Dave Goucher on Dale & Keefe:Thoughts on Bruins vs Maple Leafs Game 7; how difficult it is to be objective calling the Bruins again.

Boston Bruins Hockey
Wednesday, April 25th
Dave Goucher, the former radio voice of the Boston Bruins and current TV voice of the Vegas Golden Knights, joins Dale & Keefe as he prepares to call Bruins-Leafs game seven to a national audience on Westwood One. Gouch discuss the Knights’ success, contrasts Boston and Las Vegas, explains why Tuukka Rask is so polarizing, and compares this year’s Bruins team to the 2011 cup-winning squad.

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He was a longtime radio voice of the Boston Bruins he is the first year voice of the Vegas golden knights because there's no other years for the Vegas golden knights. A buddies in town called game seven Bruins and leafs for the national radio broadcast. In music he's Arnold but he did go to your head coach Oreo. Very good with the other guys says you know. As I talk to you earlier in the season and I said come on you saw this coming right in Vegas. Heck yeah everyone federal government and as a rebel in the first round. Double it or else and I think he he felt there are gonna have a good team partly yes that is seeing what little we expect to draft well together by. You know the big difference between a good team and winning if you want games and winning the Pacific and tweeting Ellen you are now so. They got a lot of god you know little at that succeed and to really exceeded expecting a lot of obvious factor. It out in what proved to people law and it will I'm looking at Vegas was X. Oh dirt you know left there expendable like somebody's cell they complain they considered a chip on their shoulder all year and the results have been phenomenal so far I think they you know they pick up their sights set pretty high here. You know what like it in he wrote that go on the last is not too. Have but it even a bit surprised at how the city of Vegas has taken this team. Yeah I did not Q what they'll be Austria I think you're looking at you know the Vegas strip is. You know what for a while lauded as one Libya people's unique you know stretches of land anywhere oral but I I think people that live in Vegas also wanted to have an identity. Away from the strip and you know drive around biggest we have been informed. Bill Orton cute girl and their current crop factor. This is there are ethical or even an operator to cover a couple of years well. I think that's going to be different in other moving from. From Oakland this is altogether different story and you know what I think a lot of all sorts of you know that a resident shooting October 1 but as you know brought Iraq back so. Little ought to marathon on and I think it. The city in the team. Really bonded through that that's usually the four are at least try to make people feel a little better liked all of you see you back in 2013 so. You know etiquette kind of was in that direction starting to Albert the great relationship or that. And it got really you know cement committee per. Now the last on the Bruins in May it please let a game seven you get a pretty memorable call you're gonna be doing it now though for a national audience how do you not allow yourself. To be the Bruins longtime play by play guys that call this thing down the middle. Yeah I don't know the question Rick you know after corporate well. Do that you know like I saw so. Is reputed that the practice streak in her article can be got organized at a couple of minutes with security that are actually it will pre interviewed for the so the radio broadcast at least it. It took the reopening that you know I'll call it all worked out and all that air. All that area back in you know a pretty chaotic scenes. At that want war. Well aware you know it was going to be some people was sitting there we hope that are on candidate at least stands. At least as best I can't go by history is that at least try to be impartial suspect and it. Dave I'm curious when you take a job like this you go from an original six Marquette a hockey crazy city you go out to the desert where you don't know if people don't like hockey. Did you have any expectation and all that this would turn out like this are you kind of think in let's see what happens. Yeah I think I think John hope that you don't like it did result in enormous change and let's face well here. You know the love it here very much it is going to be back to spent time here Summers but I I think I'd look at it as an opportunity for you are take the next step in my career move to television. That being said that no other you look at it loader to you all we're going to be. Pretty good team and eighty fighting for a playoff spots but it just seems like it in the magical season out there in eight. You know they want their first two games of a little bit in that call and they they want that it was 81 after that first our games. It built a lot of confidence from that and you know periodically that we can't talk about it either until it got out there you know the sun beat you wonder throughout the year okay well you know and the support but. Did he get the respect it and get through Christmas then you get through the all star break and you get through the strait there and they were still. The docking of the Pacifica I think it will be in the first place a couple of days before Christmas and it never laughed so. No you know now they accept or secular and higher and you know if they are starting tomorrow night he'll be back up their for round two tomorrow night that I guess it'll say well you know nobody. Nobody saw this coming like you know the fact is that I would greater sued government and the other half a billion dollars for expansion in the soulful it is. Then I think you could have an opportunity to be pretty good at the chance to play out right off the bat and they you know they certainly surpass that they are. We're talking to Dave go sure voice of the Vegas golden knights but in town to call Bruins leafs game seven for the national radio broadcast. Human around this town long time you've heard what fans say about Tuukka Rask. Why she's such a polarizing wired in your opinion. Yeah you know they'll I think maybe some others who appeared in the ourselves realize that you could that mean because of what you on it your outlook. It would seem to block the chart that and a couple of for the Bruins and I think that's probably so that. You know but an entity you're forget that you lose you know it will only three goals in the four game sweep of Pittsburgh conference final couple years later than. What are they give you all to order of figured into the Stanley Cup. You know maybe that's something he. He afterward with you know I will say and it will exceed the series after it really watched as good. He really struggled toward the at a gate had 68. Economic. You might walk there you know look the goal from bartered back but backhander but. I think so I think back on whether that. They haven't won at all with Pam and you know he's had his struggles in the postseason all broke out earlier today he's he he's five and eleven in elimination games so. Now he want trails and that 2011230. Year thought. I think that Erica into the territory. You know right now I can't have done throughout the year and we got a little rough start this year that looted regulation to. So I got to look at all goaltenders in the series they're being. Really good and then not so I mean I don't think anyone thought would be sitting here right now for game seven after the first two integral on equally so. Article I think there's a time that it terrific and other times they're you know they have been citizen. Now I know you haven't had a chance to see every single second of the Bruins team this year but one topic that we discussed on and off throughout the years comparing this year steam. To the 2011 cup winning team. Do you think there's a chance I know what happened in the playoffs is gonna really determine whether that's even worth while conversation or not but even to this point. Do you think this team is better I know that was a score more goals or do you think that it's the the 2011 teams still better. Well you know political and he's written in years they had a lot of a lot of data to approve of honesty in them in the that they add now lack with. You know that Bergeron. You know with recchi had our share as a lack increase due to coordinate alliance in a cup of Italian writer another wonderful I'm pretty good at any weak you know on the defensive partner. It's hard to beat the six they add that you know putting our cyber Vietnam playoffs as they did and Thomas is it that it so you know I think he's. I will say that I Democrat I didn't blockers are your thoughts. You guys know pretty attic that they had yet younger lot in their life and they've been able to do that this year looks like it fighting again to get back into the right after missing air signal it six. So that enable our what are the press witnesses. After missing the playoffs in fifteen and sixteen. They didn't. Needed to be here that it wanted to be along a critical going to be rebuilt that are retool anyways an it would it would get to the political. Class so I can't. Actually you know read Karl right on the lack. You know weather's good and the eleventh he you know I think they've or rather he got from that in there or around now would tell you. It get away in order to see if regular. You know a lot of that canoe lately that I. Dave obviously the Bruins like you said they have to win tonight for this question even matter but. Since both teams got hot in the late fall how much time have you spent thinking. This could be a bus in Vegas it's endemic gunfire. There. About the people we do that they. Are you will be opposite the houses are you know. Her being it would be it would be great to be at the comeback year even a little earlier you know anticipated in the off season. I'll tell you that the you know if you guys you get a chance this particular game and they get the app you're off the charts. You know anecdotes spoil your upper. For seventeen years I felt good the atmosphere is a guard. Flooded bigoted it's a little bit different because you get the picture right there and people who read Israel itself into the strip that. You know you guys know at Vegas walk around wrecked you know everything pretty careful so like I think it does take it from. One party outside the the arena and make it right here. So the atmosphere to plot the sharks in that building that fell to regain standing global. So I think because graphic art I really do you know for me personally it would be great. You know people working poured out at sea and that you know our options I would get. If they were to be in the you know and a couple of not a group he. Our final question before I let you go how much of the success of the big big its golden knights is tied into the fact that. It's Vegas are God's sakes players go out there and it all crazy. They talk about the biggest flew up there right it's not. I will say that it's on daily a lot of scenes. At there you know the rookie parties or whatever policy yet. You know they'll look at the schedule is we graft react in Vegas and why would it now. And we hear a lot to lots of other cantor by the city you know you're the future what do. You know cold weather city especially can't be seen as what effect out there where there are a couple colts to. Two big sister you know economical letters out there if it's I think there's something to it but I also think what added it to go back the other I expertise you know their speed their. Our country forward to reconnect all season long prevents so I think that probably got more to do that unite and you guys feel that. You know professional athlete these days you can get your act together and I look forward and if so regular. You know that's probably go after or you know maybe I ought the laughter for the page that's. They've got a little bit of a bigger duplicates. They benefited from a terrific home crowd and a great addicts or at all to see. You'll probably be able to find your way to the ninth floor tonight at the garden I hope you enjoy the game. Yeah you're out of like Gary when I was here back at later in the right guys I want to hold regular underwear and under what the hell. So that'll probably got it for a cultural. He economy. Coach good to talk to you again. Aren't built it they advance Dave go sure he's the ITV voice of the of guys you're gonna have to disconnect them on campus. It can be a four where we're US and there and I think that's and it's not his fault it's we have some technical issues here of the TV voice of the Vegas golden knights but as he said he was the radio voice of the Bruins for seventeen years.