DHK – Why is Robert Kraft supporting Roger Goodell in his feud vs Jerry Jones? Plus Peter King

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Tuesday, November 14th

Hour #2 and we continue this discussion of NFL politics and where Robert Kraft fits in this feud between Jerry Jones and the NFL Commissioner.  Peter King joins us to give his take on it.   Then we begin to transition in to some Sox hot stove talk and their off-season desire to grab a big bat.


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Speech that dale and Holley show queer groups that include princess what it was. While McCain my wife is equated my daughter's appearances so we got all recovered. Dale Arnold Michael holly and Richie yeah he's the worst is the athlete you know once this week to your side then yeah Michael's beloved in the love on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Our number two Daylon Hollywood he. Sports Radio WB yeah I Peter King will join us at the bottom of the hour. And and we'll give us his latest take on this spat between Jerry Jones cowboys owner. And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell I mentioned that Joseph Lockhart via NFL I'll play a media conference call. He was asked why is there an urgency to extend Roger Goodell is kind. Track with eighteen months left on the currency. He said the NFL has a series of important milestones coming up the CBA and 22 money. Network TV day deals in 20/20 one and 22. He says sense that getting an extension beyond those dates was in the best interest of the NFL. You don't have to do it now to get an extension beyond those states Joseph. Yeah brilliant you can do it a year from now and still have an extension beyond those states. So again the NFL talking in circles here in an attempt at trying to. You know buttress up the the commissioner's position. Yes you're right you have important milestones lament and if you did his contract extension a year from now you'd still have it done before any of those milestones c'mon. Yeah our stand by you came into play out the rest of this year. Go to week eleven's starting on Thursday in the rest of the year the playoffs the playoffs or was a good indication to you what kind of ratings are you getting for playoff games. And then go from that and after the super volcano were assess that again he's that he was some another full year. You know where wouldn't be you or not win the last week for the last month right now you have you have a year and a half to get something done so I don't know why they're trying to rush it through right now. I ate her ratings and that's different story for different day or maybe a different story for different segment but because. I wonder how. Any program does with ratings. Any any any TV program in the last five years that is me. Series like the NFL is where it's just a week after week ordered any program has gone up. It around over the last two or three years. In the president has but I mean that's only ten weeks a year. That's only ten episodes or whatever it is twelve nights ten. And so that that's gone up but that's that's definitely in the minority but that's also my point as to like Kenny was that you're gonna everything's going down. The wire she replaceable. Well because you don't wanna make you wanna make sure doesn't go down too much for you wanna make sure it's not. Even though things are down the NFL is still they always have their stats. The twenty highest rated programs in the fall NFL had seventeen or eighteen of those programs and wanna be able to keep that thing going. They don't wanna get to the point where. They are I don't think it will ever be irrelevant. I get the point where. Their there in the middle of the pack. But everybody feels. Back to the calls the 6177797937. Our bonds of Waltham hey Bob I don't. Doing good doing good. Do you know keep that private jet thing that might be boring book it is flipped an expensive for life I can't even begin to think of the costs nothing have a private jet to beckon call. And out. You know us as far as who thought that we're all in Boston who would be taken Jerry Jones side not to decide to hear it. I would stay and play them back in the bad days in 201516. Of this league. In my book was overall out of season but these folks were all sort of you know improved together and you know working on the other (%expletive) about it for money. And you know facilitation. It's like Bob Kraft goes I'm disappointed I'm not surprised. That is what the world that he has very rarely like to rock the boat Jerry Jones has already we have Al Davis for the latest. And the problem than a few others over the years helping Bob Kraft is really one of those you know he's most comfortable company guys in my book so you know not really surprised. While he was the company guy when he accepted the punishment that Roger Goodell he was one of the 32 I'm gonna be one of one of the owners obviously. And it rolled it rolled patriots fans crazy Barack. Crazy individual and you know and I kept saying you know watch out no one of those countries you know the way he's doing things in the way investigation could messed up. You know you can talk about red lights at night talk about particularly if you want this year. You know he's gonna come out and you're gonna do some let's go look at the lower someday but I guess is that all the money most of them don't give up. That's right that's right now and I don't really what comes out to Arafat here after Bob crap that think you're into that top spot. With the way the that the constitution has been drafted him maybe he came up with though wording the verbiage. Article wait I think freaks me out and have an NFL team in Iran they're taking it for you bet freaks me out so you can punish me. You can punish you get to 500000 dollars the highest finally get and it that's not sufficient in other words if you don't I just in from that I still keep active out. You find me suspended me and now. Maybe you can take our franchise. Really. It's not. Likely would you wanna gamble. Impossible K it's easy for somebody else to say that you don't. Would have lineup that is not mine but otherwise I got gentle lose a Ahmad Bob. I gotta take your French I would be afraid of wealthy money that might take our franchise well that they've finding the 500000 dollars. And you still keep fighting like when they usually cool off at that point to pay the 500 it's our I thank you Danica as we didn't San Francisco. If I mean if this franchise think they took took took to a they ultimately win more threatening we don't know where Brent Schneider right now. Well Dellums and of course they weren't threatened tickets franchise where it because he didn't go further he stopped. So what patriots fans wanted to do was keep fighting pick in the courts. I don't go that it. About kids going in and that they callebs there aren't on constituent. Again you read all the documents on his feet hit Iraqi eject just how often a rock and fortunate guy. That has an attachment that you could click on that could always get out there. Hello hello. Hello I know this is that here I'm a lawyer. Lawyers that I didn't even read it out I know you're busy working on the world's report context. If you look at who read this documentation rare foray. Jets up a New Hampshire hey Jeff I don't. I could I get that. That one issue do you guys know what the salaries are the other major commissioners the NBA and Major League Baseball national off. Great question. And my answer right now at the moment at it's enactments are the three is now Adam silver mixed one million a year. What in the NBA commissioner it's one of those other twenty million for the NBA will work on Gary Bettman. Iran and how Gary Bettman gives groups and I only nine have million dollars is the and then. Rob Manfred he's a newbie. If I get 250000 dollar started to beginning to pay scale Haley gets there we saw the year two. No looks like he. Maybe it Tony to. Finding 22 million for Manfred. Someone nice nice salary did not today I got a lot of games I seller for dying like since Hewitt was making important news. It's quickly. And so 22 million. The only guy who just kind of makes you raise your eyebrows as Batman. I have billion compared to here. All the different leagues making. That I think it's probably accurate right you know give honor given to learn that that the league has to play with as opposed to the other he's deals that the energized for the NBA. Been around for a minute. There's what how athletes of the this means I don't know bad for the guy Howard you know with some provocative act doing. And a vacuum we've gotten a ticket it's enough for everybody on staff here everybody. It you know. A both sides of the glass we'll take an hour and a half million dollars we'll split it up or will be very happily detente and it's not and half American. So all of all. A new Baghdad changed so did else trying to make a little 123 years is something I bet that something like 93. Are you a lifetime contract he signed but it's inflicted Dell is trying to make two and a half times. As much as one. Sober since Roger Goodell became NFL commissioner in 2005. He's made a 180 point five million dollars. As commissioner of the NFL. Disease any of that yet. And yeah or what do I already had no doubt I had Alia and he I think he wants it. He wants that are closer yeah we have no idea that he got a private again and go from having rejected knock. Avenue Q let's put this lose my mind so you've already got a private jet. And likening. And some on openness getting Atlanta Atlanta. And I'd really an up markets to both. And can swing at the conference championship games and that's distance you can do it and swung. Rogers and it's it's funny I I'd I would love to know how this stuff is is apportioned out in 2014 for instance Rogers base salary was 3.5 million. 26 and a half million in bonuses. Three point seven million in pension and deferred benefits. And as well as 273000. In quote unquote other reportable compensation skirts and I'd love to know what goes into the bonuses. How did they determine the commissioners bonuses franchise value by the way his his salary went down in 2013. You made 44 million. And it went down in in 2015. At and to that thirteen 44 million went down a bit in 2014. Winning he went from 44 to 34 million. Imagine that conversation kids at the sit down stars sit down there. That changed right or status. Something's gonna change around the house steak at the welcome all everybody don't want us there I. Can save the job done before. That he's only making 34 million dollars a year off all upset he would make he shot the lights off when you leave the room that your failure occur I. A man whose salaries apparently well secret because Bloomberg News there's no annual compensation data available for men who off the books. About under the table that's and a was it on. But I would think it all series has have a favorite Roger Goodell is just franchise value and relocation fees you know LA has got two new teams. The charges in the rams and they had a pair relocation fee for that so. Unless that's good for the league everybody gets you know patriots got a part of it along with everybody else. So hey good for you commissioner thanks for making that happen I was had a huge deal with the DirecTV. I'm sure there's a lot of money that. They came absolutely coffers after that deal and so Roger go. Get the bonus offer that. And then he crushed the players in the contract can go. Ever visited the music as well and it's a very good very much and save some money under presents. And he's on the cell phone handy I don't. Hey guys sorry you know already sent him lift lift and that it trading money or are. And the guy looking make about thirty million now that's what NC NFL on it come back and say you know Roger. What we're gonna pay you what we cage before we're gonna cut you back a little bit when I get and is. What are his options either. He doesn't take the money he got a retired and obviously. Money means a lot of the sky could be quick and dirty and he wants fifty you know there's a little bit agreed gear so why don't get mad at. He can't go anywhere that I don't like condi gonna leave these got a what are how easy. Actually that's where she's got I play her if she's got somewhere to go she's got more out because you don't don't you ever deceive yourself what job it goes yeah where what's I think he get resilient twenty million a year probably probably not. At the end and I do think that if the owners if this six person committee said the Roger Roger listen it's flat. Organist and what you got right now you can keep the ball we're not going up and and we'll sign you to a five year deal but that's it. The honestly think he'd say you know what I gotta go. Now I don't know and that's why I think he that when the report come out this weekend that he's asking for the jet in the health insurance and fifty million dollars he put all that together that's just so what they they feel good about themselves or not. Forty billion and it's gonna be the judge had. Half of the year and your attitude publisher and thirty years in the gas I thought is. But it also and that's this happens a lot when the owners get into. A contract dispute the players. Instinctively it just seems this way fans tend to go with ownership. Attended tennis are with the ownership what are these guys need the players as head but a little bizarre I don't that we are. I have players is making eight million dollars a year I make it twelve make it and that's not up for these greedy guys. What that players tried to use the owners. Pat and we're Roger Goodell is asking for this money what he's trying to tell you is that the owners have. So once again most people are siding with the owners were to need 499 dollars a year for. Now turn around and look at it especially around here where we ate it up anyway let's look at the big picture big picture is San Cisco 49ers. Next year gonna have 100 million dollars. In cap space. A hundred million dollars in cap space yeah because I spent on it and they arts there holding on to some money right now but that's the same thing with the browns. The browns haven't spent for the cap so that kind of money that that owner horrible owner. But the horrible franchise. It's just they're making money. The money for two from sprint thrown out and 019 product and it's good that the product is a one advocates and doing everything they can now law. Just kind of hoarding the money and then they're gonna roll it over to next year in May next year's the year they've just been fifty billion made and have been eight billion dollars into captivity. Is just nuts. I don't worst team has has figured last like worst team in my lifetime. Clue on Brown's worst NFL team you've ever seen. This light years ago brown yes billion or the end of the game Sunday did sort of indicate who the Cleveland Browns really good person. That was the worst of that Owen sixteen lions team would they are lost you running out the back of the end. Though I was totally unfair wasn't a bus lines yet it whatsoever on sixteen this is totally unfair because now I'm kind of merging the 2016. Brown the seventy programs. But look at Contra affair we're gonna context are the year before the lines were always sixteen I don't know what they did the year before a year after probably not good but not one and fifteen. So brown last year one of fifteen. This year DiMarco winning game they were not winning game right. C'mon. It. The worst. So always the O and sixteen lions of 2008 year 2009 they were the two and fourteen mines about your before. And 077. Enough Saturday night but if you go oh wait 09 notes to Windsor where two years who wins Jackson that's pretty mobile saw a that's incredible. It's about how many coaches in the NFL shouldn't have jobs today. And you could come up with a handful. Easily and with a with a without them advance Joseph and Mac it to mean what they have to have bad night. And you say all right. I heard Willie McGinest talking about the browns in the waiting game ended on the weekend and he said he said. Something like that never happens to a patriots team. And that's all coaching that's situation a coaching. Preparing to team these situations this what okay five seconds left on the clock you go to the line of scrimmage what he'd do he said they would never run a quarterback sneak they're knowing that timeouts left but I don't know if that's coaching. That's on c'mon dude your quarter. But that's sort of play caller he's a rookie. Of the ball yet I don't know honorable. What is now. United that. What I thought I have a year art and I'm going to really sneak. A other doubt I do not say an hour and. And every professional football. I can't say. I play like that is coaching now I'm Rick I'm gonna contrasts that. With a high school game over the weekend great high school game and it was Watertown high school. Gets land field. So Watertown high is down with three minutes to play they made a couple of scores they they they they get the winning touchdown in the big upset they beat up. At the winning touchdown with Ike. Ten seconds after the game yet for every episode of prominent line at six yards away never liked him buzzer beater went under the quarterback cornered roll out Oca. We'll bring it all booed action by you but they had to they knew in high school paper will only have a certain amount of time to get this done right. And so get on the run it yeah I'm gonna have to run in a certain direction at the end we don't give it a Mets call a timeout would have timeouts that claw it spiked something. Just not culture. Just idea where it is yet aide who. But NC but that's the court if you're quarter gay yet today and even invited NFL quarterback heist with a high school quarterback would now honestly I don't have a lot of them do a lot of big Kahuna. And at another way high school. If you watch high school quarterback now like Auld from the spread at all is as great as just like an out of high school budget through ball at seven time. I am in recorded record really well I'll read option is right now and right aptly but it could roll work correct. Now these guys are good you know amid a real pro style offenses. Lot of options involve like the Georgia Tech offense with all laws before but I now shotgun and it's spread of Swine Flu. Which is gets back to the point that we continue to make in as the season gets deeper and deeper it becomes more clear about fourteens. That have a legitimate shot of winning a Super Bowl and that's it I'm like made 32. There might yet for right maybe three homer in the and that's that's an effect either the feeling really good and I feel the Steelers and the chiefs. Their advocate since July AA was that your jaguars aren't like our own Jack wired so not only there. But I defensively it complex area. It's like playing. A eight Texans team that can hurt you a little bit more than the Texans team from last year occurred. I don't know that plagued portals is as bad as Brock costs while it was last year. I imagine if if Brock costs while it was 12% better. Right he was just so bad air still stay off father's worst and morals yet that's you know mr. Portals I just I can deceive and playoffs and off duty I had it all. If it and you know what they wanna run the ball and we're controlled defensively but there's going to be a third and seven gotta have it and he's gonna throw an interception. They're gonna be the team and win the division and they lose while cartoons of the pitchers Ireland play them. When a game. You left a winner while the catalog to out fliers reading element you know coming here for divisional playoff it was a whack at this yes actually close and let us tonight. I think clothes while and yet that year vehicles for awhile than. In the pool app it's Mattson Westport came out I don't. They get good. I did talk about it's not about how horrendously bad Cleveland is yeah. Any dog doggie day at that edit the punishment match it is the broad ballots equity that Jamie Collins there. You don't think if that reinforces the patriot way around that club when he NA NC lap one in sixteen. And he wasn't on the if he wasn't put on injured reserve yesterday he was looking straight at one and twenty war. Doling it out made. Think that's sent back to the organization. I think it's good it's a good play bad I wonder. I don't know Jamie Collins well enough this to understand. I was thinking with this on what had. If he's a winner he says this this is terrible and he also had a a winless season in college to this might be Jamie Collins and it might be him. Yeah I hear you're always eleven in college. And at southern girls losses airhead here you're here and aware of this team in Cleveland and outside nice contract to do when a suitable low flow wrong. RG now he did not. Yeah you got one right he didn't win a Super Bowl didn't he wasn't on the four. We know about it traded here now a veteran Esther okay it's anyway Super Bowl on fourteen age fourteen patriots to super both pilots got our value ultimately loser just yet number he was a lot of government or we will route from. Marshawn Lynch on the final drive from Seattle. Like thirty something yards but. If if he if he's look at it from them a financial standpoint that the patriots were gonna pay me. The browns. Nice contract year and your money goes a lot farther in Cleveland that it doesn't win. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number a we'll talk to Peter King from the MM QB. We'll get back to your calls as well let's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI more. Watch Sports Radio WEEI. Time for our weekly conversation with Peter King from the NN QB. Our talk with Peter sponsored by your New England Honda dealers and gridiron glory at the Museum of Science Peter joins us right now hey Peter how aria. What's up dale however you. Find better than now Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. Jimmy your take on what Jerry Jones is attempting to do what is end game is here. I think his end game is to. Delay. The contract. And the final negotiation of the contract until at least some time in 2018. In theory basically is that. We've got a bunch of things that are up in the air in it don't look. Look good right now LP. The fact that advertisers are up in arms over the income protests. The fact that TV ratings are down. In about 15%. Over the last few years. The fact that the leak continues to be royal and no matter who's the commissioners is gonna happen. By the the long term. I'll worry about the future of football. And that. That Roger Goodell basically is is on a losing streak. And he just he doesn't understand and I think he's absolutely right he does understand why. We is more than a year ago and it's contrary airs the rush to redo it there's no pressure to redo it. He's not going anywhere. And what happens if you know six months from now the ratings continue their nose dive terrorist of these years there continue to be all these brush fires going out and and I think he's got an excellent point. Our Peter got a sheet of paper here I have five reasons why. Robert Kraft would be supporting Roger Goodell over Jerry Jones and you're gonna have give me a reason that I don't have written down to tell me why Robert Kraft. Who got crushed. By deflate gave his franchise did. Why would that guy he's supporting Roger gonna. Because. He views himself as a partner in the lead and even when things go wrong for him personally. I mean really how wrong if they go the patriots still won the Super Bowl number one and number two. He. He can't endorse his family are going to on this team. And act for however long for the next half century whatever it would be. So I think he goes he looks at this. With that view beyond. What current situation is and I think. Practice one of those owners who feel right now that. That. The most important thing on the league's agenda. In knee. In the near term and not so near term say the next three or four years is a new collective bargaining agreement. Head of the players association these Smith is on record as saying. Tour Alpert Greer vehement TP bit. I forget his exact words but it it's very likely there's gonna be a work stoppage. And so. To put somebody in the air I think I think owners like Robert Kraft deal that. Whoever the next commissioner would be and quite honestly. Whoever would be is gonna learn have to learn on the fly because I doubt sincerely. That there's gonna be anybody inside the league office right now. Who can garner enough support now he could be in time but you could garner enough support right now they get. You know to win the commissioner's job. If it wins it goes out. So basically your answer I think your answer airlines with number three I have on my list which is. Robert Kraft is the ultimate company man now you get some people would take that as a pejorative and it could be meant that way or you can say hey that's a positive he's thinking about something larger than himself is that a fair. Way of saying it. I think Robert Kraft has been. He is his time. In the National Football League if you if you remember way back to be gaining. A generation ago. His time. Is that time of really thick golden age of the NFL. And if you're Robert Kraft and you basically pat Paul Tagliabue. Leading right into Roger Goodell closer to. Man I mean take leave a longtime lawyer for the lead into Dell never another Japanese life other than we did the NFL. In some capacity. And and Robert Kraft looks at it and says. And you know when I came home and told my wife stated basically cost us about. Twenty million dollars more than I'd say it was my outer limit. She wanted to throw me out of the house and I'm exaggerating she didn't but she was very upset about it. Look what has happened to the patriots in the intervening time. You know since then the New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls. Have gone to. You know three other Super Bowls. And or one of the great success stories in recent American sports. So. And the franchise is worth it billion dollars so if you're Robert Kraft. I'm not sure is that the wife's estate for you to want. Is firm uses this power structure. On park avenue in New York the NFL office to be blown up. How much support do you think Jerry Jones has because we hear about their compensation committee and those six owners and sir what. Where their heads or rather we know how outspoken Jerry jones' but there's still another two when he five owners out there how many of them do you think are on the side it Jerry Jones. I think. And I have. Spoken to a couple of those. Owners rich a couple of the owners that I would call. Eight silent minority. And I mean I think at the somebody's partner Jerry Jones. Today he told me that Jerry Jones believes he has far more support in this then people say. And any yet I wanna make this clear I don't think it's going to be to be enough support. To oust the bill and to stop. The contract. From getting done permanently however. There are. Quite a few people and CNBC just as a report this afternoon. And which I just saw it before the we the we begin speaking. That that there is. A good sized group of owners who want to see the negotiations put off for awhile. And I think it's yeah it's the end of the day it's only right and you ask how much of forty has been Lee has. I'd only be guessing about who he has and so are we being Snyder. It would probably go to Jim Irsay colts and and maybe the end product he put it was it with the Koreans. Who's in the top spot he loves Jerry but he also. Knows that. He you know and he's had a pretty good spot now in Los Angeles. Building another palace. The you know another beautiful stadium so I think my gut feeling would be to say that. I do you think that there is some significant. Push back about this contract. But. At the end of the day at some point. These these people are gonna have to do circus. And are going to practice in shoulder to shoulder with Jerry Jones. And I don't get a sense that that's gonna be any time soon. But I do believe it Gerri has more support than I definitely believe she does. We're talking to Peter king of of the Yemen QB NFL spokesman Joseph Lockhart said today that the NFL has no issues with how Martellus Bennett. Ended up with the patriots this past week. Do other GMs and owners in the National Football League have a problem with a. I think every you know I've only talked to one other team about this dale in the last three or four days because I was. Totally. Good Tokyo's blank duty. But no one thing I think everybody's just shocked. First of all. That he played. On Sunday night. Because. Like he says. In his post game press conference he basically told his agent and I'm not I'm not play however he worries about I'm gonna go have surgery on. You know I'm. I'm gonna go during the human race and then when Belichick called it sounds like he said. Hey look. And and look at paraphrasing this and I've even assuming what he thinks about this which it sounds very much like he thinks. They looked at the last two months I've ever gonna play football. If it right image right shoulder a little bit more so what. It'd be okay. And so dale I. I think that if you're Green Bay Packers. Your angry because Martellus Bennett really tarnished the image of the doctor Robert MacKenzie who. Had an absolutely crystal clear refutation. Before this I mean just. Extremely well liked it well respected by the players. On that team for many years and I've been covering him. And so. I don't think. That you're going to be any organized protest to what the patriots did because all the patriots didn't quite honestly is. They took advantage of an ugly divorce between a player the team. I don't see how anybody could have any problem well what the patriots did. Our Peter so you look at the first four weeks of the season for the patriots they give up 42 points they give up twenty. Then 33. And then 33. And everybody's looking at them what's wrong with the patriots are two into the defense is horrible. Five straight wins later what's impressed you the most if you had to boil it down on one thing what would it be. The fact that. Bill Belichick. Never one time and look gotten out of the building how what I now I don't talk to build so I don't know that either but. I'm just gonna make this point about what has been impressive. About this season at least to me and that is that. Belichick just figured you know we'll figure it out. We have a bunch of new players on this team. You know both very young players in players who just walked in the door. And it's not gonna take forever. For a good player right jobs and better mostly to figure out what exactly were doing. And we're gonna put everybody in any good enough position we're gonna benefit. By eight that maturation. Of guys like trees flowers who are very good players. And we're gonna benefit from all that later in the season. And I think that's exactly what happened. I think that. And one of the reasons with the patriots why you never really should get nervous early in the year. Is that you look at it time after time after time and as long as Tom Brady's playing on the other side of the ball. You're always going to be competitive late in the year. And that's exactly what happened here and I just think that there was no panic about the kind of system they were playing Michael. There was only have thought that we're gonna get this right because we get it right every year and who knows they've not. Probably not gonna be a I Carolina Panthers caliber defense sir our Pittsburgh Steelers however defense. It's here. But I think they're gonna be good enough to win any game they play. Peter we always appreciate the time we'll talk to next week you aren't they say there that is sent Peter King from the MM QB joining us. Interesting to note that he thinks that there is a a bigger group of owners in the NFL believes. Wanna kind of put the brakes on this a little bit well find out if the Bradesco at the breaks go on he's right. I'll be cured if. There there. Their interest in but not so interested that they wanna stop it like he does. I bear interest at minute but he's got another agenda so he's pretend that that's my problem him he's pretending like his agenda is hey guys. I'm just asking that question he's one of those guys did enough in those guys are frauds 99 practices and I just asking the question you're asking a question because you've got something else. That you you're trying to say so for Jerry Jones he's asking the question. Because he's mad about Ezekiel Elliot he's mad about the anthem socket packet to watch also a master of your money possible this thing down. 6177797937. Is telephone number will get back to your calls in just few minutes we'll also talk about. The the annual red sox' pursuit of the big bad at the GM meetings. And how much they're willing to give up to get that we'll talk about that as well as we continue Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI the drive home would feel holly in chief sports radio and so. Send them about Mexican guy. Who just didn't. We're this. Just six it's just not seeing a lot time. So we. Gomez comes oh really miss seeing. Tiger and I'm gonna make you now to be a big ass eight. And it's. Passing game town they wrestle double duty. Six tigers. Tiger southern harnessing tigers. Tigers lions and bears. The guys singing as Julian that'll. We got playing guitars in Yemen bill a lot of great putts today on they are appearing together tonight on the NFL network. Soledad commitments vessels like Mexico you know I innings in the gently break outfits it at one point. Who spilled over the summer when they were there. Yeah. I know that. This was several members of the patriots went down to Mexico this past summer before training camp. You know it's. Breading goodwill getting people ready for the for the big game in a you'll see it all on the NFL network tonight so. The GM meetings in baseball are going on and we'll get right back to the calls of the guys just few minutes a rob Bradford our colleague from WEEI dot com wrote the following quote. It's almost a lock solid certainty. That at least one of the top names. JD Martinez Eric Hosmer or John Carlos Stanton will be holding a Red Sox press conference in December. Now those are our robs words. Needless to say couple of those guys are free agents. Saw yet does give money and then the Red Sox have lots of money for in the case of John Carlos Stanton the I think it's gets a little more complicated unit to acquire imminent trade. He has a complete no trade clause. So but but according to rob Bradford one of those three don't at least one of those three or football or or or or. Now I'm Michael I know you didn't see this is Pete Abraham tweeted it off sorry sorry about that right now is the sort of the show again and my real good magazine is surprised CU but he kind of goes the other way from the brown Fo Sho kind of painful heated up at. He said the notion that the hash tag Red Sox will end up with a Hosmer Martinez or Stanton is starting to appear unfounded. Bigger hell bent that your could be extending a player or two already on the roster he used the word. Unfounded drop the unfounded gone on our buddy rob Bradford let's they idiotic that's how much everybody we found out that the criminal. See this is where it's Iran. You know that's rob. A college might have a bit of a bit of a problem no problem with Pete mean. We say things like that working hard just like you. And you say it started to appear on fondness founded art at the head. Take not yet I can't hundred boron. Those are on our way biting words. So last summer there were 41 players in Major League Baseball who hit who hit at least thirty home runs. Of more Red Sox uniform I'm 41 a lies 41 players who hit at least 34. Of those 41 are free agents. JD Martinez had 45. 4045. Logan Morrison had 43 Jay Bruce had 36 Lucas due to had thirty. Also reportedly available by way of trade is John Carlos Stanton who had 59. And Jose Abreu who had 33. So bear available as well the Red Sox had the fewest number of home runs in Major League Baseball. Even they acknowledge they need a power bat so sorry PDA I think they're gonna come up with something. In the way of a power back I don't think they're gonna be able to sell to their fans he had that look we locked up multi bets in the next five years. We got into bed and Tandy signed early that we're spending our money. I don't think Red Sox fans abide now couple. Things that surprised me. Wanted to be the second most surprising thing before it to the first and the second one. Andy and tell me if you like this steps into it like repeat Abraham I donated yeah I. I dated 8:8 right now ma am hey Pete I depended you can block me cops yeah it's being that guys Eric. These guys right now and you're definitely crash that I don't think it's that sort of thing everybody and look at the threats that everybody talks about it but they don't it's horrible right. It's got to be a stand there and Alex appears that a stack guy. Second most surprising stat a manager's view one and one is is that yemenis are here's a guy JD Martinez last year against left handers. 376 batting average. 464. On base percentage eight now I need to slugging. I guess let these twelve homers and a 110 plate appearances. 376464892. Is over now that's insane is that his overall. Slugging percentage. Was 690. That's a high note not the steroid era well not announced early we know. And you're getting you've put up numbers like that that's an okay that's pretty surprised would you say that's pretty good that they're they grace that I ever and I like on a great deal this surprises me even more fellas. In I was on on TV I think talking about that what what I give up for John Carlos then one of the deals I love this deal. It's a proposal. Which it it'd involve your firstborn male child are having an hour now any emotional crazy here Eddie Rodriguez Syria. And bit into Indy priest in. And get it done. On tape but which you would I do that yes yeah REI. A no brainer right out on an island pennant and act as I think I actually you're trading Bennett attendee for state. At 28 years old. And he's a good outfielder he's a big guy it's not like some bomb. Not a fun out there on the big good outfield and great but good defensively that he can DH at dinners and other stuff for art so. It suites. Unbelievable. Oh boy love the player hate the contract because of eventually be an albatross I say pass. Another one we don't need them. While that's wrong yeah. At that I've everyone's play it will elevate where it was in 2016 the powers back as many days a month if if anything go get Carlos Santana. Martinez another outage Harrelson and even the the musician yes the baseball right now so much Clemens. Sings and they hit 240 and 2016 no thanks. I'll take Martinez or Abreu for a lot less money and players. Here's here's my favorite one nothing by all accounts. I would give based and I give up nothing by all accounts is relatively high maintenance and won't adjust well to a big market team. He is Adrian Gonzales 2.0. And why I know. Now the other thing we're learning a lot quicker and everything are on the tech machine on. Listen dummies he's already said he won't accept the trade to Saint Louis or boss not exactly Evan relic posted a piece in fact this afternoon. And I'm quoting the Red Sox may not be John Carlos stands number one choice. But he has not ruled them out or anyone else is a potential destination at this point. A person with knowledge of stands thinking told NBC sports Boston on Tuesday. So we seeing I think the Boston Herald said its stamp won't accept a trade to Boston or Saint Louis. According to Evan relic that may be a little overstated here. Now it is valid to say Judy Martinez cost you nothing but money. You and keep your betting attendee you can keep your years at Eduardo Rodriguez you can keep your Zander Bogart's or whoever. And you just gotta pay money not not anywhere close to a much money's gonna have to put paid John Carlos Stanton and you're better off when that I'm not soaring cost you. Just money I mean yeah yeah you're right it there's there's money involved and you won't necessarily lose. A draft pick but what would you will lose some some money because of a luxury tax tax threshold and actually. The Marlins as Alex spears right about this. The Marlins make their own little cash. If you trade for stick because his contract is so ridiculous. They actually may give you enough where you can keep his yearly is annual salary at a threshold. That is lower per season. JD Martinez's. Exactly and that's actually part of the problem because according to buster Olney. Everybody said look there are gonna have to pay a big chunk of the contract or they're gonna get your best prospects he can't be both. According to buster only the Marlins want ball they want all your best prospects and oh by the way they want it'll absorb the entire contract. Only sad and I'm quoting now the asking price for John Carlos Stanton is shocked these suits you better better player. Are now. We ordered oh he was the master he wasn't stands a pretty good outfielder to about as it happens. Above average. You Tibet's gold glove deservedly so gold glove right is owner forget money you can only have one of those guys that didn't look yes yeah OK yeah and that and that. Argument out rather McKee best. 6177797937. Is telephone number weeks dive right back into the phone calls would you just a couple of minutes. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI.