DHK – Why did Peter Abraham block Michael Holley on Twitter? Plus the Sox saga to acquire Stanton

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour # 3 and we begin by talking with Patrick Chung live from Colorado Springs.   We then get back in to the Sox hot stove talk and the desire to acquire a big bat… something Peter Abraham doesn’t think will happen.   We wonder why Michael Holley is blocked by Peter Abraham, and based off his antics last night in New York, we do some more good ol’ fashioned Lebron Bashing


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Speeds that dale and Holley show queen's quarters including princess. While McCain my wife is the queen in my daughter's appearances though we got all recovered. Dale Arnold Michael Holley and rich keep yeah he's the worst is the athlete you know once it's going to your side there's yeah Michael the love of a down Harlem's on the WEEI Sports Radio network. The. An hour. Reed Galen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI we get right back to the calls that you guys in just a moment but joining us right now from Colorado Springs where the patriots are preparing for a game on Sunday in Mexico City against the Oakland Raiders from England patriots safety Patrick Chung hey Patrick I don't. You know. Doing great things were you one of the players who took advantage of the field trip opportunity in the US Olympic Training Center tonight. You know I don't want to treat it. Not a bad plan either by the way out. You guys get an opportunity. I said that's not a bad plan either but this is kind of a unique week for you guys seats you get to rest stop you don't have to travel all the way back here in the end of Mexico he really worked out pretty well for you guys. Yeah I was blooper down the coast of you know associate. Acclimated to a minority. Temperatures. Out to whatever you say they're down or not child was much cute cute little fresh. You see any benefit to lie to training out there of full time and I know you guys have your individual routines and sometimes you do it could together collectively in the off season but. A lot of runners have done it said the altitude does wonders for them. Can you see just in your limited time out there how that will be advantageous. Yeah yes I guess if she albeit it. It doesn't bother me it much I guess it showed a little bit I guess well being and I mean you tray where we want to make it hard workers sort of pirate. You had your first interception of the season on Sunday night what would you see about life. It. What are seeing the ball landed and it either clarify the only notre partnered. Notice turnaround all of their other great player. Our we've we've eight you know I've heard guys that before you know we're in cover five recovers. I think everybody knows cover to a covered five. You don't get beat him at. Were. Nothing cheapen nothing deep right. Jack has played well there's a lot a lot of guys back. Is it would that be as simple weapon that is a lot of guys that cover five. There is net of related WP artillery. What would be equality actually places. If a they tell me about the facilities there in Colorado Springs that you guys are using at the air force academy how how is how has it been with them hosting you guys there. Yeah they're good I mean we have really had a practiced yet people killed us all work so far the good good out saudis were currently aren't sure it was cool or not. She regularly either. It's funny that you mention hospitality leads me into something that's like we didn't set appeared Patrick you know our day. Yeah you told us a while ago I you'd bragged about it I would say it would not not much humility you talked about how what a great cook you are. In all the food the holiday. Oh what was it can and as we sit here hungry for that app and had me. Yet airline. Category also did it reminded. And our football and do. Art so weakly we're looking for some food on Monday. Monday by the holy land Monday morning. Aren't so what what to do whatever working on lately what does that chef Patrick have what what's. What's what's been good your kitchen lately. Lately manner not in but he's the facilities are routed Serbia I'll take it well it back do an excellent analogy that's not. We yeah. Our talk has got its 48 season. Yeah. I have as good as the president of the Russian authors and I did it. Last name at. Lastly Patrick we have Matthew Slater on I was asking him who is the best player he played against in high school you guys all played out in California notes a huge state but. He said he played against Matt liner in now high school obviously was Heisman Trophy winner and then went on the NFL. Did you face off against anybody in high school that that and make it to the NFL or if not it was it was the best guy you play against. Oh there will. You do it oh yeah have you played everywhere electorate is sort of figured you must first get off the ground. I or all of their refrigerated. So yeah no Palestinian. We're saying oh lead. They're pretty good league you saw so and 001 that did your team when Natalie you're his team went. They wanted. I'm the opposite of what the quarterback who left yeah. I so he was good then his psyche yeah you're not surprised that he made it to the league of any guys who did make it Digi dot and this guy. Did you play isn't about like a nice who's as Gazprom in and a renewed. I mean did you lose says too many today we have a lot of good players. You know they've gotten so are Lauren mentioning those gosh. Are you looking forward to playing in Mexico City on Sunday. Yeah political bloggers see the city any was quoted him you know check back. Get the winning get on the plane and get home you know look at the wouldn't get back at all. We eight and I know what we at one of our producers Jesus taught you all the time about soccer your big soccer fan right. Or did you ever consider playing it or it was it was it just football all the way American football and football. Felt much worse or don't words they government source for their back I started playing well off. High school and out that our car as stable football or actually soccer. All believe we are Cheney Joseph Levin and there. Patrick we appreciate your time is always have fun in Mexico City we'll talk to you soon. Our quote their take care I thought that is about the phone secured it was it was it was gone out there. Patrick and other ways brought you by Needham bank. And where are happy to talk to him. So he didn't go to the us Olympic Training Center because he wanted to sleep and it is their day off final thicker thickness lose the unit that never play a superb. When you play basketball yes full. All done. I don't know and so baseball and it. They got a lot of but I guess I don't baseball I got to try to hit against Jim Beattie. An echo. To get here I got him once he got me once whether he had gotten enough yet yet. Road to Jeff Burton probably not probably like at eight bouncer through the infielder something that. A place them folds or reverend a that okay area. That's what Stanford yet he had the record I think for most hits in the college World Series until I believe Jackie Bradley broke it but samples are good. Is debates poplar obviously I played against Brian Butterfield does that count yeah. Nor pro shirt on. Many pros coming out that virtually. And now that really is skip that it's get past that maybe how did you get cut from the team. But during practices before he got cut you played against probes count so there is a fraud or to your school's team yes who has. Jerome lane number Jerome said in her own Kennedy drove Hollywood hype and yet saw was a freshman. Sentiment wrong was a senior was he sending an analogue that your game was I'm not sure yeah. And I. A jerk that's right I thought it was going to be a much better and he was just unbelievable. High school basketball but he must silica all American parents are here to my aunt lives out of I remember one time he had me. These teams. I McDonald's all America yeah that when these magazines. And so we are in school and you see your nose pressed. So I was just like I was trying to be friendly with them today and probably wait about ten right OK okay yeah you and I thought from refrain ally. They Jerome. You know congratulations. And you know parade all America. After a man. A couple. Yeah if it so yeah your school did you tell me he went with the schools LeBron yes as you went yeah freshman year. I've not heard loud and well. How it's argued. Now it starts to make sense that it addicts and we're there for what you are from one year when you think it's an emergency Mary the fighting on the pot yet crowd you're talking about how LeBron since closed room lane do you think. School and did not do in I mean yours didn't graduate from uncle out there and act claiming it. I tried out or the saint Saint Mary's in Mary's at a bankers at. Period it's fresher team here you go by no thanks buddy forget about not good enough this is all it's all come together and there. There's some really some. Some really bad memories from god she's bad memories returned it. Really try to argue with and I don't and a fine it's hardly a scarred by this I parallels and you've got apartments hardly elected talk. A little better talker I was in your homeland as secure online selling his dad and yet he he heard he heard so he tried them bears as a freshman he's a senior and he's a great. High school player. Got a scholarship all the schools in the country see them around all the time they would just constantly are fighting the school you see these are representatives. It's I want to going to pay. And so it appears as a freshman I should have been on the corporate and be. 'cause I talked via. Is he sent him out here on all. Real well yeah additionally can you know don't communal kind of stuff it was it was that is really issue yet they out of I'm so sorry about this topic that I talked about it yeah. All I'm not sure I don't blame that I don't years you know maybe that was started trash her I. I. Don't tomorrow. But I'll let my sister went there my sister graduated from here at magic sisters obviously so those students in grade is plain. On vouchers known that she's six years older and I as a fugitive couple yes. And I remember the first disclosed that now. That your sister. On got a lot to the. Obama's. Fees and she had collapsed. All the whole outlook yeah. All right. All we always as a team I'm him I'd on the building here in the red flag. So boy I'm doomed here that is you know Bobby Knights it through and Jeremy yeah. Along well yeah he's going to be your day yeah. They act out their body you know Jeremy was asked him some tough questions about it and like it. Little tough did you think drama would have a better NBA career I did I thought it was going to be an ad even though it was a jerk I thought it was going to be a great. A great pro I was I was surprised that he thought it hit it good to get asked this wedded to it tells you. You sort of solid time dale like the the best guy for your high school. That's got your you have to Nassau dock you ever saw and a man out of being able to play at a press so this guy and be able to play division one felt when I saw him in high school. 120 footers not a problem. I can shoot from anywhere he can do everything you wanted on according to see I thought he had no weaknesses Dakota goes to college and might. Playing and it's like this power of undersized power player I can shoot better in that. It now turn out not only couldn't I was he was a great. Icicle player a good it was first round pick right out of college. Out of pit. Got the pros and yeah can't you play a handful of seasons. Just imagine a guy you think is a scrub and what he did in high school. That's I love those stories outside I got the idea a Matthew Slater playing against. Matt liner or. Patrick Chung and Eric Wendell being on the same field in high school courses that you those guys dominated like for them to get to this level. They had to be incredible high school players and Saudi got I was on the. Stores and I covered. Vrabel. So I really I was a first year reporter Vrabel was a senior. At a school called a Waltz Walsh jesuit high school all boys school. And is one of best high school players have ever seen two way player. Sorry Fauria yes he was tight and I got to plug the US Canada battle an experienced a tight end but also in college was a defensive. And they moved him to linebacker. The Steelers didn't he state linebacker with the patriots. But just that and in the same. You know I'm not surprised by the one liners and yet if you iPhone like a Smart as I don't care I can sometimes. You look back in and some of the people who became famous or quads I famous whatever it is. Reviewer said to me as a first reported a 22 years old. Do you think this kid Mike Vrabel one day will be a pro yes do you think you'll coach one day absolutely. This river interview went out like he. Yes this kid's 1817. Maintain. So Smart is really understood everything about the defense. Really engaging in and a good leader. Are we get right back to the calls are you coming up next Daylon Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio W media without more detail Colleen keep on Sports Radio WEEI. While McCain's wife is Korean in my daughter's princess so we got all recovered. We had to win and ask her just. Come on by the amount won't give up. And Mozilla because the Indianapolis next question please. He is a bit of a jerk about a lawyer guy Michael about LeBron. Well it's got some flaws yeah look at. Like he's a real character is a three dimensional care he is something else how about. Just everything involvement and use call out Phil Jackson again yeah and his editor I was trolling you strong say Dennis Smith should be a huge and he's saying that news. There's also got nothing to do with the that nick team or our value say his name the other got to be drafted and other do they have no that's that's immigrants what I was saying earlier. You're criticizing this categorize things they've missed the good player and and Dennis Smith of Volvo Phil Jackson then last night he's kit and build its cancer is getting open space that has. Is he was it like it is before the game he's in he's always got something to say I don't know why do crazy. And I'm backing down from LeBron which I love in the ice tokens Cantu was like you kick all of my family like this and not let you just call my family I don't care what it was also shoved somebody else that's a cantor gets in his way you don't face to face a very close to each other yeah but it wasn't even like a face to face the -- she goes to politics like -- pocketed those years my senior year we're down here right now no like I did carrier and the knicks looked like there are some of the epic that click the cavs real loose the next event just a terrible fourth quarter by New York just aren't you are right on the three. So the cavaliers. Improved to seven and 77. And 77 and seven and I have to say. Even fourteen games and for the cavaliers fifteen and four of fourteen and for the Celtics. Celtics are better than they are better team also by the way lest I hear what does them a chance where the New York crowd yes they're chanting Tyreke. Well I think maybe somebody who's Bleacher Report articles should have been chipped in carrier Irving when LeBron James makes. An outrageous. This is asinine and outrageous statement and said. How I feel I did top currently there are yeah idea and LeBron but my goodness. There's quote. LeBron James says. It's been awhile. Since I've had that clear cut guy who can get guys involved. But also score at the same time. But it's fine it's something that our team will make an adjustment to its been awhile since I've had a clear cut guide and Dick eyeball. A there's been a draw this season. Or in your career. A big key that you such motives. This for a while I mean I don't wild. And I'll probably back to when Dwyane Wade was all all of his of himself back in Miami is emote the way he. Not quite a carrier ring Aaron. He could do that so you couldn't get guys involved and also scored the same time. Out. Maybe maybe goes to think about it concerts of I don't think so they did that this season. Made so he's saying good thirteen games before Edwards ever done has been allowed in awhile you don't fourteen games as of last year in the final cut and Kevin love's got. Hey there's an art it's a lower than if you pass the ball. I invited score to ten page article seems strange room mission for space reasons yeah. As per carry in there. He's definitely really to say leaders really bothered by the success carries them is the one guy that's ever crossed the one teammate belt across the room only one. And now he is going he's on the best team in the league they're gonna when their thirteenth straight game tonight. And he got he got wrote Arenas chanting his name Matthew as the team's struggling. Now have been nice of new York and completed the win. And this is this is great big up port going actually to the video of this last night. The game is over it's 104101. Break in in the prawn is when he was like yet it yeah shot Alain. Time expires games over and he was complaints that wreaths that he got found. You are free throws that we already won a game and he's looking to get a lot of what you want points. And pat are you do what he of course he had a little brat he'd yeah thank mayor Sherwin B of VP of the league this year come on every point counts. Let's get back of the calls that you guys 6177797937. I tanner is in Pittsburgh a Tenner I don't. I don't. I. I hate LeBron James nice every helps the blood flow through my body counts and here. I'm sorry I think I wanna go back to the Red Sox guys who are here of course scenario. Com so what do you expect to date just went hard after Martinez and hot this year scrap that don't close it saying. And let's see if we can't get seriously all parties are for next year are for three years younger they'll cost more money. But there's the potential that David Price tag you're this year are out to actually 31 million. I don't know the numbers on him Ramirez's best option in terms of what number eight certain statistics. But he doesn't get those. Theoretically that's another 22 billion that opens up. And it take you guys are obvious that they can. Tanner tanner are tall and and great broad. The only thing I was thinking when you're talking there is that the Red Sox would have just tampering. Right now just to gauge of Bryce Harper is even interest in coming about Leo and Austin you know he's in Washington now is not that far away Washington Boston. As does he consider himself a National League guy you nicely and the American League yankees. He had and that's that's better than it did see I got wags got to figure out is he is is is this a done deal she's just going to New York no matter what you do you no matter how much money you offered. Is he going to New York. And he is perfect you hit this when you hold it runs out there and it all man a great player in New York bred. If if you get a chance in the Red Sox get a chance to get harper yet but I think I would I would stop the pursuit of Stanton. I'd sign a bridge freeagent in the united goal all up for harp but it. It ends up being a significant player or two from the Major League roster to know you don't you don't really wanted you for Stanton or you could just signed. Would you be in the Martinez camp there logic are kind of there. There aren't wall. Don't wanna trade devers don't wanna trade balance and he certainly don't want trade bets so watered Bogart's that penetrate any of those guys that maybe. You know I don't know if we're told this already. Fellas but there's this great stat guy on the would you quit with the staff that JD right here is cool it with the stats are what he had last year or just let these I don't know lefties straight 376 last year against left he's a guy reaches far and present you know a lot of righty hit lefties well. 376. 89 agents like it was the year you do anything because there are 45 fingers you show me three guys within eight magnitude slugging percentage against lefties and twelve homers. That's crazy. Valuable line Pinocchio Peter stacked. Like stats of what I do Eizenstat like Alex fears that China you know I was like Alex really about spears and block via Twitter and act for the good man don't test them. It could fathers Harvard man I'm just wondering with all the people want you know what maybe Pete Abraham has blocked or people and we realized that. Well all the grief other people have given him why you mean what you what you do that was worse than anybody else make it Thomas and that's the guy. And that the effort of all things don't I remember as their analysts are not to bring up all praised Elba. The guy that he called me a grand wizard. We're without war and it just throughout tried to have you on this guy. I his reputation and you quit the only one who who gave Pete Abraham hard time about that. I this guy who's got what I wouldn't order it was and he was like college umpires are beyond our Soledad umpire down after guys in his studio death. Madam got. We about that UConn basketball. Is nice guy yes sweet guy sweet the sweetest sweetest. It was your idea to bring him for once or any other day you found the area of one for the don't have a lot of hazards. The area. I Tony's Bridgewater hate Tony I don't. There you guys who have gone would keep on abroad despite what you saw last night by the way. You know district court. The. Yeah. And I realized that. On the block but a small list with me in the now and yet. Not sisters. I can't stand but. Love of god they do a man had gotten into and over the years I think that's part of the mine has gone back of course. A bit of a shock to news site where you're prepared to law. And put a show that looked like anyways the chip the Red Sox wouldn't. What motivated expecting me to respect its arms to stop our panel's yeah. Some unbelievable with the Red Sox what you've got a bust up it that at all. Well you elect Bennett and are gonna pop. This is that so that would be not. By the amounts. Who rebel whatever source that created such I'll stick to the sides of the ball one ball that caught. It into the same thing. It would have to tip up its nuclear are still 70 yeah that or I would not want picks. Him. In previous and Jack grabbed an announced it put like that the violence once wondered what is on track and whatnot and. Well he'll find that they will find more than just the Red Sox are willing to take on the contract border czar and the public seems to beat that mark. Yeah a few auto upload a few of them together teams that have been mentioned concern Saint Louis could edit you know Saint Louis can share for Cisco can't. Obviously. Obviously the Red Sox can't. The Phillies they can handle it through these teams are desperate for power. Sampras Cisco as the Boston the National League in terms of of what's it like front runners they got a punch. So you don't local four. The giants have tons of money. The Red Sox have tons of money to the salary dump you feel any better about it. Red Sox could could get this guy on. Get this guy on the team without giving up anything of significance far. 6177797937. Instill in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media it's list Hollywood key. Plug Sports Radio WE yeah. Well it most is is. When the first pitch is going to be thrown at them sit right there and I'm looking right down that's the thing I love the most. I really love as well love it Boston's those kids the support I've always wanted to cover I've covered football and basketball a lot of things can Olympics won here. But baseball's thing I really enjoy. Yeah. Believe the moment you heard me. There hurt my feelings and their guy. In charge that. Stand up for people today get like rich and I will continue to report back to you when Pete Abraham tweet something out there yes that you're not missing the information flow now is just too much there's too much division. In a world today there is there's too much. Uncivil discourse. And so attract what somebody's just trying to do their thing and just asking questions and they're. They're being painted as. As a racist. I just think that's wrong. Don't stand up for brother you know and I thought that was wrong with Pete Abraham did he probably thinks it's wrong thought it was wrong apologize to think about a month and a half later. A culpable in New York suck up the New York rump swab and other things what are arm. And on manhunt. I did call me names out of an unfair what he did it again. It's. Program was. We researched them thoroughly sorry you know actually -- just treated it. Between the screen cap of like if something goes and one repeated stories. Subpoenaed says. How the Sox use social media how they handle media relations other players interact with fans all needs to be examined closely. And improved. Oh really and but it was from the man who called a random Red Sox in grand wizard on Twitter for suggesting that he might be better without David Price yeah same guy. He's looking illegals associated Yule. Knock you out right. You could be got much. Petroleum you're you're trying to get blocked or not there's a lot of good sound just like when he might have a stat when he's like hey Chris Elgin I pray that he had or they had passed that Democrats. It's a little off. Advocates that. Mind blow wasn't greats that have numbers that the numbers at this it's okay yet day in and out there I don't I believe would you believe that the group that. The Red Sox are worse. Ugly word Chris Sale and Andrew comrades were pitching would you believe no way I was never think that would. No doctor number one and number two starters you below worse if they're not performing. The crazy part of its it was like the other three starters like 500. It affects you better by an anti atop these guys really. Ten games over yeah Robert de Beckham's good graces. And each column so receive if she full blown so openly the thing you got to get one or two guys doing that the guys personal Italian Ayers and Colin I don't care about Nokia are a lot of parents can looks. Trying to date there's within reason does that. Who cares for the site that is in court beauty on the day diet there may not care about me onions I don't want to ask you Mike Jarvis asked him a great joy it has asked about the growth estimate your story that those let them know what's going on the roads are they doing. At these general manager meetings. The mechanic remains and let you know I think and against it or not that's all I care. Well now if you want if you root against Pete gave now you need the Red Sox to get Stanton Martinez or Hosmer because he says unfounded on the founded. It in the academy that's facing guys you know your work lacks scholarship. I now lacks true rules. Scholarships. Back to the calls Chris in Connecticut Chris I don't. What did you take cold shoulder is what's that. And so on local book. June June crime. And so I Bill Belichick yesterday and Colorado Springs was going. Everything all right yeah anything. Listen I know whose lives crowd support and won't be able. You know in the see when gruden winds were going to try to shoot Brady. And I am Jerry Jones continues continues to schools commission won't soon. Yeah there are policy and colts won't won't crash boom double the value of the supported. It and just wanna get too easy chip. Yeah I yeah see like he'd have to support gay Dell had a problem I mean the one guy that you would like I could see him disagreement Jones and everything may be views you hold that against them but then this would be the one time where you would do. The one timer like well aren't the enemy and a news conference. Here. OK they're. I'm fine for 45 works there are welcome that mountain time in the air it's obvious that I don't know what's artists little time. Is 1 thing I am for cannot hear. So wired common Don and but you know Peter US Peter King that that question why is Robert Kraft supporting Roger Goodell. And he gave answered number three in my let's suppose to have like five threes are those are ranked. The one you feel strongest about. Or those just kind of out of order. Out of order so my numbers were about my reasons were power play that's number one perhaps power play yet Jones the most powerful owner of the league. He sees himself that way and craft once the title. I mean most powerful player alternately okay about it number two he controls the commissioners money craft department along with five other owners. As a member of the compensation committee and he thinks the commissioner. Well owe him something. To be able yet a substitute number three numbers every company men's ultimate company man. Before he would he would five things you yeah. Aligning himself with the Jones will prevent him from getting what Jones already has a hall of fame jacket so he gets on the Jones trying. And they nanos. I don't think that when it's very important iris I don't know it's an important value at all to name I'm glad you know let's hear about it and number five is that reported out and that's why you know you guys normal poacher on my favorite poets is Michael Corleone once that my father taught me down neat things here. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer so well Shakespeare I was match its owner. Shakespeare probably thought it a title Corleone was able to articulate the related. All right so out of your five things all the way god father to better than the original disagree with the guy and I must call I go one. God father Arnold and better and too public the old and Robert and it was a great the least it is a sign any Anthony's the best care in my CD only sequel in the history of film that was better than me wrong I don't know got a letter read your target empire strikes perhaps. And then. And just the Providence and go until and other projects that you'll third up a personal one on one there just to the Sony beat her vote atlas. No government to change my mind. To me to consider him after every watch him so give me eight hours I can get back out there. And let's be honest you just want eight hours on the couch I did you are now I will admit the wedding scene in godfather wall is aggressively long I don't I don't mind and how much you don't mind it now. All very long it's sex but it it sets the foundation for what we're talking on it as it's great. As some people see a mafia movie. She in my office affair you know I think they probably dollars in mafia does your family volume. I'm sure its position that good family musical the families or families to. Or. Two hours of this event they get advocates and expect and yeah. Ports heads a little more than just the students loyal team. Commitment. Like I like sunny cool down a legacy behind had. Culture. And they're both they're both great mystery. 6177797937. Is telephone number we get back to your calls from the other side. Odd putt and final drives about 545. Thereabouts today. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI.