DHK - Bill Belichick on the win over the Falcons, plus is Girardi gone down in NY?

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Monday, October 23rd

Hour #3 and we sit down with the HC of the NEP Bill Belichick.  Plus we discuss the Sox new manager and other potential openings throughout MLB.


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Part of a three day Ellen Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEP I'd this is also the coaches out. Brought you by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center everyday amazing when he threw five dollar ticket tender combo of England Buick GMC dealers. Chippewa boots in Carolina votes by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. And by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers. Coaches our means that we will talk to head coach Bill Belichick and just few minutes when he makes his way. Down the hall. Coming off the heels of what we all agree I think we said this earlier easily their most complete effort of the entire season last night. Yet they had everything going on the offense looked pretty good defense agreed there's either a close second as far as there best offensive performance and then the special teams which. Have a pretty sloppy for the most part they come up with some big plays including a blocked field goal so this was. They'll start to finish all three phases they say everything was I was coming up patriotism. I think the blocked field goal affected in this field goal you have won a lot that's good point that gets in your head a little bit tonight and it just did a little bit because you still thinking about that block any claims that one. Keep an eye shadow going. And it probably if if you look at if you look at Dan Quinn the look on his face like Ian Kinsler. Which show we can get three here. I wanted to go for a four make this like you're going sort of workout and OK don't fake it here at now. Point about choice even discussed the perfect again he missed one field goal this year right week ago. Yes. He's missed one com has missed extra point or to not in the first game Thursday Friday yeah so he's missed one extra point one field goal. And I that in that. As the money. Yeah and Italy where you see me escape all the time waited to see more more obviously since that will be two point back. We've seen a bunch of home but you feel bulls see a lot of bad takers across the week. But go back that the Julio Jones thing for moan about how he thought it was the fireworks or the monarch and that's sums up wells saw Brady said that though when he was this morning on with what wasn't sure what Dallas but clearly he's well I wondered if they had done something yeah halftime. Well because that was you tune into the game of the third quarter also look the whole lot that prevented the first half but I just look at that as another example of how soft dome teams can be. I mean you take him out of the dome weathered the saints the falcons. The colts for a long time with Peyton Manning. Even though last night was a beautiful night for the first half second half Odyssey Fogg took over those are really nice day New England these guys just can't handle that we need. Perfect conditions the play a football game that's the only way to play and then you come to a place whether it's snowing or raining foggy and the wheels fall off. That's why your reputation doesn't necessarily hurt you the fact that Julio Jones. Can have a in the back of his mind that the patriots created fought game. You know but they they do they get a lot of credit talk about teams lifting their minds when they play the politically credit they get credit for doing things that they couldn't possibly do good. It and they've bought the locker room you don't think they they're messing with the headsets now also there are messing with the with the weather data when I knocked it down don't knock it down in a fog machine there aren't that though he always is the fog the wanna go on arsenal only affect them. Like yeah. Okay what seed they with the team from coming from behind so. It did have a greater effect on their roe so Jones was saying that they couldn't throw the deep ball this'll prevent the deep ball rather than the defense has been great told her that he'd visited her bed or pitching a shutout right now but. Just so we're sure let's make it hard to city. From the from the upper deck. I don't know if it'll be hard to see when the their offense just left field yet just them that's at the time they're real fun. It is time now for our convert. Station with a coach it's brought you by Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork as we do every patriots Monday down here to let stadium. We visit with a head coach at an all England patriots Bill Belichick and Bill Hall aria. They're just they don't write it good to see again I'm I'm guessing. From a coaching perspective. The entire game offense defense and special teams you would consider that the most complete performance for your team this season. Thanks. I think we. Complemented each other pretty well in the game. And all three units that they contributions and islands. It's good. Did you think he did you have any clue that the elements were gonna factor in any any thing you saw the forecast that said. A 9 o'clock or 930 tonight look out for this fog settling over Foxborough. Notary here a second thought. The general and. Ed you know I was trying to think of that game so you you bits of the game 975. Baltimore. And you're headed toward the end of the season and kicker has been what forty yard field goal attempt Samoa that you never saw him. They're sold all go through to sell his foot and waited for the officials to give the candidates on. So what what what are some of the challenges when you're when you're in a game like that they can obviously see a rain storm. What that would do to a team you know ball security it's no. Footing. About the visit just I can't see that guy or it will what is in the fog that you think its biggest challenge. You know I didn't really think it was that bad yesterday. The hardest part was for our coaches up in the Booth the intimacy the field and helpless substitutions and spotted the plays and things like. Now afield that was that was forwarded that keep you could see in the balls thrown their case and you could see the ball so. That accident. Those kind of remind me of the game against on Pittsburgh in 96. Now there's a lot of players from the league seems like popping up running backs want the ball more receivers want the ball more awesome receives some of their offensive line this week it really seems like more than. Than ever before. How do you guys keep it where you have a number of running backs in the history of 45 of them active. But they don't complain about number of territory of a number of receivers and tight ends they can get the ball. Those guys seem to be as long as a way Vonage on the same page how difficult that message be when these guys want. Neil obviously want the ball. Well I don't know I think when you sign a football owner's Stanford team sport and give up a little bit your individuality Illinois. For the success of the team so. Think we all. I realized that we do that we play is games so we are goals always to win. Do its best of the team wins a win so. Not to obsess by a particular statistic there's. It's. Hopefully everybody's aware. Lou LC it's and one. This is early for the Mercedes-Benz question of the week little boy hey I thought they got what it actually relates to Wiki just ask you. I was asleep and here I must be on the same page but it's it's a little different. These guys talking about what the ball more or the offensive line nation bloc that are just might being going each other. Very rarely and that's it doesn't happen here but we never hear about it here we never hear guys coming out saying please do this that you shouldn't board office coordinator needs to. Take care of me. How do you handle it and do you say hey guys go ahead and it. Yell all you want. Air your grievances. Private privately but never to a public view or. Is there no space. For that that sense it's amazing to me that. Over the course of your career here and how much of that. Right well look again. Doubt it just the way on. Let's name of the game and think that you know we all respect each other's. Players and coaches. Respect each other's commitment to winning. So it's on about favor and one personal or no matter. Whatever it's just about than what it feels this tilt the team win. Think that's hopefully something in the favorability all agrees with because that's. The world here four man teams four so. David Harris hasn't had a lot of opportunities for you this year and then last night all of a sudden you needed me get chance to play and played very effectively. How does a player like that make sure that he stays game ready and ready to help the team went when his number gets called. Well they just look professional those. And David their professional Malone and then barely at all or players or they do their job of not prepared for the opportunity in them an opportunity comes that rating goes sometimes opportunity doesn't come you prepare for anyway that's that's your job and the again you never know when that when that. Chances gonna come and you wanna be prepared to. Would it be an accurate to describe Dion Lewis does that change of pace back and I don't get thirteen carries yesterday as most of the team. In other words is he a guy who could be a feature back yet. Skill. Spoke to a deal it's good player he's. Very. Difficult to tackle it's a good quickness good vision good bounces on the last running and he ran through. Couple tackles right their line of scrimmage for players who were a lot bigger and stronger than he is so. Again the role that we have men is the one that we feel is an apple could change from week to week probable change from week to week based on. Our opponent and her game plan in game situations but the hands of the it's always. Ready to go when he's called on the Donna good job in the kicking game with kickoff returns and hopefully it will get an opportunity. Innocent space there but he Olympic figure turn force Lister gets attacked and well so. Hopefully he can continue to be productive in whatever. However that goes and in whatever capacity and the other players on the team which. Sometimes that those things and change in a hurry as well. Player and it's not used. As much. Melissa in this kind of on a lot and that's. Well we need that player come through that situation so that whenever campuses there's nothing special. Very neat about the Burleson and every team has injuries that are team has. Change in there. Roster for one reason or another. As roles change from week to week. And of course this is. That sounds like that's also you're dealing with a cornerback in real ideally stillborn borrower able to play it they're not but you're finding out maybe what you have been some guys that you've got to mostly who. Until a week ago had even played defensively and it looks like. He can hang and there's this other men you don't want now could help you later on in the season. Salute him that's absolutely injured. You're gonna need depth later on season that's just the latest in the National Football League retain those. The chances that you have to improve your death it's. Training camp Clinton is play in different positions of the they have more versatility. Given players such a radio players the chance to play. And eventually. You know you don't know went. You usually at some point and it's in the long season play it pays off. I was curious about the nuts and bolts part of this were you able to put together an adequate game film to. Cool with your team based on what we've watched out your last night weather wise it's. Yeah it was it was really pretty good through the first two and half quarters of men and in the so it's a middle third of the fourth quarter solo. While away. When the camera zooms in on employee you you've seen more of the players went to watch. All point to its. Use your imagination. That's. I'm wondering is some players think it's a good thing that they got fogged out later it's bad that credit could play into our. But I know bill in the past you you always certain that we're what we're talking about the Super Bowl after winning. Certainly a lot of talk about talk about the suitable after losing it. Dan Quinn didn't think it would what we're not talking multiple. I wonder. In that next year especially following the Super Bowl win. How difficult is it. To get that message across to you got a vision as a coach in the coaching staff this is what they do. Do you feel like it is takes extra effort to hit the guys who were here previous years. To get past it especially when the last game they had the previous year was so successful. Well. I always found the most effectively deal with the with the team is just the truth and so. Rather intra. That repeats on it and does just be honest with everybody and if that's the way it is done that's the way it is and that's what we deal with so. Cannes last year really don't have much impact on this year good apparently came out doesn't really matter. It matters but that doesn't matter to this year this year is about this year it's that this week it's. Today. In the in the timeframe we have to prepare and play the games that you know we're currently involved with on schedules. That's is really important I think everybody understands. I don't think anybody thinks he can sit here and doing things that's happened last year it's gonna happen again this year. The same way that nobody thinks so. I don't think that the players don't think that so we don't believe them and that's not we're gonna do so we don't focus on last year. We're next here for that matter because that's too far away and try to keep things in the present even in the moment and deal with the opportunity you have in front of us make the most of our opportunity you have right now today. And this week and the word the next week next week then. Last week. Of them learning from farm states and there experiences. On move on past that and stand them. How to get to that point hopefully I can bring that to my own personal. Protection act if you have a better individual but no really it was SharePoint where. He didn't feel that way he did something happen in your career reason you know this doesn't make sense that I'm thinking about. It's always been like that. In a pretty much on the results. I guess that's about probably learned that as a kid growing up from my. Teams I was around. And didn't speak it can't get over the past it and you can't look really into the future until it gets there so. Make the most that make the most of the present situation. Apparently goes up tomorrow. Now the field goal block was it was a big play in the game that's something that you guys had identified Watson. Tape of other falcons local unit before during the week or was it something that. Marsh was just able to make a big play there what what happened on that. Well on the the wind field goal rules are now. If he puts it even on the six players to one side of the formations that they'll have for walkers. So you have 66 rushes against four lockers there's got to be. Some that in his got a decent gap in there somewhere. Maybe it's on the outside. Which. John Jones came very close on the on the the second field goal to get from the outside. So summer tour and outs audience. There Walken. Which are six guys their book tour for them or five or four and a half or however goes than others. Hopefully an opportunity somewhere else so. And often when you have pressure of Euro on the field goal with the block and not. A lot of times after that play. You go to silent coaches say hello this and that this gap almost got to got to do their job on him. And a block him in the next. That somebody else. You know our feeling is we have six structures for blockers and we have an advantage somewhere maybe you know is it the same place maybe we can predicted there may be changes and we have find another one but they can't adults it's so. It's. I don't know if you're having his as many problems is I am calling them the Los Angeles chargers this San Diego for me. In early on in the week what are you seeing from the chargers is he get ready for next Sunday. You know this is really a hot football team in the sorrowful for but it could easily won three of those games two last. Second field goals and then you know two point lost the heels of last three weeks they've won two games on the road beat the raiders and giants on the road. And ensure that the profit as a student from it and bench about 25 years so. They're very you know two outstanding pastor of justice and defenders and those in here. Guys are you thirteen sacks but there there really. Well a difficult. Difficult. Group to handle. And offensively they're very explosive team sleeker and better experience or good receivers good idea. An explosive in the kicking game management so. They're a well balanced team and they could very easily be six and one. And they won an analyst Ian on the road so you know I think there. Well in a tough team. Socially and comes from. Very running background. The players coaches that a lot of success on the ball. There is. Buffalo when you lose them to chart the running game game is good run back out there. And Gordon so you know that they can run the ball and throws. They're good offensive team. They're very good defense of himself. We're gonna it's a team we don't know we're well inflated in three years Evelyn new players this year and certainly a lot of new players since last time we played him so. We got a lot of work to do. Defensively similar to. You know Seattle played defense is that we've seen. You know from Jacksonville over. Yesterday Atlanta. Those those terrapins coach Bradley out there's defensive coordinator so. Well the decent facilities and carry over enters a scheme from what we've done. Obviously. Facing guys making permanent those. You know LaDainian. And the guys from the pretty challenging. I don't ask your question about that taught you about this before usually. Lol drafted or undrafted type players like most of the war. Or or Malcolm Butler. We watch college football even though we don't know anything about scouting whatsoever but. You see the best player in college football can probably figure out a guy's going to be drafted in the first round or second round but guys weren't drafted. Who who just. Sometimes I'm can invited to come by and then wind up. Being significant players in the league. How do you ever do you do you watch college college applauding you say to yourself hey nobody's really talking about this guy but. He he's got this one tree that. We'll translate in the NFL maybe even more so than this guy's going to be trapped in the second the first round you look at it that way is that completely. No I think certain players fall in the category. Excellent you look at a player that. You know you think Willis guys probably not going to be drafted over if he is stressed that it wouldn't be very. Based on. Whatever. Whatever is causing you think that you think that this is you know as a role in. Can be pretty good player on the and one of the key things when you're the tournament draft does development. So what do players and draft him. And what it becomes. Are two different things. You don't see a lot of rookies have been a big impact their rookie year. In the National Football League no matter where they get drafted that are. No matter how good they are not saying they don't contributed to contribute. They usually get a lot better after their first year. And there are awful lot of rookies don't play at all as a rookie and second third fourth years those of the guys now who are the key starters in key players in the league it takes all the time it's a big jump to take steps up. The evaluation of that it's challenging because you see in players compete against different level player than what we do. Here which got a you know Tina's got street another team. In colleges different systems at different rates of development. There are sometimes circumstances. Allow players to be more productive. At that level what is in the National Football League and vice Versa maybe less productive or less opportunity. Than what he would have been an NFL. Type system more. Environment itself. And again there's a lot of improvement. Players make changes. Where they are when one year year to later. Some guys improve quicker than other guys don't sometimes it's physical whether it's training nutrition. And so forth maybe it's an injury. Held back little bit in college some like that. Are because they come into the league is good players and then get injured in and don't have the kind of career that we would all think that might have. You know because this thing an entry so. A lot can change. Over the last few years you guys have them on most active teams in season making trades leading up to the trade deadline. How do you go about balancing your time from preparing you know putting in the game plan and no focusing on the chargers but that also. Keep an eye on on what might also be available around the league. Well. Nick a stereo. You know our personnel director related primarily handles most holes. Certainly communication and then. You know working with those teams talk and other teams. Most of the time on on things like that so. Nick I mean on a regular basis and he's he's with us daily on the practice field daily meetings daily so we spent a lot of time together and as things come often and just in the normal course of the daily. Routine. Thanks thought we we talk about them as the deadline approaches there's usually a little more conversation activity throughout the week. Teams looking for some earlier maybe teams. Wants to move a player whatever happens today in. One thing about us I think that that currently knows that well you know we're we're open for business. For panic trade. So Thursday if they're etched in trade somebody we're usually team that gets called because. It's that people think that and know that were. You know open on those discussions and if we're not interest in Donald Tomlin or not it's so. Initially notebook on that every situations different every tree it's different every. Exchanges different. So you just have to. Taken as they come in. The two sides can agree great sometimes one side. Wants something new size is not related. Get this same point and so. You know you go back and forth on those you can talk on those for. 23 weeks at a time you know and think well you're close and it's you know and then nothing happens and there are times workers this. In a matter of five or ten minutes. There's conversation somebody's available here it is in his that your it and boom it's done so. That's it's on. Kind of unpredictable. Those situations that are her hard. Know how to gonna go. I can tell you how many times I felt like oh we're right on the verge of I get a deal executed it doesn't happen. The just times. Twelve hours before we go forward even talking about the players and trading for so. Thanks in six. Thanks to an error. Bill congratulations on the win last night good luck thanks and we'll talk you know we are appreciated thank you I think your ex patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio WEEI. Six point 7779793. Sevenths telephone number. Tech slide is 3793 sevens are down here to let stadium on a patriots Monday. A we've already heard from Heath Evans we've heard from bill ballot second in a little bit Patrick Chung I believe is scheduled to join us down here it's possible talk to him. But your calls between now Monday at the top of the hour at 6177797937. As we discussed the patriots win last night their game next Sunday afternoon the Los Angeles chargers come to town I keep stumbling over that I keep wanting to say San Diego and it. Doesn't seem to work that way but I'll get it straight you know by the time they get here next Sunday. I probably won't say San Diego Chargers more than seven or greater nine other times the rest of the week 6177797937. Is telephone numbers say as we continue to talk about the game which you guys. Down here to let stadium on patriots Monday and and will continue to do that until 6 o'clock today when people take over I believe with Gilani I think. What a brightness and write a different vision ever cute tonight Melissa it's always it was wrong addition there Markieff tolerate whatever basis. Mostly theater and we continued to show the other for a lot Catholic area one of us had thought Lashley continued to show up Adele poses likes a lot of respect it. Wolf one of the three of us at the house and the quarterback you know identity that you know thanks for your sacrifice for a fact. Preacher doesn't look there I sound like that nit wit here while you're you're different stuff going out of the back up. And you know they both really good authority hurts the fact that it. Dale you just over their advanced for a while I tell you go head to you when we get a chance Sierra Nevada number or email. Then there's a lot of running room upstairs and he still talking. It didn't seem to face any of the three of you know they'll just talked and talked through your library. On a commercial break talked to the first Cuban artists are up about Everett he forgot her it's a bit about the San Diego chart you know we're responsible behavior you'd didn't hear her loaded that. Ursula a little larger Ali you got let out on inside radio stuff okay dark time has yet to talk to Bill Belichick or Dale Arnold. It says it is that you're doing it and then don't you go to there I don't. Did you ever I was I don't know what let's talk on the radio yet you're during the savings and you have to talk to Michael Knight atop the world to build those now. Okay what if I what if I had taken advantage of the same opportunity you to. Well we're well on you would have screamed back at the studio god yeah. And that it is out of that region and music for awhile. I'll let you you guys and a little inside radio stuff okay occasionally doesn't happen you know maybe 23 times a year bill is in a talkative mood. And analog that takes place after we go to commercial break. And after nice winds and as well like I said a couple times here it's almost always after a nice when. You know after a bad loss there's not a lot of chit chat going on here when the Mike's the law that he was in he was in it a very talkative mood to. Off the discipline. Okay on the air to put off the area was even more talk. The sister that's it. Already on here at the fifth. Apparently right throw the commercial break and right through the beginning of the rejoining of of the show how long do your thing. All he could have another forty minutes tiger is bigger 3035. That's great mr. Watson in topics support both comparable to levels that. Legend Pete you were talking cars wouldn't get it done a good player talks broke through the a lot of time the I didn't get a chance today has one of us are edgy you know had to boost the awful thought here he is who could talk seems. He he's a big fan Red Sox he is now. Read some of that your mention that happily off I'd buy you a bill sat. Alex Cora not start that I know now it's official there's not Arnold I like the kids when it comes to the next manager of the Red Sox bar. Best available retrace the let's raise our car narrows to play guard higher. Pleasant personality it'll Barr no I doubt I saw some of the the and it does stories over. To the nationals are now looking for somebody and you know and they want and they ought to Alex Cora edges lied at the Red Sox it's OK I don't know I know we still busy but we're gonna do this now. I don't know what you guys are doing on Saturday night did you watch I was workouts are indicative of terrible terrible loss funneling horrible throughout what Ford zip and then goes far for one don't worry it might off base hit a three goal lead the hardest part. Call me man but on Saturday night to see game seven and the Yankees lose that went to the Astros. But depressed and artist ruined my whole night not help but I'll take the press conference afterwards. Joseph Girardi press conference was unbelievable. Missionaries talking he's getting emotional at times. They say you know about today you know anything yet decided do my family's gotta be all end. You know I'm maybe dark. I don't know out and Oregon are up the Yankees won me back I talk like I don't know uploaded it then tea he's got he's he's he's he's pensive he's. I retrospective. Like you know it's been a pleasure to work with CC. A lot of sports guy he's a competitor. On all were lucky yeah. Let Jack Arnold got rabbit he's he's back and I actually asked any question of timing it was an unbelievable press covers so important is he's. Another bar and this is around. All through. Then he said. They're here does this is in the best twelve years of my life. The wouldn't miss this for anybody know I was OK actually until I went into the clubhouse and the coaches are sitting in Torre's office and they are watching this. And the tears that you hear in my voice heard lives are coming down the faces of the coaches Tiananmen coaches from. Both Susan that I I. In life unfortunately all good things come to a man that things are. Do we have audio what Susan was like after the game the other night. How did not well it sounds like. Another bar is going to be available Joseph Girardi my bars and then just HL more than Ron. Oh yeah I think Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph well Joseph ahead of Alex obviously. Create a very little doubt that. Most if you look out Joseph Girardi now why wouldn't you wouldn't know I wouldn't. Have lied euronav brown cost us pay well yeah. I don't know I cannot do I think I didn't announcement that there is what about players of all Brad Brad. You don't want my guys all brand I don't want that guy we're not that that. Another a return of about Manny actor. Many active L many anyone. Stuff now stop I don't know I think you're arguing whittled down to us while he's available to build their brand on justice can say if you don't want my players I mean come home brand. And only okay. This is that. Home brand yours until I donate those guys very successful did you acre acute need here and Chris just not on all know when a ball. Joseph Girardi ten years never had a losing season develop those kids. Got the most out of got the most out of a young roster. I guess I keep hearing. Yeah that you know. Tony elect challenged. And admitted mistakes that I screwed up. Right it left the game then they win they win this series and players say. This instructor. When month for this is where Sergio. How many times it's an effort to I never John Ferrell has the this is for job fair they'll say it for Alex quad publicly that it thing I guess what privately what did they say it's thought that privately. And you don't wanna might play. I never had a losing season manage in the big market. The biggest market. And had some success won the World Series got the most out of its roster that you think John Phelan took one of those spots to now almost all. As a lot of you have a New York Yankees. The Yankees might I don't know why nobody's it is wrong investment idea here's what the best man and by the Yankees that I don't know maybe it's the whole Red Sox yankees they say prisoners then go to Joseph. And why are willing to watch Joseph Girardi is a bit like a clown to me a little off we'll. He does. Little cloud edge told CNN that not LC Johnson climbers thing I think is it will self righteous. Today Peter Gammons wrote about idea that the signing of Alex core and by the way he's. Foursquare in favor of it. But he talked about the possibility of of guys you might seek come through the door to help out he floated the idea that David Ortiz may be more involved he floated to Jason Varitek idea. That it's possible that you're gonna see some other former players joint court they loved Alex Corwin is blaming. Helping out what what what exactly Ortiz bench coach well. That's nuts. That's insanity. Anything I do agree that marriage coaches or pour all around the team every day every day no way. You just play out on carried out about Varitek as a man as a coach I could see that more likely just because art you wanna get that experience with the team if he wants to be a manager one. I don't know for a fact but some of them the report is that you have no interest him so. You look at our there's outs quarries the bench coach and a good team for a year actually helpful reason managers so that's what he wants to do weather here are some morals. I could see that if core of who wants them. Lot of those course picking his holes now. We've got a conspiracy. In the national football people around him will bring it to you just a couple of minutes and we'll get back to your calls the 6177797937. It's Dylan Hollywood key flight which allowed on a patriots Monday Sports Radio W media we're back with more detail Colleen keen on Sports Radio WEEI. It's patriots Monday we're down here to let stadium just heard from Bill Belichick few moments ago joining us right now is. New England Patriots defensive back Patrick Chung brought you by Needham bank Safeco insurance and by Honda north hey Patrick are you today. I I you don't hey bill just said here and let's go when he was in the studio witness that overall this was the patriots best effort of the season offense defense special teams. We see the improvement in the defense. What are the areas that you feel this defense is really starting to click on. Our own immune. You get deeper re here click on everything you know our communications circle it you know does not give them equipment basically it's deal. You know we're Peru on their lives to continue to do what he gave let him. Salt well you go to put their dispute it and do it again about your. You know Patrick you guys came up with some really big plays on on defense numerous replays. Last night which one do you think. Would you call the turning point in the game for you. Along. I know what not because cash our shares soon can't block that kick. That kind of got to go wherever bush sort of getting little more art of war blocked it. It'll or Jed perturbed report garlic you know to fill the last quarter note these are also on the classic but it didn't work. You know that's way old law and the coastal. Our armor birth. Probably wanted to best games of your career you know a nice I think it was a Monday night Miami you're all over the place. Big night on special teams. Didn't work that way on special teams just like it does on offense or defense you know going to a game retarded game I've got to tonight. I've read about a block a kick out whatever didn't you just know it. During the games at the moment by moment thing like that. Yeah I mean it's good policy and that alone religious conflicts. What don't you know their weaknesses aren't. Child to a checkbook we are also. To go in the game you prepared. You're you're the triggered go so filled. Because a lot of a little bit of everything and so sometimes you have that you have left Dillard architect of the Bill Clinton opened up its foot. Now with Gilmore wrote being out the last couple weeks we've seen a lot more in just about a mostly and Jonathan Jones how to think those guys play. Click. That's a good distance clearly we're winning games and also we're gonna play with. Now whatever is. Bill will play and no guards a step in the possible open door and you know hopefully that contribute do you know in a game by game plan about what did you know there are definite help socialist. Patrick congratulations on the big win last night now we'll talk again soon congratulations again. Our guys that you attributed. Take care spent and that is up Patrick Chung from the New England Patriots. Joining us. Think you've taken a left or right yeah I thought around the world. You should think well it's important signal. It is long and I don't know it was a long lines in Arnold's life and you incident was a left turn now because it will take in a right turn on rent a point. At the Republican hitter. Not a lot of those plays lots of work and note I don't know turn on assignment and I many of them don't you take them all yet faced and here on I in my experience absolutely now if you're in a left only lane yet with the left aero do you still use your liquor. And I usually go on laughed yeah a little wrong place at times into a rut we use the flicker too much and you think OK of course you overdrive. I know is a goal and that's all we're all doing it guys. Just like oh a couple of dilemma is that we're kind of let you know that even would you know you're supposed to turn out that only option would do it any significant attitude it and know it and use it more than these last. And sometimes if you go to the usual spot. You know if you have like a tough area I'd start counting cars. Dakar I cannot cars to know. How many. Like when I'm gonna get the light. These are all all kind of advertised so yeah boards and I'm not gonna medicine anyway on the. Give me example right on the Cambridge Arlington border you know mass that you try to unit to make that let you get on the route to back to Noah yes. You probably have about six cars. So if your card number seven. Yeah and her or done. You're only JB you know I come on the other way say it's not about pop or courts not the green arrow to scream and and it's kind of everybody calculator out of. Order to word goes green to go left after everyone goes straight sort of weird. It's very confusing technically we get that six car situation caddie that jerk your car seven gas just kind of get on the bumper car number six. And don't heart out and yet here I mean at that point we get all intersection. We have seven through New York. Spotlight I'd I promised I'd got my key security here in front ideally you honestly gonna bring it to you just cut off man all right Aaron we're gonna hear from off season we're gonna win here from Tom Brady on this morning with. With Kirk in Jerry. But Jerry wasn't there Mott was there but you know on that John Curtin Callahan. You'll hear about that as well we'll get back to the call 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with key. Sports Radio WEE.