DHK – Dale and Keefe are officially on team Jerry Jones… only Michael is left supporting the commish

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour #1 and we discuss Jerry Jones attempt to block Roger Goodell’s contract extension and some of his latest comments from today.  Plus the league clears the Patriots of any possible tampering charges in the Martellus Bennett situation, and Lebron is still a bitch.


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Dale and Holley delivers all of the usually vote with CBO. The officials sound of you should treat them the Boston Celtics and the NBA. Is that dale and Holley show equip yourself to include princess I was. While McCain my wife is aquarium my daughter's Christmas so we got all recovered. Dale Arnold Michael Holley and rich T yeah he's the worst is the absolute you know what's nice weight to your side there's yeah Michael the love of a doubt love on the WEEI Sports Radio network. To. Funny thing sometimes Andy they'll put stuff in the open that he didn't even know. And how close to home it hits. That just in the office a little while ago talking to Richard Michael and I said you know this discussion we had yesterday. I hate to say it but I've. And they can change my vote I've become I think some team Jerry Jones all of a sudden a wiser Barbara that being partisan the more you read the more you think about it I mean I hate to say it but. Jerry Jones. It makes some sense. Or else there you go dale marriage immigration eat. Yeah some salad mix too much that is an issue much sense for Michael you know it makes a lot of sense if you want to understand the politics of revenge since its I was out of revenge to prevent island it's an unauthorized if I don't agree I cry at everything he says dale. You're you're too Smart this everything he says he's lying. On everything I don't ever know he pretty stated some facts today that there are pretty clear stated some facts that don't bother him. I don't really didn't bother him until. He got his feel that's hard I don't know about I don't care it's not like a lot just saying this and I know he's not saying anything this is not based on what's best for the league it's based on what's best for Jerry Jones. Drew and think your player was gonna get suspended he got suspended not get pissed off that you are trying to take out everybody who's in your path this is it's it's it's a. Is the Russian diplomat is the league is good at this is it is now say two years ago yes. So you don't leave the ratings. Are you don't believe the race of but he figured I'd just the same but I think it's a sign of the times can't do anything about it but what is the commissioners are gonna do anything about that but I feel like there are more people out there that are that are angry with the NFL for. Number well really one main react about it on the other hand but he you can charge of that and one of the things Jerry Jones said today was. Let's discuss the eighteen months on his contract what's our hurry what do we diligently he has he has served about sixty to 65% of its current deal while I was in an ad man. Wouldn't say that bad now as we get out Jerry Jones George is that no I don't think they now get a does make a wrong why he's in now. He could change his mind knowing that changes my wife and his advisors and now what was the do we know what the ratings were for the seed had to do we don't re examine how I've got to go to your room while any effect that it doesn't have as part of Oprah's show that it is ideal for short easy viewing area I Jerry jones'. Trying to kill and it's pretty simple to follow a if you just follow a guy who when things are going his way you know people like this. Based on their way people on display things are going their way it's fine. You go against them. It goes against his best interest the cowboys are a factor at all is said well it all this guy's not as good as we've gotten. Hey what do we have to do this as early as usual for them to talk about a contract extension. A year and a half before the contract is up was supposed to do a month before the count right now. Right now today every year Roger Goodell makes more than the CEOs of AT&T Microsoft Exxon. Chevron Johnson & Johnson Aetna and Dow Chemical that's right now this would Disney and thirty million dollars. He's asking for 49 point five million. Which would pay him more than the CEOs of IBM Time Warner Hewlett-Packard Disney Nike oracle Yahoo! and JPMorgan. More than Disney for accuracy a pay more than Walt Disney what the hell has he done that would more look at even if he stays at third. I'm I'm saves you made yeah and I don't think at an end he thinks he's worth 49 point five million I'll I'll leave leave off the private jet for life. The health insurance for his family for life even though NFL players only get health insurance for five years after they lead the league Ali all that off. What has he done that's justified going from thirty to 49 point five million a year. He has been they're well paid he has been their puppet and they are shield as we got like yes yes yes he is their guy. Any time something happens he becomes the face of it sometimes is positive most of the time it's negative. And instead of individual owners being picked apart saying how did you let this happen. Individual owner we go to Roger Goodell Roger Goodell how did you let Ray Rice high happened how did you let Adrian Peterson happen. How did you elect Greg Hardy happened why did you lose it's been Tom Brady for four games why do you take away draft picks and find the patriots it's all on him and so overall how exact same job 'cause of that. Because the next guy might be might be able to do that part but can he make money for them like Roger Goodell has or has he. I don't know if Roger Goodell has made money. Is he will leave with the franchise values continued to go up the charts like they have since Roger Goodell has been. If Roger gets his contract he's gonna make more than Bob tiger does my guess is Bob Iger might take this job. If he was given the opportunity and my guess is he to would better than that Roger Goodell doesn't rip Bob Iger every day. I rip well that's our senator meaning you do what is really Bob Iger I don't know dizzy or work. Marvel and what a Star Wars yes you. Are they aren't they agree hemorrhaging. Subscribers always play both ways oh and an innovator don't you get. Take one part of the Disney empire okay say always a Friday subsidies opt out of idol that's one part of okay the Disney empires don't really well thank you thought this is you're doing really well Knoll. OK but Disney it's. These two and Greg's diseased on. Now EF imparted Disney not so good part of why you are by our defendant Roger you don't know what are you write a book project not right. I wish I wore a witch or where it began about it if that's a good book I would like I thought out but like I did I hate the I hate the hypocrisy of Jerry Jones. Where you say. A lot Jerry Jones makes a lot of sense Jerry Jones makes no sense whatsoever it's not defending Roger Goodell is being anti Jerry Jones. And that you had that your dog and I never advocate now so even if Jerry Jones has got to be but here's the problem not to quit the only part where Jerry Jones makes sense is why now. Eighteen months before the contract is up why don't we can't get UN now has to do something but I think if you're talking to. Patriots fans who wanted to tell our in the water mark for the last two or three years. Even though it's Jerry Jones which is not exactly the guys wanna get behind it but he's only one that is turned oust Roger Goodell I feel like okay are able to out jump behind them. Here's a problem that night and I can see that I can see that and and that's and a natural way of thinking of it then you got to think a little bit more in CA RE Jerry Jones has the power. To get Roger Goodell out. Jerry Jones then has the power to get this old guy and and I am not sure who that's going to be and I don't trust that Jerry Jones is gonna put the right person. In as commissioner of the league did I don't. I don't think that Jerry gave to do on his off I think he does he did he's the only guy who's gonna get next commission and I don't know how I happen to tell you they're but they're definitely a bogey it did not get them out. If Jerry Jones can get the commission and out of my himself sweetheart I was talking about now if he has it he's powerful rally owners yes to get him out OK then he's powerful not to rally owners to get this kind of guy and an. Well that's going to be I think based on Jerry jones' history. Comfortable. With who that person's going to be a party Hobbits yeah variety might be worse the company what we have right now. Should say have but this will lose let's let's all get together. Will get Roger Goodell output that we get the pick the next guy. It Jerry Jones signed off on that here's the other you get what you want but then he wouldn't be in charge of hiring the next guy. Eric Jones has a problem with that. No other owner has a problem with it to wonder that don't you wonder why. No wanna yes I do I yeah I know and not an odd way I wonder why Robert Kraft is backing Roger Goodell lets and I don't think positively about an excellent. Why you see. Why do you think Roger Goodell who alive why is that Robert Kraft. Siding with Roger Goodell and you think of like three or four reasons. While a cat. I big. He sits at first I would say. The majority of owners for whatever reason and I don't know why they did that lets them while they just wants to ask you know they don't like change maybe I don't know or they remember when Goodell made them money years ago or they remember the last negotiations were the owners crush the players and they look at that and they just think maybe the league looks better yet the same commissioner in place. And Robert Kraft doesn't wanna go against the majority could right now Jerry Jones. I don't know how many guys he has behind them but the fact that we don't really know who they are kind of speaks to the fact that most owners are in favor of it now. And Robert crafting its would wanna cross that line. Power. More power. If you get Jerry Jones our view push him aside either take his franchise and it's impossible or or you just panic oppression and down a few notches. He's a hall of fame owner right now. So you push him down a few notches and you get the power that he lost it so that makes you more powerful owner and the NFL. I Kraft already having that got things to me Jerry Jones is not in it he was like a fake member that you can show up and get the ball at an amen I thought I don't say eighty but it the six voters and it is the six guys that you would assume I would guess with the exception Jerry Jones. That's who they are aren't they already Kraft already had a Jones. No you don't think so no knowledge and I don't you are not yet I hit into work tomorrow audition committee Johnson got blank. But it if for what's important to Robert Kraft that's another reason that she really is not a good look. To go against the commissioner right now for what he wants. Jerry Jones already has something that Robert Kraft wants. That's a gold jacket. You and if you know it you've got to think about it it's a matter of time Robert Trout yeah he's getting a gold jacket while but Jones already has its own music hall of fame owner so if you look at it the terms and wait Jerry Jones looks at himself. The most important owner in the week. He may think that Abbott yes a little else I don't we sign off on that Miami makes you say he's about but he's a powerful guys are. Kraft and is generally don't you know is is only get into the hall of fame one and I think that's part of them against the number one reason I think that I'm Caroline and involvement in a lot of the. The number one reason I think that goes into that the psychology of why why stay with the Roger Goodell right now that I mean as this that are they three or four reasons one of them is. Getting more power yourself in the league. Two as a poet Michael Corleone said yeah friends close enemies closer grandfather taught me that that UK so now what to keep close to make like he's my friend and I'm gonna set him up for something else come aren't out canoe ride down the road to go to Orlando Florida and and I don't think this is a good player but maybe think in this way. Now Roger's gonna feel like I owe him something not only did I defend him. Voted or not gonna feel like he owes me something to say oh did I defend him against Jerry Jones actually. And charge one of the six people who is determining their income. And you don't like the Mets for the brothers' money so I'm glad I can control your money a little bit. Make sure it can also do general whether you know yeah work here anymore. So much I can make sure hey perks are out and that's fine why does it have to go from thirty million. Top 49 point five man it's of the ghosts and associate I don't know if they negotiated open I I I for a president to go from thirty million to 35 million why now why can't go to. Serious doubt at all. I can't leave the guy. Who works for a company you don't want a re courts so. I'd done more and one that Roger Goodell. It's not. Oddity I material that's lying you'll want to raise I didn't say I wouldn't want want want everybody wants are you mad at her reckoned Roger Goodell about Roger or anyone else wants to get. Five hour race but compensation committee told Roger Goodell Roger were presented at thirty. You gotta walk I don't know I don't know. Anyway but he's so angry at a raised request. I think it's insanity as exorbitant amount is ridiculous and I'm cool thing about private jets for the rest of his life health it's notes insurance units in the rally tonight. Went away at the guys in the league don't rule would have only about your mental health issues going forward they get five years thanks very monitored on Roger wants not only does he won at Brigham for the rest of his libeled him he want to freeze kids in his grand kid. Tell the whole league it is exorbitant this is what the basically Roger Goodell is. Reinforcing what the players thought would never really knew. They thought it but they didn't know he said you just kitten on the money it got to sit on mountains of cash you want to open your books to us and owners and that's right. Yeah we're gonna take what we have. We're just this is a bad deal for us and the players kept saying okay. We can understand you saying it's a bad idea double why don't you prove it and the play in the teams wouldn't do it so Roger Goodell is telling you. That loud and clear in his own way a lot of money here so you think 49 million is an exorbitant request in a private jet all the stuff. I can tell you has suddenly commit certain leagues in 2006. These guys have. So they've got it. And I have presided over a lot of growth in the league I wanna. Besides think anybody who make up a lot of solid if anybody who makes a lot of money whether it's a football player whether it's an actor whether it's a doctor or whatever whoever makes a lot of money. They should have a skill set that is not easily replaceable Theres a reason why you're gonna pay for coverage paid this person. A lot of money because what they do brings a lot of value. I feel that Roger Goodell would be pretty easily replaced and if you said. If you put you out they're like hey we're hiring commissioner well without earth CEO CEO ten million dollars is the annual salary and here's what you have to do ten million dollars. I think you'd get a lot of really good applicants and I think you can get somebody that would do just as good if not a better job than Roger Goodell. I think it's crazy that he thinks he's in this position where he can demand all the stuff. Are we talked about why is Robert Kraft backing. Roger Goodell. And I've only got one res I've I've racked my brain power more power I don't think that's it he's got plenty of power writer Robert Kraft is one of the most powerful people in the National Football League I don't think it's that. A dvd only thing I could come up with a why he would meet other owners are afraid to stand up to Roger Goodell. He knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows and stuff in if we don't keep him in the job that easy and if he leaves this job he may be talking to folks out there. And their stock that we don't want the world to know about how we really feel about concussions a bottle and relaxed is about about everything else. If the if these outside of the tenth. God knows what he's gonna say out to. They use it don't do that. Those guys using don't do it after they leave. He rose Ellen do it it's Tagliabue hasn't done it enough. You know he's got it just hush money is gone against Goodell and using don't do that and I don't think it go to either. He say he's got an up powered on and I you know powerful men always and women. Always want more. So Robert Kraft thought it was pretty powerful in May of 2015 and then until he found out that he wasn't as powerful as he as he thought. What to Sampras Cisco and said oh by the way I'm just gonna. The bigger partner on the stand down here and do what's best for the lead didn't have the support. He had the support that he thought he had in 2015. Is he trying had he. Has gotten more allies. In the last two almost three years going on three years. So if something happens and let's say crafts supports Cadel here detailed gets the extension. Two years from now is that he's got a two year. But let me ask you tears trailers another scandal involving the patriots and other gates eating could tell take cities in the patriots really they get popped are the first front pec. Maybe it would get to the date states about one. It's a vote so that's what got to the gates that he does David. And Robert Kraft thought if he fell on the sword that they're gonna let the quarterback off the hook and and not do Roger does it screw Yule I don't not yet. What are what is Smart people do they learn from their mistakes wrecked. So yeah I mean Robert Kraft would step away from Roger Goodell. Unless he knows something. Unless he knows that it RA to find support dealer and lessons and some kind of deal and I support you here. Now let's back it easily we thought I don't before I can easily when I'm saying right now have to help you. Don't get the job to begin where he's out of anybody was gonna help out all along would have a detailed and hasn't. Right now what the compensation committee Jerry Jones they're against you. If if I help you out putting under for me. I go against you right now. Up top in the sky now I don't think he's gonna help you along on I don't think Roger Goodell is an intern because he lets say that Kraft thanks so much. But then once again he's got 31 owners say you better stick to the patriots you stick it's all these other team's embarrassing for the patriots and anywhere okay so all the all the craft is those power both craft is. He's not gonna be one man is not in our majority of voices there. If that's not the reason. Then that of the reason the real reason. Is something you don't wanna hear. He's the ultimate sellout accompany me period. Robert Kraft umi yes. That'll be okay if all the others doubt at all it's got enough yet I'll learn indicate article about it we're eager partner he's not making any deals if you if you if you don't buy any of that. Then he should shell out. He's just a sellout who wants to get along. Tip I get along with his NFL franchise once I don't wanna and then that when a rough. Any feathers there in the whole time with the with Brady in the deflate you was he was try to be a bowl subsidies try to appease the fan base for tests on this for the guys that they also want it but that ultimately he had to swing. Completely towards the league side. Because when you go against the league and you guys don't think this. This yellow jacket matters if you go get yellow jacket if you go against it delta is still yellow packet. Okay. You don't Roger Goodell chose who goes in it doesn't odd thing to the hall of fame I Vicky if you're one inaugurate controversial owner is harder. It just started doing you eventually get me Al Davis is in the hall of fame big Jared Allen's album it was adult anyway Jerry Jones are not the controversial owner. I don't think he is right now I'll write yet he's not all of us what was it but if he goes to the with he's one of those guys who just starts it up saying hey I'm not gonna do it. I'm not get along here we're gonna do something different. If he makes a rockets this is not an easy it's not an easy path and that all of thank you get there. It can be a rocky road does do some off roading on your way to can't. I don't think he wants to do that. I don't think Roger Goodell stepped up much clout. I don't think he can deep rail Robert crafts hall of fame pat that there is an impeccable I'm not I'm not I'm not crazy about Roger Goodell but this is what I'm not gonna do anymore. At a discount how much power he has. Either he has or powerful people behind him. In any case. The patriots lost 21 round picks in the last ten years and four lost over in the an out or if I lost over a million dollars. In the last ten years. They lost four games of Tom Brady services in the last ten years because of Roger Goodell or pro read this he's all the owners were behind him he's got power whether it's its own power. Or they're propelling him. So I'm gonna dismiss it that's it hot influential net. Actually the problem I have two and and I know it's sometimes we get this mixed up he works for them. It's not the other way around. The owners don't work for Roger Goodell he's not the boss of the company around I don't know he is very employee. They can tell Rogers squirrel you'll. Take a seat side. Which is which is why he's probably asking for all of this money because he's punching bag he's a well paid punching back. And he's agreed to that deal we signed up for. Analysts and we don't want and the moment that these pellets in peace and on the owners' team and his wanna get on watched. A wanna watch football have my fans adore me a Rodney go out there you be the face of this scandal. Hey dummy go what they're doing. It does it actually did that it did the commissioner of the and it that's part of the job darker and I don't know and I don't always positive no it's not it wasn't always until he took over. Now he willingly accepted it was. Ever thought of Pete Rose felt this way and become Tagliabue that's right hey don't. He never moved neither of those guys had the same issues this guys at which by the way another reason why why would have this much fun. He's embraced them the owners what this is the brilliance of the owners at a given credit they have the issues. Derek has screwed up ones but they have pushed him out confront up the issues. If they are the ones who are screwed up yeah. Hey who decide Greg Hardy it was Jerry wanted to sign Greg Hardy it was the Baltimore Ravens who who had the ridiculous press conference. Would Ray Rice and his fiance when she said. During a ravens press conference I apologize from my role that night. They did it. Then Roger became the face of it. So no he's not screwing it up their screwing up their franchise of the men's anybody. I screwed it up quite a group you. Gonna grow. A team of one. Go up there and it. Do you think Roger Goodell cleaned up anything in Dallas I don't anything to Melissa or commit that without adding that means to. Of course he didn't close it out I'm saying and so they didn't ask him to they asked him to go out and be the face of every. Ratio and I Ling and Larry I heard his face first so many of these issues it's time to get a new face or new shield however you wanna put it. That's of the I expecting a huge change with the next guy. Maybe he'll be slightly more chains that when there are actual decisions that he can make it he doesn't have to just listen that whatever else tell them. But I think it's gone on long enough I think I think fine and if it's got to be Jerry Jones is the one that that oust them than than so be it. 6177797937. Its telephone number we bleak kicked around and we had a hard time figuring out. Why Robert Kraft has become team Goodell I switched my vote. I'm with Keefe now I've gone from team Roger to team Jerry just because this thing doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me 6177797937. We get to your calls in just few minutes Peter King joins us an hour from now. Dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio W media. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. And you. Thought about the possibility. Of your daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson maybe commissioner. Well you can imagine it's. How I was did. The second. That any image problems to me it. The works better than anybody is torture capabilities. What she's accomplished so. He was talking to the right solutions to. Be an advocate Charles through these things you talk to wall potion that would. Basically. Schools. Anything she's about. The best actress won't be clear. It just has not bald heads and know what. Song to any other individuals. These activities. Thank you that is distressing he has an individual from permissions. Roger has. Almost eighteen must. He should have served about. 60% roughly 65%. Of this contract. Yes eighteen months slipped well. We've got all the candidates walls between us evaluate. What we're doing today we've got all the tabs world she's actually had him. Swedish judicial restraint. And it. Have. A lot of have to do there's the issue at hand in the NFL. That's a good clear input from all the you know which would not get. Like the Bill Belichick interview from yesterday with a drawl. Compliment to work to keep me couple word in the middle of that thing compliments or the authorities and older more of cook that I'd sure it's a a thing I would is that right you complement to horror may. Our test I thoroughly committed county tour I guess standing that's that's probably that was that Jerry Jones today. On his regular weekly radio appearance in Dallas. And I mean believe me it gives me that the screening he BGB Stephen say this but he's got a point. It doesn't have why is that why does it out to be done now now Taylor outs anyway it if you don't wanna win duck manager I was very sometime after that. So Roger took the job in August of 2006. Shortly after taking the job it probably was September October where the first hints. Of getting ready for. A block out in 2011 no gender can go back and look at. It's a five years out. There are already coming up at their game plan these owners that's why. That's why the rich stay rich. There are coming up their game plan by eight years before this negotiation. CBA. Set to expire in 20/20 one here we are in 2017 actually kind of late. So these signs his contract and 28 team. Now he can focus on there are nasty game plan their their oppressive game plan blocking out these players again in 20/20 one this is. Part of that that's the best argument I've got hurt trying to about why his craft in wire the majority of owners on board with the Dell. Would be that internal I don't know they won big time they only last go around they out rush brought it. And it and didn't Robert Kraft committed helped seal the deal there and check the big hug and with Jeff Saturday out on the sidewalk afterwards and and the players association. And basically saying this guy came in and got this deal done all he definitely did but I wonder if maybe that is tougher I think anybody could do to Dell's job I'm surprised that a lot of owners don't feel the same way. But they must say Palin or make a lot of money is made a little bit to pick up the season that's but. This guy was here the last time we negotiated and we feel good we can win that again we're going to be set for another five to ten years they. The owners and I hate to say it I'm always go for the rank and file over management sorry yeah argument the rank and file. The owners it is better. They're better at this game and NFL PA I'm in and they feel confident it beat him in court yet. All the time they've got more money so they they can take more chances. And then the last that you just referred to it. Dale. They beat him in the PR game the feel good story they crushed these guys economy beat him over the head with a sledgehammer. Headed they beat on. Yeah yeah. Happy they thought you brought it all out there hugging I just Saturday. But aren't there if the letter that the veterans they've football we gave us a bad contract ethnic barriers. It's still there's a football forever one in Ohio they went they think of it that they're they are thinking more strategically. In the players and that the players are thought Mort strategically. They just don't have the money and have different players over the years. A guy right now who is who was all about the leak a player and and in November 2017. Does he know where he's going to be in 20/20 one. It opens today I'm gonna do you have my same team and for years so they. They really can't afford to think about it the long term help legally unless they're just a really special person says that about me I don't care what happens to. On the kid isn't high school read about but no I think they're not thinking that way I don't really can't blame on the charter I mean to. Some of the things that probably shouldn't have conceded on the overall they're trying to maximize their money for right now and he India understand why. Get to the calls Liu at 6177797937. Chosen west Hampton a job I don't. Yes they don't. Know. Effort violent apologists and milk and I have so much what it's part of that one the police are much especially. For. Check it out. But I do agree. And I got a lot gosh I would yeah. Thinking that I don't remember a stroller organized Edgar Twitter handle tonight exactly I don't know to block them. But I agree that dale I can think he has some skeletons. You know the skill and craft cloud connect you Ali. This I support the rights filed what I mean I don't think that to placate was bad for the patriots or the I think it kept him in the name all throughout the Osce mission our camera face all the networks so I think in a lot like it made him. Crack and lose any and the Internet so they're still wouldn't get too. I thought it was just bad PR though the league I don't see how taking the best player in the sport took port. And have court cases constantly be the headline I don't see I don't be I don't I don't see how that's good that out you didn't lose season ticket holders of the good knowing that if anything to yo the fan base really rallied behind Brady and my last season with such a special season when he came back in the super ball. Sort of gave it a whole new meeting through it but. By no means are court cases a good thing for Italy. And it kind of cement at the patriots is Jeter's complicated people thought their papers retreating they thought so before duplicate it spy gate resolving these. Okay that's it you're you're done forever. I never think you're on the up and up who wants to placate happen. And yet all the stuff about Tom Brady destroying his phone in and letting air out of the football's on stuff that's it. That is it had done so that was not good for the patriots and I don't think it was good for the league. Texture brings a good point hadn't even thought about the NFL draft next spring. In us avoid. Roger stepped out on that stage. Coach says basically tried out on the past. He made Arco dispute on the distraction ordered darned amount. His contract negotiators might get to be Jerry Jones a lot going on now you think there's somebody within the committee. My guess would be Jones Jones he's the guy who's who's fighting it may just to kick them off basic lesson or are they confident at home wasn't there for that mark brought this up last night maybe Bob McNair maybe in the mayor Jones have a little bit of a connection down there and that the terror attack is not a Dallas connection that he mentioned something there and. Money that's got a master for 49 million dollars and a private plane and health care cannot forever I just think what it. If you're the commissioner of football. There's really not a perk and you could put in the contract that already have right now like right now. Besides the pressure besides a private jet what's kind of board. Private jet warning of pouring. You have you ever been on a private I have now they got I don't know if I'm glad I have once in in a more on this is live on just had your jet does kind of fly all around the world log out. That's not the way to the airport seems unbelievable isolating. It might be and a -- to try and if there's a guy who won an isolated it's our buddy keep on our obviously if I would love I would take it anywhere of the thing just sit on it if you could go somewhere that's most of the hassle it takes the fun. Like sitting in the airport in Italy over. Then you sit in the middle C I don't think we're gonna cry baby fat guy like that that's our lives of the UK and about Arnold and I. The commissioner of the league maybe you'll spurs I could have happened. They made it if first black president is there dust and I there's guys that the head of news. I mean what doesn't have right now as a perk. That you wanna have you can you imagine anything for me I would love pain and to go. To any game I want to. What NBA NHL. Baseball can do that already. World Cup hookups okay yeah blog little. World Qaeda go to the World Cup I do that it does not want to have any wish and you all over the World Cup what I'm saying is all this stuff you know early in my right and if you don't. If you wanna do something. They're not indicative of the quality I thought I got I got a paradox. What can't get. As to miserably. It's getting well you want to win magnolia pub links thirty now both are thirty million are now yet he could probably get what everyone's so. It's a different ads on packet to thank. I think on the candidate I think he can make them counterterrorism although I don't know what else in the one of those interns sycamore bracket look this up so. You know it's just a loop I've wanted to be in all of my house I'd wanna be able to see movies that are in theater at my house he could do that. That's amazing. I bet yeah. I I they've got a connection with Disney and it got to connect with box right thought I I Betty and all that well it's immediately obviously this weekend without leaving my house that's followed want what is November weigh fourteen or fourteen parred number fourteen let's say a month ahead of time it's at your at a time he's not. A month at a time I can see the last and a after show there's got the better I don't take that keep apps that show about my house on the watched the last. That's probably rule yet but you know a lot of ones that cigarette at Providence that's why today. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley. With Keefe Sports Radio W media. The events of back and forth with they view it Arthur Blank over the past couple of days did you meet with him in Atlanta I was. So glad we didn't. And did frankly. Had planned to. There is. Certainly. We've done a fabulous job which that statement. Not at all doable we have as this morning we'll suggest. I am sure that you win that it can help get him on the track you know so we've got good players they've got a good team. The golf simple pleasure it. Not any good team and all of wish that are actually have to give traded then they showed. Its stated beautiful. We the it has to be involved in a good. Hitler's everyone out there filibustered and why yeah. Ahead fed plans to make all of this I kind of rocked to sleep I got a fabulous job great stadium of the statement on that then please note that was. I helped you with its feet. Glad we can all bets are that are part. Thanks Jerry. That's our president stadium supposedly in and well and we'll see you next year. All of these are all blanks onstage areas Byrd stadium Jerry and I heard him but Atlanta and I next year boring and Atlanta are seldom. Minnesota and at three Super Bowl wins in a row in a row he pops a lot of trips around the Minnesota Minnesota through towns like eagle on any of them go leave the house early early that statement this guy leave the house that go to Minnesota that's what I've heard I don't know if you determine the Minnesota maybe the commissioner of the league your figure out what determines a little about infinera. That's another part so I've seen it. Happen at Gillette you know where before a game you'll see Robert Kraft you know get together with the owner of the other team who's usually there and you know they'll be. China and around and shaken hands and hug and all that stuff supposedly. This weekend Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones just didn't elect couldn't quite get together for that. That'll pregame get together timing was off and they said Arthur Blank business interest that basically. No thank you I'm gonna get your your gonna sue me and the league not a regular shake your hand the Maghreb I gonna do that those votes cleared up to the classy to try to keep it. Now it could be a real classy and nice like. Owner owner to owner. Kind of relationship if it were good at the Super Bowl in 221 lead out of Miami. I'm an IV itself and make plant and I don't want you click auto predicted he's got it's going to Minneapolis guys go to Atlanta I'm just looking ahead your Miami. What about Tampa it's point 11 in my past and Tampa when it's way too it's an Inglewood. That's a bad like that he had that knew I was all stadium on Kathy Gordon worlds again dorms here I got a place to stay in ambassador who wanted to know. By the way one quick football note. There was an NFL media conference call today Ben Boland of the Boston Globe asked league spokesman Joseph Lockhart. If there any tampering issues surrounding the patriots. And Martellus Bennett locked carts answer was an emphatic no. I don't think they're tampering issue Martellus Bennett they're I think they have something looking to there's going to be a fight supposedly another day they're not looking well the NFL says. We got nothing to look into right here the NFL doesn't have anything look into what the patriots. Nature's editor yeah NFL PA and the Packers I think it's different stories but to try to make some money. I said it better on the fights and got very honored to disclose Martellus and his regiment. We're talking about a dodge everything they've got my medical records. As you like Russert since I most people are siding with the Packers are Boomer Esiason. Same with discussing with and repulsive whatever word is saying what what Martellus Bennett did. Error rockers have always a great job with team doctor Torrey. It is now they're they're hurting every year are literally every day all of I know I did a great guy what is these lovely doctor can't do the best man and I went awesome album. So these people are saying amid much positioning it like. Martellus Bennett. Is is making an out of the loop hole. Felix cartels that found a loophole he didn't wanna play a fair Rodgers went down so they release these is gonna get hurt for the Packers. They Sara we're trying to save some money here so they Cottam Bennett saying while. Parents tell all the crap teams Barack Osama them if the patriots from if they claimants will play. I think you the quote of the year when he said that. They thought I was gonna at ams and try their me first. Okay I think I kind of sums it up Sheridan. 6177797937. We'll get right back into the calls that you just a couple of minutes Peter King will join us at the bottom of the next hour. We'll get his take on this Jerry Jones Roger Goodell spat. It's Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Fast pass coverage includes. Tommy. Franchising him became a bridge too far for them because painfully.