DHK - Bill Belichick wouldnt be in any rush to play in Mexico City again - 11-20-17

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Monday, November 20th

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins the program on a Patriots Monday. He talks to the guys about the Patriots recent road trip to Denver and Mexico city. Belichick also discusses the Patriots win against the Raiders, and his favorite memories of Thanksgiving.


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Time for our conversation with a coach proxy fight Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence. Through the power of teamwork head coach Bill Belichick joins us bill Dario great tales they don't. Rich uncle or you don't don't don't don't Greg you you had an interest in business trip where you you were gone for ten days he played two games away from home. All things being equal probably went about as well as you could've hoped it meant. It was really good trip force. We had you know that the people and organizations that great. Setting it up and making it a smooth trip and we had a great accommodations. And cooperation hospitality from the air force academy were able to practice. You know quality practices out there and then. But he you know go to Denver beat Denver gunmen associated veto Oakland and so now we're back here solicited. Good venture and taken our team grew off from a that we gain some problem. Experience with the each other and that's good thing. Do you think it helped your team spending the extra week at altitude before you went to Mexico City to play at 7200 feet. You know I think I'm not really an expert in that area I don't they get hurt us. And might help us a little bit but I think that's still pretty marginal damage got to go out there and and beat the raiders this isn't run and you know hundred yard dash against the clock this is planning excellent football team that's. Yet to do certain things very well and specific against them so I think that's what our players did but. At the thought we were in good condition over the course of the game and variable two. You know keep our no huddle offence going we're able. Play competitively on defense and and don't click the raiders were. Haven't substitute quite a bit. You know as the game went along so I feel good about rocketed the condition of our team yes. I'm sure every day as a team building day for your team but just in the course of these two games in that week and a half. Was at that time together that allows you to make strides or was it just a function of and we're able to work on these things together bring them to the game and have them be successful game coming or is that it happened here. The strategy made it happen in Foxboro or was that road trip. The big impetus for. Oh well I'd I think it's a lot different when you're on the road obviously slow different. In at the end of the day here but he goes home and deal with whatever they built that home run or do whatever they do at home and and come back in and in our time together here is as good. That's productive but it's. When and ends at it usually and it's not saying guys don't look together and do things when they leave here the winner on the road Tony choice so. That gives you opportunities spend more time together and the experience that you the experiences that you had together whatever those are whether it's. See in the paratroopers come in and whether it's. Going to. The Olympic. Training center or whatever happens today. Many of those is bond a little bit closer because you two together and you experience and together as those to whom the fear wife orders. Friends or whatever it is that's more team building that so you know and we enjoyed the certainly. The ball strike down cholera springs after the game that was a big plots force that we didn't have the floral laid back here and of the dragon for Monday and Tuesday. Disco balls want to vote so. Got a good night's sleep and we're courage to go Monday morning not as if it was a home game but. Similar to being home game really and so that was I think the big advantage for the week against Oakland we got to do that start when we're tired of formal come. Would you wanna play in Mexico again another league is agreed to take another four years of games and in Mexico City. You know not mom personally. Now in beta big rush to do it again it's a long way to go for game it's there's a lot to it in terms of all the you know the logistics of they're not used to evident both teams if to go in there and you know this handle models of logistics it took a lot of manpower a lot of hours on energy of organization to do and you know I think we. In this week we were tired where you know exhausted from the truth. There's a good trip but it wasn't. You know it's a that took a lot of us think so. Look we don't play you know play it on the road native home every barriers so that that that is what is but it. I don't think that the senate and he rushed. The Coke and and do again but that's what the root against them. Sure it will put it is it similar to London away where this is just a lot he's getting a cost of its just not your typical you don't wrote it. Frank it's a lot canceled in and he talked a lot about the mean we spent a lot of time talking about altitude. Hydration about food and water. Training elements like. You know much more so than the city Denver. Depicted there. City that hasn't settlers but it's quite a bit different so. But. Apple's. We dealt with a players do great job of that deal with all the challenges that we had to deal with and they were fortunate those known. Volcano eruptions earthquakes everything else lower there too and fell franchises and area and don't know. A stable though. Few geological plates were below us we've. Nothing happened so it was good. Your team is really gotten. Very strong special teams play here over the last few weeks in particular. And a big day for Stephen discussed yesterday he moves into twentieth on the all time NFL scoring list. It's from 62 hits from fifty to 62 was a franchise record. Kicking it out to win you guys were watching him before the game because it looked like a living good from 72 for crying out loud what was the outer limit for him. I'm on book our ticket on that particular play it was less taken. You know maybe seven Emmy and other risky run at some point is. Really kind of short and it all gonna Patterson's hands that he was back there returning so. I don't think you wanna kick it short and give it to him with you know what's offensive linemen out there on the field that that would be dangerous. I think a dangerous play come back the other way on but as long as we felt like we could. And carry the ball out of the field of play which at 62. We were very confident that. And that's just really question keep it straight not distance so and you're right I think there were another probably five maybe the or touched on it kicks them. Ought to seventy possibly and certainly free kick situation at the end of the half. Would then warm place for example if it. In the Super Bowl when actually in fair caught the pond at the end of regulation. That then in Mexico City. We probably would have had a shot at and a free kick in situations night about no Russian Elena you know just. There kicked it and so. But definitely added you know an annulment of the long field goal more into the game then. And those two guys both of Stephen and and it kicker of it you both have good legs but this this little more range but I thought those huge swing in the game you know over. In less than a minute really goes from fourteen and 24 in the field goals and long pants to coax her third quarter so. That game that seems longer quickly. That have those two have time positions either short. Session. Very militarily when you were a kid Tom Landry is already an established. Coach in the league and then. So passage. Tom Landry never think about. Just what that. We what does that mean to you to be an Internet company and to be. Passing him. Yeah well I mean I've obviously I never thought about that. As a kid when you know restart plan football coach in football if you don't he'll think about Tom Landry and curly Lambeau and people like you're does that because you like to do it so. You know we'll look at and things like that because or caption forward. You know not because of Tom Blanchard book I mean I'd be answered. Novices and honored him mention. And alongside its of those great names in coaching. But really you know with me it's about is there outstanding players. Players win games about a lot of great players that's producing great teams and extra slot wins and almost a great assistant coaches that have it's done. Fortune to have some great staffs. And coaches on those steps coordinators. But Sony combine great coaches or coordinators with great players. And you're doing for a long time unfortunately it means I've been doing this for a long long time. And yet some wins there are so. It's. Been very fortunate than ever fortunate that it popped. And you mentioned a players made obviously very gifted athletes in the National Football League solemn and I think over years of great players would you say one thing probably maybe it's five things that. They all have in common is that all. Hunger for football and wanted to be coached actors. Sponsor combination of things here on the certainly talents part of it but more importantly than that. Him being dependable and consistent working hard put the team first. Making good decisions on the football field. Unselfishly for the good of the team not doing what's best for them to do with the team needs him to do sometimes at the same thing but not always so. And we have a lot of players like that and assess and fortunate to have a lot of them put together and it's. That gives you detain. Stephon Gilmore missed a few games with a concussion he's been back for the last couple how do you think he's looked back good. Good and he's Prado to practice before he came back in the priceless two weeks and played last two weeks that affects us. Through good in luggage you know these are a couple big assignments a list two weeks with. Thomas last week in him. Mark Ingram encryption sir thank you encryption this week so. Loan authority he competed well against those guys. Don't know they when this week. There's a real next man up mentality around this franchise. But I look at the work of the offensive line you're missing 40% of your starters going into yesterday's game. My Adrian watt went down for a little bit as well. But the job that Dante Scarnecchia does it it almost seems to not matter which five guys he's he has out there whether it's the starting setter starting tackle it doesn't seem to matter. You know don't say is. One of the closest talking about and he's done a great great job for this organization very tough for me. I'm than yours is tremendous coaches coach all three phases of the game offense defense special teams and I excelled at all on. As usual does. Is that his position as you at the offensive line extremely well prepared they work well together and they play well consistent basis and and that's a credit that a lot of good players vote he does great over the parent and get right and so. You know any interest things kind of and those kind of a tough one because in practice Wednesday and then. Kind of you know. Let's say his condition. Declined a little bit there in and then Ted moved and then and that's Friday afternoon Friday practice looked like. For sure he was going to be plan that'll transpire fairly quickly. That that it force and that's a tough position to movement because in practice. In the middle line deal although linemen the a lot of nearly dealing directly quarterback in terms cadence especially on the road for this game. So you know K and then you know the exchange and so forth that are there are more moving parts at that position. In the four positions on so. Many human transition into. Ted did a good job done and Shaq and showed footage of there with them so you know those three guys combined together Chris Whitney who played hurt on the game. LA. John force as a unit they functional. They got an idea for ambitious project. Erica we don't do this could all work on this arts in which all the great players that you've coast throughout your career as head coach and assistant coach. Maybe top you know an offense and defense and special teams. All the players that you come near and that it someday that'd be pretty young when and every print and once employed against. An audio of that that be. That's an overwhelming one. Well there's right well yeah there's law and a lot of great equipment Lawrence Taylor special teams too. It's it's great specialty mr. Fisher laws and rules. Now that's. Lotta Lotta great coaches. Staff coordinators assistant coaches. A lot of great. Great players. That unfortunately the question that this is what little this is sad story but just wondering your remembrances who heard the news early this morning it. Terry Glenn lost his life at the age of 43 to see any remembrances you have. Of Terry Glenn coaching him. Rose in the sense situation room. He you know I was pretty very close relationship with Terry in in 96 when he got here and we have some mutual friends from the Ohio area and so forth and so you know he was coming in new as the first round draft choice I was. Coming out here few months before that news the staff and so you know we had a little that a vote upon me and worked through some things is his rookie year and you know as that as a coach a secondary ears so. Working with those guys with Terry it was Shawn Jefferson with them Troy Brown. That's like that you know also just worked a little more closely with emphasis on defense all we talked a little bit about you know. How did you run this router how they're on the ground that are you know. What was that coverage or you know how to do attack me had to attack recoveries so forth so. They don't then when I came in 2000 and you know he was on the and I they had here we you know again kind of think had a good relationship there there was a contract issues that eventually kind of got the mount the business side of it. Opinion not that great. You know terrors you know the tough. Tough upbringing that a great job at an Ohio State. And in came here has tremendous rookie season. That was very talented player that played a lot of good football force but then as a says the contract issues. In 2001. Eventually. You know became. Became a problem so it just. That and a fork in. As well. Now Terry played of course for viewing any flavor of Bill Parcells as well we saw it was about a week ago we saw the trailer for the thirty for thirty to two bills. Where you enough Parcells had a chance to sit down and and talk about everything what what was that like. Gonna go into a villain that we've spent plenty of time together but that was on camera. Those down at. Giants Stadium. In their locker room you know just him. We covered a lot of grounds and several hours to three hours exactly. That's always good to build remnants and we have a lot of we want against together we have a lot of great great times together and and I think that the and it felt film's crew probably hopefully you know captured it. As good as anybody by better than anybody certainly Saturday but in football that just overall terms that does bring things together do very. I was of the wash their productions well. The ones that don't involve me this has. Are you amused by the fact that people just assume you and Bill Parcells don't get along. Don't really pay too much attention political ideals those perceptions there's no way. You know that that is what is so whatever people want a thinker and I think that's up to them on. It. Right now it's time Billy's favorite segments. Time for the Mercedes-Benz key performance question of the week. I'll freeze out on this when your favorite Thanksgiving memory. Return intricately. Whatever yeah cloud America generally. Questions that your favorite Thanksgiving memories of Vietnam football QB. Growing up away from football whatever. My problem some of them to telephone. Well in terms of football. Football for me on Thanksgiving as a kid it was always that was the final practice before the army navy game. Soon navy would go well in practice on Thursday morning. Nancy called around 10 o'clock and then. The last thing that happened in practice was. Their tradition was for the the players with throw all coaches and to the summer. Which by the end of November it was all my ego all off. So those practices. You know winding down. And the players they canoe was over they registered you know upon those coaches down and they. You know tackle him and taken over just the crow right outside of the practice field and they would toss in the river 101 and fiscal. So it's got to highlight and then that night Thursday night was the which was Thanksgiving night of course that was the com. Pep rally for the army navy game and in the army socialists. You know. 200151000. With a big bonfire and energy and atmosphere for army game. Are there any game Saturday after the the Saturday after. Thanksgiving. Which was the final college game you know back then it's called the sixties and the four bowl games or the Jane wearable kansas'. In later years there's championship. Snow Super Bowl that time he knows Angel championship games and Super Bowl and then as I got older. And went to high school so we played our traditional high school game on Thanksgiving. Saw in this than a practice but you know we played then stood me in on Saturday. But that was. As it is around here as it is wrong places and you know it's a very high school. Football day and and so you think about Thanksgiving and then football in Turkey and can do much better now at this site. That was the big game and Apple's time suburban park error big rivals we are usually the two best teams in the game was there's usually a lot on the line. And that game and so those. You know those those didn't come home launch Lafayette what was the was Nebraska Oklahoma homes that. It goes Thanksgiving and Texas Texas and then maybe. And Ohio State machine in was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. And if I remember right that was always kind of the big. Big game don't Thanksgiving Day there or couple college games and their hopeful the pro games of course the Detroit game was the only game and eventually. The Dallas game got knows the third kind of random game Thursday night. With different teams with Dallas always played. On Thanksgiving in the second game and of course the lines with a new game than the one euros and there's two years I was in Detroit. We have that in of course and so those. You know such two great tradition. And Hungary. Event for the city Detroit and for the lines so to play that game and other handheld game. Something that you look forward to and you know here about release and yet the lines that's a big. Two big day form so. Those were. So some football Thanksgiving memories and of course we got the play and game out there that goes goes through to. There those samarra there on Jolie played at halftime. You know. This. So. In a football Turkey and family thanks him. As you said yesterday when you gave your shout out to the air force academy. Always a navy man always will be donated yeah after the I don't want anybody to take that wrong that I cannot somehow switch allegiances there are not a status affects. But a thanks to. The air force kept me in the general scenario for them what they. How accommodating they were forced out there and that at some some really you know special things and it works out there practicing that would have been good that they. You know there paratroopers came down. There but there Il and flew them around for us that it had a cup fly overs. And you know head coach came over the coach Calhoun came over talked to missiles just you know kind of brought us a little bit closer to than them and what they do and you know what they're about. And what worked well so was. You know it just added experience that is going out there practice and football is much better connection to. The air force academy in. Both of those controls as a set of them. So that this one revolved that they have rubbed off on them myself and our team. Have a great Thanksgiving thanks very much we'll see you next week art sounds good have a good week patriots coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio W media.