DHK - Bill Belichick discusses Greg Schiano, TD celebrations, and looks ahead to the Bills.

Monday, November 27th

Dale, Holley, and Keefe are joined by Bill Belichick and they ask him about the Greg Schiano situation and his relationship with him. They also ask him about TD celebrations and if he tells his players not do them. Bill Belichick also talks about the upcoming game vs the Bills and the problems they can cause. 


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It is time to talk with a head coach of the New England Patriots are conversation with a coach is brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. Coach Bill Belichick joins us here Tara Gillette Stadium studio say bill ho are. Good afternoon and a great return don't put it no. I gotta start with a swing 'cause I'm always fascinated by this it's a gutsy call first drive of the game. You've got it third down to around 26 you run the fake punt. But I'm always curious is that call center in from the sideline. Or is NATO and or does he have certainly wait if you see this snake and you can go with it I'm just curious how that works out. You know it it kind of varies depends on the. Play it's not always the same depends on how you have the podium place mom. One thing you don't want to deuce is droplet and a look that we just don't have a chance so. We would want to run something that we just felt like I had no chance to be successful. So there's always an element of you know you don't wanna do it if if it doesn't look like. Yeah if those guys and work. And that could come from the sideline could come from a players on the field. So obviously he made the right call because you converted on the on third down and move down the field to score. Those as well it's Julian who bought rumbled into bought from pollster and then once I got around the corner nearly as good skis go Ron and Zabel a I don't. In a pick a first down so. Well excuse the. Does the field position factor into it I mean I imagine Miami would be looking forward necessarily. When your 226 but let's say you're a big field. You think they might be more. Eye color midfield here's something that's not something something might be up here it does that factor into it as well. Other critic again it depends on the team and your plan what their tendencies are selected change from week to week. Some teens and it feel are very fate conscious of the teams wanna try to rush because I don't think they're gonna get a return. So it just depends on what. What you anticipate though then Dylan and you know what who your players are we feel like you can get that if there's. There's a place for. Potentially that type of play and different field positions it would just depend on. No how they were plan. You know over the years we've had guys. Just stepped in in the middle of the season and have you know great performances out of nowhere and as some of them have. Come from other teams have limited practice and they go into the game and make plays and he. Indication from you. That a guy who hasn't practiced will be able to. Houses and defense and offense to be able to come in with a practice that you would just be open pick up. The office deepest anything that tips you off that that guy will be comfortable with what you're doing wasn't just a game chance. Well I think you have what you see in practice what you see on the practice field so sometimes that. Fusion an indication of whether or not even want put him in the game sometimes you go through a appeared on the new player and you say go on to the and we we would want this player in the game. In these situations little and one of them in this situation are you don't want all navy's inactive com. Or you might say you'll think this players ready to do this one thing but not these other things so. We can use them on third down on first and second down we use them on special teams at all answer you know whatever happened. So. In Eric's case he did not stop this week he'd practice on Wednesday and you know took a few plays with the defense and did a pretty good job of those in the on the walk throughs that we had he. He continue to do their job than. Pick things up pretty nicely in Friday we settle its couldn't. You know Kabul that more and I'll tell what to do see if you can handled it is a good job on that so but in the game and now he he made me if you contradict contributed plays ones in the game so. It's kind of a thought process of pro player in the game that doesn't go well. Maybe it's just cut too much too fast sometimes that happens in the news you poll but that was the case whether he. And again he was in Houston so there's I think something that familiarity with. Some of the things that were Dylan and some of the techniques are used in but he Houston picked things up pretty quickly seems like a shark kitten. It pays attention very tennis. They talked about the jump that players make improvement from their rookie year to year to have you seen that from Alain Roberts. Daria excellent yet Lenin has. First fall that the communication and in the middle the defense handles things that he handles with the run from coverages. Tracts and so forth. He's still on things that. Much better and with much more authority and confidence than that needed them last year even at the beacon and this year back in the spring so. He's really worked hard in the off season get and I think his overall instant in this awareness. Read recognition. Now let's timing things like that council approved yeah. We saw some examples around the NFL yesterday of the contrary but discipline has always been a hallmark for your patriots teams. And I'm assuming that's something that stressed from the minute somebody walks through the door here. Well we didn't we try to do things right away we try to do things that we feel attend their best for the Kindle and that the teams. Where those are we trying to. Trying to do trying to instructor players to do. Sometimes use examples. For them of how we wanna handle things how we don't wanna handle things based on. But we do or maybe it's that examples of that somebody else completely. Can draw from another team or of the situation that comes with her sentences how it by analysts this is an eye on him. Heath Evans told us earlier that that you made it clear from day one you don't fight in practice and you don't fight in the games he just until. Well those are closely how liason or rejections. If that's order happens silence those those things hurt the team penalties hurt the team. Whose employers that you are in look it's one thing when a player gets injured notes. That's something that in every team has to deal with you know they get injected with something that you have some control over. You don't have to get ejected from the game so we try not to do. On the flip side Rob Gronkowski said he wants to talk about some operations. You won't allow I don't know I don't see what's your Ritalin to get in trouble so what what's the what's the standard. What what's your statement on celebrations he can I don't know how receptive and we scored some in Asia that's wrong about that. He won't tell us hey hey. Perhaps about Brett isn't you know like this it'll like the war the pony celebration yesterday with. Gradkowski and cooks. And our soda can come back. So that they're allowed to celebrate just within. Just just to stay away from penalties. Monica I think we you know we go through a lot of situations with the team a thinker but he understands the from the beginning again and in a game all things come out in between. All looking forward on what we don't want so salute them. Now Mike Tomlin did an interview where he was talking about before the senate I came about. Looking forward to the week fifteen matchup is that afford to play the patriots in the playoffs he was saying how they should win the Super Bowl. Different philosophy here you all for many years and the players it's it's week to week you got to focus on buffalo for this week. I'm curious when did that become. Your philosophy like that your merit having somebody pass that down to use that. Hey you might be playing you know a great team in three weeks but it doesn't matter it's all about the game coming up next. In thank travelers. Always heard detriment oh is heard that from. The navy teams and their preparations. You know my coaches and that's low on now to screw up that way and evidently you know anyway. You control you can control don't think we've controls this week we can't control last week and we can't control next week. Eventually we can movement cameras can do anything about it now so this week's this week today's senate. So we'll do we can do about what's right immediately in front of us do this weekend and then when that's over them will move onto the next offered them. Greg Xian always a coach that you've known for a long time in the news over the last 24 hours because what happened at the University of Tennessee. I'll what are your thoughts about Greg Shia I was a football coach in college football coach and head coach in the end in the college ranks. That is tremendous job at that brokers and that is that is tremendous coach. Said that most of them many times and or the players that played for him all of tremendous respect him. That there's a great it's a chemistry and loyalty to him in this program. From the time that they were with them so. But it does greater. You know what what lesson can be learned from. What happened to him if deals for the past 24 hours it seems like it was just a social media. Reports of social media just uprising. That took that job away from him minister. Is there anything that coach or player came can learn from what just happened here. Generally sure little that are that happens so. I don't know the specifics. But the resistance to him on social media took the job away from. Over something that he didn't do it. Well again I don't think I can say is what the oil what I know and and feel Kosher and I think she's. I learned a lot from him. On my government tornadoes. And the product that he's turned a mountain in his knowledge dedication football. Yeah. In the community that he. And develop the at Rutgers so. It can't. You know I am not certain on social media expert. Now you not yet put him in bed and now you're not that I ask what what do you think your strengths are as head coach or as a coach and general if everything. There is great. Now you've coached a number of his players and there's still got some of those players now in adoration before those guys came in really NFL ready. Absolutely you know as as ready as any any program that. And any other program that we gluten player from more ready than most. Do you think he'll coach the head coach this year. I don't know that's not my decision. To Ron Hart Harmon told the story after the game yesterday. Of about he and Stephon Gilmore basically going for the interception that that ended the game and and Stephon Gilmore saying on what you got if you take this one. That's kind of a neat teammate kind historian and it it gives an idea of the relationship those guys have it especially in that backfield. Those guys really honest and a lot of time together they work hard together they. You know when your when your defense of back in your part of that group units and attack on every play in this league. With the quarterback the receivers the tight and it's also important for them to a know where each other. Where their help does Allergan upload a power play certain routes certain. Played certain looks how to disguise against the quarterback as one guy giveaway of all there on the all not a minute. A cohesive Lee's so there's there's a lot of teamwork a lot of camaraderie a lot of communication. And those guys Duchardt shuttle working together and help each other Elton and try and a you know what I do to make your job easier type of attitude and addictive there'd there'd do tremendous job so problem. That it doesn't surprise me that they would make that the commentary have long. Problem. You know a lot of chemistry factor for children. You were asked a question yesterday about Tom Brady yeah game with the game. Quote unquote out of hand and this is this is come up before whether it's. Brady or. Rob Gronkowski. Is some concern that you know that your players will get hurt them in situations where the games. Take care. Howdy how do you see you mentioned yesterday that possessions you feel like the game is over when he doesn't have enough possessions to catch you. How do you know when you're at that point as it is two minutes to place a three minutes to play. North of amount depends on what those what the score with the situation in his I mean. There could not be enough time with a minute and have to come in a final fifteen minutes groups depend on. It and I had a vote. And is it isn't just possessions or is it also message sending him if you take the say take rock out of the game. What kind of you have to think about the. I doubt right yeah well absolutely I mean you don't have you can't put an eleven new players. We don't have that much depth on either side of the bull market in to do that. So. You could substitute where you feel like you want or need to substitute for. Sort of weird scheduling and it looks like where he got Miami twice in three weeks band and you're gonna buffalo twice and I think four week span. I guess it's the same advantage or disadvantage for for for both teams there but. How different is that compared to some years where you might play Miami weak to you might play in week fifteen. But well let's when you when you plan. As far part of sound like we have last year with that though with second game of the year against Miami in and finished with them. Now it's almost like start over again that Tony played in fifteen weeks later. They have different players on the roster and a lot of transpired and where they were in week. 23 whatever was where there at a later point seasons. While at times very different so. You know and in that case code to be starting all over situation. Almost is if you haven't played him before he played in the year before. You you look at that game that sometimes happens it's. Relevant. Not really. In this case. That'll only be one of the game. You know in between games so. Once we look at this game breakdown yesterday's game we'll have that than theirs next week's game for us and them. We're back at it again and so think there are some things that came in this game that. We could certainly come learn from and some things and we didn't get to the we might wanna use the next time so. But it's it's definitely a different dynamic in terms of game planning. It's something we've been through before. It's an old cliche at me and the playoffs don't start now but if they did buffalo would be in the team you play next weekend up and Orchard Park. What do you seen as you begin your preparation for the bills of what they're doing and how they're performing so far. The other really have a good sound football team there are some. You know a lot of similarities to Carolina as you it's expect with the coaching staff them. Kind of planned style they're they're very good on defense they take all way they don't give up a lot of points. At a field goal kicker they do good job in the return game they they winsome field position constantly did it last week against Kansas City. Takes a field position advantages with they're you know exchange at ponson a type of thing. And offensively they have some very dynamic players on this and the holy Tyrod Taylor's who's got a can extend plays and be as productive as anyone. Good tight and Benjamin's an explosive receiver so a lot of guys that. But they like a rumble obviously they like to run the ball on and that includes quarterback runs quarterback keeps burglary options series and so forth. Our quarterback scrambles. That they they don't give a lot of points that make you drive like for the field. And up. And got a lot of penalties. That on the ball control clock and and they fees. Falsely Bert Goodman. Opening look at the only players that. Think very explosive plays zone that's out of and one and one long closed camps and but there those are hard to score against some part of that is their offense well the thing. They grind it mountain photographer you know get a score on the pilot down and he got a long way against a good defense. They say they get down there. I don't know star for the Mercedes-Benz key performers question of the week I think we asked this weeks ago it was a very mature question who could. When a foot race between Randy Moss and Brandon cooks who trying to figure that out at cook since he is off the charts that he has. 43 at the combine a 425. Had a couple of big plays yesterday what. What is it about here is if this this speed creating. Some of these place not just for himself but were. But for his teammates as well you see that affect. Well I think Brandon has a combination of not to speed and quickness he has very good quickness he can get in a matter routes on duty in. Oh break laterally very quick engine and he has explosive speed where he can. Run by guys is good hands and concentration attracts the deep ball very well he catches the ball wildly tracks at the Alter rules. In almost planned his favor you know some guys are. Our fast. Let. They may not have his quickness and has may have his quickness but not have his vertical speed. You know he has a good combination. Of both and so. This trees hard got a map so owned not a lot of guys that. That have the same kind of vertical speed or and and quickness that cooks isn't. This he's got route runner user experience he's come from good. It's background both in college or Wednesday. With the season and years so his route technique is also a very good. You know Kansas. Salmons or in an older guys like gronkowski. And sometimes that is. You know really run good routes and get some open so you know combine all those things together is is are there. We always appreciate your time good luck next weekend in buffalo we'll talk to next to a great sense I think effects patriots coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI.