DHK - Bill Belichick addresses the Seth Wickersham article; Slamming Dan Shaughnessy for overusing ‘Tomato Can’

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Monday, January 8th

Hour 1: The guys slam Dan Shaughness for continuing to use tomato can while explaining Patriots opponents. Bill Belichick opens up and responses to the Seth Wickersham article. Bill goes into detail on his current relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Bill also addresses the rumors of his meeting with Roger Goodell last week, and his thoughts on the match up with the Tennessee Titans.


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Yeah. Shaughnessy. To write again. He embrace it New England. Dan Shaughnessy. As always as his finger on the football vault we'll be right about whatever Americans. Two little kids to work through it and tides are. Right they feel up every candidate in garden. The phrase come from. Two in a negative thing where we're going to come from. I look at history. Now a check did you ever say it took me growing up did you ever call anybody tomato can we ever called tomato. I was never Virgin Islands and it can't did you ever I don't think ever called anybody a major user of birdies you. And they look at. It yeah I doubt it okay it's a little kids. There's actually gave up a website. That has side on the research on this since January 1. 2016. DN Shaughnessy has used the term tomato can in eighteen cuff on its. Still half I thought the pages of faith love McKinney is you know pay it he he got assistant he's got some that he's done all I talked to Woody Allen and go dammit feels good about it. American T shirts market this whole thing is consistency arisen leagues and while sometimes they're one of the union. All right. Well you look at you must have lost Sorenson he tomato cans of the source OG yet tomato can't. Yeah he won't he won't have a lot of people fired up about this opponent and you you can try them patriots were dry. You know Belichick we'll talk about it in his players will say that does that operate on and I are you heard it red flowers I heard today dollars and all are here we got to play our best game to win it. On that's what they are talking points and that's what they should set out for us and Italian but hey by the way it's how they should prepare as well one game season. No guarantee all stroke is only one game when your schedule this. But come on aggregate team not a very good team. I thought the worst team in the play them the bills beautiful cola all the NFC teams are better means to all the division winner for better even though obviously they went out BM division winner of the chiefs had a miserable second half against the titans so. You do to give Tennessee credit for that and he came back there got it wrapped for all that's great. All four of the games this wild card weekend the ratings were down double digits over a year ago initiative that. It was horrible. Awful football for the most aren't actors grew older buffalo Jacksonville might have been as bad and I don't care how close it was like that's his battle football games have Emerson Electric fence yet you're like out for seventeen punts and realize you have to right putts you know like saints represented another Arizona and it's that was just hope the orange no I was the best of luck she's quite as a one point -- she's right guy. Road pups out to himself then all of Egypt right now. That's pretty good edit team that we had a 213 lead that managed to cough up that fur ball that's what makes him but it doesn't act or somebody should tell us cabinet and you know it makes it a closely riverboat daring sedate comeback it doesn't make it good football was what I that's upload your football was all I know this weekend. Not the football is good night I took the wraps on that or all over the place yet on how they had just not wed and the reviews and some of the late the late nineteenth through the the Saturday game. Just nonstop there views at popular out there explain idea what's going up and loves it enough TV tower is about my commute is out here that's victim expected in scoring line that whole Tyler oh my god. Nobody games were or competitive a what you mean bill's jaguars you're watching a bases. Classic Thursday night football this is two teams that you're shocked there in the plan there is no idea there's no way if this wasn't. A playoff game that help determine who was coming here you'd be even sat through it and watched it probably. That was about Aguilera equality of backing was Terry is Blake portals verse Tyrod Taylor. Offensively is really tan Jacksonville's defense the Mike and earlier huge giant metal for their own audit of the jagr and out of the defense is very good terrific hard to get a real sense though they're going up against down off. Well you'll get a sense museum in the championship game here you guys address you know think about it it don't think about it I don't out and out onto the next. Will be. And bill knowing I am portals the portals and it's terrible quarterback and he really had hoped ran for more yards and he threw for yesterday not a good shot just I don't know running for 88. Okay probably run it every day effort showed twenty. They are well that's not good but that now is it this is. That is really tough to out match up what they got that they got it's not as players and yet this match is all over the place. And you really have to account form the most teams have a public now that being said gets beat them twice. You're Tennessee Titans. Put up some points or not there at the end of the year. That was it's like LS game in Jackson hour planned it was an ugly game was like fifteen terrorism whatever early in the year that put up thirty some points and objective of these. And don't sleep in Tennessee it's okay he's not meant to know him this is one of the other appreciate it did I'm not saying the most important museums and not a cliche you know the time I don't. Well I say I then yeah. Annika I. Oh and rebuild the tight that's terrible isn't it possible that at all week is why on Earth Day one remember that night I actually got something landslide struck. Over the weekend. I have to turn this at the wicker sham article at turn this into my personal wells report. I went factored I don't know I had to go. A win it again but that the bad this time as the little battles to use weapons Dickey like little sticky notes on unquote. No I doubt you have the new breakthrough as well I got you might cross hairs of a fair part of I did I did go out of my way to listen to him this morning on with with Kirk in Jerry. Because I thought all right he was with us on Friday a guy that got new stuff. And I'll say this Kirk pinned him down really well on the whole half day meeting that Bob Kraft has so vehemently denied. And he says while I never said it was after a meeting and then Kirk Redick to him. Weary said it was a have to pay me well I I still stand by my report. The meetings are long but no this is what this is what I've I've noticed is that I've wells reported this thing for those of you don't know. I was very very obsessed with the wells report wise and and the the appeals hearing in New York that is great reading over 400 pages it is terrific tennis I'll get there at all that stuff really. I really can stuff the wheels weren't content so anyway. I have this is easy evidence that it's apparent that knows about two admitted it did attitude through this thing. So. Bill Belichick. I thought his strongest his strongest reporting was on Guerrero but on a second third fourth fifth reading it's not. Just just because you know Bill Belichick a little bit if you just if you listen to him over the years if he determines that you are a negative influence. Well we determined that he doesn't trust you. Forget about this lines of power industry in line and wait you can go to players concede your TV to open against the inability. He really thought that way about Alex Guerrero. Palace where will be out completely beyond he wouldn't be seeing anybody he would be at every so that political movement. If he quickly noticed that is according to the story quickly noticed it Guerrero. You know we're criticized the trainers who blame the trainer for players' injuries but he had no inside of his own. And so Belichick lost some faith in him or whatever was an article. If that was the case Guerrero. We would be have a conversation but we're they had no relationship whatsoever. And another thing that stood out to me on on another demo military problem I a couple of cities a couple of us that he's so why did he say. He's talking about it front and back he has to let. Dollar check quote left the impression with some friends that the current dynamic with unsustainable. Racked. He wrote wrote that but later in the story. Belichick being Belichick. Those around him know nothing of his plans. So on what can say his friends. Say yeah and sustain this. And he's telling his friends this is unsustainable can't talk and my friends now now at the end it Belichick intelligent you're not talking anybody. So they can't be both it can't he can't be a guy who doesn't talk to people that talk to people sometimes. Isabella said Belichick being Belichick. You're not talking to people now quote just friends. I got some issues. I backlash and other guys you know on on my arm I think the rating. What about that he he said that he did research this for two months or eight weeks he'd been doing so is there any chance that two months ago. He got some people to be little bit loose lipped this is what I'd probably closer Dutton or I got up and now. Let me just call myself out first out before before I'm accused of just jump in on just going in on on sept workers' ship. Sometimes. You have inspector website the only you have to keep scores are yet to keep records of that way they that you got right things that you got route that sometimes you'll put your faith in sources collection out. And you got a standard got to stand up form the hit column out publicly at least. Well today even if if you ultimately feel you know what. I got led down the wrong path by this guy on since I got Iran is that I don't I don't say you can't keep defending it if if ultimately sick you know what this source told me. Belichick says he's out here at the entity but I doubt no that's wrong so I don't just keeps and I stand by America. Exactly you can't say you can't keep standing by it but what my point is. I'm not trying to you I trusted you so now I'm not gonna try to help you to make myself look good right. I trusted you and at times you'll help me break stories you help me along the way if you do get credit did. I got all the credit so when I suffer that is gonna as I help protect you was going to be yummy in other words sometimes your resources just like today. They don't mean to not do it on purpose. But the main way they maybe they thought oh well I guess if it's a sort of uber a source he's used before. I don't think they're trying to intentionally trying to hurt him no I don't Jeff thank you intentionally hurt the person they're talking about maybe but the baby or maybe they're just misinformed. But there are a couple of things here that is and I thought they held up before but as you know demand low wells reporting you did there is no. It was good it was good because like that those doing the Panthers game. The thing about what the Panthers to win but I was just for betting purposes and I gotta go prepare there's a way that they covered thank you stated that. So kind of lost interest at times during the games look at. Let me go back to this. I got thrown everything out from there or are you. You take in the whole article that while this is if this is wrong man it's probably all wrong. I think I can't go and I'll I'll say this listening to you yesterday with my yeah you're much more in on sept wicker shams piece tonight. Yeah I want you in on the meeting this draft said it didn't happen. And allied according to Peter King was apoplectic about the report there Peter kings were not months. Yeah how I would I would not think that that meeting would have been the reason why grapple have been treated because that's the Smart or don't measure that. Holes then they wise maybe had a mandate yet you're gonna trade on the holster and stuff in the story right and get some of its new zone is not new a lot of it is sort of our data will extra detail than before so I would think that short Beltzner and Kraft had talked before but I just looking for some then as to why this player is traded on that day at the world what they got back. So I think this is just is believable as some of the other fears that we've been thrown. Do you think he's a top ten quarterback. A joint problem now know aren't so. What I guess it would come that doesn't mean you are taken more than a second round pick a second round pick is a second round pick it in a vacuum is a fine return to drop below that point is not if you think you could have gotten too personal a clinical let me just also point out. They franchised Matt Cassel and traded him. For a second round pick. And they had to throw in Mike Vrabel. And Matt Cassel had more of an NFL track record. The engine to grapple. Yeah one year but the ceiling yet but I castles not nearly when he got off while they they franchise that's set for another they got a second round pick. And had to throw in re able to do that AJ McCarron is gonna be 22 round picks match hobby too sick romper ex Kevin Kolb got to second round picks. I don't Sam Bradford maybe there's more than you do when you first round pick and there's a lot of quarterbacks that have gotten allotted. And though the council pick the better pick in the Snyder's technique the ninth spots higher. I think the only the only issue is could you have gotten was that speculation or was it real could you have gotten. Multiple first robbers or 81 rounder for Jimmy drop below when there was a lot of an eight and a lot of conversation about him before the draft. I don't believe he could have gotten multiple first rounder and about one could got a first rounder if Hewitt traded him at that and it showed the draft. I think you could have gotten a first. That's a fair question okay first run he can have gotten out of state and a pick twelve were picked innocent twelve they had 21 Olympics to browse talking about that wanted twelve. They keep line you'd take twelve from them so you can have number twelve you wind up where. Pick the 3030 spots lower than twelfth. So. Yeah I go so that then having that ad that's that's the real question that I didn't wanna trade him and the answer is didn't wanna trade and. So that he must have known go at that point if we're being led to believe that they couldn't a franchise that right there's been a couple of different people our public reports have said at the map as layoff you wouldn't be able to franchise and its freedom at the end of the year. So as soon is. You start the season you're saying all of Brady looks good he's healthy after eight games. Neither the luxury of a full season and before pro quarterback is gonna start to show signs of falling off a cliff would be in game sixteen and hacking tool. Working even eight. So you they were I didn't perhaps either but once that season starts there's a lot of birdies stays healthy which is done every year but one his entire career then you knew we were trading on the that day so why wouldn't you at least get an idea from teams of what you could still get. Halfway through the season rather than just text in the niners they have a second OPEC yeah the great. And because of Nelson's and that. If you you know record this story Brady was showing signs of slippage. At the age of forty. Brady showing signs of slippage. Jimmy drop below favorite child favorite son. Belichick told the trade. Off a Bill Belichick assailed it. The story is correct this guy he's forty and he's slipping. This guy's 25 and he's rising. On told to trade the guy who's slipping. About not do. Told trade a guy rise I don't via the net told Doug and I looked at yeah. Guys slipping into the gods or it could well they always say is. Robert yeah I agree with you Robert yeah yes a guesstimate that that's right. Your regular boss man that's right hey hey sure franchise. Started checks on here they go back to Robert craft you say. And it try to make a deal and how somebody back. You'd like to say to him what you need to say Q if you really wanna keep them you really feel that Tom Brady's slipping and you want. Jimmy drop all the rest of the year. You can go back to Robert Kraft Robert Kraft can't really make you make a deal that can make a deal was best for the patriots the 49ers to offer me a fifth round pick. Thanks somebody somebody is leaking information from our meetings. It's another league feels like we have betrayed them and their offering nothing it's best for the patriots forced to hold onto them. Did you really believe that they'll vote in what you. There's been no leagues and teams in college you'll think he knows how to tell an owner. No in a nice way. So that still warm but why doesn't that count them why that why that I I don't know an object but it doesn't add up. The trade of garage below what happened at about I gave you an answer and you hated it and you and you don't know where I doubt. I'll. Might they don't make a flap again Brian Hoyer we laugh all you want your wrong out why you were deadlocked because the backup quarterback who socks with the the key to that deal know they'll 'cause you don't because they didn't wanna spend ten weeks in the middle of the season. Teaching a guy off the street the entire offense watched day late and take a couple Natalie it goes that way about the offensive coordinator Ellis quarterback down the back to quarterback if there's ever a time when our Brian Hill idly or something fine here's. Any backup quarterback who need it was all good did you read this stuff that Robert Kraft told Peter Kent did it the whole idea wise it was going to be. Rock below for the second and Brian Hoyer DI so I dismiss that I don't give us that everything be so of. What is Burton told that it didn't matter right but Porter. Yeah probably moment on economic but that's not the point here my wife is that they don't want why I had a player to play they all around. Two weeks teaching actually somebody my god what this league it's not a quarterback got to -- is all right Tom Brady I can't leave you acting greatest patriots shot this isn't bad news to me it doesn't matter right just the guy out there to take the snap and lose regardless if you already had a problem you know about just going to be all right Brady that we're gonna no matter what so it doesn't matter who we all an apple logo that's the only thing why did you pick problem began when it. Maybe he got hurt they could play him immunity gives you a chance if you play lawyer or you put Brian now in those years good luck to yeah. The cycle from Aaron Rodgers to Brett Hundley we're gonna do lose as a matter that's how bill thought that it owning Chrysler it and I don't know. How does the suspect. I totally get past an analyst at NASA doesn't would you glad now don't you last year and it wasn't so much it is a stupid question is it was right or edit yeah this whole trade I didn't say I got a bright nor was it Diaz all they don't Massey by the yen's raid keeps you can hit details this more. I want are Smart guys now what I can't afford to keep this whole thing at the company said it was a key yeah I was just a Muslim you keep saying it that way doesn't make you right why why not what I said what it was a failure right in there wasn't a huge factor they had I didn't write a huge ice at eight back to your first round picks or second rounder and Hoyer my Atlanta here and not let unbelievable deal and and don't let out a second thought they don't want that deal and a lot of you know Ronald longer uses our events don't you sound great on this and Brian Hoyer should not have been even a little bit of a factor in that deal. Makes no sense to me. They had to have somebody back up the quarterback needed somebody who doesn't play they needed somebody who doesn't Bible call it if something happened and what you'll lose my 21 in big deal lose by thirty if if he would have to play the jets game Brian Moyer could not have won that game without him who players that you know it's clinched home field advantage you can lose. The Steelers. You won't Jared good thought that afflict the Pittsburgh balloons. The fact that I'm clinched home field you can put audio like Janet and then Brady is able to so quiet and I didn't know what somebody else off the street. Just I don't. Just prior employer knows where guys are supposed to beat the mean he can make a throng. He's bad. Let's have refused. That's the worst player former in the history. Of the NFL there's a game when the bears two years ago it recently Damir is that picked the Cyrus Jones. But it I would never take example in a bubble for an idea they factor even if it's a small factor did come up and say big factor. For the trade and that's insane. The that's really not looking out for the the future of the franchise or maybe you could have got a couple of you know I was off to your question wasn't why is San Francisco yes that's why. Because it always looks like I did it help fight went wide right a backup quarterback it's gonna be a classic agree to disagree scenario because. I think they could've gotten a lot more from Cleveland or a lot more than that how they've they've probably should definitely get more just from separate Cisco. How do you not get two seconds Ed in your Brian Hoyer or second at DOS and something more than just the second for a guy who I don't think Michael but summer's day in already. Hunter recorded write you. A distraction but. I don't obviously obviously had they obviously added them but at the time it traded him yet. In a game and a half of NFL experience. Going on tonight at five and a half. Matt Cassel had sixteen games. And got to a second round pick and yet to throw in Vrabel. This idea that you were gonna trade him. With a game and a half of experience the trade deadline and grab yourself a couple of first round picks we'll let you know when we're on the first round picks come from in the offseason but in Cleveland but they are all out it. When they made when they made him. A guy who they did when trade. Yes that's what everybody thinking that you know you say it if they trade him before the draft right. You to get something you get multiple draft picks up those multiple first round as well as multiple rappers and sadly became as a character Bill Belichick will join us just couple of minutes. Boston sports. WEEI. Scheduled to join us in just a few minutes that makes this the coach's hours brought you by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center every day amazing. Chippewa boats in Carolina votes by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer. I heard. The conference call. So morning we have Bill Belichick in the media. Kind of a different schedule because of you know coming back off the bye we can all laugh and I heard them. Go right in on it to start button and you know will ask some questions here as well in just few minutes if you saw Tom Brady's instead Graham post. It's it's kind of amusing because. It if you think that if if anything else this sort of sticks oh on certain Burr under the saddle of certain people. You get the feeling that Tom Brady since two Graham has it it it shows that this one this one bugs him. What's on the Graham. He he sent out a picture of him. You know and and it was you know crummy conditions it. X a let me talk audio outs and skim this year foggy and and Ali wrote wise. Fate whispers to the warrior you cannot withstand the storm the warrior whispers back I am the storm. That's always just the picture of him taking a snap out on the field fought he conditions. And I think I think you've got an idea that he's pretty cranked up about this weekend. Why all the stuff just in the history of the team is those kind of brought them together in about what it is right whether its cheating scandal or something going on what what what. You know analysts are saying about the coach now the players feel about the coaches record Tom Jack whatever it is it seems to bring the group together so this I don't think it's gonna be any different than that. Do you think they've they've had a lot of adversity. In eighteen years. Or not that much considering they've been together for eighteen you're not that much is in terms of but you know if you don't at least to the specifically that doesn't Brady tonight that he let this franchise and you think about. He mentioned stargate to placate. Air and. But they had a deal that night all I knew it was gone and Ahmadinejad had to talk about it right there pretty major issue. Better different category only because it was I was spiking to play games don't get cut back to football and football is an idea what those two. I think post that's a lot. It has been a lot yeah I don't I had to keep it in your right they were huge things but in eighteen years you know it's been. Police are around here really another they've been sick well wildly success winning. I I just think that you know they have things to deal with his every team does I understand that. They have less of the of the really bad on field stuff to deal with as most other teams do. Because they're not ever really bad on field. Yeah but I I can't imagine and I don't try to think of another team maybe the Yankees policies category in the in the Red Sox do. They used to both of Red Sox and yankees this being hated our most of the country yeah just. Actually takes a special lives due to win a rock and also the fan base also matters. Right I like it brought the spurs the spurs have very similar winning to the patriots but it's. The spurs like even though San Antonio fans like to read it as good as they have been other than Michelle beetle now yeah it's not it's not the lakers have when they were really good it's not you know some of these relatives or even the Celtics would their insisted that different thing worth the Yankees had in the patriots have definitely then. On that same level. The spurs and you have an obnoxious player. Right now there's not a player just like all hope OK okay doctor and get out and not add that there or another great shot LA. All right buddy boring but needed to use your ordeal that signature or your left there right after all lit fundamental. That was never there. It is time to talk with a head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick our conversation with a coach has brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence. The power of teamwork. Patriots coach Bill Belichick joins us here at. Could fit in a rock and the panacea that. I'm gonna start with a of what seems like a weird question but I'd rather ask you directly rather than refer to press reports that you memory and out of of bread. How would you describe your relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Eighteen years and Tomlin. Eighteen plus 122 Robert. And very. The show and Roberts. On trade opportunities union support. And been pretty lucky if Thomas quarterback for. Those eighteen years plan for seventeen. Eighteen and you know he's a great player coach and Dunlop for the steam. It's been a huge help me personally so. Their relationship with with both Grover and Tom. And I would throw in there since those are the article manipulative vigorous ship without their. As is Robert feel as Robert ever told you to make a trade that you didn't wanna I wanna make. Yeah and we've never done that we've. We talk about things organizational and make organizational decisions. Now that you and a conference call earlier today that you said he had not read the article and then visited credits and I'm not. I'm just curious so but there was a joint statement and ended on Friday between you and Robert and Tom together. Saying that there's a lot of things that were inaccurate. In its multiple articles as well so was it why did you feel. You don't put yourself part of a joint statement even that yet not read the article that points. Blood was informed of some of the things that we're in the article so. Based on you know some quotes and some things that were pointed out. Yeah. That is absolutely here. A vote or inaccurate and I'm 100%. With Robert and Tom and that's it. 100% I think it's probably surprised some people would you say your relationship with a Alex Guerrero has been great. Over the the past several years as well because the inference from some people is that that's not the case at all. Yeah. But I agree. The and I think we're talking about some lot of inaccuracies here. I respect Alex and I think and I think evident professional relationship with a and I can't speak for him but I think you to listen to. So that this changes with the Alex. What what would how would you characterize the changes in his status in terms of being in the building. It if your relationship with him is great. Why the changes. Well we have we have relationships a lot of people. In the medical area. Lots of consultants lots of people that are specialists lots of people do many different things and so we try to have low working relationships with the down. Multiple individuals multiple groups. In multiple areas and try to structure of those who does what it can. Are very are you planning to coax the New England Patriots in 2018. Down. Missouri the itty itty talk about year. Your status imminent according to historian and no one of the quotes was that you told friends left the impression with some friends that the current dynamic. Was unsustainable. And that if you were told to make it. Louisiana a terrorist plot all the individual and you know none of those statements searcher did what anybody there'll just anonymous quotes and so. And I need to give credibility to those anonymous quotes color blind him. No one more thing that there was a as a statement in there that you had. You are good friends with Roger Goodell when he met with him last week is that true. That's absolutely not true last time I saw. The commissioner was before game. On against Oakland in Mexico City he was on silent and asylum for the games in which to each other well let's let's listen. What's your relationship like them. Same. Well it's again he's he's the commissioner. Certainly there's. Among coaches commissioners think we know that now with the kind of relationship that is so. But as far as saying hello to me talking to him a kind of thing that. Seen him last week and not been good friends I think was the term put in there. You'd say no then I'm not. Cannot I don't know what that means Padilla on the second I'm not terrorists plotting each individual. Anonymous quote. Summon but the name on something and talk about it coming out I would consider that. For every anonymous opinion quote that's out there on I don't feel obligated to reply to all those. That means it's interesting though the story says you know your relations with crap does not. Is not great and telecheck. And Belichick and Brady and relationship not great you say it is breaking his craft it is we've Guerrero. Story says you that we could go. You say he didn't. So. If it would you say this story is. Maybe it's not a few inaccuracies were Jews say based on what we've talked about today would you say it's wholly inaccurate. Again I haven't read the story not well in on number the points votes certainly aren't accurate. I'm not gonna again I'm not gonna acknowledged a point by point. Discussions of all the things that are anonymously attributed to nobody. And our random opinions that are unsubstantiated. Wrong. So again if we wanted to do something has some credibility to a and that's that's one thing. I don't see that. Do you have an opinion on why it appears that there are certain media outlets I won't even suggested this one just in general. Seem to wanted to try to shoot holes in what you guys have done down here. Yeah again and I can't really worry about what everybody else thanks horror whatever but he's attendants are there are some good ones that means people like as people. Criticize us. People think on the good coach some people think of a bit so. I can't really control that I'm only care about atlas one of the best that I can't for team Marti and be successful. That's what's important committee. And what others opinions are there. And that's influence and has not. Not that high on my list with time molesters. Do a good job for Robert his family heritage of four tall man all of his teammates everybody on the team the coaching staff. And that's who I feel committed to an obligated to announce well wanna. On charter responsive. With all due respect to. Ever wanted to stay on what's what's your assessment of the play of your forty year old quarterback over the course of this season. Well I think that's. You know some you could really. And don't throw the loop around our whole team on we got a lot of good good moments with a good record problem. And there are some things could have been better. On all from all those coaches players and individual players different units coaching staff. But really none of that matters right now. What matters how we do on Saturday. The next competition and so. Where in one game season and Morgan put everything we have into the season. And do best that we can adapt and we have come and that's true that's about the. Is it easier to do you tell the criticism is it easier to deal with the people say Belichick. Whether it's you know trading Drew Bledsoe years ago Richard Seymour or you know for them to. The easier to deal with those opinions as opposed to. A story where you felt like this is not based on something that happened this is based on. Unnamed sources speculation is that more damaging do you feel like you have to. Take those on because not just opinions it is something that possibly that that narrative is allowed to continue to damage some relationships. Why no with the relationships are I don't think the code of good relationships going to be damage. Well anonymous opinions and that's. Look this is the first time that's ever happened. Thought that's way a lot of things are reported these days. So. It has eluded us I can't control not in the news business them on the coach. My charges best Joba can for team bathroom focuses notices. Notices that something that some. Now. We know those collectively we've been a statement that. I know what the strengthen our relationship is between myself robber in palm those of an address that Alex since he was also brought into this questions so. I'll feel a need to respond any further than that the accounts with the. Have you seen a change in Holland and how the league in how the teams are are covered in the sense that those general Michael Lewis and where you don't. It's gone beyond the x.s and knows what you do on third down and and things like that into more of the soap opera angles where it's off the field what's your relationship like with the personal relation but this person. Is that new word this year or is that sort of been trickling into the game for awhile. Out there it's a come from Long Island and I have talked to people about that and tonight at the same excuses from the media people live bailed him descent excuses that this is what. We have to do. Whether it's their boss of them wouldn't the network is over. Now that's what the competition's doing and so that's we have to do so and I I get all those excuses as to why is this way. It's never their fault. You know we have to do this the way we after reported earlier that he's of the questions that we have to ask so. You know you doesn't northern Iowa on. You have preached for a long time to your players about you know put the blinders on put your head down doing your job and worrying about the game that has to be played this week. Do you think your team has handled outside distractions pretty well so far. Well again bill doesn't really matter what happened last year or last week or last month there last anything. What matters is what what we do this week that's a one game season so. Apps that is some good some bad things some things there could have been better something's been that works well aware they were there were told the books that history so. We're talking about this week this game against it isn't. That's what our focuses. Aggressive violations. Do whatever you want with them and anchor it doesn't matter. Mean the teams that Little League in scoring this year. And part time scorer in the playoffs season than a lot of playoff games than winning a playoff standard and final playoff in a long time. Tennessee under or nine years came back in the fourth quarter conductor point 13 months of you can talk about whatever you wanna talk about the past and how important is on the thing that matters at all. And that's as much and. You you've got a guy and John Robinson who built Tennessee and he he he was here for a dozen years. So what would you say about him in and that it do you see any reflection of Robinson in this team right now. What they John did a great job offer let's here in the personal apartment integration of the culture of all the players that are on this team. He. Some role in in getting them on this team as is that a Tennessee. And I'm sure that between consult for and his staff and coach Markey and on the other coaches and our fault that he's. He's put together a good football team down there and they. And they really want to play off games they have they have to win last regular season game which they did qualify in the in the on this week. In Kansas City. Also shows some toughness and resiliency some ability to play under pressure. And compete and they've done a good job. I think he certainly deserves his share of the credit goes to the players as do. As for the coaching staff mom. All the people involved in its assault team effort if no one person that didn't collectively today. They've done a great job that are that are going to be tough to hear me talk to deal Saturday night. Plus a new face and I respect him and fifteen season and Mary Oden got hurt early in the game in the roster really pretty different on both sides that's a that he can even users that just so long ago it does mean delta I think that's an animal. But the concern. How what kind of challenges do the present though come on Saturday. And they're good at everything. They're they're hurt in the kicking in got a great great honor. And a great kicker. Jacksons and dynamic returner. Got a good core of those special teams players offensively they're on the ball well. Got to go around accident that quarterback that Enron got a good group for explosive receivers Walker's. Outstanding tight end. Defensively and Little League in rushing base for the last two years. It'll give up big plays that don't get penalized. They're sound better and make many mistakes they're very well coached coastal close. And long period great all time coaches the sports scene. Tomorrow with a propeller plane career in my the he's he's done a tremendous job done and that that defense plays well that play consistent. They're tough football team and they can rumbled and stopped on. That play Smart that are they've done a lot of close games they won a lot of close games. And they play it under pressure at the end of the season and they responded well so that's that's really what it's about dilemma when you have to do that have been able to do. You mentioned Dick LeBeau. Are you of the opinion that assistant coaches should be considered for inclusion in the football hall thank. Well absolutely and I think he'd be one. It's one. Mean he has. Does the length of his career the things that he's accomplished she's in the hall of Famer and yet been beaten so. In bottoming out there's a lot of assistant coaches that are arguably more worthy of insular people that are in their fathers and as far as what they've entered the game of football but look that's not really in my field it's not only in what the criteria is for all of planets. Very subjective so well in the eighties and you know by the book holder and people who vote are the ones that vote. The lobos is one of the greats when I wrote greats. Is development zone bullets and that's for the test of time in this category. Defensive. Schematic. That he orchestrated it and and developed. As well as is overall quality of teaching them. Coaching. On many levels. That. Three different organizations Cincinnati Pittsburgh and Tennessee with tremendous success. It's but it will sustain that. Over a long period of time it's. Is that a remarkable career. Personally greatly admire. Worthy of very. Escalator award. That he has received employment more than issued. And he did some great things and in Pittsburgh and other places on defense and then my Malarkey was in Pittsburgh for allows to coordinators it too simplistic to say that. Malarkey and and LeBeau with Pittsburgh ties. Are bringing that to Tennessee or they are they putting that week. On on the Pittsburgh things that they did while they were the Steelers. Well I think there yep sure and in their they certainly have their own. Version of that is different players and it's it's a it's a different team. Well there's a lot of Pittsburgh. Roots there going back to coach wasn't when he was there in April Malarkey there in the marquis went on and well below one John in office. His influence there as well so. But then me and other other other people there. That. Are you know part of that whole. The titans team that are outside Pittsburgh but certainly is strong Pittsburgh influence that there's any question about but it's certainly not duplication of that organization that he. They have the things that work for them in place in new or pretty well. Bosnia the hall of Famer Randy Moss finalists for that fair to say over the last twenty years not many receivers better than Randy Moss. Rim also phenomenal player. He was so. Extremely hard to defendant but really almost impossible to defendant on. My appreciation for him just grew exponentially when we got him here and he really. Gave me the insight. Two. Cutting is the way he saw the game from the perimeter of the field. And ultimately in the slot. As well so it's grannies is extremely. Bright guy bright player understands. Understands football. That is positioned better than anybody I've ever coached him really one of the all time greats in terms of football intelligence IQ and knowing how to play you know games played so. It great talent but he it's more than that that more than just talent and players he was. He knew how to play and I learned an awful lot from Randy. It short amount of time in the street a few things hurdle. Wish I had that then I wish I'd known earlier. You know be released on the when he wanted to compete want to win and he and it's in situations where. Crate for that. When he came here he was on him. They have an opportunity do I think. And we got his best. And it's this forgiveness. It's a tremendous player cannot think socialism the players so be irked me compare him with. With them but I know I saw on Brussels. It's. A very high level higher than anything I've seen. And the tag onto that with dark. Mercedes Penske performance question of the week natural question tell me somebody who should be in all favor considered. But hall of fame this out of there right now or doesn't get a lot of consideration and those are certain positions that don't pay a lot of attention to use only. And one kicker pure kicker and a hall of fame anybody that that's. Well a lot of the a lot of the does that that I've coached. That are out this year thinker. Are very worthy. You know starting with mark Navarro. For some walls. But I dialogue. Randy. That's an impressive group of always says that with Gil print that for scouting and what he's done for the development of on the National Football League both at Cisco. And team builder and developer not just what he deferred Dallas for the how much other teams and other organizations. Took his blueprint and either copied and modified it in their own in their own way. There will be another person. We'll throw in there so. There's a couple for. Bill we always appreciate time good luck on on Saturday night we'll talk to next week all right great sounds good thanks thanks as the patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio double. Really creates playoff coverage during the march to Minnesota is brought to you by ERS restoration specialists and now. Mass. General cancer center. There was a the stated in his view had. Your good friends with Roger Goodell met with him last week is that true. Yeah that's absolutely not true the last time muscle. The commissioner was before him. Against Oakland in Mexico City he was on silent and a song for him. Was it well let's listen it's. I'm alive in the if a full disclosure here tell you that he hung around after the interview and we talked for quite a bit longer. And and I don't think this up was off the record we are asking questions and and some of which I wish we'd gotten to during the course of the interview I did ask him. If he's ever spoken to set wicker sham. Any sense I would know almost he was sitting in that chair in effect he said what's his name again and repeated his name he said I'd never spoken to. So there with a lot of steps while their daughter start at health pay fool who look good in this whole thing united maybe this has come out from the Belichick's side. IE he looked all three of us in the ninth and I have never spoken to. Were you surprised that he went out of his way to say as good relationship with Al Alex Guerrero of the most surprising jump out at me if he'd wanted to add that. Into that now means he talked about his relationship with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady and then. Almost as an afterthought he said and I should also say Alex Guerrero since he's been lumped into this whole thing as well. Does that it's on the conference Alex did not read the article. That's recent rectum my Greece and all of those guys and and your piece you said that as well to us. But he but he said he heard about stuff yet that is what I told them about courses and it's our job and got that their their PR department the week its site certain part yeah that's that's why else abroad Pereira the instead while that he was also mention let me just. Tell you right now I have a good relationship then. Also talking about the working relationship was with Robert Kraft. And that you know I was craft effort you know made you make a trade union Wanamaker deal with you whether his crop or otherwise that's not what they do. They worked together collaborative collaborative league. That's not generally how it works here at Foxboro sleeve. He mentioned that and then you could you could take for what has worked but that was his his take he wanted to get that out there and I think. The PR staff and and others have probably given him a one shall it. Points not yet okay here ago misery stands funds are not invade either is these are the major accusations. Right where they said it was unsubstantiated. Or exaggerated or flat out wrong. You know craft Belichick and Brady the statement last Friday answering a 100% since I left. We should also point out that at this point you know have a choice to make. You guys we're Los Angeles you can believe set wicker sham or you can believe Robert Kraft and bill ballot check. Who have made you know pretty definitive statements here about a number of things but we're not going to the giants visit the doctor salary coaching titles a record Ryan has there's the Rex Ryan Iraq is our coach Aggies beat he's going to be here any set up on the conference call this morning as well. Will you be coaching the patriots in 2018 sedan in the hesitate absolutely. I guess technically he can get off on of that technicality that he is coaching in 2008 team right. But I think it's got a 1008 yeah yeah yeah I added we all knew you know what he management. Column he was pretty definitive about some things. And the thing about about Roger Goodell that you just heard. I mean he almost scoffed when Michael asked the question sort sort of laughed and he said he's at the last time I saw him was in Mexico City that lied about it being good friends of it. No it's just felt like as and the patriots and you reading now let's say through it's a whenever they are friends but I don't know if you just leave one that out there attempt at Fred's the guy that has taken away a couple of first round picks in stereo suspended quarterback Brett Warren bodies everywhere runs all the time ago that he wants that. But yet he do you remember the exact date last time we saw them for the game in Mexico so. You know he was he was pretty strong in and now we felt. Even the league refuted that when I brought it up to wicker sham and I say you know the leak has said that didn't happen while like I expected them to say that I stand by my reporting. No he wasn't here. This past week he wasn't here at all. So you got to decide which which side of the story you're gonna believe. The stuff that that you think is true in the stuff that you think has been. Expanded a little bit I don't doorway behind will will take quick break we'll get to the calls that you guys Rob Ninkovich gonna join us at 330 today. He is our our replacement for Heath Evans on patriots Monday looking forward. To talking to rob we'll get to that we'll get your calls as well 6177797937. Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.