DHK -  Dale has a new contract and a book; Peter King believes the Patriots will lose one of their coordinators

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 1: It’s Dale and Holley without Keefe and Dale has some big news along with a new contract, he just finished a book on the Bruins that’ll be out later this year. With a new year comes a new crew member in Jason Rossi who will be producing with Andy.  Peter King makes his weekly appearance to discuss the Patriots coordinators being the hot names for various head coaching vacancies, Mike Vrabal’s name is out there for head coaching jobs, and if there is any chance of a return to New England, where is the best fit for Josh McDaniels, Jimmy Garoppolo’s impact for the 49ers, did the Patriots trade the wrong QB? No slam dunk choice for MVP, Playoff predictions .


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Boxing champion here it's like a cut off point out now you'd you'd I think I'd like April and stop what I'm April. Let's just outlet is like you're not saying I'll happiness this week is good luck in your country is good because a lot of people took off. Probably in the somewhere to point early 20/20 122. A report on working so that's the first time we've seen some people in the office that's true. January 2 and is not a stretch. Out January. 13 fourteenth. We can we be dominant now but still sing it it's a happy new year happy new this the first month of the year you know what I notice they take it all the. It through January now they tolerate her too grouchy to be tellem people happy new year and ended genuine it's not that they say it didn't fit and I got. And wade are a little weight. It's good to see again thank goodness I mean we're now Rick. Wait a minute. You DelHomme will be back tomorrow. Earth keep playing video game is doing and Andy. He's gone on a limb we think keep its. Celebrating his final day of this holiday break here. He travels someplace tropics tropical. Pollack is you know in his underwear playing via a video games now now now that's traveling article anywhere would be at home. He does a bit and he doesn't like to leave the house alive you got a point there how's this about my brother Richard Keefe. And an Indian chief can say whatever they want. I finally saw Star Wars and its own thing thank you Matt I haven't not only should keep had taken Friday off these. Take alcohol but at home golf which a lot of running I I don't mean witness in all these they're right now. Activist won a movie only tell me and I that no well. Not gonna say anything else I great movie. It does not have these mixed reviews. Andrew. Whose lives and Andy did like her. In all your kids alike now suggest that all exit the yeah there is a very admiral Nash wouldn't like it but yeah. But I've relied get. Can say you know government so if you're rich keep as watching Star Wars today on January 2 I'm happy to say happy new year to him on January 3. Not too late tomorrow each. Well I I I I was telling Michael now Michael's known about this for a long time but but I. It was almost like superstition on my part I've been writing this book since like may. I can't contracted by a company to write a book about the Bruins and I've been writing it. Literally since may and and if it all had to be in January 1 that was my my deadline the whole manuscript had to be in January 1 80000 words January 1. And so I haven't said anything. Until I hit send yesterday. And I you know you'll Britain New York Times best sellers this ain't gonna be that. I don't think what would godless and don't be limited the thing before it even comes up. This won't this won't be Leo like that. But I finally got the sense of how you feel when you when you finish. You know I've got some friends who were authors you or one bend codes might my friend of famous New York Times best selling author. And and I I didn't understand I didn't grasp adequately. How much pork curious. Items. Argue so you went around the house yesterday flex and yeah there was until then it send it about 6 o'clock last night the premiere of about it. Me. I thought their congratulations on all being well be more impressed I see it. You know and and and will see at the end of the publisher says about it now they've got their hands that you you are part they get narrative slice and dice it up and sometimes don't recognize sentences of radical read that or your chapters of books. In open this RA it's all part of the process but really this is great looking forward to reading it use that as Kaka on November 1 ever first. Right you know around the time the season starts now we didn't know when they asked me do this last last spring. We you know that the Bruins are going to be playing you know and in winter classic. So works out perfectly for me. As you know in the books coming out November. In a vector holiday gift giving stuff and you slide right into the winter classic. I think my best seller of who waited in line now he reminded you're doing and your yankees swaps through secret Santas yes keep the Dale Arnold project in mind. We will we will not be hammering you about this ball now. It's just I don't know labor digital you know I know I applaud I don't I can't say October. Or December following through. But I heard detail for aids can talk about it so I won't get into I won't ask you too many questions we have a title yet that's a cancer yet I I I do but I don't know if I'm supposed to say I delivered my statement. Sure. You'll you. Yeah now reported. I understand that if I hope I'm not saying too much I understand there may be some. Breaking news. In this book. Breaking news item or to some never told before. Yes I'll. I that is fair to say that they know are absolutely are that that that like I always told you. That the thing I like the most out of patriot reign. Was that you took me behind the scenes and told me stuff I could know all my mail I love books that do. And that's what we attempted to. Is that we really are I don't know who it was that was the royal we've been okay but you know it it it's I wanted to tell you things that you might not have known. And down and there will be some things in there that at all. Oh here we go it also today how about that Rossi we did some. Now you star knows the ins started getting into and I think by 6 o'clock Rossi. No no no. I don't know what's gonna survive by the time that the editors can download this thing when they wrap up and I think we're very gets up and out of them you can at least get a few words. Poll of likely yes well yes yes if who by the way I said rusty. And we got stopped on our hearts of Allstate ladies and gentlemen boys girls Wear your Twitter which are handled what are. Jason. RO SS eyes. Jason. Or do you don't share. Congratulation objects and I'm amounts for. Has asked where are we are happy to have Jason become the new luck Jason and Andy. And the Genesis of this program and these days think aging as we'd probably just a lot of business advantage. But Jason takes over the spot that young Ben used to have to hold down and did a great job. I tell you yeah I'll have a theoretical line. Eddie Eddie and now bad used to fight like Brothers. So that's where you had piccolo shot at them but you guys a cool still. But they supplied all the time I hope you in I Rossi hope you and Andy don't buy I. And in big supports all at once and I'll know what well. That's when I heard a lot of welded at fisticuffs on what happened once everything then realized I'd probably lose this one is that not what hurt when I saw. A big east to come here I'll Ben was coming here to tell us a bit with commuters and talk about you and his critics back off on Saturday and you guys I can't deal with him today. So Rossi welcome. Great addition and also I hear I mean since it's out there. Dale yeah graduation but only to finish a book and it's it's gonna a pretty interesting week so I hear that. You have signed up. You have society. Six year multi. Multimillion dollar. And Lilly is back up a little bit not. Yet exactly and the I have made it their highest paid quarterback of. Helmet. I have the I've agreed to a new a new deals here to stay here as awesome as co host with you and with rich. Which I was very excited to be able to do what pepper ten I got county browsers on probably now. But failed you know it'll keep me working with you guys for the foreseeable future and I'm very happy about that can gradually never wanted to leave never wanted to do anything else although. You know you I learned a few years ago you got a plan in case stuff happens right. I hadn't done that before and and I had planned this time and I was glad to and I have to use those. I can tell you just got a different look about it today your little hand I don't know how that doubted because I don't know where you know got the eye of the tiger today you're fired up. You guys some some inside Dale's stories OK so that you what happens Sunday. One of my daughters. My yeah my older daughter only should you know very moves on the house yet with a cap. And moves in with a friend in Worcester until when she goes I yesterday. My younger daughter Arianna. Susan and I driver Logan Airport she gets on an airplane. To move to Sacramento California Sacramento Kings and don't think she knows they exist OK to move to Sacramento California. So I wake up this morning. For the first time in nearly 33 years without an animal or a kid in my house. It was like. Thing to do and why kids you're okay with no animal. You lay it on everybody it's in now. Susan look at me and I'm looking at Susan we're on all of this how you do that this is the ball. Up the and I. Have. Talked. She's got to activate what you Americans. Eddie. Jack had already offered me his two kids as as a leader and powder is Q. She his daughter's probably and so on and on his sons like seven or. Are you went out and I you know you don't know I don't I'm not more you know right around right want it's what he wanted to kind of put some upload it on my team and then replicate a couple more years. But it that's too much but apology and you can have pugs. On good. You can have these two pugs and I and it may have added do you think you have to like last year. Your wife in your children before you just on the plugs up on my older I told her we we we had we got a little disagreement. The other day. Because I would say about it but it's about the plugs of the city of sitting right here. And you know these these don't wanna deal just don't wanna work that hard with the animals you want animals are there to bring a little. To look companionship. Peace and quiet just one. Is your best friend in all the dawn says the people's home dog is my best friend. And let your dog just sit there on the big east and to have the baby sit these dogs. So my wife was going to be going to the stores that aren't. Are you gonna be watching the plugs while I'm gone. If if you're not gonna watch some. Stuff to just just put them away. Well well anyway I put Dominican and local law. And can. Two men sit and I'm sitting I'm sitting right here. I'm reading the book and not a big deal what album walks right in front of me. And it. Drops it right Nadal finally what are good targets and screamed as good as it's not that she was there. I don't care apparently kids out here today I'm given him. Tomorrow I'm given away. I mean pitcher you are now I. Know you're not but the key you can them that if they. Do you get through to I'm only can be trained animal. 25 hours in the day the group that empty nest syndrome I'm not ready to take on your pugs specially if they're drop induces right in front of you. Now Monday it all and deuce but still either. Is that got a clean enough. Well well what they're what they're actually just let it depth. And Kate that I can't do it I can't do it. I'm just here you know titles in his own kids from a request to your dogs. And I don't have for about anything to anybody want to know dogs and nortel's again of kids their package deal. I got I got a wife who stare and Emmy now gone yeah entertainment. Who's compensated so that its face competent when you say they're how about those patriots and it's used to care. You don't care about the patriots I care about the patriots folks round here carry care about the patriots. And Peter king's gonna join us here just few minutes at the bottom of the hour to tell us. How many coaches are going to be gone from the patriots here a couple of weeks do you do you think this is the year when I lose you do and if you lose both coordinators. You know says this is the Charlie Weis Romeo aren't Ellroy writes rights and house that wins it would surprise me. It wouldn't surprise me if the coordinators that I'd be flat out shocked. If if nick stereo left the patriots. See that would that would just be any get Christian threw down when it I was only talking about coordinators in Christians and yet is GM's going to be gone but it is not there it's been done right I. Hadn't thought as much about his stereo. As I had about there's there's just no doubt in my mind Angela's ball. And I don't know Bill Belichick has been through this before he has left. A we'll take all of that while most college GM for lack of there a lack of a better title mean we know the Belichick GM put. Let's say practice area on the forced to stereos is Scott Pioli so he had he's been through that before he's been through losing both coordinators. At the same time. But I think it's scenario even though pioli left and created deposition for this area conservative just that different kind of animal. This is different that he can via A he's an executive. He can coach. Every now and then go out there and the if you really needed him to be to be your scout team quarterback if you really needed something like that happen needs to think extremely versatile. Bella check like employee. And he loves volume was raised in this league you have zealots I just I just can't imagine. That he would go somewhere else not that that would be a bad thing if he left I think it's that good a good situation form and it would be. It'd be an incredibly special job would have to be. The taken out of Foxborough and I just can't imagine a job like that is out there. For him. I I don't think he's gonna go I think both coordinators are gonna go. Night if I were met Patricia. And we just during training I gave a list of the teams that have asked permission. In Patricia is case it's the giants the lions and the cardinals. I'm Matt Patricia take the lines to. There's got Bob Quinn there and you got a quarterback got a quarterback. For the foreseeable future we liked him a standard I hope I like I don't love them but I like them. You know you've got what you need if I'm Josh McDaniels the teams are reportedly the colts giants and bears. I didn't say giants freed a guy to its thing scares me a little bit. Who's going to be the GM up hysteria follows. If it well we are got urging him in the act gentlemen and ends you know and he was ready are there for what will he wore along with a and he never did you guys see things the same way. If I'm if I'm Josh McDaniels. I can't afford to take a job where did GM and I are on the exact same page. So it with the colts you have Ballard. Who's been there aren't so Ballard. And we came ending had to work at Nagano he knew that was gonna last for long gone all have to have a great year this year it was far from the great year. Andrew Luck doesn't play for them gotta have Jacoby percent as a quarterback went four games he's out. So I can see mcdaniels going there and working with Ballard and working with a Andrew Luck question is can he work with Jimerson. You know I and we always talk about this in a what what are Bradley crazy dollar checks are what his knowledge as today. Colonel Bill Belichick would would put the stamp of approval on taken a job with the Indianapolis Colts. In the aftermath of deflate gains in all that they put your franchise through. It would it would sort of be like Eric Mangini gold of the jets and you're like your dad ever. Who do you think pushed deflate gay who put push for that happen more and anybody was at her saying. Or do you think it was some of the characters like you know there are a lot of rumors that brown all right used to be a Baltimore Baltimore was upset. At the hold the section thing where they didn't understand. At the pay what the patriots are doing to them about the patriots were playing games playing. You know Ali you know manipulating the rules and so. O'Donnell. And in Baltimore cannot put this thing up and they pushed it. In their Ford and former general manager who has it was a guy who pushed it a little bit too Ryan Greeks in subscriptions gone. O'Donnell is gone. You put the plate gate on her saying or is that the guys who were who are out of order. I don't know I don't know how bill would would think of it I just think it would be like Italy Mangini taken the jets job I don't care who's run in the place. They're dead and you're dead to me and especially. After you know I can't I can't imagine bill I guess what I'm saying is I think that because of all that I almost see Josh taking the bears' job. It seems. I don't think that's a reason to surpass on the colts made you think it's the best job for you as best situation for you you have to do it. And in both of these guys. Have proven their loyalty to Belichick 101520. Times over. I Josh McDaniels have been his name has been mentioned as a as a head coaching candidate the last three or four years. And he he could have left for for other jobs and he stayed here. Because if he believed in what Belichick was doing at Tom Brady that helps to. And the same thing with Matt Patricia these guys have not been climbers is now why can't we stay here for a season. And then how does get out of here in cash in all my patriots chips. The bears have a better quarterbacking situation with Robiskie in the giants do with an aging deadline Manning as the guys they don't elect. And it's so even if the giants draft a quarterback. I've ever I don't like don't want I don't know Munich I might be great about the next Carson went through my than that next Achilles Smith. Put that nice I was not a policeman. The next ten counts the I began equipment Peter case and enjoy it's just a couple of minutes from the MM QB we'll talk about all these coaches openings and where we think. If he in fact thinks the patriots lose one or both of their coordinators the Brian Flores and came out of nowhere for me. That the Arizona Cardinals and asked for permission to talk to Brian florists usually. That's kind of a leap to go from a position coach to head coach. I mean coordinator that happens all the time that's kind of expected florist came out of nowhere forming. Get the feeling that he might be a coordinator here going forward and that may be what have. And that but the rest of the NFL jealousy quickly the rest and if Ellis finally figured out that her when the patriots first start doing their thing their first three out of four. An and because they win this year if not three out of four are on the backside three out of four on the front side. I'm secure teams just go in there and just taking every. I can have Belichick and to everybody associated that you had a conversation Bill Belichick taking you to take media members everybody everybody around. You know ticket takers. Go in all of ago day I start taking him take everybody you can try to. Just try to tap into what the patriots have done and now it seems like the rest of the NFL is finally figured. Bill Belichick joins us after the top of the hour just after 3 o'clock we'll talk to Peter King coming up next. It's Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. After a regular weekly conversation with Peter King from the MM QB. Peter joins us on the line right now I've RES to make sure it's OK to say this a happy new year Peter it's not too late to say. I'm very pleased about that I'd like they're happy new year on January 2. Failed episode where. They were still get happy new year and favor I think excellent. That's just too much outlets talk coaching vacancies in the NFL the news here of course from a New England perspective is that both Josh McDaniels. And Matt Patricia. Are being requested by teams is there any doubt in your mind that the patriots will lose one or both of these guys. All I'd be surprised if they didn't lose one or both. Put coaching searches are really strange. Because. You know a lot of times you feel like you've ever really good idea about. Who's gonna get job excellent job lie. Like Matt Patricia scenes are really logical pick in let's say Detroit. Josh McDaniels scenes are really logical pick in May be indeed or the giants. Or maybe Tennessee is that when. He gets open although. Making the playoffs probably probably say is my art piece job but it. But then you know the process starts aviator you guys and like I think a lot of times what happens in these interviews. Is that like I mean I guess wrote. Vietnam's CB is the biggest surprise in the last 45 days to meet. If how many people are talking about Mike Vrabel. And you know sell and things like that to happen in these coaching searches you know jeans Boettcher the Arizona Cardinals is. Is the guy who some people might eater either defensive coordinator who. I think a lot of people are. A little bit fascinated with it is decent fact finding so. I think a lot of times the sports writer named. And immediate name. Get served as the process goes not having said that if you asked me my gut feeling. I think they both get jobs but that ended. 575. Will buy you a latte at Starbucks. There it is five or or seven had said that seven or eight dollars. Peter with the best job ought to not the best job for mcdaniels and purchases is the best job in a vacuum what is. Great questions like that is a great great question. I I kind of think it's Indianapolis. But a lot of people might say it's Detroit. Because. Matthew Stafford. In because the the NFC north. Is a little bit. A tree in the division right now you know eighties it seems like. The vikings are kind of taken over for the Packers head. Aaron Rodgers is 34 in and so you know alliance I think is a really good job but I think. Because. If you're lucky still young and because there is. Legitimate. Sentiment and probably believable sentiment that. He shoulder and his and his arm he's going to be okay. I would say if you ask me one job I would say probably colts even though. And they've got a lot of fixing to do their blood. I like Chris Ballard a lot that GM and if I had to fight to pick one I think I'd pick that one. Play out with me here that this scenario that have been route rolling around in my head here let's say for the sake of argument Matt Patricia gets a job somewhere. And we'll continue with the assumption and say that Mike Vrabel does not. Mike Vrabel son just committed to play at Boston College beginning next year. Did you see Vrabel returning to the patriots as defensive coordinator and would the Texans let him go out. I kind of doubt that. Gail IE. I would be surprised. I know that the Texans don't like Mike Vrabel they love Mike Vrabel. I think that bill O'Brien it is and it continued there in pillow Bryant thinks it might very evil as the future head coach in the NFL. I don't think he'd wanna be in positions in the Mike Vrabel over to the scene that they need to be to win the AFC. That's just my gut feeling I had no idea about his side. And I tree I've never even thought at this but. Very able. I think he's a very valuable guy to Houston Texans. Peter is there another shot McVeigh out there but he does not only a young guy but young guy and command and make a bad offense great and take that into the playoffs. I don't think so. Michael I think that. If you are looking for. Really good young coach sort of coming out of nowhere. To the head coach I think probably the best candidate would be grateful even though he's 42. But to come out of nowhere after one year where by the way Houston Texans. War is worst scoring all were scoring defense in the NFL they're number 32. In the NFL Eilat the most points. And be really weird shopper really weird leap of faith to hire three people coming off that season but I do you think there's a lot of people like him now. Offensively. I think definitely there are more defense it guys. Vienna that the NFL has papers stated right now an offense even though. In an ideal world I think places like Indianapolis in particular. Would want an offensive coach to get the quarterback right. I don't people in New England are saying about Jimmy drop below on hand. And the patriots have gotten a first rounder for him or a couple of first round is what people in the league sang about problem now that we. We we saw played on the stretch. I think everybody believes that our everybody thinks he's significantly better than they thought he would be. It all the pictures being Michael after he played that team and a half last year for the patriots. Any win on the road and beat that we need to go back we we need to go back and remember what it law. Is what he did what he did OK so he goes to Arizona when the cardinals are coming off. Being in the NFC championship game the previous year. And entering 2016. Help the and seeing me. Very much ready to make another run at a Super Bowl. And drop below went out there they are helping to catch this error obviously obviously. But he went out period beat. Very strong team on the road in his first start that he went back to Foxboro against Miami. And obviously in the first half before he got hurt. Threw three touchdown passes and looked great. And so as an. As time went on this year end when he got traded and he went to the 49ers. I was really surprised all the skeptics who thought that kind of he was just the guy and yet been done anything yet all that I think. But I think people at league circles a lot of people who coach the quarterback position. She dropped below the one other thing I would say about it is I think the 49ers basically handled this right. You look at it now obviously she's writing grapples start the whole last after the season I mean. Full for what reasons really your whole emphasis would you trade for Jimmy dropped below and you work your whatever you are. At the time one in seven maybe an alternate or forget what they work. Your whole emphasis should be opening day 2018. That's what you should be gaining four. And I think they handled the right or right wait a plate CJ got here for a month. While drop below understood got to learn everything. About his position in about that offense. And I thought it was I got the 49ers handled them very very well. And obviously when he got his chance. He very much look like a franchise quarterback and I wouldn't go ringing any aliens with everybody says oh my god they're not going to be able to side of long term. There the 49ers American what was unique route all of the crappy franchise and next year and work with got you for the next few months a long term contract. And I think they'll probably get it done. I do know this makes a lot more sense to do it now even if you overpay. Then to pay him thirty million a year. Or maybe even more than that. At the end of the 2018. Season. By the polling that you conducted at the MM QB Tom Brady will would be the MVP of the league beating out Todd Gurley by a slim margin. For those who say the patriots. Traded away the wrong quarterback. That's sort of fly in the face that notwithstanding the fact that he's forty years old he's still in all likelihood going to be the MVP of the late. Yeah I mean look. In my opinion about India we talked about this of the time. I don't care they were almost positive they were gonna be able to site Rob Lowe after this season I would not have treated Jimmy dropped below two months ago. Just absolutely wouldn't have done it for a variety of reasons. The foremost of which is you just never know what's gonna happen in football but having said that. They traded up and they traded it in part because they knew that Tom Brady. This year and next year it probably one or two beyond. Was gonna be their quarterback. So. I mean although I disagree with that making the trade. It you know whatever they did it really doesn't matter about this season. And this season he would say whatever you want because you're right Tom Brady did not have a great December. His last four games he was a very mortal player. Yet BP has seventy week award and if you're gonna say it how early should jump into the running. Because he had two or 33. Games in December. I would just say look at tiger these middle eight games. He was good to very good he wasn't great score four touchdowns in the middle late games of their season. And again I'm not criticizing taught early. This was the year that you could have made an argument for a lot of people with the FDP it wasn't Tom Brady's best year. But what I would say about Brady why I voted for for the FDP is the patriots were as shake it up. In terms of personnel. And as he knew who each other and it's different. On Labor Day weekend. As they wore in any of their defending Super Bowl championship seasons no settlement. They sit they must have added about ten new guys in the last ten minutes on defense. You know with the Cassius marsh is of the world do some work out something didn't work out. Marquis flowers ended up working out. Nicely not in this as a superstar but I think Belichick contributing player and my whole point about that is that if you look. Look at the New England Patriots this year. Tom Brady could be really good for a long time while the rest of the team got a while residency caught up. And after to pick up the first whatever to two to four weeks of the season Brady was absolutely marvelous. For the guts of this season. There's no question in my mind he deserves it. And if other people have different feelings which is fine it isn't a slam dunk here for MVP but I I think he's he's very logical choice. Art Peter is fearless prediction time the patriots and Tom Brady will be playing a week from Saturday at Gillette Stadium they'll be playing what opponent. I think they'll be playing in the chiefs I wouldn't be shocked if buffalo went in Jacksonville at one and playing buffalo would clearly be an advantage for the patriots. But. I think they'll be playing the chiefs. And to me that's a great great challenge. For knowingly because Kansas City not only. Beat him. Decisively in the first game of the season but they represent the kind of problems that the patriots have occasionally had trouble viewing it is here. And particularly if the team that is used to playing lousy weather to do so I don't think. It's twelve degrees at kick off that. That Alex Smith or any of those guys if they're going to have that much of an effect but I think it'd be. They really really good game. For eight divisional round playoff game it'll be to be the best skiing that weekend. Somebody goes in the Philadelphia and beat them I mean I I concede seems to easily go to the Philadelphia beating him in a divisional games are quite frankly Atlanta. To put out and whoever goes in there but I think that. The patriots chiefs would be the game of divisional weekend. Peter we always appreciate your time happy new year table talk again next week. Peter King from the MM QB joining us. 6177797937. Is the telephone number. Talk to build ballot check the top the hour it's dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. We'll talk in these parts. And obviously in San Francisco there is as well it's in whence the final five starts of the season for a he's never lost football game that he started in the National Football League at least at this stage of his career. He's looked. Really good not not like otherworldly that really good. In control you know in retirement a team that was really bad terrible for much of the terrible yet they were horrible. But I'm I'm a little surprised to hear folks around here and I've heard a lot on the station. Folks around here's in panel noted the patriots trade the right guy. Well are they saying to the patriots trade the right guy ordered. Could you keep kick in that Jimmy grapple ball down the road a little bit all you all you could have done was friend Brent Johnson. And and it didn't think it just seems to make zero sense to me. And I don't already story don't they did you you'd you'd think franchising him doesn't extend well no wanna. To be to back up quarterback did he don't know 45 million dollars and I'll act in our franchise and to be the backup quarterback of franchising in a move. For theoretically a little bit more. Little bit more than a second round pick that's going to be. And a late thirties or forties them which have a draft order right now for the thirty something like I know who's number 13839. Are ordering a 4142 somewhere in there. So. Why. I don't think that's a bad move franchising Grupo. And you you think you have more of a bidding party more of an auction after the season. As opposed to in season all these teams have cap space it's reported that include the 48 hours in that you. 49ers. Don't have time to cap space the browns have tons of cap space the new general manager you go back to him and say hey. We try to deal with Josh you let it work if he's gone dinner and you said Josh he wasn't getting real players are real. To to grapple what you're saying makes him and asked to sum up so why fix what I'm hearing a lot on the station over the last few days yes. They should of kept Rob Lowe and traded breaks went red brick trade trade Brady went the trade deadline. That's a patient I mean you wouldn't think it could be real. But there are folks who think he's forty you know he's not gonna get better you eat you could have fifteen years of great Jimmy grapple apply. Our Steve Steve from Fall River on and on up well I love that yeah wells and I'm hearing folks say that stuff. Now I don't believe that I really don't the other one that I'm hearing a lot of is is that Robert Kraft went to build ballot check. And said. You gotta get rid of grapple okay is Tom Brady staying here Toledo's wanna be here anymore. Okay we'll Tom Brady saying if the circles was that there would be. What was that I would say that what could happen to a trading grapple right now. They I understand trading drop below. Shouldn't have to. You could trade grew up below. In April obviously they didn't do that trade rock below at the deadline which they did or you can trade Rob Lowe. Beginning of the 2018. Leap year. And Tom Brady's game that Brady told a social Kraft says. You've got to trade grow up blow because I want radeon here right now. America he got a straight out yet Greg Brady wants him out of here right now makes sense. And to me yet there Tom Brady's going to be accord idea yeah we agree he's he's he's the good quarterback. I know let's let's play out your scenario. The patriots franchise Jimmie to trade okay they're gonna franchise and they're gonna we. You're an opposing team out there your another team in the NFL you know the penetrating Tom Brady. They have to trade the guy that they've just put it 25 million dollar price tag on shore so I'm not giving you. First for us to go through one avenue to zero. I'm rockets we got a market for Jimmy. Got a market performance only franchise of so you think you're the only you're the only franchise. Best interest that he dropped all but struck. We got a 40 you know you'll do it but I got three or four of the teams and a line that got a very interest in this guy. Of course it was a mistake at for a second round pick Steve today what it makes me think here the rumblings out of Boston in local Boston media. That Kraft wouldn't let Belichick move on from Brady. And that and that. Belichick's hand was kind of forced. Near Fort Campbell Bob Brady got to move on from Jimmy G. That's what you start hearing out of Boston local radio. And and the press and the dot com and everything you have to local broadcast. It sounds farfetched steal it doesn't sound farfetched to make. These are clearly went on Dick right there you know the media TV shows our top left you know. Radio radio being broadcast you know broadcast. Media. Over the year prison there have made all people in newspapers. I don't know I mean I've heard people like Max tablets Max Kellerman of course effort people like him. Now I I even say the patriots didn't get enough of a return for Jimmy drop on it said that when they traded. He's worth more than a second round pick. But I wonder if the value goes down if you hit him with a 25 million dollar price tag and EU limited now the number of teams who can get into that bidding war San Francisco certainly. They're just goes one Cleveland our look bad teams involved and that's all I need a that the giants. Giants would have to be interest in. With their with their Eli situation I don't know if they've got them the room to take that went on I don't know general manager you can make that they can make that happen pretty quick out. But the giants and and the browns and the 49ers. I you know these these teams. These bad teams. A lot of times are bad because they don't have a quarterback so you still have. 45 teams that are desperately. Searching for quarterbacks and you've got one and you've got on. Under control at least four years got a four year and then you can bring an end and just like Kansas City didn't in Scott Pioli did the when Matt Cassel patriots franchise them. They traded him. Kansas City chairs of that deal to give the new deal and I got. About the time that Jimmy was dealt to the trading deadline back on Halloween. He was guy with you know two career starts they were good that two career starts didn't finish the second one. And an expiring contract and yet they still got etc. while I was gonna say is it the on time and giving the counterargument what I just said. Is that the best they could do under those circumstances two career starts expiring contract. Hell no not giving a first round pick for that. I bet I guess it just. I guess it all depends on what you think the Cleveland Browns are willing to do. One of Roslyn and I just really like Bill Belichick poker player Kansas whisper into the ears of the Cleveland Browns and get them to do what every one of them do. And they and he can even convince them that it was there idea. I can only earlier Holden me up like this come on don't do that that's Atlanta at new. We'll talk to Bill Belichick in just few minutes we'll get to the calls of you guys just few minutes as well 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio W yeah.