DHK -  Michael Irvin: “Minnesota vs New England is in the ether”

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 12th

The playmaker and NFL Network analyst makes his Friday appearance and discusses the divisional round weekend , why Jacksonville won't be able to slow down the Steelers on the road. How Brady is the master and New England fans needs to enjoy him and what this run has been. Irvin believes that Minnesota hosting the Super Bowl is in the ether and goes on a soliloquy.


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If anything the price tag has just risen for Jimmy drop below. It's risen to such a degree that a guy like Carmen policy has decided that you know maybe this is exactly how you approach this contract negotiation. It five we're going to be involved in this deal. I would prefer to be involved on the side of representing Jimmy's. Except I have to tell you I'd I'd I'd. He's just playing around with that you know I am thinking to myself oh my lord I can use this is the color of the of the negotiations. I can point that this. As it may be a midpoint I can point to another thing I can talk about what he's done. 1448. Day area fortify our possibly can do for the king. It if I were representing the team I think what I would do. Is entered the room. And I would bring a large. Jar of actually. And I would say to the agent on the other side. On the nice guys I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle. He's in the 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock shows the blue and aliens gentlemen yeah. Jesus is went this'll. One. That's how Carmen policy would be approaching the contract negotiation with a chimera of giant jar of gasoline. Right in saying we think he's yeah. He's. Can rule out while. So. I don't think it about that it's the contract to another product now we don't wanna be here in our government to find a you're gonna be here you're you're you're in charge bound objects. I thought we're talking about football and I you're you're. You'd put your Gosling the way. I think that's the I don't know I think deficit Grassley you know athletes there. I and you know maybe you'll take advantage rob what advantage there today is that what you got I have not from what I've asked you owed guys that nasty guys and there there are certain. Folks you know as they get on in years needed to know them and and there are at that point their lives and they don't want it all written or take things say whatever they do well plus speak is what does the case. I get the feeling that were common policy and I. Would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say do the agent on the side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle. It. It literally like they're drifted dump this whether there are other do well certainly let them based on president's as we do pretty much as I want it to that point so let it fly. I don't look in. Get over the colorful language from Carmen policy he's right in this regard. Is that the regarded as wrong he's every right everything about it right at night every that he Dark Knight is a long have to pay. Whatever Don he says. I mean they're at the point where I guess you could theoretically there are a lot of walking organist and Kirk cousins yeah do that. But based on what happened when they finally played drop below. He sort of you know re energize the organization never losing the outback that whole thing you know it you know John Lynch loves them. Kyle Shanahan loves them the senate would bring a hard act of you are actually department. Ice vices are without gasoline and that he. Earlier today I guess he's being investigated seriously our policy act and he's investigated. Every four years young that sentence something's not right. If you think you're only in Youngstown Ohio yeah excellent and explain and I got a physical play and you get something you'd like Ohio Owens and lash out here came about Ohio Lola Carmen policy and sums via sums off. You know it. Now do you actually have to go through this now is sort of like a little bit of a joke if your favorite Cisco went on you oxen. The hand of John if I want to player don't do it do to answer your thing dog out of the I think they do the opposite of what it said now. Yeah. That's again we don't know sums up about him too. And I would bring a large. Jar of actually. OK okay then then I would say I believe his. I don't I don't know but that's it ignited a flag doesn't want to play here shallow layer again. And you can can we just ask him through his be out of the negotiations. Didn't want to you know let's talk football you've got other genders. Peace. Nasty guy. A large off you are now all been you know carving an uninvited not a guy that not a part of how well you heard of the party a party that are. Wrong address patient jar upon the cops now let's not that the what does this keeper. You don't that's. I'm out there they'll probably keep lotions and that's the load on sounder. It's awful I saw the awful. Yeah I saw the press that he can very abbreviated. Saturday night he and we all have to do that reads aloud the it yourself but at the dock. It's added that large. Well I'll actually. That should be allowed 617 words and swearing in recent war part of continents that are not as bad as that. Found when they got investigative arm Polycom policy an investigation now we know they have browser history look I know exactly we don't teach Federer. It took all. And in the football city jail time at some point blood according he was with that part alone frightened to Barlow from Youngstown as well. So he used to run the 49ers and 49ers had all the cap violations though they got they got knocked. Think they lost some draft picks or something like that. Anyway the Cleveland he was terrible there. But that's the football since we talk like that there's something else that background. A large like you are now actually. Would not wanna let them on a plane though was when you alone with them and an elevator congress feel a little don't have a problem no lunch. Don't really eat that large. You're exactly yeah. That's exe that's just Bradford to never gonna get ready that could point. The man of access nasty accesses a large. Why are actually any you know any time to get him on the radio probably he's now down. This is natural for him. It just tumbled out naturally. These are hesitating. He's got an audience there he. Is fun I party as well. Wise Andy playing it's over and over there. That it.