DHK -  Why Baseball is becoming a regional sport and the NBA is rising; The best of the week.

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 12th

Hour 4: Holley believes that Baseball is becoming a regional sport and discusses the current hot spots vs markets that need a good team to get butts in the seats. The guys discuss the rise of the NBA. In Keefer Madness, we get the best of the best of the week.


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Oh yeah I know when and how do we go. And we got a little novelty console. He was halted because we've set. He ever brought him down. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with Pete Sports Radio WEEI. Talked a lot of football with playoffs finally returning and I hate by weeks I mean I understand players need them I I understand all black. But from a fan's perspective by weeks or just death aren't they it's like god can we kick this thing and it seems like forever since they played they they and they actually played their guys week seventeen the thing about what Pittsburgh fans a film like that they've received rock as her Brower ballad. You know feels like a month. And wasn't it we seventeen or four weeks seventy or Mike Mitchell made his comments. I'll even before that ever that a few days out of my patriots in that matter is that what you guys lose and had a chance to get the number one seed what do you loses game. And the patriots get the number one seed and then they'll you lose and patriots lose you mr. opportunities and and a matter where we plan. Hell yeah anybody blame anywhere doing well. It'll be New England. You know we're sort of like that's hurricane crosses though he's that it recently but the story is old story result and so can probably come out the Steelers are focused on those. On the Ascot ahead of you said. That's an old story there focused and there's a let down bell story hey I'll retire within our franchise him again and I got in a very Sanders retired earlier taught me how well Johnson. But you know it does bring up a good point about cuts in a ball 400 times the law as a lot. It takes its sweet time with a lot of had a very good running back he's a receiver has changed the game of football is a walker time did you ask him and he does. It does kind of takes his time he's very negative dangerous. Way to go about it but he does a very good job the good. The last. Drove hammered early as a brief aside Ballard early early early. And the girl is talking about retiring now well now he's only out through a lot of the younger continent. Seems to one of like played us he hit a view that game right now clearly hasn't changed the game and things I don't know type the stuff curry of of the NFL. Aren't out and I just on the backs of the we're talking about what we're talking Eric about about you know ritualistic and thanks for two and into the program by the way the party's over their casino at this stock. They leave any Beers that didn't seem to now I think. Took care of that and so for the Red Sox this past year averaged 36020. Fans per home game it's great. Two point 917. Million smallest park in yeah majors is a leveraged very fast so. Thirty you know 36000 folks and I chilled at Fenway Park obviously you don't have 36000 seats for the Celtics. You only have 171000. Whatever it is I don't know what attendance is for self pacing. Is it as an idol at 17565. For hockey but I wasn't sure insult us. How can you say that there's more interest in basketball and the reasons I didn't say baseball is Gallup poll don't you have that you sent out of town and you thought after the Red Sox were behind the Celtics as the Americans. Their favorite sport I understand but they were asking about a lot happen. And and you thought in Boston at that. Basketball was yeah. There is there is not a lot of interest. There's not a lot of engagement with the Red Sox right now. You masters that was the last time you thought about me really think deeply about what they're doing B are you invested. What they're doing let's also do the worst hostile all year in the history are of baseball Arnold do you do you think about what what's. Which teams you think about the most. Which teams you trust that mares that are applying announcer our it just in general OK with which teams you are do you think about the Red Sox morning and think about the Celtics do you are you do you trust the Red Sox morning that you trust assumptions are you more excited. At about I don't know about trust trust questions I got a lot of questions about excitement excitement excitement. They're probably fourth right now for excitement Red Sox did as they're not playing I. But also the bring him back the exact same team at least as of the second. They swapped out the manager which I think is an improvement but there everybody else as we know you do well I don't I am not alone. Clearly they're not give them the loans amid the move but. You think are wise if you're gonna be any differently or they Gambill to compete for World Series this year whereas the other teams in the pros cannot come out of nowhere almost a minute. Maybe they can advance pretty far and then obviously patriots and Celtics. It also with the with the 36000. Yeah that's a good number and it's probably put some in the top five in terms of capacity. Top five baseball if not one or two they got to be way up there and had a small park and opened 36 out of a. A professional yet they they I think they played like 95% of capacity out of your way up there that's that's part of it. But but the but the other part is just. Emotional investment and just that that the team being on your radar and that's a part of it to locate your short I mean as you said. The Celtics don't have a 30000 seat facility. 36000 seat facilities he can't say well I don't know we draw 181000 compared to the red sock drying 36 Roland is apples and oranges really. I'm I don't I don't know what that. That thing that doesn't wrote. And Celtics ball played 100% of capacity they've both been sold out for several seasons in a row patriots played 100% of capacity obviously committed to get a ticket there for years. The Red Sox are not at a 100% anymore they work for awhile but now they're like 95. Whatever it is. An and I met this is not a Bruins argument for me it it to me yes I still think the Red Sox are second in this town. That here's here's the other thing with the Red Sox. We've talked about time. Time of game I don't wanna bring a clock the baseball bat genocide eerie do something then it's not baseball anymore but here's the flip side. I think most people. Now are just won their their managing your time and they just don't wanna sit there. And not have any certainty about when an event is going to be over. Well at the same Margaret we have all the time but that's the point is this the team that urged the sport that has the most games and it takes the long that they get I don't combination like I I know for a fact. I looked a basketball game is going overtime is pretty much you know nice two hours tune in two hours and fifteen minutes then see you later thank you that. Football games and three hours. I became itself not a whole tailgating experience and traffic had to do it at the today and I guess. Hockey game quick OK at first admission second mission okay here we go right. Baseball I don't know that's part of the charm. Some of it is you are the charm but if you are a new wage person or if you're just a person 2018 in the world I can't focus on both good time here's the same Kama. Let's not let's follow what's happening here. I'd like I I I do think it it is mostly predicated on success team's success in other teams Dylan. Celtics are doing great I mean they're fun to watch they're exciting their they're the best team in the east course they're they're. Toppled mind right now. If the Red Sox are in first place in September and in the American League east that there's a lot of Red Sox excitement to. But I guess first place flash Jared and if you could see the momentum that the Celtics for game here and here's the other thing. What I'm saying is that national a national trend says. Baseball is better. We are hack we happen to be I believe nationally that yet that we happened era happen to be and one of the baseball hot it's so things are good here. Ed this is this is one of the best baseball cities in the country apps and they're still you feel. At times you feel a little bit of a drain. We talked about this before. We don't have a lot of young baseball fans who call it. No we don't. Know Laguna. And that was one of things that the polls suggest is that. People who were in a bit in the baseball. Are are of fifty in about 54 and above either. Basketball to Angelo younger. Hockey even though it doesn't have the numbers of a baseball on terms of popularity around the country. It tends to. That trend lure younger too. If baseball is older. And they games are longer. Hey Bosnia talk on against the this coming from the guy who didn't care how long they work night and I do and for me I love it but another close but no I love it I hope to but it I is not a. It's not a mainstream thing as we as we. Get faster and faster and other things and and the culture everything everything's quick quick to get this fast. Baseball's holding on to. Like a quirky a quirky existence. And a lot of people are into lady the NBA finals blow out rate the World Series this year. What a World Series do in 2017. I don't know what it didn't seventeen us that I had good numbers though it is cops there currently in the right you have to cut anyway about a series too yes that good numbers. But it fits wore your Celtics have been warriors cat if it's warrior Celtics it will this cavs warriors again probably not in Houston. Dodgers would be that. That that I think is where it's interesting to compare the two priorities of the most important games and these are the two best teams. What a guy whose children and for these. Yes and it'll an NBA should NBA should beep baseball because for for the World Series of the World Series in October. Kids are in school people working. And the games are at 9 o'clock at night right. You don't summer he's eight and you don't know how you don't know when games got enough off that path cabinet night whereas NBA finals. If you're not that the kids are out of school get depending on where we go to. Colleges are out but. Kids aren't out of school there almost out of school to have that feeling and you start to get a little warm weather and people start to get into vacation mode. But the games that relate to. As the only drawback that's your late. NB a playoff games I mean NATO started ninth celebrate every baseball on baseball and started nine and it Null. I started eight. Every prosperity the World Series started eight it's your every game and every game Federer says I probably like 810 or whatever right up there that wasn't the first game like hum survives like two and a half hour this is great and the next he was like four hours and all the extra inning games number they played some really want to and I Catholic is not the serious here's. Thousand series is great I think had you know it two of the best teams they were the best teams in the regular season. They met in they met the post season you saw a lot of stars in this game a lot of drama. And I and I don't know that it would it be Iraq was that a record setting World Series ratings lines. Darn sure wasn't. We get right back to the calls we knew coming up next 6177797. ID 37 it's still a Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. If I were representing the team I take what I would do is enter the rooms and I would bring a large. Jar of it's actually. But thanks Carmen thanks for via the policy we appreciate that policy every night. Back to the calls that you guys 6177797. ID 37. Text like 37937. Final drive our week in review coming up about fifteen minutes from now or thereabouts. A key for madness but its final drive you format as we can review it gets confusing assault irons. All the same pot from them brought to middle Burl hit rock I don't. Thank good evening guys last on. I think it won an overwhelming effect there as to why basketball is going to beat beat number who support this round it picked it and already and it has not been to do it. The length of baseball game debate believing it has nothing to do occur every coming here I think the main thing is. Read even gain in the future of the so I think people are starting a look at itself but it. As the type of organization that. And beat it type of organization the patriots are now I'd kind of be in that they can all low. I guess alternately would be the right. I want it period. You have to be at dynasty no further for you to get along and get on board with a no but I. Number I'm not saying that they have to be got to beat the people elect and I think you're right I think president this year. People people. All awaiting this belt that more than that although the Red Sox in Boston specifically. I think over the next couple years of that belt they continue to do what they have spent I edit it I know break. I think you're right look at the as for all the number one sport town just because ores football number one because the patriots and their dominance the patriots and her dominance. But in early days of our balls not number one in Cleveland for instance. And I don't like I I die I could put out of football town exit date it it would be a bigger deal for the browns and Indians have won the World Series but the Indian are Gooden and I got my football than that I don't want an average now. I do. And I think that if your team is good it's separate goals yet not now going beverage that I have when my good friends from Philadelphia and so the Phillies win the World Series the flyers are really good the sixers if you go the Iverson rod were really good. But he was like a trade all that and for a if the Eagles and the it's all of eagle on the I don't want to read the committee that would save for. That the patriots or the patriots won their first Super Bowl title. 2001 would you here at the parade yankees suck yeah right right there's still holding on to hey this is great. Patriots won the Super Bowl put Castro would like to see the Red Sox. When a World Series and a Red Sox won a World Series against as Reese is. Old forts they went at all for the Red Sox are still kind of holding on. They just lost it. They'll let you know whether it was baseball declining audiences at ports on the wrong direction my business patriot just kept going and kept going junior year in a Red Sox word or bad. But patriots Bluetooth and saying was so consistency. I guess the question be would it let's say Brady and Belichick are gone and in a hundred years right or five year good can basketball be first. It's 888. Carrier ring is still here chase Tatum is still here. Is an eight may NFL team in five years still the most popular thing priorities are contending other team consultant fussy this city in particular where all four of one. Somewhat recently. That it's probably harder route four or put the loser atop or RT that's like in the middle of the pack on top. I got Carey Jason Tatum and number two pick in this years draft Hume. Jill brown lakers lakers stakes program. Also ticket number two pick and aren't actors as part of an Anthony Davis. You're yes. Ed's on the cell phone had. Iowa straw not as the key I don't. I don't know. Cho Michael Holley to cover the league which you are I don't I don't. Don't like don't. Well enough multitude but look at what everybody shuttle runs the past and I disagree with that. So I'm gonna question what constitutes. The best basketball player in the NBA world. But they got that could take over game. Over it does everything and make estimates that pregnancy is better but did today is it winning player can do everything. What is it what went well it's a deal if LeBron who do you think we're there are golf at this what do you got. I gotta put you bet the other plate. Compute. The cute little ball sort of recourse you have. What these two. Shrewd and handling of the after all Michael pond or try really. Us. Our old tiger he's the best ball handler in the league that has been the best player on the line now from mr. are trying to battle this such a degree that we can figure out a way that ivory Irving's the best player in the league well that's like if you come if you say elect bird vs Jordan and Wahlberg is better shooters but rebounded better passer. Heck yeah but there's still some of them there's nothing else to write. Yeah I. If your if you're actually trying when we were just watching until we have an idol ever got it. A we're just watching the footage of LeBron going crazy on the bench last night as the cavaliers were getting blown out. For the second straight game. And keep in his natural tendency in wants to kill the bronze for right I said if that was the Celtics bench Celtics getting killed you know and Tyree Irving is yellen it is teammates in and Dumont street you'd say -- leader that's the guy we have. Tom Brady goes nuts on the sidelines on Josh McDaniels that vote the fiery spirit we want but because Ron James doesn't last night and keep once the market that's it carries teammates are sick of him yet like LeBron teammates have heard enough of this nonsense to get whacked the last couple of nights they've been terror have been terrible and bad defensively and this is or the coach that you pick LeBron so I don't think you can fire him I don't know I don't think it made him my high level of fire with the I bring as you I don't know somebody else another player gosh just make it official decided the player coach and so we can all you know -- -- Mike's on the cell they might. They are you doing gentlemen like. Eight Florida talk about the you go right on your skills people skills we Eagles. As an equal. Yeah participate in the program because the respect everything. Look beat Oregon in the field might work cute psychiatry. I don't know arc unit and boxed in ten years. And back seeing patients who are correct. What half life is going to such. That. Fails lie on about sales whooping Rex. Well I turned heads and as the only ones of the morning we should be thanking sales as we wouldn't have jobs within the cells are very thankful for sales I sales after great yes I mean I could I can't think it's the other way I around and it makes it and he salespeople and have a job if we were here. I could I could make that argument chicken yet it ends up happier with the people he's rates of people agree that wonderful what did you think about his other detail. I'd wanna hear all you know if heard there was no pre screening of bricks or whatever we can do that how he advocates met the audio the left that part out and everything in my system really care process. The left as carbon policy. At current policies were more worst problem today was again our policy and call of the week have been called. Large yeah nearly all of Ashley and I would say to the agent on the other side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle. If you are driving here here twelve year old who were junior high basketball game I apologize on apple ball outs while. It was a regular view somewhere else. Yeah its decision surprised because I dissolves portrait of Africans. And and so now. But what about aspiring. Journalists or. Radio personality that I'm all for it but yet come in knowing that it's not you're not the big toe that line. Until that final that I am just saying you know as a parent you gotta know that African. So we get upset with on can't leave your doing that I had my my kid in the car those lotions sounds replied yeah you know I don't know that this is not for kids. Should we have a parental advisory yeah Edwards but I heard our it this may not be inappropriate and dangerous yes that would actually help which did beginning of the show we shouldn't. Very dinner Saturday at the stopper detail how we don't detail on how about safer work rather it's got that note note NS FW I think it if yeah it is at the very beginning very serious. Over the next four hours. Some of the things you hear. On this station. May offend you may provoke. We take no responsibility for what you hear people warning yeah one of the study opinions given are the individual hopes and not necessarily a station management. And I would bring a large and actually we know you we RD down low power. Final drive key for madness a threat to review all of the above what you say how. I say there are some of the things and final drive that's probably argue not appropriate them McEachern. For children under the age eight. Eighteenth he sits on the birdie the easy thing either the united found that if the raiders are Rittenmeyer arsenal want to live updates on all the positive on that they have one yeah. That's coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. The final drive co sponsored by ARS restoration specialists regardless of the season a disaster and future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place to make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at ARS serve dot com it's also cosponsored. I cars for kids donate your car and help the child today. Schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or at cars for kids dot com. Yes you read the keeper madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like Kiefer match. Could be in a great deal of the men and not think I hate hate. It's got so he's just gotten a lot. This is one of the strongest segments and I bring. Until 190 yeah her hair cut or it. I like to test the boy in Greenville said he saw clowns which boring in the woods nearby. Takahashi Takahashi. Ergo the Friday keeper Matt does that mean it's week in review all like we have a lot to get to you from this week. From our all the shows we start on Monday from our show ball break at all I got to remember this dale and I. Didn't exactly see eye die on Brian Hoyer being back with the patriots. I gave you an answer and you hated it a year and a lawyer down. Might they don't make a flap again Brian Hoyer and laugh all you want your wrong out why you're dead raw because the backup quarterback who socks was bit peculiar that deal know they'll 'cause you don't because they didn't wanna spend ten weeks in the middle of the season teaching it got off the street the entire offense watched day late take a couple snap Elliott knows about the offensive coordinator heliport. Back down the back at quarterback as is every time when our great bill Hartley or something that's fine here's reporter. Yeah probably moment on economic but that's not the point here my wife is that they don't want why I didn't want her to play. They. Don't they don't two weeks teaching kids. Somebody oh my god what's this we could get a lot of cornerback had a tickets all right Tom Brady I can't leave you acting greatest picture I shot this isn't hilarious to -- got to matter right just the guy out there he could take the snap and lose regardless if you already had a problem you know about just going to be all right Brady that we're gonna no matter what so it doesn't matter who we all and upload that's the only thing as a matter that's helped build up that's going Chrysler did not match I don't know how the suspect. Oh yeah NASCAR Madeleine senator Grassley doesn't would you glad now don't you last year I don't want to know there's so much this is stupid question is it was Brian worth it to you this whole trade I didn't say I got a bright nor was it Diaz all they don't mastermind a hands raid keeps you can hit details this. I wanna aren't Smart guys now what I am Florida he this'll make what I said what it was a failure right in the system wasn't a huge factor there they had I had Ryan Arnold I sent a fax your first round picks or second rounder and Hoyer my Atlanta. By the way through for us. You've heard from what we're blood out there so I was never his ever though that was that's all right I I don't know my did you weigh in on that I did you've got out of the way what do you think about it now than. Aren't you know that was the key three pointer from the cute very close look at it. A large. Are not actually les now that you can't say. Here I mean cornered him very important that that guy anymore thank you. Thank you what I did and much calmer way that I Bryant and a discussion yet if this is a passionate debate was a factor that they could bring it guy Ian who knew distance away. A you know IPO what was what was gonna value Feeley still does not as if I don't mind I am glad to have to. Fade the delegate got it going without it. Two things he did it for excellent grammar there will be at them about that. Where you laugh at your mouth like a god lap it did inhale. It. I'll out of sat on Ellen it's happening around him out and added right we're just stupid act read there was an escalation pointed. You don't do that panels yeah I know hybrid oh. This does this idea that the caller wasn't speak. It's about all that well right right well later in the day on Monday at least they'll play as told by my name the whole time. This happens we interviewed the about it is we do everything the patriots Monday and well let's see if they give us a Delorean. Good data are not thinking it was there that. I'm self. He corrected it did until after this everybody says there's been robbed at. Underneath it to Rick yes he says that right now is there's of people put on here to listen one more time because adds details about ask the first question. He throws in a rich and I think he also advocates for effective. Because he knows he threw them on a bill aria. Good good to have a rough and it does in that. And it did that how you doing is the realizing it means you're. Doing all right as the first time and see if the effect and so I'm I'm OK with that I want more our names for identical words. That was a long rod. Rod rod rather broad run it run your rather hear the Ryan and rob write you a red. Ran Remington. Edmonton. Edmonton and in key. Players along as strong earnings next generation name topical that. On Tuesday we and he a cholera actually took a softer this mic right our favorites. From the show first things first and tell her to the size of its you don't want you know we did not see this for its that gripe with they referenced. Nick Wright referenced our excuse the Iraqi special powers gotta love any kind of publicity for our show is your reference Michael's. That was a radio interview with Michael hall. We play Tom Brady radio interviews ever in a week on the show because he does one ever single week. We played Bill Belichick press conferences almost every week on the show because he has to he's mandated to do won multiple times a week as head coach of the team. Bill Belichick and that that the patriots released a statement about the story. Bill Belichick goes out of his way to do a radio interview with Michael Holley who wrote a book about. Patriots' and he relationship with. So that he can get his message out there. And one other thing and this is only people he doesn't use. Loan trusts people he knows how yeah right but erratic doing a non mandated media appearance are doing. Non mandated how do you know the craft and think you know I'm really an added problem and our mandate you had and I just old. Com Christmas to trail is not only make Bill Belichick do anything. And Bill Belichick is not the kind of person to can be forced into doing some type of media so why do it. And you think he wanted to get that message Bill Belichick went on with Michael Holley I love bill Elin acted they were ought. Sanctioned radio interview with Michael holly Bill Belichick wanted to a safe place to get his message across Michael Holley this was not a press conference for bill ballot check this Mosley radio interview with Michael Holley. This was a radio winner build quality well and do radio interviews they'll Belichick went on reducing. Bill Belichick went on with. But it if it doesn't matter of fact that he let what Richard I talked about how do you believe that out from all the lets things a little bit special hello I on the right so much 88 minute. We talked to everybody every single week. We play Tom Brady audio. Players aren't that of that I don't port via. Like again at a flat through the courts you you liked tiger he went out with Michael Holley about a warrior he did. Cash. It at. You don't. Here Ed so. What is Chris Carter in the what's the obviously they'll follow the what's going his way to do a radio interview with Michael Holley who wrote a book about dog there. Iron there are it is like it that he wrote a book. A book with Michael that this is radio interview with Michael hall a radio interview. This is my favorite piece of sound better and thrashed. Out here so that the follow through that was I was big on cross the was tweeting from the Dale Hall at W media Twitter saying hey let these announcers years I don't like ivory Monday when we may be able to push back there we're expecting McCain to speak ladder match due at all hours out there you know not really sorry my card it's gonna happen at any time old. And is and so sorry rats are honest Jack I just ignorance on my part to make mistakes like that it's unacceptable and I was getting the feathers plucked out of my face. A day was the one that got a chance to seeing it right having any brother for it looks just like buster pollute. From a rest the development with a goatee if you don't understand that reference patio day at another one and towel if you took all the fathers out. The thing about that than just trying to work on and take a look at the side but he can't currencies are on Wednesday. About we're talking about. What was the better job Detroit vs the giants have now Patricia involved there and Michael how to take kinda out of nowhere. Peter King says Detroit a much better job than New York it is army. You don't think someone. Buds to this New York the owner while they're not that far that there that I did Detroit's closer to being good in New York got it set there. But the essential efforts much about it. That I don't think no one I've never thought OK I think devoured it closer to being an earlier today Michael buffalo North Ossetia say available colonel I'm gonna go. The giants think haystack right out the secrets and a phone was turned around quickly. What with the giants yet. Eli now so I would rather the departure I had that I definitely want to try that let's say I'm OK let's say Saudi line up they get second pick in the draft to get the second best you get the second best quarterback in the draft intimate Robert Griffin the and maybe you get the best quarterback in the draft depending on. What Cleveland does Cleveland takes quarterback Sam Arnold. I do I like to know that can TV game changer out of it and to rebuttal to counter it won't work this will. I'm glad to be here and able to. Give me a statement about leadership changes our family has made today at alliance. Or Whitaker. Handsome woman like her heart that if you can't put that's and there are American I think Martha yeah mark the Firestone Ford by the way or somebody I don't like to lions ownership is very stable. Oh yeah. Yeah it is something that you need a car LeBron is the wrong kind of stability or some tires they argue about it held up they might there they might want to switch it up. Not a great ownership group. No no changes should be made to our coaching staff off court I. That a lot of our he's got other airlines are very sharp she's sexy through sexy sexy. Op you know typically hear a lot sexy you know loaded with billions of dollars kind of way like it would works. Fourth of four makes our Korean eleven at both the Marlins Firestone forever that in in Wimbledon but Dwight Eisenhower. Pretty much hyped like the to the side by side. When. You edit. It died she added it's been surprised by it you know with them makes a threes whether the clothes clothes that well a couple of billion apple that is that is partly through we have an update on moral difference got asthma or noted a patriot haters we've got some news of mr. August podcast or was the patriot hitter we have on the couple months ago. He tweeted something about him just down the forecast now. Which war if it's so a lot of monkeys attack man CA I hate to the I'm moderately positive it was a putt after putt. Well my dog goes knock on what he never does have a natural for work for just might the and all right I care more about him and literally fails that. That article and apocalypse and even my wife it's borderline it's back and forth between him and same thing in the plugs go our party got out knocked around words like I had the cab Margo is down to forecasts. An excellent chance but then somebody says also sorry to hear that. His next response to something like. Yeah but this is the one that was the least closest to. But it still hurt in the out and believes the tax that ever been to a pet. But the earth why he brought there rain. So strange individual that is very odd to Scott cast mark goes down without a our IP. This lakers are starting yours got losing pads the worked out alright yup though this is probably the least attach that bad ones but it's still that. Wanna know more about god does Mark Warren the last patties and has the idol status he single. Five about career high on data cats. He still has the the Twitter avatar. Can influence it may be kept personal replica of the knowing that no Rossi. I habitat. Eight cash yes in the we're approaching them I don't vicious yet. Would you want why would you keep. A vicious cat the cat is. It the cat it rained that one of you guys salute you EQ that's a 100% active. They go off there's an on heart I think about that animal is cats eat you theory I heard that word here probably another thirty or wonderfully and an article about it all the of the medical go do some reading. Last thing for a Gatti here at the viewers a bit. A feud going on this week morning show midday show coupled host there really having an accident or yet they it was got pretty nasty. Highlighted by this so thanks again occurred at three got a we got to go. You were just sort of go at 602 I know at the auto show I get that we early today products that with them and went and popular the show but the audience instantly. Because we've got to do. All go pick up some Virgo OK okay shocking to weigh about parenthood. Good for you guys into the playoff game tomorrow night everybody Monday Gillette Stadium Bill Belichick act. Break it all down and hopefully be thinking about an AFC championship game let's put this fight will be really surprised if were not yet he had an AFC championship game. Enjoy your weekend back. That's future sexy sexy cop. Just down the forecast now. That was a radio interview with Michael Holley. The cat is praying that one of you dies so what can you.