DHK - Boston Red Sox outfielder, Brock Holt with Dawn LeClair, mother of the late Madison "Maddie" LeClair, 15, East Freetown, with Krista Cardini, RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

After being treated for 2½ years for osteosarcoma, Maddie passed away on May 19, 2017 at the age of 15. Maddie was a student at Bishop Connolly High School in Fall River. She touched so many lives with her loving, care-free spirit and witty attitude. Maddie had a radiant smile that would always light up a room. Her passion for dancing led her to Danceworks in Bristol, RI for 10 years where she was mesmerizing on stage. Maddie was also a highly-skilled cornhole player and participated in many tourneys throughout the area. Her prowess at “throwing bags” drew the admiration of all her competitors. She loved spending time with her family and friends. She developed a special friendship with Brock Holt and presented him with the Roberto Clemente nomination at the game last September. Krista had been Maddie’s primary infusion nurse from her diagnosis until her death. They spent countless hours together in clinic during long infusions, multiple relapses and tough clinical decisions. Maddie was always happy to see everyone in the Jimmy Fund Clinic, who became her extended family. Krista says that Maddie was a beautiful person inside and out. Dawn says Krista was more than a nurse. She will never forget the last time Maddie had to receive chemotherapy. Maddie was so sad and started to cry.  Krista kissed the top of Maddie's head and walked away with tears in her eyes.  Maddie went through so much in the three years she was in treatment. She did it with a positive attitude and always had a smile on her face.


Krista has been at Dana-Farber since 2000.  She became a nurse because her favorite aunt was a nurse. She has spent her whole nursing career as a pediatric oncology nurse and would not give it up for the world!  She loves working with kids and is inspired by their strength and resilience.Krista says that as a mother herself, she is in awe of parents like Dawn, who come to the Jimmy Fund Clinic with their sick children and keep a positive attitude and maintain a safe secure environment for their kids by establishing a trusting relationship with their nurses and care team members despite their own fears.. Krista has told Dawn many times that she and Steve did a wonderful job raising a beautiful young lady and they will do a wonderful job carrying on her memory.


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Accurate and hard. The party had a couple horrific deaths so far Maggie was a delight a few moments ago. These two next these next two ladies who join us are so important and a rock COLT gonna join us at some point during this as well. I Don LeClair is whether it's from East Freetown and that Christie Kerr Dini. A nurse at the Jimmy Fund clinic Dana Farber. And even as we speak. The Jimmy Fund captain. For the Boston Red Sox brought COLT steps into the studio as well I'd rock quarry Buick or you could we're just introducing dawn and Krista and Don is the mom of Matty and Matty LeClair. Passed away this past may at the age of fifteen. After being treated for two and a half years for Osceola sarcoma. Lisa sure was on here earlier today and she talked about that the pan mass challenge. And you meeting her in late fail so that you could give her a glass of water or something but it was important for you to be there for them as they rode through this year. It was an honor to really see everyone writing and berg. The kids and seeing them come and there was so many writers it was. Overwhelming and as they get to see some of the writers pull into a pot a clay is where Matty. Actually was doing her tutoring. It's a town she's gone and they were wearing ribbons that daddy's name and it just really was some touching anything. I witnessed it. Could you could you tell us all how rock and Matty. Developed a friendship. Store at Brockton through freedom of in the gaps so I'm tick tick time I gotta get your. You take your time out here and will fill the will feel that the moments here. When the F pan mass challenge to stop this as Saigon was saying this to stop was at a high school. Where Matty went to school and end. Actually Lisa said you said to them this is where Matty went to school and you kind of pointed over your shoulder and they didn't I don't they realize at first where was they were stopped. Yeah it was it was bittersweet it's the high school and then about four miles from there. And it was just amazing that that was where the water supplies and Lisa jumped offered by she saw me first. And she jobs are for bikes and gave me. The biggest hug. And I think we both had so many tears. I don't know how she was holding her bike out. But it was so good to see her and not only did I see her but I side doctor Alley O'Neil he was hurt. Oncologists and another doctor doctor Bryant content officer Ratigan. They get certain months since the least likely to use. I looked about a story we we we had we had take time out it was it was and allowed timeout here. Rock let's start with you how did you get to no matter how did you guys develop your friendship. I think for some matters yes phone number. What it was. Yeah I've been fortunate. To be a part of him on Vietnam since that sets up color Red Sox. Got a lot of special. Special kids special game special people com. And none more so daddy. Topic for stocks are we discount. Hit it off. You know she she she wasn't shy. She's your ass off on number. And I did a possible if you're hurt not ID carefully added there. But. We just kind of our relationship I took off from there. Any time when it's funny you so there are often its stars yell it came down to it to spring training. She was special girl and well let's just lucky to be. Friends that are different certainly. You know I'm answer. And I think the only. Thing that that's good about. Where she's at now that she's she's not any pain she's cancer free but. And all of us down here. Wish you still here so you know that that Dallas. A hard day when I found that out and you know I I can't even begin to imagine how our family our friends steal but now. You know we we love united so much achievements emotional people. Dawn and prisoners are consistent with the Matty that you knew asking for his own out there and accent and I'm sure there are other stories and anecdotes about her. I guess her. Lack of being shot. The first time she went to spring training I asked her she was excited and she's like mom I know nothing about baseball. Which was really the truth. And she I think for sponsors board in Texas and I think that's something sad in common with rocker and a way. And she just. I think it was more our friendship it wasn't like he is a celebrity baseball player it was really about getting to know him and and every time she went. I remember specific image at the hospital she just had surgery she was not even twelve hours I'll post op. And all of a sudden there was a knock on the door and it was rock and Keith and I hurt my girl is here. And her fame is just let I mean she was so happy and it was like a frank having to see to see her. I'm not and it made such a difference that they can I buy that she had seven people they just loved her and really genuinely cared about her. And Brock when he joined the Red Sox have quick wasn't fully realized how important the relationship is between the teen image and not. It was fairly quick. Yeah I got trio record in the offseason. You know that that first year history training you know the neighboring it's down. You every year. You know I kind of figured out that that was an important important. You know part of you'll be on the Red Sox is is being involved and to be fine. And I was lucky enough the next year that they asked me to be you know co captain in the city yes. Steve party organization. Tom spent time with this with kid with the kids and families. It's it's a big part of it's going to be part of lion now. Crist is as her nurse and tell me what it meant to Matty. To have somebody on her side and a friend like Rocco. It meant so much to her today and that he. Knew her personally. And that he tipped the extra steps took us here at the hospital that day he didn't plan that that wasn't something that was supposed to happen. He just was told by resent. That Mattingly is there and that she would love to see him and it just improved her mood and her recovery from that particular surgery so much and we sell part. Don how are you doing right now and doing. Just just so much a lot of this is. The amount of support. That the kids. It's overwhelming. And being here today it's just been a short time since my house but. Still some excellent servant connection I'm so grateful for that that's what you. Tried to hold back tears turn back time. It's. It's relationships. They're like a family you actually spent more time. I spent more time which cost. And I did land him in thirteen years nine months and three days and that it was treatment. I'll never forget the last time Matty was re diagnosed three times. And of the last times you just are key amount. And Mattie was as always. She is always tough she never showed her mention. And she was like I got this and that last time starting came out there was one here just like the went right into my concern now. McCain daughter she and I remember Christa. Look at how to teach the topic per head if it. He just Regina Blake because. Of Texas special nerves spouse of person. And done I'm extremely I have mean. Friendships and connections. And their forget the first day when Matty started treatment we've had a family at the Children's Hospital which was getting scans. And they said. Asked me and nodded indictments of their daughter actually had been diagnosed with Austin sarcoma. And and security get chances the best place ever wanted me. And that's part of the best quote I heard while I was there and certainly and Christa. Has supported are in me there was times where I remembered Matty had a seizure. And I don't Wednesday got a phone call from Christa you know how are you doing. And I'm like it was scary thing watching your daughter and you and it. In knowing that they carry it was above and beyond her job back to our. And Christopher you have that it they sort of become part of your family as well sort of the vicinity Houston found pay absentee and camps and you know. As heartbreaking. Heartbreaking. Listen. Johnson such a trooper. And she pulls me for him. But Maggie after she had so much spirit and so much spot and she did everything her way. And he didn't do it doing she wanted she that you now. Certainly yeah. CNN this tighter. Frock you only got to go play baseball game on the mask. I'm Venus is hard yeah I mean baseball's. Six seconds to set everything else. We were fortunate. To be able to do what we we get to do but. This discounts ever hears is that's what's important. I can't thank you guys enough for coming in here you we're gonna take a few minutes just Huggins stuff so I'm I'm going to break coming into that. But Don Chris the rock you guys you're an amazing what you really. Oh.