DHK - Adrian Walker tries to defend his article on race and racism in Boston

Dale & Keefe
Friday, December 15th

Dale and Michael are joined by Boston Globe writer Adrian Walker to discuss his piece about race and racism in Boston with the research having been done by the Globe's Spotlight team.  Adrian says that the article took a couple of months to create, but there are still so many questions to be answered.  Towards the end of the debate and conversation, they are joined by Reverend Ray Hammond, a member of the Yawkey Foundation, to discuss Adrian's claim that changing the name of Yawkey Way would be the first step in a solution for race relations in the city.


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The Boston Globe spotlight team has a series of articles that has been running all week. The one in particular that. Sort of involved sports talk radio the professional sports teams in town. With yesterday's. Thursday December 14 the headline the title on the article was the bigot in the stands and other stories. How we mentioned yesterday the entire series was reported by Adrian walker Nicole. Don't JS if I've screwed up your name I apologize Akeelah Johnson was called chick in Ryan Todd Wallach. And editor Patricia when the story yesterday was written by Adrian walker. And he joins us right now Adrian it's dale and Michael how are. Harder to create journalists thank you for taken a few minutes. Give me an idea Adrian how long you were working on yesterday's piece and particularly that you published. Well the project took six months from start to finish this one prototypical. And the and the piece that you wrote yesterday. Hindsight is always 22 wanna Monday morning quarterbacking here are the things that you would do differently now that you've read it. Oh I don't I don't know still too close to a group even think about answering that question. It's probably heard of their heroism to do differently but I don't know. Adrian before we get into the forward into the peace one of the big stories around here actress and talk about a bunch of pieces but this one in particular. You wrote that you reached out to Gerry Callahan he text you back you put that in your in your story. You reach out to Kirk Linehan he didn't respond he was saying on Twitter that you did reach out to him. So he has one story you have another story how did you reach out to land and was that two email was it through phone calls how to. I called the stationary air Kirk return to a voicemail. I left him a voicemail and you're gonna walk around working on story about was the one to talk cure all my numbers are called them within one billion each. I'm going to be honest with you and I'm just telling of I've been back there was Michael for three years now. I've never check my voice mail at this building I if you left a voicemail for me today I wouldn't know it so you know if if you were looking to reach somebody. That probably wasn't the only way to. Do I gotta go I'm not gonna go around and around and left him a message I left or averaged out. One of the most on the one of them to knock. We do when you call Jerry Kelly and you call someone his voice mail or cellphone. I call them on the cellphone I didn't have consultants. We'll get this what we're gonna talk of. I don't know inaugural that was that was one of the things that that was one of them I just wanted to clear that out of those incidents let's get it to the story. Now. What what was your what was your. Analysis. Or you're just your experience of trying to get some Red Sox on the record. Because Adam Jones situation happened wind did you reach out to Adam Jones and end to. Oh what the Red Sox they didn't speak how did that process we're just gives give us some background on that. The first long talk about the sport itself and wanted to look at what is in them. In the context of close it is perceived national and one of the thing that we inquired to the sport to such a big part of a culture minister Al. He had Jones incident wasn't so part of the impetus considers itself to the micro medical story that. I approached the workload that puts him in an insult that lectures are players. They talk to their players who declined to be interviewed are called several players agents who declined to. They declined to talk so you know I'm not gonna go after reverse split between life. Very aggressive over quite a few weeks to talk to the players and they're just one. About how how about Adam Jones does I would I really would like to hear from him. On on what his. On what his view of the situation was when he was going through it and what it is now now that he has some distance from. The Vatican did not Kevin Jones the cookbook of the store it was more on Boston. Globe while the perception of Boston Brad so looms as. In retrospect. While he really was that that jump off point for a lot of the discussion of that topic in this town right. Better to have perhaps those in the second suspect. You know yes I got a lot of research. A Adrian about Boston. And how are as you put your story. I incidents happening Kansas City incidents happened in Detroit and and nobody says. The Detroit is racist if something happens in Boston and that's where we go and stories claims today that history is a big part of it. What else is a part of it I mean it just you've you've been here and are getting groped her and grow up here either you've been here for what a 25 years low longer. 48 years. Do you think that that Boston. Is is more racially is it more uncomfortable is it racist compared to other places that you lived or that you visited. I don't know that would how you make the more we insist comparison. But I think they're definitely because register Boston on some sort of out. Don't look at them and some unfortunate and it resonate nationally and when that doesn't city's American that's critical. Whether by you know. Does this earth is never certain their. Boston's world uses and city. Then again I've said that you know I'm not sure hard to make that comparison with other out. Think what happened your resonate nationally. And equally they cling to this city in a way that it doughnuts and other ports. One of the things that and and obviously I follow hockey to a greater degree than than the other sports so I was interest in in the notes he made about. Both the flew oceans all of the Boston Globe wrote a rather lengthy piece on the so band situation specifically. I believe it was may nineteenth 2014. I debunking much of what was being said about it including the fact. That the N word was trending in Boston and he proved conclusively that was not true did you refer to flew those peace at all in your work. Of course it is but Bermuda or racist which director which involve yourself or nobody ever. I guess the volume of this or those doors and the target at which point. After scoring that goal and management council fact. Is there is there any question. Adrian or any any thought of going the going on separate way to put it. Any thought of putting some stats in there about the front offices. Of of the force force you to another five before. African American representation with the Red Sox with the Celtics were the patriots. And the Bruins because I think that's that's a part of the story to. As if if we think that. Boston if African American athletes are sometimes uncomfortable playing here or visiting here. And get to the root of it and figure out what the teams are doing. Any thought of going in that direction. Yeah and and I would agree with you. In that department stores and of the activists who have. Been working behind the seem them take the lead program that was one of the conclusion for the more publicity in the form offices as well as quantum effects. Grim New York Post went off and are awfully what is you know and yet there's no question that finish. Are there any and there are other pieces that means that you are part of all of them two of them last installment is coming out tomorrow. Clark seven so we've been talking about parts of all of the pieces all week. Wanted to things in and out but I don't wanna speak for dale I'll start the conversation thumb screws up and Abdel come in and and corrective. Let some people were a taken aback by the medical. The medical. Tees where it seemed like. It daily as you pick it up and. Screwed I bet we'll tell you that people for instance at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute were deeply offended at the inference that medical care was available. Differently it depending on the color of your skin. I and I compared to influence that struck an inference is not in stores or in stores. If they're hospital flipping a former overwhelmingly. Include what people and the airmen preponderance of people of color in the Boston Medical Center and there are when some of them. But it it isn't the inference that that's for a reason isn't it simply where people choose to go. It's more than notes were more than one and it's partly financial and it's partly about where people are comfortable and it's partly about. Spoke groups historical experiences most institutions. And then by the way nobody in the story ever was more extreme or. And I wasn't talking about the institution I was talking about. That the good men and women who work within the halls treating people know we're certain about Gordon and implement well a lot of are all I told you Adrian is what the good men and women felt about your piece. They were deeply offended by what was written. Go wire yard. To be honest he got kind of an attitude that brings it out in me. I mean EUU you've arrived with a certain home to have to meet you as well and that's fine out all I'm saying is the people who work there I feel that. Gail they are on the I got me beat people you talk to feel that way I don't dispute that at all I will say that I don't believe that's what sort asserts. And I don't believe that the question but it's quite. You are you weren't able to talk to the the morning guys here but it basing your interviews based near research. It seems that people had a problem with. You know what they are what they are doing and it doesn't help the reputation of Boston based if I'm reading the story correctly. That that's what yesterday's piece suggested do you believe that that's the case he believed that a Sports Radio station or Sports Radio host. In effect on the way people continuously outsider's view a city or people in the city of view about how we are. I could have some impact on woods' previous perceived put all welcome more importantly. It has an impact on the clock on the conversations we have cities. And are open Putin's student body that won't insure ability. Is considered by Islam. A lightning rod for you know kind of racial animus toward you know the better have a history of and the storm apart on. On racial issues and it didn't affect the conversation with yes. A lot and and I are not always so and Howard Bryant would certainly agree with that. He's had his disagreements with the morning show in the past. I'm I'm not sure that you got anybody's opinion other than Howard stuff. Well again as you. Are well we're not quarter of a sudden you talk to the course of forums. Howard Bryant got those outlined is not the only person feels public or continents and Jerry Kelly you know suspended over the Mascoll during the 2000. Story here don't have what is calm and not know. No no it was something that happened fifteen years ago in John Dennis doesn't work you are it's not just as much. As. I'm important social look at commercial. When we talk about where Erica was was and don't show me talk about some off they'll listen to the show when they talk about Adam job. Yeah we disagree on them about Adam Jones date they did not want to just take his word for what happened. But I don't think they were suggesting it was because he was a black man. They asked that he made it out and for the life of me I can understand why you wouldn't. And McNulty and. As the it won't let. And other adjectives to Mel. I've disagreed with him to yeah. Or that I do I disagree with the we've we've gone back and forth over to his cause some issues. Here internally. That still I'm still kind of linger. But see that's why Adrian. That's why I want ask I have what it Adam Jones I think it. That was a that was a big story that was a big story and we still talking about. So that's why I think Adam Jones have been part of but it. What they give us give us a he can't if you will. And we talk about solutions. Part seven tomorrow is there any solutions. That affect our world which is the sports world. The only solution that affects your world and I give it has been out there for a while which in the issue. What in the name of doctor what should. Whether it's cheaper or change the name of the state of. And there's some and there are some disagreement on that too. I. Basing your research have you heard from a lot of people who have said. Yes let's go ahead and do it or I'm an African Americans in the community on I'm sure there's some disagreement some African Americans who say absolutely. I get I get that name out there and others who say. I'm not sure if this holds up is that what you found as well. Well the Americans I've talked to teaching them a good idea but not you know that's not unanimous not in this city now in charge. You were out you referred in the piece that you wrote yesterday that David Price setting was called the N word by fans. And that is dog Astro was criticized. It come on now. You don't believe that in more than I do you wrote the damn paper. It in the paper report and other. In and you can you honestly believe that stands criticized his dog. And stripped off about it well yes. It. So it's a pretty much hitting on David Price says he believes that it Udell. Art and quite so so anything David Price as you believe. No I didn't hit. A terrible one common in great in anything. So I don't even I don't think it I think there were pressured quota systems. And you didn't think that that the criticism of price in that case was a racial case in this city did get. Does 'cause we clobbered him for a. Milk had a lot though no I've been very badly and at all. But it meant unequivocally let implode I believe if that was a Belushi echo what which are our beliefs national. You know at I think Adrian about it in the I don't expect you to have answers to answer this. I don't have an answer to it either it's just. An observation I would love. For us to get to the point where some athletes. African American athletes on the Red Sox particularly. Could tell some of their stories. Because they are I'm talking I think that would take us I think that would take it to another level of understanding. Another level of acceptance because some people have a hard time just reference Adam Jones thing. Some people still aren't they swear that he made it up they say they can't really reconcile that somebody would say that. At Fenway Park. And it would be I don't wanna put all the racial history on the card players the Red Sox but he really would open up some open up some eyes. Smokey Bentsen and Jackie Bradley junior sit on you wouldn't believe some of the stuff I hear. Couldn't agree with you more equipment group anymore and credit card that could get to talk I think it would be in and out. Part of this congress and not open at some point a to be honest it's because that's a critical well you know obviously. Speculation the Clinton talked. And they're sort of the blow back is a tremendous and I can understand that took. I mean I think I act like they won't talk about it but I do hope the changes. No one other thing that doesn't have anything to do with sports in. Someone said that to me earlier today and it hit any really stuck it is stuck out and I and I know you've covered you've covered city hall and you've been here for awhile. Have a conversation about this series with a friend of mine friend of mine says as we're talking about Boston has had is that the story 48 consecutive. White males as mayor. Fortieth consecutive so. Friend of mine says. If they get if Ralph Martin. Had run for mayor he would have been the city's first black Wear your green. Orton doesn't go to certain whatever quick chance to win. And out now here's a controversial part. Friend of mine's also says. That. That Diane brokers and she hadn't had her issues. I'm not bitchy and actors get lost. Issues with. That's bet that the bitter rift in the Rockwell who Portugal at one juncture you don't want to option the only black state senator represented opposite rough williams' statement. And an orange with a really dynamic what. Are valuable person familiar campaign before all the troubles. Would have been fasten. You what you wrote in the piece about the Calvin panic situation. An and what was said to him by a a fan. During the National Anthem by a Kenyan woman. Calvin panic reported the man he was found he was dispatched from the park. Light music we don't know his name. I don't know what we don't know his name. All of those were the replica refused to release another Red Sox and I hear it's not clear it wired wireless. But we do know that it that he reportedly confessed to police when confronted about it and said that. He made a mistake but he did do it so the police snow was named til right. Presumably yes sure yes I just ordered my personal there's no political war because he was never arrested or charged with them. And I don't know. Hey Adrian of one alleged hold on here there is a guy and yelled you can make this happen on a mechanical and there is someone. Ray. In Boston when you was to talk to you about the yawkey. I'm gonna try just a final fight ought to do is technically Donna I'm Tom trying right now it was a taught you about the it that way we just that's when I was worried about cut off for Adrian. At read right where they were gonna paternal pop up that's what will put rates on hold. And if you can put them on hold now I can do that and will get Adrian back on the other side help it is that does that make sense I I am. Take a break in the injured Adrian back. We can we can absolutely get Adrian back I just don't know how to do what you're asking me to do are just do it without a lawsuit can help you out would get Adrian back we'll get back our conversation just a moment. I'm dale and Holley Wiki Sports Radio WEEI. Net. That. Let's bring out angry and want them back in my apologies Agrium the technical deficiencies are solely my own. And and I appreciate your perseverance and allowing us to bring you back on your thank you. No problem OK now let's see if we can at the same time. Bring ray from Boston and in fellas you can help me out ray are you there are here can hear me we can thank you gentlemen of the of the floor is yours right go ahead. Yeah yeah a couple things to to make clear. First of which is that I am not trust you yawkey foundation and so on got a vested interest one might say you're the second thing is that. I deeply appreciate it connects to your vote for an we use. Religiously. Little of this thing I think. I got really disagree I just think he's wrong and requested network range is what the basis. Org which Tom yawkey becomes. Labeled as racially divisive and guilty of trying to keep this team as one. As long as possible. Well let me address the second point source of the evidence would try to keep as well. It's in wait for as long as possible they kept it longer than any of which. Jackie Robinson had retired before rip talks like what aren't you know and there's no question that the reps are good at not a lot better of it mortgage. During the trial on the road Clark treadmill let players from the richest black players would ever live look at it in neutral league baseball in the early forties and fifties. And the great idea but not a good we're good enough to have from a red cloak to find room and we are just great. And and I'd agree with that but I think there's. Really overlooks the whole statistics including. You know signing in 1950. Part with Davis who questioned led to the minor leagues didn't come to the majors. A whole host of all the people an awkward that was neat 400000. Dollars. To bring Charlie deal that was turned down. Oh Wilson in 1953. Brought to the minor leagues and 57 almost certainly would have come to the Major League has not been drafted. Practical to have a list of maybe 3456. Other people either we're offers were made. And what they were booked through. The mines and I don't think it's insignificant. You know. I in 1959 and just continued mass effect is that you know poultry green. Confidence it's united a few weeks later I think a few months later. Wilson comes back out of the service unit of you know being another six seasons he seasons. With the Red Sox and they want to bring on a whole host of very distinguished African Americans. And Hispanic players. Would then got you must expect I got it I mean I'm just saying. It's. I don't get the the argument that they weren't doing anything when in fact that it's pretty clear they would do a whole lot. I don't mean there are may have different race but I know what I like to point out first like clear in Boston I'm just. Who was the rookie of the year for in the national plan from Boston is in 1950. Cried out little ramp up. 45 or 46 men and mistrial. And they didn't sign clearly domestically. And a quote from something that themselves. In the sport souls restored in 1965 Serb. Actually out of them all along but we didn't want one because it was you'd want to default. Given the ball players reflected not fired into the mid two weeks in that cure it I mean compare quotes Prodi's remark. Ray let me let me ask you. Ed you said your trustee for the yawkey foundation. Outside of outside the walls of the yawkey foundation. What are what are your experiences. In the community when people talk about. Jockey had had you. Received a lot of push back when you say hey guess I'm Rea what they yawkey foundation of peoples and all know you can't do that you're you're a man of color and jockey was a racist what what are your what are your not a bad. Was certainly not in terms of the foundation and I think there's this sense that that's foundation for very long time zone so some good work and even some people knew. Before it was formally put together as a hockey where where a lot of work with. Far reaching these fund other things that. The common genes that can decide never got pushed back. Around that issue quite quite frankly I do think that there put this in the peace and all but I think it is often. A lot of but select better to Michael kind of notes that are out there that idea that Tom yawkey used the N word when the evidence is pretty clear he was. Out of the park and probably almost certainly wasn't in Boston. At at the time that that this supposedly happened and only six supposedly. Could restore useful and doesn't come up for a couple of decades. So again I mean there. That's one of the things floating out there and a lot of people. Still think that it may be true these. Blessing update because. You know two guys spent a lot of time in the south the presumption is well he must've been a dozen races. So I think that there are a lot of idea is kind of floating out there it yet if they weren't doing anything I think is very happy when in fact didn't he show. In the office and Larry don't be immune problems they can also showed big mistake I'd like Mickey Mantle and Al came I mean so. You know I think there's there's. In many cases in the sense that the story of Tom yawkey being races and open and shut case I think that's actually not the case. But the bottom line here Reyes that you don't think they should change the name of the street from yawkey way to something absolutely not now. Ray thank mayor I don't think their record supports. Right thank you that answer the answer colleagues have taken the time we appreciate it and and and we were trying to set up Adrian we you know rate was gonna call him. Obama look I don't look good at all. It it and sent to kind of put a ball on this thing in the piece that that you wrote. And and and the reaction you've gotten I was curious about reaction unlike Michael I am not drawn to read the comments at the end of newspaper articles like he has. I assume if you're the author you probably have to do what's been your reaction that you've seen from mess. A lot of the reaction has been positive although you know certainly there's been pushed. To the do the Boston is there's a difficult place to play and out there and you know the the question of who's in the news is it's kind of complicated because so much over the economic and a lot of people government pointer. But I've been very happy with the positive reactions to pieces cart and that the sooners is done for them. Adrian we appreciate time thank you for allowing us the chance to talk with him. Aren't dirt and thank you agent ray and whopper of the Boston Globe joining us. We're way behind but that's what happens we'll get a break camp. We'll get back to your calls in just few minutes and give you the opportunity respond as well 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio to.