DHK - Actual discussion of the Patriots win, Heath Evans on the NFL protests

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 25th

Hour #1 - we spent the first part of the hour discussing the game before the larger issue of the protests took over the show, beginning with Heath Evans joining us from NFL Network.


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It's gonna say at the start of programmable little concern about our Michael Powell today it was well. I'm just looking at the defensive rankings in the national. A week ago Howard Jones are far I know your 32. You that top thirty or did you it's tough talk about it. Yesterday futures yesterday didn't help that and I'm not that's almost John Watson was a Harvard evolves out here. Suggesting was not yesterday didn't help I was just a hint on my partner Ilya get us a little closer on hold because it's further away. It's a marathon not a sprint you still got thirteen more games thirteen yard gain shift that number away. And and others are about offense those yet that come up on Sunday where there's coming up the jets on our turn off the jet one jets beat all guys that they give me. The Buffalo Bills line that's not a gimme that I was powerhouse AFC east might for. You get words there's a manic or going yesterday. That's what three minutes left in the game at them and patriots. And it took place in the AFC east haven't been able to win a game at home yet. But I under 500. A tough AFC east. And they were able to pullen came out shocking. Tom Brady is a tough son of a bit Chesney I mean the president in America so our president usually not a good turn out well I mean I'm just using a positive way it how our president would refer one teacher was. He's a tough SOB. And I don't care Howell hit this. When when the throw needs to be made you think about that final drive its second and twenty hit third and twelve. He had thirteen seventeen. There's no way in the world you should be able pull off a two minute drive would those three things staring you in the face. Yet no marketed and in they knew going into the game as it's not ideal that that Texans front. And after the first 3000 America are is Brady and cooks on the same page. After the first you talk they're not really really completed some passes the other. But watching it yesterday and look at this is what these guys are capable of and that that's just how good cook is and how they can use him. I don't know it's one it was better that the catch. But at the cats I think that's maybe about a outlets grocery I I gotta be honest apple completed all the way to the ground then look on my wasn't so sure that it was complete. Yes I thought it was I mean. He is not like the balls allowed to touch the ground made there and others their catch rules just so ridiculous that they make it harder and has to be. But what they they've drilled in the people is that the ball is allowed to touch the ground you can use to ground to make the catch. Any to keep control and so he had it. Then he got the ball the ball may have touched the ground but he had control of it the entire temple beat little way and went away its systems and dissect everything with a catch. I'm gonna say no matter what what's most impressive the catch of the throw yet to catch catch. They just how great the other one at the the other won't throw the strokes ahead of perfectly in stride that's the fastest guy he's thrown in along time and he had him. Dead on the wrong and is able pull away from the defenders now when ousted throw. He's getting used to that this. He had had a guy this fast and long time so that. And I don't get the sense are you get the sense that that they haven't necessarily been on that same page now a lot. They've had you know play here there a couple of times we've seen Brady looked like he under throws a right yet to stop and then turn around and and you know that's almost upon. Yesterday completely different obviously it was the difference in the game. It's he's got everything that he needs at the moment it's I heard somebody say this earlier today think about this. You're watching Brady the last two weeks just go out and and car opting now this was a real good defense he carved up yesterday. And at any point during those games have you said yourself. And I think we had Julian Edelman. For this came at night as great to see it is as much of of about safety blanket he is for Tom Brady is okay I'll find other people. Terrible terrible there let me get one. Yet these two games out there right there. I definitely. The last the last couple games. Haven't found myself thinking. All right you know actually an element in this situation. I think about yesterday only because it would dells oh what that final drive with all those distances that they had a rather of the third and seventeenth and all those who have him in cattlemen. He would have come up with a big catch here and it ended up going to somebody else and of working now but throughout that drive you're saying well this is really where. He knows exactly where is it you feel like bats against him pick up first down. They got Danny Amendola the next best thing I guess is it will for now while he was to catch on the third and seventeen. Great catch. But doesn't it also seemed routine just lose their mines. When their plane against Brady and the patriots. Yeah you saw happen with the Atlanta Super Bowl you know you see it happened yesterday you know where where bill O'Brien is as a limiting them to have kicked a field goal here. Get the points kicked a field goal and a get the first down games over bill. But I don't know. I can't do that I got to get points they add that they dual. They do things players make eaten you know inexcusable plays there was a there was an interception. That was dropped that absolutely would have seen our share as well there are more over kept the ball. You have but you know incidents they have as far as our defense a Major League never had a chance that he can be had a chance to an opportunity to do but he just looked at. The good the replays technique it was I was accused. Who's trying to back. It was black and his hands were panels. And so it yeah. Are you beat O'Brien up over that particular field goal I don't know and I. Hey now it seems that it's completely right because they lost the game shirts easy now. Yeah I guess you could play that game on both sides I mean well when the patriots the last third one they had didn't pick up. He economical for human right come on now commodity credit they've to right that was probably the fifth or sixth on the boot in Atlanta earlier wasn't it earlier this time as it was earlier this move in another context of a talker Bill Belichick about that today. We will talk to him about it. I think he either made a tactical error yesterday. War he knew exactly what he was doing when he said. I'll address that later. Regarding the National Anthem and the players some players locking arms some some players immediately. Most of our own Bill Belichick wants to shut you down he'll what did you not a blow you laugh without it that he's good at that guy can now that's on like that. Yeah any birdies or have to that the other our level football but I will address how president's own party say either that was a mistake. Or he wants to talk about it at some point my guess that's always got to get my guess the reason he said it that way is that he had not yet spoken to his team. Post game was probably not time to address that. When he did the conference call this morning. He said you know I'll I'll I'll address that later well the meeting was that one right so when he did the conference call he had yet to address his team. There hasn't been negated any discussion I thought the patriots looked like a mess you think he was surprised when the anthem started. I'd. I think he might have them I I'm not come I don't know yet nowadays it is aghast that yeah this is just the death yeah not a I Billy would have been brought up they looked disorganized. They looked. It was a mess and he's looking across the field that bill O'Brien Houston Texans. And it's like a military operation over there every single person standing on the white. Linked arm in arm and his team that gets on guys kneeling over here we got some guys standing here we've got other guys over here interlocking arms. It's like they couldn't figure out what they should do. It looked like a mess on the patriots side. I don't know Dylan in us that's not one thing I was taken away from it I'd just the fact that. I just know how he likes ER he likes he like every every. I dotted and every Asian cars and but but that's that would I was taken away from a to Kuwait that you know Tom Brady was involved locking arms. With his teammates and guys dealing. I use you don't see that from the patriots so I wasn't thinking about the coordination of the choreography it was just the fact that was happening. Happened here happened on the other sideline to a different do different style different degree but across the NFL. These players decided to stand up to the presidency and respond to it. Now I actually hit in I didn't see it coming because I thought. I did after Friday night went well well he made his comments on Friday night I thought it was going to be. Some of the smaller responsive when I think I think smaller in terms of the scope of it and smaller in terms of on the productivity of Twitter. That don't don't get to a tweet since I got there they don't get to a foot of beef with this guy I don't do they actually don't get on it every go away at that second solving think there was much that was wrong was much bigger. And much more tactful profound and thought. That's doing the first two weeks of the season and if you wanna include pre season there were a handful of guys still doing it. And maybe we thought it was better we thought it was less of an issue because nobody in the majors is doing it and we just sort of been talk about the games or going on the team. But around the league whether it's Marcus Peters are Marshawn Lynch or Michael Bennett. Chris Long there're guys and we are aware of it but it didn't seem like it was on. The topic our rule on the main topic at any point in the last month. And then all of a sudden it became the biggest issue for a weekend. Because the president brings that up and he's talking about at a rally on Friday site and I just read about it and now the players are responding to that that is exactly what. Was 420 something players he. The kerosene on absolutely I mean we're about to go away and I feel I did than than the math and a week ago. He said it was somewhere in the vicinity of ten to twelve player that's Sandra who did something go during the anthem a week ago. Well this this weekend it if you don't even count the three teams who didn't even come out of but their locker room. Was a 18090. Guys who did something on the sidelines in its all because of Donald Trump he's the one lit the match in and throw them the kerosene on it. What is a better. What does he made that you're you've saved or kerosene on it he always does. Most of time the president of the United States shows up there's a sense to call. When this president shows up there's chaos. Always what does he made that what it what what went when Donald Trump shows up what calms down. What becomes better. The ratings he'll tell you there in the Fox News ratings go. And you know that we should tell you say it is not always going down a bit casual viewers priority for the name's Ian. Flames situations he doesn't call that he doesn't add perspective to them. There's there's never never any introspection there's never any. Use of the truth of the position that he's in the most powerful position in the world to say OK that's not right and I'm gonna make you better instead of saying. Policy with these players talk about some the commander in chief. And I wanna make sure that every US citizen feels that they are part of this democracy now we'll say yeah I think he sounds a bit just off the field fire. I think he the president you know it's. Always pandering to a campaign rally. In Huntsville Alabama. He's pandering to his base. Who has more rallies after they've won well this little rally to knock supposedly but this is this was a candidate to head down there that he was according. This is different than some of the other camped out other ones every hour with a with a point and it just the B gets he gets it that Rome and it's his base in May and therein therein they love them some Donald Trump. You lie he had he does to an end and he just and he doesn't confronted he gives himself off the teleprompter and look out. Or he's either attacking in the NFL in the best player in the NBA in the 48 hour span in the officials that as you know there's Oprah there's so proud of themselves OK ladies dismissing a concussion I went out anybody that earlier today a solid back are ruining the game and then earlier enforcing it that ruling that they're enforcing what is already that I got there are some of your friends who were. NFL owners this is what they want these aren't the owner has put out but boycott the leak. Don't watch don't watch until players. Stopped taking. The fatigue them. I I have to admit when I started following the stuff yesterday morning. That the New England Patriots one of the teams that had not said anything yet. And I'm thinking to myself we know that Robert Kraft is friends with Donald Trump. You know it's given money to Donald Trump has as ban at the inauguration has been at other events and I thought oh is this going to be one that he feels he's got to stay away from now. And I I give him credit because they did put out a statement he did say he was disappointed in what the president said. And I have to admit when the morning started yesterday I am thinking I wonder if they're gonna do anything here. But they did. Early a few teams left who haven't said anything yet one is the jets. And since the older the jets was just named the ambassador to have what England or something. You could see where they stayed out of it there're there are few teams left to haven't said anything most of the teams in the NFL said hey leave him. They're calling these guys that. Including the you know commissioner Roger Goodell right now with a witness witness statement and then a number of owners of balled up. I had coaches have Pete Carroll had along statement that was out there. And the players are obviously making their own statements yesterday you'll start when the London gamer yet ravens and jaguars have a fourteen guys or whatever was purse side. And they continued throughout the day that night tonight here have more although it's I will be interesting. With Dallas and Arizona is Jerry Jones you're I don't see you know that's not said anything yet known how if I put out a statement let me say if you if you take you need your your off the team I think I thought Jerry Jones said that in the past though. We'll see if that things have changed. Furtive his players Donald Trump is the only guy who could turn Roger Goodell and with sympathetic figure. Miguel and LeBron I don't know what to do myself I read I don't know what drove around I'm looking up Twitter LeBron is speaking right now. Any sing more than he has ever said in his entire life. I mean he is going off right now. Held a bomb on Twitter you Obama does very well now wait now he's doing it in front of microphones and stuff could easily make hate her you're not invited anymore. Her mother go anyway that was that was a and we can't break up with me. I had to quit it was this is my this works. But yeah I mean attacking the NBA and the NFL and in a weekend. Pretty impressive. Editors and when what he did was bring the first Major League Baseball player you know in Toledo the Oakland a's catcher who who took any. Now I I don't know that there's going to be any NHL. Corresponding moves the things I've read David Backus of the Bruins who's an American. Said he will always stand proudly with a hand over his heart at the National Anthem for him I. Here's the part that I think are though Toronto that's our that's our says they'll Firefox yeah they all fire people they're all and here's the thing that people I think maybe misunderstand and I and I I can't state this clearly and I would never Neil for the national land them. But I respect your right to do so. And people are having a hard time understanding that whole take aside I am taking a side. The site is that the right to free speech is the First Amendment of the constitution. And they have every right to do what even if I don't like it right. Right they have the right. You don't if you fire there since Lyndon no hole well now I well I'll I'll I'll put this proviso. If Robert Kraft said to his team. I don't want anybody in my sidelining. As your heart lawyer right apart as the as the employer and it and there are private business. If he actually said that and Andy Katz as not just saying it does not the other way but yeah right right but if he said that an and they did it. Then I guess he got the right to fire. They have you do it and and it if he says that in a player does it anyway. And he's convicted. Well and that different definitions. They can of his convictions okay. Public the player let's say like you're lucky. If you're lucky. One and 16. Of your life. Is devoted to playing for the New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers are Chicago Bears or if you're lucky right you're lucky you're just like you're the average lifespan for the American male. So it's it's thicker than it's bigger than football. Both won their sixth of your career but what percentage of your income which while depends and I was gonna say that Jenna because of your Colin Kapanen. Then if that might be your career wrecked but if you are Tom Brady. And if Robert Kraft says and I went to anybody who meals. There off the team and Tom Brady doesn't he's not the team he's got to find another job that McCord it's gonna find another job he's gonna he's gonna recoup. The end practiced out all 32 teams have said that if they all did that baffled at that that what you do. Yep and I don't know if they would stand by it. I don't know I don't know they wouldn't but on Saturday. At least that's her decision yeah that that would be difficult but I don't Martellus Bennett's weeded the other day that yes it was yesterday that. He would he would be okay losing his job for what he believes. It's just one example good I think and so maybe I've Al the different from the way and Green Day doesn't sound byte at the place. Announced yet against you know way in this is where this where it gets uncomfortable for me. I don't think you should have to give up citizenship. To have a job then he should have to give up your rights to have each. And so where are where the president was saying loudly and for a million dollars you shouldn't do this so to make a million dollars. I have to do what what you think is. It is is right for me I've got I've got I've I've got to live by your your standards your vision of justice. Your vision of society. Have to do that because I'm making a million dollars about 500001. Where they're paying you know get connector. A dividend paying him but he's still he's the the president of the United States senior person well don't tell the difference I think is that appropriate for secondly okay if if every owner doesn't feel that way so it's an owner who does feel that way. Well I don't wanna play that. I don't even if even if I'm not it like dale says even if I don't wanna do it but don't like the way you're approaching. It's not it's not really about. You know your your personal views as a head coach or general manager who really don't believe that and there are a lot of things that they will ignore. That the players do they go against their personal views but if it. Leads to you that they don't like it's profitable they'll ignore that. So I'm sure there are a lot of owners who don't like guys who have a domestic violence cases or domestic and as I think pastor allegation right. But the platform they don't they never say anybody. Anywhere who had any type of allegation. Any type of they have a misdemeanor felony whatever it is don't ever play for this team I don't think any team in the league has said that and they have said that there are hypocrites because everybody Lee. As somebody on the roster who fits that description. So don't tell me. That a peaceful protest. Breaking no laws whatsoever you'll you'll take a law breaker on your to do so but you won't take somebody who was just exercising his rights as an American citizen I find that objection. But I think the owner edited this but I think the owners would look at it and say you want it's got to upset might paying fan base more. And we have these guys out there are. And I wanted to rather how good you are but we've got these discussions a lot throughout the summer and I think sadly. Teams are you more upset and you heard the booing yesterday to start the the game was after the anthem of the sixteen players but -- taking a knee. But more fans are upset about a player on their team taking in need that if they've been arrested for domestic bio that's clue about the fact that that is a fact. So that's where the owner weighs in on I think is that although money it all comes back the money so where did they think that they can have the best PR. Our leg of its schedule for today Heath Evans will join us here in just few minutes we'll talk to him will dive right into the phone call with you. Bill Belichick is scheduled to join us here at 405. Patrick Chung at some point throughout course of the afternoon we're not sure exactly when. So those are the the scheduled guests but a lot of co I interaction with you guys as well. 6177797937. We'll talk Heath Evans and just couple of minutes Dylan Hollywood keep live at Gillette on patriots Monday. Sports Radio WE yeah. Patriots Monday down here at Gillette Stadium patriots coming off chaos nail biting win here against the Houston Texans yesterday. Every patriots Monday this time we talked with former patriots fullback current NFL network analyst Heath Evans. He has brought you by the New England who voted tractor dealers and by Boston bolts like in Haiti Carey of. Yeah I do more of a good it was a crazies Sunday all the way rattling political. All around the late let's start there. Your thoughts on the comments of our president on Friday. And the reaction around the NFL yesterday. Well. I guess not to be surprised on either front from the comments or the reaction of the players. You know or to critical on the aftermath here in about thirty minutes to network and will be diving into. This very topic and made it very clear my social seats in oh about Jabil hill issue a week or so build it. I will not stand by we've anyone that's painfully wishing anyone to get fired further. Freedom of speech they're just exercising their right to the American and the Arctic the things that I. Most want to express is. I don't want to player's message to be lost in this I learned a lot over the last year. By listening in by asking questions and yes by. Voicing my opinions and trying to learn along the way and all. Always beat me more conservative mindset but I'm always gonna listen and try to. To figure out what's the truth of the matter and the truth is there's a lot heard people. And their voice needs to be heard I think what the president did. Almost baited. Anger and hate coming out of the president and then baited anger and hate. Sometimes coming out of the players that I think would be original message of common captain nick. Was somewhat lost we went from about forty players. Before yesterday kneeling or sitting to about 200 to basically say a few the president. I don't think that was Collins original intent on guns original intent was to spread like to. Issues that were important to him and I think over the last years have seen some of the validity in that complaint and so. My challenges of the players of whether it's not return date for eight let's find a way to get a message back on track needs to be heard. And hopefully that can be the focus moving forward. Why does very well said now you you've told us about your. Background your dad was in the moat is the Marines are navy. The marine it's Marines thought the only evidence not not a Serb. You know. And so he's your your dad and just thinking about would know what you grew up with them and know what you're exposed to. What what do you think you would have done I'm sure you've been asked this question what do you think you would do and they would have done in the situation saved Pittsburgh when Chicago yesterday but with the Steelers. We are are you in the locker room with those guys are you the one guy high standing out there how do you think you would handle that situation. It's such a that's that's such a tough question because they are the majority of my years in the league with one out for the nationalism. You know we've come until after that just changed a few years ago. And so they're the maneuvers commonplace were like. You they would do all the pregame festivities in the players wanted it out there and I can't remember exactly when that changed obviously the big Super Bowl games and support that we are always out of orbit. You that this specifically the question you ask about Pittsburgh. Listen I'm always gonna stand for the flag but I would do the first white brother standing with my animals part of my handle someone else because I believe. People are more important than. Anger repeated in trying to get my way about my viewpoint be heard I I believe ultimately my viewpoint will be hurt by political life to its. Humble respectful. Yes passionate and yes willing to stand up for what I believe is right wrong and different. But the same time. Always try to do it with a message that is clear and concise and that's. Built on love not not page and we see too much of that hate rhetoric. Well across the board and so in Pittsburgh. Probably because Illinois of a one out I probably went out with him and stood the whole team would have stayed in. I would have stayed in. You guys know I think on the red blooded Americans as they come and I believe there is. A right way to do your voice heard. And don't have been a tough situation disparate yesterday probably would have been in the in the total spending with all the way were based on what he sacrificed for this country. And that is interest in case too because James Harrison after the game was saying hey I thought we're all the same page here I guess we weren't as originally thereof and in the locker room and that moved through the tunnel. And then of course filled a wave went out there and was standing do you think this whether it's Pittsburgh or Alder. Places do you think this could split the locker room and be a big problem for teams going forward. It couldn't I don't think it will be and I think that's where president trump underestimated. Mystery in the character of the majority of the men in the NFL owners players front office like. I've been blessed to be on a lot of great teams. And I can. Clearly say in the team and I was a part of that would not split the locker room. And listened to race or religion. Politics. You know these are topics of conversation and every NFL locker room there have the potential be much more divisive battle because of that nature of where we're at as a country. Blue guy good man. And listen every team has a few bad apples Louise we've seen here we cigarettes we see stupid decisions made it center structure but on the most well on the the majority. The people that. Represented our shields. They're good men that I would stand by. No matter what even despite or world views being very very different. We're talking to Heath Evans NFL network. And of course former New England Patriots fullback in that role as the patriots player. Was anthem etiquette ever something that was discussed by the coaching staff prior to the season. Now when it didn't you know until. Until Colin you to chose to condom voices. Concerns in his voice in the light of which you didn't. You know most people obviously history has shown us a few along the way. You know you used to it and then you you watered the flag in the National Anthem and it is what do what it was. Ordered a different day and age and people have. Been raised differently and they think differently or raise a military home and they weren't raised to understand what the flag meant to be haven't spam and what it metsu. Probably a large portion of the American population and so what big. It's it's important to try to hear people you know on the show today are much down nearly economic challenge our players and number. Some of the challenge them to take the lead. And he appropriate form and fashion it is I think the voice does need to be heard I just think because. The majority of our. Americans. See the flag is such that. Voice that needs to be heard isn't being hurt because of the the choice in this stance and which they're going about trying to expressed their voice. And I believe our our. Players in our league. Are. Full good enough character in humble enough to do you truly want their voice heard that they can have some major impact not just to our country book but worldwide. If you're willing to stand together and and meets its. Our great country at the point of its need which there's a lot of needs that need to be dealt with them and our alliance. Is that seven earlier that not only do I want indoors. Or or underlying or reads we. I'm OK it was your comment about listening to the time to listen to I have always that I don't really think it's all that complicated. Oh no matter what your your politics are no matter what your races but genders. It really comes down to just listening to other people's perspective going from there. What got you there he said you've you've learned a lot in the in the last it was a conversation with someone in particular how to get there. Well my dad used to look moderated these settings form of arrogance and pride so we can start there which. The listening. People listen because there you know. People. Origin willing to. I think it's. I guess welcome to put it clearly I think most people hold other people to a standard of it'll hold themselves to. And so therefore they're just. They're intolerant they're not willing to listen and their way of the highway and I believe that's on on both sides of the political fence sub leaders with both racism black and white. But you know my parents tell me that. People arrival lives are valuable. No matter what color no matter what the age. In that if you're alternately. Gotta live your life. From a biblical platform. Oral biblical world world view people need to feel locked in now we can't always control people's feelings. But we sure as heck can go. To be utmost degree. To make sure people understand that even though your viewpoints are different than they might not agree with you. That they're they're coming from say they caring loving place and you are concerned. And you are trying to. Put him at first. Over yourself and and that's what's most telling mom and dad the other council and that was the utmost priority was to provoke people. Now what are your former teammates Matt Light was doing the radio around this morning and he said that after seeing it. Other sixteen major players taken in meter in the open yesterday of the first time ever that he was ashamed to be a patriot. Oh give me thoughts on his comments. Well Matt Light. Do great teammate you know. And this is where the work tolerance. It has to be true tolerance it can't be one sided you know. People have to take what Matt said. And say I assume based on the way he was raising his worldview I might not like it. But that's his American right and that's a different extreme. On for the players taken in the would I would hope that. The players taken in The Who wouldn't old anger hate and malice towards Matt because. That's a good man but he's passionate about what he believes and there and so was Alan Kaplan console or the better Brothers and source so many others that are. Trying to get their voices heard. And so my my message ever worn would be like this many times something puts hate your heart. He's your your becoming part of the problem and not a part of the solution and and forgiveness is a very powerful thing. Yes to swallow your pride over and over again to forgive people that honestly don't deserve it. But none of us do and we all screw up we've all made. Drastic mistakes in life and and we need debt and I'm not try to go on a sermon here but at the point of this issue is people's pride whether white people think they're better. Or black people think it they deserve something that the dirt they're not getting it sometimes rightfully so. What we we've got to we've got to always checked our positioning cuts and door and in my positioning is. I want to fair and equal treatment for everyone and our country despite. Their skin tone and you know so for that always. Standup but I hate. Ask enough questions over the last year to realize that you know what most people in our sports. One raised like I was concerned that you would feel things different and that's okay. Hopefully they'll listen to the viewpoint like Matt why are you frustrated why are you angry why are you disappointed to be a patriots. And hear him out and hope we met your demand as well. To schedule an average estimate minced or you handled it. Yeah a great pass that plate middle road map and play pick up an offer. Well look I'd give it away to a lot of different people have a look at that will actually. Well next week I'm sure we'll talk football but today the discussion we just had was every bit as good an important as anything we've ever had we appreciate the time. Take it if that is I Heath Evans former patriots fullback and FL network analyst. Go ahead disagreement anything you said. Try to find something there has meant he was spot on Fermi we'll get to the calls that you guys Bill Belichick at 405 Patrick Chung at some point this afternoon. 6177797937. Is telephone number there on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Yeah. News wrote that you. One day they it was. Bob it was a very powerful than me. Apparently fallen in. And that for me. That does. Make quite like that. Because Bill Ayers. And the magnitude there. Fight possible for freedom of movement in messages. Wheels that you needed. And has recently. Who. Some players were remarkably well spoken now not all of them wore some. It and then I know we said this at the time and calling Capra neck. Began. His protests he didn't seem is as well versed on some of the things he was protesting. There may be that some players you know don't have a real grasp of the things. Although I think most from quite honestly we're looking right at the White House when they were taking any yesterday and all it was that guy. O's first I don't look at the paid for the tickets and had zero players in the year plus that count tracks are doing it had zero players take a knee. And then also made sixteen and the what do changed. I looked at him and as as the president pointed out Robert Kraft infamous Super Bowl rings so this is a guy who has been a friend. To the organization the three most powerful people in the organization 123 you recommend any what are you thinking is appropriate. Kraft Belichick Brady evolved then on team trump. So. At trump is not a surprise to the patriots what trump said on Friday. Got their attention for the first time. Need to be responded to so he said most of the players I think all of them 100% of the players did it because of the comments that the president made on on Friday. All that doubled and tripled down by the sweets you know because maybe the comments from the comets alone probably wouldn't let a lot of players taken in the but then when you're getting into your players should be fired or suspended or you know just an attacking players in the NFL. That just made you more clear that that was exactly you do that was what was gonna happen I although what the patriots I still thought we might not see it from them. And so that was a bit of a surprise that. So many of the pitchers players did do that now is it the more we buy another bullet Belichick knew that some were gonna do this idea I have a hard time believing needed now right. And eat him for that story that they discussed it even before the trump. Tweets and in doubt rally site yet or figure after that they've got other open yeah I Zell Miller at the steeler I was foolish but the Steelers spent two hours talking about it. I guess supposedly spent for force I mean I can imagine any NFL team would have spent zero. Right maybe the pictures the David's at ten minutes made it five minutes may do just a quick here's what's happening or do what you wanna do it and let's pay let's focus on the game whatever but there's no way that you showed up an adult sex turn around their nets and my goodness that in this government. Well we'll get a chance talk with you guys we'll talk to Bill Belichick it just after 4 o'clock 617. 7797937. Is telephone number let's kick it up with key on the cell phone key Europe first on Sports Radio still on Hollywood T. That Benjamin you don't yeah its good I think I'd bring coaches. They had I do disrespect to be in a marine that. Billion dollars. Put that light that represents freedom and everything we've done to preserve freedom for everybody. I just I don't agree with that look at all. I I listen you have every right to your opinion I would defend his vigorously your right to not like what they do. It's I would defend their right to do it. Do you think that the players should be fired who were taking an. No no no no no absolutely not did that actually you know. Go to trial was out of line doing that. But I do agree that everybody should at least began blocking arms despite me I don't have a problem with that in if you want to protest. I haven't probably protests in I. What did that commonplace Sheridan and I just feel the National Anthem to stand up and did that flag represents freedom we. As a military. And most of my friends though. Some of us and died. To preserve our freedom for everybody else and I just feel that we just get disrespect it went something like that happens. I think you get rid respected. And I know how it light why you would feel that way but a turnaround and it's. Your your work. Your sacrifice was not in vain. Because of the work that many people in the military have done we have the opportunity to sit here not only and can do the Sports Radio job. But we have the opportunity to say hey we like it we don't like it. And people on on all sides of the political spectrum have the opportunity to criticize the president without being thrown in jail. That's because we are democracy and we have the opportunity to do these things so. Fighting fighting for rights mean sometimes you're fighting for things that you don't agree with it and fight you and sacrificed so everybody could think like you did you. Presumably now. I I actually took the time and trouble this morning earlier while I was sitting here. I I I took a look. At the at the United States uniformed services oath of office. And I am just very briefly gonna say I say your name. Do solemnly east do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States. Against all enemies foreign and domestic. I'll point out that freedom of speech is the First Amendment to the United States constitution. Which means that everybody who swears the oath of military service uniformed services oath of office. Is saying they will support and defend the constitution of the United States and freedom of speech. Is one of the tenets of that constitution. Now I'm I'm I'm not saying anything against keeps heat he has every right to feel that way more right than me I didn't server. Out but I gotta be honest with the a lot of the military people but I've communicated with feel like. That's one of the things we were fighting for hard for was to help defender at that right even if we don't think that that what they're protesting is is good. They have the right to do it. Lilies in the Phil and halo we have you don't. Italy my eye ridge lately to what we it to a court to trigger you want to utilize against and nice list I know exactly. What is the smartest guy in the what I huckster. You're a mute everybody. World where it went right in the dog slept right humidity the entire world. Every time. She gets and what would that Russian thing for a woman to grab somebody else do this should do that. Yes I'm an outrageous and everybody church school there don't turn to the dark spot or to a dark. And books for the squirrel. Well talk about what their guy did in his people with the Russians anymore but I didn't think about that he says what can I say. What can I do to get your mind our community. My all the Russian and I don't know what else they sentenced to little rock and I felt rested I can't believe what war once it. Nobody talks about this in all about it. Is child. But I want Julia Louis first always my dog would responses thinks he'll listen my dogs ran out of squirrel don't pee on the road going to be nice that is nice that's wanted to I don't think trumpet alters its. They trump is look at it like that he's an impulsive guy he just you know. I agree about the impulse but but I have to say to Louise point. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just held her white house press briefing here. The first question she was asked was about the NFL now the second question was about North Korea native Italy the third question was about the NFL. The conspiracy you know lol yeah I know they'll put it you know I don't really view on my a lot of credit all this yeah yup I give credit and aren't. I've seen that the playbook that the trump playbook out over analyzed it since he's been in the public as a candidate. It's always the same thing. Insulting anybody and it is not not just Democrats. He insult Republicans and discuss that and others push back and get a W so now that he so you know he's gonna he's got Paul Ryan he he's gone that does his own attorney general he's gone that you know John McCain yeah. You eat or whoever it is whoever it is who doesn't like what he's doing or he's got to be in all logical gently spotted actually Ted Cruz her. So I don't think it's it's like oh what can I say. And he did the real the real test with and it will be when that guy has restrict. But he said I'll talk about it later. Got a bill Soledad does that will be growth. Now you know something's off. You'll know if somebody got on the Manchurian candidate or something now I Jerry's on the cellphone hate Jerry Dario. It Aetna board of well thank you very much. So much to say ultra important it quickly broke well. If Contra connection Ted let's let's start a dialogue and I would have made you successful and here are the dead after a come from behind win. And we're talking about not we'll all of that position so. Maybe you executed and I won't go there and we ought to lead going into dialogue happening so I think I've. Yeah it the most bulk innings in. You know they are talking about so well you know to upload protect the senate constitution. The constitution does not guarantee your right out of freedom of speech wouldn't try to work environments. The FDA has shown in fiery employees who have so I think that are against what they. It came as they're gonna conduct. The other don't have that same opportunity and they so choose and that at a private entity they can get chicken there employee how they BA.