DHK - Annie McNamara, 27, myelodysplastic syndrome, Boston, with Dr. Robert Soiffer, chief, Hematologic Malignancies Program, co-chief, Adult Stem Cell Transplantation Program, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Annie was diagnosed in 2015 with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). She was not feeling well for a while, and thought she had the flu. She had a physical and through routine blood work discovered she had MDS.Annie had three rounds of chemotherapy and then a bone marrow transplant.  Her sister Molly was her donor, and donated in June of 2016 right after she graduated from the Naval Academy.  A year after her transplant, Annie got engaged to her fiancé who has stuck with her every step of the way since her diagnosis.Annie's family owns the Portland Seadogs, the AA affiliate, so they are HUGE Red Sox fans!She sees Dr. Soiffer every 6 to 8 weeks for checkups.

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Earlier had a guest on that protects it you might just that might we'll just talk music you know but yes I've done and yes. We have another and now I. You felt it just at the time we got her elbow and grad and out whose family owns the Portland sea dogs and I had to admit I'd bounce the first pitch up. Portland seed in their video of this hole and I thought I asked rotate another chance to sit. Her family owns the airport into dogs and there's been. Apparently I Wii I know exactly where to go to the video thank you very much day. Any back to Mary's here and and her doctor doctor Robert Zoellick for. And that any. It's 27 years old hat Milo this plastic syndrome which I have to admit. I've been sixteen of these things but that's a new one on me at I don't think effort that went before what what exactly did in tale. Yes so it's blood disorder again normally found it again. Older folks. So it was sort of rare for at 25. Year old to be diagnosed with that. But certainly shared today is a bone marrow transplant so. I mean was it meant it to Dana Farber once I found out hands. Did three rounds of chemo outpatient acting forever. An and accepting of both Americans and last June. It's as the impatient at the breakdown. That doctor cipher was my transplant doctor and tenth harbor. And doctor Roberts worked for is here and I heard you say yes when she talked about the rarity of the disease how rare is it. How he treated well itself. It's the disease that as Annie said he's much more common old people. People in the 60s80s. Very uncommon. Twenty's. He can be treated with support here medications and little dose chemotherapy when picked Poulter. When patients younger. We generally want to all Americans clause with out of bone marrow transplant mild to split will lead to keep. And it becomes very eager to treat so. Despite the rarity of the disease and he was that. Attracted the entire time she just made it head on. Did it too tough to what I have to do. I'll take the chemotherapy in the transplant her sister was her daughter which is remarkable story also that. She showed remarkable courage through the entire process in and it even knows something was wrong or you feel like how long that laughed. Tired. Too. Much. The bar. Like an appealing their I don't got a good story and that's what you're gonna carry you through the. I cannot relate to that I. But it hadn't had it takes I knew something really often action difficult. Week. So. It's late night after what happened to inch its way. Saturday Javed Ali counted that's very Massachusetts. My word and act out there. That come back. It's. It doctor Lieberman can tear your donor with your sister Molly. I assume that might have been a ten for ten match perhaps. Yes it was an exact match was awesome. Sister is a senior at the academy's actors like frank. Steamers that reflects well. Making sure to keep a schedule worked with the sisters schedule them. In between graduation. Widgets so. I was really fortunate to. Match. A week later after such a perfect. It worked out I was able to hurt at mission. And I. Speaking we transplant a year after the transplant something significant happened in your life tell us what that is and. Yes so I got engaged. Almost. Exactly here after the transplant which was pretty special. Dan my fiance was served with me through the whole ride. So it was awesome very exciting ends. Its focus on planning a wedding now wedges. And that. All of that in the past years. And he was right there was Hewitt said he knows the real deal yeah really just aren't as good as our guys. Yep it's sealed the deal. And had a question for your doctors is finding that match fortunately she had a sister without match there for the bone marrow transplant was once the match but for those who don't have sisters don't have a brother that able to do that how tricky can nappy. Will things really change over the past five to eight years the better. Twenty years ago we would only do bone marrow transplant on a patient who had eight siblings a brother or sister who matched. At about fifteen years ago we started to transplants from unrelated donors volunteers dealers. Who were able to actually provided the source of stem cells and actually good outcomes. More recently we've been able to even use half matches so even a win eight other sister does it. Match fully ten out of ten match dale said a week you actually get by with a five of ten match almost as well as we can't attempt. Our friend Tara who's going to be here tomorrow had her bone marrow transplant in November. And I know she was kind of isolated for about nine months I assume you've had a similar sort of regiment you had to go through. Yes of the first hundred days I was inside you know sort of contact them on in the outside world besides my family. So I was definitely tough and then. I work for an Austin Co. act Clijsters and so I was able to work from home through the spring. And they were awesome. Sort of helping me get through flu season because my immune system. Receivers susceptible to catching something. So yeah I was you know at home until April. Answered just get getting back in readjusted to you. I. It's a real family affair doc watched any buyers Oprah folks beyoncé really all came together it. That'll give her support of actually help keep healthy. A community effort. When's the wedding I'd accept. If congratulations a couple of things that couples swapping one you do work out some companies how to increase in credit out of great Fredricka. And secondly in the scouting reports and future sea dogs that we should be looking out or. Bully doesn't devers Africans as loyal you know he's doing pretty well. Commandant and the obviously. I don't have a scouting report right now but I'm sure things. You're in the nickel you need a great little bull market. Yeah it's I'd love going up there and Ankara practice hitting get a chance to. Endeavour's much he was there are very now really kind of scooted through town and yes. Now he's here hitting home runs things like every every game every other game. We took into been intently from you two's yeah. Yeah I'm not a you've got your children to this point yes it's critical to see them say it. Progress. It's to fat cats watch. Well it's great to visit with both of you and MacNamara fallible Malone multi faceted. Can not just in case you didn't hear ripped up. And doctor Robert Lichter thanks you guys that are very much for coming in it's great people that it. Thanks for having classy guys into the past. Thank you thank you and good luck with a wedding thank you and I hear from September whenever that is good luck. Think it's.