DHK - Aaron Hernandez Estate Attorney George Leontire (The Baez Law Firm) calls in

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Friday, September 22nd

While discussing CTE and how it relates to Aaron Hernandez and the lawsuit filed on behalf of his daughter, George Leontire, an attorney with The Baez Law Firm, calls in to set the record straight on some aspects of the lawsuit.


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George on the cell phone hey George I don't. Very well Dillard's. Hey guys I hampered him a big points I was into when I commute back put up in Boston. I just so happened to be singing you're about the and his face which. Obviously it also I note that respond via Apple's I'm a member of the buyers love or. You are and I asked slugger your member of the of the via steam. Okay are. Locked okay thanks for common cancers in you can you can as some questions for Edison and onshore. Give us some insight that we don't have. Yeah I and I just wanted to initially that I've laid out in the complaint. Billy extensively. What the NFL. And the patriots. Have done with respect to this whole issue CD. From 1990. Through today. And the fact is coming even today in the response Judea and it is in the morning. This bill denying that GE. Is medically connected. Where concussions and suck it. Construction activity. As a result. Played football activity. But more and more importantly. Baton. Denying that. Or are some. Certain 1990 Mottaki some 37 years. Are not only did did deny it. But they're actively. Intentional and went out to mislead the public. And the players including all the late 2013. Specifically. That's going to be back. Like football. It impacts. That clearly that you don't. On that play is great so. Well if you don't tell you said that that. You know some that some this has been documented the league for a long time that's that's why the the book leak of denial exists because leak. Not just the pictures the entire NFL. For many years I just didn't address didn't address head trauma and concussions. Adequately. And that that's the basis for the legislation that real all the lawsuits that we have today but ask you you are are you saying that. Skull and further into question. Are not addressing. It's a question. Of completely. Misinformed and wish that community. Members of award but he felt on allegedly independent commissions they issued a report which also. They went out and attack everybody who blows. It in the industry. In the medical community who are racing uses body and I even don't study that they've conducted. I have the study concluded. Now. And I imagine it was a complete times greater among NFL players in the general population that was this that he they got one out. And criticized it and that is. Didn't and even today. They mentioned that clients. All right so when it so when it comes to Aaron Hernandez you're you're saying this is this is for the Hernandez case because you happen represented but. You get that it could you make the same case for everybody else who's on the patriots right now they are based on what you're saying sounds like. Any patriot right now is not getting the information that he. Needs to have to make an intelligent decision about whether this is a career for hammered out right. I know I'm not saying that could accept it to this news. A lot like what what. Judge what makes right at you that you understand my question in other words. Why and what will allow the just that's going to be clear because I I probably don't undersea united make it clear enough. Eric Hernandez. How is Aaron Hernandez. Different how how did they treat him different than say Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski. In 2013. Without acknowledging. The that strategy it was a problem. They shouldn't they play a contract. Indiana Beltran hit. All writing the media outlet and overriding senate rules and laws and regulations that help required. They want until 2013. That. Without acknowledging. That serious problem. Hey put into contracts assumption of the risk. I they have eighth. A requirement that baseline neurological evaluations. Done I want you to know that they did. Did neurological evaluation on Aaron Hernandez and other players every single year but I think that they knew it was going onto these players. Eventually help records come out. But look the bottom line is they have. What they've done is they've shifted the burden to the players without acknowledging that it's a problem. Took note if I see. I can't shuttle does I don't know the difference if anything just a because it. This is the difference is Aaron Hernandez was not playing in the NFL when that contract shift happened yet gronkowski and and Brady words so as to as you put it. The burden is on them hey you know their wrists go ahead and deal with it whereas Aaron Hernandez didn't have that chance with his contract correct. Hernandez and many many other players to test. George are you going to be able to show when the CTE occurred on Aaron Hernandez. How we can look at the way the law works it is. We have to show by a preponderance of the evidence. Why do what is certain changes occurred we believe that we will be able to show that. Otherwise you would have brought the lawsuit. But there is a valid question and it will be it will be defense. By the NFL. I do want to you wanna tell you however this. Did this you gonna get this mess. I don't believe that in a moment. Of course I filed the suit of course you don't you don't. I mean from a legal perspective you guys then all the huge going to be dismissed. I think if you're gonna make that statement. Yes statement about whether or not let alone is perfectly up or discussion and you can maintain a position on that. Always wish that you can make their position object your country street got. That this is gonna be dismissed but the reality is that this is not going to be dismissed that there are legal reasons why. As I remember this is thought. And he. Eight playing by the estate. This visit or implied separate independent action by. CEO under Massachusetts law which allow house or are. I don't know if you stick that a lot that is but consortium rights of the child. She had an independent positive action as well so should write. So whether or not I have an op that I wouldn't be Tom. Got a concussion but settlement is really irrelevant to. Appeals case. Right so he didn't opt out there. I'm not I'm actually did we did I'm saying that I even begin. That may affect the estate. And witty state. May or may not decide. Just to remedy. But with respect to figure out. Shoes tonight potty molester classic individuals potty. GD. Concussion so. So. That's not a requirement where I should be that'll make an argument that it is it will Dallara lighted it. Lot. How did it with him. What would you think that it's quickly when you think that we will have some type of resolution is what do you think it to go to trial and our I got a call Bill Belichick if he got to be a witness is Robert Kraft is is that is that part of the plan or is that too too early to say all that kind of stuff. That's obviously too early to say fluid golf who opposed to a document from went back into it you're looking look. I think and I just as a procedural matter what I suspect will happen. We've probably completely certain on. The NFL and the patriots and coalition. Expect that they will file motions to dismiss. Based on equal ground that they couldn't they have. We will try our opposition to that I could be heard I ought. The determination will be whether that subject to appeal the whole other issue. So it's not going to be quick resolution in terms. You get to that fact that we get to trial. I think that. There is more than enough compelling information about what was done. By the NFL and continues to be done by the NFL. Rather then gee holy. Address this issue and try to figure out how to address this issue and apple right away. I think they continue. To take that position that is to say that you put the numbers thirteen billion dollar. NFL industry yet. They're just build it. Yeah and I don't think that. Those who have an interest and they're. Billion dollar industry and going to be quick to see it and get it back condition. They may be ultimately I don't know this issue I haven't looked at that I am not really looking at that issue but ultimately. You boil down to whether or not like it was really looks at the risk that you guys the top. They're George I thought I hope you'll as as a child goes on in Georgia is a part of the Jose Baez legal team for those of you just tuned in hope. That we can keep in touch with you as we go through you know step two step three step for. Of this process a lot of information that and a quick one for you not trying to track and as we were talking about this. I sit and I've been wrestling with and you've got a lot of information and you're talking about. Concussions and head trauma that the NFL intentionally kept away from it's players and changed information and and and denied information. Are you a football fan and as this information. Makes you self conscious about being a football fan. I can tell you I love football and I hate to tell you it's a real problem opting. I hate to see it getting her eyes CNN and tell you why because it's not so much that professional level although that. I'm more worried about individual. Thousands and thousands injured late. When they're very young because that in that that's beginning shot not just in football but it doubles on exports. I'm worried about I'm still isn't worried about the kids in college because remember the majorities. Don't doubt that well. In the more we learn about the difficulties. Of these kinds of head traumas. Operate more intriguing. Than girl. Because it it isn't just the concussion this it's actually illegal abortion. In these kind of situations. The more worried about. Impact of these kids well yeah you're right it is what it is that terrible at that terrible dilemma our football. George was just let me ask you one final question and an imminent which on hold and Ben's gonna totti at all why did you file that the suit in federal court instead of state court. Act because we have all the NFL is. There headquarters. In Abner. The patriots you may not know this but there at Delaware corporation. Although they have. Principal office years in the majority of activity took place in Massachusetts. That just. Is now they were I don't resident. So we have what's called diversity jurisdiction. And my sense was that it filed in state court because I doubt. Any complaints I think they were removed to federal court anyway so I just decided that Protestants that there's no question in my mind. I belong in federal court in the diversity of people. George thank you for calling and thank you for the information and I'm as sediment of them throw you on hold America's Ben's gonna future information. His name is George Leon's here he is part of the bias law firm he gave us his name rec gave us is first and last name. And and that's the information that he gave us of course he thinks that this lawsuit to go forward so I don't filed. I thought or heard tonight not gonna have two sides of it as we go through it. They'll be insiders say this thing is frivolous thing has no chance it's got to be dismissed. And then you have the side of the person who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Hernandez is state and he'll give you the reason why it's not frivolous and why does have a chance though. Will be able to give information can make your own decision about where we're gone. We'll talk to Michael Irvin we'll get back to your calls in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WEEI.