DHK – Would anyone surprise you if they have a sexual harassment case against them? Caller Giovanna has the answer to why the Patriots lost in Miami.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, December 12th

Hour 2: When will these sexual harassment cases affect Boston news and sports? Why Keefe hates Crocs. Worst onside kick of all time. JD Martinez on his way to Orlando for winter meetings. Giovanna wild call on why the Patriots loss … they cheated. Patriots finalizing a deal with Kenny Britt 


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Dolan there all that stuff I just I I saw a bunch of stuff last night that was one big bucket a sock Denver. It's it's hard at just pretended it didn't happen all of course they went I tell you that's who that Jay Cutler. Each Akon slinging it around the great game and look at in fired up and stuff he's excited to be looking away. I'm not sure why. Maybe you bet on the game I don't know what his problem was but he was he was and I spears who looked so good lesson on the run started neck beard myself you cinema that ethical Hitler killed back here those working for him just in time for the holiday that's I would start your virus started also well the neck beard that's a good doing your kids slept cuddle and yeah I just and I are gonna happen. Mike's an east long meadow they might Qaeda. Guys that Rio what's gone on two things one they aren't I called to apologize to you were to tell you that I would want a month ago we. About you said the patriots were going to be favored in every game they played the rest of the year and I said I don't think they'll be favored in Pittsburg and right now they are. We're really how much. I biggest order now for three rays and yeah I know if that's gonna change. A rocket. Really shocks me dependent especially based on what happened last night that's surprising. Why haven't but is that I'm a little more concerned than some patriot you know I got to me this is too. Lastly obviously was worse with the possible it would integrate either look at me they wait to know un patriot late games in a row. Approaching its next game which I agree with everybody that bit of the most support it the year that that they could it be that they aux. Except if they don't vote next week probably if I get a bye in the first round but I have a little work insert cards. Not only would Brady being pressured but he was missing open receivers which I almost never seen. So I'm a little more concerned about is Pittsburgh gained unhappy that Pittsburgh's best defender is going to be here not happy for him but happy for us. But I still think. I'm not at the bit that they're gonna win this game I think Pittsburgh they're gonna have as much trouble as possible because I think the defense that. Baltimore place is in is pretty good and desperate at a certain point I I think they're gonna have their hands full and I right now. Have to match ups you've heard a hundred times and you know me in my Q you've called before Uga football fan you know hollers. It he can't play that game while hitless in Baltimore. Pittsburgh scored thirty idol alternate isn't that out mustn't make it turnaround and and do this to the patriots about a way Baltimore. It's just ahead of the patriots in in defense. Their top 45 patriots are five. Today Paula I'd last night they're five tied with the idea fit itself. It's it made it six. And got a lot extensive research pre show prep in it was exclusively be defensive point frank I cannot exclude evidence of what why how can you show me another as out of an error that is as bad as last night was you know your defense is still. You know top five penalties in had a lot of help from the offense last night at some tough situations. Still campaign and 333. Chris down on the cape sacred site. Hey guys. Thanks the opportunity here quickly get back to keep Evans whose name coming up kind of bad. The media here that. I think it's a mistake for and not come out aren't strong EU's foreign just like Michael are thinking about our strong. Public opinion can solidify inch pretty quick if you don't come out. Against these kind of allegations. Yeah trying to recruit enough. If you if if you're a 100% innocent but if you're not that is up an interesting point because. Michael Irvin came out immediately and neurological that's. But he came out immediately but he also had not been suspended by the NFL network are now. You have these allegations plus. An indefinite suspension from the and it's on network that's two strikes already. Well Michael Irvin he was in situations and on networks standing by him. And say we support Michael but did suspend him right in the at all these two ladies yet it's his word vs the word of somebody else in now. Okay he is gonna tell us on the story right now. He doesn't come out. It Colbert great point that people may already have formed before. Before our. Oh Heath Evans can even clears throat. It is got a lot of vacant yeah he's guilty that. As. I. In the other we're living in this you know guilty until proven innocent. But it was me and I knew I was gonna I would come all of all I could. I don't know I'm Whitney I have a lawyer Roger not to let the lawyers that look I would think in a lawyer if you were on percent instead of regular garden lawyer kidnapped yacht early in the early going until there's actually a bit recorder exactly well there is it illegal that there was a lawsuit filed. So unique law. Let it was a mark joined somebody. You know you won represents himself on the floor a little blood clot fool for a client yeah. I'll knows I don't write. I don't know I would just sit there and allow your name to get absolutely trash for a release fire up to weep like I'm in business and yielded proven soon some Monica. Which Michael Irvin did it immediately. Yeah out to Michael's when he wasn't suspended but it results of the time of the year where he also wasn't working right he made it my presidency right he would've yet they didn't have taken off the air wasn't on the year. In Heath Evans Casey would have been on right now. Well not right this moment because they're showing the patriots game from last depth there but he would have been on today and in others. I don't know I don't know what they've got left you're gonna see a lot of Steve Mariucci over the next. Weaker so large Roche and a lot of Michael Fabiano do you get Tennessee's five players. Five former players who have been named in this lawsuit all five. Plus this executive who got hired away from the NFL network by our Bill Simmons for the ringer he's been suspended from the ringer as well. And it's time now for the re Max sacks for kids sacked the week in the third quarter of last night's loss to Miami. Patriots defensive lineman Adam Butler sacked Jay Cutler on third and five for a ten yard loss setting up Miami punt. This season for every patriot Sackett to let stadium rematch is donating 250 dollars to the children's miracle network. Quick break we'll get right back to the calls an hour from now head coach Bill Belichick joins us on a Tuesday edition of patriots Monday Sports Radio W media. Florida to Salem Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. This hour the program brought you by the New England who bought a tractor dealers and buy at Boston Volkswagen. We're down here at Gillette Stadium eight Tuesday edition of patriots Monday eyes your key say a moment ago head coach Bill Belichick will join us an hour from now I hear it are. Studios had to laugh if you weren't listening to was at 230. Heath Evans who normally is the 230 guest on patriots Monday. I is not what this today. I'm not sure he's going to be with us anytime in the near future. He is one of six people who've been suspended by the NFL network and other entities. For a sexual harassment lawsuit that's been filed against not only the network. But I think the league as well and all of the individuals involved. And as I understand that it's little above my pay grade here as I understand it he was afforded the opportunity by our program director to join us today. If he wanted to. That in the invitation was declined not surprisingly considering the legal nature of the of the cases that the case that's been alleged against them and I don't know when or if we'll talk to he many times. I saw somebody write about this couple months ago and maybe it was a couple months ago because so many. I Weinstein was in October right. I think so here we are you know forever periodic. Oh December 13 days that thirteen days before Christmas we go back to October we'll Weinstein ended Kevin Spacey it. Just solely to audit on but I think it was right around that time. Maybe it was tied bird in the globe who said he had a conversation with a friend of his and that and their conversation was who would surprise you that. Doubly to me I look at it and like three people now regard I Tom Hanks is that a note I Craigslist or Bob I'm hit I thought I other. That's like a baseball player I'm Sara Sarah as I say hey I'm still capable of being surprised but not a surprise. I couldn't be surprised. At a record I couldn't edit its. You know when we did a cold day out now our power couple years ago yes and might use US steel what is it. Get into sports that one is that gonna become a hero to sports team and here we go now it's not it's not a franchise yet it's not a current GM or owner or. Current player another band current players here and there was it would there issues but a talk about something like this right now. And we had warned Boehner last week and then now today or last night. You know half a dozen people from the from the NFL network in all names whether there aren't and a from a work or ESPN. That. They cover of just about every show it you know pregame shows post game shows guests on our show and everything else so yeah it's it's in sports now that's certainly here. Exports about doubts with athletes. Now. Not next question is when it's gonna happen locally. Well. Yeah Eddie you've got to feel well again in a way it did right. The the guy on did you are Tom ask for all right. And then your story a couple of days later we gave comment you said you know I have to respect the process and no there's. You know there's a whole vetting that goes on that this story came out a couple days later that. He was a guy with a you know creepy sex talk and that that was and had like creepy sex talk and back rubs and shoulder rubs. No can't do that now can do that. That is not a nice workplace and it's not. And let me just say it was certainly looked a little advice from your uncle dale if you don't mind please don't you know in about a what is it don't you know exactly will it take it is pretty prepared if in fact Heath Evans sent the new ads that he is alleged to have sent a violence here I thought I was gonna sealed the deal for you you know it it's just it not if it is not going to. To entice someone. And I I don't know why people think hole. What she sees this battle. Soccer work now you said don't send them you really should take it can take the picture that it's in your photos and that's really its one click away from being sent to sub right. The thought it still can take pictures you're taking a picture. That's immediately your first problem it can't help you in literally any scenario. And all and end this is not the first time that conversation is about. And onshore you know if dale you've got you know kids were much older than mine but when you give your kids to phone. And we start off like you know for thirteen 1415. To Hewlett problem right now had that converse yes listen. You know please don't do this on make this decision that will really change your life. But it'll. A lot of them don't don't understand that those picture were those are wise words. And still. It was really difficult when it go back to know flip phones they had as it's called the. Victor is just brought back just call the guys that fit athletic Florio when you break down on the side of the highway you called your recover but it. And I I mean you're right we will hear more and more there will be more allegations that thing that I've done leaks to. About leaks that would from a players no doubt about league offices. No matter certainly possible. Positions of power FL NBA the other thing that I noticed as this has gone on is that if you acknowledge your past indiscretions and apologized. You know what I am I'm I'm so sorry I you know I I did this I was wrong I shouldn't of done it I apologize. You lose your job. If you say clock unknown and don't know now may I didn't do what is key product don't. Well you can be president you can run for senate you can you can just say they're not that's all yeah yeah no I thought I know they'll they're all lying. You just keep going. But if you if not Mario but Hollywood is the guy yesterday. It it hit that the chef for a bit of Food Network chef for an ambitious young world he stepped away from his restaurant empire he got kicked off the chew and he basically said. I'm paraphrasing even though I don't know about these specific allegations this behavior does sound like stuff that I was to. Put it sounds. Could have been me. I don't know that the guy who works Crocs your around. The good news to some. While away got a problem crops and do you can't figure out what the problem rock around it might I'd rather comfortable Erica to them and never had a dollar not a pleasure put crock. Yeah. It's but useless I don't want them he's an overweight guys that expect there's just slip it just her my father December and he replaced in the uses the Crocs all the time because they're just easily slip on something and how he with the with the cuts many can offer that on TV you see here is much of brutality that's Crocs. Ryan let's go back to the calls that you guys mics in Rhode Island in my Qaeda. I'll pull equity that they helped put long all the comments and of course includes. On some of the first time about my more hockey on the bill. And that I don't take. The patriots last night played. With a sense of urgency. It was a poor opposite of public and they played. I don't know if that's hockey related or not but your observation is exactly right. It thank you definitely. Unless the attitude as yet. Some of that is good because of players that also lowers their lawyer at. I am a bit concerned and that's an understatement there Libya is so important about and that's what in the because it just say that Roethlisberger. It is so serious voice in places. All of the questions about I don't know what went up their purposes. Why in Europe and the this collectively. That particular it's not a goal two on no Hubbell also has at least in the fourth quarter. Talk in the ball. Being sold on line. Porn I'm also ought. Not unbearable likeness. Hang up we'll. I mean that it'll be a question and I'll be happy to ask Bill Belichick when he joins us here next hour 'cause I was a little confused by myself watching last night. It did seem like just execution was the biggest problem is there's a few times they they got. Maybe two more opportunities than you thought that they would write a Miami kept throwing the ball. The what do you do here they are heavily to upload rate three times. And then you're probably revealed assault in ways that I'll show one of these little flip passes the land you're trying to hit Parker an issue like this isn't. A great clock management on your part of the pictures into anything offensively they got the ball more thought even though it was. A matter of they should have no huddle more I mean maybe just to try to get something going shore but it really wasn't a time issue because they had a bunch of chant. It can afford it or how about the real game changer here Miami is. And backed up on near its own end zone Jay Cutler puts far right now emits. Hope he wasn't looking towards him it in my two hands in the could've been a walk into the end zone. It wasn't how we got the first guy out or go to center great play on Butler was on him was Adam Butler. At number eleven right now talking about it you're gonna go. I did all that other patron to trailing at this point twenty yes haven't yet Cutler's got the ball Miami's got it. He throws it he under pressure any throws it right to a patriot. I I don't know how well. And and he he dropped the ball but it was right there theater because Lawrence guy giving the other was always guy yeah just yeah. Our Soledad. You're right back into a shame throwing it there are all right to the defensive linemen while what do giveaways Raymond have you ever. In your entire lifetime of watching football. Seen a week or attempt at an onside kick the men. Once I thought that was the worst ones are at no once I doubt the worst one ever cite a tweet something about it the more the first responses I got. Was what about this guy and it goes Chris Boswell it was definitely the Steelers kicker an acquittal was Boswell. He ran up to it accused going towards the right and he just switch it off he kicked with his right foot but behind his left yet I let us from the so it. Follow that Dow's worst I don't know what that was though. So soon discuss calculated the ball on the ground Julie okay. And what does he got up this week year and it's like let me just kinda happened nudge it five feet. I was terrible and let's summed up all day and a bit I did AR RY acts. Of those terrible so they practice that right I resume at some point they you know they said well let's give this a try what better practice you know it's great to meet genocide roles that about seventy yards. And then hopefully send an idiot touches the editor the Miami player just falls forward on top of the football and I got it. Enough. Chances are not good that he's gonna fumble that one there's got to be a better. Nick right better onside kick in the year that attracts you know it's gonna need Abner rugby kick in his article in school there's hope that they wanna Aaron hope that somebody flops and I don't exactly what a little you'll wind up on side that you can put it it's like a mad dash on the PayPal one. Or should just real guy in the chest. If you can do that right to just write out ten understand their real. Bounced off his chest in the ago. Got our hands into the right we're gonna go to the week's bottom of the via via video formation. And now receives can handle this one fewer tickets re okay cool also gave a hot potato worse worse kicked. Last night's onside kick ornate editors mortar can I think. Courtroom losses very. That's right. Stupid what was last what was that. Don't know what was that. However last night laugh that was the road deception to try to throw you off with both the senate works I was thrown off Steve's in sick to tasty Qaeda. Your guys I talk to Mike Cox home you know me you are recorded a lot. Talk about like a lot of these games because of how tight the leap year come down and six or seven plays. On last night obviously was a lot more than Annan and by. I just tweeted the picture you guys. Is that that sort of fundamentals don't look like he did they welcome back. Well there. Right publicity might. Yet but he is infuriating part of that at least we have a lot without guys. It is it leaving it he can definitely see. Eight increased chance of making a tackle and just such fundamental. Yeah and you're you're right I've graduate highlighted that play because Bill Belichick was just asked about that a few weeks ago not Jonathan Jones being against Miami. It was gets back more. Jonathan Jones. Coming on a corner blitz. Why nobody blocks them. He's got Matt Moore lined up and instead of overrunning and he completes the play and comes up with a fundamental tackle last night was just Jordan Richards. Report fundamentals overrun them then. Cutler's able to live live to fight and complete a pass a big place so. I wouldn't say it is an epidemic with the patriots but you're right it is something that you have to account for inspection of that line. You're you're you're unblocked. And you've got to start to the quarterback he's got to complete the play. And if you look at that occur to quite go that not only the first down at the touchdown that three point. All old little things that aren't as stupid. Don't you know guys maybe not gotten a hundred. And when he put in the position you know like golf for the big core ethical and they don't do a spot. I thanks appreciate call 6177797937. Is the telephone number. One quick baseball update just give you a Bob nightingale says JD Martinez is on his way to Orlando. To meet with the team. So the question in nightingale some mind is is it Boston is at San Francisco. But he's on his way to Orlando to the of the winter meetings to meet with a team of one of one of these guys. It all logic it is thought that here this him right there now what they're gonna do with a I don't know just get it anyway so. That's what's going on down their 6177797937. Its gala Hollywood keep bill but what Jack just after the top of the hour Sports Radio W media. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number we will talk to my head coach Bill Belichick just after the top of the hour. They'll be around great okay. Friday it's going to be all right we'll get our great hitting it in the art. You won't be great gallery that's going to pull the we've already downgraded our phrase out okay let it. If they feel differently if it truthfully. You're not that. Not a bad public give him already he's coming in. With nice. EU average tonight's beat up and admitted it beat you guys be. And perhaps. While all these all right we'll see if that the David outlook last night that he gave to give our question of are you looking past this hurts I was I don't know how many current quest we're good basketball. Is back to look honestly yeah. I thought it would end any and under is Brett can winners when it went through a third. So we don't get ridiculous. And he's and so that type of war some of these awesome mostly. You know pretty eager to get something yeah. Back to the calls Robson swamps into Iraq. Our guys are you out. You can actually talking about whip this whole. Sexual harassment thing was gonna hit sports and now back toward offering warm. This foreign born Obama yeah well yeah Manning wasn't college. And the universe that's since he wanted to squash. It sexual harassment claim by the athletic trainer that. You do that is small and. Now we are now fine yeah no it's it's a good point I guess they should've. Assure us that it differently it's obviously been a part of sports and in the the quarterback that the patriots are gonna face this Sunday had his own scandal there's definitely did Brett Favre years ago would that would pictures. I guess I was talking more of a Michael was to a more time on Matt Lauer we're talking about this current climate and how. Hollywood is almost everybody in Hollywood the trial gonna add more names to that list Connecticut into the news media as well specifically with Matt Lauer that there were others. Citing I was outside more about right now of course they're been. Allegations and and in guys that have been guilty of the what does it here and history of sports when a year. This is yet this is probably gonna be what 2017 is remembered. More yeah I really mean and in the ball just want to beat beat beat between Weinstein. It'll hour. Just in that time period you want to point Weinstein lollar. George Bush. To roll ex. Tenants bases Kevin Spacey I mean Louis CK and we played the list are tailor made it's unbelievable. I found out about Mario but Collie. Tweak that ran it was it was eight tweak. From mom. Anthony board game Anthony ordained weeded out yesterday morning all it's at west it's the tolley. And it's bad. I'm getting my news now from Anthony board game and instead they were always the oral rounds he's got the news now the question has always been. Is this sort of what happened at the NFL network today. Is this sort of thing headed for ESP. Sure because the book like that hey voluminous Jim Miller book about ESPN in the culture there in the things that had gone on America. You almost wonder if that's what the next big shooter grappled yet to be in short there. Mystery I hope. It took forever but he has no idea if you Kaplan added that. I know some of those folks I know some. A bit like OK everything okay index okay where are they grow that averaged 490. To move other there 575. All right I'll just spoke out. How up are right here for a little bit okay you're an author Michael when you right when he Europe. New York Times best sellers could you imagine writing in effect like three of them size wise that would like to be five years and finally I hear there's a limited yeah I adore you. Do some fact checking here yes what happened the Simmons. Was for a what he said. But the whole Simmons first the radio station was revisionist history it awarded the for a week next. From its. All that's that's the guy these lists. I'll edit title as evidence he c.'s top story so he alternates are he's inaudible but what are his dismal and the fact that it's inaccurate information. He's the 11 indefinitely suspended the guy today I want to people involved in his in site and then another what did you guys not involvement counts up but. We'll do in the play by play last night and have to say Andy and got to give credit last night at least it was to the patriots the onetime thing it was a bad game for the patriots and asked him for Sean McDonough. Yeah. That I know guys it really want to yes it was he's good play by plants he has but my father but the combo and gruden is now from last night. Sub par listen. Bring home calls a great game but that's what that last night several broadcasts that don't add to the the bad game Canon pretty damn names were on a National Mall they were there down low energy. Groups start to cry when these are Tyjuan Hagler in the ring of honor to. There are turn out now that tells you have a zombie drama. There's this activity and allow the far right at La Canada about Joseph the bottom gut though you're not third there this month medical away. I picked up clearly thought. I can for the guys will best. Both ears know what scared as a football game. I'll get an allied Joe's done in the divisional wins didn't they tell I don't. Hello Joseph page no. I guy polio grapes out. Oh I'm. I think that this yesterday came fortunate. That's the word at searching and moral and is a deaf or perfectly left that wasn't a report to the right so. I have to go back to the buffalo yeah. Institute. What rock did no matter hurt you with what people. Especially superstars like clock. It would take personal stake they do secret opinion I don't feel that that moment. The fact he gets suspended cliche to go to but it grew very very unfortunate but. The fact that he what it'll play there it helped the team. It's I don't know what Belichick with a debate on the speakers and we're very it would take. Would ballot that would find a player like that would make a mistake pretty good about eight key seat with a third to a. I'll but the guy that badly they'll be anti dollar check it against whatever wherever it's at the rock he started to home. Right after the game and probably rent a private right after the events and announcement. Now to keep going back to a lesson is that. Does it bad the bad recipe for relationships do you do that you know something happened all the autumn by Grant Thornton I don't know I'm not a got it. Now it made it happen to me I've done that the people. We. I thought yeah right. After we driver that's argued that. We talked about it now. For Barack. Belichick comes to him after this game and says speaker around. Now. I you. LeBron probably feels about as low as you can go on more than anybody I he's going to be motivated this held on and it would it would totally undermine all the messages that that Belichick is. Has given to the team over the years. The focus on the guys who played in the game. We'll probably see some version of this today acutely gamers a handful of gay and a handful of plays that could have gone the other way in Miami did a better job. In those plays and we got a better job executing on after a better job coaching blah blah and now and they keep go to Caracas and this is your fault. We had no energy as you cost us in buffalo. Yet that probably wouldn't help anybody IG Obama is in Plymouth Taipei. Hey get back into it and everybody. Is doing and the great that you. And I want to make one comment and added that last night the only way. The only way Miami could be the patriots sit on the hatred and they'll the end must remain low. Tom Brady hit. Best quarterback in the NFL history there and that the best player wire the only way that Miami could it be that. I was house. Yeah had a big deal in out again it's the last floor. They they did illegal. Football they. And they. Had anything and now what it hit an all legal. While I have to Elvis cheated those are all good though did you see out and all of them cheating isn't satire. Thought it would it went off the bat well. I'll let you know liked it not football but what did Miami get. Well you let get flagging get a fifteen yard penalty certainly would be similar to tackle well do. I hit it what it would you tell us tell us. I'm telling you what they get. What I would call technical and then you're kind of dance. And I did the chance. To sneak and a lot of unlucky and didn't play the only. I was guilty don't they are being asked that a big dance that was the problem Rossi and Olympic Rossi knows where all of Roger Charlie Wilson. Art Lucent's them. I have a lot more there she sort of money here's eyed and of Barbie from EW I had brought about a realizing whatever you find it to be five minutes from now you have out of -- spectacular on it and it they they lost because they got their asses kicked by the Miami Heat you don't think the dolphins cheated I and bottom of that. But the way she brought it up talk about the dancing in the technical fouls that want to see one touchdown celebration by the way. The accused and CPR winter up he said I was deflating the football you know lack easily. Yeah lame I don't. Late day joke in 2070. Lane crash well I have a lot of opportunity to pile on the patriots Ivanov. It catered drafted him to drop below one spot ahead of dirt measured by the way there ya I think this is for you. And we don't know if he played it that it went out to play and holt played Rossi an analyst bill doesn't go to the vocal merge other great. Commercial displays that now some TV commercial planes that Wal-Mart noted. Wal-Mart figured out. 6177797937. Its telephone number will talk to Bill Belichick after the top of the hour it's Dylan hunt and by the late Michael has guarantee he's going to be great today the beat. It's the maybe gonna start with great you worked your way down to veto every plus dale and Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. The only way that I'm in the house. So I. It out again that she rushed for. They they did it illegal. What song they. Opt in nature. And everything I'm listening. Now what they hit an all legal. Either you guys to get that. Illegal football. But it footed and took it out of their hands down and took it out and at one point they had. And she said there are things that people think these three shooter shooter shooter she illegal football. The legal football. What I would call technical fouls. If if it's basketball but it's not now it's not that add that the whole description of what constitutes a technical foul on football's a little thin for me I don't know how to achieve it. Other I don't know all you know they just one pages to warm as I have already battled pet owners bringing Jay Cutler plays well. Sure you have. Had a don't don't weld played well as Ndamukong soup. The estimated Elliot plays Kenny Hendrick looked dejected need to him about this and move on dot. No the all of these I report to their show on the ultimately I don't suggest asking a Landon Roberts to cover him one on one may be enough and I don't get that especially in battle plan that gave my record nine or twelve Yorkers thought yeah. And I know what's occurred at Garrett back. If I get back because they're not and how he's done an excellent two weekends and heritage I looked really good two weeks last year two or three weeks heated so I don't know he's going to be good for awhile but he knows he was great last night and it looked good. Dolphins that are playing well broken glass like their Super Bowl was net and I probably laws. But they play well against the patriots in Miami. All this if all the quarterback's been different head coaches is that different rosters altogether but. Added I certainly didn't. If you're cured dolphins fan and you just watched it dolphins and patriots in Miami today Tom Brady took. You sound like Scott has more. You'd when you get to hall of fame borrowed it right now I got there are no czar. Dan Marino against the patriots and oh yes the great games against the patriots but I think maybe. My memories mess with a little bit. I don't think he really just like crossed the patriots time and time again was good. But it's not like he just retired Dan Marino played the patriots torched them look at and say okay. Quarterback. And I ordered and correct that arena just hours ago now. 6177797937. Jim city east and hate him I don't. Do what's going to have to. We aren't qualified to comment relatively early all of who said that the a number of boat alleged abuses would argue in favor that she would somehow complicit or cooperate. That was our. Yeah terrible yes this day that was Dave you Steelers and. In the not me and asked what that lights in one particular scenario that may make sense. If this woman wasn't very confident in vocal individual. You know she raised concerns and you know defended herself loudly initially probably wouldn't be a half a dozen people. But I think a much more likely scenario this is a woman who may be somewhat shouted that's true particularly when she deal with people and. Some like it you know if it sounds like you know based on the things that I read. It sounds like she went you oh a couple one of the executives in particular who was named. NFL network guy named Marc watts and it's hurt at this hurt her testimony right she were to Marc watts and told her and told him what was happening to her. And mark Watson's comment was. Hague essentially this is what you're you should expect because of the way you look. This what you get a case like here you're good looking and showed us what to expect and so her comment was he didn't do anything. Affects the specific comment was he did nothing. So it's not like allowed to sit here and ticket because this is what I'm supposed to do in these guys are pro football players. And I'm just a wardrobe stylist of my office in the men's room. But I had mayor what are you doing I don't get better how can that be I just need I need clarification on that. There there's no way to what do you make sense that there's no way to do it well we have a lot of room okay find somewhere else yeah literally anywhere else somebody is Hillary in office Mr. President what's happy days before where response office. Happy ST book which I. On dissolve who's the men's bathroom today yeah. With the fondle little different. Lately my office. Well. I'm not quite sure what they were thinking when they when they decided this was a good plan pretty important job. For TV. Wardrobe stylist. On TV all the time right Ed Ed and I don't know what the dynamic was as they you know Dave asked the question. How wide some of these guys are so many guys. You know approaching her likeness. And one of the things could be and because it's not about sex and if for some of them just power brakes power it's entitlement. It's nobody there they see her as somebody like I'm important. And I don't think she's important science and I can I can talk to her active trader anyway I want. Now some of the stuff in it I think it's going to be difficult. She claims and sorry if if this is to grab graphic for you probably now she claims that Marshall Faulk groped her breasts and and ask deeply personal and invasive questions about her sex life. She said that both Ike Taylor and Eric Weinberger center inappropriate pictures with Taylor additionally sending her video. Of him masturbating in the shower she also noted that Weinberger set on one occasion that she was quote put on earth to please me unquote. Now some of the stuff is gonna be really hard. You know well he came up behind grope my breasts and asked me questions well that's going to be hard to throw yet he said she bought there. There's a whole bunch of other things in here she described receiving explicit texts from Donovan McNabb. If she kept this stuff if she kept the video if she can't go detected it he kept the the the nude photos which were allegedly sent tour if she kept that's not their done. They're done. They are unemployable. And gone already anyway mullah might be could be. I don't let let's say okay you know this goes to me. If it's a settlement offer it goes to trial whatever even if they. Went and quarters NFL network Winston court. What happens now. Where to go from there. How are they viewed. And you would have to. I think you just have to come out in and it sale and other stuff mr. Nawaz is waiting for the legal process to play out. The boat we've seen it though is seeing guys be accused of things and then as time goes on again Ben Roethlisberger or Kobe Bryant. But one tie different dynamic too like those guys now true different and yet but time but still people of like a forgotten about that within it and you're right it on the. Aside and I've been wondered about this so it's all these allegations. Came out you know why are some people are some people just like okay is done Kevin Spacey done. You know Harvey Weinstein that's different category yet but not lot done and done then you know you've got guys like. Warren Moon well we he had done it before it hit it in now is another round of allegations. Or even I know it slightly different context art Kelly. But Jack Chris Brown. Bernal. Still out there are still heard a song that is the other day on the radio I got one bit of football news Adam chapter in field Yates. The patriots are finalizing a deal with former browns wide receiver Kenny Britt. They got like this and Utley and evidently like well according to both those guys those Josh Gordon I'll take them I don't doubt that any regret for. Rutgers Rutgers not be shocking right if Rutgers player ended up and patriots locker room Bill Belichick joins us next they should be fun Sports Radio W media.