Is that have a guy at the packet evil and you all it's got to be able to get the job done and it Addison reed. Somebody that. You know for the most bought. I love the fact deacon. Competent or 95 he's hit some deception there look at fastball eat it you know to a right in the eighties are that at bat last night against judge. But on the Red Sox ultimately eagle at some of those concerns the ran a great place right now have won thirteen of 151 place and at least five games. And all New York Yankees. And so let me know what to think about that and of course patriots snipers shooting them to. He's. On. Sure. Yeah wells up. It. Eric Houston reports. From the people who were at your collections that are training camp probably teams are huge and it's and it's not as. Are gonna get some time Tom Brady is got to cease and action while much action will be yet. That remains to be seen taking your phone calls on that's 61777979837. On that it is not uncommon view. From 99 restaurant on her lawn it's August get out there right now given away tickets that are Red Sox yankees game. Also given away of 100 dollar gift god that is not a restaurant. A few. It got the Red Sox stole up. Which is. He bagel and it's not ours are operable it's obvious this is our little look at our own right obviously the perfect spot. Mom and blocks and Red Sox yankees are different in order to expert at it that it. All of phone calls at this at all. In the women's sports conversation continues with the Danny card right now. One Sports Radio. It. 645. Bought a 6177797983761777. 979837. I have broadcast that today. From the nine on restaurant on her want and it's August. Which recently had a complete make over I told you about the pot right now ice come down here right now giving away tickets Bobble heads you name it. This is the place to be if you wanna watch tonight's Red Sox yankees game Christian Bale off for the Red Sox CC sabathia on the for the Yankees but I also got to you know all about this. 99 restaurant that had the make over is that that dining room. Has been updated as well more comfortable seating logic tables and boots. And they still have brought friendly netted a service that makes new guests feel welcome and regulars feel even more at all. While the look may veto you can still enjoy their full menu of New England favorites like admiral sir lines steak tips. The legendary bowl was buffalo wings I get some of those at some point hopefully weakened. Yeah and Miller buffalo wings that building and you know audited. And these seasonal favorite Downey still lobster roll call votes a lot shut out the newly renovated 99. On her line in its August today that is round broadcast in front taking your phone calls up until Red Sox great and 617779. 7937. Let's go to jewel. Jana in the college of Jimmy. Agent might go and that's a way. Two. And that the united right now. It. Oh yeah I just want to talk to about how a lot this Red Sox game remind me. Those giants team a couple of years that. Great pitching. Great defense and yeah. Exactly timely hitting is key and it kind of ironic. It gentleman who was great for them is no longer on our team. And immediate thought on that. I would well you know what team that adds at a volatile one right at all and you're right I mean that. But I can't get too much of this animal is to me it's been out of sight out of line and it went when's the last time. It all the editing for the Red Sox it's they would ever want to the Easter was placed her you know. At least what I don't want to pay at that published in like that when I was on two weeks ago he was. Naked is I can't say debut LC is retirements at Freddie was clean up right. But and out of sight out of mind this and all the Red Sox Errol is a disaster it is all about let's move on. I also don't get someone who. Was a former separatist giants team and and you don't obviously wasn't bottom that that little dynasty Natal but it I don't know yet it's. And that we don't know what the stretch a team that's been interesting storyline when majority does get back. Because it will be will what do you that would notes I mean the obvious it's to me is against left handed pitching. I wafers pace and even gives a majority it's on at praised by the study right now when you do get right back. The what you mediation and take on the field that it. If that'll keep fresh. In the doobie do whatever you can't try to keep them healthy. But if you want to talk about a flawless effort is a giant. Let's talk about the guy that's partly in the Red Sox and Eduardo Nunez and net because if that's the guy. That is making a difference in his Red Sox team and they do sort of remind you. Of those teams but we're not because timely hitting. I mean those giants teams because the timely hitting. They reminded them because it's not. Did you opt not look at Madison but we're such a person children. You can not win in this league unless you have a guy like that you just can't. I mean you can make the argument of his Major League Baseball to those guys at top Europe Asia. So I think you put the red that's why the moderates. And the rights issue. It can certainly because what you do in the playoffs let's playoffs began today in Cleveland Indians. If it again that it came out of all the ads would be against Cleveland at Fenway. And it. It would be for sale at its core. I thought that you do maybe got a couple quick hits you when back in 21. What do you do again do we trust it again to. David Rice is gonna help her Bob Lawrence. Eight talking about realignment of the last night he got that day but I added my realignment and it's would've fought in the fifth than what. Doesn't that doesn't sound like a normal day to day injured me. Seoul. And written a solo. I was the last time out but for the most part this season he has not been able to keep the ball the ball that was his issue against Cleveland in the post season last year. At a lot of Rodriguez I'd love to see him. Take that next step to be a top rotation got exactly is that type of stuff but. We're a wait and see evil with that at saint until after Chris Sale who do you trust. But no doubt about it when that last Paula trudged compare this Red Sox team San Francisco Giants teams recently got win championships. I edit the biggest thing you can talk about time we hit it on you want the biggest thing is that. They had the top dog at the top of rotation the Red Sox had that right now. Obviously with pre sale. You'll be pitching tonight against the Yankees at Fenway against CC sabathia let's go to wal youthful written to our. So then you know upload the rest that's right now we got our foot on the neck of the Yankees I mean that's. Look at the trading deadline where they got they got rather than they got Frazier and your liquids bullpen you look at just. Georgia right I just looked frustrated which I know we'll let you know you can tell all played out. Had a double steal at this recognizable. Prove that nobody else in the division has seizure of beta right. But I think in I'm not holding my breath over price coming back this year to simulate does that and I think that brought these analyze not trying to get and that is not a just this statement that. Well we'll see I mean obviously we knowledge of the column all about the wave that trade deadline analysts at a quiet. Playwright now that the plates to clear waivers or faulty use it you could make clamp on. And the problem with with that market with the Red Sox the last upon which replaced fallen to them is that you know your first place team. Exactly. They have to go to address of the league to get to you so they have to get to a team that edit a team like to get through Cleveland. It to one wildcard teams that would be difficult to do you got clear waivers on a big contract. And not so sure that's gonna happen now Justin Verlander cleared waivers. But that would be kind of a crazy contract take on would net. And at the same time it would also make a complicated. And I talked about it's what podcast on Thursday with regards to John Paula Stanton and I was Romans. Makes it even more complicated for the Red Sox is it gonna make them move. It yet some pipe big names not that you don't it's clear waivers it's not a big money contract. That team's gonna want to solve it and attack. I want someone retired a little bit more than cash considerations. Play to be named later. And com. If they've launched a player on the forty man roster that play on the Red Sox forty man roster would also have to clear waivers. So. If you're talking about somebody younger roster talent on the forty man roster the Red Sox right now. Don't just pocket their witness which means that. Don't going to be able to trade them unless you get sneaky. And what I say sneaky and Britain let's talk about it policy at that because that was and it came up gen college stance that cleared waivers are basically anybody can trick form. And I looked at that now well if you gonna talk about Stanton trade with the Red Sox I think it's more realistic to talk about that. In the offseason because of the reason I just mentioned the Red Sox wouldn't trade and also not clear waivers unless you get sneaky. That brings me back at dodgers' trade in 2012. In the sneaky plot about that trade laws if you go back and look at it. The Red Sox did trade ruby that they did trade for repeat able Rosa. But. That was because. De toros. Didn't you clear away its. You didn't clear waivers during a trip punditry. They did that move in October after the regular season and and they wrote it a roast it was one of the players to be in light of pretty damn good while now at silicon. It's not looking like a good way to namely derivative gross haven't yet Tommy John surgery for the second time since 2011 that was announced that they that's not good. Back in 2012. General Rosa was to keep you symmetric couldn't get traded in that Gonzales. Graphic Beckett trade to Dodgers because. He didn't clear waivers of the boats so what apple were as they traded him. To the Red Sox. They added him as one of the players to be named later in October that was didn't sneaky they got sneaky gala that. Basically it was a handshake agreement on the scenes at the before the waiver trade deadline on August 25 and they said. Hey Dave rose is going to be modest deal but since he didn't clear waivers that you can't say his name right now want you give us a couple players to be and let it. Well when the regular season was over that they can make the move it belarus' it was one of those plays at it and landed at that time he was a top prospect right the Dodgers organization. So you can get sneaky wiggles moves and if you wanted to maybe get sneaky that way to get a spot pitcher maybe they could do that. I just stick those types of moves is so complicated. I don't really don't gonna go down I'll do what I told a trade. It was trade the pick it wasn't. Curtis Granderson. Ghosts from the Mets for the Dodgers. More cash considerations and it again and tell. I think that the Mets that got sneaky because I don't see you later and later. It's going to be pretty good and it's probably somebody that were not clear at ravens right now. What could be added. When the regular season and now the Dodgers. Don't feel that what they don't. If you grant us and it's the last year contract. Bottled joint team that has a chance to win it and it is right now. If they don't win. I mean. What will they went they went at it and I'll I don't know whether evident. Let him take almost anemic. Don't mean outfielders they had grant isn't it cash considerations. And play it to be namely that it's that might sneaky is where I think that immediately that it is probably done. It's pro player on the forty man roster. All the dodges. Was not. That was not technically awaits. So I guarantee you that's what that is goal back to the Mets won the regular season is although it's at my movement the rich that did one and a couple. And you have to make I just that candidates do too complicated got to work with what you have. And not that means you know you got to try to get David Wright's right. Got to try to make sure that true on our hands that Mac that whatever it is that so he's right. And you know try to make sure that Rick was cell can be somebody that you could trust what you trust them last year. Get the trust initiative now movement forward. But Chris L you know Tristan is on tonight that a Red Sox optic phone calls up until Red Sox pre game. It's at 6561777979837. 61 cent. 77 on 79837. Packet this tunnel in her car talks about all new England school. Works on Sports Radio. Red Sox were again right now talking Red Sox yankees. But tonight also the patriots in action this second pre season game there and use that its its actions. Let me know what you think how much time Tom Brady should see on the field reports that he will play. I don't think he's got to play that much. I don't should play that much of the adult that rate was gonna play at all. I'd say (%expletive) what does all ready to play tonight want in a pre season game against the Houston Texans. I mean is JJ watt lamp that I. And as well. Is you try to get a pretty. Neat out of the middle of August please. Pretty weak want at all hours and I won't call. Good now on the grill them. Everybody women. Hostels bullets dolls and man you need that. We're operating under center that's all I need. I don't need a plane tonight but we'll see what they do a of course 8 o'clock kick off in Houston the second precedes it can also type Red Sox yankees great sale on the my. On the Red Sox have a chance that. They're really and the Yankees question the division they can do it tonight are at least give themselves a better chance to do still. And that first pitches at 710 you can hear it all right here on the shot WEEI rate shock radio network I am broadcasting today. Run inside the 99 restaurant on rule want it in its artist get down there right now because. We're giving away tickets to tomorrow's Red Sox yankees game. Also 100 dollar gift guide to dining out restaurant or a fifty dollar gift god. To Red Sox team store we also have a lot of Bobble heads Don Harris saw. Motif that's Bobble heads it's our Jackie Bradley junior bottle opener at T shirts Humana street team over there working odd given their stuff away so law tickets. Bobble heads gift cards. Where given it away right now at the 99 restaurant on route one and sockets which has received a complete make over and I called the look at. Doug you got a couple buffalo wings they bring the buffalo excelled that is. That's what you call service sent and they give it to you right here. That Ninety Nine restaurants 617779. 79370. Let's go to general Eliot hammers which up Kelly. And what Obama meant. Yes so obligated on the right saying I think if you can I'll back him maybe is inevitable nothing nice but in terms of the starter. I feel like there's too many different possibilities. Like it would of worked I mean you know one it may be a factor since it's so late just back from injury might. And why wouldn't why. Why wouldn't want work. Price Ian in the line up and doing anything productive I think there's a chance you might still be heard it because back. More realistic chance that the team is winning because he's not it was a big distraction he might bring. All right Mary Kelly Kelly. Like help with you on David prices personality I don't like it but he still with the team. I don't think that he's been out of that he was a distraction in fact if you told me you're gonna mounted that's the way he was pitching before he got hurt. Is pitching great before he got there. Dayton markets in the U but I just think that the fact that he always played the playoffs anyways I feel like the fact that not a factor into the into await better with immigrant voters and they Latin. People are above and every two seconds of what you think about right yelled somebody wants I think that a lot to do it that. Yeah but ivory let me just before you all hazardous if I told that the reds to make the playoffs and it. David Price would get a spot in the post season. Man 31 million yeah tell me you would rather have the Red Sox say. Noelle we don't want him to spot well just on the edge. I think the public situations already show that they're not worried about the money I think what. Oh you gotta tell you got Kelly I can't all I can't compare. Publishing and the ball and David Price I can't do it I'm not gonna do it you know why those are two different situations and I know people want to deal. When when David Price first at the elbow injury. It was around the time that that is actually priced details plane confrontation got now. And David Price is about to make his first not at Fenway since those details. An on the Davis got your mother was in Kansas City. Right on the morning and that's not David Price the scraps and we haven't seen them. Since we haven't seen since and some people want to say that. Well it's not a real injury if they can injury because he you know he didn't wanna hear the boos from the fans that will criticize and anxiously situation. And I try to tell you that's not it. And because this guy's really hurt he wasn't hurt me it's about 31 million and have a good sees. Why would you want him to not be on the field you're afraid of people. That is absolute that is that is not happening with David writes not. People look at it said and Kelly I can guarantee you now in Amber's there is one of those people. Which looked at it several they'll I don't rice's injury because they lied about animals injury and to meet those two completely different that is why. You can lie about Seattle's injury you shook iBooks animals injury because it's always not help and you. You would not help you win. What you bought it looks at Middle East wasn't helping you win. David Rice once that's the difference and ultimately that's all we're asking David Price at duke it on the field and help them win. So as much is I don't really liked David writes his personality and I press that many times. On the station on my podcast and other outlets. I I don't like his personality haven't heard several that. At the same time. If they price is Nokia pitch I wanna see him pitch even if it's in the post season I understand he has an egg in the post season. But if you're gonna pick I 31 Mel. And it's gonna have a its regular season Leah I I wanna give him another shot that's what I wanna do ought to get another shot Ralph is in Cranston what's opera. They are getting off. Plus sensible approach to help you close. It's a little brain it's an hour per unit if one went fresh ready to go you don't just put about a. You back that happens that David Rice is able to pitch for you again. Because he doesn't have the stuff of an ace. And you do not need Cy Young award winning the administration tries to come pitch well if he does think god. But actually taking it I don't mind the weekly deals specially sort of like barely get. I don't want to treat any of the prospects I would like to wait it feels it maybe give immediate which is terrific guy they just picked up but. What you see witnessed price giving now it shows you what a good. Malta was kicking up oh lead which it picked up read at the time I actually got a lot of it is but now the jet touched other. You look at it and you say you know what it's just small ball conduct which is that we recruit trusteeship that facet it's an oil. And you sit back put double check that you have that but what he's gonna have to do well they have to do especially. People expected now that PD is by turns that it as a player that good as it is all in. I love him off the bench at a level or the betting he always comes and it delivers all. And even though next you via I'd love to see how interest patient they'll make just light up the best of these alternate. But if it's still until that happens panel has to juggle these guys. But you know these big controversy at this if that that this team is first place a pretty shot as it. Yeah look I like that's cholera plot likable as a bench players well and obviously. Is get up last night his topic. Digit situations big this team on the stretcher it. And that's the easy thing to do. I go back to Jonny Gomes I have never seen anybody in my time like Jonny Gomes in Egypt situations. I didn't always like to guide. But there was no to nine. That if anybody was got to be ready in a pinch hit situation eagle has got to be gotten out Arnold at the table and it started at the Jonny Gomes off the bench in those crucial pinch hit situations when it comes to big hits and clutch performances. But he does but that small of it is yes a couple does not deny that. And it if you add that in and you. And you can come off the bench ice cold and get a big hit like Mitch Moline did last night late and closed in its division rival. That is something special and I just have a feeling that's left handed starters it's left hander pitches. Nibble on its gonna be a bad guy. Went right gets back. As much as I'd like to keep newness in the lineup. You got a little bit drier in some way. Unless you give him some time off and make known as it DH but. I did because of the way deficits play which is just. Have you seen anything like this I was not expect in his opening but he ones. And I was wrong on that its eye set I think maybe the Russian kid who's known. But that's said even the people that thought they wanted a lot. If you all of those people you tell me you thought the evidence. You thought he'd be plainly yes this is insane. I thought it dramatic Teddy was one confidence last year. Wrapping up his game and walked into the general market to a bar drink it trick and he's up there at the plate and it. He looks like at ten you bet. It is not just mom and fastballs right he's not just jump on a fastball and and put him again. Is now taken off speed outside sit on it in two strike counts taken it the other way I mean this kid. Is literally playing like a ten year vet and the cousin that you find yourself in the situation. As the Red Sox organization and will say as the manager. To figure out a way to get everybody in that's a great problem to have is an idol that last call before we take a break I imagine he talked about Addison reed. I talked about the bullpen not too long ago and it was an issues last night with bonds. Kelly got a little rattled so that you Achilles have a great season. Kelly is have a great season but. You know. There is some with telly that when that when the situations golfer and it's at that time situation I'll tell you right now I do not trust that guy I Tiki gets. As a rattled this rattled could be. And it can you imagine. If this team did not quiet and mystery how we would be feeling about this team's bullpen today after that last night could you imagine. Even if they end up on what could you imagine what we'd be saying about this Red Sox bullpen if they did not. Go out in a quiet Addison reed I think that's gonna turn out to be huge pick up I love that deal they made it. At a should raise a couple hiccups out man with the reds are for the most part I think he's got that it's even 95 mile per hour fastball he start to judge last night. Three pitches Addison reed. Was trying to with two strikes trying to hit that fastball 95 any outside pole. Any in this that a couple times a little too inside and even act set you get like this I you know I give them pitch. RD up state pitches. Judge didn't make a day when he made his pitch 95 with that deception on the angle on the outside to right handed. That was all all you needed to see to get that strike out. That made me believe that Addison reed has all the stuff to beat that eighth inning guy and look at the other a temporal it it does well you're talking about Reid is the seventh. Anything guys well. You're talking about Reid and Kimbrel combine the seventh and eighth. And for the next month and a half you try to figure out which guy out of the Kelly's. The bonds. And anybody else get back it can trust the most you know he memories. Which one of those three guys do you trust the most to me he got a guy in the sixth. In the seventh minute to do it up because of bad admits it makes me feel a whole lot better about this Red Sox bullpen. Will fall 6177797983761777979837. Board of phone calls at this level.