Devin McCourty talks about the drastic improvement of the defense over the last 5 weeks, 11-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, November 17th

Devin McCourty joins the show to discuss the change in routine for the Patriots practicing at the Air Force Academy in Colorado and then making a trip to Mexico City for the first time to square off with the tough Oakland Raiders.  Devin then discusses with the guys how the defense has drastically improved over the last five weeks of the season.


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I've got here and OMF what we don't we're going to. We're going to Colorado right bushel Colorado is still Colorado right after all off Kevin McCarty still Colorado right. You will hear him according jones' right now from Colorado they'll be gone to Mexico City tomorrow. Got to change language different words you know if you want things done and that will be an interest thing. So what's it been like these is it been a bonding experience we just talked to Mike Lombardi. He was talking about what it was like in 2014. When you went from Green Bay to San Diego he felt that helped out during the course of the season zipping got. It doesn't and the first orbiter and on the locker room change we trust us or hours. You know and meetings and the practice field and because of partisan and it quote an extended time. All these other loners rapist on the EP plus so. I'll have at least an issue knows a lot easier all of us at Alltel. On just going down and elevators so on what the best orders then you know just routine being able. Ought to make this place like oh. So the other day you guys it was first attracts guys have the air should tired troopers jumped out there and right just blame it on practice rank. Yeah yeah yeah what was so that's one thing that I'm sure that was cool was there about anything else you guys have done as far as the generals and talk to who you know fly boys and me anything else. Lou we've source couple cool thing and I think you know obviously a respectable. You know and talked to some of those got what they're doing. Oh well you know as far as preparation and everything they eventually. You know obviously would do what they do they have to be perfect you know I think I just learned. That partisan affair sort of big gains Sunday has been pretty cool art institute of us not firsthand. It was yours guys go Mexico city's Ernie discussion of like you know. Careful about this careful about that don't steal any sunglasses say the ball fairly and China don't eat the meat. Anything's that it kind of well last minute. I've been on the road course sustainable. He was in the cafeteria. Article it's not a war and so on and so on I think there's room and everybody kind of focus on in the city. Oman it's a little different but I think. We've tried to preached that this is business you know we're going vertically into and out of focus on you know not a whole. Are there who wanted to come out. You're pretty confident about this defense early on you guys were not only giving up a lot of yardage but you're also giving up a lot of points over the last five games. You've got the third best defense in points against in the National Football League. Now that this seems to be a regular thing that happens you guys get better and better and better yardage. Is irrelevant I guess because from the thirty to the thirty teams are gonna move the ball. But in the red zone you guys become real stingy. Did you confident that because you've seen how it's worked. In the past and how you guys have just figured it out and got much better horse have been something different. Not I think confidence start to us. Do we how do we have got a letter we also knew that we you know we do that played together for a long literally we Peter Carter content builders. You know execute better in. You know obviously. I don't talk about last year out of the last little different no one was injured in that democracies and try to change. On a little bit of work you that you just built on that thought they you know trust goes on a lot of artwork they exchanges. You have to continue to try to get better we want to start better you know troops that are well. You know it is what it is just our that we need to get say god put it or to actually get that. It doesn't matter got to work ago quarter put in the work. To make it happen this year so all the continue to do that are ultimately constrain group and get better. So you've been involved a lot and just you know tackle me to run gaining you know as far as backs you know in the past that first vote come down on the box. Big challenge this week with Marshawn Lynch took year mosque have you seen anything is he different that he was lashed when he when he before he retired. Is he more physical is the in the that you guys like you know. All hands on deck was this guy would be seated and that as both of what you before retired. Not me definitely and go to community very sufficiently pure and action to god of the deal. On blue dog they certainly were you watching these two runners you know so little bit and too little couple years ago people thought well he doesn't pick those go well so. Last wrote god awful but it got opener while he's still running SA as domestic pets well a home. You know we don't wanna have any solo tackles all the time and we want try to get a bit because they're okay tackle ticket because you know those emergency government there are some oil situation. I did a good luck on Sunday we'll talk to go to Rhode. Appreciate it thanks flood DeVon according.