Danny Picard - Why Isaiah Thomas deserves a max contract.

Boston Celtics
Sunday, July 9th
Danny Picard gives I.T. his best nickname yet, and gives every reason why he desrves to have the brinks truck back into this driveway. 

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Sox Bruins and patriots Celtics. Talk about them all now. 24/7. The sports continues. Network. Our final hour of the show me until 7 o'clock taking your phone calls 617779. 79837617779. 79837. Something that I did not put in the trending now which you might. The interested in knowing Eduardo Rodrigue says. Pitched in AAA Pawtucket paying. I did hit six and a third innings six and it's only allowed one run that didn't walk anybody. And struck out seven again and Wanda Rodriguez six and a third innings. Six hits one run no locks seven strikeouts. Rodriguez threw 95 pitches 61 for strikes. So all that's a lot better than his previous outing rightist previous outing was no good so this is. A major improvement on that. Yeah I'll say the same thing that I said about David Price is. Terrible. Minor league rehab Stotts and and how I usually look at these things is that. I'm not gonna overreact to a great performance or even a terrible performance because sometimes. These guys it down their work on specific things. Mutt and nick and sometimes digits. Especially when it comes to an injury. They're just looking to see how they gonna feel the next day. Right that's that's what it could be elbow out shell but it's good to see what a guide does have some success but. I that would Eduardo Rodriguez one thing we saw last year when he. Return of from the knee was you have the situation may be he was taken pitches I think a lot of and water Rodriguez returned last year had to do with his mindset and his mentality what was going on between the is. And maybe you didn't feel as comfortable with that need salt. A Woolsey how he reacts and a Major League mound when he gets back on one but with a shot like this you do expect that to be sooner. Rather than let the Red Sox now at the all star break aaron's first place at the home run there a Marty got the all star game Tuesday night. Red Sox yankees begin a four game series on Friday night. At Fenway saw that should be interesting we'll see what they do with the rotation. Especially if they're gonna add. And Ronald Rodriguez stood putt outside the Red Sox we open is Red Sox review over an hour ago Obama. In this final ala I would like to stick with some Celtics because I do pink. They are still a major story in this town with the moves that they've made we just talked about Avery Bradley and being traded to Detroit. Pollack told dining that was a good movie it was the right move. I'm the Gordon Heyward it's on and yeah well that's a nice improvement that's a big time improvement this Celtics team that was look at Panetta the guy that could shoot from the outside. Who could score the basketball outside of Isaiah Thomas. That they signed this kid mainstay. Six foot ten set up. Formally at the Detroit Pistons. Played a couple years before that with San Antonio all cell. I that's just the main adds depth that's big man depth. You lost a couple. Big bodies. I don't McConnell like a big man but he was a big body on the A Johnson. You know you could make the argument that while he was a big body he wasn't necessarily a big men either I dot. I got a mayor Johnson was extremely useless down the stretch he got one game in the playoffs. Where it was I always should you got the message get on the bench but anatomy at Johnson was tough to watch. Via that big and just. Yeah not required physically the way I thought he should have been attempted to I just thought it was extremely disappointed at times. And that's what you saw Gerald Green and the style lineup. And moments in the playoffs so I think the bands things adapt to big body when you lost a couple big bodies the biggest stories. That Gordon Hayward shot and and of course the move that had an adaptor that did to clear the salary to give him the Max contract. The Avery Bradley trade to Detroit and Null. Will listen into Isiah Thomas. And yeah it's only because. What is Thomas gave you the other night. What was it. Forgiveness. The original Friday night at this league you start an issue rod likely to Comcast sports net. And you know it gives them prince truck. What Reid Reid brings that up and talked about it added they dawn Maggie says they on the Mack's plan. I'm gonna back up a Brinks truck they know that. It's it was it did deja Vu feel right well that's because. Your goal at this exact time at this league and this same guy is sure odd politically. Put Comcast sports net. Isiah Thomas said the same bid at this club in that I don't. But it is you know stand on the same spot at the same though I've no idea but it was this subtly. It was around July 7. Eighth ninth. And it was about the Brinks truck. Was about Isiah Thomas is impending free agency after this common season. So too is grown now at the same exact. Time at the NBA summer league to the same exact reported. Isiah Thomas is talking about how he's a Max guy and the Celtics need to pay him as such. He set last year. After they had given a Max Steele to Al Horford at the age thirty is all the offered starting one now he's dirty when they sign on to a four year 113. Million dollar deal. What's sad about. 18 and a half million per season. If my math is correct in the original iMac has so quickly that because I just wrote a column for tomorrow's Boston metro honest and and the put my column. Is. Isiah thomas' column for the British truck and rightfully so well. Because the Celtics. Back it up for everybody else they've acted out. Al look at last year and now this year they backed it up for Gordon Hayward. Ford is or is it a hundred and made 28 mil a. There he. Said 32 million a season. Why on Haywood when he Hayward orphans 28 at mill a season Haywood the Max this year is 32 yes right. So if you're Isiah Thomas. Is up and Isiah Thomas to shoot out. Idle people and I have the debate. With Isiah Thomas is the Max guy is he not a Max guy I don't know all the debt debate is ever gonna and I I just I don't know there's gonna add. People get so caught up in his shots. And it's you know it it's baffling to me I don't understand it. But I do know that people are gonna continue to debate that. What's on my own up on the side of Isiah Thomas is a Max contract I'd big he deserves. If for no other reason is that. They've given Max contracts. Gosh who want even celtics' Al Horford coming from the hawks Gordon Hayward common from the Utah jets. Those guys have won and I think after Isiah Thomas what are they done for the Celtics. Right. Eyes or. Get. Paid. Next if he puts a big get the point where he is going to be a free agent right. So he's gonna back up the bridge struck. And so it's gonna do. It if you keep having a debate well what he's a Max guy on not. Get those three. Somebody. All Fayette Indian BA. Thinks that he is and will give him back. So we know she's got to get. And it is Thomas and you know you're gonna get back into what is their Boston. Don't you think that when you look at the money that's been given a Gordon they would and you look at the money that's been given a elephant don't feel like. You feel like you deserve the Celtics also give you got a lot of I would. I don't. I don't think he's crazy I don't think he's nuts and you can debate all you want what do you personally pick Isiah Thomas is a Max contract guy and not. What I don't think is not the debate is that the Celtics. Him Max contract based on the contracts did given to guys like Ed and now I'm going to be careful because. I'm wanna I wanna raise Isiah Thomas Moore and Allen knocked these are the two. But Gordon Hayward Rosie average and you don't want anyone once again last year that was a career high. Elephant. Mark. You know he's not somebody is gonna come close to lead the league and score. Certainly an important piece. You gave him the Max contract because he was gonna get it some way you've got to get it somewhere else and that you'll want to win that pat. And all seemed to try to get Kevin Durant the fun right so you bring in the Moffitt. And it then you bring Haywood and after Isiah Thomas Joseph drag on. I just finished third in the league and scored in the NBA behind James cotton and Russell Westbrook. In the league and scorn that I finished. It does come a time where you're Isiah Thomas. Up bride does get in the way of what other people this town might. Perceived to be a fair deal for the Celtics and Isiah Thomas they don't you think Thomas's. I don't and to be honest I don't care what you think promises and what the contract he deserved when you look at what the Celtics have been doing. Ellen may that based on the hook kids on inhalants on the big don't all Isiah Thomas Max contract. How could how could you possibly make that case and a double by H. How often was is 31 now thirty years old. It's Thomas is going to be received 48. Or twentieth and February. So if you do sign is going to be a India meet and a nine year old next season. Still young and Al Horford. I usually go Isiah Thomas doesn't have to look at any of the contracts roundly. He doesn't. I think he just Isaiah Thomas just needs to look at his own organization. And say wait a minute guys you gave elephant Max contract and gave what may Max contract. And here I am sick man. Third in the league in school aren't in the NBA. Oh yeah maybe the biggest. The biggest leverage point that I think Isiah Thomas has restocking the Celtics is that without him. Without Isaiah Thomas. They don't get down off. Without Isaiah Thomas. They don't have 53 wins this heat this past he's not what is evident without Isaiah. Thirty which doesn't and in the playoffs. Maybe they've listened to be quite honest with you they might even they might not even be swapping out the Brooklyn tech the what did you use their heads at number three overall. We thought I promised they would net 53 wins they warn event in the Eastern Conference finals. I can usually because that they would have it would honestly Thomas the Celtics would also not have Gordon Hayward. I don't care what their relationship is between him and Bret Stephens. Stevens get a lot of credit. That sign as he showed as he absolutely should. There's a relationship there that cannot be god going back in the days about all of. Gordon Hayward. Is. Not leaving Utah. If the Celtics are 31 team. Gordon Hayward. Might go to Miami. If that's the case. I even you stay in Utah. Salt into Isiah Thomas not you you look at your own stats and one of those out the Celtics and look at the numbers that you've given what it. And it would also send. A dodge we may. Apple open somebody else has got to get that money. I recruited him or her that I was at the all star game talked an elephant he was asking me about Boston I should other things. I helped this team win. We. Don't not given these guys must it is not a destination. If you are not went to win not win. So if you're rising at all as you noted that negotiation rooms and without me you'll get more food. And a 53 wins this season would help me you don't get Haywood either you can either he's God's and then what are you doing. So this Celtics. Do all Amax contract to Isiah Thomas in my opinion but those reasons alone. Okay my my column for the metro I kind of Isiah Thomas nickname. Is not true. He's not the answer he's not the process she's the reason. Isiah Thomas is the reason. You got elephant Isiah Thomas is the reason. You had 53 wins and went to the Eastern Conference finals Isiah Thomas is a reason. You Shawn Gordon Hayward. And Isiah thomas' presence. Is liberties and you should also give him a Max contract and perhaps take that Brinks truck right up to his frontal. My time has come and they know they've got a great break check out. They do know that. I know it's at Celtic if they don't. Somebody else will 617779. 793761777979837. Let's get some more calls. Tony and long metal it's a Tony. Albert doing. I wanted to do and let's. I'm good I wanna talk about what it anyway what he needs that you know to get over the hump it eats it happily in the playoffs to get into that point. I mean you have the brain in the Eastern Conference finals hey yeah. You wanna play the imagination Damon my head were on put scenarios and I always tell the colonel what the team looks like. We got home court advantage. And it's simple pitch shots in all I ran is that too simple for. Isiah Thomas when he was either doubled or is not a game or use our when he was hurt. You know they needed somebody to step up and be done dot. I think that's where ever find out about Gordon Hayward. If I know about because. It's one thing to have a career year in Utah to be 27 years old again Max contract it up in common stock and sell their colony. In nice basketball player with a great shot I mean it's another thing to do a Boston. I'd I'd I firmly believe that so let's see oh port so I don't know I'd obviously like the Simon. I don't think I don't but I do think we talk shall watch while Gordon it would over the last calendar yeah that. I do think we've we may be sick the bar a little little 28 on them. I I honestly believe data that we targeted to somebody maybe he's not. But what he is is back guide that you'll look at that hit the big shots. And you are also look at. And Jalen brown do I mean I've public and general Robert. Have a huge season and came on Brown's got lineup with Haywood Isiah Thomas. And they don't coming off the bench. You know they don't then he's got a lot of extent that that's the latest thing should be playing well. But Rick for God's been it would but let's Shia let's Shia ports. On. Ten for our tour and but I can't I can't give you the lead decent burial in the Eastern Conference finals like next to elect with this summer league game tonight against the Portland trailblazers Shelley's.