DHK -  Which NFL insiders can you trust? Michael Irvin “Minnesota vs New England is in the ether”

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 12th

Hour 1: Ian Rapoport claimed the Browns didn't offer a 1st rounder for Jimmy Garoppolo, the best offer was a 2nd & 3rd, Keefe still wonders why they didn't pull the trigger. The guys question why Belichick would ever care about another team in a trade, The playmaker and NFL Network analyst makes his Friday appearance and discusses the divisional round weekend , why Jacksonville won't be able to slow down the Steelers on the road. How Brady is the master and New England fans needs to enjoy him and what this run has been. Irvin believes that Minnesota hosting the Super Bowl is in the ether and goes on salicylique.


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Getting your hands there to get clean in the end it was a very special people in they're great people there is always have a good mood light. And today relate more to dogs and humans. I've seen a problem that. You don't know they haven't actually sort of feels that way itself the percentage of dogs that are really good people are high is higher than people who are good people. It's just it's not even close from. There's that one bad dog and every you know. Thousand dollars worth of for people at that much higher. I trust dogs want to just thought you were people now you know I can tell you probably guards now that you've now no no it's it's then I got these fellas. A cat person you're sneaky attack brave guy. That's the night I told these dollars a couple of weeks ago when it went down at Gillette on Monday and patriots Monday and we just had to have our dog put. It is the worst this year it'll ever. And and now my wife who's a much stronger person and we've had to do it twice both times she has sat in there with the dog till the last breath and I couldn't do now. I mean I'm I'm I'm out in the car are rack right. And she sits there with them till I mean I said we're after this one around that were out of business for the postseason there's art there's this stuff. Can't do ice caps meanwhile. You know how many you have become are out there without a lot of tailgate to athletes though were the applause and walked in the of the Democrats the bad side regardless what well speaking of trust. I don't I don't know hey. I don't trust anymore now Michael awhile what happened well what happened as we talk about this all there are out there now Michael we bring everything on the air and I are record so. What exactly did the patriots can offered perjury for a couple that they're really good question about it I only ask. If yes Ian Rapoport it was a not a first round by the way. You could set this any time in the last X number of months right there's been overwhelmed by the holy it for today. I know what he's doing his reporting idol and this is easily rattled or is it. Not not a good are not at that will not give me the fake. I got about a dozen. Out of enough non last night and not so good but took a chance he's been working these are working on this thing you know he had to get some things buttoned down and now he's ready. Presented to the world so last year. Mary Kay Cabot was screaming from the the rooftops and her stories the browns want talk to the patriot they offer first round pick in more. Are you suggesting when they did call on draft night we are told that Belichick wasn't even trading without point. It was really only a second and third this is a lot of people around Cleveland now that is saying it was a first. There. Really out that while back that had to change on six and at first rounds are willing talk the same for prop on Wednesday offered for AJ McCarron. You'd actually packaged it is. And I mean I I don't know if they're reporting. But I don't want to trade off lights and it was first second third and you know again. The Arctic or charge out and fired. For a lot of reasons and I'm sure not. Doing this was was one of the reasons are securing the future court are one of the reasons. They never offered for tropic. The patriots never considered it to disagree with it considered high war. I would imagine that probably would not want to they probably would have considered it. But the browns also was not even one. And that the patriots. Even consider consider. Could've offered Hirsch is working cluster. Now that is a game changer as net. I mean as you look back on it Campbell we thought we knew and we are using Mary Kay Cabot for a lot of that OK we were using her reporting. She's a good reporter you know or I don't know orbit you know better around Cleveland for a long time we were using her as gospel. The fact. I would have been largely hold on our way ahead is nothing out of the story here I got a little mortar you aren't a big part of our. That's a lesson of people in the media everybody's a reporter. Well suffers and they everybody that report correct or not respect everybody's great record from decide back from a road provides an insider to everybody Arabic on center court on NFL insider yet we all bought. You know darkened office. On insiders without lock and four. He got a lot of I cut off. Eight up armored oriented insiders are gay you don't like him a given the shaft or even outside of the strike. In a fellow outsider to lash out there so I don't know actor and Rappaport. There's two insiders there you know Jay Glazer gets a lot of crowded I'll give I'll give ya plays and Omar. Now. Day out now and I talk about more. Not I try to speed up the about guys there are happier and well Peter of course our speaker today but big time work in an impression known. Job back outage at a at a big time insider uncle Peter yes I'm here is so but I have questions though as far as this goes so why Rappaport is its second third round pick. At the draft right act now before the audience started. We also heard that grapple wasn't even. They weren't taking calls on problem. Because Belichick pulled out and about second tells what he wants it now but it's part of this very day out but never entered Earth's food and the day after he got traded or wherever that the next time we talk to you Aston sort of what the market was forum before the season you sit and Albert region and we didn't get into that hey John Lynch tells the story about. Called for Rob Lowe added and he gets the point of what I can offer that's not how available was the somehow Cleveland's only will undergo a second and third which by the way it's still better than just the second. And that if you wanna fast or that to the trade deadline how do you know Cleveland when the change their deal because you weren't even dealing with the same people. Exactly so maybe they've big big first round pick. Of course admit right view of the people before were offering a second and third. There's a chance that the the next people could say we have we have no interest or pay we have so much interest yeah that if you're 22 is for AJ McCarron. May do we would go a future first fortunate problem it seems like the browns weren't even in the. Loop but it's highly I don't believe that they are a number one has ever been mentioned for Jimmy to rubble by any point. Well if you're Cleveland and that's just from the sad song that's I don't Sacha brown we'll throw well but. That's a mistake I mean I don't wanna give Cleveland credit for anything by. We are talking about a guy who had six. Quarters of football experience I don't know quarterback starved to go out and assess real failure right it's six quarters six quarters of great football. And I'm not exaggerating. They haven't had that. In ten years. If you are in a fun right now but if you're if you're sigh she is innocent ball yet he had six really great quarters but. I got anybody AME team that's good it is currently is what I was Bryant went limited but according to Terry Pluto who was very connected to Sasha I. Kudos IQ you only if don't like though the world likes Terry more than he likes Mary Kay I can tell whenever they don't have that personal what's the problem America no comparison all holes are comedians say that's what we're reading off one of her stories every day for a month now and say I'm not saying she sucks well what I'm saying is the territorial. At. Her toes like he was like the world he's likable Madonna of Cleveland the guys yeah yeah. It's it's an egg on everything all I believe Sasha brown told Terry total Nazis or template but I don't believe I don't believe Archie brown okay. Who has been fired. Does one look like a bigger idiot than he probably already does to Cleveland fans and is trying to salvage what's left of his repeat it one you know given up. Fourth pick in the draft but I can while we're gonna to Houston panic but I don't know how beautiful it also doesn't sound like it was much of the conversation. I think if you believe in Rappaport it was hey have a second to third the patriots have now. The biggest goal of the season it wasn't like hey how about first how about you there's no negotiations and sounds. Just staggering to me that and it tell you that what that's wanna emphasize your 100% correct for any other other franchise. Yet. And after my first topic are you kidding me this guy. Got trapped in the second round play six quarters and got hurt no one like him your first but for Cleveland. Absolutely. Got multiple first on paper and you've got to the first overall you've got decades of just quarterback utility behind you you wanna go forward and you got all these money bald guys you trying to bring on a new day Cleveland. Usually your first rounder to get Jim dropped. I think in an idol we brought this up earlier in the week about Matt Cassel. Kinda had an idea what the market wise we did well I think we did I mean Matt Cassel Matt Cassel played sixteen games sites you know and got a second round but I think I go to the league is still big part of it and ready for this he's that he almost got caught now I understand he played sixteen games. So that much bigger sample size. But pre season. There's no trademark counsel retired and it was that we're our drop though I was talking about them there was no excitement is only a couple years earlier grapple with they second round pick in in the limited time that you saw he was really good there's a little bit of buzz around him worth castle. Yeah a paean in much better pro than people thought he would be really -- squeeze out a Pro Bowl year with the chiefs accused better than than you thought but the ceiling for drop almost always an honor. All right so do you look at this story and it just. Just look at things through the lens of people who you trust. Or not so much for him to have your trusted you trust that trust their recall recollect. Rep reporting. Or he was wrap reporting matters they second third round there. Was it not been well that people wait all day attitude that got up this morning it now this coffee at the kitchen tables and worked as you know ultimately years of updates thing Ian Rapoport reports we'll let you know now these rap reporting he was brought reporting its second third Rossi wouldn't think. Thumbs up wrap up or thumbs up I act and got out ice there unless I wrap a paper currency. Thanks. That was here that I'm sorry I don't think he really apology and Britain and that honor. Did a good thing going here. Around poorly unbreakable flawed he's not gonna look at that averages over the Iditarod and get your fielders do my thing and the deadly deeds of the Republican leaders want to know. A terrible over declared the president I care about rusty and as part I don't Rossi I don't care about anybody's for a while if you care about the over the age of 3100 dogs. Well I had a and I don't know better and look at their November. I. But but Rappaport if you trust him when I just said he's one of the insiders you want to ask so did you should truss there's an insider who says. Opera was a second and a third now let's go back to set records and was not an insider but. He's a refinery in Iran that I heard from somebody who set a one once never are okay but after back to ricochet and who's not an insider but he's reporting. Bob crap. Made him made ballots that trade mandate Jimmy grapple with a mandate so. Get a mandate from your owner UN get a second and third from Cleveland at best at the draft. You decide to hold onto them in your older just lost eight games so I can see where the third round pick disappears so your owners lost three games owner says do your owners are you okay. I got a trade them. You get a second. Let me ask you do be annoyed but would it be a deal breaker and I'm gonna get a second before like. I had to trade this guy now I gotta burst to change a little. It's changed a bit but let me ask you this and from all the different things that we've read all the different reports that we've heard a did the Cleveland Browns. Know that brought closer we get traded at the deadline. Where David aware or did they read that you scored the niners that they never even got to be involved in it then something's up something odd about that you don't just call a team and say. Heroes like the straight and don't let the league know that there is commodity that we spent all offseason talking about is now available is now on them while I play devil's advocate your Bill Belichick yes. Do you trust that you can get a deal done with the Cleveland brown are all exact and I haven't I haven't actually happened did you exactly what they're very screwed things up in the other terrible franchise but the very least Kate you'd go back to Sanford Cisco would say they Cleveland's offering two twos if you can match that you can count now is another pick out of it. Correct yes I know only thing I would say on Cleveland. Let's not you brown was fired before the year was over. And then at the deadline they were trying to get McCarron and we know what happened there Cincinnati said it was Cleveland Cleveland's bought Cleveland so that was Cincinnati's fault whatever. But they couldn't get a deal done at the deadline for McCarron. So if you have if your ballot check or anybody else only don't you wonder who's in charge in Cleveland. Cool even talking to LeBron. It had called up front run got elderly nun and a M it was it's not she brown was it has him was it appalled but. Deeper depth but because it's chaos or their young column. I feel like yeah I think I don't I don't get a deal done I wanna guy that's done now I don't wanna be messing around and and haven't silly out you know what I found out I gotta run this up the flagpole the summit but I don't wanna deal with them I'd say they're also so dumb they could say I'm a first and second but they surely they -- but it's going to be if you're gonna be the -- Cleveland Browns -- consistent you should have been dumb April in their first round pick don't have this problem but pretty frantic but if there's not a very good division this season they would have done all of us about an -- patriot inside of all the old the patriot patriot I offered a first. First and third for Jimmy grapple I don't know the patriots wouldn't but I think the browns went on I I don't they didn't. We had a good out there so it. They probably wanna go and hagel will be as bad as they are they're still organizing is that they hate because they never said oh yeah I got a chance to they don't know how to talk about a third round out of it because I blame you don't call back into our right in a lot that was double B I'll offer a first and if you're not getting any count or face it we're not trading a guy they must is that OK let's move on to something else let's strap the Sean Kaiser and let's go this is what the route we're going. I had a whole cage or shut it off and it's hard to get more offers that you just said this players not. For trade Bates hole the niners that that's on the record that's on anonymous sources as John Lynch saying we asked our problem is that he's were not trading him. Now that the drafts of it probably told the brown the same thing. Okay and out and I'm not just trying to promote the every cheap shot ITN. With the Cleveland Browns at the at the butt of the joke but seriously. You won four games down three years. Won four games in three years. You know you're good coach is coming back you don't really have the luxury of haggling if you want the guy. Why change things in Cleveland. And I listen we want the quarterback we need one we passed on Carson whence we passed on to John Watson what is happening doing whatever I wanna hit the first round. I don't but you still need both teams to engage you get a trade done they've made trades for the browns before the trade Jimmy Collins to the browns yeah but he admits they struck the ultimate Cleveland. They that they couldn't figure if if they wanted to and they clearly didn't wanna trade up before the season started. But I think you could put some real pressure on if you flip that around and said or about a first okay eventually an annuity is with Cleveland. Bought not because complete release include but it inquired about Rob Lowe a major shut it down there in April. Yeah I had a little time about a hello Paula call will watch the season starts I I certainly but there are these going to be on the roster rushed. The way you did and can I say. For AIG. Not charge return and around the Cleveland Browns worked our blood and chaos you know so what what he's got to do well whether it's not you brown or anybody else. Which you gotta do to stay on it but you guys gotta go above and beyond. Carol the browns as much does the patriots you wanna maximize what you can get for drop looks it's not gonna be on the field it's gonna have to be picks in return. Then I would throw a couple of phone calls I would text more than one organization and see what they were possibly offer. Was it's our understanding that. Sampras the only team Belichick talked to and do you think Cleveland would indeed have for the fourth pick in the draft. Yes it is my understanding sent them all on the top I think Belichick wanted to make sure the colossal and definitely place. No one because he like straits between glance. Two he really respects the people there. Well what do you see it's bizarre because he's human this was lost I think it's okay that Belichick wanted to send in replaced that it the other question. Let the ground to get up to fourth pick. It's very easy of Brown's people flushing action to CL. I never heard I was on the table for when the browns made an alternate draft pitchers like darker there are shall never go to. You know they're gonna try to one out in the articulate on I don't really hindsight Jeremy. Well you had a chance off and you didn't. And there. Yes and that's the bottom line they've only called the niners though so that's that's my prominent and well that he wanted what was best for Rockwell defense won this one win win trades. Who cares if the other team makes out well why don't you wanna fleece everybody in straight up and did Danny Ainge go to a trade today we do what's best for these guys do that be great. What that. What was your market realistically Cleveland services don't that's about it right Cleveland serves as Iran out because I Kyle's gonna kinda out of Jackson goes out of a huge problem there most of it got their quarterbacks maybe mystery team other John our product development team. Distraught because somebody who don't have to adjust our minds in the Olympics for Iran talking about so for all the talk of a Belichick wanted to send them to a location that was comfortable for him. What we're talking about a two franchises in moderator Don but what it. It really does want franchise it's like I can talk to them I can make a deal with the mandated that they can't trade on the grounds that may have with a bit different a different regime to wasn't such. And so I get a deal done here. I don't have a lot of time I got to get this guy out here Cleveland pulled knows who knows who's who's gonna screw this thing out. They had their opportunity there and they're talking the same on noise okay and make it a second for San Francisco and keep the movement. But I still even if it's a dump a franchise and to know that it is it especially in this case where it's probably the only two teams back again into a bidding war. You have to include them. Say it was three teams you know I don't trust Cleveland find work with the younger Cuban at least you're pitting it got to get hurt don't get a thirteen great get in automatically yeah yeah I would say okay call them up and I'm just try to combat that team would be like I don't think he. Bill Belichick is traded away so many players so many great players players that are dead track records. I don't think he was looking out for those guys I've Rappaport. Recordings and I'm not sure I do I deserve and I don't look at. I don't when Belichick has made deals at the trade deadline it has no one of these shop of funds. It hasn't been ill at that I got Jimmy columns available what you would you guys what do you think like you want call me too I mean it's it's been trading deadline let's go let's get it done we got to move this thing. And at the risk of pissing off Keefe again. Don'ts and say let's do it on the money I don't I don't know all of I heart of his decision can beat part of dog laid out a lot of those that I said it was part of it. I now can it be trades and to Cleveland's final drive he's got an old town he's got no backup quarterback and he's got nobody he you know what we have right now I already have right Howard no backup quarterback. Is the fire department right now. That was the difference he goes there's a few most of their prices aren't lower compared. Hi. Apparently now. The youth. What would you have that hasn't song written about it so problem yet this long term he can adapt I don't know it is how are don't. I'm telling you it was part of their decision makers that the sad reality and 6177797937. Is telephone number text minus 37937. We're gonna talk with Michael Irvin in just few minutes he's coming up. And as tight as I said during the crossover I I guess we're gonna talk with the Christian Fauria of national. Derrick Mason does tend to. On the all sports station around there and in Nashville he's never voices like Christian he might I don't know maybe thirty practice this week he we don't know we it would be young he was better out of the Christian we didn't pick up on it. And he could manic I doubt the high energy guy was that Brian was he the high energy guy Michael was talking to this week it could have been in my QB be that my almighty I'd be that I that's Rocco from sockets he calls all the time. Mike you. But. Use old bring those guys into the mix as well we'll talk a football and pretty much all afternoon long as the patriots play tomorrow night at shellac. Nighttime game then and the more than the closer we get and that the more the weather forecast it fine tuned. The worse it looks out there it looks like it's going to be really frigid by the time you get to game time more night. Let's get to the calls that you just supplement at 6177797937. Gala Hollywood K Sports Radio WE yeah. And it's from my standpoint you read the report patriots on the call one team go clouds of Belichick. Just drop was well being over the betterment of the team over shopping and for the best you know for the best package that seems a little. Curious to be figures saying that is the local Belichick okay dark side. Also got an out of it. You know match made sure they data base and once a year or. Several times here that I mean it's still in your signature. I think it was very nice discussion some of the great spot but it's not charity itself is something. It served the pictures. In a cute they are all you're really the option of any business transaction right here the option. Maybe it's major would've gotten a second round pick and at third and fourth or something. But that it faced them once a year twice a year is outward. That draft experts have you. Mean we are talking about an organization that screwed up a deal with the Bengals for AJ McCarron right. Fred Entergy they use that deal everything could use that deal against the niners are pitted against the niners is 82 twos if you can match that in Rio. That you go to got more on that I think he I think the market. I really do I think they got a partner there AJ McCarron leading out the vote sent AJ McCarron a lot more he has. No I think who's better who's not who's played more I don't know I don't know it is Jimmy's gonna be better now. Guys that you probably could've gotten another pit and I think I'm very bad for the first time that's similar numbers. Yeah I earned hardline on the thing all the other guys these trade that was seasick elderly Logan Mankins finds a good spot. I hope hopefully Richard Seymour goes so plays that he likes and I don't remember build I'll check. Is that other clip you played before he's like he's also a human like OK but he is he trying to win all these traits. What does what does he really care about what the player I'm sure he wants the person I'm very like some of these guys more than others he wants the person to go on and succeed. But as it was just for the patriots like the iPod I think a lot of this had to do with trade deadline to. He didn't have time to go back and forth with Cleveland and San Francisco it's like oh did it sneak up on the share did not know an audit that date they had been trying to get. Rob Lowe signed supposedly these guys. Now saying is saying you know he he called Cleveland sounds like they didn't do their due diligence which is not there method. So I think was more accurate is that they've reached a point unaware they reached at maybe August September I don't know. They receive the point where they've given up on Cleveland. Are we we will not be making a deal with them as these trade on that phallic about it and deal with anybody at the draft. For buffalo thunder and come back at least with Sampras of course every Cisco wasn't I don't know where San Francisco a counter attacks back to a previous conversation. You had with the 49ers knew there was interest given who call it your goal called till wintertime it and I don't know if they're Siskel call them that was there any phone call nobody has reported this. There any phone call whatsoever from Sampras has called the New England in September. I you know I did you Perez I'm like hey I'm still here and if you really if you really want something. Where you really want someone. You'd say are. I know we talked about it in the spring but I'm down with and let you know I'm not done with this topic. I'm gonna keep checking in with you hey how's it going just checking and everything still the same as we talked about before. It establish some type of communication its efforts Cisco and at some point they decided that. It would be just what's gonna happen with Cleveland. We don't know about your respective items. I respect and other there as I do does recognize that very quickly where we're hearing from some folks on the text line and and I'm not saying your as far down the road is they are but. A couple of Texan wrote dale I'm so sick of the apologies the pats had one of the most coveted assets in sports. And got fleeced. Blocked. Another one got market for grapple with like 75 question marks. Look at the market when your requiring quarterbacks yes they got market. And out somehow here we turned unique Iraq low into the next Joseph Montana. I don't know what happened you know now we know that you don't act Tom Brady thought I. But I do think though when you're talking martz who teams that are way under the salary cap and two teams that were literally starting at CJ best third in the shark Kaiser. Would you. You could you that you can use that your gratitude even though. I don't think Jimmy Rob Lowe is gonna be the next great all pro quarterback. And I know that these last five games you didn't have that I betrayed maybe they thought maybe they did urban I think hey we can't let another guy slip away session for the browns. Mean every every day you look up I go to somewhat gonna had Carson months ago and had a big they have to be dealer without all the time. Now you have an opportunity to get to to grapple maybe there's a chance videos look at say the patriots liked him. So we'll do something successful maybe we should copy something that the patriots and the either one. As franchises would do that well apparently they thought they were making a hell of an offer with a second and third. That they thought that that's what it was worthwhile cause Obama they got a back to your point though back to your point deal of market value. As a Cleveland. And they were supposedly. Analytics people now. There it can they got baseball guys got the Oakland eighties model ability. I thought analytics so there analytics based on what's happened before they're probably coming up with second and third because that's what the market call for. And by the way for folks who wanted to disable yeah what about Sam Bradford totally different situation Teddy Bridgewater goes down. They don't have a starting quarterback they had to overpay to get Bradford. That was different situation what we're talking about and they actually played now he had played well in his career but. You knew what you are getting a bit donate 2000 Minnesota vote I don't know why they do it they're getting it Sam Bradford. No idea what Jimmy grapples going to be I don't know I don't know he probably won't be able to meet the expectations that have been put up their format some of these people were angry he's gone. These people think he's going to be a great quarterback some people many come back and he probably won't be a great quarterback. You may be good. It's really difficult to be great quarterback in another insider legitimate insider Adam chapters that he's a top ten quarterback in the league right now with the just can't believe attacking hard time now. Hard to think that we could name on the top quarterback organized right now of course you can. It seems like it would be fairly easy 6177797937. We'll talk to Michael Irvin will get to your calls. Dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. What my favorite times of the week. We talked with hall of fame wide receiver NFL network analyst Michael Irvin brought to buy VA New England health care system Michael joins some alliance a lawyer Michael. Don't want guys are you guys got big week where else for all committee and so on. I'll look forward. Our let's start right there do you see any chance for the Tennessee Titans to come in here and beat the patriots tomorrow night. Somebody who backed me and idols will address these paying. Could there appears to rule. Let's go freeagent go idle for six to want it. He's a group of six as the war edit and then we'll get rid of our. They're pretty. Didn't know illiteracy are and take it that reward and already it's expert freed one bigger bigger what is your 13 it while. Order your cake as rewards your warned toward. And let me tell you why they. And I don't know I know I'd probably discussing it talking about it you mow your. About a great all routed the great. All you're seeing that ordered people out here and it. The trooper out of battery is that what you're gonna teach our creator mark felt we double figure. It is now all news. We're here via. A law audits are afraid they all gave the governor who ordered ordered. It or don't recruit there are also hurled. To order. Because there are equity year it struck me that that would not. Bill Belichick the best in the world. And making full grows. Airports are best rounds where I did calm it down. Cargo port industry. I know harder or are all right we're all here people are but where now they would be. You you look at Tennessee and and you don't think they have a chance in the ground and see whether it's Pittsburgh Jacksonville do you see one of those teams. Given the patriots a legitimate challenge. Who drew. Britain or straight whatever term. You celebrate being. It report plea last week right usual. I did Michael. Paulie likes like morals along as they get c'mon Michael liked it's not like I. I understand how I appreciate so real quick there are are all hurt me is their older at least is here. Oh for real real real doctor. Or cricket poultry ground couldn't hit it back and look axial. All. Although it is our our clocks electrical looking like god. I'm greatly missed in this seat oh you're great Portland Tikrit which NHL he didn't just about political. It Rick portrait game like that. I would. I come true tablet you would have caught off the field. As you walk toward the locker. Chip it would stop them. You'll Wear to work or is more than welcome to future no. Already got a guy there at your local right you're good to bear market bailout. There. And work harder at you yeah. And aren't reliable. Big kid you're in order actor or has it. He worked quarterback Cory I'm here completed or were ordered click what you would mission now we basically what it was razor or they see fit. Kill them to report so what we're report took the rate were not. But when he. Start your org if you follow the order could record you know Korea ordered to. You figure certainly enough or that he and we later mr. force now or another it. Which you do it they need it until it. There could be another day at a pretty good Nader because that's being all user movement and speed being. They needed other act it. Basically you going off here besides you're ATP and behavior aren't real and out there which. It seems like the NFC's a bit of a tossup though the four main teams would be like the most there. Are you are an important social life I got the disorder or not let that sold air doing it it also looked well amid these. Oh. You have to read the Easter Easter. If it's floating. Around a bit scary by race and all and there are several. Out of our about. This article one of Dell's all in the first period Eckert and serving the game here at. I don't go to our recent sell this quote you. Now we're quoting an eco right now. Home championship rival Georgia will also be worrying at all and he should've won that game if Ella bell. Becker be in there and so shall make people never so never throw or make it true. There are so great we agree. You think about what a ridiculous to go ahead and go ahead like let text you'd like you didn't talk can't say I'll. I'll study that Brett Butler if it and it didn't barter. All of that are you predicting you're like yeah it's fair to say that it. How schools are as we'll remember it appeared quickly want to reward coming back we're at war that would be Ebert because it for a better. Little bit bigger skate back home 31 and it we will air they'll be into it ill and her struggle. Gay immigrant reward get angry or hurt you. All you can see her medical. I'll go back to what you were saying about your hearts aren't go to the idea that I wanna go back to say about the the south quicker ship ESPN peace and how it's it's gonna actually help motivate the patriots. But if you are the patriots if you're Tom Brady. And you think there's somebody in my locker room. A staff member a teammate somebody who leaked and stuff to this guy are you gonna move heaven and earth to try to find out who that is. There aren't we concerned loser be if your luck somebody here you're not logical to me you know and then there and I got to. Welcome to the word meet school loner but they're sold me riding around them are right around the locker room. Until then if you would it be insider. Local. Opportunities to all you what you don't know work comics. You know where they are. All the automatic check worry about their country including in that awful oh cool well off which operate. He doesn't look good but delivery you'd great great. Giving you opportunity. It rained all there are some sort of your act act like that all party Politico is so clear on that hole. I find it orbited the clear jewelry that could clear. And I just fine art nuclear. Was it just from your experience of playing with a hall of fame quarterback sometimes we'll look at that position and they got a jump on you they got say some things to you that maybe you don't wanna hear. Did you. Other players except that the quarterback. Is gonna have maybe different rules for them but on the flip side is gonna put some money in your pocket. That a bad quarterback can do for you is that is that pretty much the dynamic in the locker room. There there and every now I know me. But. Don't go all army in re. All in red matter a war won't start or re older. I would hope you were reading all. Of our outweigh. You you look at your record I didn't think I'd always Wear what they don't say. Who. Either you can you just go back in college when he Jerry you always want. Not a court. On EO NG quarter. All lesser or greater you're Goddard if you're core partner that all these gains in your day all around. You're seeing all around the age of Reagan yeah yeah operations. Back. I actually out. What I'm saying listen about bombardier and they were. Michael is a chance the patriots to lose both their coordinators map Patricia and Josh McDaniels who do you think could be the tougher one to replace. Let them grow and and honestly there. So. Well not just went with your. Partner doesn't he. Did all right score points the president. Careers. Now the minute that you mentioned Lou locally well. Or it was your overall. Pilgrims in certain beer expert where you lost a lot. You can so we'll all. So I was at all talk in the old worker go what you teach them a little because you have some Maxtor Maxtor. It's now. Know you have the master. Of masters. In sort it all in order. Does is it. You can do without even if you are out now. The dark. Equant. Come down there are written. On them act on mass. You click on browse the match. At the age old week and twice on Sunday expressed at least they told. Especially in this state don't are not you guys you'll network and local hero at the greater. A local court ought to. Yeah water breeder who. Or all sports no matter what. An official were right there. Nothing will override him let's say why is in the ether. And it did its liquidity. Either. You know you're lucky winners who keep your article which he once. You've got a big not override the acute in ninety. Michael we always appreciate the time we'll talk to you again soon take care. And a little regard appreciate which data would there is order. It would encourage you look at the this question should be asked what is your next concert or neglect jar group or got under there not to quote. At a department whitish dog final bill ready because that he would. It's probably a little political. Article and you don't or aren't rich and it always. Excellent. I have no idea that's what it five million years narratives. You seal Michael thanks. That is now Michael hall of fame wide receiver and a network analyst if I don't know for the crafts and neither one of them. Is is all about that not want to miss about it like number we said before Tom Brady gonna come out ten years ago. Five years ago onset you know I'm I'm underpaid here. Nice don't like the way they're treating me and they just give everything. Bill Belichick would say. I don't know and after really committed to winning. You know they're not really committed to me and the fans go crazy. So whatever you're paying them they're really if you just think about in the context of league they're under they're both underpaid I don't know what can make another. Yeah well the big thing in the NBA elves sudden and bush Rouse he before he stopped becoming an insider he wrote an article for Yahoo! talking about the odds I don't know I love and I don't I don't breakfast and Bob I lie in the right that's because Kordell and tell about well I got a dollar you know about his idea was that the highest paid guys in the league deserved war. For what they were actually bringing in where's the middle the pact guys were getting paid too much that the guys maker twelve million dollars a year in the NBA is not really sell a lot of tickets but the guy making twenty one's. Right like Zach guys are pointed more at the same thing when Belichick Brady.