DHK - Anthony Guido, 59, pancreatic cancer, Allenstown, NH, with Dr. Kimmie Ng, medical oncology, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Two years ago, Anthony started suffering from abdominal pain that continued to worsen and began radiating to his back. His appetite decreased, he was constipated and unable to sleep. After going to the doctor, a CT scan showed pancreatic cancer. His treatment has included 12 rounds of Folfirinox and chemotherapy. He started in a clinical trial in February 2017. He worked as a mechanical superintendent. Anthony says he received phenomenal care by brilliant doctors and nurses at Dana-Farber.  Anthony says that Dana-Farber staff were so helpful in connecting his family with available services and grants. They want to thank all who donate to the Jimmy Fund. Those donations helped reduce the financial strain through reduced hotel rooms after treatment when he was unable to drive, parking passes and gas cards. Anthony says his life was saved by the top-notch care received at Dana-Farber. Anthony and his wife Shelly have 3 sons, Greg, Joe, Brett, a daughter Amanda, and 16 grandchildren. Anthony's hobbies include motorcycle touring, beachcombing for sea glass and enjoying life with family and friends.

In 2008, Dr. Ng joined the staff of Dana-Farber.  She was promoted this year to be the  director of clinical research in the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center. Her research focuses on the identification of molecular predictors of survival in colorectal cancer patients and the development of novel therapies for the treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies.

She also studies Vitamin D and Colon cancer and how it helps prevent the disease.


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I'm joining us right now from Allentown New Hampshire. Is is Anthony Guido doctor Kim song that's it right Ang. Had a 5050 and answer the same thing masters and I know I. You right now I got we'd all right on right now I can see both of you guys thank you very much. Anthony. Was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer years ago you had. Some abdominal pain in and decided hey maybe Andy get this looked insulated. I was diagnosed out of Baltimore. John Hopkins of mercy and and I came home to New Hampshire and my wife got me connected with data father and I got hooked up with doctor Richie work their magic there ramp. So so what's it like what's it like working out working with the doctor doctoring and and it just you're just going through treatment that your doctor well document she's awesome my step is awesome everybody data file was awesome from them delayed that stands particularly Gupta. Doctor ring. The infusion nurses Jacqui seven. You know they they're awesome everybody is awesome. We were without their research it. People people just won't won't get that we needed to be. What was the timeline like knowing that you're experiencing pain to all of a sudden being diagnosed the patriot cancel it deals couple months they have that I had my pains it. Do construction work you know just go to work today typical thing and then one day you just got too bad. I went to a doctor I had good hands from the from the stop. Like I said I came home to New Hampshire. I'm Dana firemen and doctor. She were to magically fascinated and take here I am you know I had I had. Wolf if you're not infusions and five radiation. She can explain it details book. Look at him now I'm doing good. Doctors hate it patient. He's a great patient and patients like him and how well he's doing are the reason why we go to work everyday and and do their research that we do. Pancreatic cancer is notorious for being really difficult to talked early and very difficult to treat. On the butt beat me huge advances here. In terms of understanding the genetic code. Underlying pancreatic cancer is having that knowledge has allowed us to deliver personalized care and individualized treatment that. Really produce as much better results that could be achieved with just standard chemotherapy alone. Other research that we've done has also allowed us to develop very sophisticated models of each patient pancreatic cancer in laboratory. And that has really allowed us to test new jobs in the laboratory to better predict what is what is actually going to work for the patient. And all of these research efforts and the results significant results that we've seen have really allow patients like Anthony to live ovals than normal life which is heist last. On Andy's efforts would not have been possible without philanthropy and individual donations from from our viewers they've really makes a huge. You know Anthony we have to mention you're sure. It purple stride and he got the fly purple beer and I'm gonna hit it there on top not. I had to do so what's going that's apparently got verbally explain it explain all I know you're old bank. Most. People. 8000 miles motorcycle us. That gives them an highlights you start. You are an. The way across Chicago and I don't want it to be because. Boston's threat to Chicago. We dodged we dodged few storms here there will lay out to yield to Illinois. And addressed here and it's Colorado. Got a little bit. They said twenty's it's so we doubts out there is yeah Mexican border into two the states and then. On to California. Here's my. Two boys the night in the highlights what was one of the highlights of that I've got a dog in audited hail storms you know a lot of girls belongs which we've met a lot of people one way a lot of interest people who came to was ask him about cancers awfully. Old bike. And I have. Things I can't say my kids age group. I where he gets his ass yeah they don't I got that if you're not yet no shame because everybody else is doing its certificate to. Absolutely it's it's it's gets his. Cancer doesn't cancer. All Kansas a bit. It doesn't matter who we La rich pool as those. But when you get to date fob and you meet people like doctors and staff human good it from the vehicle and walked in the door. It is excellent people lost. I could do about them for life. I believe that this. Face it. What what's her name on the ship bright experiences. Average of sixteen grandchildren. But how do you keep up what we do a lot better. Stuff like that. We trot which. We make it. Right out of bed like I can do what she. Did you have any knowledge or much knowledge of cancer. Both for you were diagnosed in new fans players this is all new to you. I did not you don't think about it or anything about cancer when you don't have it when you get it's when you you know when you when you don't start doing your research. Learning about all kinds of things alternatives games here and everything just just waste state better. Anthony we know this was inflation Amaechi thank you for help and be neutral doctor and thank you very much great to see you as well about a way Anthony canned no we can't on the radio but you can send us the picture by him all the word yet on there every death we've got some pictures just wants to quickly we can entertain ourselves we're gonna. That's like your facts of the physical like we we can take care great to see okay thank you guys thank you very much think we continue on here that telephone number again if you'd like to make.