DHK - Annette Perreault, 41, diagnosed at 6 months old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Pittsfield, with Dr. Stephen Sallan, chief of staff emeritus and pediatric oncologist, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Annette was diagnosed with ALL at 6 months old. During a routine check-up, her primary care doctor noticed she was jaundice. Blood tests revealed she had ALL and her parents wanted her to be treated at Dana-Farber. Dr. Sallan treated Annette and her treatment included cranial radiation and chemotherapy treatment for more than 3 years.

Annette enjoys going to Red Sox games, hiking with her dog, going on day trips with her boyfriend, and spending time with family and friends.In 2001, Annette was diagnosed with benign brain tumors. Her doctors believe that tumors were from the chemotherapy and radiation treatment that she had as a child.

Dr. Sallan has been a part of the Dana-Farber staff since 1975 and has seen great strides in the treatment of childhood cancers.Dr. Sallan can give a big picture overview of how research dollars translate to improved treatment and cures for different types of cancers.


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773812348777381234. Or you can text the letter K in the word cancer Kate cancer to 20222. To donate 25 dollars this is kind of an an an unusual pairing we have here we have an admiral who's who's in here we're happening out there right now power you have guts and and doctor Stephens Allen who we've seen on a number of occasions over the years here that's the disease has ties to the thank you but I have to admit I was a little fascinated when I read. That you first started treating and that when she was. Hole. Six months muscle. And you are not seven months old now I know it's been a while I was at circuit split experts are saying it's in that range six months. And you are now 4141. Initially doctor. Started senior at the age of six months what we treating her for we were treated for leukemia. And for six month old babies 41 years ago the chance of securing here works them realists. And today. It took it at that time may be with them one chance in ten today probably vote to a degree. It's changed quite a bit. And that how are you doing today. I'm doing good and don't really connect. I AM suffering from student that side effects from the chemo and radiation as a child. About sixteen years ago it they took while playing five years after that I'm. I was diagnosed in nineteen homer brain tumors which were caused by that chemo and radiation that I had as a child. And I've had two operations cents. And that's just a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with conversion disorder which is an anxiety disorder. And from. I'm in medical history I have I'm always worried something's gonna happen. And I've been treated for that and moves up and now I'm doing great. Does that Red Sox game I love go to Red Sox I didn't realize that the team during the shoot your mind they're doing good now usual fair player. I'm a law while the players. And accurately we had noticed that because they see you have your nails are red and blue yet. You count on Red Sox hearings yes but see him but they do pockets and I great big heart on there adamant that. They don't have a favorite player on this alone if I choose it beaten to Pedroia system by saying I don't care thing now. Doctor is it safe to say that over the years with the changing treatments that the issues that and that had to go through because of the way treatment was back then. People that don't have to go through those same issues absolutely I mean when and that was diagnosed 41 years ago. We were just trying to give her a chance to live in what we realized was we just we were curious where paint a pretty big price for pictures to. Today. Not only do we hear more a lot more. That we do it with much much less harm and the quality of life for the children were treating Tuesday it is almost a hundred. There's different. You know doctorate we're telling people it dated to donate. As much as you as little. Little bit helps a lot certainly helps but. And it can you speak to a person who said that can have a hundred dollars and speculative. Dana Farber how is that gonna translate into something substantive. Word a cure just kind of help us out and walk mr. Yeah I think it's really important for people to know first couple that when we start quoting all these good news numbers it's because people of been there to support us. But the numbers that you don't hear us quoting. Our 100%. Cure there's a lot of people with these diseases who really want and need to help all of us though there. And I think in terms of supporting the research that's really changed the face of cancer. And certainly supported care for these adults than kids who need it. It's. It's one of those investments that so very likely to come home and appreciated your own family or your neighbors there's not many of us who can employ it. These problems. At least I've come across other stories similar to a nets who was diagnosed so early and then later on it's come back in with the side effects yet that side effects. Our were pretty calm so that I've been doing this the vote of students for two years before bed and I thought. I've been doing this for both 43 years in at the time we really worry both side effects most kids were dying. And we wanted to change this. In the course of doing that we've realized a lot of what we're doing pretty toxic and then overtime we'd meet the NetSuite. Understand their problems. And we'd be able to do better treatments with less toxicity. When did you guys reconnect and I mean he treated you when you were six months old but had it been adapted there where you didn't run into each other I have to. Well when I was treated my parents slipping carver. And loops. After that we moved west. With him at Berkshire County. Rate them almost online and new York. And it's just. Just over the years I come back for check ups. And just as I got older it. I dealt with Tom doctors in my area. You know it's pretty interesting. You think you know 41 years and thousands of kids later. Gee whiz they sort of just go by you know and Hayes but you hear you know somebody types it in your email Leo that. And a girl wants to talk to you. And it just clicks right there on your book you really you remember the kid's event to their families sometimes you remember their dogs and cats and a commitment but it's pretty amazing in the community that that we're. Really allowed to be part of it and released. People's lives the blessing. Of the relationship that might quit with doctors and nurses throughout all these years the great yeah great and I would. If you're a child or even adult. I'd recommend anybody to go to Dana Parker and doctors to staff is just incredible. You hang in for the game tonight yes. I had Phelan and I'll write you out of my. I had a feel a bit of what's that once you've got inside the gates she work hold back out again I don't know. You know. I don't blame it's great to meet its frequency and you know it's nice to meet everybody and thank you for having me thank you not to sound good to see you again if you as well thanks for the ordinance. Really appreciate unep brawl joining us and her doctor doctor Steven salad nothing about this. He first started treating early which which he was six months all of them Lenovo. And yet when her name appears on his is emailed me he remembers people who he is and what you thought well. That's that's good doctor like oh yeah. Thank you don't break you guys very rushed him to Syria.