DHK- Bill Belichick joins the show; Jimmy Garoppolo’s December stats makes Brady’s look pedestrian

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 2nd

Hour 2: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins the show to discuss why he wore shorts and a t-shirt in less than 10 degree weather, what the team had to deal with the cold weather, how the team performed during the regular season, how they will prepare for one of three teams, and he does into detail about his coaching staff from Cleveland and how successful they have been. Dale compares Jimmy Garoppolo’s December stats to Tom Brady’s and it only fuels the fire to why did the Patriots trade Jimmy G.


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Yeah to. Florida to dale and Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEEI riches off for one more day. He will make his triumphant return tomorrow. Video game play and Netflix one. And you don't like beards epidemic you do what you want. When you get the last card he would you ever since last Tuesday a bad thing does have a wife you know hoses blasting out here. Once we Friday. He what was we it was Tony second Tony's Erica so. Since then. Last year over the last eyebrow here by the way when Bill Belichick joins us in just few minutes that will make it the coaches our. Brought you by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center every day amazing. Wendy's four for four dollars New England Buick GMC dealers. Chippewa boats in Carolina boots by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz. Dealers. I'd I'd would guess that you know he's not gonna want talk a whole lot about the season that has just been completed you know him. Moron doesn't mean we're very right now you know it's on to the next opponent. What we know is that. There are only three teams they could play. When they next take a football field it'll either be Kansas City when they play in the opener this year and lost Tennessee who they have not seen this year. The Buffalo Bills who they've seen twice a Tennessee would you would think would be the team they have to do the most cramming on right. Yeah you have to do a budget work on on Tennessee. Buffalo. My lack of a change a game plan you know what's gonna happen there in Kansas City. Oh yeah they play on. At the start of the season but this Kansas City quite a bit yet to Kansas City in the playoffs. I'm seeing Kansas City you know go back a couple of regular seasons. Where Brady had his struggles there in Kansas City. A lot of lot of matchup but the chiefs' Andy Reid has been there and all of these games that we're talking about so. I know Doug Peterson is gone and and coaching in Philadelphia now but it's still that Andy Reid system. So if I get the no go ahead on this different coordinator what does he do differently than than Peterson that's pretty much the same system. So you should be in pretty good shape of cans that he does come back. And obviously buffalo you've just seen recently so it's not like in Kansas City was way back in week one. He'll say you know that day after so long ago we've changed but Tennessee is the one team that you know. You've your start from scratch. But trust me they've got folks doing that right now. Infected probably aren't started they probably had been working on in a possible opponents for awhile. What an incredible weekend that kind of set up the playoff positioning. Watching the Cincinnati ball is unbelievable. I thought OK you're you're you're Cincinnati is about to blow it again. They were up big erupt when he reported to have had 66 feel pretty good about themselves and then. Baltimore comes back in Cincinnati winds stylish. Time to talk with a head coach of the New England Patriots are conversation with coach Bill Belichick is brought to buy Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork bill joins us on the line right now hey bill how aria. A great deal. Michael gone. Don't know happy new year to the thank you all happened here. The 2008 change. Now I respect him I I think your great coach but. They hell you doing out there in shorts and a short sleeved shirt on Sunday. Yeah. I saw that picture and I thought. Men is that guy tough for you didn't. Well I'll talk about that in a game during that. Just. Kind of check out in addition we have. A little note short meeting before wade. Go out before the game and does that. Make sure we're on the same page on some of the things that. Might come up during the game from that standpoint. No big deal. I was gonna ask you about the the temperature from a different standpoint. We we know how cold that playoff game was years ago against the titans who think they get let's start without windchill was four degrees windchill minus something or the other. That you guys are able to win a game here to practice in those temperatures to what are advantages. Do you get if any of of practicing. In these types of conditions. Luggage is that you so. Such a wonder if you ever get used to and I'm I was looking at guys out on that field I was watching you on the sidelines. I mean I grew up in Maine for crying out loud I don't think I ever get used to it but it I guess the. I'd say that I mean it. But the skill players. That draw hard ball you're catching a hard ball here on the hard all. How far you can throw. Them. In the return game. The ball looked at travelers are so. Adjusting your blocking based on the coverage was. Sent saying just. It this is a little bit different things little bit and get used to. And so those of those still players. You know for the other guys. They just get used to that come back in and cooler temperatures. Not saying it feels good hitters. Perfect during thanked us. It's an adjustment and it's not gonna go to training camp and going out there today and don't sweat dripping off it before we're even and the stretching. Our practice that's is that different feeling that at some point your body adjust to them. Do that and in some fashion not saying pull your whole comfort but you start to adapt to than. You kind of get used to it. Are you got a lot more experience than many of your players and just in these conditions and seeing them. Do you have a conversation with them. About the conditions or is it just hey you got to live and learn you experience that you'll figure it out on your own audio approach it. No we definitely thought about it. We talk about. Think you do want to thank you don't wanna do how it affects the game. But those are all. Secondary so the team you're playing in and the opponent you're playing against. You can use some of those. Some knowledge of the conditions here vantage Cherokee Cambodians who got up. Still got played answer on the so. End zone. Like it hit the ball a little bit and take a look at. The wind and how it affects you shorten. I wanna hit those thought that a good job. Let the wind got mega carriers are gonna push there's going to be hit. You mean make that adjustment try to pick. In consideration and compensate and the quality selector the way you hit it but. To that they're good all and still got to play good football as does that play good fundamentals but there are some things on the that they elements. Wolf. Change change things a little bit and whether it's rain snow flooding. Things like that taken effect. The players more. That slowed things that'll position they play in what what it is par well thanks for everybody fighting. The billion also have a lot of experience the patriots do and having people interested in your employees. We know that you've you've lost two coordinators at the same time at the end of the 2004 season and Charlie Weis and Romeo crow now. Lots of stories about Josh McDaniels and and Matt Patricia gaining are garnering interest from a number of teams. Do you look at it differently now that you did back then I mean you. You know it's at this time of year teams come calling do you do you take a different approach in 2000. Eighteen now than you did in say 20042005. Well I think every year's different every situation a little bit different now know that. 82 years of the same. But there com we'll read as you noted so. That fit. Really it is not in my control. Not talk to the people that are balls and we've got a very open my communication. And not be the first time that come up so it's been quite awhile now on but. That doesn't owns. And I think I can control. If members of your staff came to you seeking advice would you feel free to give it to them. Yeah been there we've we've talked about. All things over the over a long period. This is something that just suddenly happened. That we haven't experienced it or so we've we've got a lot of conversations and and those conversations or remain private between muscle and parties involved. Now that you've had the sixteen game regular season Tenet took a look back on and assess. How do you look at your team in terms of coach ability effort. You've you've clinched the first overall seed in the AFC obviously won the division as well how do you assess the regular season for your team at this point. While there are things we need. The war on that we wanted to try to improve. And that'll come more to focus only know who our next opponent does well but there there are some things we can work on ribeiro also that we buy. But. Really at this point the first sixteen game and Donald mattered much. Some of those for a long time ago parents opponents. Are going to be at backers. Don't or. So called level we can do. In the days and we get. So that's little focus on how to make the most we have available opportunities. We have to prepare and and prove it ain't so we can. How are better in next Saturday night the goal but their best football game here next Saturday night. Just hit on something I wanna follow up on how do you do that you don't have for an opponent could be one of three teams. So what's this week like in terms of of preparation what what exactly are you are you doing since you can't focus on what opponents. Doing things that are are good for the killing of pictures on the matter who we play. Are. Execution and timing. Own. Awareness. On different played situations. All of that will war on those things so not no matter who we play. Good execution good timing. Good fundamentals. And situation awareness and on an old one do than in certain situations one execute particular. Thing in those situations. Those Postal Service well if if if and when they come up and more confident that we'll definitely come up. On the owls and certain plays not every situation but wolf purpose situations. We can prepare for they come out well we will LSU on that. James Harrison had a short week of work with your team to get ready to play game on Sunday. How did you think his workweek went and his performance for you on Sunday. Can't work extremely hard. He's very conscientious and very professional. He. Works hard to get information. And understand what his job this and I need to do. Obviously a lot of new terminology. In. Differences from the system that he played in but. Need. Worked hard at that. Those changes and already state got better formal practice field. And that he. Played competitively in the game. He made some plays that that helped us. Are there things that we need. Potion. That are on makes very understands and thought. On balance sheet he helped us and just keep on. All programs. Bill now is time for the Mercedes-Benz key performance question of the week art asked you about the temperatures and how it's. How is typical for some players or maybe all players operate those conditions that you had on Sunday against the jets. Particularly those specialists. What did you think of all of Ryan Allen in this cows he. And and that weather on Sunday. I thought it was good all of and joke and he handled upon the out on the kickoff. They all. They all did a good job of handle those situations. And the conditions where were media but again I think couple players referred to I think our practice conditions on Thursday were. Harder than they were in the game on Sunday. That was so hard on Sunday. And the actual concentration. No turnovers. Good all paneling in our own. Good execution on our our pick. In those conditions and got to get give us vessels is being run a lot of credit. Well it wasn't easy day care but say they pick well. All right fit well into the winner's circle with a win at home. Kick ball all that be situationally. Soviet got a lot of good. More opportunities and we want let me. You did well. Final question for me the national collegiate football semifinals where yesterday. I'm guessing at some point get a chance to it to dip in and watch a little bit of it. I was curious are lower interest is here Nick Saban talked about how much his association and friendship with you. Has helped shape his coaching career. Do you feel like he's a guy who has. In some respects kind of patterned the way you approach the job as well. Well. And. Very gracious comment that nick made but. I think I've probably learned as much or more from nick and then he hit a meter and our four years at Cleveland and all throughout our relationship. Nixon tremendous football coach. He's. Strong in every area. At all preparation on field coaching motivation. Strategy. Very aggressive. Think current football and totally understand every facet of the game from the nose guard the free safety. And so the par so. Problem he's he's a great friend. The coach that tremendous admiration and respect for always have. And I learned a great deal from. All. Observing and coaches for years to the Cleveland and our conversations and in our meeting and so for that we Petri Pearson. And on a daily basis while with the proms next. This group of tremendous though the tremendous job and and but on the metals that are in the principles that he uses and again as different aspects the coaching. Are all very good and and there's. It does outstanding. Mine. An outstanding way. Leadership. Which we've seen that. So many times throughout the course is career. And so many different ways it is leadership is is. Motivation. This team and as coaches and players and the ability to adapt to change and see the game had that need to be seen at that moment or for that particular week or that particular situation is. On this good is as anybody I've ever been around. So happy for neck problem. And obviously is a great great day for football yesterday with. The rose own. Notre Dame game and carried out of the water. South Carolina game doesn't another very competitive games is like great bowl games are great football players and coaches and great competition. So. I get to see all of any other book what I did see was. Very exciting day so that's great great day for football fans and competition home field. How much my last question for you wanna go back to something you said you know those browns days what do staff for me you're the head coaching have. Nick Saban as a defensive coordinator did you ever think. At this point you sent now man there's no question this guy. Is going to be a head coach somewhere did you did you see that very early. The greatness of Saban. Absolutely. Have to and and nick nick heard about that coach is that coach Toledo. When I hired Cleveland. And then. And the defense that coordinator Michigan State before that. All in and nick nick has great leadership when great ability to. Motivate each. And strategize. And football. But as you said that that. Pat Hill and it had a great career as a coach at Fresno. Kirk parents still. Tied aid fraud record that I loved so we'll we'll have that next year that he's had a tremendous career. You know just. Go right down the line I don't Bryant and then what are the great coach he was. Home. And other coaches that you know I've had great success is well. Jacob birdied ten days. Woody blood offer. It and it built. Down power went to Vanderbilt. Mean all all their coaches Kevin Spencer had great career. As a special teams coach in this league for a couple decades. And that doesn't count the whole scouting well. All the and Michael Marty. And Vaughn. McCain has Phil savage. Almost in the draw upon. On the nearly hitting guys that went on that tremendous careers and Intel and Scott Pioli. They all started there are so they'll lose. Also upgraded their butt. There are a lot of good people. That. All had really good futures and it certainly isn't surprising to me at all. The success that they've had sailed all the people. Nick would be the least surprising I think anybody that was there next. Salt. Greatness as a coach. Alone. In our fault because I doubt about that. Bill we appreciates time is always congratulations on nine getting the first seed in the AF CN double talk to again next week. Thank you and your bill that is patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us. I'm here on Sports Radio 6177797937. Is telephone number you can text to secure like a 37937. Will get the calls that you just supplemental. And also wanna say dale the performance question of the week was brought to you by the Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealer is head over to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for the Mercedes-Benz winter event. Or go to MB USA dot com slash winter event to learn more. We get to the calls that you coming up next. Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WE yeah. We CIA's patriots playoff coverage during the march to Minnesota he's brought new life ERS restoration specialists and Mass. General cancer center. We've we've got a lot of conversations. For those conversations or many privacy. It's my fault convertible. Bill Belichick joining us few minutes ago from his office on July. It's more intense it's got some things going on down the princess of us. Stop you he usually does every rodeo before he goes and he beat he uses the time to. We edit text or who I think probably you know put it put at the very best. Said Bill Belichick is like the Levy on bell. Interview it's sex act out they've had hesitate advertisement that would laugh Michael right back up again it's like going forward I know what he's. Obvious. All I texted Wear bright today board they were delayed auto they did for him a that they might have for him. Way to limit limit so Dell Michael are here today saying it and keep his playing video games today. Why should bring some dreadlocks lobster Mac and cheese over here. How about some of that. You know how about those those Philly cheese steaks you guys think that's what he was beaten eating dollar demands. As you talk about. And I don't blame them if you wise I mean if he had the option I'd I'd be doing it too early deference that's that. Someone. He was he was enjoying the likes tuchman excitement. Likes to talk about that staff in Cleveland. But it's about a future about your Eric Mangini name at any point that whole. Long list of good folks who were out. Certainly urging new England and Jeanine really wasn't on the staff though in completely there was your values they kinds of the way. Worked in the PR department and the is that the oldest ball boy in the league and making something if there's like a hundred jokes in there but seriously he was asked me was doing at the time. Picking a really special thing. Hit I as it is batters act. It was not right there. And and that's part the next part this reference to the next level. In the Yankee fan of of Edinburgh to. That is really a special thing. I mean they weren't it was just a great year the bats and go on the sleep yesterday one run today no drugs. Easy. Home. Doesn't it might I don't know I don't know. Baylor by Roland. They got eight which is lost them and we just let's dive but now we eat yeah I mean he's not win displaced. I'm glad lie though what the summed up princess and yeah radio and radio he's doing well and started. But imports got to remember it's a multimillionaire. He's fine he's payments that are thirty for thirty doing just 130 for thirty's made about my friend says these two or just okay. Let's get to the calls that you guys a 6177797937. A text line is 37937. How will kick it off with Jill in Berkeley kgo Dario. They get that India. And the richly from Lexington but right now without Francisco Bay Area. As. To get a lot of Huckabee out here that I must say these guys agents can actually the problem now. But back when he was first treated there it'll if skepticism especially along the line that has. What does Belichick know about upload that we don't have to shut if this kid they would have treated them. My Greenwich other GMs kinda have those spots. And why they couldn't any offer as much trade for apple considering. They were so worried that some then must do if Belichick McClellan betrayed him. And I'm guessing at this point among the fan base for the 49ers he's like. He's the second coming of Joseph Montana Idaho and luckily there. Well via I didn't date they. Act like. Action absolutely Casanova. Bishop discussion panel they had they had no chance of anywhere out of it minutes that would run out of a break loose you talk at a women's team until Jimmy drop below. Got an air I don't think it was. Of other general managers. Shied away from bell Charlie grappled the body was hurt because you just he can feel the kind of physical if you really think. Something's wrong with. I like the patriots can do is give you damaged goods and you have to take it. Textured correctly points out probably the same folks for gushing about Colin camper nick out there too right. William regularly today and rightfully so and so. Could gosh I'm Scott Ian college athlete and that's about it anymore. To drop it was going to be like this there's surprise at all I was surprised Jimmy grapple I was playing well these look like a bomb when he was playing. In the regular season or the pre season that Manning didn't look like a bomb but he has done more with what I thought was a pretty bad football team and I thought he was capable. That he's like he's a good quarterback having Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels and everybody else there are knew he was good quarterback Richardson a situation where they got Tom Brady would. The only argument that out that yeah I I find plausible is. Are just LA and one more year. And in terms of just picture rating Brady and bringing grapple with this nonsense that's what you can you would do that would just be stupid Whitman. Metal of a championship season in your ear imposition of the number one seed in the conference and trade Tom Brady and actress. I'm mad at him. Deserve a real response that was. It didn't make any sense to me either but listen we part things that don't always make sense here. I know not not to the not to this degree. I John does in Easton hey John I don't. They do it today it's Obama a missile that could put a couple of thing that is as and that period but I'd like to say that. Until the object well he didn't wanna Trajan garage below. Nevertheless set Jimmy up for failure so I believe that he traded him specifically to separate this go on. Because of the fact that he knew that that would the best situation for him to go into drive. Also rim are remembering that it basically right now the country person the patriots. Pocket everyone hates the patriots so when it comes to train. Jeep eagle rock below it obviously there's the ferry just short timeframe that you can trade him. The longer than you are licking the Mort you've eaten value has been compelled to pull the trigger are you going to pressure attack him. Or you'll let him go to free agency which obviously there are going to say wanna try to that's that's not betrayed. Bert Jimmy grew up with a go do something she and Bill Belichick gets the best out of a bad situation essentially. That's what people are gutless. The only part of that that I I would probably disagree with and and not the Bill Belichick doesn't like Jimmy rocket launcher he does. But way down on the list of things that he's worried about his is making sure Jimmy droplets in a position to succeed. Bill Belichick more worried about he was living in a position to sixty what's what's that in the paper right. I'm and I'm not saying that he would you know yet I he would've actually. Compete with centimeter or upload a Cleveland or someplace else if if he got a dramatically better offer. But the only other way with the San Francisco was going to be the position to succeed when when he arrived there they were terrible. They were you thought they are battling it out for the worst record in the NFL. But now I think with Jimmy grappled with the B a playoff team next year or he's got quarterback. Israeli he's not probability that trend got to pick next year but but I'm not sure that they will be worthy of it you don't lie. All that money that you really. If you would just have to swing and a miss. Just an historic fashion. To blow. To not hit when you have a hundred million dollars plus of cap space you think about that got a quarterback who take up some of the cap space. If you sign them but. You still decide Jimmy drop will you give the very generous contract you don't have to look at a figure in a good mood. And you get my contract for I did 22 million dollars per season or something like that. You still have tons of money to go out and get anything to anybody that you want. So it'll be hard for San Francisco to be. Five and eleven next year we have an entire training camp offseason program with Jimmy grapple with your quarterback and give some new weapons. New line in new defense or whatever you can remake the franchise to remake the roster if you want to. Like I I I think he was really good I I think that we have made him perhaps even better of any ones now I know he's I've. I I know exactly what he is he's a what what I'm seeing is that there's a good. It's good to very good NFL quarterback. Just so happens that he's backing up the best player and an NFL history he was backing of the best player in NFL history. And the view that he asked me to pick between Tom Brady in Jimmy drop below ten times out of ten very. He even Brady forty. He threw seven touchdowns and five interceptions. It's completion percentage was good 67 point four. Threw for 15160. Yards his rating quarterback rating for his time in San Francisco was 96 point two. This wouldn't really good. The seven and five is not. Otherworldly. But you want to pick and choose DeLia do though. Selective young lookers selectively you look at how pretty yards per not I don't look at Tom Brady's December. Vs Jimy drop Lowe's run in San Francisco and that's how people are making an argument it's about this. Gave blood Brady threw borer. More interceptions or he's right there. As not a big different between Brady grapple but she's an outrageous it's outrageous. I can't believe I really I don't believe anyone in New England thinks it. They traded the wrong. Six I don't leave them. We've heard from now on the tell you are trying to even our tax plan I've seen solid astronomy as they destroyed 61777. Ninths are controllable 7937. Its telephone number. Dylan Hollywood key Sports Radio W media. You like towns. In sports station. 6177797937. As telephone number I did look just because you you got me thinking about it. I Jerry drop below month of December 5 Ole endo obviously. As we said completed 67% of his passes 15142. Yards six touchdowns five interceptions. Com quarterback rating of 94 that was the month of December. Tom Brady month of December. Went four and one. Completed 61 point 27%. Of his passes through personally 12103 yards yeah. Six touchdowns five interceptions. Which was the exact same numbers victory Rob Lowe had six touchdowns five interceptions thrown by that logic to me grapples veteran Tom Brady's fame celebrated guest sulfur some folks out there they're the same his quarterback rating and Toms was lower. The drop was once. I'm rob Lowe's we sat there amazed just. 94. Toms for the month of December was 81 point six. It's not a perfect situation to be and I think when they drafted Jimmie grappled they expected him. At this point 2017. They weren't expecting. Tom Brady aged forty to be leading the patriots into. A wildcard weekend if there's a waiting. Port for yet another. Divisional round game at Gillette Stadium they expect to be in this position but now the Brady. So they missed it. I think they'd they'd draft they draft crop grapple in 2014. Because they thought. Brady's time was going to be up pretty soon maybe grapple will be the backup and fourteen. And it fifteen by sixteen he takes over the job by seventeen. And maybe he's a Pro Bowl quarterback here and it didn't. Play out the way audited so. The thought it would Tom Brady. What is again. Now texture here saying. Dale the argument is not Tom Brady all time vs Jimy grapple all time. Like your making it out to be celebrating right now its total three years left of Brady vs Jimy geez possible fifteen years. What are we always say about Bill Belichick trade a player a year early is better than trading a player a year too late so that's what folks are saying is that first fall they've now decided to metropolis and. Does it take you may get two to three years because Jimmy drop below. You know I think he's good he's good quarterback very good quarterback he's still an unknown in terms of what what's he gonna do for an entire season. You're not only projecting Jimmy rappel out for a year to go fifty years 1518 years Jimmy drop below. I don't know filled it Malia ten year career who knows ten year career as a starter. So now you you're taking Jimmy grow up blow at the age 45. An item fifteen plus years fifteen more years to get under forty just like Tom Brady think every quarterback. Play at a high level forty years old like Brady. If you told me that Brady only has two years left. So I can take it soon known years I have left of Jimmy of Tom Brady vs let's say a dozen. A problem or Brady. Still. I heard an and that I think it was buck over the weekend I heard one of the guys talking about this. Would you take if you if it was guaranteed. Would you take one Super Bowl left for Tom Brady. Or three Super Bowl left for Jimmy grapple winning three Super Bowls in other words is that it is Jimmy grapple is here he's gonna win three Super Bowls for. Tom Brady stays here but he is here he's gonna win another Super Bowl if you could somehow guarantee that all of still there. He's guaranteed figure more Super Bowls yeah I guess you go grapple Americans but to kits. Exactly so it if you tell me Jacoby Brusett. Comes back and he can win four super balls for the patriots and Brady is only gonna win why didn't look the guy who could give you more championships but it real life. While we can't guarantee any thing. All you know is what you're seeing from Tom Brady vs what you've seen in glimpses from Jimmy grapple. And I'll take Brady over the known Brady over the known garage below what most people. How does the market. I don't know. What became you know part of it is folks fell in love with Jimmy grapple with a what what Jimmy problem might become. And many goes to San Francisco and its namesake I told you he was going to be great. He's been good he's been a what he looks like it's ever Cisco is a quarterback who should be starting in the NFL. He's a starting quarterback but we know that already. We saw him you know very briefly in that Arizona game and the Miami game where he got hurt some and and in the pre season he looked good looks sharp. He's he's starting quarterback in league there's no question. But you you are you are bird in the patriots fan when having Tom Brady always is too bad. Got Tom Brady. Overall authority about elves the coverage here. Can have a talented quarterback. Pushing Brady. Let what he did nothing here's which had to drop loads it he won in Chicago. By a point against deceit it just fires IOC I had nothing but I don't I don't know. On the right now committed to give him credit here to got a dissecting his schedule just trying to show you who we played against. Beat Chicago they just fired their coach. I'll beat Houston. And they were kind of a mess and edited by by it and they were lost their last six or eight of beat Tennessee. In that may have saved their coach's job is Guerrero is good when beat Jacksonville that was the one great way that was a great win against Jacksonville. And then beat the raiders. In the final game of the regular season. And what they were in the process of they were telling Jack Del Rio look before you leave the field that I just so you know you won't be the coach of the raiders anymore. He announced his firing. Jack Del Rio announced that rarely beat the rams went to broadcast and so I thought they beat the raiders have a prayer all of the rams it in play anybody right it was a ramps for. OK so those those were his wins. Again he's never lost the game. He's never lost to start the national football only. Seven are now. Best art ever yeah it's nice. I don't think I'm gonna end it. I have every off and we've forgotten every forgotten. Guys right here he's he's going to be the MVP of the league. Me. You'll be disappointed. If they don't get to the Super Bowl edit they get the Super Bowl you'll be really devastated if they don't win it. And again there's a play that game last year so what they've been. When they beat Seattle. Malcolm Butler interception Greg called it governor and so I I haven't heard yet so maybe Seattle Washington Eric I'm good. I'll never criticized Malcolm buck. Mayor I'm good. For the rest of my life if they don't win another Super Bowl it's all right if they should've won this one they pull this thing up. I'm I'm fine. Then. Down 28 at 3 AM if you heard about that mountaineers are for the falcons. Submitted they can come back they can come back and win this game. Don't go outside. Oh criticize anybody I want it know. It's fine. When that happens. January comes around. Team's number one seed and you somehow convince yourself. No one more. It's Bill Parcells was right he's headed by coaching the thing about this being a fan of a dynastic team it's a narcotic. It is just keeps saying one more the next wanna be enough and it's not enough I really do want them to win. This is this is my latest position they when this when you're good for our note note it went to war. In a row now not grow you need Avery in a row and seven why. It's in the Pittsburgh steel a year after shank here go to AAQ. I don't know exactly it means. A lot to the bands crowd into my Mercedes for Mattel I know which one NFL's he had the past if you want to pass the Steelers. There's the problems you know. Apparently the 100 by the way for those folks we're talking about Jimmy rubble being great for the next fifteen years. And I point that you guys that he turned 26. In November or 41. Not just because this quarterback here is playing you know really well at the age of forty. Let's just say that's fairly unusual. And do the to be drawback that I don't know I don't know if he did not Jimmy so let's let's be very realistic and say that the numbers tell yet if he's really really good. Elect ten duties. I mean thirty services Canada the outer limit for normal human beings. Other TBL but. Other things that matter to a lot of people are. You know the idea you know the ability to play quarterback at a high level that matters to a lot of people matters to me is. Always he in fact a secondary. Quarterback compared to Tom Brady. In the handsome department. Well. I hired told the ladies in my house say sorry Tom you were Jimmy's ready sorry Susan. They they said it at 10 am sorry Jimmy prettier than sorry Lucy hear about it but there are people saying no. Tom Brady. Most handsome. Most accomplished. Most charismatic. Best pitchman. Best training regiment. So basically what he's saying sorry women army medical evidence I know white men are well on just read the old woman says he's he's better looking and Jimmy is better looking at attempted to take I would say they're more qualified than wide what you I don't have eyes now. I did see. Temperatures. Mean we got outsmarted out of swimmers and Jimmy my opinion my opinions on. On male attractiveness. Is invalid. It's now because of Zale more qualified you are because he is homosexual who he's got wore a credible opinion. And heterosexual today. Alan yet that the ladies in my house where unanimous. Every lady we've asked is it every lady has been unanimous and said Jimmie slipped that are well I within myself and credit because I varies confident of my parents. Tens in Bellingham they can I don't. You're born here what's gonna. And so I don't know what the solution and in in more ways than you know Accenture and you've got off polish all of them are there. Jim Nicol are all. You know they should look at what could care and you know I always do franchise in the franchising wars you know didn't carry consequences. Yet. What enfranchise. Them. It would it would land under age two blocked shot. Because well look probation becomes a free agent. Period. India. Well it would be the answer. Franchise him that question and I would do my benched Q. Drop off alarm can get twelve million dollars in contracts. From mere mention. It absolutely huge and can't call. What you reduction should. True. Somehow able shall ordinary. You can just free agency. Licences and I went and signed a role players. Number I would apply what and answers Elena applaud you on that now you're you're absolutely right that. That it's not as simple it's not as simple as people make it sound OK I got this franchise guy keep moving it's not simple order requires some crafting. Well but in no pun intended but I think. They would be able to figure it out they would be able to. So hard are better bargains remind him twice. And you know in the end it all comes out mega church. Secondly the reception in all of the election go well as large deal seeing additional baggage. It's based on what she went in fired Williams. We're gonna play excellent location to guard were actually armed shipped orders. So yeah actually not a bad deal will win that one actually confirm that record and a BA. Somewhere between thirty. Were worried and besides. What they're out to be closer toward the 42. Are fortunate. After about a little personal look recruited between. You know worked 47 and wouldn't you be fired. Or about ocean. Yeah I'd like that and and get call can't I would say. It's not six quarters it's not that young Jimmy drop load has dropped from this guy. And all of a sudden the Simpsons or forty niners just look at his his time as a starter in 2016. Season and took okay. Plus we're trading an awful. He was he was part of the draft process just like. Derek Karr was in the same draft. Callous Shanahan. Head coach now offensive coordinator last year with the falcons. It was an offer to coordinator in Washington so inflicted college players and specifically college quarterbacks. Had opinions on him the ship Cisco personnel department had opinions and I grappled for even got the pros and then. On the limited time that we saw him in the pros and its just there's a whole dossier is not just okay come on poetry for that guy. Based on six quarters teams that were registered grapple we'll probably interest in him. When he was coming out of eastern Illinois. Long before he got the patriots. Although being in this organization being held I'll let it apparently. It it burnish is the record pace in advance of the profile 6177797937. As the telephone number to dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio W media.