DHK - Bill Belichick on the controversial overturned TD "That's a touchback"

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 16th

We sit down with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick live from Gilette Stadium after the Patriots came back to knock off the Jets in New York on Sunday.


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It is time as we do each and every Monday to talk with a head coach of the New England Patriots are conversation with the coaches brought you might Putnam Investments. Personally performance and excellence through the power of teamwork. Coach Bill Belichick joins us here and are to let stadium studios like coach or you. I'm off good death like betrayed on that you're right thank you it was good good division went on the road so. Take it. Are bad I just as. That he's gonna say it's always good to beat the jets which they did that. Thought I had to do well like doubtless that's him. That's exactly as it was as it was taking place yesterday on the field did you know what was going on with the sit Perry and jenkins' play. At the end zone that there. Budget because of Malcolm. Butler came off the field he told me that thumb that he thought the balls loose and the it was a formal. And then we didn't see it the first couple of replay angles when we finally got the end zone replay angle you could clearly see the ball was out. I guess the question for many folks was you getting the ball to twenty but technically he's fumbled the ball out of the ends. On their right. Right that's correct well. It can't be a touchdown associate possession of global cross the goal line so. It you know it's hard to see Yvenson TV copy and just in the coach's copies are seen on that but. It looked like on the replay that I saw at the at the stadium that the bulls commonly used before across the goal line now he doesn't regain possession of it. In the end zone. Down. That's touched so the courtroom out of bounds just. Kind of what it sound like. The explanation was given after the game that when he had possession the bull is on the on the sideline or was touched in the parliament was so they'll put my bounds it's it's just don't bother with T. You can copy it's it's useless but that's okay that have admitted they never compete they were as confused as anybody couple questions about it one. And you just referenced it Malcolm Butler I think John was over their two and they both seemed very animated about it. What does it say about your guys that there that and soon. Two to actually. Know what's going on there and again. You know loan and it's and it's a plane and it's a play on around the goal on because a lot of times. You know runners will try to reach vaught crossed the goal line so we've we've talked about dialogue that have an awareness defensively. You know if they do that that. There's chance punch a ball while. You know and Jenkins caught the ball PE kind of you know had. Away from his body in his left hand he didn't have very secure also. I'm sure that want our players saw that as they were closed and and to make the tackle there on Patrick and now come as they were going to make the tackle that day in which kind of instinctively. Saw that he didn't have good ball security and I think mountains at Lucas handle it and dislodge. And about the rule itself. Do you think it's a controversial rule at all or is it is it just comments that are gonna you have to position the ball. In the end zone are amenable to touch the goal line so if that doesn't touch the goal line. And you're not in possession of the minicamp it's just applicants in the house clears it could be. They talked about your defense of players being aware of players reached in the ball out what your offensive players are you OK with guys trying to make that play knowing. Kind of what the results could be or do you teach and to sort of just more run through the goal line. Well wolf. All securities top priority for us they're they're certain situations that. That type of play could could be acceptable in Kabila Kabila rightfully some of the ones particularly as last week. In the Green Bay game on fourth and one or fourth enhances. At the end of the game were they don't make it. They loose basically and if they make it then they have the chance to win so. That's a little different scenario than in the first quarter. With Stephon Gilmore being unavailable for you yesterday Taj Johnson got a mostly got the call I think he played 96% of the defensive snaps her. Something like that does that say something about how this guy has continued to work. When he wasn't getting 96% of the snaps to be ready for what he had to do yesterday. They're absolutely. Yeah. Boasted a great job force with Sony to players on defense fourteen in the kicking game. And I really didn't know that he was gonna. You know play until Saturday so. The defense in a tough liberal like that so social offers preparation and and he came through force authority you know. Played well tackled well. Known and integrate they stepped in and bruised acreage of. We've talked over the years here during the senator during this interview many times about. Tom Brady got another win yesterday team win but for him. 188 I believe it is nobody's won that much. If you are. Teaching somebody come into the NFL about Tom Brady and you can just emphasize one characteristic. About what makes him great you know what with that thing be. It just doesn't do what it takes to win. And you could win. 4342. You can win three of them. Went to went so. Do what do what you do to help your team win that's that's all our jobs are particularly at the quarterback position and that's. Sometimes. Ten points is enough to win. Sometimes that takes forty thought so. That's his. Yet to figure what the right thing to do isn't places traditional football. And make those decisions that you can't for the team based on. The very quickly change in circumstances and in a game in the national. We'll. Let you know Richard ball security we talked about running backs and receivers but for him. You look at his ball security and Eliot Anderson interception yesterday but. The last few years in the early in his career exit double digit interception guys pretty consistently you know men out Thailand but you know 1214. And numbers have gone down what do you attribute that to. Just experience. Oh well again I think you know turnovers are not just the responsibility of one player in the weevils in London perceptions that. Let's say aren't quarterback's fault and there are also a lot of plays that made the defense drops an interception word. Could have been an interception but it wasn't so. Let you know turn it was a responsibility of the entire football teams that includes protection. Well quarterbacks get hit receivers in the proper depth and the proper route have the proper time to work you can design a play. Wheeled into the coverage. That we anticipate or that they could be there are problems could be planned so that there are a lot of things that could be done. Minimize or. Put more risk into the into the play on a number different levels and you know I think we'll have to do our part. Minimize the turnover opportunities that are owns so. Think Tom's done a good job think our coaches has done a good job think of the other ten players. Do their job of that and I think it's you know it's total team thing it's not just the responsibility one person on the the balls and responsibility quarterback when he leaves his hand. There again other factors that could come and play there. The better we do everything. Their chance that we would want turnovers. Now Alan Branch didn't play against Tampa Bay let me in there yesterday in the jets do you think he played. I thought only give some some good quality plays yesterday. You have some it's. Pocket push up the middle that didn't necessarily result in the in the quarterback but I think it created some space. For some other players to attack the pocket and that it seems hopeless and running game. One of the things that you addressed earlier today during a conference call that I was really interested in was the the work in progress things. That it's it's stupid to think that the patriots in week 456. Are going to be the finished product and uniting sometimes fans and maybe sometimes members of the media think that. All we won the Super Bowl last February at the team that starts is going to be that team it doesn't work that way. Richardson mine in close. And how far along that. Path do you feel like your team is getting to being who they're gonna before. Well I don't know I don't know what kind of know what it's going to be at the end. And I think we have a long way to go I think we're making progress. Well there were six weeks ago. I don't think we're where we need to deal where we want a so. Hopefully we can continue to gain ground on the island and it quickly. Now based on what you said about you know five months ago six months ago and in now how they're not always connected. We make any type of references to the Super Bowl to your team will you watch that game again and. Fisher will watch it and it's that's our players against their players and there are a lot of players. On both teams Italy plan that played in that into play in this game. On that and says there a lot of players that weren't in that in Italy in this game. It's a new year and the teams neither one of my finger where they were at that point on a year ago but. Yeah there's definitely some old stood on the actors. Think there's any question about that we always look at a team we've played recently. Last years and I'm two years ago that it is an example of Kansas City that we didn't. In 2015. Though Clinton you know 2014. So. You know low when we. Played in and seventeen we had Clinton sixty and equipment fifteen so it was an awesome fourteen games so those cancer relative but there also. Not as recent as the most recent games so there are those the most recent games are important. Boy came down we're talking about. You know one of the big differences with Atlanta is that Kyle Shanahan is not theirs up it's coordinators that over thinking it was still got the same of some of the similar personnel. That coordinator. Is taken out of the mix is that a dramatic difference in words that. Now it's just a change but it's not necessarily a major change. Well I think a significant change look if you change play callers there it's there going to be some differences but fundamentally it in their offenses. Similar to what was the home stretch rounds below takes them. Good combination of all three levels of the passing game short and intermediate and deep. Both good and amount play action alone that are good screen team so. Well in a lot of things that they did a year ago they do. Conceptually now formations might feel different look might feel different but. Certainly a lot of carry over but there also. Quality differences too. Scary situation for one your players recently Harvey Lanny and his wife and a car accident how did you hear about what happened and yet any update on how they're doing. Well and we heard about you know after it happened and it's obviously very unfortunate situation. And I think there I think that they're doing and better and serious book now. I don't think life threatening and I take little time before. You learn about the normal but they're both. They can progress and and hopefully beard he's Johnson from hospital. Yesterday was the eleventh consecutive road win for your team the team record is twelve by the way set from 0608. I think sometimes we week. Don't give enough credit for how hard it is to win any game in the NFL but on the road especially. What goes into an eleven game streak and one of the things that could be rail something like that if you're not careful. Well look there's an Illinois on the Rosen and it doesn't win any time is good players. Players win games and so we have good players that. That gave an opportunity to two in. And so when you before we're fortunate we've got a lot of them through the years. We have good players on the team now so now it's a coaching staff we have do the job of putting our team in position. Where today where they can execute that play well they can win and well it's homeless here and neutral site that matter. I don't want them on the out a winner on the Rosie bring you're monitoring that not a lot of energy feared team in those stadiums on the market will that was so it was yesterday but not enough not really very much in the pictures so. And our team did a good job of that if that thing that from the opening kickoff over. Made a tackle down there inside the twenty yard line. And you can see some of the plays that we're. That we have or good plays and turnovers and some of the places and offensively ocelot energy and there's good emotional on the sideline so. You've got to bring that to matching energy on the other side of the field in the stadium so that's that's one thing that's important. Favorite I'm ready for your favorite. Your favorite fortunately you the Mercedes-Benz. Key performers question of the week every other bird objectively. You down fourteen to. Yesterday what do you think was that he play or the key series that got you back into the. Well I think that it kind of a key point of the game was before the half. You know it's it's 147. It down there in with. Two minutes ago under two minutes ago broken down there and then down. Didn't score in position as the field goal and now they're driving and then we get interception from Malcolm. And then we get a first down the long pass to coax square off with. Six seconds ago on half whatever Willis. Take the second half kickoff and drove it down and so the game goes from 147. To 2114. And it just really didn't have that inevitable mean in meal but you know they really inevitable so a thought that whole sequence they're kind of it was a it was a big slang you know it's a little back and forth because it looked like we're in a field goal then. It looked like they might be moving in the field goal range than we had an interception and then. It looked like we are maybe had shot a field goal but the date passed the cooks. It gets an option for a touchdown and that second position at a sudden so that was excellent cause we're opposite the final first quarter. And then base they have the whole second half which is scum. Kind of neutral so. You talked about ball security obviously a lot how important that is what goes into the decision if is there running back fumbles in the whether or not when you guys get the ball back. Either hit zoom right away or maybe needs to take a few plays off what what goes into that decision. Well San Diego and her decision to return to a fills us for the team then. There are a lot of things that could affect. What play we Cole who's in the game and and so forth. So. In and we Estrada or do we feel is best then. There are situations the same. But let's say whatever it is we feel like that's the best thing to do so there. Are circumstances that could affect them. Bill we always appreciate your time congratulations on the win yesterday and good luck next Sunday on a great thank you to see you look at it head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio W media.