DHK - Bill Belichick talks about the overturned touchdown, the way the Steelers handled the final play, & the Patriots/Alex Guerrero relationship

Dale and Keefe
Monday, December 18th
Bill Belichick joins the show and discusses the Patriots win over the Steelers, the Jesse James touchdown being overturned, the current situation between the Patriots and Alex Guerrero, and if he is expecting the Buffalo Bills to retaliate

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Our conversation with the coaches brought you by Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. And head coach of an England patriots. Belichick joins us here and are out. Studios here at Gillette Stadium I don't know our identity doing great Michael we don't have bill doing great. I saw a a picture last night you were waiting to goal on on up to the podium waiting for your chance to open the podium and you were standing off to decide there. And you looked spent. The coaches get that way too at the end of games like that. Game period a lot of effort but it that coached or played in the it was a very emotional. Intense football again. But you know give them give all the credit their players they they hung in there that though shortly on the road. Good team. Blankets or at home I mean. The wasn't always good. But. Please get fight and disciplined way and made a few more placement and when you saw the the play at the very end the last play end and the Ron Hartman interception. It's sort of felt like to Seattle super ball that that the Clinton. Kind of doubt that end of the field blows off president but you know down on the in the eagle on us on defense our currency what happened. But solid about it in the year so that's definitely easier to see. Than Seattle game but. That was a huge play. In on the end game really comes down what's called that one play. The execution. On. By the two teams on the particular situations so. Plus situation football so important this week. The coaching points in the final two minutes is how do you think about that the decisions that were available site that plays. That were made on both sides what stands out in my view if you have a college coach coming by her high school coach or a college players high school players saying. All right you teach me something here that you probably have 4045. Examples remote that direction from those two minutes. There are a lot of things about the moment because every play you're really coach on both sides of the bull. If they have the bull. What are we doing defensively. But that was a song off and so we beat him and so we whenever we talk about that something kicking game. We go through those situations we try to always played both sides of the situations so that. Our defense even though we're watching their defense is thinking about how well we would do in that situation maybe it same as what they're gone maybe it's something different. And what the again the calls change took place change but. Timing decision make gains the sideline and so forth all those things. There's some common denominator there and situation football does not matter what the players. There certain. I would say. Acxiom that are involved. That you never buy you wanna have been known. And I actually properly how much time do you do you spend on the final play of the game that the fake spike. It and practices that something's. Well it comes up in a console and our two minute draws a comes up. We have we have a lot of time on the outlawed them in several plays in practice where we would do. Class living in. For the able to long for penalties for Google to fifteen Portugal the thirty. On second ago midfield. So again plan both sides of those players that could be just on offense we missile defense. Lastly frivolously field goal rush so for cells. Punt rush punt you off upon last situation. Like that play it happened in the mission in this state game two years ago. And in punt and a game punt return and so we we try to cover all those every week. Or at least within a sequence may not every one every week but over two or three week period tourniquet to act the ones that are most likely come out Lebanon. For some we do every week by onside kick. And then there's some. And we have to get in the cycle so it's unreal. Right. For the Dion Lewis go ahead touchdown and there's a minute left ago Pittsburgh has one timeout you guys obviously need the touchdown. Any consideration there to having him go down right before the ones that they burn their timeout or is this scenario where too much to go wrong you just need to score you can score. And implemented thank you Skiles acumen in the normal that situation so. Look they're trying to stop us on the play and we had a good plate beyond broke outside it was one on won't Bernsen. Parents tackled him and fill in the audience so. On the human I'm human and vulnerable situation. You guys have had a a pretty remarkable. Record on going for two point conversions. It almost makes me wonder have you ever given any thought to going for two more than you do we know we talked about it and there there's. And tickets. It's always part of a conversation. So. And we try to do with Felix that some some games some weeks. So situations. Are obvious that you need to do others certainly a percentage on my on the extra points is. Much much higher than the two point conversion percentage so. That's. Jerked conversation and the missed extra point was that more a function of snap and hold than it was Stephens issue. I think the whole operation wasn't our best. All the way around so. We do better job on the others. The conditions were what they were but that's. When we've got to work in any conditions that this wasn't her best play. Bill on this on this Jesse James play. Was that your immediate thought that the ball was moving or. Or who didn't take every play or some cat type of conversation with the officials understand what was going on there. We'll nod. I think I knew was going on when they showed a replay an assault Obama of those stand and right their next two. On the officials. And we both watched on the replay. And of course that official doesn't have a call peace. The referee and the New York that's the communication on the call he's wanted just like I am hopeful that says. Global movement of some can be overturned and so it turned so. And you're in that situation you that ball's moved and we also ball moving but do you think to yourself get the ball is moving it looks. Clear cut today but there's a chance that. They uphold this thing or order it they have upheld it with that you look at that I completely different than what what what are your thoughts. Both rules the rule he's got to complete the cut so. It's not about double crossed an eagle on its about completing the catch Soviet incomplete pass them. I'll touchdown so that's Monica. Monica. Crockett had a great career already to this point was that as good of the team war particularly the second half that you've seen him put together this whole time he's been there. Overall set a lot of big games force he had some good opportunities yesterday and he he capitalized on to the financial problems. I think any time he gets good opportunities he he's a capitalist. Wanted to go back to the to the James played for just home what you were saying the rule as the pool. Is that something you coach your receivers running backs receivers tight ends. About diving for the pylon diving to get it across the goal line in the process of making a catch do you tellem don't do that. Well I think in terms of making it catches. You're just trying to make the catch I don't know if you really know exactly where you are at that point with here on the one yard line and half yard line. Half yard and in the end zone that's a lot different than when you're running with the ball. Try to reach the ball out for the pylon of the goal line. It's little different situation that when your pets in the ball you try to. Security catch and that's. Really that's what the rule is that's only coaches that you have to. Complete the catch which means that the ball hits the ground cam movie you got to secure so. It's easier said than done but we all we all know what that rule is. As I was watching the game yesterday I was thinking Levy on bell might be the most. Aggravating opposing player to watch. His running style is so unique at times it looked like he just stops. In just waits to see where he's going next it's got to be something that a defense has got to be very aware of when you're playing against him you know excellent he's got great patience and vision. You and the way they block also. Facilitates his running style their date date the kind of cover the offenders they don't really try to. Move multiple line of scrimmage Irsay like a lot of running teams do we're running plays. Are designed. They're they're designed to kind of cover the defenders up and then when the offender moves to go make the tackles and they kind of push them. And then fell fines space and as it will hit so. Bell style very much complements the blocking patterns that that they use and and the way that their linemen there that that's a big long line on his guttural 65 of long armed six the only succeed whatever is. Slipped big in their long after heart heart for the defenders to get away from. The Boston and they tunnel come off about the same level. I'm also not a lot of separation between a garden dishonor attack on Gardner kind of thing. So there it's this kind of a wall and then they'll kind of hides behind the wall and then when their space ski. He squirt through it's it's it's hard to penetrate. The line of scrimmage with with these guys and that is a built knows that he's protected by the wall there in months on and opens. He shoots through. You know bill and one team has won nine straight division titles. Seems harder to separate you know what stands out but. Before yesterday I was thinking there one of the most impressive division titles and this runs division title winning games. And remembers that game in Miami. Fourth quarter where you guys seem like you ran the ball. Constantly Ripley was her running back and probably held off for 78 minutes like that division winning running drive right. And this is what awaited when it if it's on that. But I think this one. Tops it nine straight division titles how's it went how's it feel to win the division. Feels good now feels good so really one of our goals that began the season Aniston to win the division which means there. Qualify for the playoffs and missile play at least one game at home so. That's. Always wanna try to win your division and beat the teams in your division to win at so. We're. We're glad to accomplish that and will try to continue to press forward here in the coming weeks. Many thought about the NFL record. Nine consecutive. Division titles in minutes and for a record last year and extended it. This hour. Well it's good to win and so and it winning records a good record. Now did Alex Guerrero used to travel with team and as he no longer travel with team. You know are really gonna get an Irish. And talk about the game were good but again Jeff Adams after last week's that there is an issue between you and he. You know no comment on that month on war. Let's get back to something that happened yesterday which as I watch didn't and was trying to figure it out I'm trying to figure out what the coaching angle is here. When when you guys are on lined up defensively. And and you know all you wanna do is keep juju Smith shoots her in front of you basically. Is it just a physical breakdown for a couple of got a defensive backs on the sideline. That pops him loose for seventy yards or was it a systematic thing that was an issue for. Well well they we were in man to man coverage and ran. Crossing route. The kind of I'm in Minnesota traffic issue getting through there so let's go to step on the sun. And then we are on the sideline and could make the Clinton. Afternoon along so. He's good with a ball since could after the catch. That being Osama. Underneath crossing route. And and usually those when those happen. One of the safeties are some Nielsen position to make it and make it a fifteen yard Gainer whatever in this case. He got down the sideline we kind of picked off their by the bell buttons one of those plays there at two guys there that. Close to make an attack on just the way that the bodies were couldn't quite get my bounds. I thought that everything in us. I thought the Butler tackle on Heyward-Bey wasn't under played key moment in the game for you guys keeping Hayward may inbounds. No LeClair has declared force still issues there last time out after the long so on and so. Than they had the review play on the complete past James and so now on second down on the tackle. Bulls attack a we'd blitzed only me had a shot at him in the backfield on Ross Byrd got out and it payday on the grocer. And hum alchemist strong tackle Pippen and down so clock was running down balls on the sideline. Broad and spotted it. Clock was movement ban than that and let insulin now let's play which is the third down plays so. At that point if the clocks run and after that play games going to be over so it's either. Spiked at throw away or throw quick and at the time for fuel. But that was a big play because it really accelerated. Everything that happened on on the next. Everybody knows by now it should know by now that the patriots usually play the entire game sixty minute game we've heard a lot. So what would have happened what would your approach it and if that touchdown. Stands and you've got 28 seconds. Twenty seconds left. To do something. What do you do there. Well you need good you really think we had. It's there one or two timeouts at that point I can't remember to visit to end so. The rotunda and immovable mountain range where we could. For down by for that statement extra point given them for their friends. This couple plays try to get there you some time outs and he there. Well thank you want ideally you want him to throw the ball into the end zone. So what the goal number one of the get to where you can at least have a chance to throw it into the end zone so. If not an attempt a throw short of the end zone for a catch and run it. Well at the bills on Sunday again and we know what happened last time against the bills some of their players were outspoken after that game. Maybe cooler heads prevail I don't know what is is retaliation. Against rock anything that even has to be on your mind that this week. Well what's arm on his. Plan against a very good buffalo team that I'm sure rule. Play well as they had last couple weeks in Indianapolis and and certainly yesterday against the dolphins and or NAFTA I played better than we played out there so that'll be our challenge him or this week to get the. I know south of the Mercedes-Benz. Keep performance question of the week. We haven't talked much about Tom Brady. Yet another fourth quarter comeback here I think this is over fifty. In his career. 5152. Doesn't matter. Have you gotten to a point where you see Tom Brady down in the fourth quarter and you say here we go again or you never you know look at it that way. Won't take every game zone game problem and so you just try to do the things that you feel like you're the best opportunity to win that game situation. Tom's got a lot of poise he's decorate judgment decision making an opposite experience. And in its key plays an actor in ultimately. Three completions in the in the running on the running play Dion. And real scorer so. It's Tom did a good job Soto of the players on the team as good team. Execution in that situation room but Tom Campbell well as easily those. Congratulations subtle and good luck next Sunday against buffalo we'll talk in actually arts has connects thanks you gotta.