DHK - Brady and Gronk are banged up, Goodell's wife a twitter troll, and Final Drive

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, October 12th

Hour # 4 and we start to question the TB12 method with Brady, Gronk and Edelman all banged up.  Plus more on Goodell's wife and her twitter habits, and we end it all with Final Drive.


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He's he's that dale and Holley show I don't know in any point in my career that I felt worse than I did on Friday so the emotions. These guys have my back to Dale Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie collided as though we all leadership because that was certainly. I've started to look on that WEEI Sports Radio network. I. Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood heap Sports Radio WEEI. We've been talking a lot today about baseball as we have the last couple of days the whole idea. Who's next we don't Jon Farrell's out of the question is who's going to be the next guy through the door here and it seems more and more it's kind of sift through the stuff. The stuff that was said by Dave Dombrowski yesterday there was a lot of concrete stuff said yesterday. But if you're sip. Through the stuff that was sounds like he wants somebody who can relate to young players good with young players that would seem Billy Ron Gardner higher route. He talked about how difficult it is to deal with the media and the other pressures of managing in Boston. That would seem to cause problems for Brad Ross missile earlier this year was complaining about the questioning by the media in Detroit his managerial moves who hired him. Same guy hair and brown does bring yes higher supplies. I hired him. Who had the biggest problem dealing with the media and Boston. What which Red Sox are the biggest problem to which player which player David did writes who signed him. They've been rescued so I mean I. Art is. And you know what I'm gonna say this now I got nothing to base it on he wouldn't do it again. I think I think right now no I think you have something to base our idea I think it amounts to an almighty god what I'd done here. This was not what I thought it was going to be. I thought he was going to be able to handle this market better than he has I'm guessing you wouldn't do it again. Are so and I wonder okay he wouldn't do it again short because he's a pain. So date David Price has been a pain to them in and they felt let down 888 he had and he has caused. His cause them a lot of embarrassment especially this year or either your pain but you're out there stratagem anybody also as a WTO. But does he know why he wouldn't do it again it's not like. And anybody can see David Price he then adjust to the media here at all in the ads he hasn't adjusted well. Kenny can can can Dave Dombrowski go back and say yeah I should've paid attention to those two things. That stood out to me problem and now I can do to get anybody who displays what I saw when I now know I can't bring in here. Probably I hope so yeah you review Republican tax was it David Price or Zack Greinke great was that the decision and everybody here is that Bob Andy's act ranking. Wearing the exact right he would work here. Maybe we should Elvis say about David Price to an end by we have more importantly should've been data browsed he should look down and god that he had worked with closely at one point eco looked out and said all right. How is that gonna translate here. It's not a secret that it is a little bit different again we talked about it for the last two days of John Ferrell. His record here converted yet that same record in Minnesota. Is looked out a lot differently Terry Francona made it very clear. So you need to be able to apply that same thing the players. We certainly don't when we should've known that Tampa series and entertainment and Ortiz let's turn on like a 18. Rivers at the time why would this guy allow people to know. That that these little things bother him if I'm an opponent almost are doing all of those things just about it. I'm trying to win so hey nothing against you personally but I know when you pitch there are certain things you don't like that step out of the box every now and then. I shot flipped the bat whatever it takes to get it do you chew up your game to try to keep my team to win that bothers you gonna do it affected that bothered him. Not just during the game it bothered him after the game. Even called Ortiz on the team boss. Complain about it again. And he made some weird comment spring training to ever interactive where they had a minute and actually he's got it out so bad when they were teammates that first year that they were teammates. He made some sort of weird comment about their interaction in the first time on the stuff and how weird it was or whatever he seemed afraid. Yeah he seemed afraid to medium in the clubhouse in Fort Myers at first this news is very awkward about it. And not that we saw it coming down but maybe you know when you start to put the some of these pieces the other played a theoretical game with the Cleveland after back to back disappointments. Decides it elect Terry we love you but it's time to move on. They bring them back with this owner show bring Terry frank and I don't think Terry Francona would come back what I don't backers spying that's I'm just saying put this all or no doubt it would reach out till now. That but that face that bridge has been nuked right. Yeah eyes of the yet. I don't think and it wouldn't you know kind of disappointment for Cleveland would be. Equity in winning game seven last year and that's a disappointment yeah yeah but not to the point we should of won I think like that never think that way. The other day Cleveland Indians never think. We should win the World Series every year. Boston does New York does Dodgers. And Cleveland and I can't win a World Series and long time so you don't really. What about when you're up 31. That changed thanks that's more of a Cleveland thinks that's back to that aren't yet back to the hour here are up two nothing and if they don't Arianna that's about five I don't expect to the World Series but when you have a 20 lead or a 31 lead all of a sudden the expectations somebody series should change somebody put up the stat Terry Francona and the Indians and closeout games. Not now hacker is and isn't it like all for his last six yeah it was very it was it was bad but while it's got to be but he still. Still a great manager rank you still think he's a great idea yeah yeah. Things happen. Things. Bad things that isn't bad things and fixing the capital lox and cream and so. I do not I do not think that Francona would even wanna come back no no where he dollar note I've always made that pretty clear to meet you to others that you know of this. This job took years off his life if you think Isiah Thomas won't talk to Danny Ainge hey Isiah Thomas meet Terry Francona who still. It has no love for for John Henry or what you know has protected way to war and a reason for two. Yeah I don't fall Isaiah from the Drudge in for some of the reasons I don't necessarily agree with but. The eighty Ainge didn't go on this big smear campaign Danny Ainge didn't have to say realized I could do this I they couldn't do that knowledge of this about it as the players hear about this and how focused he wasn't vote. Into rain that he didn't say all the nice things about cents. We've got a couple of vol football things that we've been talking about the NFL has not yet announced that its reinstated the six game suspension was he Kjell Ali it but a court has cleared the way for them to do that. I'd as expected the NFL PA will now file an appeal in the New York court. Which means he won't be suspended for this weekend in all likelihood. And believe it or not they've got questions about whether a game's going to be played this weekend. According to Adams show after air quality and Oakland right now. Is unacceptable to play a football game. Obviously with the wildfires in in northern California. They are looking at contingencies right now and will make a decision soon about what they're gonna do about this game. If if the game had to be played today it couldn't be played today. According to to what they're saying because of the air quality. And there's other football news not a serious test of the day not a serious is that only that and hope and I went to the best part of it but we'll get to that and second I was gonna say you know Tom Brady and gras once again right. This game against the jets want that's what it's you guys in this. Before you today you know Brady being limited in practice. Do you think the jets are geared up dale. No no no not a good team up to happen at a printing and delivery the most surprising. Today it it's the most surprising team record for me Emily. I think so too I think that giants are who we thought the jets were would be. And so that the giants are are legitimately a bad team. The jets are making it maybe they're bad but you're just not bad enough to be you know four and 125 and eleven they just like I'm maybe your your average six in 107 and nine. Bet he logo for example they could that they probably want to keep it close. I think I don't know what the patriots are favored by in this game and if you look the lines that. Keep what whatever. We sort of count I knew I had to put a failure may not edit their main copper the jets are nice that's a lot. They'd probably won't covering a subject but the beat them. So because they're playing the jets this you know Brady news is not getting the attention that. It would if you're playing. Atlanta Kansas City. It's a great opportunity for Brady to say check out TB twelve. I'll ask questions check it out yeah I know I have practiced and practiced on my left shoulder coming all the hit him. This Tuesday they had practiced Wednesday limited and others Erstad games on Sunday he's coming out confidently umpire and compliant either I'll be there. This is all about the TB twelve when they asked them the other day if he gets worried when he gets an MRI I don't I may not may not may look hot. The level we went to shields for that and are now examining Asia for Emma memorize like that are what is Super Bowl rings alarm for and everything like. Now this is. Now this is where we get into real slippery dangerous territory. And I know a lot of doctors out there are saying however managed what are you doing here. There's some concern doctor's excuse me who don't have a whom. Who do have a real problem with the book. TV twelve map that book by women that's not medically proven how can you say that are you say. I draining is gonna help you with your brain injuries caused that you can't say that. But eventually. Tom Brady continues to play. 4142. At a high level 43. Taking hits. Doing things that nobody's ever done in the history of football. Gonna have to consider that some of the things he says. Are true don't you. Is it possible. In this of bad and I know that's really. Is that I get those little right well the poster boy I mean those who are here is the possible bad thing. He's the poster boy for the TB twelve method he's got a best selling book out there right now that is line off the shelves. Can guys. I can't I mean even though. It's not very good I. I can't miss the game because then that then I'm not a good add for what are well they're pitching but in the Bill Belichick cares about his book sales and maturities books are so outbreak has like Dickie ends. I'll raise you think Bill Belichick put it on Tom Brady Brett I am great no not yet ready but Britney I I'm talking about Brady saying. You know. All right let's just say it's you eat each he's not telling them everything because I don't aero salute to a normal way to win votes Thursday do you play that yes. I am good about it and I'm fine. Didn't practice Tuesday didn't track record and Wayne State limited on it I don't care what he says. If he's not telling them all the information they got enough where they and put them on their practice. So they know enough. What he's telling them I can't go up but he can also Diana practices that's a matter candidates I work to do but ours laid up every Sunday at all matters I don't. I don't think that would factor into it I really don't think that if Brady would play because. He wants you and I can't believe I gotta say I can't play on Sunday a really shouldn't be playing but the book is book is great. The only thing he will play in all of Horry had books never missed games anyway and he's had he's dealt with other injuries in the past but now he's got a vested financial interest in playing younger than normal now matter because what what Jeremy let's say if you know. Three weeks after the ball hits the shells. Tom Brady misses his first game. Since the knee blow Ozzie is because he got hurt easier. The beat without the TV twelve that that I. This is it longer like Julie I only there is activity Toma than Rob Gronkowski and they're ready to carry out. If there's anybody else little photo majority of anybody else standing there. I don't think it felt. Is that you guys are doing it right route it hurt nobody though following the method. But the method does it has credibility. And this is why the medical community some. Factions of the medical community you're so I'm comfortable with that has credibility because this Tom Brady and they probably think you should have credibility at all. This you can't say that top. Brands ariston put up that book ovaries by to visit him but already Tom Brady puts it out. He's quarterbacking at a high level at forty he's kick his ass kicked every suns don't play yet not every time everything. That's practice by calling buddies meaning that he's missed and some some practice time this week because that's a little floor where it is or what you know the and other office. I'm not worried I'm not worried about missing practice at all or or the more back and I think they should do it on a regular basis anyway just because he doesn't have to. Where the more honest response if any to practice the jets. There's nobody can beat the New York Jets without a doubt that's one that he'd say but I wish he would yeah. Great he would say that on a practice to beat them. They did sign two players to the practice squad one of whom is a former jets tight end. Leading me to wonder about Rob Gronkowski availability for this weekend as well. Yeah I think that's a bigger that's the bigger issue. Rock an iconic our ties in the Brady. There's grunt can catch we know that he's a major threat but he can also block so you take out Rob Gronkowski as a blocker and as a receiver. And YouTube. Factor in an uneven offensive line. Is it a wonder that they are having a hard time protecting Brady and running the ball. Although then you bring up yesterday pro football focus says. I sent gathered there they've got one of the best blocking offensive lines in the game. This year they are thrown out and out openings. Now I already wondered if they were gonna have to Alter their game plan. For the jets for a couple of reasons one you know Brady's getting clobbered every week. He's missed practice time this week he's got a sprained AC joint supposedly. So hey we better Max protect this guy. We gotta we bring the tide had a we leave the tight end in to help make sure Tom stays upright we gotta be you know we can't put this guy. In at running back because he doesn't pick up the blitz but this guy does. I think he could change the game planned for Sunday just because these are the way he has. And oh by the way where I run the ball more. And the other everything is doing now has got to be a better. Something he's got to be a better blocker he's got to do something well. I'd be more concerned about rocks injury it would them bringing in will tie for the practice squad if Dwayne Allen wasn't horrible. It's a mere wealth I could be more for Dwight Allen that it could be insurance for Barack. And so hopefully he's back this week Don pronk is doing practice today but Dwayne Allen. Just nothing I don't think the part of the chances they can just click in week six or seven. I don't think very good right but not the opposition anybody at that brief rose to dungy usually get the sense that either early they got it or they don't. Could you just say to a even if the guy's not a factor in the passing game. Could you could you get by in Dwayne Allen was he wrote greater for you. I mean he's just as it is I noticed such great blocker but Kyle Brady this reckless reporting on Angelina all man. He can block better than what we've seen on felt. Right yeah just whites guys out. I didn't heed them catch the ball now block of the he's in the right now. They're not sure that the biggest drop off from. What what you had last year to this year. Even a bigger drop off from Logan Ryan went like me like from Logan Ryan is defined Gilmore who played all right against him or get people that are not only did finally get. But the drop off from Ryan Gillmor before it was dramatic to the point where guys just running free on over the field. But think about Martellus Bennett second tight end last year to second Qaeda and this year it's inks yeah not this a Bennett I think five weeks five weeks six at. Call the football this I caught it taps into what I come touchdown with a backup quarterbacks whose plan while. Hasn't caught in Austria six targets no catches. They catch. Wanna grab that putt a little tight end screen to two run to wage so we can't get involved get them you're getting you know a little momentum and nice. Or run behind him and for some pressure on them to block a guy humble compares to block the throw block out there from every now and immigrant. Just for someone somebody. And so by the way the other than the big medical story in my mind the bigger our eyes eyes I don't like this is a good online catalog was that apparently. Somebody had been defending Roger Goodell on Twitter. The name was at four argument the name was Jones Smith. And lo and behold it's Roger to bills one. Great story. After the Kevin Durant stop after some of those other way she gave herself up like immediately policy got caught she got cops got culture it's all first in the world defending Goodell and she happens to follow. High school accounts associated with their kids and schools and follows at female problems will be no problem at FEMA about Texas active happy about tax problems actually an autograph and write secret. It was for prize goes to a good follow as the militants. Have a feeling my daughter probably follows Taylor Swift Ryan Seacrest and at female but she does not defend runup though no never every ten never won. And she had the Twitter I'd there's no no photo of Jones Smith with the name so then once people start sniffing around she dated a private account. And people's defrauded of more remove the account Wall Street Journal after journal. All around. That is good I'm series that is good journalism boys and girls write their good. Old fashioned I you know Noah and by the way they want us Lori before you ask the question. Commissioner had no idea this was going no idea that's what the NFL spokesperson said. She was just defending her husband and he had no idea and the spokesperson said it's a must feature. I'll bet none of Carly would Brian McCarthy says that reward you had no idea act and I do believe that because that he had an idea he probably would have taken the tweets up a little bit taken them make a little more. Racy. Wolf when you penetrate a lot of responsibilities I had the husbands who has in the last couple years become the NFL commissioner. Have a job even busier than mine I have twin daughters to any get busier life still. And so that was that was I got on and fox Snyder a little extra time that women get on Twitter she was there for a long time to yeah. She called it dealt courageous. On Twitter budgeted and the immediate reaction Vick who is this is a lot of delta and it I Kevin Durant. Imus say she's a bad leader but a good life. The good look at that. Sure I appreciate the candidate owns her house Basra and Corey I just felt dead. Gisele defending Tom I mean it's it's okay. All eyes. Yes it's a little bit more dependent and you got him in trouble hey second questions ago. Let's go back. He's known good people off cliffs and come out sharp and he's never forget that that whole play thing they're gonna jump top. I love that it could affect you maybe. Yes mr. Zardari and everything whatever Ezra went and I. Yes yes yes I am can't do. And the Ezekiel Elliott thing we told you about that court has reinstated. As told the NFL they can reinstate the six game suspension. Blocked the Ronald bye week this week anyway the NFL PA will likely refile the appeal with a a court in New York. And we're probably gonna be back where we were before which is waiting for some legal argument. Anyway things Jane Skinner could buy video or coworkers are crying and she's great man there. Great urgency comes back like she's so great we're gonna hear more from are in final drive today at Taylor. Really she comes off as likable very likable. Which makes me wonder. Com. I do I I am I got to know some kids I do know someone who has. Done business. With the details up in Maine got a go ahead and and I was told that mrs. Goodell is very pleasant very nice. Very nice to do business where Roger not so much okay cities have been images that this all times are the opera to track is simply isn't a look at who's been president do you agree or would she listen Goodell this year that right now problem he has impressed that this is you know drawing rooms. Heath. And I would never got to think about that they look like a brother sister couple. That's a little creek did they know people kind of sneak ER where I don't rods and I've been a lot of time together and saying it could be related we bill house's parents. Just click there yeah you know what they do look at the pick another look Wall Street Journal that's like yeah Roger Goodell with a sister could be back. Yeah sure. Theo could happen all of us who have sisters are gone he thought an ideal image of Follett novel we have in mind now. Are we get right back to the calls of the guys final drive coming up about twenty minutes dale and Holley. With key Iran Sports Radio W media. Yeah. They're good down. Regulations. Did the patriots and everything. Lover. John and then go to college Jack and your organization this is now four Super Bowl champions. In fourteen years. We'll record. Gradually since the Lombardi joke we've gone back to New England. In my bring a video. Just don't run that by Jane before you bring in on chain comes out swinging Ryan McCarty says Brian pretenses okay. She just was there to support us here tweeting after the super world. Now come on felt it your thought I. I thought I dare stop these cheaters. That disconnect when you're behind that all its own. Solution. It is it's you don't feel like you're doing what you're actually doing it here you're still in protecting your friends or something now realizing your. Send it somewhere like some of our keyboard commandos there's what you said. But like that and on anonymity protects you know little room. Telling him that they game had changed the game has changed as they. Changing environment. KRTH. Cares about being anonymous. Don't care what you talking. And I don't know we do everything it illustrates the difference is that it now and then why are we so many have fake names and fake pictures and they pallets that they don't have their real names on their on the Twitter accounts they've they have they've phony fall rose just a while the and order because I've made some might have jobs don't caught work. But they still say they wanna say these things to you. Ought I'm not suggesting that nobody would ever say to your face but most people would respond differently than. I still feel that way. I don't know. I don't think so people know who we are. And find us. I was upset that it doesn't stop it people don't care but we have they they know dale you mentioned before. Text. No one cares thank you and your tax I think you stock here's my phone number and I don't like people they don't know we have their phone does it do you ultimately I know I did in. Who where can you send a text is usually like it did come up to you on the streets that you saw all the time and it's a government today I slop around out there. It before you know they are building up to now now now now Judy on what are. Although I did is very different is there I think nobody would ever do it and that only he were tough I'm not suggesting Napa for the most part it is. Because people will come up to nothing hey LA I like your book love the show love the show I love you on Bruins. But that it could be the same people going home because then I'll I go to LA all of. I urged his ups and hurts it's confusing it's one take a picture with the hey yeah is something to nearly everybody who's there and I never thought of that before and I am sure. Of course sounds like what a jerk would say no of course yeah to itself like it where it wears out or. So obvious as you are generally they're lose there survived at key for his thoughts. Lose their today him her nephew witnesses so Beazer officially out on more stuff. She won't anymore they're just out there meeting fashion wise. Yes and you don't do it anymore and I just couldn't fit and discussing asking why hey hey hey you know all jockeys from that angle back and poll really have you seen so personal it is today to. It is down. Anyway so what happens that'll sell basic thing that's gone out that's all passing via yourself they'll sell what's in now. Some say you can't use help east exit is near something more light you self B sticks. Me yes it dangers there on riders from and yeah. Am Arctic so from what. Good point man for that. I've seen man's. He's got to go to Fenway auditory you'll see it on a man whose take himself he's the man the man yes man. So we dealt before another knotted anymore. Is that a marsala terms these so. That you don't have anything against how good does he just knew I had it is so 2013. 2000 only he's on there now. He's beautiful landscapes are now okay he stands there behind the camera they'll take a nice people valid I as it is sunset and another you know hour or so. That's that's what's in Libya. My wife would never take a picture with human and if she hatter. You know I should take pictures just like what like we're a big case pleased she lets take pictures of buildings and trees and stuff and Isaac. I get an idea go stand in front of that building and I'll take a picture of you at the building. I'll have all set our auto auto picture that well yeah. She wants all it and let us on the exit or photo site says no on soltys. Now. I'm a fan of yours now I yeah exactly or about father just won't stop him and it's grown to make me see so. Let's take pictures of you guys out as an amateur coming in here helps but I never but never with a lot of camera on himself so ago. Which got to get older pictures now and hold different you now so he's he's got a he's got to get Alderson this induce people look at it. I expect the calls Josh his implement page Josh raid on. Gonzales was not. Haven't heard one person wearing this name and it. It was tonight stickers are things Hensley Mueller all authority are ahead anyway god alternate. All go bam bam all of them then islands we already heard that name. You know that's that's it that's like the cliff hanger vault cliffhanger at the T no one has ever said this name a formal. Here is why our purpose since we've freak out now. Blood suckers that show tore the story Jim holy land it's what Foley. And you boys will be apologizing to me when they interview Hensley never I can't wait either in all of them even say interview he said get the job it did not say he's gonna get the Johnson is dark horse candidate. I thank you get that job the way senate though Michael was that everybody knew who heads the Neal and why there I'll wait for like another former red sock is hurt and others like you know Todd Walker they like what he's had to say about the team. Hensley mule and it's Hensley mule exam to be honest I hit all an act I hit you with a name you didn't owl added on now yesterday. That you know but boomer Loney said last night who's not here but this is number one candidate for red arc like he was a line which is Lou alone knows well number one candidate Nomar. The of the capital god you guys could. Today you gutless act macho weekly bit that he's Smart knows that he sounds like he was the very articulate. Six drill what are. Is gone our genes and I don't I don't include Jason Paul. But Luke and -- that Kepler is and a cap or knows the game. Certainly relate to city big Z editing yeah. -- analytics and and loves all that stuff sure does. I degraded be a hard hitting interview every week eleventh. So that's hard. That's not necessary. But accurate I didn't think I was wrong now. Didn't have to say that that's all Charlie is on the cell phone hey Charlie I don't. Again let's a lot of stories that come out in the last heated about you know makes it spreads (%expletive) all outbound absolutely admit. Brad both said you know it never once felt like she knows that are played most of the year well. I want to ask you guys as people who better on barrel a lot do you think you had so audit touchy to realize that problem. Or do you think he did didn't have the ability to fix the problem. A match or even thought there was a problem look I don't think he acted like he was exactly have a good time this year. Now we are only Wear them you know once a week but. I mean even when you Sommer on the clubhouse he some in the pregame press conference is did the act like the manager of first place team firm for much of the year. Now seem pretty dour didn't. Yet in. I get a dead of course goes back to the price actively thing just this sort of liked what kind of control over the team do you have and they completely citing. With price there. And then having all of upper management side with Packers flee. Mean that was if he thought that there was a problem Albany just he chose wrong. Our stuff who cares. He just a bit but didn't act he was talking about you know the player Brad post said dated look like a team that was in first place that an act like it. Neither did their managers say he's a good manager who out of all of all of the head coaches and managers in professional sports. He might be. You know middle of the pack or slightly above. He might be in the for fourteen to seventeen re session of keep that Alex mentoring. But it is who's the best who's the best manager that involve professional sports you know who's the best. One until all professionals yeah filled ballot jackpot if yes how exciting today. Both are pretty hour. Care of their players aren't dour when their they're not. No no it looked at date they don't give good press conference but but they don't EC those postgame videos you know and it when their in the locker room after the win they don't act like. I'm kind of. And a dozen Red Sox got these these jokers dissing and I'll feel it after games he sued three of them. Oh OK okay that the whole really don't find this not the issue the issue is not. The personality of the manager either the manager matters a lot. Or the manager doesn't matter that much a much and as a caller said earlier that you just have like a champ. Managed to team he can't be both hippie he matters a lot he doesn't matter that much his personality matters a lot doesn't matter that much really. You just gotta have a guy who's gonna do its job and whether he's a jokes or not to speak good about it and put the players a position a win and everything should be all right. Final drive it's coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah final drive cosponsored by a RS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in future commercial residential medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place make your client's employees or tenants are protected flirt more NA RF serve dot com well if you missed it earlier. The Wall Street Journal today revealed that Roger Goodell to wife Jane Skinner Goodell. Had a burglary count on Twitter that she was using to defend her husband. Jane Skinner former Fox News anchor. Who kind of able to dig up one of her more famous moments. The deputy police chief says six officers were killed including the district's top cock talk. Cock after that cop after the vehicle they were riding in was sprayed with bullets. Three other officers were hurt in the attack and is your latest headlines I'm Jane Skinner time Edison connect to shepherd in his last. That's adamant that it's. South Carolina Gamecocks he's. They plan goes up your body your Steve Spurrier the coach there have daily. Yeah sorry I can't arena whenever I'm out in the studio it's shaking with laughter. Happened in the one's real bad that doing play by play tried to say it's Patrick poked the puck parade didn't come out that. And it would've been a kid I just kept charging him and you know acted like in path I went back and corrected it. And I'm in trouble like kind of need some help you know and I looked over frank picked Sarah's god rest his soul who's doing my collar. I look over beside me his forehead is on the desk think any shoulders are shaky he's laughing so hard that you have found you know. It's it's all people have their fifth Patrick pulled the puck perfunctory. I think it's slowly now I know I don't I don't again arguably good influences hockey gets me nicknames. Go fix it now on I'll wait I don't use nicknames and most of all I don't do not on he never did you never have signals known. I appreciate that they'll never said. Burden no that ain't never. There's really never debated the thing and Jose Costa. The worst nickname Javier well there's that said that no you don't unite you know that's what later. I'd if you missed it last night the Yankees advance to the ALCS coming back from a two nothing deficit. Against the Indians to advance here's how excited you know you wanted to hear this from the mouth of John sterling and here. It is the 1 June so angry at all. Ballgame over American League division series over the Yankees win. I. Yankees four and a fabulous come back down 02. They go home do the Yankees and win two games coming in Cleveland against the Bloomberg. And win the ball game three to. They're heroes all the pitches sabathia Robertson and Chapman. And GD UB two home runs and drove in three runs. And Brett Gardner who had three hits and Joba in the fourth run and on that play the fifth runs scored and the Yankees win it not just purified to. Geez man it's a little harsh this little dry in the thing. What's Susan's not there now go. It's. Let's get an Susan was down the clubhouse that whenever they went to the clubhouse that would do an interview took it cedar shoe were on the road yeah. Yeah. It's just and stuff when he does that between them. CN. I'm sure it. If there's a video out there that he'd probably. My he you make moves his arms in this confidence. To paraphrase Tom Warner led the laughter. Actor or athlete well ladies. Op earlier this week the US men's soccer team lost to Trinidad and Tobago. Team failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986. All on ESPN. A body Taylor Twellman Michael not happy about it. All US soccer's not prepared they have not done a good enough job of getting this group ready to play and keep up mine the last two Olympics yeah. It states. Those players that would be playing in the Olympics 24 through twentieth how many of them are and that's roster the pirates got a big enough to. So a lot of people on social media right now once saved your department's fault it's Bruce Arena it's fall it's in the oval it's fault otherwise that's fire. Every single one of those players it takes matters yet for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment with the amount of money. That is a Major League soccer and in this sport. You can't get a draw up top. Against Trinidad. That you don't deserve to vote won't count if this failure does not wake up every one from US soccer to Major League soccer from pay to play. Some broadcasters. To everything that's all I'm saying is the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing not a result. Taylor was Taylor was hot. And it can make up for the break up broadcasters there has well I broadcasters already down. I guess I think you're average you're average soccer analyst knows. They US soccer is not on the same level as. Brazil or Germany or Italy but. They should be a veteran dance and I had made I know I walk in the world's top of the wall and as Taylor pointed out during that rant Iceland has as is many people in the entire country as the city of Corpus Christi, Texas they think and error in the World Cup. The bears. Man and add insult to injury BBC news caught up with a few young American soccer players to get that reaction to the situation. And we'll explore falls thankful faithful they're really good team in the council isn't he got anything at him. For me yeah. Let me. Cutting up half full of the United States are grateful that he. That I talk to me. Twenty or pride yeah. The articles in life your favorite team right they sucked but got a tear when they thought. If you don't follow at Indy WEP I'd suggest you do you just creeped me out complete what you did he just put it he just tweeted the sterling shake. The Johns fairly. I think it's like a boogie grooves. Did you like he gets into it he. Man I'm so with the guidance in the next corresponds overworked staff centurion. No cheering in the press if I Jerry Jones in his earlier this week for saying that he would look to bench any players that Neil during the National Anthem. Today on his weekly radio appearance in Dallas Jones managed to sidestep the tough question are you prepared to sit any player disrespect blacks including. Accuracy of this. I'm not I'm not. In any way. I want to. Let's. Conjecture. As to. What if we don't change the flag policy. And my actions are born to be dizzy feet you're not gonna stay into the flag in the way that. Whole a lot. Our fans feel that you should. If that's not the case that you won't play. Hunt so. Yet you will set them they deposit assignments are decisive and they have required a key is that a yes or that via quick little I read an article today which said that actually if he did it do that if eSATA player. We didn't stand. For the National Anthem he would be breaking federal law. Now I thought I'm gonna work and Lance I think that I allowed you to have rule but I read this whole legal thing today which said it would be breaking federal law they if Jerry Jones did. And it was a unionism that there's a union in Texas today stated that they were gonna sue him it was a real problem. With. You know. That type of language and I think the story set in on a lot of people feel like your employer can do anything. That is an employer's right but it's actually not. In that there are limits to what you can. Of course that's the tough question came after the Dallas hosted the normal weekly thing. That of course is planning a big wet one right on Jones rear end birthday boy Jerry Jones on 1053 that hey good morning Gerri aria. As good morning and now. That that would that RD birthday plans set for Friday already well really. I don't know what's gonna happen between your driving so what problems. I didn't realize that you planned but so well you won't derby at home to the I've worked for all over this what was or. I just feel it. Nobody would say he was gonna die I don't. Know a bit here by Friday. It's every week they start there you sew what jewelry. Mr. Newell was very little. Really good stick third juror is okay that's not that there were Jay Cutler I'm an analyst yeah that's how we start every Monday with Bill Belichick threw it to yuck fest you can drill them. This is rich I'm Sarah. Michael or it. And that's about as jolly as at media day today at the University of Kentucky I haven't heard this yet I can't wait to hear us. Coach John cal Perry of course set down the reporters as part of it. Now when questions arose about the FBI investigation into alleged NCAA violations in college hoops. Coach count kind of wanted to sidestep the issue but Cote out instead this report. For standing his ground. Anyone here have a question about what team. Please. One more question about via via. There's no wait a minute wait a minute this is the media day not coached. I am entitled to ask a question you can and tonight. The FBI reportedly is expanded into looking at night Kentucky tonight is school. What reassurance which you gave your hand explanation.