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Monday, November 13th

Hour #4 is the coaches hour as Bill Belichick joins us live from Colorado Springs.


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Fourth and final hour Dylan Hollywood heat Sports Radio WE BI this is also gonna become the coaches our. The coaches are pricey by Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Every day amazing Wendy's Wendy's new five dollar chicken tenders combo New England Buick GMC dealers. Chippewa bullets in Carolina votes by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively and men's sexual health and buy your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers we will talk to Bill Belichick here in just few minutes. The patriots. Huge and rather easy win last night in Denver against the Broncos. They stay out there after their 4116. Pulling of Denver. They stayed actually in Colorado Springs right near Denver practice this week at the air force academy fly to Mexico City on Saturday. Played a game on Sunday and get the hell out of town landing at the altitude thing which is so Smart. Aria read there they're already out there in Denver and download now they're going to Colorado Springs in the altitude there is very similar to what it is in Mexico city's he had a full week Mexico is that it -- seven dollars 7000 next to my daughter's 7000 in Colorado it's not a war in to something mile high would have Denver's mile the Colorado Springs ago it was easy to hire a club a Denver yeah I thought it was like another very similar maybe a misread that outside that's Arafat. But it way yet there still more than a year yeah you don't back as far as the. Caring for now last night the patriots gave up. 6035 in Colorado Fredricka does make his round Patrick Willis I did not great Steve that rich your Rocco gave to get the benefit of the doubt and not a problem so last night he was sixteen points. To that to the Broncos and they barely been pretty steady with that. On the year and given up about 21 point two game. But since October. Haven't given up nobody's. Nobody deserves another happened since October to have to give up 117 inning game. So I trust this defense are you guys at the point where this defense is trustworthy we can look at them and say they're not have just be embarrassed. Out there enough for sure and it's also and there's always yap lets you know what does it last night that was the outlets it's brought costs Wyler and and has assassin is trash and daddy and really 24. Of your points came at. Really almost directly opinions of the special teams and and Iraq. So what that's part of the jocular part of calculation is that the defense is going to be did I write last year didn't say I call. Hey they're only your top five defense or top ten defense if you can line them up against the best quarterbacks in the league I know not going to be facing the best quarterbacks in the league. Which gives me more confidence that the defense is going to be okay. Also and that's why goes back to that stat that you you love so much and ultimately it is the right stacked its points that's are all comes down to budget you have the team that has. That allows the fewest amount points. Blow Locke goes and that if you are really Smart quarterback who doesn't turn it over it isn't constantly give you short fields that you also the good special teams where. You're forcing teams to go 8085 yards every time. Rather than twenty yards or allowing you know kick returns for touchdowns or allowing you know and now they have the ball already in the red zone like things like that. Where it's out of the defense is control. That can really make them look a whole lot better I think that's what we've seen a cents a week for all of a sudden the special teams has made a bunch of plays in your yard field goal blocks a couple of times over he got really good plays. You know pinning them deep now all of a sudden a bad quarterback testicle 95 yards so that is that is completely up the defense are reasonably. You talk about things making them a better to your point two more games will go public as the Milwaukee to make two more games of Miami. That two more games of buffalo. One more game against the jets they have opened in Mexico City so and then you have you that you want to have may have mentioned a tough game yet. Sorry buffalo or upload that's not the only tough game remaining December in Pittsburgh. And you guys don't think Pittsburgh is Erica and I think Pittsburgh is a good team I don't I'm not afraid of Pittsburgh the circuit T. Pittsburgh is the second best defense in the NFL in in terms of points per game and sixteen point four. The patriots have climbed up to fourteenth now rich. I'm I don't foresee great fourteen more than an hour from an early regain their 21 point seven that's fourteenth in the NFL likely to be feel that's what that's what one point six per ticket and you wonder why is that Minnesota or Chicago well let's try one point 65. And and by the way the best defense in the national football late. Allowing just fourteen point nine points per game this Jackson your Jacksonville Jaguars yeah those scare them. Yes that's the team they are worthy team I know Rex Ryan and degrees of viewed I think he's a Pittsburgh might be the second best team we said Jacksonville based on the matchups. Would be the that maybe the toughest out in the playoffs for known. Yeah I think yeah I think so I think their beards and their defense a reminder a little bit of Houston at the last couple years refused it has a lot of playmakers on defense they're gonna have to beat you defensively. But then they have Brock costs Waller or they have Brian Hoyer and now would Jackson via like portals. And unity even have the all world receiver like DeAndre Hopkins. Florida have been doing a pretty good but pretty good receivers so they're they're immune to downturns. Pretty good line and his five. I think. That I guess it caused a pretty good call. Similar to Houston and away I think better in Houston. By the way the patriots. Give up 287. Point two passing yards per game. Dead last in the national football and character that on a regular on that speaks to get as they got a really good Smart quarterback who doesn't turn the ball over in the special teams. I was after the first four weeks. Has played really well so there's a lot of yards there to give up because teams are getting the ball on the fifty docket of all the forty and just be able to score quickly. They might allow two or 31 step phones and then get off the field I thought Emmanuel Sanders was gonna beat them all by himself last night the waste this. You're gonna have we're trying to. Re your game plan last night was just trying to figure out what the word of Denver talking about yes. Did you see standards every time it through Sanders even if it was a bad pass most of time it was a god I ask you the time he was catching them. He was he would just faking out Malcolm Butler Malcolm Butler. Type the worst game ever seen play. If the worst our worst thing I've seen them play and you think you'd think of one worse. Because he's been pretty good its its first year the when he first got our attention was in the playoffs. And 2014. They made good they're great plain miserable than a 2015 season play at a global level Pittsburgh last year. He's played at a global level once. Licensed and all the pro last year is current. So let's look a Gilmore and I am not a lot to Canon nitpick over would Malcolm Butler and they're very good 2013 was good 2016. Yes and struggles earlier this year but not as consistent as last night every time they went his direction republic who's gonna give up is going to protect. Killed little problem Hagen Emanuel Sanders I did in his personal they were hug in the first series for crying out a lot of a lot of hugging and that was born a half minutes left their Huggins some more it's like. After the game go ahead yeah I get out if you want to after the game. During the game don't clear it's one of those things where the guy who was winning the match up. And has the has really good stats is losing so he's happy that his stats ago and then Malcolm Butler is getting toast he's gone scoreboard. So I I love you I love you too policy at comparable with the that's about that that I would have maybe like to see it you know later. Yeah yeah was I don't mind when you help a guy out items on people that I know it drives some people that animal came of that foot but don't be helping them up and and hugging them and stuff is a lot of Hoggan. While Emanuel Sanders based on what he did left of nature can I say what is done in his career you can see why the patriots really wanted to get him. They wanted to Hammond who was the consolation prize rental fellas thank. Was it Georgia open the door was Georgia that when you're not bad. One year and then all of sudden they could catch he's gone could catch anything content of that when giving suggestions like finally puts out an IQ how. I kept all that god kept it but Canada Emanuel Sanders patriots kind of guy to be about Soliai degree like Arabic great. Who have grown could you imagine if peace to be here with Tom Brady fling and it till woman out to be. You'd be colonel and medal by the end of the Brady Brandon cooks chemistry still is is lacking a little bit is next. Khatami he he misses them locked. And cooks. No I I like cooks so I'm just saying they'd they don't seem to come connect quite as often as I would have expected via. I'm William Brady misses him more than Venus is anybody else feel tough matchup last sector. But he also some of the routes that he's Iran are going to be not high percentage there are brilliant yet tickets here that he did the girl so while for him. Gorgeous young guys the best. The best quarterback duo in the league and Harrison in to leave. Yeah so Jessica. And I doubt if it basically basically the matchup it is. 20 that those patriots up there we're getting. Gilmore about. There may be may be it'll be there regularly a war are that stupid penalties and third a third down to. And they've come back to buy them but not obviously not nothing did at that the few mistakes that they made like the the timeout and its foundry was a timeout. It didn't and managed that was an un patriot like seek when that happens to them all the time but something like that I downloaded and Denver to all of what do laughed but did you used to talk about the sort of blood stupid well Bill Belichick who to either way I was with a month from the flag I thought it was Jack I thought it audits of. Well Bill Belichick who will join us tonight through four minutes said that that timeout had nothing to do with the challenge Iran call a timeout anyway he looked at a and they decided that. Did they need if I got you burning more time now he's had time I had nothing to do to challenge that was in each of those conference. And I missed opportunities. But because that the challenge not only would it have. If you lost it would cost you a timeout while they're looking in the would you treat it as it. I'm saying right right recklessly that you should know how to do both. Did you think it was I thought it was a cat I thought it was yes I did. They kept Sean I kept waiting to see an angle where it hit the ground but didn't tell you about big myths that is what it but he can't control those touched. Look at both of their reviews the review of the agreement and can cows you touchdowns yeah grab scored there. And the element. They're reviewing that the various Thomas sketch so you review that touchdown. I understand that either plotted the ball's moving around their disease control it controls are to touched down. Easy guess they have to do I mean that they don't have to reveal another if you ever played the aid they went a little extra time with that one trying to figure out if he scored. It must have been something else. Because that that was pretty clear just a surprise to manage Thomas caught a touchdown in the patriots to marry is Thomas stinks against the pass to think about where he was the way you view him. A few years ago in the legal hot guy yeah anticipate trees and I don't worry about and that mattered little Logan Ryan on around or font color are now not a problem. Bill Belichick joins us next Sports Radio WEEI. What Sports Radio WEEI. It's time for our weekly conversation with the New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick our conversation with the coaches front you buy Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork and joining us now from Colorado Springs is Bill Belichick take Coachella aria. Don't write for an outdoor pretty well I remember a year ago we asked you if special teams worth was still a third of the game and it kind of said unfortunately the way the rules are it probably isn't. Last night's special teams may have been more than a third of the game for your team. Well those discussed. You know as they always do work really hard and they're different pitcher out for a specific place and this early in the game come out and helped us on get a certain import from play from the front nose. The duplicity. So resistant to standard and pulled credible and so. On if it's really rooted. Individual place him in every unit billionaire control after our return policy on return. Suitable that'll almost all the students contributed force. It was construed to have a company. Compliment virtual world from from all the units Q. As you said everybody. You can look at a lot of phases of the team and see somebody who made a contribution wondered about. Kyle van noise seems like a versatile player he's got the green dot on the back of Helmand now and I wonder. What goes into that I'm sure there's some intelligent players. So don't necessarily feel comfortable with the greens got so it can't just be that what are some of the factors you considered before. Given that player that responsibility. Or one of personal little little little functions of position. Yeah you can't really. It's hard to control things from the perimeter of the field so. On offense is Saturn quarterback loses it's because they control most of the things offensively. And defensively. The middle linebacker to safety. And somebody that's near the left via exact position the Soviets near that spot. You can control from the inside out is important here we have a corner. There's just too far away from everybody to be able to. Organize it better communication and so. The position a little bit of a moment. You know how a lot of extra resources put it on an awful ones scrimmage he's played. Well. Inside linebacker he's the perfect Castro just further tests coverage. He's. Put multiple positions from the in our book defensive. You'd think cycle lot of things right some peace yes the really good understanding of the full. Playbook not just. His position. Because these political positions Conner Powell worked together. He's got a good presence in decision making this. And we can all through all of that we can all out war on the disintegration sometimes sort of it will look. Some some people more. Are better than others and making quick decisions and they can. The right ones quickly here that's that's very important. This football game and you're well publicized incidents and to contain a terrible terrible on the it is only a few seconds there before they get a lot of it's a football for the most part so. If you make her decision to stick to want to make it through the wrong decision and so well president incidents. Leadership and communication decision making those social part of this too. Kyle's problems there terrible Lucent's. Now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week and he plays in the game last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the green bay Packers and about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem with. That they can answer that question should ask him about. Silence. Of acrid don't balloon Mercury. But are you OK with him boys in his as displeasure it sounds like wood down. There will again I personally went to situations so. Have a comment on sort of achieve some other some of the situation. Bristol motor. We're used to seeing Tom Brady. Quick snap and and catch the other team with twelve men on the field a match at the last time I saw punter duet. Was Ryan Allen instructed eight or is he instructed regularly. That if he sees that opportunity to snap the ball as quickly as he can. Who usually tell them. The person on the ball and communication. On the Ponte and actually handled by the person protector of personal protector. NATO there are case on this the one who is responsible for organized in the protections. And organized in other parts of the party game depended on what looked there and what situations were partly and others in the gamer. At this field back or they have two people want deeper how many guys are in the talks. So forth so on. And then there's this app is actually between. You know at some point when when we're ready to knuckleball in the aggregate number of things involved. And then it's up to the snapper for Joseph took. You know to execute the steps up. Supposed to go faster or some time to go slower sometimes it's terminal looked. The defense has risen to one where he gave advantage right on faster sometimes we can. There are trusted to taper town and go slow market caught a situation where over. Don't quite have everything except where it wants so well and I basically and they it was a little you know recognize the problem. Can also now. The first downforce and just. Work out that we needed just what a wonderful appearances first in countless. It's there. Good opportunity that we capitalized on that button on pontoons setter where Israeli coastal. You know that's another part of the two indispensable because that is important at all. Players they're also answer in this focus on the Ponte that are very so whatever is lethal. You know working on perceptions that are. Donna doesn't want a scrimmage or someone so. Signal caller. Needs to be sure. Where quarterback whoever it is and its future than incompetence. We were really want that is definitely a good job certificates or Obama to certain take advantage of an opportunity there. Wanna get your perspective on the brought the croc sequence look like he scored a touchdown. They said it it was not. And then you called the timeout and once I love the timeout was called. Did that gives you pause as to whether they're whether to challenge or not because there's a chance and it happened that. You would actually lose two timeouts in that situation. Here we didn't video we did this two time outs on. While now but what about touchdown he was touchdown. We even have that and we'll catch you with you touched down charitable and so. We we wrote in the it would about a touchdown. But. You know I had a fairly good look at the story for us obviously. Not far away but I had a good clean look at Adams kind of the same look that pretty. Well head linesman. Who ruled it incomplete last week we kind of decide at one moment. And those close group broke out of hand under the ball should you know whether kiss the ground accomplished ground. Now owns it was a close call them. There was the and you know I had a period of time not because it will but the challenge Brooke notes because of the play. That we had for the next down home. Just. As students feel that we in the right spot on the outside at a time them. Bloom. That gives an outlook to the pluses and they started hustle and based on what. Other countries that the boots off. But those were challenging. Are certain vernacular flirt and it was probably less than 5050 because. It looked at ruled incomplete sentence and so. It would have taken. Opposite moreover turn it. Really to me like you gotta hand under but it's close calls to him in the and the fact the very rules that. Incomplete to serve us probably medals gonna stay that way this. On the other ways probably. But hard to overturn this or that little catch some. How much you listen to the player so I'm sure the player feels like they caught it almost all the time reserve balance between. Then being adamant that they yet they caught these towns this or is it more the other communication upstairs. You know wanna watch let's talk to players apparently fell understand. You know what the situation is. In India and regardless of what happens on the place a system players or were challenged someplace aren't so. You know there's others to have. Do the best they can't brought after the close ourselves to do but like him in terms of urgent need them. I think thirty. Respect the job to do I respect you don't they have to do. In order to do the best that we can have. What are also called upon slow. But a minute or so employees who could be could be reviewed it could be overturned boat. Tickets were. Somewhere challenge so. You have over the player you know player like Peter first. To his talent for political games to your merger work now truly. I could use of and so again those decisions are coaching decisions about player decisions. You know I think we all understand that everybody's been investigating. The very history and one point or another but you know. What are the decision has constantly exposed. Knowing the respect that you have four American servicemen and service women. And and knowing your prior connection to the Naval Academy you've probably got to love the fact that your team is spending the week. At the air force academy you get the the benefit of working out an altitude for another week. But I know how much you probably enjoyed the atmosphere and what your your team is going to be able look to CNN experience this week. Yeah I think it's tremendous opportunity for our our football team. In the country accessible disclosure. Therefore scouting and so. Highly competitive. Institution. It's very difficult to get it done that are difficult to. Achieve these standards that they require to graduate of those little uncertainty that its reforms so. They do tremendous struggles of trading. And went to insert the other countries. There are hardly schedule well. And operate in the deep most. Advanced and powerful. Equipment and world. Missiles at a great system leadership. It is a physical condition. That reform there a child so. Great institution. Great opportunity for us to work in and that type of an environment. Demands such a high level performance. On a daily basis. Soul dramatic most of it on. It worked out it worked out we were here for could be here and they've been very. They're forced to edit some very accommodating. To us and provide us with. The things well we fast forward. Hope they work. Operations smoother and that's been great so. It's been a pleasure to work with a woman. We have tremendous amount of respect for the job they do do it. Looks forward to. Observing it and it just being around. I call me. Pathetic. Put out every day. And you mentioned the smoothness of operation you guys have done this before but I'm still wonder what's the biggest challenge of being away from here. Hear your home operation. Won't just forget all those all the daily things. That you need to I was smooth operation. It's a pretty pretty. Re establish some Arnold salutes. Food transportation. Medical facilities. Videos. Are operation. Some you know. I can see it before. That needs to be done. Can rest it it'll recover. In an abstraction for an environment so we can concentrate on. The jobs that we have to do. So forward to others. And so it's pretty ignorant or remove a lot of what people are sort of meant power players coaches spoke people. Everybody has a role of president Ford job and does. The roots of we talked we've talked about it last week. Look better and stay in the military. I don't need to competitor in the military it's totally different situation but. It is similar in that you know those military operation C. Certain people on the you know that are visible operation you know people littered. Saudi favor them children whatever they're doing in an engagement. But behind that you've got all of these. To support those people who. Part of there's applause and better food better communication. That are transportation and so forth and so. It and you know them as much a part of all the operations as the guys were actually up thirteen and it enables them to. Be successful if they have good support so I think for football team. That you have. Players that are out there on the field both. In reverse order. People in the organization and equipment and training videos and instead patrician. So force. Do things for them to help them. Prepare or to. Chickens. Coming out of the worry so they don't have to sort of destruction possibly can't concentrate on. But you out of there reforms so. Movement between the Colorado for a week and then travel at the end of the week. It's been operation and what people out of work and server work. My concerns as possible. It's we'll be intelligence and discipline will have to work through work rounder will be exactly the way we've. I think we political ticker specialty development. Things as efficiently as politicians console. It was great wrestler to get on the bus and come down here and get off to Boston go to that's in both struggle for the super. But to Denver forward. You know all wrong for the settlements and so. Mr. speaker but it feels a lot better this morning. That resulted in virtually. Today some. Hopefully it'll focus. They get the Oakland Raiders on Sunday they are four and five of the year where they've won two of their last three will kind of challenges do they present. Voters are fertility. Forum. There explosive Britain. And school work. And anytime committee in the world feel well defensively great. As parents workers are constructed from. Ever at least group reporters. Circle back in her soon as cancer. And we're talking about the separate week. There that are hard to handle. Patterson in the return game is dynamic quarter. Point. And that offensively. You know ledge. You know great players actually tighter. OK. So that there's no matter who gets the ball. There. But it can pick a score per person or. Our best offensive football over one of the post and football so. In the river players potential equipment book. To. Capability. It was they've certainly. Give them anything extra opportunities. The nation in uniform or bill. It is true. Bill we always appreciate your time good luck in Mexico City we'll talk to you next week. Arts until they're still loose Michael thank you. They tell. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us from Colorado Springs. Where the patriots will practice all week long in the air force academy and then. It's similar altitude as I pointed out earlier not the same you guys are quick to thirteen hundreds of people are there aren't a lot but closer. While the company and I thought I had a ballpark. In the ball park somebody had a very important message for the coach I don't know eager to end their four. It's up about 445 or 45. Fortify some of them with happens and and an X seven minutes he said. I'm fine. You can edit any continue just like they did. He did he didn't repeat it you see down. I think Melo Melo noted that you know it sounds like this is the voice you use where. You're talking in an unfamiliar place like Michael Irvin talked with the airport there at halftime. There yet they you don't know you're used to being allowed. Yes but you don't know all of the surroundings all that Wellesley try to keep it lower than he normally. Yeah I. The energy was not down down he's got down into auto do you have any idea if teams play well and it's just. Unfamiliar location ratings thing. Don't be rude on Iraq Iran allowed I'd be allowed. It to have those you've been involved of course it's in your conversations that you don't want a year away and it's kept talking to tax the person yet that are real fast on. Tax. Murdered in hospital ones who have and it plays for allowed conversation and it was a really loud conversations the woman in the a couple of a couple of rooms overtures like puzzle curtains earlier in the same room yet area sectional that ballooned so they knock Obama. She was talking about some guy now who she called him. She called them and she was wondered why he caller back to cheat sheet class that she is what. She's wanna be friends. What any friends you had all the DTL I don't know why does she want to call back. She's got another who really wanted to be friends yet what to be friends and I haven't entered the money quote was I thought we were better than that. Not your work is yeah ours as she column allies and you know unlike what you describe me as like. Like echoes blocked I was bugging you grows it's fast it's apparently that's what I was able to piece together several phone calls over a third several. I dozens nice. And things they do not comical right now later in this half and I'm I think you have a call write and edit your no no no no we're. Right and I got a lot of details about what was happening why she was in the hospital I didn't know before that I found out because this very lot of congress are you amazed at at like you know they champion Alistair admit in public place in alike. It that your ear at the patriots game and ideas ideas is on a phone conversation and not trying to hide any and I don't say. I more than I need homes. So Bill Belichick wanna be that could be an Olympian is like in the commanding officer's office maybe yeah maybe Internet at all. Michael Payne and exited. And who lifetime. There was less than 5050 accurate count. Person in the return game this. Dynamic player. Oh. I'm a backpack. I immediately didn't you this okay nobody argues until I I think you guys I'm at all on the following a bag here to help I. Good. I don't think I'll listen things that you very much. And they try to build out of his conversation right now. And I told to produce low to look some law yet an underdog or in Iraq me but I do go. I'm okay my idol guy and the organization you think Ali. On our guys that could fit but Barbara there's a good. Oh that lies. Appreciate you think it was Stacy trying to get him off of now now AC there. As promptly correction now now. You some real some I don't know layer is does this I had a newbie. It was movie of the it was that I tabulated congressman does if their post about not only did no better. Today. Eight kernel not now yes I'm busy or talking a rich threat is weekly. I'll get to our final drive it's coming up next dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media. Final drive cosponsored by an RS restoration specialists regardless of the season a disaster and pitcher commercial. Residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place and make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more at ARS serve. Dot com. Let's get some football stuff from a patriots Monday Tom Brady was on this morning with Kirk and Callahan. And in this whole thing you'll hear Tom talked about the constant turnover skilled players some of skill players and how he deals whether it. I'm going to be asked about Martellus Bennett returning to the team and asked about Dwayne Allen finally getting that big touchdown catch. She looked more comfortable or confident in your teammates or as comfortable as ever. Which is surprising because elements not out there and some of these guys. Like cooks indoors they're they're new but. Would you agree Yi Yi you have an understanding we all believe that you have a great understanding of what's going around on around you every time you step on the field. Do you feel like your teammates to a they come they get to the point where you are as comfortable as confident in them as you've ever been in the guys around you. Oh yeah and a street that comes and you know couple things you know coach Baer. Willingness. You know just your role in what we're trying to do of course the week of extinction. Changed a lot because they're look at a guy like solar or said he hadn't had much role. That he goes basically to start receiver. But he's worked affordable last week and got an opportunity. Purity when it aired he you know he did a great job so. You really worked hard over the course of many weeks recruited some weeks. You know when your role changes in one particular week to gain the truck carpet and your teammates. We have our. Our coaches. Do a great job Josh did a great job just purely. Only you know what we needed to do with how we complete game. Because every week you did and the worst search. Game play and focused and you've been so much. You know what we do it depends on how they're gonna play and their strengths their weaknesses and you gotta be able to work players. You go along with our chief urged where coaches are just. Adaptor that you would have been used to it and you know what we are players that do that if you can get up. That you can picture we're really in sync pretty quickly. And when Martellus Bennett shows up essentially for one day to prepare for the scam is everything the same as it was last year of terminology the calls. Was it easy for him to get up to speed and be ready last night. I don't that you would he keep term but he took a lot of work and you know you made from summer after he's out there you're just. It it is pretty amazing thing that you complete player a orders Friday. And you know he can contribute observed to abort Marty Smart he's really. Are you really wanted to do to do Gujarat where you're in their production but he plays productivity detectives. And you know it's great to have back and I looked at when he got back. You're all worked out or cut back Churchill but I don't like. You know could be a real. Positive in and obviously. Nor how are too you know I've got a lot of roads and big throws big time games built up a lot of trust him so. Any type of your players like that when your team. You know it's just adds to. What you looked you looked ridiculously happy for doing balance against you aren't. Shutting him out. No definitely not enjoyed working really hard to teach at that had many opportunities to get the ball and you know it was great to see him making you know great play what we needed it don't be driving game. And you know American circulated a way to work. Try to. Acclimate to the old routine and hold to. You know. Inspire their football by urban and you know he's really work toward better great jobs. Time now for the Mercedes-Benz keep performance question of the week. The performance core question of the week is brought to buy your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers head over to your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for the Mercedes-Benz winter event. Or MB usaid dot com slash winter event to learn more. Just a few minutes ago which he asked Bill Belichick about the whole Martellus Bennett's situation you look more. Thousand Cary. The sounds of America analyst Steve Allen apparently her serve and now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week and he plays in the game. Last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the Green Bay Packers about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem went. Better to answer that question should ask him well. Silence. What are greens don't don't don't Mercury bit. What are you OK with him boy acing his is displeasure it sounds like we're down. There were generous in order to situations so. And come in on some of the team some of them some of the situation. System him. Try rich good effort you know Italians I think about classic that is classic Bill Belichick and I think products and he's in the situation. You're clearly not asking about Green Bay I'm not an idea how did die hard enough but Niger framing it that I its agreement they know what to Martellus Bennett view about their opinions in new legal plot and about about what happened agreement. Listen to another team. The only guy but I have another you know you're going off yeah I don't think about it but I thought I'd ask you agree bird rescue about wiggled his worth a shot. I wait for your last night it looked at it and get surgery it's got a lot of guys majority yet. James why it was on live or glamour Lonnie in Fauria earlier today. And that they asked about the team quote unquote staying out of trouble out in Colorado. They did it did you guys get the talk yet. About. About you know that dispensaries that are located throughout Denver Colorado the that it anybody get them to talk. I had to go to those guys. It didn't. All leads all right any soul technically you're not doing anything wrong. In the in the eyes of the law. And news. There are a little bit you have been there there are at it it's our other dogs. You guys go our guys coach could you. We guys fifty guys you don't you go through normal security system right there's just you guys go on the tarmac is there a dog and like oh scanner there that you guys have to pass through before you get back on the plane. Novo. Game. There are still going there aren't there shall sort. Of Susan's away somebody's gonna go to dispensary I think we play game right now. And by Graham who is going to be so the gonna go to the dispensaries are gonna get marijuana the guns into Mexico. Let's problem to us like a low bar balls that it's a little peace and Mexico. It. James thought that was funny. And I'd trade flowers was also on with a ONF today and he was asked about the team's ability. To stay focused on the road especially. Playing in places like Colorado in Mexico City are sent to ask you this question we already asked James what's a don't lie to us okay we're gonna know feel like yes why is already. As our he told weasels the truth shall. How much did they sit down with you guys about this trip because you think could be real good bonding thing team did 2014. Worked out great. Could be real good thing but you can also get a little bit of trouble there will miss Colorado and expense this of histories and you get Mexico you you've been there you know what that's like you know. You know anything can happen on it. How much have they talked to you about guys this is what we need to do. Are you you know to the work soon noticed that the teams score it is you know record Lou you know the reason they're going bad here and their communities. You know and as an actor but you know I have flown you know Q it is a strong future. In little some that you. That matter roots and so innovate they wanted to be. You know those closest. To. Cheese and being in these actors so. And they they pretty much just in the last. You know colonel. He gave you at least in the united picnic. They treated you know on some jail you know some jail. That would not be good. Game. Stressed that a little stressed that a lot of the fact that it very clear. LB don't know drugs don't go to jail in Mexico they're not gonna have passed down Maher was Glenn. Next consider yeah I thought ma I'm regulars got a story smoked he knows I'm gonna Mexico's story. Thought that he wants to share apparently. But good news they've been told already given talked everything's fine. Have time it's don't have much free time. To do anything I guess if they were gonna do something tomorrow will be the day right Tuesday off day. In the NFL other than that got somewhere to be and then after that. Probably curfew. Even not one of you can do that into curfew. During the week that doesn't happen here. I would bet they want they probably can't get a power to a cult following we six they have meetings with the subject to probably mess around that. It is her business trip it's kind of you know focus on that. I don't do anything crazy. Org or don't smoke marijuana and didn't do that area that's that's the one. I'm just somebody don't do anything crazy devastated not to do anything crazy that's pretty ambiguous. Yeah I mean what I consider crazy right now I consider crises has got to be a little more explicit. Final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids. Our cars for kids dot com. I ever keep is up next I saw a month how much is in the house at the Monday since they mutt Monday but Monday would ever keep a threat will be back tomorrow Peter King will be among our guests tomorrow. He'll have a lot to say and he might about a lot of things you know really wanna get his take and his Jerry Jones. Vs the six owners on the compensation compensation committee. One of those owners is Robert Kraft and smiled once a big timers the Mariners have grown he's McNair. Arthur Blank he's got some guys that he's going up against the can't wait to. Here Peter King Peter King you're looking weigh in and out Martellus Bennett should secede Garrity think what the rest of the league for their dad. We'll see guys tomorrow by. They're.