Devin McCourty on Dale & Keefe - “No idea” why Gronk is not a captain: “I just think the team changes each year”

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Devin McCourty joined Dale and Keefe to preview the Patriots’ matchup against the Jaguars on Sunday and discussed how the team has been preparing. He said the Patriots are practicing as if Leonard Fournette will be playing and he thinks the stadium will be full of energy. He also said he doesn’t know why Gronk is not a captain this year.

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Our conversation with patriots defensive back Devin according has brought you might plum direct marketing. And the New England who voted tractor dealers Devin joins us from Foxboro hey Devin I don't. I don't know are much we're doing great thank you before we talk about Jacksonville overall. How did you think your defense performed last Sunday. We digger. I think the biggest thing you kind of learn on the my and it's easier to keep an improvement from Odyssey is a consultant to go apparently opener. All of which is wellness suffer games aren't as good as arrogant but I think for us we walked away from that game I think actually. We'll also not a lot of also work on so outcome have been the focus this week to keep that Google knows there are structured around getting thrown in Jacksonville. Schools in the war on offense rushing the ball last year so are we wanna just seeing improvement this week. Obviously the rosters have changed a bit but how much of last year's AFC championship game can you use to get ready for Sunday's game. We definitely use and as very important platelets in recently so Lawson gains. You know summer games and last year precede them weak wac which over the world watching you know ironically Q so. Certainly not going to be exactly the same irons listen to me like he says some of course you know exchange. On the UConn engaged as a generic. Mentality. Out of wanted to attacking them and it is also linked article there. Photo. I assume you always prepare. And and get yourself ready to play against Leonard four net because you have no idea he's going to be able to play this Sunday or not. You know I think he's correctly not a very lucky you know either he's not you have to adjust as saying you know we've done a good job as we took apparent. They're back out on the roster let you know grant can do you know he thought he can do well enough for decades at all little different can hurt you definitely so. I'll try to prepare for all removed and I'll whatever dole is suddenly you just people vertical oil well. Now they're receiving corps not the biggest names specially marked easily going down an injury but Q and Kohl loses a pretty dangerous player right. You know we've seen at least in here so. On the received a couple of years ago. I love last year and that I think in 96 yard catch on that a couple big catches Russia and I procedure shipping so on. Love that you sort of rest of the world clock and we understand that you know. Under god how they can hurt you you know our Singler coal. Unless we are common in rookies slash or not many people who are. On book club not a lot of attention obviously you know last year and now we know mark could quote from Oakland community. They'll ballot check earlier this week really put over the running abilities of Blake portals. It seems as though you have a a quarterback last week who could take off and go you've got one this week who could take off and go. I assume you agree with your head coach that this guy is almost more dangerous when he's not throwing the ball. The only doubt nurture and if you really hurts he's. At least it flawlessly like in the giant game didn't really have any runs. Are you don't move you always will now loan opportunities he can take all too little obligated had to keep going on keep out of the regional. You know learn benefit for forty yards which you know accountable Bedford when that happens so we know. All we gotta be ready and you know mobile in the pocket also. Awful couple Q you learn calls. Often opposite corner near water rescue well so I'll we know he can run about ten. Also ethical Portland got to tackle ones are Iran are not itself as well. Now I know you guys don't play in Jacksonville that often but what is that stadium like in the atmosphere compared to some other places around the league. Our Ivan Bender that's not world yet all four we know. Conan is going to be jumpers not. Of course situation than clash differently now that another car capacity. We know that be ready go to camp as leader of the hot weather out there so. We know they'll be ready morning state did you have a lot of energy and. We ask James White about this on Monday we haven't spoken to you sense the captain's announcement was made. What does it mean to you when they tell you DeVon your teammates think you should be captain. Arsenault on and to go represented though. On. I've been wanna record Belichick and eating and then circuits involved there each game on them and be a leader that it's you know as voted himself. On the ball was on. No matter how many times. He kind of won that award and I think it's been great artists too you know and regardless jennies. They're really good. I always figured mergers. Why do you think wrong was not a captain this year when he was last year. Dollar this thing changes each year arm is not on our inaudible we just hero award from him. But it will argue character orders are. Any won't. Hurt. DeVon we appreciate your time is always will talk to again soon and good luck this weekend appreciate it thanks thanks.