DHK - Ainge vs Isaiah, plus Goodell's wife is his Twitter White-Knight

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, October 12th

Hour #3 and we discuss the continuing saga of Isaiah Thomas hating Danny Ainge for trading him, then we find out Roger Goodell's wife has a secret life on Twitter.


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Whatever three gala Hollywood keys. Sports Radio WEEI. Next Tuesday the Boston Celtics open their NBA seasons in Cleveland against the cavaliers. Possible by the way LeBron James will not be able to mine's got an ankle injury. Apparently says he's not sure he's gonna be ready for Tuesday we know for a fact that Isiah Thomas will not be ready. In fact their whole hopefully in Cleveland they'll be ready to play sometime in January something like that. Isiah Thomas used the players Tribune yesterday I guess it was two. Vent about you know he had that the best year of his career in the worst year of his life here last year. He he has not gotten over the fact that the Celtics traded him away this summer and the whole carrier Irving deal he he's still very upset about it. Said that he's not sure if he'll ever speak to Danny change again. I'm guessing any of the on the trip next Tuesday right. Yes they'll be I'll give him so they'll be and I came the same time it shoot around or whatever. Well all eyes they are receiving around snow nobody can beat anybody Nuvi even though I talked. I. Talked to Brad. The markets I don't have a lot of teammates say on that team. Over there but the four guys I no longer talked about it almost many guys with them in Cleveland is the that would doesn't Boston have. The and he talked retiree in all very well. I think I mean I you know me I respect I would hold a grudge throughout the Isiah Thomas that you admire guys are able to ground good for you I think. If it be simply left it adds that the guys trade me I wanted to be there I did everything I could he traded me screw him I about it. But to get it to some of the stuff you know all of that he went through which was. Part to mean -- avert a loses sister that is a that's that is unbelievable and that he played that he's he's messed up his teeth ciresi is dealing with with everything over the lot. Citizens that night can't be traded because of like that doesn't make sense that there are are you you you still can be treated. Yep still get that point he'll get that point two years. Where he Saudia or maybe I could if Cleveland wins it he comes back and now he is great for the cavaliers and he gets a rain. It may be ill start to see it from that perspective but it took if you just put yourself in that position. Isiah Thomas you know you're recruiting for them do whatever you because you think you've allowed yourself think that you're gonna be a part of it. I that no other and he said it many times he said in his Boston love letter on on the players Tribune. Nobody else really believed in him until we got to Boston. The combination of fans. And and coaching staff the said you are the guy. Everywhere else he was just like little short guy he's add on Sacramento was bookie whatever and I'm just happy to be in that draft Phoenix it like the third fourth guard Andre. And Boston finally they said to him. You're the guy. Became an all NBA player. He's recruiting Horford or for comes here he recruits Hayward hey we're comes here he plays hurt he plays through a personal tragedy all these things. He doesn't think that they're gonna trade him so he's better. Any hurt our underneath all that is. Vulnerability. In it comes out by saying I'm not talking and again. Well last night the Celtics wrapped up their pre season their perfect for no pre season. They'll play for pre season games against but they wrapped it up last night about half and it was an opportunity for members of the media to talk to Danny Ainge. And ask Danny Ainge specifically about the things that that Isiah had set about I'm probably never gonna talk to him again. CNN day and today instead he might not speak to you again because there's a little upset with how things played out any really. No that's the hard part of the job I mean that's it that's. You know I know that there's a lot of feelings that go on and set things happen his players traded twice so. I understand. These sentiments but it is not much I love Isiah streak end. It was in the best for the chance to talk to him besides the on the first thing though. If you eat anything is living on some things. I don't I don't know. I mean I would I would try to but I had no idea you know that takes two people. Obviously he said some things today that very has some very strong feelings the strong emotions and and I understand this. Have returned thoughts on no he's talking to me and that that happens you're just saying that back talkative he's not want to I I wonder what will happen. And let's just say there at the shoot around you know Tuesday morning and talk to Andy any season and Guinea approaches them. And the man tries that you shake his hand and say hello does Isiah do the spin move in and walk away from us. Attic now probably would have liked it like that KG Ray Allen the reality is we have the same thing it would happen in there these are talked to many times and they'll talk of eventually but the fact danger so good as job. Yet as you can't get just walled up because I think Thomas love that we all out of here and some more than others you might guess but yeah I owe them and to see woody went through it to see how hard he plays and how great of a player. He turned into. It would have been easy to say or keep in this god. One moment and never won a face in my life I've had to make a decision between Kevin Harlan Isiah Thomas. And Gabe Kaplan. Like that situation a lot to our you can only save one all of whom compared. Now I happen ivory Irving on the other hand is telling anybody and everybody who will listen Cleveland sucks yeah. I. Love Ali. And I had a major League City on the sports series of oil Annie lives of the sport that is go ahead and torture. Yes he would rip it to shreds while the rules shouldn't they got culture has got every it's got it's got vitality. And life. By the way that that that age old. Cliche about being a black athlete not wanting to play in Boston just give him Carey's number Kyra we'll call you up Italian how great it is here eat you six year. Europe for an out all the quotes as we have these ready for the next time somebody you know from ESPN attacks the city and our creditors were carried carried about it. Yeah I'm telling you went on a lot of different cultures food people you get at all especially in Boston. You go to Cleveland. That it OK drive bigger ego and not let you do see a vast. Different minorities and insane like save your video tributes I don't want it. He's just don't you watch it to say anything and I'm out now I don't want that. Well they do it Tuesday no. A problem right there. I advocating that they could have already everybody we get a trivia every everybody gets on that at that video tribute of their level of the tribute will get booed the acknowledging. Under construction. Eight CEO we didn't catch his arm bar you. This guy has at least soon. Guys let's look like this QB dude goes live to exclude evidence he's Cleveland or you'll are. Buying a house for the. Our army exporters. And depression. So. Is this. That it is in the second Detroit. Yeah I I'm I'm I'm guessing that he's gonna get is passable. Now now Wynn and I we don't know when this'll be when Isiah Thomas is able to come back to Boston imply. He's gonna get the video tribute he's gonna get the rousing standing ovation and I mean they're gonna bring the house down for Isiah Thomas here. Now. Crowder. We don't know those are democratically really is not a bad place. It's. Or contact Harriet retiree Harry Wu indicated it. Everything is terrible he was not a fan is so this what this work arias told us since leaving Cleveland. I'm not talking LeBron James you have done I think why not let. I don't have to give guys a dollar since that I'll never talk to begin but clearly doesn't wanna talk to exact going to add up LeBron James. Did like coaching staff. In Cleveland. Didn't like the culture. A bit of the organization in Cleveland. I think that he liked it pretty at all. What's more surprised that I like Cleveland immediately available brawn of the most people are more surprised my old Bronx there beyond him like a little political McKnight libeled another big thing. So I know you guys who sit here at this table and end you know you're thinking that you just haven't sent out loud yet where does that he sent him. I wonder what Stephen A Smith says about Danny Ainge and Isiah Thomas I knew you were thinking about Steve and I need to hear the good news for both of you on the go ahead we're here California. He's wrong Danny Ainge is right. Danny Ainge did nothing wrong here at any age is a businessman he's general manager. The F look out for the best interest of the Boston Celtics. I love Isiah Thomas he's a miniature dynamo he was sensational last year. I hope he can get a lot of the money that that he wants. Hobble what he thinks he deserves. Now you don't deserve 200 million dollars which is around that numbered at any age would have had to pay him if he kept them on board. Eluded any gauge traded before he traded him for somebody who's bigger. Better. A champion. Okay and and and you take all of those things in consideration it is what it is and an all stock. Okay that this is all fine. But if you got to add on that Isiah feeling arrogant Janet let anybody can see that and that's clearly. But it from the military dynamo miniature dot that's that that is not a compliment thank you that I rephrase netlogic. And if your Isaiah do you do you guys understand why Isaiah is so bitter do you think he's gone too far. Now I understand why he's pissed and he's gone too far but might yeah they I don't the mile point is actively traded mean to sleep at that. And I think the because of you know it was a really bad year for me how could he just he is in two grand like it they're solid always posting and and strand of his kid. Out playing football in the front yard wearing his wrong Jersey the people of Cleveland is it. Yeah yeah yeah no no don't don't don't carry it out there and I don't hear of Mercer is that I don't get a Mayo Kevin Hogan Jersey's Derrick. And what the Jersey they they want him to bring their Jersey to browse facility may be some of them were robotic like Oscar hostess in effect. I give me a winner eventually. But everybody acts like keep them well he does wanna be buried a motto be part of he wants to Boston it doesn't admire Bob I think in the cavaliers spent time on. Now he'll play for them anymore you're like for us now did that's that's what this whole thing is about he loved the city. He talked about Isiah top excuse me that I carrier ring. And showing his in his quotes. Are you talking about African Americans in the city public Isiah Thomas are you love to hear much more slow. Think this is my city I love it here this is where I thought I bow my boys how much but my career. I matter to these people. I am they look at me like I'm a franchise player finally. They asked me to recruit players here to play with me. I played hurt shouldn't played hurt and I made my hip worse. But I played I played hurt because it would help the team won and went let the city down and out in the back of his mind I don't want to get my money here. What I'm doing. That's part of it too they understand what sacrifices on making. For too much about sacrifice my body but they're gonna take care. Now he he could have been. Maybe the voice yells level ever proven McLeod get your ebit of the voices in his head got so me and created a narrative that that is not realistic why I I think that he thought it was a Max contract are and I don't think any inspired and so they never they never sought the subway this was never gonna end well even if they hadn't traded at which he didn't think. Which he didn't think he didn't think that. It didn't think it was gonna and well he thought. And traded twice before and advertising eternity and a cameraman. Weight never was an all NBA player before and it never was on the verge of a a Max deal. After having a 29 point per game season and taken a team are helping the team. Leading us it that way leading the team to the conference finals. Don't you know he can go business. FAA is just the business field but if he had made just the business the only would've played the playoffs. Because bad for business for him to play in the playoffs. He also not much you can make when you play well play out assets and he would not played particularly well the playoffs the year before so he kind of year that seniors force he kind of needed. Hated it but the team dated to the tone of that because of these stops if he decides not to play in the playoffs they lose notables. They lose symbols they're already down to real little old paradigm get out there. That I don't. So they certainly would have beaten Washington and they OK let's say they they come back give the bulls and they beat him in seven games they look to Washington probably get swept by Washington that Isiah Thomas. I think that's where all that anger is coming from eventually we'll talk with any games they'll laugh about this day when does he get over. By the end of his entire count on god and takes a while none out and be you know getting you know it's nice to motivate and what it might get over it. When he finds out that nobody's gonna give him a Max contract at the end of the I don't buy that either you know obesity piston and I don't I think I got the got to look at. This blew my mind the other night I couldn't even disputed is just the reality of where we are currently. Kelly Atlantic. Makes twelve million dollars a year. Markets Smart and they have until Tuesday. A Monday and Monday have until Monday to figure out if they wanna expand markets Smart. Or just let him go into this play out this year and be restricted free agent after the season. If they extend markets marred he's going to 59 dollars a year. I thirteen fifteen million dollars a year from market Smart. I'm not gonna say what she was shooting for tonight is now well and I was I thought it but I first time but I'll say this he's not a starter. So ace and non starter. In both cases cal illuminate and market Smart. Thirteen of fifteen million dollars years so he's got Pam he may get another tonight. While this guy get a lot of my cavity that's what the problem of the league is that the middle. The middle salaries to. Right the rookies are probably paid appropriately in the superstars even though they're getting crazy money actually makes sense for what they bring in the always gets paid to I suggest because. Awake and Smart are going to be between 1215 million doesn't mean Isiah Thomas got to make 3540. Act what that at worst we'll get a deal like Mel shotgun and dutrow bounce is in Denver. That's about thirty in the eating a thirty year I do. And I don't I think a lot of partisan we've had him and he says he's gonna come back fine but. Policies have enough then you know becomes backup paper if he plays well. He just plays well I don't necessarily happily championship he plays well he got Mike Conley contract. On the economic money that guy makes he was the highest paid player before all these new deals caper. Yeah I'll start him yet on yet not one I don't think so. So. I don't so bad he's and I don't need all star team I got to catch it live right here he's got to get paid. Celtic tool in Tuesday. Tuesday they'll know LeBron pat and apply at Cleveland no LeBron don't analyze say yeah. The on days visage. I was on a rotation right now and Chandra and Jae Crowder I've been checking in on him grout yeah I know is routers are starter. Carter starts at four. It would normally would want that I love and Thompson. Thompson and start. Now knows how to starter Thompson no longer starter neither JR mad about it. Thompson's happy about the baby is coming calling. What Thompson quoted the Brady coming Bobby don't let our put an ad about coming off the mad commitments on top of Alabama. JR off the bench. They start. Who can't shoot threes and rose so rose at look at LeBron plays are starting lineup is rose wade LeBron Crowder and love. I MO 27 game when you think that if you don't you don't actually. Gloria. You have to learn how to do not do it thank. This year. Well I I I will amend my statement by saying assuming LeBron doesn't play and it's sounding more and more like that's a probability that I think Celtics when Tuesday. If he does play of the cities. Or carry now. Good he is probably just gonna wanted to off truly is is are fifty or sixty points on Tuesday fifty dollars or fifty or sixty. Court important Hayworth has. That you know I'll get my outwit you a target of get him to me you're an even more than there's a lot of pressure whatever nightmare. A lot of pressure that he knows all about it than we thought and have my own that was that was that Harry said the throne winning every night under a mile 27 game winning streak. An NBA before. That Gordon's so obnoxious for for you so Cleveland Indians. Which are name don't be so so. My wanna trade artwork trademarked their Smart. That hasn't aged well hasn't. Cleveland windy and lesbians is done probably not wanna use that today I let's get back to the calls that you guys shot is out night holidays John I don't. I'm doing and their dale and Holley you're going to show. Hey hey hey okay. That's all right that's our show. Merit yet Alex I learn about this idea for a manager now this guy hasn't been mentioned dog read a little bit about this how would you gentlemen feel about Tony La Russa as managers poster read. That's all. Brigham and I don't know you know what I things. I'm married. I was the guy blatantly disrespectful. Don't Tyler was I'm used to it now now at all hours. But almost a year he just does not saddle. Molly find happens Daylon Hollywood Ryan and CN blatantly disrespectful. And who is so great analog only Marissa go from thank you. A poor in game manager to micromanage. The almighty god I don't get a little they want that old time game you want to about pace of play forget it. Pace of play out the window each game's final the final hours pretty comfortable partner seven lead at midnight. There's that side Ellis Island center. The last train is leaving left surely you're an edit. Their team. Folks just locking up the ball mark in the seventy repetitive too yucky station boosters seventh inning guy I know where my seventh inning guys. I got that little guy got three yes. It's coming right at the switch here about the picture many are exactly doing all kinds of crazy crazy. There are. He was laughing. At real he left he was lack write about it and I'm all right that's our shot. And they suggested that. A call from Idaho. Kara I don't parties' minds but just that struck me as odd plea indicators there to deal. It was not a certified and his name but their their okay. Made. It better and drew the ones it wants. We reply please call the ricks college. I am looking out Ira Miller a religious holidays that it's a real place. Depleted diner in the morning to college yeah Delhi and bank. College problems is closed right now. I find it wrecks. Ricks college is a part of BYU. And used to be that apparently is now they absorb them. Yeah what was ricks college on four ounces at a school mormonism apparently okay ricks college became BYU Idaho. Without him honestly mystic was there is no apostrophe in Rick's I was thinking now how do they are is there under the al-Qaeda and what the acceptance rate. Is a 100%. Hit a 99 point six okay. That if you're breathing you're in point six I don't get I don't know who got rejected us out here. As it got the white guys I'll call the one candidates are now sorry that you can't come rings. Sorry an awful 6177797937. Mats in Newport and that. Big guys. Well we talked about earlier about how it I Craig got a court ought. We're gonna fire and I regret it quite well what it will fight here I would get sick about. Daughter are uploaded a well liked. I know that shortly they. Mike Scioscia added that it did not simply don't laugh and let orange wig all Alter that Asia and they had. But in the clouds are eat what do you think I thought about other people up I look back they. Sure. Someone texted us earlier in in and I didn't even use of the time it's somebody texted us from Saint Louis. And said the rumor here is that that they might be interest didn't barrel to replace Mike Metheny all of them there. Although you do love you need a forever if you wanted to own good. Be great there. Since it's a wise Metheny a couple of half Euro. In angels keep looking at the any maybe you would you do that masked woman they're good games here grown any with the rest arts know well god know. No thank you sure you know and bunkered that that we can I don't want I don't want who Tim once either. Tonight on. That was not without which thank you thank you can't do that he's fielded. Yeah I looked shell and a bit less junk so only four the Richie digit it is as well. It was a dome highlight of my week every week but just like nobody cares about. Arnold dark horse rumor of RG years we're just. Old thank you are right into and I don't yeah now I see the onion you know does Ozzie hasn't had a job. Early game awhile he has professed his love and admiration for Fidel Castro. Openly and publicly there I would say that the ownership here would probably not a line politically with Ozzie Guillen and I'd nobody else has either by the licensee. Left the managing position nobody else's wanted to need now is a World Series champion. That's got to make him a great manager he's bilingual. There you go you talked about that the languages pretty good. Proven track record yes and that's the good news and bad news proven track record they get. Are you want that you see these stories about ratings down 15% for Red Sox games. What you want excitement. Ozzie you bring in Ozzie. Oddly feels like a Bobby Valentine are absolutely. It is Bobby Valentine to point out sir Bobby wishes he had. Guardians resonant. It probably does Ozzy probably has better yet right at the better respite at the same idea of the guy. Who hasn't managed in the wilds kind of come and bringing back personality where now all of a sudden you know Valentine. At least wanted to be the biggest personality and the team on the Ian would be the biggest personality and the team. So everyone about fair over the like degraded like them he was not the biggest personality on the team you're at the players do it in that may have been a problem for some of NATO's of these players. Weren't ready to take on that responsibility. But Ozzie it'd be the I'll. Show his his last year managing this 2012 with the Miami Marlins. They mean he didn't quite make the cut after finishing 169 and 93 that here doesn't wanna dog form TR EY has done via. Eight years in Chicago including World Series title. And swept the Red Sox failure to write a five yeah nine and yell on the World Series his career managing record it over nine years. I 747. Win 710 losses by thirteen winning percentage that's almost identical to John Farrell's winning percentage. I think it's pretty similar pretty similar. Up but has not has not even had a an interview. Since being dismissed by the Marlins into the. From twelve to be ahead of the curve. Given the interview that our everybody else should be giving them a far don'ts when they won the World Series they lost one playoff when playoff game he threw down what a great rallies. Pretty you know. Awesome swept the red zone that's a first round they add a finish or finish that ears as he pointed out eleven and one in the playoffs. In his career playoff record is twelve and four. Had one hell of a year there after that maybe not so much Karl ever them. While you manage at a could probably manage anything 6177797. ID 37 it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. I'll give credit to the African Callahan Twitter account because they they directed us to this story in the Wall Street Journal. This is too delicious I'll probably give credit to the Wall Street Journal that there. Your credit to the logic I've I don't know that I would have found this story or whatever I want any journal found the right let go of the Wall Street Journal old school. Now there are some diligence I can't hear this is great apparently. Apparently that like. I have tweeted. Clobbering the commissioner Roger Goodell on a number of occasions and added him by the way at NFL commission if it's right there. And I never got a response. But apparently there's a Twitter account. That is under the name act Jones Smith I don't know that it's at four arguments. It's name under the name Jim Jones and no where lower is apt for arguments. No followers know profile pictures so you get an egg yeah. Are used again at four argument and apparently this Twitter account has been taking. Members of the media detected task who have criticized the NFL commissioner. And and just as a for instance pro football talk I tweeted it that it was on the commissioner to solve the anthem issue. And app for argument tweeted back please do better reporting he's already doing this you're behind. So the the article in the Wall Street Journal asks the very legitimate question who's this valiant defender. Of a man who has so few defenders including not a let's in this robe. His wife two great. Michelle she wanted to and hurting Skinner Goodell who is a former member of the media incredible story. Now they confirmed. That it was Roger Goodell is white who was tweeting at people under this this you know fake account. I don't know how they confirmed it but then she just confessed. Written statement this afternoon quote it was really a silly thing to do and done out of frustration and blah. As a former media member I'm always bothered when the coverage doesn't provide a complete and accurate picture of a story I'm also a wife and mom. I've always passionately defended the hard working dialogue and I always well. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future unquote. The Wall Street Journal reached out to mrs. Cadel cheap and out that statement. The the Twitter account app for argument was made private and it was taken down completely. It's coming at this is an unfairly. He clearly has bothered by media criticism yeah. Yes like he's very much is that apparently at Toronto pitching Taylor on she went instead it. I thought she would do that. Because he gets she knows it bothers him she wouldn't do that just because they somebody's talking about my husband. People to people talk about her husband he's in a high profile position he's commissioner and I fell. Only way she knows it's a real issue is because. He says it. Book confirms the report that he was upset about now Patricia were in the clutch hitter rather he is definitely. Sensitive to all this. All right yeah. That's right I'll remember it as a member of the picture that was taken here the pre season game Roger with the three guys in the patriots jerseys and and somebody tweeted out the picture in and wrote Roger Goodell with three guys will be disowned by their families tomorrow. Which act for argument responded why is everyone so immature including you. Let's celebrate in the new season. I also love at four argument follows 46 accounts. On national outlets prominent athletes are Taylor Swift. Right seaquest has spread Seacrest also for a counts connected to the high school attended by the bills and the. I. Count because they let you gotta be this great it is out there the NFL spoke RJ I think it's Brian McCarthy doesn't are not mr. Goodell didn't know. About ash fork down on. Heard Billy didn't because you know it ad for argument I'll give I'll give. Him slash her credit. At four argument is not really being the Twitter troll. I just offending thing that we don't know but not limited the amount on the defensive about the tone the tone is not really. All colors or why console ever took it did anyone solve format but if you wanna be your troll you does it get nasty now determines white now. She's weight making is yes. It down and dirty hit it down and dirty she's. Still being coming into defending him just being the polite mom Jones Smith Jones. I used to be used to work at Fox News obviously. Has is kind of an out of the public guy. Since she left Fox News. I can see why listen you better bring a muscle acted as brief as well to keep up with Fox News you need to be a little bit more of an alarmist. C'mon this is his will to take a come on for argument. Now and you know Andy played the cut of two is now. Defending her husband how's this different. Are positive and she traced today ending her husband and she should go on as Jane Skinner. And there is injured leg to L commissioner's wife. Just go study by the day any day. As well while I was old enough that he was being recorded either OK our version stated so it's just it is that was just out there are saying it. You know she may have a burner counter we don't know this is also she has to. Search is the Twitter search Roger good now. It seek that out and responsive though that's what you do is she's only done fourteen tweets since August. Ought all of the fourteen tweets have been in defense of her husband. I Seth wicker sham had a tweet out about you know the whole anthem issue and I'll let. And she tweeted at center at San quicker sham reads like a press release from the players' union you can do better reporting. AA rule are he's. She doesn't it we where she called you know Corey agents. Yeah like that leadership is hard give them credit card you're okay out your credit are these courageous. Yeah. Asher and this is just a little too. A little too protective of Goodell and a little too Smart to think that want to go to Smart about this the purpose of your article is silly. What board of directors in this country would all agree on this issue if people treated me in this language I'd love Twitter a lot. Yeah I mean I actually go back as. You know literally get that think funerals take you for arguments. For your well reasoned. Well thought out two weeks. I guess so commissioner Goodell on usage that NFL commissioner there's no way he checks on I added all the that I just never responded me just at that's pull this act for arguments follow. NFL commence. Good question is about because I've gone out and taken down to count down now but she did. Adults weeded about the game the colts game in this Peyton Manning statute and at four argument like that week. The. I will say this there today and then their people out there who do this sort of thing were really good. As the as the piece points out in the past year enterprise enterprise in sleuths. Have found the anonymous accounts purportedly belonging to people like former FBI investigate FBI director James combing. NBA commissioner Adam silver. Like we know there are people with fake accounts out there Mike Hsu shifts he says he's got a fake counties players don't know about. There are people who apparently have the ability and a slew through this stuff. I I don't touch them off on app. For argument and a audio did somebody actually speaking positively about the treatment are the only one pass this defending the commissioner of all these. He's such an easy got to attack on Twitter and you go one person in there. And then today they looked at some of those probably may be somebody noticed that a couple of times other some overlap this person. I'd really like and then once you. Go into who she was following. I was also another room to get legend if if. You're saying gene Skinner Jane Skinner I know it. I've heard that she ever show have I heard her work the deputy police chief says six officers were killed including the district's top cock. Top cop after cop after the vehicle they were riding in was sprayed with bullets are three other officers were hurt in the attack Palin and her lines I'm Jane Skinner time medicines act. And yet that was black. And and it just. South Carolina Gamecocks he's been. Ghost of chaotic you know Steve Burton who think. Also ahead serene and runoff from the stadium shaking my lap and. She's ago when you know I've got to set the humor at four arguments. Jones Smith come on back line. You can ask me. You really believe the commissioners now. I believe c'mon she's following as at as a journal said you know repaired and he pointed out already. The people she's following gave her away. She's well a high school there's not a holiday that is where Seacrest. In the popular count female texts. Also that also be okay they had to act now Texas Tech that without the district's top cock. After cop after the vehicle. Sprayed with. Since when she got tricked out. Yet she said it. Then you know something comes the mines guys I don't doubt he's by the way at the email text there. Com. While ago oh yeah it's it's also known as big problems. Or yen yen and and and some of its. Most recent week is an article about panic kisser you. The minute after winning his or you play for fun though 56 minutes ago rat female tax sent out and eat a reasonable job. Something like 3000 dollars an hour nothing too wild. Along with group. Four point six million people all FEMA before and warehouse yeah I think that chase and let me add them. At the email text. Thank you Jane for the heads up and entertaining story I wonder if my wife has a fake Twitter account up there right on the really indelible with the yeah. Everett he would never defend me that rob you heard what goes I don't know announcer Jack harper ally now 55 of Weatherford Q&A Holler and if I. Dale in Hollywood key is that guys Sports Radio WB yeah. Post game interviews ESPN Alabama quarterback a gimmick parents mom. Out of me that red and I'm listening to English. And the parents girlfriend Catherine Webb she favored it eight derogatory about. And the tweets have since been deleted the parents mom later tweeted apologies. To operate. And that burns Welker the white patriots receiver. Wes Welker went to FaceBook and wrote this proud of my husband and attacked by the way if he won his support. We've got to Ray Lewis is Wikipedia page six kids four wise acquitted for murder paid a family off. In the day. What a hall of fame player a true role model and beat. That chain Goodell Skinner. King's inner L whenever this Goliath you know that you can't you know line they still she's username. And I don't walk uncertain Elden Nikko Grimes and I arrived vegetarian. Hey hey hey it's easy to cast a game or guarantee I was out what's going on now DD. With the majority. I'm by the way we don't really hurt woman Michael appreciate the can you appreciate appreciate teller that you know aren't I'm Andy likes the patriots could line. I'll take you very much. NFL news the federal appeals court has cleared the way for the six game suspension of Ezekiel Elliot in that domestic case. Now the question is whether or not the NFL PA will take this. An appeal it to the that the court New York the district court that they've rejected the appeal said we don't have jurisdiction on this. In a split decision they said they were not this is our case. So now it's up to the NFL PA. The NFL believes that the fight should head to New York. The NFL PA could seek a new injunction there but as solve this moment. Pending or whatever things they're gonna do busy yellow latest suspended for the next six games beginning this weekend Jones Smith just we it is NFL commission right again. Got Tom Brady got his new deal Elliott an all pro team there where courage. Courageous give him credit do democratic leadership of art. Now the question I guess is with the NFL suspend a guy on Thursday. Cowboys play out in San Francisco on Sunday. Would they do what did they probably couldn't. Other than a buyer that it'll buy this week and I've got cowboys at San Francisco on Sunday. Not weeks evidently. OK so it's a week from Sunday. So they couldn't they could suspend them for the actions don't have Gordon no western counter with a counter move for Ezekiel Alia and in camp. Second thoughts about partnering on an orchard count and which account or movie is that as witnessed it. My general you're counter move to the EZQ Eliot news are picked up now for more tickets. Then I. I got sophomores and I think partly out before we told jiji news I ran out you have like our cells that happened and it's wrong. Playing in the big leagues that's CPR I'm Derek bell outbreak Monterey. Now room or come. The ups and they're out an average just looking idea at the schedules of the six games. San Francisco Washington Kansas City Atlanta. Philadelphia chargers thus I'm so fortunate that's unfortunate those tucked and not I don't think that I good anyway. That this is this is bad for him. Bad business. So the NFL will reinstitute the six game suspension got. The players association wolf the erratically file off for an injunction in this court New York tomorrow because it's too late today. Five minutes of five decay Canada and appealing place you know by close of business that probably probably already closed at this point. So they'll file that tomorrow and and it's going to be questioned whether the court New York wants to take on the case and a as of now pending something else happening as he Kjell Elliott is suspended again for six games. Or until. At four argument weighs in Latin America Europe and tells us exactly what's gonna go on here Johnson West Roxbury hey John I don't. I have no idea what John was on. They had the pleasure beyond new deal. Or so ago wanted to talk to you about you know carrier it and and and their relation to racism. Note specifically. A watered talk about. What Dick Gregory said. There are declared. Gregory says there a difference between racism in the north so. And then and. That in itself. You know we don't care accord should get resorted albeit cubic. Mean. Nor. We don't care how big you get an unusual character quote. Are so now how. So now. And edit and Bob. Ehrlich I. You know I got a girlfriend. He already made and Antoine aren't willing and he said he liked. What we can't play no no no I'm not right now percent we wouldn't go back report may be made village opens may be a because that question I have a question and O Carly was saying he likes. Boston and he didn't like. Cleveland Cleveland midwest Boston East Coast you he goes south north OK that's fine. Hi how does it carry Hussein he's who he likes Boston in your point is what he should nor. What. Mr. gives us all Americans out. I'm trying to related to the rhetoric from everybody yell OK okay and it aunt and and the experiences. That. Honored in my life. Of a Gator grip. You know I was in the seventh straight what book went bosses started the bucket and there was it was catered. By what struck Eric. Rule. It out. Really. Should've been. Every person that walked into that. John we we are were really us against that we got to kind of digging in our borrowers ticker this thing here and and I got a feeling this was just gonna go on. That longer than they show us that. Good called. So see. See what happens can be careful with just throw it at throwing lie you are saying you know anybody who talk about African Americans in Boston. I career and he. Latched onto that and what was teach if I don't know OK okay. They let out an apartment he wanted to go where an agreement yet he said it as far as he's concerned I was invited. You burn lots South Africa 6177797937. Its telephone number it's dale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.