DHK – Differing media opinions… do the Sox have any shot at Stanton? Plus Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour #4 and we’re still discussing the various media reports on whether the Sox have a legitimate shot at trading for a big bat this off-season.  It’s Bradford, Lauber and Drelich vs Pete Abraham.   Plus we close out the show with one of the strangest Keefer Madness segments yet.


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So he's that dale and Holley show queer groups include princess. While McCain Malloy is the queen in my daughter's appearances so we got all recovered. Dale Arnold Michael Holley and rich keep yeah he's the worst if the athlete you know once this week to your side there's yeah Michaels the love of in the love on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Yeah Hollywood movies. Sports Radio WEEI. Kind of a jam packed today we. Started as they try to figure out. Why the hell is Robert Kraft defending Roger Goodell. In this whole contract battle he's one of the six members of the compensation. That he will get to decide how much of a rate raise Roger Goodell gets assuming that he stays there. And it and yesterday. Michael I was with you yesterday I was on team Roger. Having you know looked at everything over the last 24 hours Sally Jenkins just eviscerate it. Roger Goodell again today and a piece that you know she seems to relish in the knack for dark. It's hard to get it's hard to get to live there real truth when you have these two guys involved. Roger if I just say Roger Goodell you don't have to hear anything. I say Roger Goodell. You know if you don't cured somebody. In our he donated a huge amount great cause what's the cat before I get there eat at you just hear Roger to don't you shut down because you can't stand him and then on the and the flip side Jerry Jones I say that name's Rick they would see. What's he trying to sell. What's he trying to sell me what you try to do to somebody agency very slippery. Very or really gotten a good way though. I'll they thought affects the patriots is out yeah company of oracle and NFL. He's the face of fell but he is not the guy controlling. The NFL as the owners. And is specifically like for five owners of my browser doing it and an and Mark Davis I mean these guys are your Davis might actually have a problem. Your top guy to help power if these owners small quibble all. And I think. Jerry Jones. Is a big part of it or he once did be part of its okay it's what he wants you regularly digital line. And of Roger Goodell continues you make your team and have a league that you don't like some really know. Whose side is a good shot but I just think Jerry Jones is he's upset now because he didn't get what he wanted with the Ezekiel Alley. And he's not getting what he wants for them. So. I try to payback Rogers. How many owners that are getting what they want the billionaire. Billionaire tantrum we talked to Peter King you're saying that hey he may have. More owners than they think on his side because they're probably in Canada alliance is that there. I got bothered a lot of them because they don't wanna have to be. The bad guys to their players a lot but the commissioner did that and then we get there while we support you but you know rules are rules. So Jerry Jones you know eventually go out and said that so maybe yes. Little more support there you know a Jerry Jones I think what he wants to do I don't know how many other owners want the same thing Jerry does Jerry wants Roger Goodell Goodell to come out and say. This is a rule that I'm putting in place. Don't apps logos aren't doing it. Let him take all the criticism from rights and then Jones benefit that's what shields for yet what if Roger saying okay calendar that. I'm not enough well I don't wanna go to after that so why are we paying thirty million dollars in your 050 million dollars don't do this Ferrari everything he gets in about politics. No it where where's the line is there a line. I give the owners Jerry Jerry Jones his position and do whatever you do you know because Jamaica is it I don't say yeah. If you're a show Eric that lets you probably should do whatever they say. Well basically not what and that there was on all that but that's why he if he finds a way to work mr. around behind them that day whereas he can work. He works for them as a collective not for Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones can get. A twelve board guys on his side come into a zone may be Roger Goodell would do whatever he wants him to do right now I didn't have the support. And those guys most of the most of the time they don't Robert Kraft knows that as well as anybody which are the question why is Roger Goodell supporting. America you lies lies Jerry Democrat Robert Kraft thank you all these guys why is Robert Kraft supporting Roger Goodell. Only a one theory that make you got five I got five I get I'll have yeah it's doable and it wouldn't throw line and don't look a whole the whole gold jacket thing I'll get out and in all I don't throw but that never never underestimate hubris. Ego in it a matter unless you're it's kind of an old war it was a battle. Awards now and he's getting status yeah champion ever Arnold Gary team owners win. Are legitimately got Bill Parcells is a no brainer built ourselves had to wait a little bit before against at all of things that I Jerry Jones is in Robert Kraft is in doesn't work that way. These guys EUQ Robert Kraft has a better case than Bill Parcells as you know has a better case of Robert Kraft and Bill Parcells Terrell Owens he's got it and who knows what these guys think of yeah but I got all of that rocket doubt he'd been. He. Is just a matter of what what they deem it. Appropriate behavior what they deem important voters are talking about and you don't know. So. I don't think you want to take any chances with these voters it's important for him to be in a hall of fame but I don't know I think Matt assignment number one reason number four number files lauryn to a number one might be that the one that's just. Cut to the chase for the company guy. Then wanna rock the boat. I think I think companies guy and that is he's pretty sure that the majority of owners wanna keep on T lost to stay on the majority in not not only the majority put the rest of the compensation committee. Which is your. Rudy morrow blank McNair on that those guys feel that way. Are these guys that like these guys are gonna be here for awhile they have the best interest of the league at mine numbers. Again I don't wanna be the radicals Jerry Jones I wanna be Al Davis amenity to only do these. And it's a funny that's their that's their guy. I say that's their little reminder they go too far. You don't wanna be Al Davis Judy you know there and so. They said that to Robert Kraft behind the scenes a couple of years ago before it would serve which of course that no effects. Now well I'm a public company guy. I loved about the 32. We're all in this together. Jerry Jones said that to Robert Kraft a couple of years ago now Jerry Jones fan and I'll be Al Davis. It was a friend of mine. I'll be that guy has it right mark Mercer when I look all hot right now Ali I've already got my gold jacket that's import. The only the only real life and Michael's got five and some are better than others I only got one. That the owners are great to talk nearly got to watch Ilie got one but I don't the past owners are afraid that Roger Goodell knows stuff that they don't want out there. And as long as we keep him employed. You know he's not spill the beans about and around on his throwing out possibilities about Colin Capp predict about. You know what we were really saying behind closed doors about the anthem situation. About about collusion about you know. Whatever it is that he's got information that they would rather not be out the general public and so we keep an employee camps. Villainy and outside I had my camera quickly five tales that when I got one as well I think could be the CBA thing I think they won so dramatically over the players last time around they got to renew that a couple of years. And they feel like it is out as a part of that big victory. Let's keep him on board again and another 510 years of loss dominating the players. Unfortunately commissioners don't write tell all books. And they don't have to be right there read that I sure they won I'd be right there and be right there to try out one as well that the knowing I. Oh well let's I wanna good. Well this is kind of he comes from the patriot haters that don't exist on the Internet anymore buy I'll fly on our block them all the the 15%. But that's pitcher. But it's back now back on normalize their hatred is more normalized and they'll destroy this spiky leaves the patriots. Lose well. One like that is their keys here doing everything I did it. It conspiracies that. Parents. The former. We have to learn at the end you gotta get a red planet up we have learned. That Roger get down. We hit it to destroy. That's my day today but he's got. Bob master he's not back copy that map for god he's got the master copies and declare a woman. It's got a phony baloney Twitter site. Was working at fox at the time Robert Kraft she stared down that it's on a VCR. Think about it on it's on a beta Max stay in that. In the man's up in Maine somewhere. And would rule well. Added that. The truth is gonna come out and must via ROU. And so it can't criticize Roger can criticize the lawyers who noticed that during the placating never said. The commissioners now I've they gonna lead but we believed the lead. Politically it. All were read our laws they radio row Laura pleased. Or is that lawyers. The lawyers. Rogers Reno's my lawyer while Langford is not a lawyer report whatever the lawyers. How are one quick note here is Keith mentioned it during trending down the carrier exposed plate tonight right. Did you see the footage of of the last time. Well I don't know if it was the last time December 15 2012. He wore this big black really ugly look I was great master. He scored a career high 41 point Wi-Fi forum at Madison Square Garden I don't know what you're asking is gonna have and that's more of. How many points two Merck retiree 3131. But he got them. 44. Territories they can walk and I. I bet. At a gentlemen's eighteen you know it kind of smooth eight campaign and you know what this is a game that they should have and probably be over that our reporters are horrible go to Angelo on general Russell got arrested. You know just kind of relaxed and nice that team and I smoothed and get ready for the warriors on Thursday. Will that stop gay plague that. If he can win thirteen straight and go and with a thirteen game winning streak taking on the warriors. They've epic beat toward forgive me for already I think they're the best team in the Eastern Conference. Yeah I think people are. Out. On a game like yeah that's going to be. That's what LeBron will be doing it anyway and there's that LeBron audio outs are online at W you know the Arthur Arthur yeah I love how all that aren't there to guard their fists just pick your passive aggressive more ice right now sub tweeting just programming. Yeah all kinds Bryan win horse to have some of them out there. Yet they don't give me that the real story about Calgary. Yeah here's what here's what you don't know carries playing well in Boston only applauded some people in Cleveland does the data because he didn't put the time it is doing though he did put out of the party guy we heard that entry lab cards are out there it's well known well noting wells well they probably late yes so does the they're a lot from Carrie as a sign an extension yet we'll go carries planned after next year Rocco hasn't signed that extension. The other thing we've been talking about this afternoon as you know the GM meetings are going on in baseball. How many people from dot comer at the GM meetings that we know has their growth and their company take the theater come jacked. Now take whatever and on and that is doing her job is that southern Jordan. And stuff and rob Bradford RD wrote today and it is a lock solid certainty. Then at least one. Of JD Martinez Eric Hosmer John Carlos Stan. Will be holding a Red Sox press conference in December. That seems a little aggressive I like it though at least likely I got like a broader solid certain off now I don't have promise I'll have found that occurred. Bradford is coming around. Because Bradford I'm convinced. Bradford knew before everybody else. That Alex or the next manager of the Red Sox were that he had the out of the car. I educated guess or distraught at nine by your full of you powerful. It's. You know he's got it the press conference that out yet keep Monday open OK Bradford he Monday opener want educated guess you you've got to. So it'll play with a promise to somebody made a promise failed and you know. Along all on one break this story. So heavily on speech information he's a good reporter go with that. You know whoever's idea frequent guest of the broad Scioscia who's the outscored. Like a lot I feel like he's on the air seldom hear of Alex course that they can do this right now as is no where in the World Series. I doubt it on the van I know how the restaurant as you see the Monday after the World Series wink wing wing media went to record something just please don't post this so he's got a lot of other people to get that sort of glad he's taking ownership of this one now is dollars and it's rat was the rock solid. A lock solid I heard that term before lock solid but it might apply when it. That's right I thought it was I solid but I think Brad unlocks dollar will go at that I understand which are trying to say. So out of those guys in order I goes there and first. Then Martinez and house. Brad photo show. Its customers not really a about it is that is that in. Order what you want what I'd order so things are basically said that these title three guys went on to say at your putting in order to have four or what I want a what you want in in order of what I think will happen. Ultimately the other way and I'm Martinez won Hosmer to stand three yeah but this jazzed up about Posner to be honest neither. Akron area good good home run hitter and a cool a lot of his career on the gold glove part for his girlfriend works at NASA. Always pregnant girlfriend Casey who don't know that. Or was is that fellas I had known is that public. Yeah I was on and. Graham this week it is tough for awhile she was down there but not editing gold glove which wasn't she posted auditors on it and she went to Kansas City issues going out with Andy Murray. An armory where that the Georgia quarterback yet with a topic notes that big gulf the a tennis player Andre has. That the court record Georgia was the backup with the chiefs of who's working down there and she's gonna out him. Then she broke up when they broke out and answer Hosmer report that yeah. Good Friday they had a little two year obviously that I know I jiggle and so maybe that LB and they'll help. Bosworth the Red Sox or not or good yeah the Red Sox beat the answer that. As long distance thing doesn't work if you never now let's keep is going I don't know. But he is hey. You just have his career high with 25 home runs back to back years to about 25. Point five nice. Thing at the nice tools these are nice season shore now one way or real. Power hitting guys wanna I wanna be the case how one has done it yet. What a nice 25 home me and he got some of those guys that they had not up on Christmas double. Opened double. You love yourself some Alex spears that's our buddies that's about the launch angle of John Carlos stands home runs in Kabul left field wall got a lot of little running water there are some sort of Alex Ayers that you an idea aggressors this stuff out Alex. There's that. You want to just. That is just take on both large and it's a follow result as law if you if you like is that now that experience and had to me singles year I don't ever meanwhile has the Fenway swing of analog doubles off the walls are off. Whatever but no answers is I saw his launch angle it's that and it is what it. It wasn't significant enough to scare me off. I think he said Oliver like. You know six of home runs or some that it wasn't. I always get 25 of his home runs that he hit last year they wouldn't be at Fenway Park like he just learns to hit pop ups to left the home runs and yeah it'll fly that account there. There I think you'd be fun. I feel it launch angles that area up earlier part may also be imperfect for the Marlins slugger Sammy hit six homers. With the launch angle under twenty degrees last year so you'd only need 51 there were just tools such homers at all European way. Where has the green monster in left and the remoteness of the fence in right makes it difficult to go deep without elevating the ball. Stanton might see some homers of the return singles of course. Stands line drives are of an uncommon sort. With exit velocity he's had a lot of discreet over other one million miles and our hearts that's good stuff there as real good stuff. So 81 games at Fenway. That he Abraham let's let's let's tack on nine more Camden yards. This tack on nine more than Yankee Stadium were Garrett. Howard the launch angle are not Holler. I got your launch and I'm right here I think with the exact quote unquote we're got one. But he's in a block you want it. Hey I can't Alex's ever blocked anybody ever heard of Alex are good guy. Great miserable. Overkill modalities and there yet but we got. Problem that it's taken for a direct your I don't baseball's entrepreneurs aren't enough to have still reeling from repeating a block and then it if Alex has too much for you know. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number mics in Connecticut might night on. Won't get themselves up it's gonna. I heard you guys you know bashing LeBron James right when I turned the radio and have to work and I got to jump in on this Lucent. I respect the heck out of the broad gains we've got LeBron James the athlete is such he's such a soft overrated. Like it's such a broad. You need these big out and about and flex on step curry. Yet wouldn't dream on dream gets in the Casey back. Downs and you noticed this might they can't last night he's been really good. In his entire career. Don disarm Alex how is that he tried you know people say because these 6827. That mean these are east along not our. You ought to indicate compared to guys that were actual top guys goalie union you know I'm old enough to remember when Byrd was duking it out what doctor. In Jordan was going face to face would Xavier McDaniel LeBron James got shoved down by not your Mohammed made it look like he was. What you got shot from a cannon. He's not pop. It drives me absolutely nuts to see this guy act like a bad ass on the TV and he's not a top guy he can take on the 61 midget. Usually that's a heck I. If it is Saturday Canada our pipeline on the idea of what's gone on that of course you are on every word you just said Mike any current member of the finals a couple of years ago curry. It was John out of in the brought him back down from curry some I'm witty side anyway it doesn't he's got a great players nose to nose with Kevin Durant and cancer. Kevin Durant Kevin Durant very you know my dorsett and it'll be. Well yeah badge 185 once coming out of college what time was lost and what it but I think you are telling different nowadays they'll get kind of a different program did talk to cantor because I don't think you can get out there quicken up as can't account got right up in his kitchen all right all right there LeBron was really gonna go anywhere. But I agree with my but the senate doesn't really matter like he's not. He's not a UFC fighter he's an NB players instead of the defied about it just that LeBron James is soft those holes off basketball player at all. No they're different things that I think he might be somewhat soft in the sense that it. If all the guys in the court you'll brawl just because he's he's sixty is the best athlete I probably wouldn't pick him very high. But no he's not siding he complains the rustle up a total lot of guys. You know I don't think he just in terms of taking it day contact against the ethos on Saturday and goes into the rough areas and he's not afraid that you know getting into the paint any unreal cry me look at every time blown call well it doesn't complain about well 27 game winning shot and are having an affair ended before wells and Miami about. Yeah it. When you when did we got a lot of personal nightmare. Essar at the trade market. They're not. I'm congratulating you would benefit from your six I get the bad news for Robert a trademark or is part of a trademark. 6177797937. Tents in new hate that. Gentlemen good so yeah. I don't agree upon that Roger Goodell well. Might think he has something so overall with a much. Indictment might be called and although I am IP. Concussion and a nation that they ain't that you know might be. And trust of the public caught maybe like a out of that would end of their. And that they said what an hour when really they just want to go someplace else saw. Brady of the patriots. And the wrap or support all that he's a Maldonado to. I've been like that that I think I am because all the all the realistically. And the money people will be bought out and about I don't think anybody else might be a lot of pocket. I do think you you make an interesting point Ted about a not so much about taping the rams' walk through because I didn't happen but but about like concussion information. I would bet that there is stuff that the National Football League is desperate to make sure doesn't get out in the public. View bad I mean they're worried about about youth participation in the sport now. Maybe the information even more dramatic than we already think and you know moms who are on the fence about whether they're you know twelve year old is gonna get play football and out of sand. Would then say it not a chances it's never gonna happen PED usage could be there could be numbers out at that. You know he could hurt the game went. Now I don't hold me delay ought to sign nondisclosure agreements and I'll let stuff. That seems to stop anybody but for I don't know. It could have because that stuff that of the NFL owners would rather not get out there wasn't gonna do. What's gonna how is that what's he gonna do if they tell him no we're not going past thirty. Yeah but I'm saying what what is he gonna do with this this information. You have given to Dr. Phil. There aren't that there is making Kelly is there a case and paid big bucks. He's he's he's good to get outright creating batting numb because Jerry Jones on his encore out 'cause he's a corporate guys have. And he wants to keep that Angela Roger Goodell spills law. 461. 6177797937. Its gala Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio W media could drive home with dale holly and chief continues slug Sports Radio WEEI. This is coming up just a few minutes. I would have appropriately promoted and I didn't know until moments ago that it was coming that this one doesn't even need the promotion this is everybody this is a solemn one there are actually doing this you're putting yourself what holly I was there in that regard I don't care allies I would greatest Q tremendous honor as a girl all. Time I want to Rhode Island comic con I told you guys this is passed we did you have a handful of interview Trish stratus there and it. I thought Trisha so lead that was their I'm a Christian walker on the one point mostly did the numbers. Some Koreans. That Christian or you might spend their place was packed our respect which you don't it was packed I like it you like them promoting this and I'm only promoting it yet. You are confident our all caps from yes all caps the best. Keeper madness that you've ever done of all time best cheaper madness of all time in the history of the franchise that's not that's when the franchise star. Oh my god what are the story. The first ever Q for madness was actually the man tight Hale's story all. To that's our stock that is the bad that there that was a big was that the night of the dead spin article came out so we knew all about the fake girlfriend we all of the cat fishing and all that stuff so. That's how it started the great one to start and so he said that somebody got to do something and that's because a story is so unbelievable right that initially it was gonna be weird sports stories than that lasted for a little while there are some good ones that also do weird things happening in society early did you see this like a beaver attack the person we should probably talk about this this is also important story in the sort sort of morphed into. Animal attacks and other things and things like things like that and so this weekend what's around comic con for the the very popular dork podcast. And met a lot of nice people and so we had one interview in particular that I sort of selected out of the group that I thought I would share just like I do Boston Tom O'Connor Joshua Adams hit you remember that I NORAD Shia death. Our cause play guy just like him this was a lady dressed up in cost play. I'm she broke it down she's very into it. Now does she have any gyms like Joshua I'd be Massachusetts is a puritan kind of talent she has a few good quotes where a few drops I think we're going to be hearing a lot. That to my guests okay couldn't afford its about it but 78 minutes don't know where. Go nowhere yet this is going to be news you might get a chuckle on your drive home. Or you I don't and that's what we're going for it was the initial mental disorder was when the guy came out in exit it was her or hit Alison hill that was. There and phone and as I say tonight nine year. A yeah it's. How about that and I don't know how you ever relax there are from that operators so much more that story if this happened in the 21 century it is this happened when he's one of the five best college players I face time was that thing then Skype it was done you could Skype to do with how they're in the 21 century if you're in love with someone in the lobby is great you know pen pals that's nice that pentagon over their greatness of a different era you. That is phone calls that's nice. On calls but you can actually see the person appear in in different country or different city and state whatever my daddy decade day today at about 8 o'clock we beat your computer time governor quick facetime just say hello uncle comfortable never did that. Now ever. Now and then apparently now IA says computer like the phone calls he was confused it is supposed to meet this person somewhere. Several times you have within their text so if I think it comes out let's say they get busy I figure I happened I think yards and let's be all right. I 68003000. People pretty big patriot place over there is her day. I don't videos. Are so why don't you know I mean we've run into Anbar tennis amid obvious where you. The person as the tax bracket integrity. I gotta figure. I'm South Carolina is not too bad side missed my flight. Yeah that's stories. Well maybe maybe Roger Goodell knows the real story behind that I don't I don't somebody they're afraid that he'll tell the story of teammate still face stuffed turnovers but it moved I don't talk to him I don't I. It or not talking heard men were PC's use it when people were same tomorrow you are you getting pissed. Are you have to. Take it originated that and just about did it today Katy Kirk interview. The kicker. Did it's. Regular goes a long interview. And engages you feel awkward uncomfortable lots of the take requests by the way Keefe for or madness while just the Texas has got to run in the store real quick note to them at its ad. It could get away LA is well I think this references story got about I don't know what we're going into what you gonna get. I mean it's about it turns immensely and get that done. It is a whole foods keep your stuff and get out I think the Wii Wii podcast all this stuff suits on the web site. As well now I don't know ago. We are doing it out. It and now I want a time is now where you don't want I don't care that you're here the one and the only opportunity I'll have to keep the car Ronan I Johns up in Maine hey John I don't. I and there are actually guys just purchased my ticket for quite some champion then walked it back markets that are equal or you won't be there but are not allowed. Like not inflict. I air car are actually be back there and Bob and I mean that we need leadership ability. That World Series they want to come Clean Air Act act like you would definitely want a little bit unlucky. I I I think patch there in reportedly Italy are pretty quiet while. That that actually has been refuted this afternoon. We're refuted. I can see our report. And while late if you look at that number well Martinez are you guys are empowered by you only. All right lack. Actually bad when what air quality on how I think and they're gonna say a little like all wild art a little. A fact that it auger. Stadium and he only already here at Florida and it between reform bill and and all the other year there was a lot of power. Pot aren't. You are based credit history but I would hire them being last year with yet left or arrived at a lot off our. Well either I think this guy act or if all corners. I think he's definitely a great player. And it ganache three better than John Carlos then he started really gut is not and he doesn't cost of prospects. He just cause you some John Henry's money Scott clobbered just created a few minutes ago Giancarlo Stanton has not expressed an unwillingness to accept that potential trade to Boston or Saint Louis. So Peter. Peter is sort of you know that Debbie downer on this thing about it. That little wordy. Has not expressed an unwillingness to its is very wordy and it was a Peter Abraham report what The Herald report initially. On an. Idea of Florida and know that and that he can also tweet quote this is Peter Abraham you don't get to read my plumbing help here now all of us. The notion that the Red Sox the notion that the Red Sox lend up what Hosmer Martinez or Stan. He's starting to appear unfounded unfounded bigger expenditure could be extending a player to already on the roster. So they expenditure is extending somebody on the rock solid signing smoky bets early you know earlier than you have to that's the thing. What they have to do with the 2018. Season. But the Bruins signed postured bows to big blow bad but I mean if you wanna go suffered in the future for moved to bet. I think we're we're a couple of years away from that. I point. I don't object I don't argue that meet again if you can't argue ridiculous and you want to my good learner account just this week to keep it you know that's a good idea. As today I'll compromise with them. Good baseball name at not repeated. It's a matter I competed fan of the obscure to be an obscure baseball player heating Kabila. Whole anonymous an opportunity since the eldest Beano Mexico ally but rusty Greer was always a fan. We got me the best keeper madness in the history of earth this week to grow up next for this week's Sports Radio WEEI. I hated religion generally manage our friends. See you on part of caused liberation. Documentary all about caught fire across America from Maine to Seattle to one Puerto Rico. We want real war hurts all mirror trying to please. Call this to the cause lets him as well as we interviewed the guy who corn the first pause play from the news took the issue Takahashi. There we go low end of mad this time as you know got to beat that. I don't know that's gonna be it's gonna be tough to top that but that was from Boston comic con this past weekend I was at Rhode Island comic on. In Providence. Had a chance to interview some element friendly here right on their mind that more people relish for it was packed the Dunkin' Donuts senator's pac the convention center next story is packed. And I ran across this lovely lady who was wearing a red dress in black hat. Appeared to be the character from beetlejuice but it auto was soon many things so I start out by asking her. Who she wants the first of all can you just so let people know you're dressed up. My name is Lydia. I love that never mind. All was she talking to you hide all all bath oh are you guys did and we are. Well not I posed as there was just me and our business issues holding a stuffed animals stand snake like from the beetlejuice. Film and so she right away that's unfair apartment interviewed people and caused play some choose to pretend they are the character others just down bill from accounting and I just happen addresses or today. But you know on the use of whatever you want our she's don't believe you are dangerous is that Medicare they're all out they tease him. Dinner met wedding Dan. Now do you frequent a lot of comic cons yes I do old. Which can tell me about your headrest here how did you put that together okay as far as it goes I do a lot of different things met my costumes I commission things like create things. I modify things. Commit I didn't miss a ball over the final where she at this hour from what actually a commission things the respect I create things. I've modified thing that's really the Big Three that's when it comes out and out of line is there an earn out imagine but it costume play the layman. OK so it's hard this particular pet he's now Roddick who wanted to kind of he has made my phone lady in England. Hey those flown specially did you do I have formally especially for me I had a custom pack boxes made it is. God is real crow feathers is a real pros won't. Real acting Rhodes scholar now a sophomore I have a good wife looked great too. They look great. Vote real I mean if you like pros call a lot of and I hadn't really thought about some things he derided recruits donors so she may have murdered the crew I don't know a fair or those weren't there when you look for some rude killers from president commission that part of it and I'm not entirely sure. He is totally in line with what comedian when he would do because animal. They're defection. Where her father is looking at the Sheraton is a problem out there and he's fighting on some key area. So full of crap it's an area got about half believe over the top. Committee would do this and I'm Lydia so I'm still an ad it's tremendous what about the drastically over the drug okay to draft and this is my RI is so important. Laughs yeah Rock Island when I was here I was doing Hugo you know Sheen from dank Enron got. Still left and one. Of my. We're gonna look here I was doing Hinkle you know Sheen happened sank Enron not adequate. Our bigs are I was so lost I don't know what the character I didn't know what I don't. There are things going on your thing you know. I get out of here and I just gonna say I there are gonna and interject here that well I'm looking at the picture yeah that it keeps tweeted out yeah that's our she's in love with you. Q there was another look at the look on her there's a there's another pictures I'm holding a microphone and there's one picture that. She's holding my wrist. Like instead of them might actually I'll. Yeah about this interview I cut this down as like seven at eight minutes long. And for like two minutes who's holding on to my breath as those. Talked to our buttons and yeah yeah I had a great interview aired live this isn't Harrison. Is it that your wife batted about by all our act directed there's not what you are thinking about are holding your wrists which. She laughed a Q okay with that idea that she's she's comfortable out artists you are not there when she was whatever she was from whatever she was from union. Here I was doing June you know Sheen from day didn't run my. I'm not an ankle Enron did I miss that and unfortunately. And my friend his daughter was doing interviews for college hall projects he had to do about these kind of event. We saw the zoo it's puck crossed the sidewalk while he found out that we needed interview with him I got a hold of him. Found out that his 'cause then. He made his how I think she's a civil war reenacting. And live car I bought all the Havoc for this all the requirements and she may need this draft on my body. How does that work as as you're standing and let's put a process is because you know she's got imagine you have to take some of and didn't do a fifth. You figure out how much fabric is needed. To and I had enough for three different settings on hand to how we got an if you look at this baby yeah. It looks tremendous out I don't think we I've. I see our users who learned yeah yeah yeah anyway did you hear about it. All I want you want I'll outlook that are fitting right off and live body Alia. Which I asked her about here. Most of the movie okay that's how I'd go. I bring I'm gonna do it all the way. You absolutely have brought it all the way now to be crass but when she's measure you you have you must be standing there not a whole lot of close where you re comfortable with that. Of course I need a part of the. Delicately going to that question about to be grounds you lucky Nate yeah he was going brotherhood background relevant. I was greeted out we've without a patio we figured that you go in Oshima. They didn't qualify which is a Japanese video game. I was doing Google you know she came up from dank Enron filed. Of course I can get those are it's a school girl outfit like high boom all blue. Check that out and trying to trying to put some things and read the literature I've. So I mean I guess is professional season customer. Picked you cannot trust this person who do not go to the sparsely. Oh that's good about it I don't know alive and today overall that's great advice. That's the code of the costly streets right there is that. Thank you cannot trust this person who do not go to this person like there's the phone got above the door right that's all I bet that the bumpers are absolutely no doubt you. She's a professional. The civil war in Paris evening dresses for many many many years. Bob professional. And how wonderful woman. Now what you know it's only one other our cost and use but what do you recycle in the wife see this again a feisty again you always constantly. I try to do something they did he cheer for something different. Okay so are you thinking coming years ago I would be mom and dad yeah I was doing him hanging my. It. Yeah well goddamn yeah. It's now the shoulder what I don't let a lot of on the shoulders of the V for vendetta logo tattooed on her shoulder. Let me just say this I think very classy kid ask Andy you know as as now stuck his vision in my head yes. I should look anything like Jim coding in Oshima from bank and rom now you know things are not even let our union guys play you know she doesn't look like that. I was doing Hinkle you know she opened and Enron is that it you know hang. You specifically board but yeah why and maybe the most commitment I've ever behind you that my my column on how well. Why don't exist and you come back. Packed up and check out Edinburgh literature here I doubt I doubt about it. In my car and it goes well and Paula berg holding up the hood of her car and go yeah yeah. I went about what the political. Are okay my home my car I got professional hair that's the job done you're okay. And it is the V for vendetta simple farm animal meat plant negative and my hood is on fire. That's shows a picture of it and it's like flame all flamed the towels surrounding the V for vendetta logo. Wow you must get a lot of comments about. Yes I do I used to be like why am I think if anything. Do you see. While that is incredible. Okay professional hair back stop now you have to forget and having trouble with the police because of that they C units in chief of the veteran drag racer maybe you know because I have to be behind them you do not see that some of them behind you went. Do you think funny behind the point that Smart. Against them but you know. I think it'll turn political there in the east your inbox and I said Peter Hecht chief smell like chloroform keeps yeah the other guys and apparently out of anonymity and I got hurt kind of unaccounted words it was holding your wrist is telling you to comfort and second marker that's correct. There a that is any is deeper than that do you see there. Bet you that's up from the movie no back on his. Yes I thought man okay do a great. As we head into all of my I had all the bats Arianna you don't have ever. Look at that. She was do you prevent them use the attention of the guys aren't you though it wasn't like that Natalie Portman school girl who was not a budget on the mask election like figure to him a little concerned by this question goal was. Yeah. Oh no I was doing Hinkle you know Sheen from dank Enron thought. That is incredible I had this passion made for me on my body from a different I don't know consular. Once again I had different parts made from different people I find you can make me about. You can make me real daggers I have realized the plot points and tomorrow. The united worlds as real thing residents were alone that the safety hazard but the last parts from different people with local. Sounds of the lambs. To the collect there. OK I didn't meet phonetic Lieberman has soliloquy I have won awards but I have done everything. Yes yeah and awards where what were they got a what's coming we're about the the president here I don't know the I've won awards for performances in this dress this well I also I do other cosmic like I said I do the Greek goddess of Turks. Who is the musical music OK so I go and I play my record. And I. What songs to put on the record on the it isn't just a good interview or hear about that is let's see what's wrong I have a repertoire right now 68 thoughts. Porter 68 songs on the record that's pretty good and that's about 672. Men it's actually an era of if they're good repertoire Saturday you can play for. Don't you likely digital drums I can keep my second half a passion my diaper type. I do ballroom dancing you name it. I've been performing I'm not different ways since I was five years old high live for death. That is incredible bargain guys you know I do this because I love it this is where my money go so okay. I you know I don't guess I lipped for so when I tell you I've spent over 3000 dollars on the yes ma. That means I don't really I don't have cable I don't do as I three I did I learned I teach myself thing. It is what my life. I was doing you well you know machine from dank Enron's collapse. Okay.