Deven Marrero Player of the Game Interview 09-20-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 20th

Joe & Tim talk with Deven Marrero after he had a 2-run home run and made a great barehanded play at third as the Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles 9-0 and sweep the series with the O's. Deven talks about what it was like being on the field when Chris Sale notched his 300th strikeout of the season, and this run the Red Sox have been on recently.


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Evan Guerrero joining us at. Great defensive play late in the game but that law two run homer read that and that was a long drive it to the opposite field right center. Really you know things. The news. With Miley. To be good pitch it and got the alliance and godaddy it's like you do it all the time. Me. When it came at a right time and it means you're your bad self doubt occasionally hear your glove has been sensational in and that. First play you made on Johnson's scope and force that it little backhand stab at a low line drive to better than average player more difficult playing on the people the right area. This is like guys these big east looks fold them so it's it's a reaction that it divisional is this though. What are its believers like that all the time it's laws that. While Devin have smoky procedure with a two run homer in the fourth that he seemed happier right you're home run and it was about his own what was going out what you guys. Thus assists as being the Brothers we you know gone back to the my early days you know. Does have a low fertility and englishmen and others do. Do great out there with a ourselves you know that's just excellent but in the relationship and it's spotted him still. Vote speaking of doing well but Purcell tonight being able to play that close to him third base. Time when he gets strikeout number 300 do it that's something you don't see very often in fact. He's only though the fourth. Pitchers since 19100. With 300 strikeouts. In his first season with a new team Randy Johnson Nolan Ryan did it twice and Steve Carlton the other guys and we saw some history tonight. Yeah that's the name of its industrial cities and on this guy's in unbelievable. All he just competes in notices a lot of a lot of fishermen and has a lot of runs scored well on the border and it took a piece to try to give his best stuff. You know he's seamstress Aleman until we expect them every time. He's just disagree competitors diocese or talk about those great guys have a great competitors well. Like take so many players to win a championship and that they haven't yet many are all year but that would you have you made some big time contributions both with the bad the glove. Yeah that's that's come our. Ruling you know to a. To feel them when they need mean an estimation that I'm ready I think that the average out this year but staying ready you know. Under is about playing him I worked him a letter. You make us have done so it's entirely his workouts and stuff. Just maintain and to get votes to be up here hope its thoughtful well. Do it to you wanna do that's when a championship and internships. Bring you never know when you're gonna get called on either because of the size of the roster it. They suit brought colts had to do the other night on TV took the ball off the face she gets off the bench one pitcher hits a double. You know in your kind of in the situation tonight where you know you're you're you're starting but. Hadn't start the first two games of this series you know you gotta be ready to play and that's that's the key right just preparing yourself every single thing. Get a seven MIC notebook is here for reasons for this you're you're known. Let's hope this team when you know I think we ought to a great job coaches do their job with us. On the future that we're ready if we gave him earnings call. Well who knows what to star still maybe a long way to go here this year yes of this game plans in the plan on yourself. But it pitcher pitched David days though. Confidence is there really go all right congratulations to Evan I think he's. Ivan Guerrero with a long home run now bring your Red Sox when it here Chris they have a big story eight scoreless innings his seventeenth win I want to Cincinnati.